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  • 단 하나의 가성비 노트북을 골라야 한다면!


    asus 젠북입니다. 수많은 노트북을 사용해봤지만, 아직까지 젠북 시리즈만큼 가격 대비 뛰어난 성능과 완성도를 자랑하는 모델은 만나보지 못했습니다. 단점으로는 전국 as센터가 그리 많지 않다는 점을 꼽을 수 있습니다. 윈도우 설치 정도 할 줄 아는 분이라면 lg그램보단 젠북 시리즈를 추천합니다! #zenbook #asus #notebook

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  • 아이패드 프로 3세대 언박싱 / 구매후기 (iPadPro 11inch)


    아이패드 프로 3세대 11인치 구매 영상(사진) 입니다 ✔️11인치 / wifi / 64G ✔️99만9천원 ✔️페이스 아이디 / USB-C 타입 변경 더 자세한 사항은 블로그 참고해주세요

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  • 아두이노 잠금장치


    블루투스 신호를 보내면 솔레노이드에 전기가 흘러 열리게되고 3초후에 다시 닫힙니다. 열림과 동시에 2개의 Led에서 빛이나오고 부저에서는 짧은 소리가 발생합니다. 충격이 감지되면 부저에서는 5초간 경보음이 발생합니다. 이 장치를 이용하여 도난방지 자전거 자물쇠를 만들예정입니다. 자전거 자물쇠가 완성되면 그때 다시 올리겠습니다. 질문있거나 조언해주실분 계시나요?

    $jinjae . 2019.06.11 20:30

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  • Meeting the Navigation and the Mouse


    The touchscreen is starting to become a bit of a problem after the navigation warranty period is over. As a matter of fact, I contacted the manufacturer, but the repair cost is going up like a product that has passed the warranty Give up the manufacturer's repairs and open the machine. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do. The disassembled Navigations have been reassembled but the two screws have been found to be left behind. Maybe it's a screw on the main board. I felt dizzy when I tried to open the torn housing again. But after I give up the two screws, I'll be fine. Navigation is using the Android operating system. I try to connect a mouse that's playing at home, thinking that it's no different than a tablet. Ohh! It's moving well. It's much easier to use a mouse than to give up touch. I connected a home-playing MS BlueTrack wireless mouse, and the navigation is complete. It's perfect for the front passenger seat to be used as a mouse pad. Don't press it with your hand. Give it to your mouse. lol

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  • What will defeat Thanos


    What will defeat Thanos? let us know in the comments below. #Avengers #Thor #Endgame #memes #gags #bollywood #fun #comedy #laugh #memeoftheday #nokia #nokiasmartphone #pricekart #gadgets #technews #instaandroid #instatech #technology

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  • Computer forensics


    Computer forensics is the application of investigation and analysis techniques to gather and preserve evidence from a particular computing device in a way that is suitable for presentation in a court of law. The goal of computer forensics is to perform a structured investigation while maintaining a documented chain of evidence to find out exactly what happened on a computing device and who was responsible for it Any Cyber Forensics person here? #developer #hacking #computer #coding #hackingout #computerscience #programming #hacker #art #programmer #hack #computers #webdeveloper #hackingthecity #technology #javascript #hackingaround #design #coder #hackingthecolorwheel #computerengineering #code #hackingswedish #computerart #softwaredeveloper #hackingyousohardrightnow #computergraphics #webdevelopment #hackingcreativity #developers

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  • Enjoy your time on TV on YouTube with the replacement of SK TV set-top boxes!


    Those of you who use SK Btv used to use square sets!!! It wasn't too bad for YouTube. It wasn't too bad. I ran a browser on the TV app and entered the browser with a YouTube address. The quality of the video was:( There's a new set-top box for btv smart2!!! YouTube Support!!! Google Instance! By the way I'm using UHD set-top for 100MB and when I ask, the installation fee will be charged 11,000 won next month. I don't have much to install, but I think it's too much But first of all, I'll get a replacement reservation!

