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  • The fifth anniversary of the Sewol ferry disaster.


    There are politicians who talk to the bereaved families today. I think he's crazy... and he refuses to be human. They even look like Japan, which is a war criminal state. I beg you to be... "The dark cannot beat the light. I can't stand lying. Truth will not sink. We don't give up."

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  • Banjir Tahun Lalu


    Sebuah kisah pilu membuat indonesia kembali berduka, banjir melanda beberapa provinsi di indonesia tahun lalu.

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  • Stop Money Politic


    Stop Money Politic..

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  • Fair City Historic Exhibition Hall


    I went downtown a few days ago, and I had some time to spare, so I went around the alley.go I found the Fair City Heritage Exhibition Hall. I went into town because there was a historical exhibition hall under the building. They kept the traces of past buildings in a large space. There was a VR experience in the exhibition, but this is the first time for a rustic to do VR. The story was to walk around the old building and listen to the description of the architecture. In VR, you're going to hear the explanation as you move the room, the kitchen, the floor, and so on, and you're going to stop. Actually, my body is floundering forward with inertia. I felt like I was going to fall, so I grabbed the equipment next to me. You were a VR-experienced rascal. I heard there's a VR game. How do you do this?ᄒᄒ) The Fair City Heritage Exhibition Hall is operated as a branch of the Seoul Museum of History. In 2015, while pushing ahead with the project to refurbish the urban environment in the fair 1, 2, and 4, alleys and buildings of Seoul, a historical city from Hanyang in Joseon to the Gyeongseong in modern times, were completely excavated. Therefore, the Seoul Metropolitan Government opened the Fair Urban Heritage Exhibition Hall on September 12, 2018 in order to preserve the city's historic sites and memories in their original locations. It is also the first time that the Gongpyeong-dong Rule has been applied to store cultural assets excavated from the urban readjustment project as much as possible. For more information on the Fair Urban Heritage Exhibition, see the website below. http://www.museum seoul.kr/www/intro/annexIntro/annex_gongpyeong/annex_gongpyeong_02.jsp?sso=ok #Experience VR at Gongpyeong City Heritage Exhibition Center and fall. It's messy.

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  • I will not forget that day.


    The day I drove the whole nation with shock and grief! It's already been five years. I'll remember that day with a yellow ribbon on my chest.

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  • Thousands of students rejected Aceh's gold mining company.


    Thousands of students rejected Aceh's gold mining company. Thousands of students from several universities in Aceh took peaceful action and PT EMM refused to exploit the gold mine Tuesday (9/4/2019) at Aceh's governor's office.

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  • national youth disaster mitigation training


    national youth disaster mitigation training Hundreds of pioneering youths were trained in disaster mitigation carried out by the local government of Bireuen. The Peace Society Disaster Pioneer Training was held on April 2, 2019.

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  • a fire that consumed people's homes


    14 Januri 2019 Desa Jurong Munjee, Kecamatan Simpang Mapram, Kabupaten Bireuen, Provinci Aceh - Indonesia. The whole house and its contents were burned down by what happened last year. No deaths were reported in the incident, but the losses are estimated to be hundreds of millions of rupiah's.

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  • a relic of one's grandmother


    When I got married. There were in-laws and grandmothers in my in- Grandma's got white hair and she's got white hair. Small, round, double-carved eyes Cute with a round image as a whole. It was a woman. At that time, if you graduate from college, you will have to go to a construction company. I'm going to take you with me because I'm being fooled by the groom's lies. I go to a financial company and go to my parents Let me introduce myself and beg me to marry you. It was a perfect time to get married. And when you're newly married, you don't have a plan. My husband-in-law was worried when he got a baby. I don't think so. Every time I go to my in-laws' house, my grandmother takes out some ssamzig money, wait for me at the gate in my hand I used to squeeze. To know the deep, benevolent heart of love. Every time I received it, I was thankful and wet my eyes. Come to think of it, he was the youngest grandchild. She's so sick that she's married to her in-laws. Grandmother who was only able to go out a few times. I don't know if my son looks like that old lady. He's got motion sickness.That you can't steal a seed. It's true. You can't drive out before you die. You're going to have to get your hair done. You should have cut it, but I'm a little dexterous. The cute, clean hair that you left behind. Grandma. One day I saw a very old bottle of liquor in the mine. I asked my grandmother to take it with me because she was greedy. The old days when you took care of it, saying it must have been over a hundred years. a bottle of makgeolli You're in a flower while you're in the closet with the whole time. Take a picture and take a memory of your mother. Let go. Sometimes when you die, you're going to have some time. My dream grandmother. That long, dreamy tale of a dream is one of the best things to do next. I'll put it off. Grandma, I love you.

