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  • There's no old-fashioned way to deal with


    Some are angry and resisting the system created by the establishment and its allies. Dreaming of a revolution, burning youth. Sometimes you want to be a voluntary social misfit, In the end, most of us are forced to move into the system. Someone's been following up on the system like this. They say 'iron' is in it. (This is my least favorite expression.) I've been working on the labor movement and I've been doing the student movement. Now, I'm going to become a lawmaker, and I'm going to make legislation to suppress workers. They work hard to make the system stronger. It's a sad reality that everyone knows. The people in the movie are the ones who refuse to be part of the system. They simply don't have any old-age At the end of the movie, Song Chan-geun (Pinderspot vocalist) She cried, "There's nothing I can do, and I don't know what to do." In the scene where you want to quit everything, I didn't know it, but it made me cry. And now I'm a father of one child, and I'm going to have to think about it. I'd like to give them a big round of applause with my apologies.

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  • F1, the speed of instinct


    F1 is our country. It's not very popular. In such a situation, the F1 material was used to make the most of it. It won't be more popular. But even if you're not interested in racing, I'd like to recommend one part or two. a thrilling race scene Crue's efforts and frustrations the agony of the team's managers hovering around the bottom. Racer, the rising god, the conflict between senior racers who are passing their prime. It's a simple whimper. Because it tells many stories on the back of F1. The episode between Red Bull and Renault team was the most interesting. Red Bull, which uses Renault's engine, doesn't have its own engine. It's always going well, but the trouble with the Renault engine. Destroy the race. So the two long-time partners, Red Bull has adopted Honda's engine. I'm leaving Renault with a bad tongue. Red Bull was enjoying his business win for a while. Red Bull's driver can't trust Honda's engine. I throw away my old pro-government team and move my team to Renault. lol Unusual in the real world. a stressful day I'd like to praise you for your wonderful sound and sword-like clarity of screen.

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  • "Us" very disappointing end *KIND OF MOVIE REVIEW*


    DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL TO START EARNING WITH YOUR POSTS, COMMENTS AND LIKES: Just had a lovely afternoon with this bunch. The movie "Us" is not for me. Watch until the end to know more opinions about it.

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  • Shazam: It's not a hero's show, as it's a family movie.


    Rating as I Want: 5/10 Recommended to these people: those who are looking for a family movie that is tailored to their children's standards. Sammanli, Hureshman DC Extended Universe movies are highly acclaimed for their mediocre performance. Even with Superman and Batman characters, it's because they're so sad that they're going to be ruined. And because of their poor performance, the audience's expectations are much lower. That's why Aquaman was so popular that despite the stereotypical script, he showed a spectacular spectacle. Shazam is the new character of DC Expansion Universe and expected to end the downturn in DC after Aquaman. The fragmentary impression in the trailer was a curious combination of childlike innocence and superpowers at the super-level. It was enough to have the expectation that we might be able to see some weird and charming characters like Deadpool in DC. Shazam, which opened at first, was enough to shock DC fans. The anxiety that I felt when I saw the 3D IMAX tube empty on Saturday evening has become a reality. Although he expected a character from Deadpool, Shazam was actually a typical growth drama character who found a new family through love and friendship, not blood ties. I may be able to watch the movie that the whole family will watch together. But it's so cliche and embarrassing for a movie about the hero who has to lead DC in the future as the new character of DC Expansion Universe. It's DC, which has already been criticized for being out of balance. There was a story about Superman and his children. Shazam's ability seems to be much different from Superman. It flies in the sky, and it doesn't work as fast and physical as a Flesh man. It's embarrassing that a wizard suddenly appeared as a superhero of the Superman class while searching for his successor. If you look at the team's ability, it looks more powerful than the Justin Leagues. She's just a little bit of a mental age. I don't even know how to tie up such an immature and powerful character of the Hadas with the existing DC characters. The problem with DC was that there were no more three-dimensional and intense characters like Joker. Shazam's villain is a cliche that even a 10-year-old can imagine. Billon's seven sins, unlike their grand name, leave no impression. They don't even know each other very well. Action scenes are no different from the battlegrounds of the Fleshman-like. This isn't exactly what I'm exaggerating to denigrate the film. If you've seen a real movie, you know what it means. In particular, the scene where several people wake up as heroes in a particular scene is no different from the scene where Jeon made a makeover. In this scene, I wanted to turn my eyes away. In fact, I could hear sighs and sighs from the audience. In short, this movie is a disappointing feature for the new character of DC Expansion Universe. It's time for DC to consider rebooting the entire extended Universe, including Superman and Batman.

