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  • 멋진 바다^-^


    이런 풍경을 보고 있으니 덩달아 내 마음도 탁 트이는 느낌이 듭니다. 날도 좋고 하늘도 너무 이뻐서 찍어 보았습니다. 자연은 참 아름다운거 같습니다.^-^ 😊☺️

    $egoing . 2019.06.24 20:20

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  • Sky and clouds


    #sky #clouds #sunrise

    $flexibledays . 2019.06.24 19:15

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  • Guam


    #Ypao #beach #Guam #sea #sky #clouds

    $flexibledays . 2019.06.24 19:14

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  • Nature

    처가 뒷뜰

    $flexibledays . 2019.06.24 19:13

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  • The atmosphere that brings peace


    Nature and a clean and safe environment, always make life so bright

    $boyelleq . 2019.06.24 16:42

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  • 집에서 바라본 인왕산


    집 앞 계단에서 인왕산과 맑은 하늘이 보입니다. 아파트에서 살다가 얼마전 다가구주택 3층으로 이사왔는데, 앞쪽으로는 인왕산이 보이고 뒤쪽으로는 서울타워가 보입니다. 아파트보다 편의시설은 부족하지만 사는 데 불편함 없고 경관 좋습니다.

    $storysharing . 2019.06.22 12:44

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  • Greenness of the Universe


    Nature that is still natural is always needed by the human body, because the oxygen content contained in it is really still very efficient, without any deadly mixture of environmental pollution

    $boyelleq . 2019.06.21 05:17

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  • The atmosphere in the rice fields ☁


    Very hot weather in the rice fields, this time has come the time of planting rice, I hope they will continue to be enthusiastic in carrying out their work, even though the weather is not supportive ... Have a nice day ...☁

    $gilang . 2019.06.20 15:47

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  • 어린 솔방울


    어린 나무인데 어느새 햇빛을 받고 비를 맞아가며 벌써 솔방울이 생겼습니다. 언젠가 이 솔방울도 떨어지겠죠...

    $soi . 2019.06.20 12:42

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  • unfriendly natural conditions


    A very cloudy atmosphere, obstructing the eye while traveling ... when natural conditions like this, you should be careful when driving, safety must take precedence ...

    $gilang . 2019.06.18 19:10

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  • cloudy morning (cloudy☁)


    Cloudy weather in the morning, rain like it will arrive soon ... The wind also felt very cold, it felt like wanted to spend time near the campfire ...

    $gilang . 2019.06.17 11:04

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  • Great Ocean


    The beauty of nature with the vast ocean.

    $arsya . 2019.06.15 11:34

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  • Dayli photo


    this is my daily portrait, please support, so I will be excited about uploading every day. thank you

    $bangkriwill . 2019.06.15 10:55

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  • The enchanting beauty of the Universe


    The sound of the vast ocean waves with natural landscapes coloring the eyes

    $boyelleq . 2019.06.13 12:31

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  • 보리밭에 핀 양귀비꽃


    지난 주말 라이딩중에 발견한 양귀비 꽃입니다. 신기하게 보리밭에 듬성듬성 피어 있는 양귀비 꽃을 보고 촬영했네요. 아마 작년에 양귀비 밭이었는데 올해 보리로 바꾸면서 땅에 떨어진 양귀비 씨가 발아되어 핀 것 같습니다, 은근히 보리의 노란색과 양귀비의 붉은색이 잘 어울리네요.^^

    $nani . 2019.06.10 14:11

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  • Really Beautiful Nature


    The beauty of nature is like the beauty of love that is always bright. Even though Love Turns Away Wounds, Still Faithfully Accompanying Him.

    $boyelleq . 2019.06.08 11:15

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  • 너무 좋은 날씨


    오늘 날씨가 너무 좋네요. 아침에 비가와서 자전거 라이딩을 포기하고 있었는데 오후에 날씨가 너무 좋아져서 집에서 풍경을 담아보았습니다. 날씨가 너무 좋아서 와이프와 외식 후 집에왔더니 노을이 좋아서 또 한 장 촬영했네요. 요즘 미세먼지가 많아서 그런지 습도는 높았지만 맑은 공기를 마실수 있는 좋은 하루였습니다.^^

    $nani . 2019.06.07 21:42

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  • 비온 뒤 맑음


    비온 뒤 상쾌함, 개운함, 깔끔함, 맑음이 고스란히 느껴집니다. 저~~멀리 가시거리도 엄청납니다^^ 퇴근길 발걸음이 더 가벼워 지는 이유중 하나네요. 하늘은 청명하고 햇살은 따사롭고 나무는 싱그럽네요 이제부터 불금 즐기러 고고고!!!

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.06.07 19:28

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  • Who is The Top Stake Backer?


