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  • Visit London


    DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL TO START EARNING WITH YOUR POSTS, COMMENTS AND LIKES: Some of You (more like 2 or 3 😂) have asked me to show off a little bit more of London. If You want this short clips to keep coming just let me know.

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  • [Memories of a chapter] Looking at Radefans from afar


    As the picture from the top of the Arc de Triomphe began, I'd like to upload a few more. This time, turn your eyes and look at the area of Radefangs, famous for its new Arc de Triomphe. It helps the weather and the clouds in the sky are wonderful. And the tall buildings around Radefangs' Arc de Triomphe are also creating a wonderful atmosphere. But I haven't been to the Radefangs. Paris had so many places to look around, even if it wasn't a Radefence. In fact, today's picture may be of a regretful look at the Radefangs region from a distance. I don't know if you're saving up to travel again, but I don't know if you're going to go back to Paris. It may be because there are more places I haven't been, but within Europe there is also the attraction of France's constant attraction. Personally, I want to stay in a city for a long time and look at it in detail, but I always look around half way and find a place to miss. As always, put your regrets behind you and keep them on the Wish List in the photo album in your memory. realprince

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  • Train Trip (Traveling)


    The train is one of the vehicles that makes traveling very easy #PUBLYTO

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  • Returning safely - a re-emerging flight experience as soon as you try to land


    I came back home safely after a four-day trip to Jeju Island. The weather was fine in Jeju Island, but I guess the plane was delayed a lot because the weather on the land was not good. The plane I booked left more than half an hour later. I had a flight experience that reminded me of when I was going to land at Gwangju Airport. What's going on? A little later, the captain's comment will come out. "We've taken off again because we don't have a safe landing." After 15 more minutes of flying, It's safe to land~ I'm home.

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  • Disneyland


    I bought them at the souvenir shop. I gave them all the presents for my family, so I only have a daughter. Before I went to Disneyland, I thought I had more money left for this trip.I overlooked Disneyland. Finally, I used a card because I wasn't goodThat Mickey Mouse soap bubble toy costs about 20,000 won in Korea.I made a deal with my daughter to buy me a dress that I could wear if I bought her a pink dress, so I got her a dress that I could wear.KkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkjAnyway, I was in the last place.

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  • Ancient Chinese prose


    옛 한자 뒤에

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  • [Paris] That's where the Phantom of the Opera is.


    The opera "Garnie" is said to have been completed by "Shar Garnier," an architect who won the architectural contest in the 19th century under Napoleon III. Once the tickets are purchased, the viewing order begins from the basement. The opera Garney is splendid from the beginning. It is snowy and luxurious enough to miss any place. I can't believe it's an opera theater or a palace. GrAND FOYER, the finest space in opera Garnier except inside the theater, is French for foie gras. Call it the assembly room. It's a gathering place for actors and dancers in the theater, and FOYER in opera Garnier seemed to have been used as a resting place or banquet hall for the VIPs who came to see the performance. The place of the picture is right there. #Paris #A trip to Europe #palaisgarnier #paris #travelgram

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  • A town that is much smaller than I thought.


    A town that is much smaller than I thought.

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  • Disneyland


    the third day of a trip I am going to look around Disneyland in earnest. I heard that Hong Kong Disneyland is smaller than Tokyo, so it is good to look around in one day. Although Disney Castle is under construction, the beauty of the decorating area is really good. If I turn my head around, there are some characters I like, so I really like her.^^

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  • [Tour East European Package] Day 7 (2) (Halstadt-Jaltsburg)