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  • Watching the movie 'Happy Birthday'


    I went to the movies. I'm out of tears. a film based on the Sewol accident. Sul Kyung-gu and Jeon Do-yeon. It hurts and tears the whole time I see it. A man in his 40s is at the end of the theater. sit on one's own and sniffing with children of this age Parents get bigger. I think it's going to work. lost in an accident It reminds me of the families of the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster. It was a movie. in clear water Wash it.

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  • I saw "money" on the weekend.


    I have a free movie ticket every month, so I usually watch late-night movies with my wife every month. This time, I saw "money." Actually, I watched a broadcast on the cable where actor Yoo Jun-yeol appeared. (Treblers is a backpacking show in Cuba.) I felt like I was saying, "You're all right." So I thought I should watch the movie as soon as it came out. By the way, the movie is very... Did they expect too much? Anyway, actor Yoo Jun-yeol is fine.You're following me on Instagram and watching the show. Well, the Treblers are pretty long.) # Weekend movie # # Movie money # Recently, I saw the actor #Lyu Junyeol. The movie itself is not so good.

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  • Us; Director Jordan Phil's very slightly missed first round defense.


    Score as I Want: 8/10 Recommendation to these people: mystery and horror. Han Pit-Jul: Get Out (Jordan Phil's success and mystery thriller) Comet-like directors are under tremendous pressure to make their next film. And you don't meet high expectations in general. The Sixth Sense, the slump in the Night Shyamalan, who caused all kinds of problems in for a while going through. It's similar to Psy's failure to make a hit song that goes beyond Gangnam Style. The director who continuously produces masterpieces without such a slump is called master, and the director who overcame the slump to produce good works is a master. Many people were looking forward to the sequel after Jordan Phil's successful film, "Get Out." Finally, the sequel, "The Us," was a funny one, but I felt that it wasn't as good as the novelty and fun of the previous one. The doppelganger-themed work is a mystery in the early stages of a tense thriller, followed by a disaster. The way to elicit fear is to slowly pressure the audience with sound effects and directing. The various rice cakes that you get at the beginning are mostly recalled when the movie is finished. If I tell you more about it, it could be a spoiler, but nevertheless, there are some questions that the film didn't explain. First of all, who made the doppelganger? The film suggests that someone has made it, but it's clearly beyond human capacity. I felt sorry that the movie ended without explanation. Many people believe that the doppelganger in this movie represents illegal aliens in the U.S. I think that's possible. If so, the film portrays an illegal immigrant in the United States as someone who kills an American citizen with scissors and destroys the country. In this respect, I think this interpretation is too much for the movie to relate to the current situation in the U.S. I think it's just a mystery thriller to watch.

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  • 주말 영화추천_헌터킬러


    #헌터킬러# 주말을 마무리하며 영화 한편 추천합니다. "헌터킬러"라고 잠수함액션 영화입니다. 분노의 질주 제작진이 제작에 참여했으며 영화300의 제라드 버틀러가 잠수함의 함장으로 나옵니다. 자세한 내용은 스포가 될 수 있으니 전반적인 내용만 이야기 하자면 러시아 영토에서 러시아와 미국의 잠수함이 어뢰 및 내부폭발로 인해 폭파됩니다. 하지만 서로 공격한 것은 아니었죠 수상히 여긴 미국에선 헌터킬러잠수함을 비밀리에 러시아로 보냅니다. 그 사이 러시아 국방부 장관이 러시아 대통령을 인질로 잡고 3차 대전을 준비하려 하고 미국이 러시아 대통령 인질구출 작전을 수행합니다. 내용은 이정도로만 할게요^^ 스케일도 엄청나고 조여오는 긴장감이 대단합니다. 최근본 액션영화중에선 갑인듯!

