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  • Replace the flow light line with white lol

    Home Decorating

    Eventually, the line was bought back in white.

    $loveseol . 2019.04.04 23:20

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  • Install with Ikea flow lamp table lamp

    Home Decorating

    Kitchen flow etc.. The line should be renewed in white. I heard the wrong order from my wife. I don't know when, but there's one more thing I need to restore before I leave. #Ikea#Home interea

    $loveseol . 2019.04.04 23:19

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  • paper lampshade

    Home Decorating

    I saw it on the Internet and folded it up. I just made a flow lamp at the company shelter. LOL. But I don't think it's worth watching when you turn off the lights.#Self-Interrier#diy Material A4 Chapter 5, Room, Double-sided Tape ᄒᄒ and Time!!!

    $loveseol . 2019.04.04 23:17

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  • Pottery

    Home Decorating

    #Draw chair #Stand #Cup #Light light #You're so pretty #It's my Sta. # There's some price, so let's get one cup!L

    $yeonsk . 2019.02.26 13:13

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  • #Vide replacement #Diy #Blumming Videa

    Home Decorating

    #Blomingbide #diy #Devide #Bideaux #Replace Videe, I know it's homedeco, but... I'll write it down. The Novita Vide, which I've been using for the last four years, suddenly stopped working one day I called in the repairman to find out the cause, and he said it was caused by a leak on the main board. I tried to repair it and try it out, but the main board was replaced at 100,000 won. Of course I thought it would be waterproof, but it wasn't.~ So I started searching with some criteria. 1. All-Way Full Waterproofing 2. The button is remote (buttons are vulnerable) 3. Pseudo-plastic ratio That's what I picked. Blaming r-321 Vide. I also cleaned the bathroom properly. I love the remote control system and the design is great. It's hard to understand.

    $msjpkpk . 2019.02.23 21:06

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  • Wallboard #FIABA#HUMMING_CUBE#HomeInterrier

    Home Decorating

    Piavara is an interior brand of hummingcube wallboard.₩9.9 million It's an evil price, but it's good for a hollow wall interior. I've got a home cafe with a wallboard in my house.Hah!

    $loveseol . 2019.02.18 13:03

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  • decorative dart

    Home Decorating

    In the fall of 2017, the shooting ability was selected at the drawing site of an air gun drawing site. It's Dart. I didn't know if I was good at air guns. I chose Dart as my best product. At first, family members often threw with a little bit of betting, and when nephews came to play, they threw and played hard. As we have one or two more rides such as cell phones, they are becoming more and more decorative. But they're holding on to it without telling me to take it apart. Isn't it okay with the wall decorations in the house?

    $fire . 2019.02.11 00:12

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  • The replacement phase of the old sensor lamp.

    Home Decorating

    We've replaced the sensor light that's been out of order for a couple of months. Fortunately, it's a corner position that people often know, so it wasn't that uncomfortable. It was an excuse, but I did it like I was fickle on a day when I didn't do; It was an old sensor lamp, so I used an incandescent bulb. We'll get it if we're forced to, but now it's the age of LEDs, let's replace it with a barrel! Come on. Let's work.Oh, I'll take the tools, I'll take the ladder, I'll put down the blocker. You climb up the ladder, you look at the ceiling, your hands stand. Listen up, whizzing around until the job is complete, and the replacement is done. I'm not happy about it. I'm ... It's still working, but there are about 10 sensors left for incandescent light bulbs, which are the life of the deadlines! That means that one day we will eventually have this much work to replace for LEDs?! ......amolang~ ...if it breaks down, we'll have to replace it or something. How do we get rid of the ones that are still in good shape and replace them? P.S: Use goggle-shaped goggles to protect your eyes when you're looking up below; The dust and cement powder from the old stuff get in your eyes and it's a big mess!

    $kikirang . 2019.02.03 03:03

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  • The tree is with you all winter.

    Home Decorating

    Trees that have been placed since December are not allowed in easily. Who said that?I'm just gonna let it go until it's springtime. Until Rug and Rama change the frame, the tree stays with... # Living room frame #Lost frame #Homedecogram #MaRaustagram #RugInterior #Cushion cover #Living room #Homecog #Homecoco #Living room #CushionChushchen #Sound #Christmas incinerator #Home order #Mama #Homestagram #Rug #Christmas

    $morinori . 2019.02.02 00:56

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  • Do you like this decoration?

