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  • Book & PUB will continue in May.


    * Don't use INK in this article if you've received a steak from me. Thank you for your interest in and participation in the ongoing review event. https://publyto.com/posts/14964 We extended it to the fourth week, but it's not a new one, so you might not know it. We'll keep you posted in May while we're writing a new one. * Read a book and post a review on the Books and PUB Donations * 100 ~ 1,000 PUB Donations for each post * Subjective criteria rather than 1/N, may differ in the number of donations * April 22 to April 28 (29 days in batches) * April 29 to May 5 (Wrap Donation on May 6) The amount of doughnuts to be done in a week is 10,000 PUB. It's possible because you sponsored INK in the previous event article. * May 6 to May 12 (Batch-up Donation on May 13) * May 13 to May 19 (Batch-up Donation on May 20) * May 20 to May 26 (Batch-up Donation on May 27) * May 27 to June 2 (Batch Donation on June 3) During this period, we'll still have 10,000 PUB crucifixions a week. Proceed only with personal quantity. The reward you receive in INK for sponsoring this article will be used in a format that supports other users' events. #publicto #pixabay

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  • Sandwich brand Erbert And Gerbert


    Subway is the best sandwich brand I've ever had. Best Sandwich Ever! #erbertandgerberts

    $kimkokill . 2019.04.25 12:39

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  • Indirect camping? Our meat party...


    Yesterday, I bought three packs of meat, perilla leaves, lettuce, and dakcho on the way home from work. When I arrived, I was told that I had to study for the big guy, but I called my mom to criticize my school lunch as a "plant country," and even mentioned malnutrition, and received a call saying that I was hungry. Before I even asked him, "Do you want to go out and eat it?" He said, "I always say what I want to say, but I'm going to quit." So he decided to eat pork belly at home. I quickly got a camping table and a small chair on the veranda to prepare a meat party for today, and after baking the third round, the children touch their stomachs and go straight to the kitchen, saying, "The end of the meat is instant noodles." While the children were cooking ramen, we were now able to eat quietly, and we added dangcho to the noodles to help them to keep the meat spicy. I guess parents are the happiest when they see food going into their mouths. If you eat meat at home, you can eat as much as you want, but it involves preparing and cleaning, but I did it all. I am happy to enjoy a can of beer thanks to the indirect camping trip that I enjoy at home in May.

    $bigman35 . 2019.04.25 12:13

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  • End and Mission Results Announcement of [Exclusive Category Activation Event]^^

    Personal Finance

    At first, I worried a lot while preparing for this event.... It's a category that's never been posted. Can I get you to post a message? By the way, more people participated, and the 1st stage of the mission was accomplished.^^ I feel great. I thought I'd like to get to the 10th level of my mission, but anyway, I think 14 articles have been registered and activated.^^ The activation event is over, but please continue your attention.^^ To those who participated in the event, I sent you the ink right away. Now that we've achieved the first phase of our mission, we're going to ask everyone who's at the event. I'll give you the prize money. I feel a little bit sad... We're on our way to Mission Two, so we'll send it to you as a prize money for achieving Mission Two.^^ This is the Public Family who will receive the Public Prize. $setinoby $dr.math $hana. $ha3timbsgyge. $peterpa. $chea. $magicsonjae Mr. $oxy. Please take part in the next event with a lot of interest.^^ Thank you. #publicto #Iosable pension

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  • the beginning of farming


