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  • Catholic church


    #sainte #marie #statue #korea #local #countryside

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  • Manusia


    Manusia memang susah di mengerti.

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  • I am a Christian who is interested in other religions.


    I'm a Christian. I was a sinner, but I was reborn as a righteous man thanks to the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. He believes all the words of the Bible and believes that the prophecy written in the Bible will also come true. But I am very interested in religion. In fact, I read a lot about Confucianism. It is not certain whether Confucianism will be regarded as a religion. Now, it seems that there is a strong tendency to think of it as a cultural heritage. The librarian read in Chinese, and the poem and the calligraphy were roughly read, but the main character was so difficult that he still couldn't even think about it. But if I still have time, I want to study the main character as well. Of course, the main character is a book that is dotted with dots. However, I think it is not a point, but a book that can be approached as just one of the philosophical systems of thought. I am also interested in Buddhism. I've read several books about Sithartha Gautama, and also read light articles like the novel "Geumganggyeong." I also read the Buddhist scriptures because I know a little about Chinese writing. I also saw many writings about Buddhist worldviews through the Internet. Buddhism is also an interesting religion. I am also interested in Islam and Hinduism. Of course I couldn't read the Koran. I think the world of Islam, which I saw through the Arabian Nights, is full of mystery. As for Hinduism, I do not read Devanagari freely or know Sanskrit, so I read about Hindu gods or religious concepts through Cyts in Korean or English. He is also interested in Indian epic poetry such as Ramayana and Mahabharata, and he even gave up trying to read because it was too long. Still, the countless gods of India are It is not because I am a Christian that I am interested in other religions because of my skepticism about Christianity. It's just because it's amazing and fun to hear what other I am also interested in all kinds of myths and legends such as Greek mythology, Chinese mythology, and Nordic mythology. It's just because I' With science not yet advanced enough, the view of the world that man had seems almost to be expressed as a religion or myth. These ancient thinking is very interesting.

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  • Real ghost stories


    This was recorded during Facebook live Please like and subscribe I'll b uploading more videos about different topics Follow me Facebook- Instagram- lucianasposaro Twitter- lucianasposaro Fan mail address coming soon

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  • Christmas #Publyto


    It was Christmas a few days ago.~ Did you have a good time with your family or lover or thanksgiving? Did you spend your time working alone? There's not much time left for this year. I want you to look out for a place that's I hope you'll be well organized in the year.^^ May the winter be warm. All of you and I... #Publyto #Christmas #Category0 Glossary Barrier

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