    Home Decorating

    This decoration is used during weddings, decorations decorated with colorful "LOVE" inscriptions illuminated with small decorative lights, this really looks very beautiful! #decoration #travel #party

    $yandott . 2019.01.22 01:11

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  • Renew old water supply D.I.Y.

    Home Decorating

    For 15 years, the mukmuk has been separating and mixing hot water with cold water. The washbasin has become ill. (= Nitrogen is leaking from the side of Susan's side.) Normally, water leaks are easily reduced by water pressure and high temperature on the packing on the hot water side. It tends to split. The reason and how to deal with it can't be easily fixed is that most manufacturers of handcrafts can't be easily fixed. Do not sell internal packing (or ring ) separately; To sell separately and get affordable replacement compatible packing I've found information that can be obtained by searching through Cheonggyecheon Stream or Gyeongeo parts stores. Right now, the new water seal is replaced, so exploring the parts dealer is the next opportunity; Remove the existing water supply lumps, remove the cold and hot water pipes, and place the new water supply in position. The work is done by connecting the cold hot water tube to its place without any confusion. Of course, for this process, each coming space needs to have its head inserted and its arms folded. I'll wind up the Teflon tape on the connecting rod, and I'll let you take care of the leak, and I'll do everything before you tighten it up too hard. Turn the water on for testing and check if each connection is leaking and tighten and finish if there is no problem. I've had a hard time doing nothing because I didn't work out The new Susan won't spill a drop of water. She'll cover up the hot water and mix it up. I'm so happy! We're going to do DIY on this flavor.ᅮ

    $kikirang . 2019.01.18 02:56

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  • Built-in gas stove recycling D.I.Y.

    Home Decorating

    Last year or the year before the electric range craze... One weekend, I went to the main street and I replaced the landfill gas stove with an electric range. There's a good old gas stove egg left. My parents asked me to put this out for what, so it's clean at first glance. 'Well... it looks a lot better than my honeymoon gas stove... well... it's a little bit of a waste. ' When I woke up, "Water" was already in the trunk of the car and started to worry. But the problem is that from now on... I've just picked it up and looked at it, and it looks like it's a perfect fit, but it's a landfill, so I've got a lot of room for it's I need a case or a housing for you. When I found out later, I sold them as well. We're going to recycle the demolition range, and we're going to buy some house for the house! With the Hungry spirit, we made a house of similar colors and somehow succeeded in recycling it! I'm glad I looked better than I thought, if I had failed, I would have paid it with an electric range.

    $kikirang . 2019.01.18 01:46

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  • a five-year-old boy's

    Home Decorating

    The house is in a good mood. You can always see flowers.

    $drui . 2019.01.15 16:29

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  • #Baskin Robbins #Little rabbit is cute #

    Home Decorating

    #Baskin Robbins If you buy more than 2,900 won, you can buy Muddeung+Orgol. The kids love it. It's as if the cost of caustic sex is the best.

    $wonsama . 2019.01.13 18:58

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  • Waiting the New Year like...

    Home Decorating

    #darlingweekend #myhyggehome #pursuepretty #elisauc #chillinathome #hohoho #homedecor #thehappynow #christmastradition #seasongreetings #deckthehalls #chicagoblogger #whitechristmas #apartmenttherapy #fireplace #hotchocolate #thatsdarling #christmascountdown #netflixmovies #momentsofmine #cozyhome

    $elisauc . 2018.12.30 01:47

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  • American Greeting gift packaging!

    Home Decorating

    #americangreetings #gifts #christmasgifts #wrappingpaper #amgreetings #cozyhome #sponsored #elisauc #holidaysavings #blogginggals #christmastradition #decorating #homedecor

    $elisauc . 2018.12.30 01:43

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  • #Window cleaning #Window robot cleaning # Weather

    Home Decorating

    # Weather # Window Cleaning # Weekend # New marriage # Window Robot Cleaning Those who can't clean the windows. It's very cold to clean the outdoor area. 〇 Cleaning the windows is clean. Haha

    $tangtangdent . 2018.12.27 17:18

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