    Actually, I went to Halstadt after watching Salzburg... (about an hour) I just wanted to know why you're here. It was so windy in front of the lake... and I didn't know what to see.ᅲ I took a picture of him, but he turned himself into a super-sayer. I thought it would have been better to take this place out because it seemed to me that my schedule had become more tight. The wind was so strong that I just stood in front of the mart in front of the recombination place until I had time. And take the bus back to Salzburg! ᄀ Salzburg is a combination of Salz, which means salt, and Burg, which means sex. The castle of salt! Salzburg in spring, full of green blandness! My eyes feel relaxed. The first place to visit is Hoen Salzburg Castle. When we got off the bus, a local guide was waiting for us. I take the ticket from Insolja and ride the Hunicula to see Hoen Salzburg Castle.'▽')/ Hoen Salzburg is not a very glamorous castle that is common in Europe. They say it was a castle and a fortress, but they seem to be fully convinced. Walking down to Hunicula, you walk through the castle and hear the explanation that there is a kitchen inside the castle. The most important thing to a man is Bobshim! Once again, you can't even fight a war if you're hungry! Ha ha ha. We've had a lot of group tourists on this day, so we've been stuck behind us, pushed back and forth crying Hoen Salzburg Castle has been here before, so it was okay, but I wanted to enjoy it with my family. If you go to Hoen Salzburg Castle, it may be fun to see the castle itself, but it's also good to see the downtown of Salzburg at a glance because it. And across the street, the snow-covered mountain is the Alps. You can see the Alps without visiting Switzerland! And beyond that mountain? Down there? The village in the area is Germany, not Austria. Germany is this close in Salzburg. Austria speaks German, but it is also geographically close and has the same language... How does it feel? It's amazing! If you walk down from Hoen Salzburg Castle, you will see Salzburg Cathedral. There are 774, 1628, and 1959 numbers carved at the entrance. The photos I took showed 16.28 million of them. It is said to be the first year of construction, the year of reconstruction after the conflagration, and the year after World War Men take off their hats when they enter the cathedral, whereas women wear them. It's unique. I didn't have a hat, but I don't think anyone would say anything when I went in. Few people wore hats. The inside of the cathedral is also splendid, with paintings hanging on each side and a place for prayer in front. I'm running out of time. There were so many places to see in one day) Get to the street. I came to Salzburg. I guess we can't stay here, right? Not the most famous figure in Salzburg, Hitchcock... ...but also the birthplace of Mozart. This yellow building, photographed, became Mozart's birthplace and museum. I haven't been to the museum on this package tour, but I've visited it once before. You can hear all of Mozart's letters to his father and almost all of his songs. The letter tells us that Mozart was very smart, but he thought other ordinary people were very stupid... and common people as well I think... but I prefer Beethoven music to music than Mozart. The streets of Getraide are almost Mozart's streets, not to mention too much. Among them, the most visible is Mozart Cogellen's chocolate. Kugelen means 'difficulty' in German, and I visited and bought a shop on this street that was sold in traditional handmade goods. Not me, but my brother bought me a girl friend, but I bought it for my family to taste it one by one. If I hadn't followed you, I wouldn't have bought your girlfriend's. I ended up looking at the streets like lightning. It's great.) We walk towards the Mirabel garden. On the way across the bridge, you can see Hoene Salzburg Castle on the other side. It's hidden from the trees of the mountain, but you can't see it. The Mirabel Gardens I was expecting to see... ...may be beautiful when I visited before because it was autumn, when all the flowers died and bloomed... ...but it's not yet spring. The weather is just getting warmer, so maybe the flowers are less blooming. It's kind of like that when you look at a tree, right? Maybe it's because my dad did this kind of work. I shared my appreciation with my family that it was different from what my father did... and I left a picture of my family at Mirabel Gardens and went to the place where I was in charge. This ended the tour of Salzburg. It's been a stormy day as it was in Prague. After dinner, I go back to the hotel and sleep. Next we go to the last tourist destination, Rottenburg, Germany! ^▽^r.

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  • dolphin show


    Let's upload some pictures of the dolphin show in Pacific Land, Jungmun Tourist Park in Jeju Island. I guess Jeju Island is Jeju Island. It's windy. I couldn't see the sun. There's a lot of clouds and nice weather to walk around.

