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  • Who is Top Comment Giver?


    [퍼블리토 심플 인사이트] 여러분의 이야기에 가장 많은 ‘댓글’로 소통해 준 인물은 누구일까요?! [PUBLYTO's Simple Insight] Who is The Top Comment Giver? ✨ ----------------- $ha3timbsgyge 4,213 comments ----------------- via Google analytics, PUBLYTO admin system as of May 31, 2019 KST

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  • Who is Top INK Giver?


    [퍼블리토 심플 인사이트] 여러분에게 가장 많은 ‘INK’를 선물해 준 인물은 누구일까요?! [PUBLYTO's Simple Insight] Who is The Top INK Giver? ----------------------------------- $turtle 687,020,000 INK 99.64% of Thanks & Inks to others ----------------------------------- $turtle 님은 무려 7억에 가까운 잉크량으로 여러분의 이야기를 더욱 풍성하게 채워주셨습니다:) $turtle has filled your story with more than 600 million INK. via Google analytics, PUBLYTO admin system as of May 31, 2019 KST

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  • Who is The Top Thanks Giver?


    베타서비스 오픈 시점부터 현재까지 여러분들에게 가장 많은 ‘Thanks’를 선물해 준 인물!!을 공개합니다. Who is Top Thanks Giver? >>>> $johnsnow, 5,542 times 🙆🏻‍♂️❤️ via Google analytics, PUBLYTO admin system as of May 29, 2019 KST #publyto #topthanksgiver

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  • Chatting in a Jjimjilbang


    Saturday, when it rains from morning. I don't want to come out of the blanket when it rains, and I feel languid. I feel like falling asleep. I woke up while playing devil and went to the charcoal kiln sauna in a few weeks. Go sit down, sit down, go back to the hot room. Two elderly couples came to the next seat and settled down. His wife was a little fat and had a strange face. Black-faced, dark-brown, thick-skinned, eyeliner tattoo. He even looked cold because he had a strong image. Your husband looks small and a little nervous. My legs trembled and I walked around. When we went to the second hot room, by the way. Two couples are lying in bed, and she's wearing a couple of top clothes. He had his stomach exposed so that he could barely see his chest. She's a bit embarrassed, but fortunately, she and the other woman. I thought it was just one and four, but the other guys... I didn't think of getting dressed even if I came in.Yeah, well, I guess... And when I went into the third hot room again. And they're lying on both sides, and they're also laying open their stomachs. I lay down and after a while, three other women came rushing in. Your husband, on your left, your wife, lying on your right. When people came in, my wife pulled herself up and went out. Then a new lady sitting next to him... "No, she's got men and I don't know why. He's got a boat lifted up from the outside before he even got in here." Another lady said a word. "You know, it's not just you, it's a lot of guys. Why do you keep your stomach up like that?I'm dying of indec I have a husband who hasn't gone out yet, and I don't know if he's my husband. I can't sit behind the ladies talking to them. I can't even wink at people I don't even know. I stared at him, but he closed his eyes. I sat there as if nothing was wrong with me. I wanted to stop it. "No, if you want to do that, you can do that at home.You're gonna get your heart out if you do something wrong." Let me say another word. "Maybe your breasts are pretty." "I don't know if I'll take it off because I'm naked." And then my husband, who was closing his eyes, opened his eyes. "No, these ladies don't even know what's going on in the world!" There's cancer in my stomach! So I'm gonna put my clothes up. He said he'd like to get some more exposure. There's a lot of talk. Aye!!" The faces of the ladies who saw the back end of the door flung out turned black. "Oh, uh, uh, who?" The women who looked at each other's faces with puzzled looks said, I sat lost and went out one, two.