    Now it's ready!! I did it last year and now I'm good at it by myself. Pick the ground, put the manure and put the plastic on it, and then the children and the wife plant the seedlings they bought. Last year, I had a lot of beans. I want to try sweet potatoes and potatoes. Last year, when I looked at farming, I found that soybeans have a lot of yolin. The children would have laid eggs again. If we farm the beans this year, we think there will be more yellow ashes than last year before. Then I will have to take medicine and weekend farm will be meaningless. So I thought that we should farm with different crops every year. If there's nothing to eat, wouldn't you just leave? So you don't have to use drugs? I'll know when I try, but I definitely think I'm right. If this is correct, it is a matter to think deeply. It is a mass production system that is necessary to get food ingredients cheaply. Then there will be a swarm of insects that use the plant as a staple and spray drugs to fight it. Bugs become resistant, and drugs become more toxic. It's the way to farm. If we keep repeating, what will happen to the future? I don't think this should be the case. I think it's a problem to try to buy food at a lower price. In fact, farming shows that the price of food ingredients is ridiculously cheap. Could I have made 50,000 won if I sold the farm last year? When we farm hard and harvest hard and see the price at the mart, we have never lost strength once or twice. It doesn't matter to me that I'm not farming for sale, but to those who have taken farming as a profession, it's a different story. Somehow you will have to adjust to that price, and then you will have to reduce production costs, and the easiest of which is labor costs. You can catch insects with medicine, prevent the disease with medicine, and prevent the weeds from falling asleep with the medicine. Cheap food. Is it good?

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  • puppy's abnormal behavior


    Why would he do that when he gives me water? I'm not drinking water, I'm dipping my feet, I'm not drinking water properly, I'm just wondering why you're doing this.

    $my4555 . 2019.04.24 21:06

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  • When you want to develop your brain's imagination and creativity...


    The author, Bernard Werber, defines the results of his research and curiosity towards the world as fragmentary in his notebook. It's a source of a lot of creativity. It's made up of a short paragraph, so I think reading anywhere at any time can help stimulate my dull brain. a laboratory The Science Journal only tells us about successful scientific experiments. But you'll also have to tell them about the failed experiment. Without information, the same experiment is repeated repeatedly by other scholars who do not know that the experiment has failed. the self-restraint of fleas Put some fleas in an empty fishbowl. The rhyme of the fishbowl is high enough for the fleas to leap over. Then, put up a glass plate to stop the fishbowl's The fleas bounce up and hit the glass plate. Then, adjust the takeoff so that it goes up to the bottom of the glass plate because it hurts because of the constant collision. After an hour or so, not a single flea will hit the glass plate. Everyone jumps to the height of the ceiling. Then even if the glass plate is removed, the fleas continue to bounce to a limited height as if the fishbowl was still blocked. among <reverse solicitations When the child disrupts the room, the parents ask the child to tidy up the room. But children are bored not to listen. If, on the contrary, parents take out more toys and clothes and throw them everywhere, making the room more chaotic, the worse child will say this. "Dad, stop it. I can't stand it anymore. We need to clean up." Pulling in the opposite direction sometimes appears to be more effective than pulling in the right direction. Because it causes a sensation of consciousness. Even in the history of mankind, paradoxical pleas have been used constantly, consciously and unconsciously.

    $sky1hank . 2019.04.23 16:03

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  • [Next Generation Project] Fine dust, let's fight with me!


    Hello~ I'm Longboarder Levi:) Because of the nature of my long board, I have no choice but to ride on the outer flat. Because of the severe fine dust since last year, Now you can get your nose blacked out and your neck was cut off. When a friend asked me if it was okay to ride longboard, it was fine. I'm jokingly saying, "I've given up living a long time," but I think it's going to be a reality. Hahaha ** It's getting worse and worse. I've only turned it to China every time. In fact, there are small and large amounts of fine dust in Korea. We can also do various activities to solve it! 1.Using public transportation, not by car 2. Reducing living waste 3. Reducing electricity usage 4. Get a lot of people to join us in reducing fine dust! Also, it seems to be a good project to reduce fine dust and protect the environment! ** So! We're ready! [Next Generation Project] We can contribute! Help reduce fine dust with a variety of ideas! If you could post a message here at #Nature under the name of [Next Generation Project], including the use of public transportation. 10,000 ink per person (first posting)~up to 200,000 ink (max) Depending on your creativity and your daily wallet (ink)~~! Duration: 2019.4.23 (Today)-2019.4.29 (Month)! Please join us!