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  • The next day in Jeju island, the sun went over.


    It is the second day of Jeju island. I comfort you with pictures and videos. I heard you're watching a dolphin show and doing something today. I think you should drive safely.

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  • [London] At a glance! Let me tell you all the major attractions.


    Today, I made a video of my trip to London. The beautiful atmosphere of London during the Christmas season! Travel inquiries are always welcome:) ▼See main place at once 00:10 Regency St. 00:22 Tower Bridge Tower Bridge 00:27 Covent Garden 01:01 National Gallery View National Gallery 01:18 Trafalgar Square 01:37 Don't Books Daunt Books 01:49 Sky Garden Sky Garden 01:55 Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 02:26 Harrods at Herod Department Store

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  • Hong Kong Night Scenic Area


    It rained during the day and it was foggy, but at night it was still a little better, so I could see the night view. I was tired when my daughter told me that she wanted to ride a ferry, but I felt better when I saw the night view on a ferry.^^

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  • [2018 European Eating Stories] Day 10: Taste the South French home meal!


    2018 EUROPE 10th After two nights at Nice, Check out, check out, and see if you can find a landmark in Nice. I took pictures from the ILOVENICE sculpture. I asked the Chinese woman next to me for a picture... He's not even got a photographic sense of... Tilt the picture like that... The ground is not tilted......hahahaha...... But after you get your favorite photos, We're out of Nice, we're on the freeway. Arrive in Arles, the city Van Gogh loved! There are a lot of houses closed because it's Sunday. I saw many buildings that inspired Van Gogh's work. I also found a cafe that became a real model for Van Gogh's Night Cafeteras paintings. There are so many rumors that coffee is really bad that it's a pass. I went to the gelato restaurant in the next alley. It's called SOLELLEIS, and I think I waited for about 30 minutes to eat ice cream. Maybe it's because I waited and ate it. It was so delicious! I can't get out of the jellato restaurant here! The accommodation is located in the factory park near Sohg on Avignon. Airbnb from the artist BRUNO&CLO! I'm just like my grandfather and grandmother, and out of the country. Cancel all dinner schedules and have a French dinner. I started out with a glass of Welcom wine... I'm talking, and I'm starting to drink one by one. Cheese, tuna, baguettes, sausages. serve a family meal in southern France From pastimes to beers. I'm impressed and grateful for your offer, so that we can't live without you. Red pepper tuna, seaweed, bibimbap cup Peninsula, and soju are one bottle. We can't speak French, Bruno and Klo can't speak Korean, And we are both not good at English. I used the universal language body language and Google translation machine to share my thoughts.♥ Next time I come to South France, I will come back! Stay healthy until then! 53 days of #European travel #FRANCE #ARLES #SORGUES #France #Aah #Sohg #I_LOVE_NICE #Gelato #pastis #Bioudre #vict_van_gosh #airbnb #bruno&clo #foodstagram #traveller #Matstagram #Tourstagram #Pubu Travel #Travel Diary

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  • Looking at the Eiffel Tower from afar


    In the previous article, the title was "Around the Eiffel Tower.""But if you were disappointed because you didn't have a picture of the Eiffel Tower, today you can look back on your memory with the picture of the Eiffel Tower. But today's picture is Eiffel Tower from afar. If it is a symbol of Paris, it is by far the Eiffel Tower. If the place is Seoul, what is the symbol? It won't have to flow out of the side street, so stop here and go back to Paris. Looking back on the old memories, I remember walking around all day with my camera around my head on weekends. I wonder if there are any distinct tastes in pictures taken as hobbies, but strangely, pictures of people looking straight and those of buildings that are too close to the eye are not attractive. (Of course, personally...) Maybe that's why I took this picture of the Eiffel Tower from afar, but I personally like it. As I said before, the Eiffel Tower from the Shayo Palace across from the Eiffel Tower is the most beautiful, but the Eiffel Tower from afar with the sky is also good. So, where did you take this picture? It's none other than the top of the Arc de Triomphe. The advantage of the Arc de Triomphe is not as high as the Montparnas Tower, but it's the best place to look at the famous buildings in each direction from the center of Paris. You can look up at the Eiffel Tower like in the picture, or you can see the nearby Shangri-je street crowds and the area of Radhepans, where you can see modern improvements in different directions, and that far away Montmartre Hill. After looking around the charming places of Paris from such a distance, you can take them out one by one and meet them one by one, and it's a great. Of course, we're going to take one by one, and then we're going to continue... PS Instagram is a bit sad because the print of the picture was cut off a bit. realprince