    $loveseol . 2019.04.26 20:15

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  • It's convenient to use a wireless charger.


    I #bought #samsung wireless #charger #Expensive but very #convenient #item about $25 wireless charging. #Phone #Smartphone #Samsung

    $yarbongs . 2019.04.22 21:56

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  • Tablet self-repair...


    As I raise twins, I buy two different things. I bought you two tablets to play with the kids. One is a substrate failure that cannot be charged or turned on, and one is stepped on and the liquid. (I bought two more after this --) I had a weekend off at home and I thought of it, so I tried to fix it. The two are the same, so it's a device that disassembles and doesn't turn on the board of a broken liquid crystal device. I changed it and connected the charging line, so it works well. I've made a good one out of two broken ones. Somehow I feel like I'm making money.

    $silverknight . 2019.04.22 12:53

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  • DPM Technique of OLED(Galaxy S4)


    This video shows a technique controlling its brightness and also present how it can be implemented by shooting using slow-motion camera. You can feel flickering on low brightness state of galaxy s4. And it is because of just its digital function rather than its problem. It was filmed by slow motion function of iPhone 5s.

    $hellogungs . 2019.04.20 15:51

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  • How to Work OLED's Circular polarizer film


    How to Work OLED's Circular polarizer film Further Information in Here 관련 설명글 Link:

    $hellogungs . 2019.04.07 22:18

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  • vehicle air purifier


    And now the air purifier in the car. Ha. #Air purifier for vehicles #INABI#Bluevent#Bluevent Dual-fan for faster, more powerful!! Bluetooth connection to rear for easy operation! February 2019 launch is hot and hot

    $loveseol . 2019.04.02 23:51

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  • PBT Key Cap for Dye Seung Hwa


    Since the key caps of the dexium keyboard stored in the house are made of ABS material, I bought this product because the blandness of the key caps and the key caps of the other key caps are clearly different. The name of the product is Dye Seunghwa. It's not a keyboard, it's a key cap. Cats are loveZhang~ If you purchase anything just because it's pretty, you can't use it because the key cap shape or arrangement is different. Be sure to check compatibility when purchasing.~ Dye sublimation is one of the ways a font is printed on a keyboard. Because the dye is heated to a high temperature and penetrated into the surface of the key cap, the writing will not be erased even if the keyboard is used for a long time. Key caps of PBT material that can withstand high temperatures are mainly used. Laser imprinting uses laser to burn the surface of the key cap to imprinting using a laser. Available in a variety of materials. Key cap materials typically have ABS and PBT. The ABS material is suitable for a wide range of colours, but it wears off quickly and is relatively fast. The PBT material is slowly worn out and is strong for rustling, but it is difficult to process and is expensive.

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  • electric vehicle charger


    I saw an electric vehicle charger at the mart a while ago. These days, they say that new buildings require the creation of charging facilities for electric vehicles. I saw what was installed here quite a while ago. I've only been close to looking at it now. It's not working yet. Have you seen many electric cars around? I only saw cars in which some government officials, such as Dong Office vehicles, were riding. I was wondering how to charge the actual electricity, and what's the price? So I did a search. [Charging method] There are two ways to charge an electric vehicle: * Fast charge: Buffer in about 15 minutes or more * Full charge: about 4 to 7 hours buffer Charging stations on streets and highways usually support rapid charging. You can't stand on the street for hours charging a car. In addition, you can usually charge your apartment, commercial buildings, or government offices at regular intervals. > Because rapid charging will bring in a lot of electricity, you have to prepare a lot of electricity, and if you fail, you may have problems with electric loads, which is usually considered to be slow charging. [ Charging charge] * Fast charging station: There are some differences between operators, but most are 173.8 won/kWh. * Fast charging station: Different time zone * Different installation locations, but similar to or slightly cheaper than fast charging. You know how to calculate electricity rates for housing and general use. The charges are almost the same because the actual charge is the same, as the time required to charge is different. However, discount per hour is reduced at full speed, so it is saved a lot if used at night. For more information, please see the reference below. [Reference Information] * * https://m #Electrical Charger

