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  • Quotes day


    Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving towards your goals !

    $aboutzky . 2019.06.25 20:41

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  • a well-worded forest road


    If you walk down this street, you've got a number of famous words hanging on the tree. It's not particularly nice. Think you're walking in the neighborhood park. Read the famous words comfortably... It's only going up to 10 video clips. "Saving is a disease that leads to death." "Don't lament the unappreciatedness of you, O'Malley, and worry that you don't try hard to be recognized." "Be sure to catch the opportunity, like a bird, before it flies away." "I respect my own principles more than any other rule." "A fool never cares." "The less desire, the happier life is." "The only way to know the future is to take a closer look at the past." "Life is only meaningful when you live for someone else." "Poor, but not flatter, rich but arrogant"

    $fire . 2019.05.02 17:37

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  • Daily Quotes #3


    "Every successful person must have a failure. Do not be afraid to fail because failure is a part of success"

    $aboutzky . 2019.04.29 11:24

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  • Life is like a bowl of Trail Mix.


    My fuel nuggets for Life. Donate some Pub to spread the Love.

    $tonegoodlife . 2019.04.29 09:58

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  • Daily Quotes #1


    The moment you accept what troubles you’ve been given, the door will open.

    $aboutzky . 2019.04.27 19:28

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    While growing up, my thoughts were maturity was about age and physical development, but i was wrong. Over the years, i have learnt that maturity is about experience and discipline. Here are my 20 definitions of *MATURITY* 1.... *Maturity* is when you accept people the way they are and their level of reasoning. 2.... *Maturity* is when you understand you are not always right. 3.... *Maturity* is when you are willing to let go even when it pains. 4... *Maturity* is when you are able to make sacrifices in a relationship. 5.... *Maturity* is when you understand life is a boomerang. (a law in physics states "for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction".) 6... *Maturity* is when you understand not to bully people with your power. 7.... *Maturity* is when you understand success comes with time. 8.... *Maturity* is when you understand that you can't and wouldn't always get what you want every time. 9.... *Maturity* is when you understand life is all about contentment and achieving goals. 10.... *Maturity* is when someone hurt you, and you know when to be the bigger man, and just walk away. 11.... *Maturity* is when you are not selfish but putting other people's need into consideration and not just yourself alone. 12.... *Maturity* is when you understand not to be a hypocrite because you can't please everyone. 13.... *Maturity* is when you understand to see things in a different perspective also in the views of others. 14.... *Maturity* is when you understand not to judge people based on what they do but understanding where they are coming from. 15.... *Maturity* is when you understand responsibility. 16.... *Maturity* is when you understand Love. 17.... *Maturity* is when you understand how to apply wisdom, knowledge in humility. 18... *Maturity* is when you understand that your accomplishment, failures, destiny, reputations and virtually everything about your life depends on God's will and the choices you make but not accusing others for your failure. 19... *Maturity* is when you understand when to let go of all the hate and grudges but to keep an open mind. 20.... *Maturity* is knowing there is a God, doing his will and keeping his commandments at all times.

    $personality1 . 2019.04.24 18:01

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  • Palestinian action


    this is a form of Palestinian defense carried out by students on my campus, we are part of it

    $aboutzky . 2019.04.04 17:35

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  • 나의 일이든...내 삶이든...


    나의 일이든...내 삶이든...생각해볼만한 글귀 "마땅히 변해야 했는데 변했다면, 이는 그들이 전해 받은 것이 본질적 핵심이었기에 가능했던 것이다. 마땅히 변했어야 하나 변하지 않았다면, 그들이 겉모습에 집착했기 때문이다. 앵무새는 사람의 말소리를 흉내 낼 수는 있지만 사람들이 하는 말은 알 수 없는데, 그것은 겉모습만을 따르기 때문이 아니겠는가?" 중국청대의 문인 원매 글 중... #산스튜디오

    $sanstudio . 2019.03.24 08:06

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  • Bunker 1 Special Lecture / Kang Shin-ju / Is it inevitable?


