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  • The way to Sinpo Market


    The way to Sinpo Market I walked to Sinpo Market to see the beach outside before the rain on Saturday. On the way to Sinpo Market from my house, I went through Donghwa Village and Chinatown, so I expected my child to see this and that. Mr. Dandelle was the one who showed the greatest interest. I got into trouble finding you all the way to see where you' It's unpredictable.

    $msjpkpk . 2019.04.16 13:54

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  • # Son who likes umbrella # Rainy Day


    # Son who likes umbrella # Rainy Day Last Wednesday, I ate out with my family. I went to a meat restaurant to celebrate payday and I took a set of cows. I always look at my child after work or on weekends at home or in the car. I guess you missed a lot of time for your child to grow up... When I got out of the car, I said I'd hug you because it was raining. No~ She said no. I asked my wife, and she likes to use umbrellas directly these days. So when I got out of the car and crossed my umbrella, I was so excited that I went there first. I think it would have been prettier if I wore yellow boots. ^^ Is that how you're becoming independent?

    $msjpkpk . 2019.03.26 04:57

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  • Saturday to the General Support Center for Child Care.


    It is located in the western part of Daegu. It's a clean, well-managed public kids cafe. And the library's stuck together, just like a weekend. $EastDaegu Why didn't I have a place like this when I was growing up?

    $eastdaegu . 2019.03.23 14:51

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  • The New School of Mind!


    Not long after the beginning of the new semester, various applications and consent forms are daily wars against handouts. There's an app that's very useful for a mom like me.~ It's a school notification app, and I use I.M.School and classical music. Of course, home correspondence. You can receive various information such as school lunch menu, recommended books, and information on learning experiences. The late night notice is coming in. "Children's Lies. Wisely cope." When I get the yolk, I have to go back in. The app also makes me study for my parents. --; I will study about coaching my children in the late hours, and I will include a little bit of my life as a parent. Very small. I look around the app and I see a familiar corner.... This is the second picture. Did you find them? [COVER STORY] I'm glad to see you at the Public. Parents' counseling week for the new semester starts next week. I'm sure a lot of people are worried about the early adaptation of the child. Children's adaptability is truly amazing. Don't worry. Trust your child.^^ Today, I end my life as a parent with a feeling of pride.

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.03.20 00:20

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  • #주니어카시트 #맥시코시로디ap


    #주니어카시트 #맥시코시로디ap 육아 필수품 카시트. 저희 첫째가 태어나서 유아동(0~7세)용 카시트인 순성사의 라온제품을 써왔습니다. 그런데 곧 둘째 출산을 앞두고 큰아이용 카시트를 주니어 카시트로 바꿔주기로 했습니다. 고르고 골라서 선택한게 맥시코시 로디ap 선정기준은 isofix가 있을것. 등받이 조절이 될것. 단 두가지를 기준으로 각종 블로그의 후기와 제품의 가격을 고려하여 선택했습니다. 남자 아이다보니 그동안 어깨가 좀 좁을것 같다는 느낌이었는데 확실히 그랬나봐요 카시트 바꿔주니 차탈때 더 순순히 잘 타주고, 앉아서도 조용히 잘 잘타주네요~ 단점은 5점식 벨트 쓰다가 자동차 안전벨트 메어주니 제가 불편하네요~ 그래도 아이는 편한것 같은데 혹시모르니 안전벨트에 끼우는 인형 하나 더 사줄까 합니다.

    $msjpkpk . 2019.03.19 10:53

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  • the wall of one's mother's room


    My mother's room has been filled with one wall for a long time. There's a picture of her niece, who's a baby mother.

    $fire . 2019.03.11 14:36

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  • #Children's house completion ceremony #Several year


    #Children's house completion ceremony #Several year Today is the day when our oldest son is going to finish his day at a daycare center. At first, I was worried about whether the baby would do well. It's already been a year. I've been at the daycare center for a year, and my son Rami and his friends have really grown up. Time flies. Maybe the second time is a little more insensitive, but... I've been looking back on the past year since this morning.It's been a good year.~ This is a meeting of all parents in Korea!

    $msjpkpk . 2019.02.22 13:57

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  • Kids Café, Mini Special Technical University, Cheongna District, Incheon


    Where should I go on the first day of the long Lunar New Year holiday? on one's mind After breakfast, I went to the new Kids Cafe at the mini-specialty college in Cheongna district. I went to the cartoon where he liked it so much, and I thought, "Would you like to have fun watching the character?" He didn't really care much about the character.~ But as a kid cafe, it was good in many ways. Let me recommend it first. First of all, the wires are separated in two directions, so the older kids' favorite trampoline, game room, and other amusement facilities. It's separated by table space where families can eat or eat. The variety of game arcades in the game room was free or 100 won, so it was okay. The trampolines were big, one big, two small, so they looked a little safe. There were five or six play facilities, so it was good for the child to go around for hours without getting bored. It's a little expensive. If you buy more than 10,000 won at the store, you can buy tickets in advance with Naver's reservation. I've heard that we're going to add an hour. There's a lot of parking, so far it's free.