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  • #신기방기 #4차산업혁명 로봇이 만드는 커피 한잔


    잠실즈음에서 로봇이 커피를 만들어주는 것을 마셔보았어요! 기본 아메리카노를 마셔보았는데 원두가 좋아서 그런지 그냥 깔끔했어요 4차산업혁명에 따라 이제 많은 직종이 인공지능 혹은 로봇에 의해 대체된다고 하지만! 그래도 사람만이 만들어 낼 수 있는 섬세한 차이와 아름다움이 있지 않을까요? 여러분이 생각하시기에 미래의 직업은 어떻게 될까요? 인간이 여전히 할 수 있는 일들이 많을까요? 아니면 많이 사라지고 우린 직업을 잃게 될까요?

    $levi . 2019.03.26 09:53

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  • 휴대폰 거치대 간지나나유?


    이게 기술과 관련한 물건도 아닌데 분류를 기술로 할 수 밖에 없네요. ㅎㅎ 퍼블리토가 분류를 좀 더 다양하게 해주면 좋겠다는 생각이 들면서 써봅니다. 오늘 휴대폰 거치대를 추가로 샀습니다. 브랜드 이름은 카키고라는 브랜드인데요. 튼튼하기도 하고 좋네요. 제 휴대폰은 무선 충전이 안되는 모델이라 거치대를 사면서 휴대폰 충전도 가능한 놈으로 알아봤습니다. 검색을 여러 번 했는데 가성비가 가장 좋은 놈으로 골랐어요. 휴대폰 충전하기도 되고 미끄러지지도 않는 알루미늄 재질의 카키고 휴대폰 거치대 마음에 듭니다. (이건 제 돈 주고 산 거라 업체랑 아무 상관없습니다. 원래 휴대폰 거치대가 있었는데 그건 충전할 수가 없었거든요. 그런데 이번에 산 놈은 마음에 드네요.) 역시 자본주의는 ... 돈을 들여야 하나 봅니다.

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  • Mechanical Keyboard Leopold FC750R PD Low Noise Reduction


    It's a mechanical keyboard that suddenly came and got bored. It's a low-noise scale. I've used all the blue, brown, and red axes, but I haven't touched the low-noise axis yet, so. The color was selected in gray/blue. The blue-and-grey combination looks more luxurious than the other products. It's my first time using Tanciris. I made a purchase for use in the office, but I often enter numbers.So it's very uncomfortable to use the keypad to enter numbers. I didn't know I had so much to put in numbers while I was working until I wrote the Tenkiris product. Leopold products are longer in space bars than regular keyboards. You can press the space bar when you switch between Korean and English, but it's not something you should consider when you purchase it because it's easy to adapt to the keyboard layout in half a day. Since the low sound axis is also the red axis, it can be said that the sense of the red axis is not jam-packed and the sense of the square angle is added. The kiap seems to be similar to or slightly higher than the red axis. It's a bit less of a typo when you're not using the keyboard support. I think the fatigue of the wrist is less likely to be used with a pedestal. If I get a chance later, I'd like to use a touchless keyboard. Add content... After about two weeks of use, I went to a second-hand country. I couldn't overcome the discomfort of Tanciris. Kugong!!

    $abc . 2019.03.07 19:43

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  • The office mouse is Rositech!