    $starway . 2019.05.18 21:30

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  • My Public Account Book


    Eun-sik put up the reward, so I'll see it again. I don't remember when I came to the pub. ᅲᅲ; If you look it up, it'll come out. Either way, I'm staying with you guys. This is a statement of account that we managed to collect during the relay with interest and interest. I've bought over 100,000 to get more dividends. It leads to an exchange where we get to know each other through each other's writings and pictures. To be a place to support each other. It is also a matter of gratitude for your attention. Actually, aren't they other people who don't even have a face-to-face ceremony yet? There was a time when we met here and talked about the joy of talking in Devils. At that time, they called it the Devil Village, the Devil's people, and they were talking and having fun. Watching the increasing devil, it was worth it. ^^ Maybe that's why it's better when you don't know what it is. How much time we'll spend together in the Public and the Devil. I was thinking about it, and I was going to dance like that, and I was going to dance like that. And I was going to lift it up there. Put a period on the eagle. Everyone~ Lovely~

    $starway . 2019.05.14 19:40

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  • beatiful view



    $georgina . 2019.04.30 03:36

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  • Are you a good person?


    "Are you a good person?" That's what an autistic child said. He could not answer the question. This is the line from the movie "The Witness." Jung Woo-sung and Kim Hyang-gi are in the movie, and the audience is only 2.5 million. I think it's Kim Hyang-ki's movie. Kim Hyang-gi happens to witness the murder and becomes a witness, but is ignored for being an autistic child. Kim Hyang-gi, who is an autistic child but wanted to become a lawyer, shows how he can overcome himself by being a witness, saying, "I am autistic. I cannot be a lawyer who does good things, but I can be a good witness." And at the end of the day, autistic children say this. "You're a good man." The moment you change from question mark to period, your eyes turn strangely red. It makes me think of two things. Children called autistic children have sensitive abilities that can make them uncomfortable to live in. And wouldn't I have been a little uncomfortable with the physically challenged? You're going to look at me.

    $interbirds . 2019.04.27 00:52

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  • Boating Square Area


    My friends got quite good while I was playing the pub. I'm getting close to someone, and I'm gonna be friends Some of you are grateful to a friend. Someone's sorry. I'm sorry. With a friend. As a result, there must be about 50 people. I feel burdened when the ink is full. I feel like I have to give it Start from the top. Because of his unplanned nature, I don't know how far he saw you last time. I usually look first because I can't think. The next day, the ink was filled again. I'm glad I can think of it, but if I can't think of it, It goes down to the bottom. And then you're gonna neglect the middle of it. Later on, I'll get a lot of comments from... with an indelible ink Let's give out 20,000 to 30,000 hearts. Let's shake it off and stand up. Saw duck~

    $starway . 2019.04.26 16:59

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  • a period of relations


    #Different relationship # "Not very bright, not too dark. in a reasonable amount of confusion Like the light of a street lamp. It was like the flickering of a light in the sky. the story of the day Ten years without any period. a man who had no choice but to erase. on one's side those emotions popping up Sometimes you can see that other people's lives are very different. What I'm curious about is that without a proper farewell Maybe it's over. in the course of two years a parting of one's own that didn't end. I'm going to take a period." In my life, there are relationships that naturally move away without any special events. There's a relationship that needs to be broken up. Sometimes they disappear as they become indifferent to But just because all the relationships are so erased, It's nothing to worry about it Some relationships seem to require a break-up period. As long as I'm out of the way of the separation process that I needed in my life, After many years, it's been a long time. Of all the clear days, it just pops out like a cloudy day. There's a relationship that's going to be repeated countless times. I wonder if it was very heavy last night. In my dream, I had time to organize things so that I could mistake them for reality. I was very tired yesterday, so I go to bed a couple of hours earlier than usual. I never wake up till morning, and I organize them one by one in my dreams. It was morning when I woke up. Strangely! As if they were agreed upon each other. I felt like I was relieved and relieved. Do you think I feel like I'm coming back from my old coat that I haven't worn for a long time? It's better to feel sad, but I feel better coming back. Now I'm going to put my burden down and say good-bye to a more comfortable relationship. Goodbye! Thank you for 10 years, and I will live without grudges for the rest of my life! I hope you live well without regret for your choice! Goodbye!

