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  • lunch box (feat. picnic)


    My wife, who's been suffering from a children's picnic since dawn. Good job~ I love you so much.

    $candy . 2019.04.19 09:17

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  • Happy birthday.


    Is today coming to an end? A lot of people are asking for me. I'm able to get rid of it without being lonely. Take a day off. I came to my parents' house and I ate seaweed soup for my mom's Put a candle on the cake. I got Chuca, too. My oldest daughter's got me a frying pan. The fragrance of flowers pervades the whole house. with a fragrant and happy raw heart I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's almost over. For all your Publito friends, Thank you so much. 😚🎁😊🍎🌸🌹

    $yeonwu . 2019.04.18 22:48

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  • Smell the dachshunds:)


    🐕🐕 My boys. I bought you a nose job. Stress relief Giyomi Nae-chae-chae I'm looking for you. #Nogoutin' #Nozwalk#Stress down#Find out where you are #My stress# #Doctor Hunt #Lady #Dachshund #Gastagram #My boys #Daily #Dachshund Smell the dachshund:) Smell the doggie dachshund:) Smell the dachshund:) Smell the doggie dachshund:) Smell the dakshund.

    $ministyle1 . 2019.04.17 21:31

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  • I like the playground.


    Today's Hiroin is his mother-in-law! I'm having a hard time, but you're here to see the kids. Thank you so much~ Your mother is love!!

    $tongtong . 2019.04.16 21:34

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  • When a mother says she's tired,


    "When a mother says she's tired, she literally means she's really tired. a son or daughter Father son or daughter is not saying that you want to forget the existence of children. If you want some time alone, you really want to be alone for a while. It doesn't mean that being a mother was a mistake in her life. It's because I really want help when I say I need help to get things done. I'm not suggesting that I'm not capable of doing that. Making noodles for dinner doesn't mean you only serve noodles to children all week. When you visit a mother's house, you shouldn't argue that the house is always in a mess because you saw it in a mess. When Mom says she would love to go out with her friends, she just wants to do that. Neither is the go back to be single, nor is it the be eager to rid herselfof her responsibilities. Listen to a mother screaming, don't be dismissed as a freak. Probably 300 times with normal voice tone. On the edge of madness When you see a neurotic mother, you shouldn't point your finger at it as madness. There must be a whole context and a whole context. You shouldn't judge someone and create something they don't. Every day, at all times, she's always giving up her own life to live the life of the child. There is no one in the world that can give up as much as your mother. ※ This is a woman named Charity Beth from Pennsylvania who told Facebook about her struggles as a mother and asked her to be more understanding, not to make snap judgments. ※ The picture is me and my lovely daughter.

    $sanstudio . 2019.04.16 10:19

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  • cute things


    #Incheon Grand Park #Flower #Photos #Four #Four #Four #Fourly #Meet #Jeong Because the weather is nice, I went to Incheon Grand Park after a long time. I'd like to come out when I see some of them who are excited and like them. too hard to come out once;;;;;; If it wasn't for Jung-eun today, she wouldn't have come; Thank you, Jung Eun~

    $tongtong . 2019.04.16 03:04

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  • It's been a while since I took a two shots~


    #Incheon Grand Park #Pubu picture #Long time no see #Two shot #Yooh #Bot blossom play #Asset It's been a long time since the whole family got help from Jung-eun. Are you all happy at Incheon Grand Park? I liked it too! Jihyun, I love you!

    $tongtong . 2019.04.16 03:03

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  • Let's take a picture!!


    I fell while I was running. I got up and I got strong. I asked you to hug me. I'm asking you to take a picture and keep hiding. You are happy.

    $tongtong . 2019.04.16 03:02

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  • Good sister to read books!!


    Read it to me. Don't make up with me.

    $tongtong . 2019.04.16 03:02

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  • The short video that my father's helper's daughter made me do it.


    This is a short video from my dad's social media helper. They make one like this.~~

    $fire . 2019.04.14 10:07

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  • Let's go out and play.


    #fine dust #room play #car # princess clothes Thanks to the fine dust, these guys are only playing at home!!! Let's go out on a good day!Let's have fun!!!

    $tongtong . 2019.04.14 04:42

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  • Love is Not Necessary


    Having sincere love is not like having an object, where you can aim here and there as we want, the nature of a person is different from the others, and not all people are according to our wishes, (love is not necessary).

    $boyelleq . 2019.04.13 14:35

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  • Hip 3 (sam)


    My daughter drew me for the first time, mom for the first time.~ I was surprised that my body and face were so detailed!! Kindly go to your butt. It's been blooming in three letters of fish lately.LOL

    $tongtong . 2019.04.13 05:18

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  • a mother's lullaby


    May is coming. "Children, my baby, Good night, my dear. Don't bark. 'My baby wake up...' I was raised with two children, and I was very familiar with them when I was a child. While singing the lullaby, I patted the children and slept. When I think about it, a lot of years have When did this pass? I raised six daughters. My mother had four sons. But I lost everything. My oldest son was six years old when he was surprised by the war. The son who gave birth to two daughters died of a plague at the age of two, And the son who had just given birth to another child, he told his father, He went to his family because he was kicked out, but things don't work out. I went into an empty house, and I was alone in a room I never even had a bullfight. She gave birth to a baby and said she was frozen to death. And then the son who gave birth to two daughters. He died a little over a hundred days later, not knowing much about the disease. The tears of my father and mother are vivid in my memory. The last child I was born as a man was my younger brother. It happened when I was five years old. When you think about it, what a terrible fate? How much grief did you have when you lost a child one by one? I don't think it's something you've been absent-minded all your life? When my mother gave birth to me as a daughter. My father said that he cried while hitting the ground in his upper room. I gave birth to a daughter. It's the 19th of April in the lunar calendar. I was born in May. After a hundred days passed and my brother passed away. Also, the mother had two daughters. The son, however affectionately, goes to heaven. Daughters are big enough to let go. That mother cut me off my mother's arm. I remember singing a lullaby. And that lullaby you used to call my brothers to bed... Sometimes I miss the arms and the lullaby. Mother, I hope you are really happy in heaven, I wish you all the tears that flow now. Mother... I am always sorry and I love you.