    $msjpkpk . 2019.02.07 12:42

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  • Let's blow it up.


    It's been a few years since the weather started to clear. I bought one of the cheapest kites in the stationery store and headed to my father's house. When my father saw the kite, he said, "What is this?" You looked around the yard, and you picked up the bamboo and the spear from somewhere. For a long time, he was only making his kite without a word. You've been doing this for hours. I don't know how long it'm He wandered around the yard for a long time. He brought some branches from somewhere, and he's been quiet for a long time. It's almost dinner. He said, "Please print out a picture of the kids in the kite." He keeps making it. It wasn't until the next day that my father's kite-making was finished. Made by a father with a child's face, Gaoyeon was made in the clear winter sky. It flew so far, so beautiful. Do you think there's still that kite and Earl? I can't take out the horse because I don't want you to look around the yard again. I can't see the kite in the picture.ᅮᅮ)

    $su . 2019.02.01 13:38

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  • Be a good parent!


    What is a good parent? It's easy to say good parents, but... I think it was that hard to be a good parent. I read a lot of related books to be a good parent, but... Not as easy as I thought. As he grows older, he feels bigger. ㅜㅜ It's a ten-command to be a good parent. Among them, I reflect on what I'm trying to do for my children. Ten Commandments to Become Good Parents 1. Please respect and care for your child, but keep your distance. 2. Help your child form a wide range of relationships. 3. Show your husband and wife respect each other. 4. When you look at your children, look at the large forest rather than the small tree. 5. Show me how your parents match their words and actions. 6. Don't make too much of your parents' sacrifice. 7. Be a confident and confident parent. 8. Talk to your child in question instead of in command. 9. Please spend your leisure time with your children. 10. Please keep up with the rapidly changing educational environment. I've got four big hits... I think it's also a big part of parents to find a child's hidden potential. We must give our continued encouragement and support.

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.01.28 09:26

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  • #Following the Yoga Mecard #Escarves


    My son's favorite animation these days is 'The Host Messenger.' With the third installment of the famous Tuning Mecard series, the turning Mecca robots come out as guardian spirits. Taming 12 animal monsters + other monsters?! It's about fighting. The main character's partner, Yogi's Monkey, is a motif of Seo Yoo-gi' When the topic comes up, you grab something that looks like a stick and copy it like that. It's amazing and funny when a child does something he doesn't do as he grows up. ^^

    $msjpkpk . 2019.01.25 18:02

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  • Any of various family forms--what is your prejudice?


    I drove out, but the campaign is running on the radio. A campaign to recognize various family forms and to look at them without prejudice. The family of a single parent, the family of a single parent, the family of remarriage, the multicultural family, the adoptive family and so on.... These days, children have this kind of education from kindergarten. However, apart from being educated as a child, we grow up to be biased for various reasons. One day when I was in the IUHU... The kid who came back from kindergarten, "My mom's new friend is in kindergarten!Our faces look a little different from ours, and we're the same age, but we're still not good at speaking." I thought I knew who it was. I heard a local rumor that a child from a multicultural family who recently moved in is looking for a kindergarten. "Oh, really? Did you welcome your new friend? Take care of your new friend and play with him. You'll need a friend soon after you move in. One day I forgot... I took my child out to the local playground. I was chatting with some mothers and watching the children play. At that time, an infant mother with a young face appeared on the playground, attracted by the child's hand. Apparently, my mother didn't want to come to the playground, but she was forced to come out. As I was dragged out of my house, I couldn't understand her heavy steps. The kid in the playground ran to where his friends were, but his mother couldn't even get to us. However, he couldn't even get out of the playground and stood in an awkward position. I strode up and sat down with my mother and pulled out the snacks I was eating. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. How old are you? When did you come to Korea? As if Korean is still awkward, I only answered with a smile except for a few simple words. It wasn't long before my mother took my child home. After he and his mother went back... Oh, my God! Why did you bring her here? I don't like playing with her! She said it was violent because she couldn't speak well! And isn't he a little snobbish? And so on. Words questioning my ears began to pour out. I usually thought they were just plain and casual ladies. They're kind enough to be nice and gentle. My mom is still not good at Korean, so I guess my child has learned less! You know I can't talk to my kid late, right? How easy is it to learn a foreign language? You've been in that country for years since no one's ever been able to teach you anything. Can you talk about it? If you don't move out, you're the mother of the child, and you don't have many friends, you're welcome to take care of her! And so on. I went home in a fit of temper. A few days later, there was a file that made various family forms into cards on the items that the child brought from kindergarten. We talked to each other about what we learned today. What's the family?Why is one parent family?I don't know what an adoptive family is. It's all part of the family, and it's also a strange thing to see. He concluded by saying, "It's not something to hide and be ashamed of," but I don't know if the child understood that. A few more years...I became a single parent. Rumors spread rapidly in my usual neighborhood and I was intimidated. I was afraid he'd find out because I hadn't told him the truth. I was worried that someone would make fun of my kid, and I was just waiting for him to notice that he was making a mistake in the chat room. I ended up threatening not to let go of my mother. It was a time when my mind was completely devastated. When I'm a little bit sane, I had no choice but to admit that I was such a pathetic and frail person. He had to ask himself whether he wanted to look at the world without prejudice only by words. Otherwise, I wouldn't have done such a stupid thing. I left a deep regret, but I was born again. He is no longer daunted by the problem and proudly reveals it to the child. Just like we talked about when we were in kindergarten... The shame of all this family and the need to hide it. We've talked for a long time that it's nothing to be prejudiced. If you think back...It's probably more like a story to a child. I wonder if it was a story that I told myself. It was a day when I was thinking deeply about a campaign that ran off the radio. *More already:pixabay