    $yeonwu . 2019.04.17 15:42

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  • My 16-year-old son.


    It's hard. It's small everyday.^^;;

    $gu3tanrtgqge . 2019.04.08 01:05

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  • factory


    in the middle of the morning a maiden ghost with a necklace in a white suit hang from a double-decker railing I don't know if you're going to work. awake at the foot of one's bed farther away higher up He is leaving his youth and life. --------------- I took the same material from my handwriting on the same day. It's a coincidence that Jones Noe's article It's been linked to suicide. That's how much the image of a factory is. A place of love for the dark. There must have been a symbol of hard life. a labor-conscious society Not the capitalists' exploiters, Not equal, but not exploitation. Let's hope the idea of living well together takes its place. Let's look at it. It's not enough, but it's a sneak peek.

    $starway . 2019.03.27 19:51

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  • Ryu Jun Yeol


    Have you seen the movie Little Forest?I don't like quiet movies, but I saw them because I liked them. But after watching them, I saw Ryu Jun Yeol looked so good. And then I find a movie that's coming out and I see an article...I thought he was a good guy.Just keep your eyes open.^^

    $bluenimf . 2019.02.28 17:21

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  • Making Jeongwol Daeboreum Food


    #Jeongwol Daeboreum #Food preparation # Play #

    $drui . 2019.02.17 10:07

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  • Peng Liyuan, the First Lady of China, announces to women


    I happened to look around Instagram and saw pictures of Peng Liyuan's famous words. As the first lady of the world's most powerful country, she was caught off guard because she spoke to the same women. At first, I thought it would be best to look good by saying, 'Women are already good enough if they are good at self-care.' He also said, "Why should I care about men?" and I wondered what kind of story he wanted to talk about. It was a strong topic, but when I finished reading it, I can see that it is not just provocative and radical. The people of the continent seem to have the weather of the continent that I can hardly have. I think this is why I should play in the big water. "She's already good enough if she takes good care of herself. What makes you even care about men? A man who listens well doesn't have to care; a man who doesn't listen to you doesn't care; a man who treats you well is not worth caring; a man who loves you doesn't have to care; a man who doesn't love you won't give you a chance to care. Invest in yourself. If a woman invests years of her most important time in a man, she will spend the next few decades catching him. But if you invest those years in yourself, you'll have a smooth way to get Orod's love for himself. Love is a luxury that is based on material. Remember this word. It's only when you're able to maintain your best self-respect that a good man recognizes and loves you. Be an independent woman. Be independent. Go to the head and have your own views of life and values. Be more willing and never give up on your ideals and enjoy your accomplishments while doing what you love. Be economically independent. Don't lean on a man. Strong, self-reliant women are more confident and more attractive inside. Keep learning new. If you want to show yourself in a fast-changing competitive society, you must learn constantly. Learn knowledge and skills in many fields and constantly complement yourself. There are no lazy women, but no ugly ones. Keep yourself as neat, careful, sophisticated as you can, so that others can praise you. You may not be pretty, but you should never be a woman without dignity. Can you be a beloved woman if you even love yourself and don't want to take care of yourself? Be a generous woman. Don't say anything you can see through, you know what you need to know, but you have to be stupid when you need to be stupid. If you don't need it, there are many things you have to do in your own mind, not say everything out loud, but do things you can't see. Be a generous woman who is not against her principles and knows how to help. Don't push others too hard, relax, and have a heart that knows how to embrace everything. Have a real charm. A really attractive woman is a woman who shows ability in her job. She's a woman who has the wisdom to show herself in social life, and she's the one who exerts her talent. A truly attractive woman is a woman who speaks culturally in front of a man and is able to treat him with the beauty and wisdom of a woman in an equal position. A truly attractive woman is a woman who can decide her fate and cook her love feelings well to create romance. Learn to balance and be a recognized woman. A good woman can balance her relationships. I know that you will not make trouble with words that go after things that have no substance, and that you will be satisfied and glad to do what you can. Be a wise woman. Wisdom is reason, and it's kind of a way of thinking. A wise woman is a woman who knows clearly what she wants and what she should and shouldn't do. Think about how to write it rather than show off your educational background or knowledge. A wise woman has an eye for a good man, and does not devote her passion and effort to the wrong man. Be a good girl. Cold is not weak. It's not much more that you have to step down. To be good is to know how to keep good without deliberately hurting others or hurting others with obsession. To be nice is not to lie to you from the bottom of your heart. Try to treat everyone in a sincere and good manner. Don't be too full for lack. Don't meet any man just because you're lonely. It's unfair for you to meet anyone because you're lonely. If you don't like a guy you don't like, you should know how to say no. If you send a text message to a man you like and there is no answer, don't send it again. The fact that a man is busy and has no answer is that he is not interested in you. A man like that bravely leaves. And love the man who loves you."