    Model M590 It's a model that offers a lot of discounts these days, but you can buy it for 20,000 won. Supports uniplying connections and multi-pairing. Above all, there is no click noise, so it can be used in quiet library reading rooms. Batteries are two years... It's amazing. However, a person with a large hand may feel uncomfortable due to their small size. #wirelessmouse #logitech #m590 #notebooMouse #logitechm590

    $keyboard . 2019.03.06 09:38

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  • Xiaomi Plug Replacement Unit


    In the last few years, Xiaomi of the Goseongbi has been riding the fastball craze. It's around us. I was thinking about three years ago. Taste of Taobao's fastball, do crowdfunding, buy with couten, etc. I bought a lot of products... an air purifier I bought six of 'Miere' per series. I liked it so much that I bought all of my wife's executioners. He lives with me. The problem with writing is that if you use a little code adapter, it becomes loose and it's tiring and it's not durable. Of course it's easy to miss. So, as usual, it's a search! I found it very easy to exchange code. A 1,500 won code for two dasos. I just took off the cover of the wire, so I can tell the order of the photos I posted and the color of the cover. If you have a complaint like me, I recommend you to be brave and try. By the way, the air always gets better.

    $msjpkpk . 2019.03.04 19:50

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  • #Implementation of MS Office Excel for Android users only


    Do you use Excel on your computer? It is also widely loved when comparing household books and telecommunication fees in real life, whether in the business or in real life. Perhaps the most widely used Excel program in the world, using Macro and formatting, is the best way to organize a lot of data. Although the free Google SPREAD sheet and others are exploring the alternatives, as you can see, people who use the hard core formula still love Excel. This is a non-replaceable program. However, as smartphones come out, sometimes you need to create quality data from urgent data or from materials you. Microsoft is working on a small development for Android users in the near future and plans to update the Android app with features that can be easily imported into Excel from the real world. This new feature is simply referred to as "Insert Data from Picture" and uses a camera on a smartphone or Android device to take a picture around a "table or table" in a book or material, and then cut only the information you need with a border feature. After the verification steps of numbers or spelling, the table in the picture is recreated into a nice digital spreadsheet (see picture). When you need to fill out something urgent, you can use the reference material in a great way. Of course I'll leave a reference, right? This feature will soon be available in the Android app and Microsoft will be officially available soon. This is Microsoft's virtual effort not to be a collapsed Babel Tower in the jungle of many similar programs that are probably distributed for free.

    $bigman35 . 2019.03.04 12:15

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  • Which mobile wallet works in Chromebook?


    Hello, this is $silverknight. I usually work on coins with my phone, so I put my wallet on my phone. And when I go home, I use Chromobook, but Chromebook is available in Google Store. Then, what kind of mobile wallet can I use comfortably in Chrome Book? This is the result of the installation in Chrome Book. Haha ----------------------------------------------------------- First of all, my favorite EOS Nova Wallet. Why? What? No, I can't. ----------------------------------------------------------- ImToken (photo3) used primarily as a wallet for ETH I'll install it, but... The screen doesn't match, so we can't proceed." (photo4) I think we need to modify this in IMTOKEN. ----------------------------------------------------------- You use a lot, right? MeetOne Wallet. No, no. (photo5) ----------------------------------------------------------- EOS Lynx Wallet Good. I cut my shot because of the account name. ᄒᄒ(photo6) ----------------------------------------------------------- EOCAT Good. To remove the account name, go to the registration screen. ----------------------------------------------------------- Math Wallet. (photo8) ----------------------------------------------------------- This is Blockchain, which is a bit wallet. (photo 9) ----------------------------------------------------------- It's Bitpie. It's not just installed for EBTC. ᄒᄒ(photo 10) ----------------------------------------------------------- This is Lobstr, Stella's wallet. I can't. (I couldn't upload the photo because there were only 10 photos.) ----------------------------------------------------------- Is Lee Sang famous? No, I looked at the compatibility of my wallet with Chrombook. I feel depressed because I don't have all of my wallet that I usually use, such as Nova, Imtokan, and Mikwon. I hope at least an amtokan will work. I think we'll need to make a supplemental request on the Telegram.