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  • a royal tomb


    It's near my newly established office after a hard weekend. When you go on the terrace, you can see the tomb. * Wiki: https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/%EC%84%A0%EC%A0%95%EB%A6%89 The combination of Seonreung and Jeongneung is called Sejeongneung, which is more commonly known as Seonreung. In 1495, Seongjong's tomb, Seonneung, was built, and in 1530, the tomb of Queen Jeonghyeon, the second stepfather of King Seongjong, was laid to the east of the tomb. This is a case where the tombs of the kings and queens are constructed in two hills on the left and right behind the pavilion, and are known to be in the form of the "Dongwon Yi Gang." Then, Jeongneung, a tomb of King Jungjong, was moved here by Queen Munjeong in 1562, from Wondang-ri, Goyang-gun, Gyeonggi-do. Wondang-ri's feng shui was moved because of poor feng shui, which was also damaged by the flooding of the tombs every summer. After all, Queen Munjeong, who had hoped to be buried with King Jungjong, failed to fulfill her will, and is now buried alone in Taeneung. Although the tomb of Seonjeongnung was dug up by a Japanese dwarf during the Japanese Invasion of Korea, it still remains in the middle of the city. It is Historic Site No. 199, and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on June 30, 2009. a newly established nest # Office near Seonjeongneung

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  • Thirty-four candidates for disaster preparedness.


    Thirty-four candidates for disaster preparedness. Indonesia among hundreds of applicants who have registered 34 candidates for preliminary military service in the Bireuen region of Aceh province for disaster preparedness. New recruits will be assigned to each of the districts in terms of future disaster management. All candidates will also receive training and training on disaster mitigation.

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  • Deoksugung Palace Nightscape Tour Gangchu!


    Gojong, Sunjong, Deokhye, and Princess Geun-hye of the late Modern History #3.1 Exercise #3 of Deoksugung Palace #3 of the late King Gojong #Soonjong # of the late Princess #Dokhye of Princess #Dokhye # of the Joseon Dynasty #Joseon #Dokseong or the representative of Korea Jikjeon-ra I went to the night view tour of Deoksugung Palace which is held in Korea bicycle or . The cost was 20,000 won, so it wasn't a small amount, but it was a very generous program. The CEO personally guided us. Thank you for sharing your earphones and sharing your photos and music with your iPad. I'm not an official because it's a bike! ᄒᄒ) I've been on a tour of modern history about Mr. Kim Koo, Deoksugung Palace, and a coffee shop under the Seoul City Hall. I applied for it again because my memory was so good. It must have been from middle school and high school, but there were so many new contents. If I had studied history in school, I would have gotten 100 points in Korean history. 😆) As there were few records on King Gojong, especially on King Sunjong, it seemed like he was still reinterpreting modern history by searching for various materials. If you like history and are interested in Deoksugung Palace, the last emperor of the Korean Empire, King Gojong, and Princess Deokhye, you will be invited to visit the palace at night. Actually, I had a hard time because of the cold weather. When the weather gets warmer on the wall, I'd like to go on a daytime tour (preview at Deoksugung Palace + visit in advance) + night tour again! It was a five-and-a-half star tour! ❤️

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  • Apel Kebencanaan



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  • It looks back on the 100-year-old course in the history.


