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  • Introduction 😎

    Self Introduction

    Hiii All Publyto User.. My name is Surya, From indonesian.. This is Original Acount, and original people.. No Robot... 😎😎😎 PUB go to The Mars.....

    $surya . 2019.03.29 12:57

    2 thanks . 5.5792 PUB

  • It's over 40,000 hearts.Haha

    Self Introduction

    Due to Dion's frequent events, we've surpassed 40,000 hearts. It's not as good as the moss of plankton claws, but I hope it's not a whale, but a shark. By then, I hope to become a social world dominated by the public. Haha

    $gregory . 2019.03.15 12:23

    3 thanks . 19.7499 PUB

  • Participate in Publicity PR Contest

    Self Introduction

    Today is the last day of the event, meaning only for participation

    $eternize . 2019.03.08 16:03

    11 thanks . 377.5490 PUB

  • Participate in the Publicity PR Contents contest.

    Self Introduction

    I'm going to put my mind on it's time. Haha "whether you're doing a Facebook, it's a blog, Instagram, or YouTube.... The result is Publicito! "

    $gregory . 2019.03.07 00:46

    15 thanks . 848.3588 PUB

  • I participated in making Publicito PR contents.^^

    Self Introduction

    Participate in creating Publicity PR content. I've never done Photoshop before, so I've searched the Internet and done it once.^^ It's not necessarily a prize, but I think that all of these actions will only help us to develop the Publicity and further the Ios.Haha Have a nice day everyone!!

    $hwankyunjung . 2019.03.06 11:52

    18 thanks . 1,473.3538 PUB

  • # I'm sorry #

    Self Introduction

    #Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh This is a picture taken with my love (?) approach at Coex Kakao Friends. Haha When others wait in line to take a picture with Ryan, I'm having fun dating Apaches. And I started to pay more attention to things that were more popular than to things that were just by themselves. I'm not the main character, but if you look down or sideways, you can see things. Since then, friends, work, hobbies and tastes have come closer to being slightly out of the main circle than just the popular and noisy trend. Of course I don't know if it's good or bad. I'm sure you'll find something to do But I think it's right to be more comfortable, to be impatient with something, to focus more on me than on other people's eyes, so I'm going to enjoy it. It's not as good as I I'm tiredYou have to always try, you... I have to see if I can't... Ah! The picture. I liked her better than Ryan in Kakao Friends, and Sally in Line Friends more than Brown. Kkk I looked at the pictures and hesitated to add things that suddenly came to my mind. Be careful of fine dust today, friends.

    $kanghyouck . 2019.03.06 10:06

    9 thanks . 5,549.6178 PUB


    Self Introduction

    퍼블리토 PR Contents 공모전 응모해여!

    $nayoung22 . 2019.03.06 01:41

    17 thanks . 1,104.0322 PUB

  • Publicity PR!

    Self Introduction

    #Publito #Publyto I tried to look at various images. I'm not even an expert in this kind of field. I just decided to make it clean. I got the images from a free image-making website. The phrase is simply put in a drawing board. In particular, I was very nervous about my handwriting to match my background. To interpret its meaning... On the right side of the moon is the dark, current blockchain cryptocurrency market. It implies that the moon will slowly light up with the Publicito. It's awkward, but I'm going to submit it like this. Please give me a lot of attention and comments.^^

    $marines . 2019.03.05 22:46

    19 thanks . 948.2709 PUB

  • Participate in Publicity PR events

    Self Introduction

    I think I have a lot of prize money just by participating, so I'll try^^ I don't think I would have done it if I had to be on the list. I've made it up in the hope that the everyday lives of people around the world will unfold in the public arena.

    $soi . 2019.03.05 12:52

    13 thanks . 684.7811 PUB

  • I'm going to hand-picture for a publicisto event.

    Self Introduction

    Hahaha It's embarrassing, but it's about participation. stick out one's hand All the stories in the world are... All the stories that live. I have a dream of communicating through a publicisto. Publito, fighting!

    $ruby . 2019.03.05 11:49

    19 thanks . 1,116.8198 PUB

  • [Publito PR event participation] Plug In! PUBLYTO!!

    Self Introduction

    [Plug in!] Publicity [Publito] with various IDs wandering about in many places The SNS age that expresses itself!! Similar... different stories! The seed grows and becomes a sprout. The shoots grow into trees. A tree gathers and becomes a forest. All of this history is in the public domain. Make it happen! Publito and Kryptochernsi meet. Our lives will be enriched!

    $kiliman . 2019.03.04 18:28

    35 thanks . 3,022.6236 PUB

  • I'm going to participate in a lotto^^

    Self Introduction

    I don't know if this is how it works.^^ It's hard to design a painting. Haha I've got all the SNS in a publicisto. I've drawn it under the theme. Korea is the world's No. 1 smartphone maker with 95 percent penetration. I hope it will be a publicist who can freely use all of SNS from all over the world on his smartphone anytime, anywhere. #publyto

    $pooka . 2019.03.04 15:34

    20 thanks . 1,617.9796 PUB

  • Participate in Publicity PR events

    Self Introduction

    It's just been a while since I joined. It looks like you're having an event in the self introducton category and upload it carefully. Looking at it for a few days, I think I'm communicating with a variety of people. We look forward to a new SNS that communicates and communicates with you.

