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  • Every pain has a gain.


    Life can be funny.

    $brokade . 2019.11.24 04:17

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  • [OmbudsmanCategory Activation Event]Exit and Add^^


    Category Activation Second Event Ended^^ It was a difficult event, but a lot of people were interested and participated. It's been done successfully. Thank you all for joining us. I sent you all the ink gifts for the event right away.^^ Unfortunately for the Mission accomplished event, more than 10 articles from the first stage should be registered. I failed to achieve my mission. However, in this mission, Mr. $fire made a good offer for my event.^^ (Thank you) Because it is a green entity that actively operates customer-centric management (greenjuice11), it actively examines the proposal. I'm going to try to simplify the event and make it easier to participate.^^ And, even though we haven't completed our mission for this event, we're going to ask everyone who participated in the first phase of the mission, the 20 Pubble. I'm going to give you a lot of carnations Also, if you achieve stage 2 of your mission, you will receive half of the 3,000 Pubbles you applied for. We'll give out 1500 Pubbles to all of you who participated in this event.^^ We'll give the remaining 1500 Pubble a 1/N to everyone who participates in the next event.^^ Mr. $starway:20 Pubble+500 Pubble=Total 520 Pubble Donations $ha3timbsgyge:20Pubble+500Pubble=Total 520Pubble Donations Mr. $fire:20 Pubble+500 Pubble=Total 520 Pubble Donations We'll be back soon as another event.^^ Thank you. #publyto #is able to pay for it

    $greenjuice11 . 2019.05.01 08:24

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  • What do you think of these?


    I'm so vague and I can't think of anything to suggest. I went to the City Hall website and selected a section based on suggestions from citizens. I've introduced you to some of the proposals made by the citizens. I wish I could come up with a better offer. The suggestion in the picture is, "Let's include sodium standards in the selection criteria." Let me introduce you to a few other things. "In the case of an open toilet, let's indicate whether it is available to the disabled." "Let's show a video about safety on the school bus." "Let's use the Instagram to effectively promote the city." "Let's use enlightened phrases and broadcasting comments rather than bluffing in garbage dumps." --------------------------- And I'd like to talk to you about the Green Juice event.^^ Even if there are less than 10 participants, there should be compensation for those who participated. I don't want to add multiple conditions. Of course you understand the intent, some have to be ranked according to the event, and some have different personalities.~^^

    $fire . 2019.04.28 14:01

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  • [OmbudsmanCategory Activation Event] Bus Company...


    I want to the bus company! It was vague when I first heard of this category. I saw the green juice's sample posting, and it was easy for me to get there.^^ I'm commuting by bus. Travel time is about 40 minutes. The bus dispensing time fits well because the commute time is relatively constant and close to the end point. But when I get off work, the gap between the cars is completely ignored and I'm jumping up and down. a violent driving lamp depending on the driver's inclination. Sometimes you have to wait 45 minutes if you miss one. Then, when I got home and got off, there were three bus lines on the same route. There was a time when you left a suggestion on the website of the transportation company. But sadly, the results haven't changed much. ㅜㅜ It is also a dark side of our society where complicated problems such as traffic conditions and working conditions of drivers are intertwined. Come to think of it, ombudsman... It's not that hard. There's an employee proposal system in the company. Furthermore, I think the petition is one of those activities. Ladies and gentlemen... Why don't we all try it out?

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.04.27 11:54

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  • Civil Service Election Neutrality?


    Whenever there is an election for the head of a local government, officials I'm in trouble for taking a cue from it. Local government chief Kim Young-sam's government made it The gubernatorial and county governor's election during the election is at its height. Tapping, clearing the air force, they can't stand in line. It's made unnoticed. If a candidate from a party wins, he or she people who know it's against somebody's mouth If there's no way, if there's no way, if there's no way he's talking, Everyone's in the middle of the fight for the post-election It's like a sound. Neutral? Doesn't that make any sense? And then when it turns out to be a little bit related, The government employee's bowl of rice has been withdrawn. That's a chance for someone to get a promotion. For someone, there's a place in a tunnel that's going to be taken home. Destiny will be decided. Rather than ask a civil servant to remain neutral in elections, At the very least, the heads of the local government are the leaders of the ruling and opposition parties. We need to create conditions so that we can move away. Maybe it's right. The party has nothing to do with the election. Zhang has a choice of party and political-related people. Don't you think it's absurd to say that I'm a chicken? To apply the electoral neutrality principle to powerless officials First of all, the heads of the local government should leave the party and hold elections. I always feel sorry if I'm right. They are the heads of organizations that form the basis of the country. Only when you're not swayed by political strife and party factions do you think you're going to have to do it? I don't know if administration is going to take place. It's my wife's idea. If we divide public opinion into the ruling and opposition parties, Where can we find harmony?