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  • Gwangju Airport to Jeju Airport


    It was raining in Jeju island, but now it has stopped and the wind is blowing a lot. I'm having a more leisurely time than walking around. ---------- no matter what one does Wherever you are, Whatever you eat All your stories. Meet a new world. Plug it in.   #Plug in your own # story # #Publito #PUBLYTO

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  • [Tour of East European Package] Day 7 (Jalz Kamergut)


    We're about to end our journey. The first place to visit is Salzburg. Salz, which means salt, and Kammergut, which means land, are the names of cities. We took a cruise in a town called Jean-Count Gilgen. (First picture) Actually, I'm going to take a look around this town. It was very pretty when I saw the village when I was moving fast for lunch. But I didn't have much time to take pictures because I was in a hurry to follow the leader and the person in front of me. (ᅲᅲ) The temperature in the morning wasn't that low, and it was just springtime, but it was cloudy. I was taking a picture and it came out dim as if it was taken in the afternoon. If you take a cruise ship, you will get a guide in Korean. It was recorded by a Korean resident in Austria. And I'm looking around, listening to that introduction, and I'm coming out of the cliff, and there's an elephant, there's an eagle. If you look at the shape of the cracks as you think, you can create something new. Human imagination! Then we moved on to ride a cable car. (llllg If the wind is too strong or the weather is bad, the cable cars won't run. (For safety reasons) Perhaps because of that, I see that the leader is very nervous. I was afraid that I might stop running. The weather wasn't so cold, but it was windy in this area. I was taking a picture, and my hair turned into a supercyan. In fact, I was wearing it lightly because it was very warm during the week, but my mom said it would be cold, so I had to take my parka out of the carrier. I always checked the weather in advance every day, but today I know it's not going to cool down, but I thought why I wore it. I didn't know why until I got on the cable car later. Actually, I wasn't interested in this cable car, so I didn't recognize it before, but it's going up higher than I thought... Unlike my wish to have something safe with a rail, the cable car that hangs on a cable wire is quite shaky. It's not until I get on this train that I understand why I had to stop running according to the weather. I tried hard to enjoy the scenery... whimpering... If you go all the way up to the end of the cable car, you'll arrive at the place where you get off and run a coffee shop. It's April when I went outside, so I could pat my eyes on it. I never thought I'd come up to this snow-covered high mountain. I don't think the parka that my mom told me to wear will help. If I had come in my first light suit, I would have been out in a rattle. I sell Shin Ramyun at coffee shop because there are many Korean visitors, but I can drink coffee and cocoa, but the price is very expensive. I ordered cocoa because it became cold suddenly and I wanted to drink it, but it was hot water that smelled cocoa. There's a photo zone that allows you to climb up a slippery slope and take pictures when you go outside. I took a picture with my brother in the determination that I should somehow climb up there and leave a picture. When I look at the original picture, my twisted face trying to force me to laugh at something scary. Actually, I can go up to the top, but I gave up because I didn't have the courage to go there. My mom and sister, who went up first without me, went to the top and left a picture. The last picture from the 6th is the one taken by my sister. When you get to the top, it looks like you have a cross-shaped mark. (I can't see it myself......) The view looks great. As you can see in the last picture, the path up is not as well polished as the mountains of Korea. You can enjoy the thrill. When I went down, my family was the last to ride it among the family package. And finally, this place stopped running. We were the last customer. He told us that he was very lucky. Ha ha. So we're going to Halstadt after we're done with the tour of Salzburg:3

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  • [Osaka] The trip to Osaka is from Namba in Osaka.


