Weight Loss

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  • Weight lost journey

    Weight Loss

    I'm sure we can make our body the way we want if we try 운동하고 좋은것만먹고 명상하고 몸마음관리 잘하면 원하는몸매를 만들수있다고생각해요

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  • The company has established a health stage.

    Weight Loss

    There is information such as how many calories a person consumes when he or she goes up and how many calories a line of rice he or she has to take to get to the top of the mountain. But when you walk on several floors, you can hear the loud heart sounds. 'Why are you walking the stairs?' thumps. If you go up the stairs once or twice a day, you are still happy. I hope you're in the habit of walking on the 10th floor without saying, "A hundred times, I did a good job at work." (It's not because the app recognizes that you're on the 7th floor.) #2 times a day #100 times a year # Stairs #Good company

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  • The diet starts tomorrow, right?

    Weight Loss

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