    $starway . 2019.04.27 11:47

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  • [OmbudsmanCategory Activation Event]First try^^


    Many people, including me, seem to find this category event very difficult for the subject itself...ᅮ.ᅮ So I decided to approach it easily. Although I am retired now, I would like to write down the proposal that I joined the company 20 years ago to make a new change to the system.^^ I've proposed a lot of things, and the good ones have actually been applied. The most memorable thing for me is that I proposed to the CEO that employees' pay be remitted in the morning. The proposal is still being followed.^^ It's payday that everyone in the office is waiting for the most.^^ If I could get that salary a little earlier, it would make me feel better, too.^^ So I suggested that you send me a remittance in the morning. Even when the company's finances were so difficult, even if they had to borrow money, their pay had never crossed the payroll for 20 years. The money is being remitted on the morning of the payday.^^ For example, if the payday is Sunday, the payment will be made on Friday, the previous day, based on the bank's business day. I'm determined to retire, I'm taking over, and I don't know anything else about my successor, I'm asking you to make sure you don't forget to remit your employee's pay in the morning.^^ I don't think these proposals belong to the Ombudsman.^^ Don't think hard, look around and participate in many events.^^ Additions consider the use of the 3,000-pubble sent by Theo We've decided to split this event into prize money. Last time, 14 articles were posted to activate the Personal Finance Category (thank you).^^) So, let's try to achieve a little bit more this time. If there are more than 20 posts in the 2nd stage of the mission, we'll give out 3,000 Pubbles in 1/N to all of you who are^^ If we don't make the mission at this event, we'll transfer 3,000 Pubbles to the next event.^^ Thank you. #publyto #is able to pay for it

    $greenjuice11 . 2019.04.27 10:18

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  • [OmbudsmanCategory Activation Event]


    hi^^ Green Juice11 is an eos-payable pension operator that is contributing a small amount of energy to activate the publishing company.^^ I'm happy that the last Personal Finance Category activation event was successfully wrapped up.^^ However, I am very concerned about activating the Ombudsman category this time.ᅮ I don't think it has anything to do with me, so I can't come up with any ideas on how to proceed with the event.ᅮ.ᅮ So I just decided to make it easy. First of all, if you look at the meaning of the Ombudsman (I didn't know the exact definition, so I looked it up......LOL dictionary meaning:a member of the legislature who investigates public complaints about the abuse of power by civil servants and monitors whether the rights of the people are protected. It says, but not a watchdog, but it's a small one for our family, for our apartment, for our village, for our country. And if I made a suggestion, if I did something to correct something wrong, I thought I'd all go into ombudsman activity.^^ So I'm going to proceed with this event as follows.^^ Event title:[OmbudsmanCategory Activation Event] Event period: April 26 (Friday) to April 30 (Flower) for 5 days Event content: main family, apartment you live in now, whatever it is in our village More convenient, more sustainable. I think we can do it all if we've put forward some ideas. And if you've made some good suggestions in the Kryptonian market that we're doing right now, it's also important that you register in the Ombudsman section. I think it's possible. Event product: 20,000 Inks (pay once a day) Event Corner:Only the posts registered in the OmbudsmanCategory will be accepted^^ This time, we will continue our mission in the event. I guess my expectations were too high last time... I thought a lot of comments were coming up....It was a little disappointing. So, this time, we're only going to do the mission in three stages.^^ Step 1 Mission:If more than 10 posts are posted during the event period, 20 Pubbles will be sent to all participants. Step 2 Mission:If more than 20 posts are posted during the event period, 50 Pubbles will be sent to all participants. Step 3 Mission:If more than 30 posts are posted during the event, 100 Pubbles will be sent to all participants. Of course, the content is important, but since the event itself is an active event, I hope many articles will be posted.^^ My family and friends will have a lot of plans for the weekend, but please take advantage of my spare time to participate in my event. I think it would be nice if you got the ink and the pub prize.^^ Thank you. #publyto #is able to pay for it

    $greenjuice11 . 2019.04.26 10:06

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  • MBC's 100th-minute debate 'Is it gender equality? Is it reverse discrimination?'


    Is it gender equality? Is it reverse discrimination?' Recently, it was the subject of the most heated debate among young people in our society. As always, panels are co-ordinated and disputed by both sides. I was wondering if the public broadcaster could do this with the money that the people paid. Actually, I didn't think it would make sense for Lee Jun-seok to represent the male position. Lawyer Kim Ji-ye and writer Choi Tae-seok, who represent women's positions, were even more family members. I'd like to tell you not to leave. If you want to tell the difference, the male side will be able to express the complete Bong-seung and TKO wins. Are the women's panels "discussing" when they're out there, taking it off, appealing to their emotions, getting angry? It's not worth the whole assessment. That's level! Waste of radio waves! Producers and writers in charge of this program have no intention of inviting people like that. Do you think we'll waste our time? I mean, society's a mess, but I've got a lot of volatile issues. Do you think he's trying to get the ratings and pay for the commercials? I'd like to see normal, logical people come out on the same subject and have a proper discussion.

    $msjpkpk . 2019.02.20 14:04

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