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  • 눈이 퉁퉁 붓도록 운 영화


    어제 밤에는 <나는 내일 어제의 너와 만난다> 라는 영화를 봤어요. 단순히 '시간이 서로 ○○한다' 이 내용만 알고 봤는데 정말 많이 울었습니다. 서로 상대를 생각해 주는 마음이 너무 아름다웠고.. 자신의 슬픔을 마음으로 간직한 채 티안나게 하려는 모습에서 더욱 슬펐습니다.. 그리고 제가 스무살 때 사귀었던 첫사랑과의 순수했던 만남이 떠올라 더욱 많이 울었네요 ㅠ.ㅠ (벌써 20년 전의 일...) " 나의 첫사랑 ○○님께 저에게 아름답고 순수했던 사랑의 추억을 남겨 주셔서 감사합니다♡ 때로는 ○○님을 못잊어 슬퍼할 때도 있었고 다른 사람에게 그 마음을 투사한 적도 있었습니다. 제가 그랬네요.. 스무살 시절 3년의 기간 동안 충분한 사랑을 주셨습니다. 그리고 저는 이제 제 생활로 돌아와 누군가에게 첫사랑을 투사하거나 막무가내로 사랑을 내어놓으라고 투정하지 않도록 노력하겠습니다. 고맙습니다♡ 사랑합니다."

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  • The Avengers 4 trailer is out again.


    Iron Man to Earth? Let's go to YouTube. #Avengers4 #Preview #End Games

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  • Rome (Roma) ; With this one film, Alfonso Cuaron became a master.


    Score as I Want: 9/10 Recommended to these people: For those who want a film of marvel and restrained story, I can't think of anything similar because it's such a unique movie. No matter how scary and cruel a ghost is in the movie, the shock disappears after the movie. But seeing a car accident in front of my eyes can't be easily forgotten. This is probably the difference between seeing and seeing. Witness is a more powerful experience that makes up the human mind. Movies can also provide a more "targeted" experience. In order to do that, filming, screenplay and acting have to be more realistic. Rome is that kind of movie. First of all, images do not close up people by default. Whether you place an actor as part of a wide background, the camera follows the actor's movements. I remember that there was no screen that was cut short and edited. A scene was shot with a long tape of at least one minute. Actors' acting is ultra-realistic. There's no overtones in the play, and the actor itself looks like a housekeeper, a middle-class lady, and a kid. Even extras' performance is admirable. The innocence of children running through the dirty mud, the stupidity of the indios that look so naive. Even a puppy's acting ability is excellent. If you've seen the movie, you know what it means. All of this blends together, making me feel as if I were in Mexico City in 1970. In terms of visual beauty, I can assure you that after decades, it won't look childish or clumsy. The story of Rome can be summed up in a single line. In the 1970s, a middle-class family member in Rome, Mexico City, overcame life's ordeal by connecting with his family. In Korean style, it is about overcoming difficult times in life through bond with family members who worked in Jongno, Seoul in 1970. This is the story. It's simple, but the impact of the video is never simple. It feels like you won't leave your head behind. As if the car accident with direct eye is more memorable than the grand scene in the movie, I don't think you need to list the awards and rave reviews this movie received. In 2018, no movie was more popular with critics than this one.

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  • #Flame #


    #Fall # Movie #Captain Marvel #🧐💫

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  • Green Book; a calm, beautiful and moving story.


    Score as I wish: 8.5/10 Recommended to these people: someone who is not a man of composition, but likes calm and moving works. Han Pit-line: There are many works of similar material, but I can't find one that seems to be exactly one line. Just looking at the poster of this work, you can expect it to deal with the friendship between black and white. You can guess that it's a heart-warming story, and you can imagine it's a sentimental one that deals with exceptional aesthetics. But real movies are not that simple. Green Book won the Best Picture award at this year's 2019 Academy Awards and the Golden Glove Awards. A typical, predictable piece of story can't get such a good evaluation. When I watch the movie, I admire the excellence of characterization. I was very impressed with the material that could have been corny. There are no dramatic events in this movie. There's an episode of a black performer who goes on a tour in the South during a tough time, but the film itself doesn't highlight racist incidents. In this respect, it's not a film that I've made to raise the question of any discrimination. I think what this movie shows is an imperfect friendship between two humans. Tony, who appears in the movie as a driver and a troubleshooter, is a responsible man who loves his family, although he is used to living the world through hot blood, violence and expediency. He lives in a big family from Italy. Genius pianist Don Shirley is black, but he is cultured, smart, and has a high level of education. But he is lonely and has many internal conflicts. Although he is a well-educated person who makes it uncomfortable to eat fried chicken by hand and is respected as one of the best pianists in the U.S., he is often treated unfairly for being black during his trip to the South. He's neither black nor white. As it appears in the movie, Tony is a poor man who lives with his family. He's a lot more black than Don Shirley. Therefore, this movie is not about racial understanding. This movie is about the friendship between Don Shirley, who has all the learning, wealth, culture and honor but lives a lonely and disconnected life, and Tony, a poor but warm human being. The full and persuasive portrayal of the character has led to a truly human and moving story from a subject that is apt to elicit cliché lessons and sense of concern. And I don't think it's just a true story that was able to do this. It was because they had outstanding abilities as screenwriters and directors.