    $levi . 2019.04.23 09:26

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  • a miniature bottle


    I went to a family meeting last weekend, and one wall of the restaurant was covered with miniatures. It's got some interior effects, and it's a little baby, so I'm a little bit ticked off.^^ It's a bottle opener and a hook. If you look closely at the ring, each bottle has a glass. ᄒᄒ To the point of care I put up with the desire to bring some kids.^^

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.04.22 16:49

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  • more dreadful than viper


    On a hospital bulletin board There was a phrase like this. 'The dog bite was treated in half a day and went back. The snakebite man finished treatment in three days. However, the person who was bitten by a horse is still hospitalized.’ I don't know how harsh and deadly things you've been. above the snake venom I don't know if I need to be treated. It's a realistic phrase. So Confucius said, in the middle of the earth I think you said this. "Samsayon." "Three days to go." before I say a word Think about it three times. before one's act Think three times. What I said and what I did once, I said it again. I can't pick it up. Before you talk, before you act, I'll start thinking about myself first!

    $ruby . 2019.04.22 10:27

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  • Mexico from Nespresso


    #Nnespresso#Mexico Everyone, are you having a great weekend? With the Nespresso item I just bought. I had a delicious breakfast coffee this morning. I had a cup of hot coffee because the weather was cloudy today. There's a lot of different capsule names, too. What I ate today is a capsule called "Mexico." Does it taste Mexican? I don't know. I had a nice drink thinking about the Continent of Mexico. If you think about it... these days, you don't have to go outside. I think there are so many items that can live in the house with fun. I think one of the most popular ones is YouTube. As electronics develop, your hips become heavier. I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend afternoon.^^

    $marines . 2019.04.21 15:16

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  • One more time, a little more.


    One more little practice of changing relationships, one more time, a little bit more. I was going to read it at lunch time, but it took me a lot of time. It's a small book, but it's a short story about how little action can make a difference, so you can read it without pressure. Part 1. Just one more time. Part 2. A line of short letter than a hundred words. Part 3. Right now is the time to be happy at home. It is composed of 3 parts and is filled with 10 parts per part. If you think once more, a little bit more and act on things that are common in your life, Don't you think you'll be able to get rich and relaxed? I think about it. [Puzzle pp. 184] 'The loud sound of a child's A family picnic at a company. Family waiting talent show started in the afternoon, and the first prize winner was a digital camera. Kim's family, with their daughter's wonderful rhythm, will receive the first prize, and the head of the school asks the child, who is on stage to receive the award. The boss, whose shy voice was so small that he couldn't hear well, asked if he could speak a little louder, and the child said small nonetheless. The frustrated president starts to listen to the story, and after a while, he stiffens his tongue and smiles brightly. What the boss said to his wife about why... "If you can't hear me, I'll just have to keep my head down." Russia's Munho Tolstoy says truth is easier to find in the little sounds of a child than an educated scholar. Open your mind and listen to the little sound of your child. When you get older, the forgotten truth can come to your heart. If you have a chance, listen to the sound of small leaves. The loud sound of nature comes to my mind. I felt that listening to small sounds at work or at home was not as easy as I thought. The word that there was a loud sound at such a small noise penetrated deep into the air. Do you miss anything for a while? I recount the preciousness of a small thing.

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.04.21 08:33

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  • 65th blood donation


    65th blood donation

    $sh . 2019.04.20 16:30

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  • List of books read in Q1 of this year


    I decided to read a book from this year and bought it so far. I'm currently reading the future scenario book of Korea for the next five years. It makes me think a lot. It means that the financial crisis will start in Korea from the end of 2019. They say it's likely to be a prolonged slump. But there's an opportunity in a crisis, so if you prepare for it, it could be a good opportunity. I don't know if there's going to be a financial crisis, but I think it's a big opportunity for people who know the signs and think about how to respond. I hope that the economic situation of Korea will be checked and that the number of people who suffer will be minimized. # Five years from now # Future of Korea #Future of Korea # Financial crisis # Choi Yoon-sik

    $hochang . 2019.04.20 10:28

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  • At last, I got 100,000 hearts.


