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  • Be careful not to catch a cold during the change of seasons.


    I hear a lot of bad news in the change of seasons. I also went to a condolence visit with my friends yesterday. Contact your parents and senior citizens from time to time, and be careful not to catch a cold.

    $peterpa . 2019.03.16 03:27

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  • A bunch of nutritional pills!


    I hated going to the hospital and taking medicine. I've been eating well and healthy since I was a kid, and I didn't know it was medicine.A few years ago, when I felt so tired, something just came up on my neck. I scratched it, and it spread like a wart.I went to the hospital, and my immune system broke, so I wrote...ㅜㅜ I started to eat more and more nutritious food, so I started to eat them one by one. I've been taking good medicine for a while, and I've been taking it off since the end of last year, so I'm buying it again because I don't think I'll be able to handle it.L When you eat, is it just... is it? Is it better? I thought it was better, but when I cut it off, I can't believe it worked. Eat well and exercise well. That would be the best, but it's not as easy as it sounds.ㅜㅜ I usually buy it with a fastball at IHub. This time, we get 10% discount on all items and buy 6 bottles full. (You can buy only 6 bottles at a time.) At first, you should study and choose what to buy and what combination to eat. On Naver, I watch and make a combination on Kuma's blog. If you think about it, you can collect it and eat it cheaply. It's about 30,000 won for a month's worth, so there's no big burden. You should take care of your health, whether you're taking medicine or exercising. Be healthy during the change of seasons, too.^^

    $sara . 2019.03.11 19:43

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  • The cause of my hair loss!!!


    I usually shampoo twice a day. Before work, because of the new housewarming head, Another time after work, I'm worried about my hair covered with fine dust. But regardless of that, he came. It's called "Dupee boring dermatitis." These days, my scalp is itchy and like a pimple on my head. I got it. What do you call it, rice cake?like Fiji It's starting to grow. (I'm not a dirty person or a ᅮ-ᅲ) I'll change the shampoo and do the way it's on the Internet. I reported it, but it was better for a couple of days, and then I repeated it again. It was. I decided to go to the hospital because I don't know the hospital very well. Doctors say it's also scalp boring dermatitis. First of all, what is scalp boring dermatitis? Itching, pain, inflammation, and so on. It appears in two types. 1) The type of boredom Usually, stress, drinking, smoking, lack of sleep, etc. It's caused by lifestyle patterns. Excessive sebum secretion appears and the sebum accumulates. My scalp also gets goose bumps. 2) Dry type It's caused by lack of moisture and dryness. White and small abrasions occur and the itching is intense. It is affected by the weather of cosmetics in the lifestyle. If you leave it unattended, it will lead to hair loss and eventually. Shrek's bald head in the picture. I'm gonna get shot at the hospital, put it on my scalp, prescribe it. I also bought the shampoo I recommended. I'm home. It's gonna be a lot of dry weather these days. If you just let it go, it'll get worse. Don't take care of them all at home. They're They're I recommend you get professional treatment. -Couple-

    $simjy . 2019.01.20 12:10

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  • Be careful when taking vitamins!!

    Medicine I found something amazing while searching today. If you don't drink water properly when you take vitamins, it can stick to your esophagus and cause perforation in your stomach. My doctor told me I was out of vitamin B and D, so I had to take some nutritional supplements. So I took the nutritional supplements I ordered, and when I took them, I always felt like the medicine was attached to my esophagus, and my heart was pounding. When I went to the hospital, I just told him to take a cure and eat slowly, but it didn't make any difference. I've always been on nutrition. I don't take medicine these days, but I don't feel bad lately... I think it's because of the vitamins. The bottom line is the amount of water you eat when you take vitamins. I have to eat about 240cc of water. You have to eat at least 50cc. I was eating only my throat for a day. In my experience, capsule medicine doesn't even look good in warm water. Anyway, please watch the video!