    This is in front of Gunpo Station. Memorial Tower of the Gunpo-Anti-Japanese Independence Movement When I saw your posting, I took my children's hands.^^;;;) The celebration of the "100th Anniversary of the March 1 Manse Movement" took place yesterday. It was a shame that I couldn't participate in the meaningful event, but... It was a good experience to quietly reflect on the meaning of it. In front of Gunpo Station, there is a memorial tower built on March 31, 2016. It is called 'Gunpo Hangil Independence Movement Memorial Tower.' Based on the purpose of the monument, [ Japanese occupation which began on March 1, 1919 Independence Movement in the fields like wildfire, spread nationwide. In Gunpo, some 2,000 residents gathered on March 31 at a military package to mark the market day, chanting "Hurrah" as they marched to the police headquarters in Gunpo, 1.8 kilometers away. Japanese police mobilized troops to disperse the protesters by firing guns. In order to commemorate the anti-Japanese independence movement that took place in our hometown and to convey the patriotic love spirit of our ancestors to their descendants, a monument was built. The pagoda is a figure with two hands wrapped in flame, which means an anti-Japanese spirit, on top of three pillars representing the spirit of 3.1 meters high.] It has been a month since the March 1 Independence Movement, but once again I was amazed by the national movement and the spirit of the people's ancestors. These days, looking for flowers, it was a meaningful day to look back on history with reverence.^^

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  • 징크스_매도시그널??


    나에겐 희안한 징크스가 있다. 바로 무언가를 하다 볼펜이든 수저든 떨어뜨리게 되면 내가 보유한 코인도 떨어진다는 것이다. 이 확률이 100%로는 아니지만 우연인지 내가 그렇게 생각하는건지 이제 하나의 징크스가 되어버렸다. 예로 단타를 치다가도 시그널이 오고 팔지 않으면 짧은 시간내 곤두박질쳐서 손해를 보곤 한다. 반대로 손해를 보고있지만 신호가 와서 손해보고 팔면 폭락이 와서 훨씬 저점에 매수를 할 수 있던 기억들도 많다. 내 스스로 만든 징크스일지 우연일지 몰라도 이러한 일들이 반복되니 무언가를 떨어뜨리면 덥석 겁이 난다. 지금껏 수없이 겪어오며 나름 확률이 높다고 판단되어 스스로가 만든 것인지도 모른다. 그렇담 매수시그널은 왜 안주는가...;; -끄읏-

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  • the season that I miss Jeju Island


    Jeju Island is very nice this time of year. It's where the rape and cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the wind is blowing the petals away. It reminds me of the doenjang-flavored waterhoe that I really enjoyed, and of the cool drink and the honey-flavored black pork belly; There are so many places to eat and see, but it's more sad to go short every time. Next time, I'll have to get a ticket to the Jeju restaurant and beer factory that Shiro told me about!!^^

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  • A nation that forgets its past has no future.


    "There is no future for a nation that has forgotten history," said Danjae Shin Chae-ho. Not long ago, I saw a program that went to a historic place on a TV program. The DMZ, where Seo Taiji and the children filmed the music video for the song "Dreaming of the Balhae," etc. It was a program to visit places where there was a pain in history. After the Japanese colonial era and the division of the two Koreas, we sometimes need to remember history without forgetting it. This year, in particular, the nation has fought against Japanese colonial rule, which suffered from other peoples in the 5,000-year history of the Korean people. It marked the 100th anniversary of the March 1 Independence Movement. That program shows a hundred horses that we might have heard about near the end of the Korean War. There's also a story about the "arrowhead," which is located close to him, and there's a story of the enormous sacrifices of soldiers. My heart has become so pious. This is what the Declaration of Independence said. "Our Declaration of Independence today is the call of the people for justice, for humanity, for survival, for existence, for existence, and for freedom only."