    Finally, me too. I wanted to do this post, too. It took about 4 months to get here. I think it was very hard to reach 10,000 to 20,000 at the first time. The rewards have increased lately, and it's speeding up.^^ We came all the way here after we've been stacking our songs like Donne, Curating Event, and Activity Compensation.^^ I was able to get here with the help of a lot of people. Thank you all. I will continue to communicate, empathize, and work harder. ^^ Pubbles, it's the gold!

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.04.19 20:27

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  • What a sad thing to do.


    I'm also going to the morning exercise Dulegil this morning for I've seen something so painful.... A little while ago, a small practice to save the ailing Earth was to plant a tree. I posted a message that I had planted a tree on Arbor Day. Well, there was a tree that was well grown by someone like this. It hurts so much. #publicto #Iosable pension

    $greenjuice11 . 2019.04.19 09:28

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  • Tomorrow is the full moon of Libra.


    I looked up at the sky and thought it was a full moon. Tomorrow... But thank God. Tomorrow is the full moon of Libra. Simply put, if you put an order into space after seeing this full moon, you're going to have a big cash rush! Now, they say you have to think about it before the full moon rises tomorrow. 1. How much you want to earn, in a concrete, clear and realistic way. 2. How much property do you want in the future? Now, let's look at the full moon tomorrow and put an order in space.~~~~~ To The Moon~

    $fire . 2019.04.18 21:01

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  • Are you an egg?)


    Easter is April 21, but... It's Sunday, so the company handed it out in advance today. Every year, I give two eggs in a pretty package, but this year I have two eggs.~~^^ Easter Dalek... Eggs have long been a symbol of spring or abundance that comes after a frozen winter because they seem to have died on the outside, but new life is breathing inside. Today's resurrection egg means that Christ, as a symbol of the stone mound that was honored as a new life, informs the faithful of the good news of the resurrection. Oh? But if you look closely, an egg looks a little strange. The paper memos said it was a "dark-shaped compressed towel." You've been tricked According to the manual, it says to use it in water. I was happy with an egg and a towel that looked like an egg.^^ Source:Wikibackaceae Easter (Easter, Greek: Πάσχα, Latin: Pascha, Russian: Пасха) or Easter is one of the most important Christian celebrations of the resurrection of Jesus, who died of crucifixion in three days. On this day, special services are held in many churches of Christianity, various events are held, and there are customs and customs that originate from Easter.

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  • [Daily] 20,000 PUB achieved!


    It took me more than a month and a half to reach 10,000 PUB. 20,000 PUB took less than 3 weeks! To be honest, I thought I would achieve it by the end of this month, but I feel great to achieve it faster than I expected! I always felt a little bit sad because of the lack of ink. But it's 20,000 PUB, so I'm happy to be able to shoot more than before! I will continue to write hard with the goal of becoming a Publicito dolphin!

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  • Can I get some pictures?


    Hey, today's picture is I like it. His eyes are alive. Clear eyes. Pretty Aroiale #Founders #cats #publyto #catstagram #Publito #Turkishola #Arroa

    $dr.math . 2019.04.18 01:14

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  • Do you like ssam vegetables?


    Do you like ssam vegetables? I really like eating ssam. I usually eat a lot of lettuce or perilla leaves, but I want to eat some crunchy ssam vegetables, but in fact... It is as expensive as meat. I was hesitating to buy ssam vegetables online, but I ordered them. It's really new. They sent us 7900 won for free delivery and the second photo! There are three times as many below as you can see. I'm afraid if you give me so much, I'll get the money I've worked for! If I have meat, it's In the summer, I just want to have a bowl of boiled soybean paste on my bare rice. When it's hot to bake meat, I sometimes pick a tuna can and wrap it. As tuna cans are greasy, make sure to eat cheongyang red pepper! L I was so happy with my mouth full for a few days.It's too bad I've already eaten it. It's not a secret that you've done so many things with two people.lol I have a little bit left on my ssam vegetables and one of my favorite items, Paldo Bibim-myeon's fantastic collaboration! Spicy ssam and vegetables are very expensive and you can mix them. Just by looking at it, it's a military invasion city. #Ssam Vegetables #Publito#Sara#Faldo Bibimmyto

    $sara . 2019.04.18 00:31

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  • I'm so busy.