    $ourforest . 2019.02.08 17:00

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  • This winter, I'm going to try this.


    Ice igloo that I stumbled upon while surfing the Internet. Put water in the milk carton and freeze outside on a cold day. Just take out the ice and pile it up. "This winter is a challenge with igloo.' Fill up 300 milk cartons from all over the place. Make beautiful water by releasing red, green, blue, yellow and paint. Almost 30 days have been waiting for the cold weather to come. It's going to be really cold this winter, not at all. The ice won't freeze. I managed to melt all the ice before morning... Oh, I'm screwed.' I heard all the shouting, "I'm going to make the igloo for the kids." The laughter of the first child and the crying of the second child have already been heard.

    $su . 2019.01.29 16:25

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  • Housing prices are on the decline.


    It's hard to be a housekeeper these days. I am in the province, so after 10 years of company life, I took 60% of the loan and I was the housekeeper ten years ago. I'm married. I'm paying for the loans and raising the kids. I have a sore back. But apartment prices are dropping. If you own a house, you'll have to worry about falling housing prices. I mean, homebuyers are happy to see their house prices go down. People like me who have a hard time getting a loan, It won't be nice if the price of the house keeps falling. We're getting less and more paid, and prices are going up. Life seems to be getting harder. But you have to cheer up while you're going to Adele. way to go

    $wookyoungdae . 2019.01.26 10:51

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  • drinkers


    The classification of alcohol personally felt throughout one's life, Two factors seem to be combined. 1. Inborn detoxification 2. Physical strength --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Inborn detoxification - here are four. A. Well, well: It's very decipherable, and it fits your lips well. B. Well, not really: It's a lot of detoxification, but the alcohol doesn't suit my mouth. C. Nail, well: It's not very decipherable, but it fits your mouth well. D. No, no: Not very decipherable, but also bad for drinking. 2. Spontaneous physical strength - here are three. ᄀ. 상: A style that makes you recover quickly even after a night's work or a hard workout. [. Zhong: Ordinary people. people who are morbid, natural, or weak --------------------------------------------------------------------- The combination of 1 and 2 above makes me feel good about drinking, but my reading skills are low and I fight the hangover. The average person who starts drinking again when he finally gets over his hangover from here. The monsters of the A-lib union have never seen the drunk. Even if you drink it all night, you never get drunk. I don't seem to have a hangover, so I usually drink and do it with alcohol. I don't have a hangover, so I'm just physically fit! My wife is the lowest-class combination of D-I-I'm suffering from a sip or two of beer. I always envy the combination monsters.

    $sismaru . 2019.01.25 17:59

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  • If you're trying to atone for someone...