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  • (내 멋대로 한국사) 국제 관계에 대하여


    요즘 미세먼지가 심합니다. 한반도에 살고 있는 우리는 과학시간에 이미 편서풍이라는 것이 존재함을 알고 있고 그렇기 때문에 산업발전으로 인하여 중국의 미세먼지가 우리나라에 넘어온다는 걸 기본적으로 생각하고 있겠죠. 그런데 말입니다. 문제는 중국은 그러지 않다는 거죠. 미세먼지의 책임을 우리나라에 전가시키는 황당한 보도를 최근에 몇 번 본적이 있죠. 그래서 우리나라는 사진에 첨부한 기사처럼 나사와 미세먼지를 공동조사하겠다고 제안을 하고 중국은 다음과 같이 보도에 나와있죠. '한국이 미세먼지 원인 규명을 위해 미국 항공우주국(NASA)과 공동조사를 벌이겠다고 하자 중국 공산당의 입인 환구시보가 “공동협상을 하자”며 꼬리를 내렸다.' (기사 출처 :https://news.v.daum.net/v/20190318182318782 ) 이 기사를 보면서 우리나라가 중국의 횡포에서 벗어나기 위해 미국을 잘 활용하는 전략적 판단을 했다는 생각이 들었습니다. 국제관계에 있어서 우리는 항상 이런 식으로 전략적인 선택을 해야합니다. 중국을 막기 위해서 미국을 이용해야 하고 미국을 막기위해서는 중국을 이용해야하겠죠. 박쥐같아 보인다고 생각할 수도 있겠지만 어떤 나라가 우리나라에게 항상 호의만을 베푼 적이 있나요? 오늘은 우리 나라 주변에 있던 나라들이 어떻게 우리나라를 힘들게 하고 괴롭혔는지 간략하게 적어보도록 하겠습니다. 먼저, 가깝고도 먼 나라 일본 이 일본은 1592년 임진왜란을 일으켜서 7년 동안 우리 강산을 유린하죠. 그리고 1910년부터 1946년까지 일제 강점기로 우리나라를 암흑기에 빠져들게 합니다. 36년 동안 정말 많은 우리의 선조들이 고통을 당하셨죠. 최근에는 독도를 가지고 자기네 땅이라고 이야기하고 있는 일본,,, 일본에 좋은 감정을 가지고 있는 국민들은 없으리라고 봅니다. 두번째 나라는 중국. 일본이 결정적으로 우리나라를 지배한 아픈 역사를 우리에게 선사하여서 우리 국민들이 싫어하지만 횟수와 양을 보면 중국이 사실 더 나쁘다고 할 수 있죠. 먼저, 우리 민족의 최초 국가인 고조선을 중국의 한나라가 멸망시켰으며 고구려 시대에 수나라와 당나라가 많은 병력을 보내서 전쟁을 일으켰고요.(수나라 살수대첩 당나라 안시성 싸움 등) 결국에는 당나라와 신라 연합군에 의하여 고구려와 백제가 멸망을 당했죠. 그리고 나서 신라까지 집어삼킬려고 당나라는 신라와 전쟁을 벌였습니다. 고려시대에 넘어오면 몽골군이 만든 나라인 원나라가 40년에 걸쳐서 무수히 많이 쳐들어왔고 조선시대로 넘어가면 만주족이 세운 청나라가 2회에 걸쳐서 우리나라를 쳐들어오고 인조는 무조건 항복을 하게 되죠. 중국은 최근에는 역사 왜곡을 위한 동북공정 작업을 완료하여 고구려와 발해가 중국의 지방정부라는 주장을 펼치고 있습니다. 