    In spring, greens are my favorite among them. The cheap taste and aroma are my taste, so one of the first crops to be planted is Daream. And this year, three years... As the branches of the tree got chubby and sprouted well, I had high expectations. By the way, my thumbs have become thick trees in just a week.crying I've been so busy lately that I haven't been to the field very well, and it's like this. But I can't throw away what I got at home. I blanched the stem so that I could eat it. I put the leaves in salt and wild oil.I left it to nothing. I'll try it tomorrow morning.

    $minwoo . 2019.04.17 21:47

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  • Coffee beans... are as delicious as you know!


    A lot of coffee that I've been drinking casually. It's probably already been digested and sprayed everywhere. One day when I was studying Ios and collecting won!! 툭툭 Won-doo is the event response, as he is only considered one of the top names in the Naming Contest. Me: Is this finely ground and burned like a mix? Wife: ? I'll change it, drink it. I: I really don't know. Wife: Let's go buy a balloon. Me: Yeah. So my house bought coffee utensils that day and began to eat them at home. You know, like a funnel, you put some beans, you spilled... The dripping coffee in the whole house was softer and tastier than I thought. Haha At night with my wife, I drank coffee and enjoyed the atmosphere. And then the CEO said that he was planning a free coffee drink so I ran away. To the CEO who spent a quiet holiday in the meat, the origin of the coffee and the information that he had not known. And I came home pleasantly after drinking precious coffee and tea that I couldn't taste easily and getting a discount on the fried beans. Oh! Do you want me to keep a secret that I gave you a small pot as a gift?"Khath, Texas" When I got home, I started to get coffee as you told me. It wasn't the coffee I drank casually, but I knew it and studied and drank it, and it felt like something else. Since we opened the coffee mall, I hope our pubs will have a lot of good coffee, too. Have a happy day today and hope to be a person who always smells good. With your gift. I'll give you the smell of coffee all over the house! Khahahahah! I'm the guy who eats coffee!

    $nihonman . 2019.04.17 17:33

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  • Son's Eating Room - Corn Piece


    #937 #Gang Yi-hyun #Oksu #냠냠 Yeongdae Cherry Blossom Festival # The passion to eat # # The world's first # #Nucleus #Gurumi #Adlestagram #I love you #Againstagram # # Firstborn father # Baby diary # #Battle-breeding child with #iPhone 7 #All the world #Patopa #Far # I visited my alma mater during the cherry blossom festival. Your son eats so well.

    $huamandubear . 2019.04.17 16:28

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  • a toothache


    I had a bad toothache since last night. I had to sleep all night and think about taking a rest today, but I got on the bus because I was afraid of the next day's aftermath when I suddenly notified in the morning. Contrary to worries, the pain was a little subdued, but it's hard to bear the pain that comes back.crying I worked with one in the morning and one in the afternoon on painkillers. It was a quick painkiller like a copy of cf, but it didn't last very long. After two to three hours, I get sick again. I was forced to take a rest and go to the hospital tomorrow, but the only thing I'm afraid of is going to the dentist. Why is dentistry so scary? God give me courage so I don't panic. Don't run away because you're scared on the way to the dentist!!

    $nilgo . 2019.04.16 18:33

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  • That's what we know, isn't it?


    I look up at the sky for a moment. Ah~ Clear and clear sky blue. I am so impressed. This is the sky blue we know, right? I suddenly thought that I feel free to sleep looking at a cloudless sky.^^ I think I can breathe a lot today. Tuesday is also a cheer! Have a happy day.