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  • #Captain Marvel


    Have a strong drink and a glass of beer and a movie. Don't discuss Captain Marvel without seeing the second cookie. #Captain Marvel #Plank

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  • [Flying Review] Paula


    My friend said it was fun, so watching the trailer didn't end long ago. I checked it out. It was the original Netflix movie that I watched until the end. Um... Is it because I watch too many movies and dramas these days and I watch many scripts that aren't aired separately? The whole story line was nothing but cliché. All the anti-war elements go as expected... I feel like I've put in a lot of sensational and provocative elements to make up for that. It was just a movie that was hard to say for fun. We'll give you 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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  • Captain Marvel; no slips, no punches.


    Scores as I Want: 7/10 Recommended to these people: MCU works should be viewed by courtesy. Han Pit-line: Captain America;Winter Soldier (which heralds the beginning of the Avengers leader) Bree Larson was a controversial figure even before the release of Captain Marvel. Among MCU characters, I think there's an actor who's not loved like this. That's why Captain Marvel doesn't have the great attention he deserves to announce the birth of a new leader for the MCU Avengers. It's not even getting enthusiastic responses. In the movie, Captain Marvel is a man who has challenged baseball, car racing, air force flyers, etc. without caring about the beatings and prejudices around him, but Aaron is seen as a hero's way of overcoming hardships and awakening to his purpose. But this scene where controversial due to the Brie Larson did feminism remarks before the release of worry. Essentially, Bree Larson appears to be an inappropriate cast as a hero movie star who should put entertainment and popularity first. Given this, the movie itself is not that bad. Captain America: It may not be a gimmick, but it's not a nerd. It seems that he has done some part to explain the character, Captain Marvel, who suddenly appears out of the blue and has to deal with Infinity War's curtain. Captain Marvel is a character Nick Fury didn't call when New York was in a mess. It's a character that I only wanted to sing when Tanos was destroying the Earth. He's the last king of MCU. You should also take into account the fact that it can be a little bit boring to introduce the character that suddenly appeared, Captain Marvel In the MCU, the "Cree" race comes out as a villain. The main race of MCU's TV series Agent of S.H.I.E.L.U. is this Cree. When I heard that Captain Marvel was coming out as a Kree fighter, I was surprised to see the movie. That explains why Nick Fury created the Avengers and became a one-eyed one. In conclusion, it's a good movie to help you understand the Avengers; Endgame, which will be released this year.

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  • Huarney and Alexander - Be happy when you can be happy.


    I watch a lot of movies. Sometimes I go to the theater and watch a movie. It's a Hollywood action movie that's important. Running time, which is categorized as a famous movie, is a long. I'm sure everyone will agree. In the latter case, if you look at it at home, It's hard to concentrate long hours, turn around, or fall asleep. It's hard to watch the movie for a long time, rather than boring. That's the case with Hwa-ni and Alexander today. What I've wanted to see for a long time. I got a free screen view of it. ^^ through the Inmar Berryman Film Festival at the Swedish Embassy last year. running time of 188 minutes It's called this movie by master Inmar Berryman. Director Bong Joon-ho also called it the 'End of the Most Beautiful Feature Film in Movie History.' This beautiful movie that happens in a house in Sweden in the 1900s. It is full of warm eyes on director Berryman's world. Furniture and props that fill the beautiful screen. It's actually Veriman's own autobiographical story. On behalf of Berryman, we're talking about the world. Let's wrap it up with Gustav's line. "The world is a den of bandits, and the night is slowly approaching. The whole world is running like a mad dog with the chains cut off. We can't escape because we're infected with evil. So let's be happy when we can be happy. Let us be kind, merciful, friendly and good. We have to enjoy this little world. That's no shame at all."