또한, 여러 분이 아시다시피 자기네들은 미세먼지에 대한 책임이 없다고 우리나라에 당당하게 이야기하고 있죠. 세번재 나라는 러시아입니다. 러시아는 횟수는 많지 않지만 이 나라 또한 우리나라에게 잘 한 건 없죠. 먼저, 러일전쟁을 일으켰습니다. 우리 나라 영토에서 조선을 집어삼킬려고 일본과 싸운 전투. 러시아는 원래 전통적으로 부동항(얼지 않는 항구)을 갖고 싶어했고 조선이 그에 안성 맞춤인 땅이었죠. 그래서 일본과 싸우게 됩니다. 우리 땅에서요... 그리고 러시아는 우리 민족에게 엄청난 배신을 하죠. 바로 자유시 참변이라는 사건을 일으키는데요. 일제에 감시를 피해 독립군들이 러시아 땅으로 모이게 되는데 이 독립군들이 내부에서 알력다툼을 벌이자 러시아 정부가 한 쪽을 지지하고 1000명가까운 독립군을 죽이고 나머지 독립군들을 강제로 이주시키는 사건이 그것입니다. 마지막으로 소련은 우리 민족을 분단시켜버린 주역이죠. 북한에 공산정권이 수립되는데 많은 역할을 하였으니까요. 네번째 나라는 미국입니다. 미국은 위에 언급된 3나라 보다는 우리나라에게 좋은 영향을 끼친 것이 사실입니다. 하지만, 간과하지 말아야할 것은 우리 역사에서 미국은 자신의 이익을 위해 움직였다는 것입니다. 여러 분들 가쓰라 테프트 밀약을 아시나요? 1904년 러일 전쟁 이후에 미국과 일본은 서로 비밀 조약을 맺게 됩니다. 당시에 미국은 필리핀을 스페인에게서 전쟁을 통해 자신의 식민지로 만들게 됩니다. 이 때 국제사회에서 자신을 지지해줄 나라가 필요했는데 그 나라가 일본이 됩니다. 일본은 당시 조선에서 러시아를 격파하였기 때문에 미국도 조선에 대한 일본의 지배권을 인정해줍니다. 이걸 미국 외상 테프트와 일본 외상 가쓰라가 맺게 되고 이 때 부터 일본은 조선을 아주 쉽게 식민지로 삼을 수 있는 발판이 마련되는 것이죠. 미국은 그 외에 또 남한 정부에 들어와서 친일파들을 처단하지 않고 살려줍니다. 친일파들을 대우해서 자신들의 3년 군정을 이끌어나가는데 장기말로 사용하죠. 대한민국이 시작부터 제대로 서지 못한 것은 미국 때문이라고 저는 생각합니다. 마지막으로 미국은 우리 땅에서 나쁜 일을 여럿 저질렀죠. 2002년 한일 월드컵 시기에 여학생 두명이 미국 장갑차에 깔려 죽습니다. 그게 미선이 효순이 사건이죠. 이 두 학생이 길을 가다가 미군 장갑차가 교통 사고를 내버려서 숨지게 되는데 기가 찬건 미군 군사법정에서 가해자에게 무죄를 평결하였다는 것이죠... 여러가지 많은 일들이 있습니다. 개인사도 복잡하고 먹고 살기도 바쁩니다. 그러나 오늘도 세계는 움직이고 있고 나라들끼리 경쟁을 하고 있죠. 우리나라 주변의 열강들에 대해 올바르게 판단하고 우리 스스로는 힘을 기르고 주변 나라들에 긴장을 늦추지 않는 우리 민족이 되어야하겠습니다. 역사는 힘이 있는 자의 편이며 그 어떤 나라도 자국의 이익을 최우선으로 삼기 때문입니다. (---역사를 배우는 이유는 과거의 잘못을 미래에 반복하지 않기 위해서이다.---) (--잘못된 내용 태클 언제든지 환영합니다--)