    [퍼블리토 심플 인사이트] 최다 stake(잉크 생성) 후원자는 누구?! [PUBLYTO's Simple Insight] Who is The Top Stake Backer? 👇🏻👇🏻 $teo 총 138회에 걸쳐 90분에게 7,491,000 PUB을 stake 해주셨습니다. *63건의 unstake 이력 포함 He staked 7,491,000 PUB for 90 people over 138 times. *Includes 63 unstaked histories via PUBLYTO admin system as of June 7th, 2019 KST • User Profile link:$teo 부문별 최고 기여자 분들이 소개된 게시물의 콘텐츠 보상은 모두 해당 기여자 분들께 헌정(donation) 합니다. *관련공지 링크:

    $publyto . 2019.06.07 18:54

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  • The Beauty Flowers


    The Beauty Flower

    $saifmmc . 2019.06.03 02:15

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  • Sunyudo Park Roses


    It is a rose garden in Hangang Park under Sunyudo Park. Every year I plant various kinds of roses and ride them. I'm taking a break. There's a lot of rose flowers. There seems to be more variety of roses than last year. I've brought roses from all over the world and made flower beds. I think the color is so pretty.

    $nani . 2019.06.02 17:22

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  • Wibong Waterfall in Wanju County


    #WiSilJu, #Massilgil, #Tracking, #outdoors, #WiSong, #WeePong Falls, #HyunYiSook When you start hiking, you start to feel fat in time for the cycle. We had a lot of company events last month, and we had a rainy schedule, and we ran for a month, and we're itchy and we miss recording. I need to go out and get some exercise, but on the weekend I keep coming, it's just going on.

    $managerkyle . 2019.05.31 15:14

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  • May 31st, Sea Day


    May 31st, today is sea day. That's why I'm particularly interested in Jeju. The endless horizon is a very desperate day.

    $kimkokill . 2019.05.31 12:43

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  • Golf event


    #Sure of nature # Cuckoo # #Chirgina Jeonbuk Ilbo Bae Amateur Golf Tournament. I've been at the golf course for 10 years now. I think expensive sports are obvious, and I'm glad they don't pay attention. Is that why you can hear the cuckoo? These days, it's hard to hear nature. You're healing while you're at work.

    $managerkyle . 2019.05.29 22:34

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  • dandelion


    in the blowing wind on one's way in every rock and rock in every field I'll be there. And then you're back in the wind. I'm sure you'll be busy looking at the sun. It's the dandelion of a dandelion.

    $nana . 2019.05.27 22:45

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  • Metasequire Forest


    Metasequire Forest in Jangtaesan Natural Recreation Forest in the western part of Daejeon. I went there last week, but the smell of trees and forests was thicker because of the rain. Metasequire in Damyang or Chuncheon is famous, but Jang Taesan is not yet known. Let me introduce you to you.:;) I saw Metasequire trees only built on the shoulders. I've never seen anything like this in the forest. It's better because it's a forest. And the forest add-on, the skyway and the observatory, were unique. If you haven't been there yet, I think it'd be a good idea to go there with your family and lover.

    $thelegendary . 2019.05.24 09:22

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  • Daily smartphonephotography #56


    "Grand Union Canal Photo" Take : $aboutzky With : Redmi note 7 Editing tool : 🚫

    $aboutzky . 2019.05.23 23:59

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  • Dayli photo


    This photo I caught in the countryside at dusk, using a smartphone

    $bangkriwill . 2019.05.23 15:02

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  • 여름의 푸르름(부제 : 앱출시 축하)


    #여름#출장 퍼블리토 IOS 앱스토어 등록! 축하합니다^^ 어제 밤 집에서 놀고있는 아이폰에 설치해서 이것저것 해보았습니다. 속도가 정말 빠르고 보기좋게 잘 만든 앱인것 같습니다. 아직 미미한 점이 있는것 같았지만 사용하는데 부족함은 없는것 같습니다. 정말 수고 많으셨습니다. 화이팅!! 몇일전 전라남도로 출장을 다녀왔습니다. 아침일찍 집을 나서서 좀 피곤했지만 고속열차에서 보는 창밖 풍경이 너무도 좋았습니다. 여름이 되니 푸르른 나무들이 눈을 정말 시원하게 해주는것 같았습니다. IOS 앱도 등록이 되었으니 아이폰으로 찍은 밝은 사진들이 많이 올라오길 기대합니다^^; 그리고 기차 탈때는 꼭~! 창가좌석을 선택하시길 추천드립니다^^ 마지막으로 안드로이드 퍼블리토의 출시를 기대하며 오늘은 짧게 인사드립니다. 오늘 하루도 즐겁게 보내시기 바랍니다^^;;

    $marines . 2019.05.23 09:04

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  • Honeybees, hang in there this year.


    I took a picture of some honeybees at a restaurant where there are flowers to eat and rest. But it's a wasp story. These days, it is said that the black wasp, an exotic species, has caused a lot of damage to bee farmers and others. Of course, it's because the honeybee population has been killed a lot, especially because the number of wasps has rarely decreased. When the weather gets hot, we're going to show up. I think we will reach the peak by the end of August. Be careful not to get stung by wasps this year. Check carefully to see if there is a hornet's nest around you, so you won't be harmed. You know you call 119 when you see a wasp. Honeybees, hang in there this year.

    $fire . 2019.05.20 14:35

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