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  • One Scorched Workshop Unit Burned.


    One Scorched Workshop Unit Burned.

    $echoatmaja1 . 2019.04.16 04:10

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  • Did you really cut it down?

    Journalism There's a crisis in the next main page. I mean, even if you cut it down and you cut it down, it down... It's called "Marriage? You Can't." I felt bitter while reading. It was amazing that there was still an uncivilized marriage culture. It was also quite surprising to put a house in the wedding money. I'm not talking about the old saying, "The Divine Marriage is in a single room..." Wouldn't it be a problem to include housing costs in the wedding fund? Of course, housing is definitely a place for marriage, but even if you don't get married, shouldn't it be excluded from the calculation of marriage funds? If housing were to be included in the wedding, the wedding would have to include all the food, transportation and childcare expenses for the entire life of marriage. Therefore, I think putting housing money into marriage is just a media play to attract attention. Rather, isn't this a media play that creates a sense of hypocrisy for many people who don't even have a relationship, let alone get married? Personally, they are against the idea that marriage is a meeting between the family and the family. Even if the information in that article goes away from the old notion of family and family meeting, So even if you're left with a man you love completely, The food for gifts, hares, and jeans is gone and will save approximately 28 million won. Hmm... I look forward to the creation of a culture in which we regard all of us as uncivilized.

    $gregory . 2019.04.14 20:15

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  • The unconstitutional judgment of abortion, which is now legalized for abortion


    Yesterday, the Constitutional Court of Korea ruled that abortion is unconstitutional and now abortion is legal in Korea. It's a very controversial issue, about abortion. Recently gained their power to the feminism of the many discussions on the French, who argue that illegal abortion is unconstitutional. - Abortion is also a woman's right to self-determination. - The state is exerting strong repression of women's bodies for the birth rate. There were a lot of arguments on the other side that were unconstitutional. But the legal argument remains unchanged today. - The fetus is life, and this life must be protected as well. ------------------------------------- When I was in middle school, I watched a video of abortion in sex education class. It was a shock that could not be described by the word "shock. How does the little fetus know his death? They struggle to avoid death. The life was horribly mutilated. ------------------------------------- I am against abortion regardless of religion. (In fact, not only Catholics and Protestants but also other religions who believe in the idea of prostitution are against abortion.) The fetus is life. If we continue to supply the minimum amount of nutrients, You can be born and have human status. He could grow up to be a life-saving doctor, a fireman, You can be a superstar, or you can be an ordinary office worker. Or you could be a cleaner who makes the streets clean. Or we could just be human beings with human dignity. But now that abortion has been legalized, the only possible way out of life has been cut... -------------------------------------------- There may be someone here who believes and claims that abortion is legal. I don't want to argue directly with them because they're wrong. All I want to say is, the fetus is life, and life is precious. Before legalizing abortion charges, if a man and woman have sex and do not want to conceive, then we need to make sure that the contraception is correct and proper. I think it's better to do something first. - I think pregnancy by unwanted sexual relations (such as rape) can be solved by improving the legal system. ------------------------------------------ I added the term editorial to the title because it's a personal opinion. I've been in the debate club for a long time. In the Publicity community I don't want to be the seed of conflict. Constructively, please leave your honest opinion. 'Oh, that's what he thinks. I'd appreciate it if you could just accept it as much. We don't fight. Come on. Come on.

    $levi . 2019.04.12 11:30

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  • Daily Smartphonephotography #18


    Daily Smartphone Photography Post #18 Taken By : $aboutzky Take With : Xiaomi redmi 6A Editing Tool : Picsay Pro

    $aboutzky . 2019.04.11 21:39

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  • the choice of parents who had or had no birth.


    After the Lunar New Year's Day, the nation's biggest holiday, there are always questions that you don't want to hear about, such as marriage, employment and childbirth. Nevertheless, the fact that these questions are repeated is not something to be talked about by adults, so I understand that. I thought I was in a comfortable position to clean everything up in my position with a marriage and a job and a child, but this is one of the questions that I don't want to hear. "What about the first child's brother? The second plan is?' She already had one and had a wife and a daughter, so she agreed to raise one very well, but she is talking about the second child. Let's talk about the shortcomings of the only child, starting with the loneliness. No matter how much we have no plans. Even if you are an only child, you should pour out your love without sharing your love. I believe that the only child is loved and can grow correctly. Marriage is great in the world these days, and every parent with one or more children deserves respect. How about a word of support for a family with one child before the second plan?Hah!

    $loveseol . 2019.02.20 14:31

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