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  • 2019.3.봄 시작 🍭골덴치마와 각종 부클부클 아우터는 굿바이나는 봄으로 이동할게.🐥


    2019.3.봄 시작 🍭 골덴치마와 각종 부클부클 아우터는 굿바이 나는 봄으로 이동할게.🐥

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  • #semoga kompak slalu😍


    Kebersamaan akan selalu membuat kebahagiaan baru.

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  • SNS... Remembrance Summon...


    Once on Cyworld and Kakao Story, There was a time when I was diligently posting pictures of my children. Now they're big, and I'm old. No, I'm afraid I'm lazy, but I'll fix it.L) I'm into my work today without thinking. I'm getting an alarm from Kakao Story. "Last spring, memories of the story were delivered!" Five years ago, when the cherry blossoms were in bloom, I got a delivery.♡ This is a surprise. *^^v (My beloved bridegroom, I'm sorry. To protect you, your face is Andromeda~ SNS means communication, Like a diary, you remember the past by recording it, right? To make a record of my history. I made up my mind to work hard.^^

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  • 이발소를 상징하는 저 회전봉을 기억하시나요?


    요즘은 남자들도 이발소보다는 미용실을 자연스레 가게된다. 아이들 이발을 위해 데리고 다니면서 미용실에 대한 어색함이 사라지고 이젠 여자 미용사들의 손길이 제법 익숙하다. 하지만 여전히 남자 이용사가 편한 건 사실이다. 이런 추세에 미용실들의 이름은 톡톡 튀는 이름을 장착하고 마일리지를 쌓아주고 생일축하 써비스에 커피제공부터 도서관까지 그 끝이 어디일까 궁금하다. 아참, 오늘의 사진은 바로 이젠 잊혀져가는 찜질방이나 목욕탕 내에나 명맥을 이어가는 이발소의 명실상부한 아이콘이다. 혹시 이 이발소의 상징의 뜻을 아시는지요? 검정색만 추가된다면 태극기의 색깔이 다 들어가 있는 우리에겐 나름 익숙한 조화이다. 중세부터 유래된 이 이발소의 상징은 각각 동맥, 정맥, 붕대를 나타내는 색상의 조합이다. 중세 때 의과대학은 내과와 외과의 차별이 심했다고 하며, 해부시간에는 이발사 겸 외과의사가 고된 일을 대신했다고 한다. 내과 교수들은 손에 피를 묻히는 일은 이들에게 맡기고 강단에서 내려다보며 말로만 가르쳤다고 한다. 이탈리아 파도바 대학의 베살리우스가 나타나기 전까지는,, 난 이런 무언가의 유래와 영어 단어의 어원 같은 것들에 관심이 많다. 오늘도 혼자 허우적대다 겨우 벗어난다. 다들 가족과 함께 하는 금요일과 즐거운 주말이 되시길.. Photo source Pixabay

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  • White Day. Candy


    I know it's a commercial trick, but... I'm happy to receive it. The group candy we received from the company.

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  • The Curse of March


    Strictly speaking, it's about my car, not mine. It started about 10 years ago. Every March, car-related accidents occur. Rather than a curse, I hope it will end up with minimal damage. I don't remember well, but I think it's been since then. I went to a restaurant in the market for dinner late at night. No one was in business late, and the lights were almost out in the mall. I entered the market alley and parked in an empty seat. Then I came out from dinner and I thought I had scribbled and stamped with something I didn't know if it was a nail or a key; at that time, it was dark around me and I couldn't find the culprit. I don't know if it's because of that or not, but car accidents happen every March from the following year. -When you're in the back, you slip in the snow and you're a back bumper man. - The windscreen is hit by a stone and is about 50 centimeters cracked. -Who's crying over the sideview mirror? -Crash with a motorbike that was rushing forward. -I was pulling my car out of the parking lot, and I stepped on it without knowing that the steering wheel was turned. a collision with a side car - Three consecutive car scratches parked on the side of a narrow alleyway in the morning after being blocked by traffic. - While driving on the road, the rear car steps to 130 kilos, and the car and hospital is closed and hospitalized. -Return to the rear, deputy Bonnette; -On the way out of the parking lot, hit Matiz. The car has changed three times in 10 years, but it happens regardless. In particular, the accident while driving the national road, my car couldn't identify the shape of the car, and the rear car was terrible, and both of them were destroyed.He entered the intensive care unit. But I walked out. I only received hospital treatment for two weeks. I'm fine. Only the car was involved in an accident. Another strange thing is that after getting married, my wife passed on whether it was the curse of the car. Two accidents in March during the three years of marriage occurred while his wife was driving. And just yesterday there was a Matiz accident. My wife was leaving the parking lot when she crashed into Matisse. Both cars were doomed, not a big hit, but what was waiting for also happened. But my wife doesn't know. I don't know if this happens only in March. I didn't say if I cared for anything. It's hard to notice if you're not a man who's been given a steady stream, but you might know by the time you see this on the Public. Now think. If you can't avoid it, don't enjoy it, but let's keep it to a minimum! ps. Find a wizard to solve the magic. Reward on Curse Resolution: Throw 1 Million Ink

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  • hang out with friends


    #vlog #youtuberindonesia #pesonaalam #vlogaceh

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  • Seleksi Penerimaan Calon Taruna Siaga Bencana


    Taruna Siaga Bencana (Tagana) Kabupaten Bireuen, Provinsi Aceh - Indonesia mengsleksi calon taruna siaga bencana dalam seleksi tahap II yang diikuti oleh 57 peserta

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  • It's raining.


    It's been a while since it rained. I wish it was cool, but... Fine dust with these raindrops I hope you're washed down!! I'm happy to see you at the car window on your way home from work, the fear that I have no umbrella; You get out of the car, you run.