    This video shows the feeling of a trip to Osaka that I've been to before. Please refer to the main place in the comments! 0:02 Glycoside Dotonbori 0:25 Nirvantay Yakitori 0:46 Takoyaki Hanako 0:52 Dotonbori Cruise 1:15 Swisotel Namba Cityview #Osaka Japan #Dotonbori #Namba

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  • Playground


    대학 캠퍼스의 놀이터

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  • A visit to Tate Modern


    DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL TO START EARNING WITH YOUR POSTS, COMMENTS AND LIKES: Remember a couple of days ago when I told You I had a good video for You. Here it is. I'll bring You with me to my old work place, to see St Paul's Cathedral, the Millennium Bridge and Tate Modern. Since I uploaded a nice post with some higher quality and lost some followers already I am guessing with this "higher quality" video that trend will continue. You just love my shitty and blurry selfies and my low light drunk videos. Shitty shit it is. Way to build a brand right? Being upset when you actually do something good and Your audience hate it 🤔

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  • 💖


    🎶We wish that we could be like the cool kids. Cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in🎶 . But for REAL we do not want or care about fitting in! And neither should you. Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in Instagram. How many likes we are getting, how fast are we growing, etc. But do you know what we started this for fun, the second it’s not fun anymore and we care too much it’s not worth it💁🏼‍♀️💁🏽‍♂️ So when you get too wrapped up in the game remind yourself it’s just INSTAGRAM! . Who else agrees with us?! And how do you get too wrapped up in this Instagram game? . . . . . . . . . . . . . #coolkids #newyork #washingtonsquarepark#citylife #newyorknewyork #travelcouple#travelingcouple #creativetravelcouple#travelustcouples #letsflyawayto #aggielook#newyork_ig #newyork_instagram#what_i_saw_in_nyc #pictures_of_newyork#topnewyorkphoto #agameoftones#streetdreamsmag #wonderfuldestinations#beautifuldestinations #beautifulmatters#manhattan #newyorkstyle #newyorkmodels#darlingescapes #tlpicks #coupleswhotravel#wearetravelgirls #newyorkcity #newyorklife

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  • Jeju Island first night


    I spent my first day in Jeju Island. It's been a long trip to Jeju, and because two families are moving, I went to the airport with my aunt, who has many children and is not comfortable walking. I knew there was a wheelchair service for those who weren't comfortable. I used a bag that I used to use, so I had a climbing McGuiber equipment, and I had to get shoved, and so on. I was so relaxed at the airport that I arrived early that I almost missed my flight.~~^^

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  • Hong Kong


    As expected, I went to Victoria Peak on the second day because the weather was bad, but I couldn't see anything because of the fog.So I was even more scared, and she ran around without knowing anything about it.I'm afraid I can't imagine...I even got on a Ferris wheel that I can't even imagine...I'm scared of my daughter. Why? I'm scared.I'm glad you didn't have a fear of heights.;;

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  • My Trip My Adventure


    The process of preparing trips using a pet horse.