    $silverknight . 2019.03.03 10:05

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  • The Direction of Social Media Decentralization


    Larry Sanger, CIO of Eberipedia, now a decentralized blockchain based on Ios Mainnet, wrote in his personal blog yesterday: "How to Centralize Your Media." - Text link: As many of you have already read the text, Larry Sanger's point of view is probably a good summary of the future that all users of social media are thinking about, and the dreams they hope to have, with startup development teams building a decentralized social media based on blockchain technology, including the large, centralized companies that are currently running social media. In addition, in his article, "The Methodological Proposal for Open Source Software and Blockchain Community to Break down Existing Social Media Operators," I was very impressed that it was exactly in line with the direction and perspective that the Publicisto team was pursuing. The following is a personal interpretation of some of Larry Sanger's content. (For more information on the text, please see the link above.) The problem with current social media starts with "Centralized." A centralized system is a driving force for large companies and governments to restrict their members' freedom of participation or speech, and to violate their privacy. What we really need for blogs, e-mails, the Web, and so on is neutral technology standards and protocols. This is because these technology standards and protocols open up the infinite possibilities that users can provide through feed functionality to a large number of people, no matter which platform they write or content they publish through. Until now, I had to use Twitter to get my short stories and thoughts to the most people, and to share my personal daily records and thoughts with friends and family around me. That is, depending on the characteristics of the social media platform, users were forced to use different channels. So what are the ways in which open-source software and blockchain communities are transformed from "centralized platform-centric" to "user-centric" and therefore decoupled the way social media operates itself? 1. Open Data Standards for Social Media Posting: Creating an Open Standard in the Feed of Posts of Users, as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has been working on. 2. Publish/storage platform that allows users to directly control access rights and formats: decide whether to publish posts publicly or as personal confidential and build a platform that allows users to store them in a centralized system. 3. Software that automatically informs you about site updates: Implementing formats that make it easier for users to update frequently updated sites, such as RSS feed programs. 4. Social Media Plug-in Function : Plug-in feature currently supported by Publicity "Get existing social media posts" that allow platform users to read posts on that platform without Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook 5. Feed Export Functions and APIs: The ability to easily and concisely share content posted on existing or new social media to other platforms or users. Larry Sanger suggests that social media tectonic and decentralization can occur when the first and fourth of the above methods are combined. Of course, taking the eBrfidia that he's developing as a prime example:) But I think the real social media decentralization movement is starting at this publicist, based on the Ios Mainnet Although it is not compatible with only two channels on YouTube and Instagram yet, I think the early days of de-centralized social media, which later offers plug-ins on various social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Switch, Brunch, Naver Blog, Medium and Steamt, may look a lot like the current Publicity. And so is Ebripidia, Publicity, and Ios. What will social media look like at the end of 2019?

    $done . 2019.02.20 19:25

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  • Password Management Act


    Every day, life becomes complicated. Why are there so many sites that have to sign up for it, and I don't think it's going to get any more or less when I'm going to have to sign up for it dies. But the problem is that we have to create an ID and a password for this growing site. If each site has a different ID and password, it would be good for security, but it's probably hard to remember. We are not serious about the damage caused by hacking or personal information leakage. In the meantime, how do we manage our passwords? That's why I want to write this article because I have something to look for and introduce. First, remember the following rules when you create a password. -Let's make a password at least 8-10 characters long. -Let's make a combination of numbers, letters, special characters, etc. - Do not use phone numbers, birthdays, resident registration numbers, etc. - Do not use a duplicate character. - Important sites use separate passwords. It's hard. It's hard... There are a lot of sites, but it's easy to forget if you make a random password. So let's look at how to effectively manage passwords (Note: effectively manage the Ahnlab password). -Make my own rules: Make rules so that I can remember when I create passwords. For example, you create a password by using only the number of even, odd strings of a particular word, or by making rules, such as that. -Differentiate sites according to their importance: Sites I use frequently and should not be hacked create secure passwords. - Changes are made to each Internet service: For users using Internet services on portals and community sites, it is much easier to remember by naming the sites. For example, if my ID is teleph90, I can make 'naver@teleph90', 'hanmail@teleph90' or 'kakao@teleph90'. - Keep hard-to-remember passwords in files with passwords: Important accounts that are hard to remember separate IDs and passwords from separate files. (This is the standard stone, but I keep my ID and password together.) Use Excel or Hangul files to remember my ID and password, and set a password for Excel and Hangul files to prevent them from being leaked. ^^;;) In addition, the user can manage their passwords. That's the 1password app in the picture. This app is a paid app, but I recommend it because it has a powerful function. I think it's very useful for mobile-intensive cryptocurrency users because both the iPhone and Android are available. ^^) It's a hassle, but I hope you spend a little time keeping your assets strong.