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  • [Flying Review] Witness


    [There are some spoilers.] I have just finished writing my ticket to the movie, which is my birthday present I received last year. In fact, I've already figured out what the overall plot of the story will be by looking at the poster, but I've seen it because it's "Torrent, a Korean movie theater." The plot of the movie, the lines, and the gagcuts that appear in the middle are not tacky, and they are satisfying because they show a sad side these days. On my way home, I was reviewing it with my wife and she asked me what it was like. Actually, there is a little bit of discomfort in this movie. Not everything was inconvenient, but I didn't want Jung to be presented as a way to solve the problem, as a way to solve the problem. I didn't want to talk about breaking down the definition of a social system in order to preserve human justice. Obviously, it is justice for a guilty man to pay for his wages, but I think it is also social justice to fulfill his or her professional duties. Jung's motivation for revealing his client's secret was too weak, giving up his license (because he is a lawyer, I would have expected it to happen). Of course, there must have been times of anguish hidden behind it, and if you put them all in the movie, you might have skipped them because the movie would be more likely to be geographically directed. However, I believe that he was spitting in the face of professional justice who kept his client's secret for the sake of the film's speed. If the director or screenwriter had a little more experience, if he had allowed the defendant to confess his guilt (even by mistake), wouldn't he have a cooler ending? I think there was an uncomfortable compulsion, like a public service that encouraged donations, which began as "00 is parentless from an early age." We will give you a rating of 3.4, considering the overall composition and fun. On a scale of five...

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  • Operation (The Scam, 2009)


    The movie "Operation" was released in 2009, but I think it reversed the movie charts due to the boom in cryptocurrency. I think it's because it was a movie that was similar to cryptographic money. I'm sure that despite the different themes, many people revisited it to hear the message that they should study, whether it's stocks or cryptocurrency, and invest in their own choices, not in other people's words. When you watch a movie, most investors, called ants, are losing money. And invest in rumors that come from somewhere. The process of informing the gossip is repeated. Without knowing the source of the rumor, the average investor is investing, and ultimately making money is a force with huge capital. We can feel what we're feeling in the cryptocurrency market in the movie, so if you haven't seen it yet, I think it'd be nice to see it. Now, of course, since 2009, we can see a little bit different, but in the investment market, we can't trust anybody, we have to be careful about investment. I've made some money. We are only interested in profit, but we seem to be less concerned about technology, growth potential, and so on If you change your perspective and identify internal factors such as technology and growth potential first, I think you'll be able to keep up with your profits. When I invested in cryptocurrency in the early days, I thought I invested without any knowledge, but I had a little time to reflect on myself watching this movie. But nothing has changed much now, but I think I've changed my mind a little bit. It's also on Netflix, so you can watch it anytime. I think it would be nice to take about two hours for the weekend and take a look at it.

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  • 가버나움(Capharnaum , Capernaum , 2018)


    The movie "Extreme Career" has surpassed 15 million, and there is still a movie which is showing all interest and is still showing quietly. Despite not having many audiences, this film is the subject of "Capernaum." The 12-year-old boy, "Jain," who lived without a birth record, was the main character, and most of the characters were real people, not professional actors. It was a tight movie theater, but it did not slow down until the end of the movie, and nobody even made a small noise. The movie itself was heavy, and no one would have chosen this film for fun. It was about two hours long, but what I wanted to say in the movie was clear. Due to poverty and irresponsibility, the film is for children who are suffering. And a message to adults. If you can not be responsible, you should not have a baby. Even if you intentionally give birth to a baby ... All the scenes of the movie are memorable, but the most memorable scene was the last one, "Zain", where she took pictures with her laughing for her birth record. It was definitely a scene for a movie, but when I shot this scene, I felt that the character "Zain" had a feeling that I would have made such a look. The scene of "Jain" at Cannes Film Festival was quite different from the one in the movie. I hope that I will dream of the future that Jain thinks as it is, and I hope other children besides Jain get help through this movie. It is time to make a movie, but if you are ready to watch this movie, I hope you will watch it in the movie theater. The attention of one person can be gathered, and it can be a bigger interest.

