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  • Economy, come on~(Buy Onnuri Gift Card)


    I remember seeing it through the pubs. I've bought an on-nuri gift certificate. I've tried to look like I've bought a lot, but there aren't a few. Wouldn't it contribute a little to boosting demand for traditional markets and boosting the local economy? There are 30,000 won, 10,000 won, and 5,000 won, but I only bought 10,000 won. Donate gift certificate for your wife~ The ball to wife~ Economy, live!~~

    $fire . 2019.02.13 10:43

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  • Three times as much as your mother's, and it's like your wallet.


    Only today, I put three times as much money as I received this Lunar New Year's Day in my wallet. I get three times as much money on Lunar New Year's Day every year. My mother paid me, my daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters 20,000 won, and now she put in 30,000 won. That's a 50% increase. My mom always gives me three times as much money. The amount given to the son, daughter, daughter-in-law, grandson and granddaughter is all the same. One is three times as much money as my father-in-law gave me. I got a total of 50,000 won for this Lunar New Year's Day.... The envelopes are both in bank bags. This year is a big year, and I'm gonna have to give my mom a lot of pocket money.~~~

    $fire . 2019.02.09 02:09

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  • Starbucks event! The stars are coming down. Charalalalalalalatam.


    Everyone's using the stars, right? I'm doing so well in business, so when I had 12 drinks with Gold member, there's no special event except to get a drink coupon. I think we're having a pretty big event this time, so I'm posting it.It's a five-day short event until 1.28-2.1, but it's a cumulative concept. So, if you were planning to buy a Tumblr, or if you were planning to shoot coffee at a team member for the fifth day, wouldn't it would be better? If you have a plan to drink coffee for 5 days this week, go to Byeoldabang. #Stabbs #Stubbugs Event#If you go somewhere #Coffeebuck isn'tooffit!!#That's why I save money while I spend itFavorite

    $smilysmily . 2019.01.28 21:29

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  • How to make money by sitting down... by way of Los Angeles.


    Adults say, "If you're sitting down and playing, you're going to have to earn even a penny for your😭 There's a way to sit down and make money.👍🏻 I found out by playing fastball. It's called eBayz.☺️ If you search Naver as eBayz, you can access the eBay Korea site. You can access the shopping mall site via eBay Korea and even pay, and then you can cash back a certain portion of the payment! There are many Korean shopping malls such as E-Mart Mall, Wimep, and G-Shop. But especially if you have to pay a large amount of money, you should not only look for discount coupons but also collect cash bags. For example, I went to eBay Korea to buy a fastball site called Style Bob and bought a 129.92 euro best.It is about 167,000 won in Korean won Stylbap is 8% cashback right now, so you can get 13,360 won cashback. At first glance, it's quite a big deal. Of course, if you don't buy it, you'll get a 100% discount, but... I'm going to save a penny! It's not hard to find a way to go. If you want to go shopping, go to eBay! #Evates #Shopping tips #bates #Top of shopping #Top of shopping #Top of shopping #Top of shopping #Top of shopping #Top of shopping #Top of shopping #Top of getting together #Top of dust #

    $smilysmily . 2019.01.24 23:50

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  • How To Add Paypal Buy Now Button


    Sometime you need donation for your work. For example if you giving free service and you are promoting your service with some platforms and you want donation then you need this type of button. This is the button that you can put anywhere you want. Make sure that platform supporting html. If you do not want to Add donation button then you can add order now option there. So you can put buttons as your requirement. So paypal is the service that you can use internationally and it supports fiats. Most of the people using paypal. That mean here i will provide guide about paypal. If you don't have paypal account then you need to create it and verify it first. Here i am gonna share step by step information so keep your mind here: 1-Go to paypal official website and login to your account 2-Click on Paypal buy now button 3- Then Click create your button now 4- Fill the given forum. only fill rounded option check in below screenshot for more information. you must ignore not rounded. Image ► 5- Now click create button 6-Copy the code and past it to your desired platform html area. 7- And now you can use that button. By this way you can also create donation button of paypal or else add cart button. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any question then put a comment and don't forget to share it on other social media.