    $showmemoney . 2019.02.18 15:08

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  • hotel hacking incident


    I recently posted a post about a password that people use a lot. We're looking at the ( comment, and we're going to talk about the Ransomware attack because a lot of people are concerned about personal security, but they don't seem to be able to manage it. (Of course, it is not related to password leakage, but it is prepared to raise security awareness.) There's been a hacking incident at a hotel, not at an individual. First, in Korea, the door lock of 'Hotel Here' operated by 'What's Here' was hacked in December 2016. "Hotel here" runs a hotel with a digital door lock, and it sends a digital key to your app to open the room, and that's what was hacked. Of course, the hacking was discovered by Bergbounty and later patched, but there was a lot of damage. There's real damage outside the country. At the end of January 2017, Rantik Seihotel Jaerwirt, a hotel in Austria, infected with Lansomware, would ask a hacker for $1,600 worth of bitcoin and restore the system. The electronic card entry system, reservation system, front desk reception system and all other hotel systems are paralyzed, leaving hundreds of guests out of the room. The hotel said it was seriously considering turning the electronic card entry system into a classic key-type access system. Of course, we can't say 100 percent that the hacking incident above was caused by personal negligence. But I think you need to think about the damage caused by hacking and focus on personal security. In addition, to restore the electronic card access system created by technological advancements, the solution to the traditional classical key-type access system is to make sure that the best security measure is not technological advance but a return to the past. I hope you keep your personal information safe and have a safe day. (Photo Source: Romantik Seihotel Jagerwirt Homepage)

    $showmemoney . 2019.02.15 15:37

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  • Airpod Expensive Bean Sprout


    Do you have expensive bean sprouts? I heard that we are going to be upgraded from March to April this year and we are going to release AirPod 2. I bought it first. Hahaha It's called the Bluetooth phone, the New World! I used to think it was weird, but I love it when I used it. Haha What do you think?Hah!

    $levi . 2019.02.15 10:45

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  • Apple Watch 4 Nike Plus 3 Month User


    Battery: ★ ★ ★ ☆ Band: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ Watchface: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ Function : ★ ★ ★ ☆ Price: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Battery consumption per day after full charge is 1/4 and 1/5 Because it's winter, there's usually a clock in your sleeve, which prevents the screen from turning on unnecessarily, so you're consuming less battery than you might think. It looks like it's available for about four days. At the end of the arm bone, which connects to the wrist, there are two dorsal spurs: a rhinoplasm and a sprain. The clock keeps ticking this turn, so I don't wear it except when I go out. If you wear it until bedtime, you'll have a little more battery consumption. Sportsloop bands are easy to attach. There's a snip at the end of the band, so I wind it all the way. Even if you sweat, it doesn't stick to your skin. It's good. I chose white when I bought it, but it was good at first, but now it's a little yellow, so I'm looking for a way to clean it. I recommend dark colors rather than white ones that burn well. Watchpace refers to the initialization of smartwatches. The Apple Watch is not able to modify or change the Watchface, so only the built-in features are available. Apple also makes and sells expensive Apple Watch luxury versions. In order to maintain Watchface's uniqueness, Apple seems to have used a method to prevent user customization. I don't know what this is. Apple Watch is a variety of custom apps in your iPhone in conjunction with several other than that it can be used by wider range of use on Apple devices seems to have. If you have an iPhone and a MacBook, you can use Apple Watch to automatically unlock your MacBook, just as you can get a call from a MacBook. Personally, one of the things that I like most about using Apple Watch is that you can increase the number of steps you need to hatch Pokemon eggs with Apple Watch without having to run the Pokemon Go app on your iPhone. The Pokemon Go app on the iPhone used GPS, so it consumed a lot of battery. It's expensive if Apple makes it. Apple Watch is also expensive. I'm not sure it's worth the money. I bought it because of its beautiful design, but when Samsung released the Galaxy Watch later, it felt different from Apple Watch. It was cool.