    $starway . 2019.04.12 15:01

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  • Do you know how to memorize Gugudan's 3rd stage?


    I'm telling you I'm memorizing up to the fourth level. I don't think I'm confident in the fourth stage.~~^^ Do you know how to memorize 3rd place?lol I'm going to memorize the 3rd stage of my daughter's hair...L

    $fire . 2019.04.12 13:56

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  • Alternate........


    what happened;

    $tongtong . 2019.04.12 05:03

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  • I finally cut


    You're pretty with your son's hair cut.^^

    $tongtong . 2019.04.12 05:03

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  • Goodbye.. My eternal friend David. Thank you.


    I still can't believe it. A day later this afternoon, I checked again while talking to the Korean Alliance Gunpil. David... just a few hours ago, with a bright smile. We've been together where we've been. I am so absent from your sudden death that I am on my second day. Your passion, dream, sweat, and effort that you have shown at EOS Korea Alliance have been passed on. Sometimes like my brother in Korea, sometimes like a foreign krypto expert who came to us and helped us realize the nature of governance. My big brother, who's had a big seat on our side with a single meeting in his life. A wonderful gentleman who heard of our first child's illness, held an event at Christmas to warm up our family... Please don't get sick there. I wish your family eternal blessings and peace. I have a lot to say, but I will remember you forever. I love you. p.s. I'm really sorry I didn't see your last. Please make yourself at peace.

    $nihonman . 2019.04.11 22:46

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  • Do you want to be a pink pong?


    Thank you for playing so well!!! I also thank my mother for taking good care of the children!! I love you.

    $tongtong . 2019.04.11 02:17

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  • You're good!!~~


    How can you be so excited?

    $tongtong . 2019.04.11 02:17

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  • I have three children!


    I've become a father. I'm happy!!!^^ All fathers, fighting!!!

    $tongtong . 2019.04.10 02:39

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  • I'm selling this stuff.

    Love Children's homes are a necessity!

    $tongtong . 2019.04.10 02:38

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  • I'm my dad.


    It's me! He's still experiencing life. I'm becoming an adult with Asset!!

    $tongtong . 2019.04.10 02:38

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  • If you just play like this every day...


    It must be a very peaceful day...LOL

    $tongtong . 2019.04.09 07:41

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  • What is dizziness?


    Why do they keep asking me to take care of them? And, honey, can you film me well so I don't feel nervous?

    $tongtong . 2019.04.09 01:43

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  • You're good. Good job.


    How much praise do you usually get and how much do you? When children are young, they have a "good, good" mouth. ^^ Maybe he praised them for being good at breathing. When I was a kid, I said, "Oh. Good job!" That's the paintwork. What is this is it? But as I got bigger and bigger, I got a lot of compliments. That's probably because the standards for good change. When I was a kid, I was good at every gesture I made. As you grow older, you say you're good. You have to do better than others. You're good. And as you grow older, as you grow older, being praised is like a star in the sky. There is a famous saying that says, "Chin Chan makes whales dance, too." But whales aren't the only ones that make them dance. It is said that positive praise has a positive effect on me as well as on others. The other person who is praised is Pygmalion effect, and the person who praises says it has psychological stability because he or she looks positively at things and people positively. You need a lot of praise as well as kids and others. How come now as an adult? Why don't you give yourself a compliment before you expect it from someone? "Good job. That's enough!"

    $eternize . 2019.04.08 12:15

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  • Shamelessly loving myself.


    Shamelessly loving myself.

    $sergiomendes . 2019.04.08 06:37

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  • a hellish training with one's son a birth secret


    My toes are longer than my little fingers and my second toe is longer than my thumb. But don't imagine too much of a meanness.The toes are just a little bit long. But when they're born, they put a stamp on their feet, right? The only thing that comes in at a glance is the second toe.The old saying that you can't steal a seed is just perfect. My sons are growing up and, strangely enough, they were both the chief goalkeepers in elementary school, and the second is active. Yesterday, I had two penalty kicks in a match with the school next door, but I missed them," she cried and cried. I'm not good enough, but I can't say I'm proud of myself. I talked about my father's experiences and tried to soothe him. I learned soccer from coach Kim Ho when I was in elementary school and played for a while. I gave up because of my parents' opposition, but as a hobby I played golf until I was in the army. In the army, I once won a military convention and went on vacation. When I heard of my dad's failures, I was so proud to go to training right away that I had no choice but to lift a heavy. I've never said it before, but it's amazingly athletic. On Saturday evening, we will go to the nearby soccer field and go to the goalkeeper's hell training. I need to practice hard and come tomorrow because of lack of sliding and catch.I hope you'll be more confident in the next game. Future goalkeifer of national society team

    $bigman35 . 2019.04.07 08:19

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  • Love and War!!


    Kids...;; I'll buy you another one.

    $tongtong . 2019.04.07 06:23

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  • You look good in appearance!!lol


    That's a big cut, my daughter! She is now 6 months old. Third! I want to be a dad who plays a lot, but the reality is...

    $tongtong . 2019.04.07 06:22

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