    $imransoory . 2019.01.18 20:03

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  • Lotto... pig dream. That's a dog dream.


    It was a dream. the floundering masses

    $jmax . 2019.01.15 19:09

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  • ∘ Changes in income tax deduction


    Income tax deduction from today (January 15, 19: 8 a.m.) Simplicity service opens!! It's the 13th monthly salary for someone, but for someone, It's also the month to rip off taxes; You're ready. You're not missing anything. I hope you get it. 1. Raising the Highest Income Tax Rate - from 150 million won to one level. Tax rates have been adjusted. 2. Child tax deduction - Dependent allowance is the same, but tax deduction for children Under 6 years old, the section has been revised to a public welfare center The deduction per person has been removed from the second child. 3. Expanded tax credits for medical expenses - To ease the burden of medical expenses for patients with severe diseases It's been revised. 4. Adjusting the standard of non-taxation for production workers, such as night allowance, etc. - Simple labor, such as manufacturing and service positions It has been revised to create a tax. 5. Expanding the premium tax deduction - The revision was made to increase the housing stability of the working class. 6. Increase the monthly tax deduction rate - The revision was made to increase the housing stability of the working class. 7. Expanding credit card income tax deductions - It has been revised to support cultural life. Applies from 18.07.01. ※ For parts that are not marked separately, start at 19.01.01. It's applied. ■ Source: National Tax Service blog https://m

    $simjy . 2019.01.15 08:01

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  • [Hope Circuit] Ios Ilbong Chart (01/10)


    We've hit the center line of the envelope before, but we've hit the support line again. Let's hit the support line one more time tomorrow and turn around the steep climb. #eos #Hopefully #Ios #Tradeing

    $hooney . 2019.01.10 17:21

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  • The story of exchange rate, which is useful for you to know, is ️⃣


    It doesn't usually matter. on a trip, on a fastball (difficult) Let's talk about exchange rates! Sometimes you see 80% of the exchange rate and 90% of the rate of favor. It's hard to see. 90% of the rate? So if a dollar is 1,000 won, do you live for 100 won? That's what I'm thinking. Sometimes you go to a bank quite a long way because of the preferential rate, which is the preferential rate that favors the bank's margin. If you think of it as a commodity, the customer exchange rate will be determined by adding the cost of buying from the bank and managing it (transportation, insurance, etc.) so even if the preferential rate is applied, the bank will not get a dramatic discount, but if you think that the bank's margin is about 20 won per U.S. dollar, you'll get more!😍 Especially when the amount is big. We often give coupons for discounts on bank accounts, so be sure to get preferential treatment and exchange.👍🏻 Oh! And forget about the exchange.Many people exchange at airports. In fact, you don't exchange money at airports, even if you don't get the preferential rate, is the best way to reduce the cost of losing money.😅 Because of the high rent at the airport, the basic exchange rate is higher than other places. Because it is the airport, the preferential rate is lower even if you get preferential treatment. So even if you're lazy, it's hard for you to exchange money before traveling.Now that I'm writing, I want to travel. Exchange rate information # Honeytip for money # I want to travelAh, warm country

    $smilysmily . 2019.01.06 15:39

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  • Great wish for 2019!!


    When I saw the lucky $2.00 post on Maine, I'm gonna take out two bucks of luck in my wallet. Awesome wish!! Great wish for 2019!!

    $ganghan . 2019.01.06 01:09

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  • Get your paycheck for the month of


    If you're working, you'll have to take care of it. The time has come for the year-end settlement. I'm getting my tax back. There are not a lot of money for those who are prepared well enough to be called a salary in the month of Double-income couples need more thorough preparation. In my case, from the beginning of the year, I ask for credit card use to automatic payment before submitting documents and drive or separate. This year's National Tax Service's year-end settlement simplification service is from 2019.0115. First of all, this year's changes are: - Increase the monthly tax deduction rate from 10% to 12% for workers with total salary of 55 million won or less. - 30% deduction for use of books and performance credit cards used by employees with a total salary of 70 million won or less since July this year - Abolish an additional tax deduction of 150,000 won per person from the second child under the age of 6. - Expand the age and period of income tax exemption for the employed in small and medium-sized enterprises. - Additional application of guaranteed tax deduction for return of rental deposit of housing - Expanded pay criteria and jobs subject to tax exemptions on overtime pay for production jobs - Upgrading the maximum tax rate of income tax (at 150 million won or more) Please prepare in advance and take care of your paycheck for the month of March.^^ #Annual settlement #National tax office #End settlement simplified service #13 monthly salary

