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  • bibimbap


    Avocado bibimbap

    $choco . 2019.02.15 21:22

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  • Daddy cooking #2


    I spend a lot of time with my children because it is vacation. As he said he wanted to eat dumplings in the evening, he thought that he would be better if he had sauce, so he made a fan sauce. I tried to mix it up, but my wife said it was good to eat. It is incredibly simple to make 1. Make marinade. Soybean 2, oyster sauce 2, sugar 2, oligarch 1, vinegar 2, water 3, pepper salts -If you don't like sweets, you can take out sugar and put in about 2 percent of the sugar. -Look at the water and let it cool down. -You don't have to do that. Usually, oyster sauce and oligarchic mixes and taste good. 2. If you smell good while stir-frying scallions and garlic in oil (general cooking oil), you will be able to enjoy it. - If you have red pepper oil at home, it's better to use red pepper oil. 3. Stir-fry minced vegetables (sugar, onion, red pepper, etc.). Put the marinade in there!! End!! -If you want to pour, you can add the roasted dumplings and mix them when the seasoning is complete. The taste is, um... My family likes it. I haven't fed anyone else. Hmm...

    $minwoo . 2019.01.07 21:31

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  • Pork belly


    I had pork belly for dinner yesterday. I used to bake on a silver foil. for one's These days, I bake on paper foil.

    $poiu . 2018.12.30 08:26

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  • ginger tea


    Have a hot ginger tea after lunch with kimchi stew.

    $poiu . 2018.12.29 14:34

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