    Today, someone brought up a painful memory of their first love at the cafe in your hometown that they often go to. And to relieve the fondness and pain of the memory, Why he's so sick... I don't know how far that connection has been. And how to organize... All showed his hidden innermost thoughts, though unknown. Even when many people ask the writer not to comment, blame, chastisement and self-reflection are highly ethical and ethical. I don't know who I'm talking to, who I'm not, who I'm not, who I'm, who I'm, who I'm, who I'm, who I'm, who I'm, who I'm, who I'm, who I'm, who I'm? I wrote a few words because I wanted to remind myself that I cannot be corrected by citing the standards. And maybe the writer knew what he was thinking... He expressed his gratitude. If you look at comments about incidents that flood the Internet, why are there so many people living so beautiful, moral and sound...... There are so many good people in this world. Why is the reality so cruel........ I've been looking for a figure of someone I'd like to resemble for a long time. And that beautiful thing you can't get to. I was in pain because of the truth hidden in me, which contrasts with my appearance. The more you struggle to be a better person, the more you fall. I'm more ugly and... It's more evil. All I could do was find myself in the dirtier. And the perception of me that was found so made me have a generous character for other people's sins. Once humans discover their inner nature, they will not be able to judge others by the standards and ethics very easily. One person who criticized the writer for my idea wrote a comment like this. "Jesus is here." I don't think he's ever seen the evil nature behind him. I never thought I was free and complete with that deep abyss of being horribly enslaved to myself. If I had found the evil nature of sitting, I wouldn't have spoken so easily. And this is the truth that no one is free."There's no righteous man in the world. There's not a single one."

    $gq2dmmbsguge . 2019.01.18 13:51

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  • an obstacle to communication


    How was your day? The word that filled my head all day today, Intercommunication disorder... It was a day of complete consensus that 80 percent of the experience of communication problems in the workplace was experienced. I hope it was a day that I felt so weak and stressed. I think hard on my way home from work. Is communication in the home smooth?

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.01.09 18:32

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  • My Hero (HERO)


    When I visited Seattle before, I've been to the Seattle cemetery. The reason I went all the way to the cemetery with a letter of guidance. It was because there was the tomb of Bruce Lee, a young hero. I know it was childhood courage to visit the cemetery, But there are a lot of people like me who come to see Bruce Lee. There lies Lee and his son Brandon Lee side by side. the founder of the Jeet Kune Do and the hero of boys in his childhood for political reasons. I also miss the days when I was wearing yellow churying, which is a symbol of Bruce Lee. Let's think about it again.

    $eternize . 2019.01.09 10:17

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  • Guess what! What is this?


    I don't know if anyone knows where we are. If you were a student at this school, you'd know it in a heartbeat. It is a tradition to dress the statues in front of the library every winter. I guess that's the culture. I used to wear mufflers last winter, but this year I wore a nice scarf. It's not roughly whipped, it's neatly shaped, and it's wearing a colorful scarf on it. And I thought, "What kind of pretty heart did you do that for me?" I'm a little... ^0^ The naked statues are the heart of the warm students who take care of them every winter in case they are cold:)

    $ourforest . 2019.01.03 20:31

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  • #2


    Speak low if you speak love

    $k.wawszczak5 . 2019.01.03 07:27

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  • New Year's greetings to strangers (Appendix: Three phrases in reply)


    "Happy New Year." It's a good word to hear a few times. There are two cleaning ladies I know. One is in the company and one is in the apartment where I live in. If there is something in common between you two, it's very noble and very kind. Oh, it's best to be diligent. Let's fix them both. She always makes her makeup look nice and she's holding a cleaning tool. A person in the company sometimes encounters dressing up in the bathroom. It seems that the time of work is around 3-4 p.m. unlike the average office worker, when you see him dressed up, you can imagine that his true life begins after work, as any office worker. Sure, one day is divided into hours at work and hours at work. The reason why the lady's good looks came to me meaningfully is that they are kind to me. Say hello to me, who is often told that I don't like to greet you because I don't have good looks, and I thank you for that. Sometimes I talk like a lame conversation. It's neither a timely nor me, but I'd like to talk about it. I feel good. In fact, the job of cleaning lady is going to be tough. You have to come out of the morning to clean your house before you go to work, and as you can see, your job is to do things that are repeated. But they are bright. I can feel that there is a bright energy. (Of course, there are more cleaning ladies who don't.) I ran into a cleaning lady in the bathroom again this afternoon. She's old enough to feel shy. Still, you are kind. I felt that there was a moment of hesitation today to start a conversation and I said, "Happy New Year, though it may be a little unexpected." And when I was going to leave the bathroom, my aunt answered me. "Happy New Year, healthy and good." It was the most impressive moment during the New Year's first day of work. Thank you.