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.01.05 08:45

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  • #COSPIP #RANGE #SIGHS #2000 points #1965


    #2000 points #1965 #Support line #Accessory #Cospe To be honest, I can't see the line.I'm not embarrassed by the generally expected trend, but I don't want to see Trump or Xi Jinping cross.

    $asap111 . 2019.01.04 14:02

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  • Yolo and Tangjin Jem?


    YOLO has recently emerged as a new consumption trend. Yolo is a new word coined after the initials of the English sentence: "You Only Live Once." "Your life is only once." Let's live our once-in-a-lifetime present! It's in line with Mr. Keating's famous line in the dead poet's society. Therefore, they value their happiness and satisfaction and spend money on it. It's a lifestyle that doesn't save or invest in the future, but doesn't spare spending for hobbies or self-improvement that can improve one's quality of life right away. Recently, there is a similar word for 'tangjin jjam.' Tangjin Jem means to waste a little bit for your own fun. However, some analysts say that one of the reasons for the recent increase in the number of Yolo people and Tangjin jammers is the lack of room to prepare for the future due to the "long-term depression," which has increased the tendency to enjoy the present. The fact that soaring prices, the worst unemployment rate, stagnant wages, and high housing prices make it difficult to ensure a stable future is the cause of the increase in the Yolo tribe. I think it's a good thing to find a moment's happiness for a happy life. It's because the momentary happiness comes together to make a happy life. In that sense, the Yolo people who seek happiness and joy now can be seen as well. However, we should not mistake Yolo for reckless consumption and waste and spend it like, 'Let's eat and die today' Especially, if you use Yolro as an excuse to overspend for foreign cars or luxury goods that don't fit your needs, you'll be happy for a while, but you'll end up in the aftermath of the disaster due to excessive consumption. If I live my own life, the consumption trend of the Yolo people can bring happiness, but if I have to make a family and live my life in the future, I don't think life for today alone without preparation for the future is a very desirable life. Preparing for the future is essential if you want to get married, raise a child, and have a comfortable old life. Life that values the present may sometimes look splendid and wonderful, but if you live without preparation for the future, you won't be able to guarantee a stable and comfortable retirement. Life is important now, but life in the future is important. Once in my life, I will have to make a wise choice to enjoy the present in a given environment, but also to think and prepare for the future. What do you think of Tangjin Jem and Yolo people?

    $turtle . 2019.01.01 18:22

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  • I hope you'll all be rich in 2019.


    I'm in my 30s, and I'm very interested in investing and money, such as stocks, real estate, and so on home and abroad. I'd like to share information about investment and small stories such as restaurants, movies, and travel. Owls are called animals that bring wealth. Happy New Year to all of you in 2019. It's about economic wealth, it's about getting a sense of mind. I hope you have a meaningful year.

    $snowball . 2019.01.01 12:40

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  • #Brucell Monte Des Arts


    #Brucell Monte Des Arts

    $nabang . 2018.12.31 20:49

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  • #Hanoi Hoankiem


    #Hanoy Hanoi

    $nabang . 2018.12.31 20:37

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  • # Amsterdam


    #Amsterdam Amsterdam

    $nabang . 2018.12.31 20:32

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  • Share the honey tips for WiMef discount


    Coupang is good for Coupang, but Wimef is often attractive. There are many events and honey tips that get a 5% discount regardless of the item you buy! The process of buying a WiMef point and buying a five-percentage point is a bit annoying, but it is useful when buying a large amount of money (when you're in a milk powder dispute) You must search for a WiMef point in the search box and get a five percent discount.

    $smilysmily . 2018.12.31 11:07

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  • Green


    green picture

    $kdra154 . 2018.12.30 15:55

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  • the head of a bay


    This is dumpling

    $kdra154 . 2018.12.28 15:00

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