    $minwoo . 2019.01.09 21:57

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  • a member of the House of Representatives of the Geum River


    My mother's mouth has been shaking lately.So I came to the oriental medicine clinic. I've been on high blood pressure lately, so I've been prescribed blood pressure medication again, but I'm not sure I'm getting any better. I saw the doctor at the oriental medical center. He said it's because he didn't sleep well. I was worried if there was any sense of humor. Yesterday's Alzheimer's test is a good thing.

    $drui . 2019.01.09 10:36

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  • United Multivitamin & Mineral Stick


    Korea United Pharmaceuticals Multi-vitamin & Mineral Stick! Not only Vitamin C, but also minerals and delicious powder form, so I often eat it.

    $m.j.choi . 2019.01.08 20:04

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  • Now you're old enough to take care of your health!


    So I bought Daewoong Pharmaceutical's Impactamin Premium to take care of myself. Haha go outside these days When I look at it, I often advertise on the side of the bus or all over the place. I heard that Daechi-dong is famous for its vitamins. I'm looking forward to seeing my hard-headed hair back on track.^^

    $ . 2019.01.07 22:49

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  • sunlight; depression cure


    This picture was taken in Guam. I miss Guam in this weather. These days, warm sunshine is precious and welcome weather. Winter is basically a bedridden time, so it's easy for people to feel depressed or lethargic. Even if you're depressed and lethargic these days, you're in a state of mind that conforms to the season, so I hope you can accept it. That's what nature's logic is, so you don't have to be too depressed. Winter is the season in which the value of warmth shines the most. This is also why people born in winter are concerned about whether or not they are angry. If you're born in winter and you're well-developed, it' Even if it's cold, it's nice to hold a flashlight in your pocket. That's what it looks like. Did you know that we're actually using light as a means of treating depression? It allows you to artificially enjoy the nearest light of the sun for about 2 to 30 minutes. Of course, it's not just natural, but it's for those of you who don't bother going out for the sun. I'm sure the sun is a big deal, but the sun itself is a sure tool to open a person's Lie still or sit in a sunny spot. I really feel like someone is sitting me up. It's not just the body, but also the heart. It's healing. And I'm grateful for this kind of sunshine. And the impatience disappears. This is what I'm saying in mind-set meditation. I'm just thankful that I'm in a state of calm without thinking about anything and nothing. I wrote about my gratitude for the cold weather. Have a warm day.

    $ourforest . 2019.01.02 16:29

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  • Tylenol Cold


    I bought three Tylenol Colds when I left early today after the closing ceremony. Many of you know that Tyrerol is a headache medicine, but Tyrenol Cold is a general cold medicine. My house is always packed with emergency cold medicine. If you suddenly have a cold at night, or if you suddenly catch a cold on holidays, It's quick to eat We'll catch them early on. I think he's relieving a lot of common cold symptoms. This won't solve a bad cold. In that case, you should visit the hospital and take medication for your symptoms.

    $poiu . 2018.12.31 13:49

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  • Hello, I'm OOO's dental information. I'll let you know that it's going to be changed for the 19th year.^^


    It's a job. I think there are some parents in Publicito too. ᄒᄒNext year, less than 5 days are left, and when 2019 comes, regin treatment will be applied to those under 12 years of age from the new year.Here's what you need to be aware of. 1. Age: 12 years old or younger (birthday is important because it's based on industrial standards) 2. Applied teeth: Only permanent teeth (usually under the age of 12 will be permanent teeth for adults who speak easily and usually have a permanent teeth), i.e. yuchi is not applicable. 3. Scope: The government, which is now 30 percent of the payroll costs, sees the proper cost of resins as around 80,000 to 90,000 won.^^ 4. Can I get a resin in-lay? No!! Direct charging, i.e. only light-medium alloys that take effect on that day^^ Is this the way it is?No, through observation for six months of application of the benefits, additional water adjustment or age extension are reviewed. It's the first part, so the number, percentage, age, etc. can be adjusted.^^ This is a picture of a mixing heater, a combination of permanent teeth and a glass. Lezhin Insurance Co., Ltd. is not a yuchi with a permanent tooth hidden below, and in this picture, how many teeth will be covered? Quiz ᄒᄒ

    $tangtangdent . 2018.12.28 10:36

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