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  • Sabha


    To mingle on weekend morning... It's so hard for a single mother to...As soon as you get back to the groom, you'll be in the mix.I like horror more than I thought. # It's not bad # I have to be on my own # #Interim job report #Mixed foreign investment #Mixed English #

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  • 사바하 (SVAHA : THE SIXTH FINGER , 2019)


    스릴러 장르는 좋아하지만, 미스터리 장르는 조금 글쎄? 라는 저에게 사바하라는 영화는 조금 꺼려지는 영화였습니다. 이 영화를 만든 감독의 전작이 검은 사제들을 제작한 장재현 감독이라는 점에서 조금 더 꺼려지긴 했지만, 지인의 간곡한 부탁으로 지난 주에 보게 되었습니다. 이 영화는 종교 단체, 다시 말하면 우리가 흔히 알고 있는 종교 이외의 종교 단체에 대한 이야기가 나오는데, 종교가 없는 저로써는 조금도 객관적인 자세로 영화에 임할 수 있지 않았나 생각합니다. 그래도 영화는 영화로, 그리고 제 관점으로 후기를 적어보려고 합니다. 신흥 종교 비리를 찾아내는 종교문제연구소 ‘박목사’(이정재)를 주축으로 영화는 전개되는데, 영화의 초반에 나온 이야기와는 별개로 영화의 흐름은 한 종교 단체에 집중되고 있습니다. 물론 모든 이야기의 퍼즐이 맞춰지는 순간이 찾아오지만, 조금 어색하다는 느낌을 받은 건 저 뿐만이 아닌 것 같습니다. 분명 영화를 보는 내내 긴장감을 늦출 순 없었습니다. 장면 하나하나에서 힌트를 얻고, 힌트의 조각들을 모아 영화에서 말하고자 하는, 또는 영화에서 암시하는 무언가를 찾아내려는 노력을 보였지만, 말로 표현하기 어려운 무언가.. 예를 들어, 이 장면이 갑자기 왜? 라는 실망감은 감출 수 없었습니다. 물론 이 영화에서 시사하는 바는 분명히 있다고 봅니다. 하지만 저처럼 일반인이 보기에, 조금 아쉬운 부분이 많은 것만은 사실입니다. 다른 부분보다 영화를 보신 분은 알 수 있는 '그것'에 대해, 영화는 "미륵"으로 해석했는데, 개인적으로는 조금 연계성이 부족했다고 보여집니다. 이 연계성을 채워나가기 위해선, 이 부분을 풀어가는 과정이 조금 더 필요했다고 보여집니다. 하지만 다른 이들의 관점에서는 '그것'을 "미륵"으로 표현했다는 점에서 높은 점수를 주고 있다고 합니다. 이 모든 것은 개개인의 관점, 그리고 영화감독의 의도가 있기에, 무엇이 맞고, 틀리다라고 할 수 없지만, 영화는 불특정 다수에게 보여지는 것이기에, 모두가 같은 뜻으로 이해되는 것이 좋다고 보여집니다. 평소 접하기 힘든 미스터리 분야에 대한 영화를 관람한 후 소감은 기분이 그리 유쾌하지 않다는 점입니다. 영화에 대한 만족도가 그리 높지 않았던 점도 있지만, 미스터리라는 분야를 접하는 것이 아직 저에게는 조금 힘든 부분이 아닌가 싶습니다. 이 영화는 여러 곳에서 홍보되고 있으며, 영화관에 이 영화가 시간대별로 상영되고 있습니다. 그만큼 많은 관심을 받고 있고, 많은 관심을 끌기 위함이라고 보여집니다. 하지만 개인적으로는 재미있는 영화, 혹은 흥미있는 영화라고 보기는 조금 힘들지 않을까 싶습니다. 물론 개인적인 생각이기에, 참고만 하시기 바랍니다.

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  • #The 100th anniversary of the March 1 Independence Movement


    The last day of February... I watched the movie with the free movie ticket left in February. There were some movies that I was waiting to see. As it's day-to-day, I've watched the latest release, "The Resonance - The Story of Yoo Gwan-soon." There were a lot of people in the movie theater, too. There were still parents who brought their children on vacation, and there were many young lovers. I knew the rough version of the story through various media, I can't believe you're looking at it.I felt excitement and pain. The tears in my wife's eyes... Historically, there have been a lot of public incidents. 3.1 movement, 6.10 hooray movement, Kwangju student independence movement, A little different personality, but the Korean War. A lot of student movements, such as Daegu student's, March 15 horseback riding, etc. 5.18 Gwangju Democracy Movement If I'm standing at that historical moment... What choice did I make? #The 100th anniversary of the March 1 Independence Movement

    $peterpa . 2019.03.01 01:40

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  • Savaha; Successful Korean-style Ocult Movie