    https://youtube/i9Yvi4CdkBg Today is a day that takes more time to go to work than other days, so I took a long lecture. Personally, it's all right. This is Kang Shin-joo, a philosophy professor. This is a recording of the lecture he gave with The Other Daily. I recommend you to watch it once. It makes me think a lot. Among them is the story of the cause of social media excitement and why the quality of content on social media hits the bottom. In the words of Kang Shin-joo, social media eventually have no choice but to flow more provocative and vulgarly to fill the need for recognition. It's not backfire, but I think it's true that at least most social media have been that way. But don't worry about social. Some people tend to fumble about making money, but I don't think it's a bad result. I believe that making posts to earn money is more likely to create better quality posts than making them to be recognized by others. Acknowledgement by others can only be filled up like watering a bottomless jar. It's because it's basically a myth without substance. But there's a big presence in the pub, so there can be satisfaction at some level (of course there's no appetite for money...), and more importantly, the ink-writers will be careful about spending, even though there's a range of ink and immediate spending. I don't think this is why curating is more than just stimulating than other social networks. Of course, you'll know when you get to the end, but in the near future, when you ask, "What's your job?" I hope the day will come soon when you say 'I'm a Publian.' Haha

    $gregory . 2019.03.08 17:57

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  • From absolute to relative....


    Who gave us the criteria for judging that we are bad or good? Recently in Karma, good and bad about good deeds are being achieved. And then someone posted a video or a photo that had nothing to do with good. There's a debate going on, with some hating and some arguing about it. The people on the boat said no because it wasn't good behavior, and the people on the other hand said, "I don't like it." And the people on the other hand, who's going to tell me who's going to tell you about the video? Are you presenting and judging? "If you don't like it, you can just overlook it. Do you have to press whether you don't like it?" This debate has been foreseen and is a frequent issue in human history. I don't think so. I don't like the guy who's been on the boat. We're likely to track down the man who's been on the boat, and then we're going to go on a retaliatory boat. If the user has a large number of supporters in the community, it is likely to escalate into a struggle between the forces. When the scale of the profits is not big, it's kind of a rational, rational story to talk about, but actually, the scale of the profits is not big. As the number grows, it becomes natural for each community to seek their own interests, focusing on a group of people who are highly influential. In other words, there is no standard for what happens in this process to be an agreement between each argument and the argument. No, it's not without, but it doesn't admit it. Where we live, we recognize differences in terms of places and circumstances where profits are not large, and where profits are larger, we recognize differences. It is almost impossible to reach an agreement. We live in a world where there are only relative standards left to lose absolute, so there is no way to find an answer in these disputes. In order to reach an agreement in this relative world, I can find a way to satisfy my interests and others at the same time. Only if the stronger side physically repressed the weaker side. Since there were philosophers who opened up this relative world, their names were also holy Hegel and Kant. These two dominated our thinking and led us to the absolute loss we had mentioned earlier. We often have a campaign to admit that we are different, not wrong. But the point of recognizing that difference is Where my interests are not violated. For the freedom and survival of refugees...Furthermore, for the sake of quality of life, he came to Jeju Island and applied for Only my skin is different from mine and religion is different. It's the same human being and it's the Earth. But the other thing is a different matter for Jeju residents, who are subject to my interests. So there was a fierce opposition, and there was a life of no contact with them. What Jung Woo-sung knows is less sincere, and what people in the area might suffer immediate damage has a plausible appeal. What can be the answer to this? Without a return to absolute truth, the answer to this question will only be a game where power wins.

    $gq2dmmbsguge . 2019.01.15 20:27

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  • [New Year's Day] After a Martial Arts Year, I began to say, 'Starting


    This is the sunset I saw from Echo Beach, located in the Canggu area of Bali, which I visited last summer. I don't think there's a picture like sunset to represent the mind of spending the year. 2018 was the year of the martial arts. I wonder how you all spent your martial arts years. Most people must have had a hard time with martial arts. Martial arts is not a very pleasant word. In short, they were given one weapon that was difficult for the general public to handle. Some would have been able to use it as a way of life, but most people would have been under the pressure of it. Martial arts will be a long-lasting year for people who have used their weapons properly. Martial arts, and clay figurines are important. The toe acts as a central stewardship and coordination, and as a 'temporal stop' that takes a short break. The Martial Arts Year was a year that was totally out of sync with dynamism. Martial arts are the most ancient and strong letters of the 60s. It's called Mt. Everest. You can't go up easily, and you can't even feel the height of it. So the Martial Arts Year must have been a year where things around me are not clear and touchy. A year where I don't know exactly what was hard for me, or what exactly worked for me. The year of last year is definitely different from the year of martial arts. If the top of the martial arts is Everest, the top of the sea is falling soil. In martial arts, things that were not skin-deep come to light in the year. Also, this year is a perfect time to sow. If anyone is looking at the next five years and planning something, I'd like to tell them to take a strong step in the year ahead. This is what the motto of the year of the year is. "Let's start from the bottom again." Let's all cheer up.

    $ourforest . 2018.12.31 16:46

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