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  • 한국 정발판 네오지오 미니 입니다

    Mobile Technology

    한국 정발판 네오지오 미니 입니다. 대학 기숙사 살 때 이은석이랑 아르바이트한 돈을 합쳐서 네오지오를 중고로 샀었죠. USB 전원으로 동작하는 미니게임기가 되다니 감개무량합니다. MAX 330 MEGA(bit) PRO-GEAR SPEC! #story #pub #publyto #korean #korea #life #amazing #electricalwork #electronic

    $peopleware . 2019.07.08 16:06

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  • 발뻗고 영화보자(가성비_갑)

    Mobile Technology

    어제 드디어 씨네큐 프리미엄관 체험했습니다. 일단 가격이 착합니다. 13000원! 타 프리미엄관보다 엄청 싼겁니다ㅋㅋ 싸다고 타 프리미엄관보다 안좋은건 아닙니다. 라운지도 있고요~ 라운지 안에 화장실도 있고요~ 의자도 누울정도로 펴지고요~ 핸드폰도 충전할 수 있고요~ 음료 홀더도 시원함을 유지해주고요~ 이번주 스파이더맨도 이미 프리미엄관으로 예약했습니다 ㅋㅋ 세상 편하네요 *단점 아닌 단점 - 커플석임에도 불구하고 중간에 테이블때문에 너무 멀어서 손을 못잡음.. 응? 좋은건가 나쁜건가? #씨네큐 #씨네큐신도림 #씨네큐프리미엄관

    $hooney . 2019.07.01 07:43

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  • Pixel3

    Mobile Technology

    #pixel3 #pixel3notpink #notpink 남들이 안 쓰는 핸드폰을 사용한다고 해서 자신이 특별한 줄 아는 힙스터 병에 걸린 사람들이 우리 주변에는 있습니다. ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 모르겠고 새 폰 왔다. #픽셀3

    $hercu1e . 2019.06.18 18:39

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  • The math is Kwanda.

    Mobile Technology

    #Publyto #Sara #Publito #Kwanda My kids are getting more annoyed with their math homework. I don't know if it's getting difficult or if puberty is going to come up.😢😢 When I mentioned this to Telbang, $dr.Math recommended Qanda. Some people recommended Big Mass. One of the reasons for Qanda's decision is that it's free.LOL If you take a picture of the problem in the problem paper and set up an area so that only one problem is selected, The problem with each of the problem books comes out below. If you choose the right one, it shows you the process of solving the problem. Of course, the answer. I was surprised to hear that the world has gotten better with my child. My old record was awesome.L Until now, I trained them not to look at the answers on their questionnaires. I didn't sneak a look at it, but now that I have this simple app, I'm afraid I'll just find out the answer before the kid does it. I was promised that I'll only find it when I can't do it. But I think I can ask you a few times. I don't think I can use it even if I just want to. But when I think I have only one chance to ask, why am I more impatient?L I'm thinking about how to increase the number of times.🤣🤣 I bragged to my child that I did some math. I can't solve the problem by looking at the time. Was it this level when we were first? It's getting harder and harder for me to study.ㅜㅜ If you have children of similar age, please recommend anything useful. English, science, society. I'll sneak a look at him and pretend like I knew him.Hahaha

    $sara . 2019.03.17 18:36

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  • Galaxy S10 Purchase Anniversary Publicity Certified Shot!

    Mobile Technology

    Ugh... It is so wide! #publicto #galaxys10plus

    $funkrider . 2019.03.06 18:24

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  • #Galaxy A6s #Samsung #Reverse discrimination #Snapdragon660 #6gb

    Mobile Technology

    #6gb #Samsung #Reverse discrimination #Galaxya6s #Snapdragon660 It's cheap, but the specifications are killing me.It's made by Xiaomi and supplied to Samsung. They say there's no sales plan in Korea. I guess Samsung is a Chinese company.crying

    $asap111 . 2019.01.04 14:47

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