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  • Google Home


    불러도 대답없는 Siri를 뒤로 하고.. 그래도 다시 설정해줫떠니 SIri도 잘나옴 둘의 차이는 음성 인식의 차이보단 구글은 명령을 빠뜨리지 않고 인식하는 반면 Siri는 조금 굼뜬 느낌 Siri 부르고 동작 대기 상태 확인하고 명령해야 하는 부분이 불편하다. 잠긴 화면에서 호출이라 조금 느릴수도 있다곤 하지만 내 성격하고는 안맞는 느낌? ㅎㅎ 암튼 구글 홈은 매우 만족하며 이전에 산 크롬캐스트와 좀 더 완벽 호환하려면 망구성 부터 다시 해야하긴 하지만 일단은 구입 성공적 음악 틀어주고 날씨 얘기해주고 자러갈때 등 꺼주는것만 해도 매우 편하게 사용중이다. #googlehome #okgoogle #heygoogle

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  • Improve Your Typing Speed By These Typing Tutors


    Want to improve typing skill? Then don’t worry here i have solution for you. Here i am going to share 3 best typing tutors that will help you to improve your typing speed. If you have good typing speed but want to improve your fingers usage then these will helpful too. This is most important for those who are in writing field. That does not matter that you are freelancer or professional writer. It’s helpful for all. By these amazing typing tutor software’s you can learn typing fast without spending single penny or rupee. So this is most important thing in these tools. 1-KeyBlaze : First of all you can download this software by here. And it’s a official website is so you can read more instruction there. So in any program you must read terms and condition and other instruction before use it even in free things. keyblaze enable you to learn typing fast and very easily. So as i above said it’s free of cost and keyblaze also recommended in many indian schools by teachers. 2-Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor : This is the official website of klavaro touch typing tutor. You can download this tool from there. And the latest version available. It comes with many amazing features like keyboard layout editor, basic course, fluidness exercises, velocity exercises, semi-online contest and much more. So by these features it will simplify the things for beginners. 3-Typing Trainer : This can be your tutor of typing for 100% free. is the official link of this typing tutor. And this typing software’s design is attractive and catchy. So if you like designer things then you should prefer this typing tool. On the website quick tour available to see. Typing trainer is online tool so keep that in your mind. So guys i hope you enjoyed this post never forget to upvote and share. Take care and have a nice day ♥

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  • Who's been on that?


    The Fairy Girl and the Woodman theme park, which stopped by during a trip to Jeju Island. The items with old memories are well organized by theme. I looked around and saw that play instrument. I remember vaguely. I think it was so nice to ride it for a while. I don't have a timer at the time and I think it was just as you wanted me to If you have many customers in the back, you should ride a little bit less than usual, and if you don't have a customer, you should ride a lot, but I came down on my own. It's absurd by these standards, but I think it was taken for granted at the time. There was no need to complain much about riding less today, as we could ride more next time. Do you remember me? It seems like this is disappearing more and more these days when technology is developed. There's less and less face-to-face work for you and the owner. In college, he used to clean up bars with the owner of a bar because he was drunk, but these days, he is hard to find. These days, there are a lot of unmanned machines that accept orders. It seems that technology is developing and losing a lot of things. I thought technology would reduce the time to do things and then make things more relaxed for the rest of the time, but I think I'm actually doing something else and getting more and more busy. As a result, it seems that human nature and relaxation of mind. Technology that continues to evolve at a tremendous rate. I'm not as good as I am. By the way, wouldn't it be hard to ride that thing for an hour? Has anyone ridden for an hour?

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