    $oxy . 2019.03.04 06:44

    15 thanks . 2,729.7566 PUB

  • a dear brother and sister

    Self Introduction

    Hi. I started a little bit late because I knew about the Public. I'm not good enough to make a personality cult because of the public. I'm going to try out the Public. Looking for the picture, I see a lovely brother and sister. When did the kids use snow? I'm the one who has one family and lives a normal life. Please support my new challenge!!

    $oxy . 2019.03.03 01:50

    13 thanks . 723.9327 PUB

  • [Hanchart] The first step toward making my own book. #Publito

    Self Introduction

    [Your participation in the event] More than Instagram. I was looking for a place to live in more detail. I'm sure there were blogs like Naver or Daum or T-Story. I was attracted to the #fresh idea that I could collect stories scattered across various #NSs by posting #PLUG-IN. I left a fragmentary record of my summer trip on Instagram last year (2018). I wanted to share this memory and the feelings and information I felt at that time. So #PUBLYTO... I've come over. There's still a slight lack of beta services and errors, but... #Refresh # memories of travel, trying to recreate the writing for a little longer. I don't know much, but I hope you'll be able to make more memories over time. Re-create a lot of records with Publicito!! PS. I think there was a LOAD MORE button that I had to press to load more than 30 Instagram pages.... After the first posting, it's gone! Developers!! Return the Roadmore button and wash it.ᅲᅲᅲᅲ

    $magicsonjae . 2019.03.01 23:57

    7 thanks . 214.9490 PUB

  • #publyto

    Self Introduction

    도니님 이벤트 참여합니다. 감사합니다. 죄송합니다 디온 님 :)

    $stephen . 2019.03.01 16:16

    14 thanks . 3,556.2361 PUB

  • Publicity Contest (Dion's Event)

    Self Introduction

    Read $simj's Engagement German text and challenge her face in hopes that she will feel dizzy. Photoshop, pate shop. I've never used anything like this, and I don't know how to use it. I tried PowerPoint (ppt) as a company employee's all-around tool. Please understand that the quality of the painting is low. March 1st! Long live Korea.Long live the Publicito!

    $moment . 2019.03.01 13:32

    20 thanks . 1,104.5731 PUB

  • [Create Publicity PR Content]^^

    Self Introduction

    I'm not good at it, but I'm serious about it.^^ Thank you for the event.^^

    $greenjuice11 . 2019.03.01 09:49

    9 thanks . 2,160.7950 PUB

  • [Event Participant-Prolog] Find Kiliman!!

    Self Introduction

    I'm trying Instagram for the first time for a publicist event.· This is an event in an event. If you're the first to find Kili in the picture, we'll give you 1,000 PUB on-site. The answer is in Publicito.· ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The correct answer for event 1 was [in the Publicity]. The correct answer is God and Solmi 45. I've sent you 1,000 PUB (For everyone who participated in Event I...I sent you 500PUB each with my apologies. I'm sorry to have hurt your eyes.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Event in Event2] Please create a purpose of making Kiliman's Publicity PR content.^^ 1st place 10,000PUB If you're the person who wrote Kiliman's intention to produce Publicity PR content, we'll give you 10,000 PUB as a gift. The hint is "Publito PR Content." The period will be March 4th. I have to unsteak it for you.^^) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you all for participating in [Event in Event]. The winner was $atom. 10,000 PUB in prize money The leopard of the various movements that represent Kiliman?represents the media content that is posted on each of the various themes. And the role of a channel to connect this communication with Kiliman is EOS-based integrated media.Content platform, Publicity] 2nd place was selected by $$Green Juice 11.2,000 PUB in prize money You have the most letters. Thank you. We'll send 500PUB each to the other participants. It was a very subjective choice.Just take it for fun.♪♪ Hehehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ♪ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Invent in event] Thank you for participating in the side-legged event. This poster elicits a lot of account comments through [Invent in event].... I'll be out of the race, and I'll take part in the event with a new poster.^^ Thank you again for creating an interesting event.^^

    $kiliman . 2019.03.01 02:25

    23 thanks . 3,392.7264 PUB

  • Look at the world with a window called #Publito#

    Self Introduction

    I'm going to attend the event late at night.~ a hand-picture slop because of no special talent. a bowel movement ;When you enter the public library, you will find a variety of SNS or media. I thought I could look at the world through it. Come in to the Publicito and meet the world. Nice friend to meet.♡

    $choiyongwoon . 2019.03.01 01:23

    17 thanks . 808.3023 PUB

  • [Dion's Event Participation] Link & Get Ink

    Self Introduction

    Stabilize your SNS with communication (Link) and compensation (Ink). I'm not very good, but... I'm going to try... I didn't think I'd do this either.^^ Shame on you!~~

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.02.28 22:57

    29 thanks . 2,465.7619 PUB

  • It's a public contest, and it's meant to be a part of...

