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  • MBC's 100th-minute debate 'Is it gender equality? Is it reverse discrimination?'


    Is it gender equality? Is it reverse discrimination?' Recently, it was the subject of the most heated debate among young people in our society. As always, panels are co-ordinated and disputed by both sides. I was wondering if the public broadcaster could do this with the money that the people paid. Actually, I didn't think it would make sense for Lee Jun-seok to represent the male position. Lawyer Kim Ji-ye and writer Choi Tae-seok, who represent women's positions, were even more family members. I'd like to tell you not to leave. If you want to tell the difference, the male side will be able to express the complete Bong-seung and TKO wins. Are the women's panels "discussing" when they're out there, taking it off, appealing to their emotions, getting angry? It's not worth the whole assessment. That's level! Waste of radio waves! Producers and writers in charge of this program have no intention of inviting people like that. Do you think we'll waste our time? I mean, society's a mess, but I've got a lot of volatile issues. Do you think he's trying to get the ratings and pay for the commercials? I'd like to see normal, logical people come out on the same subject and have a proper discussion.

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