    Score as I wish: 8.5/10 Recommended to these people: Someone who likes to play ocult (Okalt movies tend to be divided into hobulhoes).) Han Pit-line Works: Curvature Okult refers to "a mysterious and supernatural phenomenon that cannot be explained by science." In this respect, the Ocult movie is not just a horror movie. For example, Gokseong wasn't just a horror movie in which a ghost would be surprised. What's the presence on the planet? What was the unknown? It's been a movie that reminds me of twenty-two years. In that sense, Savaha is an excellent ocalt film made by Korea. Recently, as if a Korean movie had to pay for a famous actor and a production cost, it was a trite subject. Or he was a nationalist emotional man. It was a situation like this, so I'm more glad to see you in Korean style. Savah brings out a mysterious and frightening atmosphere without the characters doing something similar to a exorcism with supernatural powers. It's also a great idea to get the content all together. It is also great to have the colorful content that goes well with the Korean mood and mood. For example, "Jewel," an American film released last year, was an excellent orcult film, but it was not very successful because it was far from Korean emotions such as devil worship, witch, forest fear, and martial arts. Savaha makes empathy much easier with familiar cultures such as heresy, pseudo-religion, Buddhist worldviews and shamanism. Lee Jung-jae's jokes ruin the movie's colorful mood. I wish I could trust the audience and explain a little less. Considering this aspect, I think it's been a long time since I watched it.

    $pubnewbie . 2019.02.26 19:32

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  • Bird Box. - To Boy and Girl...


    willow box based on a bestseller of the same name It's a Netflix Original movie. It's already been released in theaters. I don't think it's weird to be released on Netflix. Sandra Bullock, with John Malkovich, Even when the new movie is released on TV. It's very adaptable. The content of the movie is relatively simple. by some unknown force Everyone who sees it is broken, and they kill themselves. And... The rest will be spoilers. I won't tell you. "If you want to live, don't look at anything" and the title "Bird Box" are hints. It's nice to see alone in the room quietly. It's about loneliness and trust. a story about a boy and a girl being a meaningful name.

    $ringo . 2019.02.20 20:50

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  • He's grown up.


    The film, which is also a follow-up to "The Fewer Children," came to mind after watching $nani's American travel flight to Las Vegas. The setting is that the child who shot his eccentric father's experimental light is going to be huge, but I can't remember what he saw in the past.Haha I don't know why the child is wandering in Las Vegas, but I remember the scene where he plays with a large guitar-shaped electronic board, plays with a car like a toy, and cries in surprise while touching a hot dog-shaped electronic board. The night view of the Las Vegas city I rented a videotape at that time must have been highlighted in my young head because it was dazzling and gorgeous. What about the big rabbit doll left at the end?

    $nilgo . 2019.02.19 00:07

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  • Green Book - Whose comfort guide?


    Green Book It's a word we're not used to. It's easy, but it's also sweet. When the movie starts, it gets stuck in your head. Green Book for Negro Tourist's Comfortable Journey Indeed, who is it for a comfortable trip? I only knew about jazz. This movie is about the suffering of black jazz players. It allows us to know the history of black people that we didn't know naturally. There aren't many theaters, but it's a movie worth looking for. Let's not be sorry we didn't know the history of black people. It is not to know all our Japanese occupation as them. From now on, we need to recognize each other and help each other. p.s.) I saw the protagonist, Azah, somewhere is the Aragorn of the Lord of the Rings. (The vulgarity of time...)

    $ringo . 2019.02.18 15:24

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  • 1919 The Country of Yu Gwan-sun


    It's the 100th anniversary of the March 1 Independence Movement this year, so I think there are a lot of cultural contents related to the March 1 Movement. Not long ago, we posted a post that said that the movie, "Angee," about Yoo Gwan-soon, will be released soon. ( I'm leaving a message because a documentary film about Yoo Kwan Soon will be released this time. The title is "The Country of Her Country" by Yoo Kwan-soon, 1919. This is a documentary film produced by Yu Gwan-soon, a leading company in the cultural industry, as an official sponsor of the March 1 Movement and Project Promotion Committee to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Provisional Government. It is expected that the uprising will have a device for its own entertainment as a commercial film, but Yoo Gwan-soon, 1919 as a documentary film, cautiously predicts that it will exclude commercialism and focus on facts. The release is scheduled for March 2019. In the middle of the attached picture file, Yoo Gwan-soon, who lies in the middle of the attached picture file, and around Euh Yoon-hee, Shim Myung-chul, Kwon Ae-ra, Kim Hyang-hwa, Lee Shin-ae, Dongpung-shin, Noh Soon-kyung, Im Myeong-ae, Shin Gwan-bin, and other girl independence activists we didn't know about. While the actor who played Yoo Gwan-soon in the uprising is a well-known orphan actor, in 1919 Yoo Gwan-soon, many new actors were appointed. There are many new actors in the movie, including Lee Sae-bom, who plays Yoo Gwan-soon, Kim Na-ni, who plays Kwon Ae-ra, a senior member of Yoo Gwan-soon, and Na Ae-jin, who plays Dong Poongshin, an independence activist from North Korea. If you're interested, I'd like to see it. When I have time, I'd like to look at both '19 Yu Gwan-soon' and 'Arounding: The Story of Yoo Gwan-soon.' It may be the same story, but I think I know what I don't know, because most of all, it's the stories of those who sacrificed their lives for us. Plus, there's an event where you can watch this movie for free. If you're interested, you can participate.