    $ourforest . 2019.01.02 20:25

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  • First Female Nobel Peace Prize Winner: Wangari Muta Matai Environmental Activist


    #Block Tree 250 Challenge First Female Nobel Peace Prize Winner : Wangari Muta Maathai Environmental Activist Wangari Muta Maathai Environmental Activist, Africa's First Female Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Mother of Trees Wangari Muta Matai is not only Africa's first female Nobel Peace Prize winner, but also the first person to win the Nobel Peace Prize as an environmental activist. Matai planted 40 million trees in Kenya and Africa through the Greenbelt Movement, and with her dedication and passion for planting trees, she is called the "mother of trees" in the Swahili language "Mama Miti." If the precondition for winning the Nobel Peace Prize was to solve the problems of racism and war, which were considered important tasks of the time, and thus create a society where all men live in equal terms, as an agitation activist, Matai's Nobel Peace Prize was defined as a new definition of peace. With humans, animals and nature threatened by environmental destruction in many parts of the world, and easily thrown away garbage, it seems clear that environmental movements are a sustainable world peace and an important issue directly related to human survival. "I love trees, and I love the color. To me, trees symbolize life and hope. I used to tell people that heaven would be green." What citizens can do is small things. That's what makes a difference. The small thing I can do is plant trees." _Wangari Muta Maathai Environmental Activist Please also pay close attention to and participate in the sustainable #Block Tree 250 Challenge campaign, which contributes greatly to the social environment with just a small act of practice in everyday life. #How to Participate in Block Tree 250 Challenge] The #Block Tree 250 Challenge is a campaign that participates in a variety of daily lives with Tumblr with #Block Tree 250 Challenge Hashtag only shared. Share your daily life with Tumblr, such as exercise, travel, and daily life with #Block Tree 250 Challenge Hashtag. Block tree is a single virtual tree with 250 blocks, and 250 stands for 250 paper cups made at the expense of a single tree in its prime, aged 15 to 20. Each time you join the #Block Tree 250 Challenge, a single block is created, and 250 blocks of #Block Tree 250 Challenge participants gather together to create a block tree to protect the tree and protect the Earth. Let's make many block tree friends to protect the trees and protect the Earth. #Block Tree 250 Challenge Participation Benefits] Each block tree 250 cycles in which one block tree is completed will receive a token commensurate with the value of about one cup of coffee through a draw, and the number of participants participating in the #Block Tree 250 Challenge will also be given to the top ranked participants each month. #Block Tree 250 Challenge Contribution Activity] # Blockchain tokens obtained from the activities of the participants in the Block Tree 250 Challenge and tokens from sponsors are used as follows in the name of all participants in the #Block Tree 250 Challenge. -#Block Tree 250 Challenge Participant Benefits - Contributions to environmental groups - Investment in environmental enterprises, etc. It's transparently open with blockchain.

    $block.tree . 2019.01.02 16:39

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  • Happy New Year!!! #icapturesunrise


    It’s exciting time of the year where we feel like we all are starting from the very same line again. Past is past, and beautiful sunrise is cheering your new start. It’s going to be a good one again! 새해 복 많~~~이 받으세요!

    $publyto . 2019.01.01 14:12

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  • a view along the Geumgang River


    I went out for a walk, and it's winter, so I feel like I'm a bitch.

    $lastplanet . 2018.12.30 17:01

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