    $sara . 2019.01.25 01:22

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  • dirty wallpaper


    On the wall of my grandfather's house, the memory of my grandson and granddaughter remains. When I first drew the line and left my memories of growth, Don't tell me not to. The wallpaper is getting messy. I dried it up, and I left a lot of memories on it, and on top of it, I got my grandchild's handmaiden. It's even more messy now that the decoction is in. I was right. It's messy, too. I need to change the wallpaper for my father's house. Now I'll leave a good memory as a picture and change the wallpaper.

    $su . 2019.01.24 09:07

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  • #Gunprah #Men boy


    I was a hobby until my first child was born. Now I've given away a lot of nephews, sold them secondhand, so I've got this much left. When did Adrami start to get interested... First, I only allowed the strongest sausage colored shaazaku ka. "Now that I've been to war, I've become a broken gas."' My second child is born soon, and I thought it was impossible to maintain a hobby. I've been cleaning up all the old stuff lately, but... It was a really good decision. It's a lot of restrictions since a child is born. Did my parents do that too?!

    $msjpkpk . 2019.01.11 11:01

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  • 4-year-old boy, time of explosion of curiosity?!


    These days, I've been very interested in the world. On the side of the road, it's an alleyway. Thanks to you, if you go to Sinpo-dong, an old town with many alleys, you will stand for more than 10 minutes at every corner. a dark-feeling narrow road through the entrance of an alleyway; occasional carry; various scumbags. Each and every one of them was admiring, pointing with their fingers and saying, "Daddy! Mom!" Does the child's eyes look different? I often think about it.

    $msjpkpk . 2019.01.11 09:27

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  • Dad's cooking


    One day someone asked me what my father was like. From then on, I still think about what happened with my father once in a while. The idea is that memory is incomplete. I remembered only some effect at my disposal. Once upon a time, I talked to my father about the old days and asked him about what he remembered. When you listen to what happened, there are many times when my memory and what my father said are different. Then, I often remember that time and laugh together. My children probably do, too. Over time, my grown-up kids will probably think about what happened with me, and they'll have their own way of doing it. It will be interpreted and given meaning. It will also be interpreted differently from what actually happened. Every time I think about it, I'm actually a little scared. Will my children remember me as a father? I wish I could smile and warm my heart when I think of myself as my father. So what I started is my dad's cooking. I like to cook. So I try to do what children like with my hands. It's hard on weekdays, but when I don't go to work, I try to cook. I am so happy to see the whole family enjoying their meal after cooking. Sometimes the word "taste" comes out of children's mouths, and they are perfectly happy. My grown-up kids said, "The food you cooked once was delicious." I look forward to remembering my dad's cooking. What I made today is my second favorite bean sprout dish. I bought a large bag of bean sprouts, slept half of them, and boiled half of bean sprouts. And they are put in the refrigerator and taken out at every meal. My second daughter should be happy to see the bean sprouts tomorrow morning.^^;;

    $minwoo . 2019.01.01 21:55

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  • My father, he's been flying kites for the first time in 50 years.I love you.


    The image of a father flying a kite he bought to play with his son. He loved it like a child because he was going to fly the kite again after 50 years. May you be healthy...

    $mjh12 . 2018.12.31 10:52

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  • Jeongdongjin Winter Sea Family Travel


    My parents and my family trip to the sea. # Family trip # clam # winter sea # winter trip # Jeong Dong Jin

    $csi.park . 2018.12.29 16:56

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  • shyly


    The shy image of my second child... I think that's what it looks like now.

    $wonsama . 2018.12.26 22:26

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  • Believing that it was a gold hand, I became a gold hand.


    I've got the good luck of the important timing.

    $gotit . 2018.12.26 16:30

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