    Self Introduction

    I didn't mean to participate at all, but after watching the event letter (because I was afraid of you), I edited a picture that I couldn't even do. You're limited to creativity, to technology. Participate. It is the last day of February...

    $fire . 2019.02.28 12:47

    19 thanks . 1,639.1938 PUB

  • I'm also participating in the Publicito PR event.

    Self Introduction

    The Publicito symbol looks like a staircase. I've designed it out of the way. It's weird, of course. Hahaha Step up the stairs and face higher!!!

    $nilgo . 2019.02.28 06:37

    26 thanks . 1,708.8399 PUB

  • I'm participating in the Publicito Contest.

    Self Introduction

    It's because I have a good sense of design. I'll only put my mind on participation. crying It wasn't long before the publicisto was born. I compared it to the rising sun. The catchphrase is a new poplito. I've put the Publicis logo in the middle of the sun, and I've tried to embrace everything else. ᅲᅲ I'm not very good at participating. #Publito

    $showmemoney . 2019.02.27 18:05

    22 thanks . 1,312.4543 PUB

  • Plug-in PUBLYTO

    Self Introduction

    직관적으로, 빠르게, 쉽게, 편리하게, 다양한 콘텐츠를.... 퍼블리토!!!

    $n4plan . 2019.02.26 18:19

    19 thanks . 1,232.4584 PUB

  • Me and Publyto

    Self Introduction

    I know the world of crypto currencies and blockchain when I first became a steemit user (Steem Blockchain). From there I get quite a lot of information about these two worlds. Since December 2017 I have tried to get to know the EOS Blockchain, because I have the notion that EOS will grow rapidly in the future. Even though there were many people in my country who underestimated EOS at that time, I ignored them and chose to keep up with every piece of information and study it. Until finally, EOS was launched on June 2, 2018. My adventure in exploring every EOS app that was launched has led me to get to know the Publyto platform. I studied the Publyto whitepaper so that I got a correct understanding of the publyto platform. I was very surprised and excited when I learned about the purpose and purpose of the publyto platform. I think Publyto is one platform that will be of interest to many people. Publyto will be a solution for content creators, even those platforms that have lost competitiveness because they are not able to monetize content will be helped by the presence of publyto. Maybe now there are only two media that are connected to Publyto Instagram and Youtube. I believe that in the future more media will be able to connect to the Publyto Platform. At the beginning I knew the publyto, I has bought a small number of Pub tokens (due to the limitations of my economy). But now the number of tokens continues to grow along with my activities in creating content and curating. I am committed to continually increasing the number of PUB token stake from what I generate through this platform. Another thing that impressed me was when I got to know the publyto community, which mostly came from Korea. I feel very comfortable in this community because of the excellent atmosphere of mutual respect. Maybe in the future I will introduce Publyto to the people of my country (Indonesia). In the end, I thank the entire team and the publyto community.

    $dodybireuen . 2019.02.25 15:27

    14 thanks . 1,706.4912 PUB

  • (Event ParticipationX) Simple modification

    Self Introduction

    I've made it a little bit simpler. Event Participation X

    $simjy . 2019.02.25 15:21

    18 thanks . 1,124.8865 PUB

  • I participated

    Self Introduction

    I made a display, with a number of colors added, becoming the main attraction ... I also use the 3D effect on the simple design PUBLYTO logo but it looks luxurious ... thanks for the time, if there are some errors please comment, I will fix it, thank you for the success

    $gilang . 2019.02.24 22:46

    14 thanks . 1,164.1762 PUB

  • (Not an apron!)just for fun

    Self Introduction

    Put another one up for fun.♪♪ That's funny.~ It's not an event.L

    $turtle . 2019.02.24 18:54

    16 thanks . 1,229.2771 PUB

  • [Publito PR Content Creation Event] Applies!

    Self Introduction

    I've been curious about this, but it's not easy to do it. I will apply even if I don't have enough talent. Briefly describe the intent of the production (?) below. # What's the merit of Publicity? First of all, Publito wanted to easily express that he had provided new ways of compensating existing SNS and introduced the concept of plug-in. I used keywords to express new values for my creations. #Publito's entry barriers are being solved. In fact, the process is very complicated to get to Publicito's reward. YouTube/Instagram -> Publish Your Public Account -> Create and Connect Your Ios Accounts -> Connect Content -> Forwarding and Selling Pub Coin Exchange -> I thought a carrot called "spent but breathless" won withdrawal could relieve this hassle, and I emphasized to my existing SNS that a photo and a short video are also possible. I tried to approach it as easily as possible through simplicity, but...….. It's not that simple after making As expected, it must be an expert to make such as this. However, the process of doing this while drinking a cup of coffee on the weekend was also. I don't feel that much has been activated right now, but I also expect that spring will come as well as the temperature going up to Publicito if there is a slight expansion through such events. Have a nice weekend. Even if you're not good enough, I'd like to give you a short evaluation, so please review it. Thank you. ^^ - Realprince -

    $realprince . 2019.02.24 17:38

    19 thanks . 1,351.5638 PUB

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