    $showmemoney . 2019.02.16 11:17

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  • February Late Night Date - Alita


    A late-night date in February following last month. I've already seen an extreme job last month, so I've been thinking about what I'm going to see this month, and I've decided to watch Alita, which is advertised by famous actors on TV. I suspect that actors have seen the movie in advance, but advertising is an ad and it costs a lot of money. I'm half curious. I'm looking forward to it. in advance of the movie As expected, it was based on a Japanese cartoon. It's been released as a game. Below is a brief introduction on the wooden wiki. Originally intended to produce "Battle Angel Alita," the English translation title of the original cartoon <Chunmong>, but the title was finally changed to "Alita: Battle Angel" in front of the main character by persuasion of John Lando [13], who was also the director of Cameron's. That's because most of the titles of Cameron's films have always started with A or T. Of course, there are certain times when the title does not start with "A" or "T" among James Cameron's works, but given that most of them have failed to make a hit, the reason for avoiding a kind of jinx seems to have also worked. "Alita" is the name that appeared in the original cartoon, "Chunmong," when the protagonist, Galli, was struck by a kind of mental dominance and fell into a fantasy. The illusion that Dystee Nova, who is confirmed by Eid (who comes out as Eid's companion and Nova finds it) is the same, but then lives her life as a normal cyborg girl named Alita. In the English translation, the main character's name appears as Gali in the dream of the Uroboros world, as opposed to Alitai from the beginning. There's a little bit of a mystery in the story, but... Anyway, it was so fast that it was exciting all the time. The last part is... I don't know if you're going to make a sequel. Later, I found a lot of comic books. first part general dream Part 2 Chongmong Last Order Part 3 Chongmong Mars Electric Co., Ltd. Chongmong Foreign Affairs Co., Ltd. the question of today's times The main character is a cyborg, and after a long time, he was found in a pile of scrap metal. How do you survive that long period? Is the Martian Union also humans who migrated from the Earth? What happened to the man who educated Alita? Should I wait for the sequel? Do I have to get a comic book and see... #Share2stem #Free movie #Yongsan Sejiv

    $peterpa . 2019.02.12 01:37

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  • Alita: Battle Angel; a movie that would have been better if adult viewers had made it into a movie.


    Rating as My Owner: 7.5/10 Recommendation to these people: those who have seen the original Chongmong and those who like the cyberspunk genre. Han Pit-line: Ready Player One (Excellent CG), Bladerunner (dark Cyberfunk worldview) There was no one to blame for the movie's CG technology. 3D reproduced characters and real actors in one scene are completely alienated. It's overwhelming and full of action scenes. What's disappointing is that the film's progress is far-fetched, preventing it from immersing itself in characters. I don't know what a character wants, and there are some scenes where I don't understand why he acts like that all of a sudden. It is also a blemish to have a lot of artistic progress. The original comic book had a very hard side, so of course it was a 19th documentary, and the atmosphere was much darker and more serious. In making the movie 12 episodes, Alita was described as an immature and self-indulgent adolescent. Even cities on the ground come out of places that are too habitable. I think it would have been nice to make this movie a more adult viewer and darker and cyber-punk. Considering this, it is interesting enough as an entertainment movie. The sequel will be released. It is because nothing has been completed with this time. Lord of the Rings: It's similar to the Anti-Jewish Regime. When the anti-support party was formed, the movie ended and shocked the audience. Since the background and characterization of this movie are all over, I hope it will be more interesting from the next episode.

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