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  • Daily Smartphonephotography #38


    Shot By : $aboutzky Take with : Xiaomi Redmi 6A Editing Tool : Instagram Effect

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  • [Southern European Package Travel] Day 6.5 (near Salzburg)


    On the way back to the hotel after finishing the tour of Cheki Krumrov!This is so pretty that I took a lot of pictures, so I'm going to write this in a separate note. Restrictions on 10 photos...Khook! Salzburg is a city that has a great blue and clean feeling. I stood at the gas station on my way from LynZ to Salzburg for a break, and I took pictures of the scenery I saw. It's really blue and pretty. My mom said it's like watching Switzerland. I've never been to Switzerland, so I don't know, but I think it's a country surrounded by nature that gives me a feeling of blue. The third one is the hotel photo, and the most worried thing about the package trip was where you slept and what you ate ( There was a lot of bad reviews. I'm not good at all the time.) The accommodation of this package was not as bad as I thought. I especially liked this hotel. :D As Cheki Krumrov's tour was short, he arrived at the hotel quickly, and he had plenty of free time in the evening. After I arrived at the hotel, I was wondering if I'd like to take a look around. The endless green feast... ...who lives in places like this? I heard that Austria has a good welfare system, so I wonder if it's a retirement pension? There was also a yacht around. Wow, that's a life you'll envy. I still like the city. Hahaha. I was walking along the field because I wanted to see the lake... and there was a goose in the middle. I've never seen a goose in my life, so it was amazing. Actually, it was really big. I was a little surprised. I thought I'd fly away if I got close, but I wanted to shoot it close, so I kept it close to the wild goose that I could see. He came up and he didn't even care about me... If the phone camera doesn't zoom, it's smaller than what you can see. That's the shot I took without zooming. The goose that I was taking pictures of, standing around, grazing at all without paying attention to... He was ignored and left the field. I didn't touch it because I didn't want to bite it, but it was about 50 centimeters away and I just came out. But sometimes geese attack people... Be careful when you're at the water's edge. (If you're holding a cell phone and dropping it off, you're going to be a catastrophe.) I came back from a light walk and had a light dinner at the pizza parlor attached to the hotel. My mom and sister said they'd drink together.^ My mom actually said she wanted to buy me a beer because something nice happened before she came to Europe, but she said she'd take a shot here. Wow~ It was white wine and Paulaner's Bisbeeer, and Austiner's Lager-yue beer. (I can't remember exactly what it was.) In fact, Insolja said that Austria doesn't like beer and white wine is better, but I felt beer was much better in Salzburg. White wine is normal. My family was on the same page. Is it because it is close to Germany? The March beer that I visited and drank at the Augustiner brewery when I came to Salzburg was so delicious that I still can't forget it, so it's remembered to me that it's a very delicious. (It was more my cup than I had in Germany.) I drank it in a liter at the time, but... haha. (It was amazing to have 1L, but few people drank it. The Austrian people ordered 500ml or a smaller glass and drank it for a long time. We came last, emptying the 1L at Korean speed, and leaving the brewery, so our grandfathers who were sitting nearby asked which country they were from...Ho Ook) I think all the beer in that cup is going to be delicious. I don't drink at home, but I'd like to have a glass of beer... It's really heavy. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. The glass in the picture is a 500ml glass. Isn't it small? But that beer was very delicious, too. Of the two beers, I had a better taste for Augustine, but my brother and sister said Paulanner Weisbee would be better. I don't like the smell of fruit or flowers in beer, so I don't think it's a good match for Bisbee. But it's delicious! If you like beer such as Hogarden or Giraffe's Kitchen, you can enjoy it. If I hadn't had dinner that day, if I had enough time, I wouldn't have had 2,000ml of beer with my friends. Pizza was a very European flavor... ...because I didn't know how to enjoy it. But it was delicious with beer. It's a great combination of cymacs.^^ I was wondering how far this place is from Salzburg Station near the tourist site, so I looked up Google Maps and found that it takes about 30 minutes by car, but it takes about an hour and 40 minutes by public transportation. This may be a difficult place to come when you come on a free trip. I eat light breakfast and get on the bus for a real tour. Schwab = 3= 3

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    New built hotel with excellent location 10minutes drive from KL capital city OR simply take the train and get off at Asia Jaya Putra station which is next to hotel 新建的酒店,地理位置优越,距离吉隆坡首府10分钟车程,或Jaya Putra站下车

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