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.04.16 08:48

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  • 식스틴나인(69)


    일전에 소개해드렸던 완득이가 성장 소설, 청소년 소설이라고 한다면 식스틴나인은 청춘 소설이라고 할 수 있습니다. 개인적으로는 무라카미 류의 소설 중 가장 좋아하는 소설이기도 하는데요. 무라카미 류의 자전적인 소설이라고 하는 식스틴나인은 1969년, 고등학생 시절을 보냈던 주인공 '겐'의 이야기 입니다. 겐은 학교와 사회라는 제도에 대한 반발과 기성세대에는 반항하는 결코 모범적인 학생이라 할 수는 없지만, 그렇다고 불량학생도 아닙니다. 오히려 게으르고 허풍만 가득찬 친구지요. 오로지 여자에게 잘 보이기 위한 생각만 하고 친구들 앞에선 괜히 쎈 척만 합니다. 거짓말에는 이미 도가 텄고 이때문에 친구들 사이에서는 영웅으로 비춰지기도 합니다. 겐은 자신이 좋아하는 여자를 위해서 학교에 바리케이트를 펼쳐 봉쇄합니다. 일종의 혁명을 일으킨 것인데, 이것이 순전히 여자에게 잘 보이기 위함이란 것을 겐의 친구들은 몰랐겠죠. 좋아하는 여자에게 멋있어 보이기 위해 보통사람이라면 상상할 수 없는 짓을 일으킨 무모함과 담대함이 1969년, 정말 유쾌하게 청춘을 보내고 있는 무라카미 류를 떠올리게 합니다. 좌충우돌 사건들로 청춘시절을 전력질주하는 겐의 1969년도의 시절은 무척 유쾌하고 즐겁기만 합니다. 소설의 말미에는 작가는 이렇게 말합니다. 즐겁게 살지 않는 것은 죄라고요. 청춘은 인생의 푸른 봄을 이야기 합니다. 우리의 봄날은 끝난걸까요? 아닙니다. 청춘은 분명 시절을 이야기하는 것이지만 나이를 뜻하지 않습니다. 우리의 맘이 푸른 봄과 같다면 언제나 청춘이지 않을까요 ^^

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  • 잘 키우고 있는건가?


    잘 키우고 있는걸까? 나는 지금 아이를 잘 키우고 있는걸까..라는 생각을 요즘들어 많이 하게 됩니다. 어린이 집을 다니기 시작하면서 문득 그런 생각이 많이 드는 요즘 입니다. 여자아이는 남자아이보다 말이 빠르다는데 어린이집 또래 여자아이들은 말도 썩 문장을 붙여가며 하던데 우리아이는 아직 몇개의 단어도 어려워 합니다. 아이마다 발달하는 속도가 다르고 느리다고 잘못된건 절대 아닙니다. 너무 느리면 또 문제가 되겠지만요 제 아이가 지금 문제가 있다는건 아닙니다. 그냥 부모욕심에 말을 다른아이보다 아직 잘 못하는 부분에 신경이 쓰일 뿐이에요 이 부분에 대해 돌이켜 보면 부모 잘못이 크더라구요 일단 남들보다 앞서 가야한다는 욕심.. 피곤하다고 책도 잘 안읽어주고 티비보여주고.. 아무튼 생각해보면 제 잘못이 큰 것 같습니다. 지금은 건강하게 잘 자라주는 지금 이 순간이 제일 행복한건데 괜한 고민을 하는건지도요 누구나 초보엄마 초보아빠지만 아이가 건강하고 행복한 삶을 살도록 제가 먼저 노력해야 할듯 하네요

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  • 🍂🍁💓🌻🌻


    Sun flower 🍁🌻🌻🌻 in the morning 🤗 Have a great day 🌹💓🍂

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  • Resolving defects in raw wood furniture


    Do you use a lot of wooden furniture? It gives you a soft, warm feeling. It can make the atmosphere of the house feel I like to use wooden furniture, too. Sometimes there is a flaw in pretty wood chips. You can't buy new furniture because of the blemishes. I was at a loss what to do. There's an easy way to solve it with walnuts! ^-^ Peel the skin off the walnut and put it in the suction. If you rub it gently, the oil and fiber in walnut will be fine. in the midst of a flaw It also fills up the absorption and luster. It's a really simple way, isn't it? Another thing is, if you want to polish your wooden furniture, Please use the tangerine shell. Put the tangerine shell boiling water in a dry towel. If you rub it gently, the citric acid in the tangerine skin It gives back a pretty gloss. the absorption of wooden furniture, Don't let it go. With Hodu's help, Use it as you feel at first.

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