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  • Lee Wan-yong's Story - The Beginning of the Apostle


    There are five people who played a role in Joseon's collapse. Among the five, Lee Wan-yong, Lee Ji-yong, Park Je-soon, Lee Keun-taek and Kwon Joong-hyun, it is Lee Wan-yong who people call the name "Maegukno." The article in the picture is related to Lee Wan-yong. (Again: http://www.segye.com/newsView/20190306003359?OutUrl=daum) The key to this article is whether we should preserve or destroy the Yi Wan-yong's Gongdeokbi in Buan County today. Lee Wan-yong took over as an observer in 1898 and successfully rescued the tsunami that occurred in Buan, and to commemorate it, the soldiers of the time set up a monument, and now they seem to be debating whether to destroy it or leave it. As I read about Lee Wan's contribution, I want to write this article to leave behind how he has done harm to us and how he is affecting us. First, I'd like to write about Lee Wan-yong. Pro-Japanese group, you know, but it is many people loathe Wanyong Yi, Lee Wan-yong completely self possessed opportunist, you can do. Because at first, gaewapa and old-guard brass in the conflict on the side of the old-guard brass listened to end and be followed by the pro-Russians.. be followed by a pro-American group.Korea and became pro-Japanese group will hand over Japan. Lee Wan-yong was born in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do. My father was Lee Ho-suk, a poor fallen man, and was a member of the Noron family for generations. Then, I was adopted by a 32-year-old man named Lee Ho-joon. Lee Wan-yong's stepfather became a Jeollanam governor in 1870, as the wife of a man named Lee Ho-joon was one of the key members of the Min clan who was Min's Based on the support of his stepfather, Lee Wan-yong will go on a government career at age 25. He was in a position to be protected by the Min family and was also favored by Queen Myeongseong, who is a member of the Soo-gu faction and is defeated by Chuck. In July 1887, when Park Jung-yang went to the U.S. instead of the U.S. Army, Lee Wan-yong went to the U.S. for the purpose of accompanying Park Jung-eun, who came back to Joseon after four months under the pretext of illness. In October 1887, Park Jeong-yang, the U.S. ambassador to Japan, was brought back to Joseon under pressure of three original kingdoms, and Lee Wan-yong was dispatched to the U.S. to serve as a construction worker for two years. I haven't done a good job as a construction worker, but I've been in the U.S. for two years, and I've been in the U.S. for political, economic and cultural reasons. After that, Lee Wan-yong becomes a pro-American. For three years before the Ciao Reform, Lee Wan-yong was in charge of foreign affairs and trade affairs in Joseon and was in charge of Yookyoung Park. At this time, Lee Wan-yong is a famous person in Joseon and strives for the modernization of Joseon. 1894 is the year when a lot of things. What happened this year was the Sino-Japanese War broke out due to the Donghak Farmers' Movement and the Japanese won there, which led to the establishment of a pro-Japanese cabinet and the Gabo Reform. That led to the collapse of Min's regime. In the meantime, Lee Wan-yong was removed from the government post to hold the portrait of his birth mother, and Lee Wan-yong will look at the international situation at that time. After the Sino-Japanese War, Japan was annexed by the Qing Dynasty and Taiwan, but returned the fluctuation due to interference from Russia, France and Germany, which are called the Three Kingdoms Interference. Looking at this, Lee Wan-yong seeks to transform himself into a pro-Russian faction. I thought Japan was strong, but I realized that some countries were stronger than Japan. Since August 1894, Queen Myeongseong has drawn Russia to escape from Japan. And Lee Wan-yong acts as the center of the pro-Russian faction. Then Queen Myeongseong was assassinated in 1895. A year later, King Gojong, who felt threatened, ran away to the Russian Legation in 1896, and we call it Agwan Pacheon. At this time, the pro-Japanese cabinet, including Kim Hong-jip, collapsed, and a pro-Russian cabinet was established, where Lee Wan-yong will take over as an external ambassador. Lee's elder brother, Lee Yoon-yong, will also be in the position of a military officer, who will take control of the diplomatic, military and police circles. At this time, Beber and Allen, who took over Joseon's interests by threatening King Gojong, who are under threat to the Russian legation, will be helped by Lee Wan-yong as head of the related department and will receive a lot of bribes and interests. This is a case that reveals Lee's opportunistic nature. Starting in July 1896, celebrities and retainers have been centralised and an independent association has been organized. Lee Wan-yong, who is known by many to be the head of an independent association, was appointed, and he worked for a year and two months. Through this, King Gojong will return to Gyeongbok Palace and declare the Korean Empire. In addition, the Independence Association will host the People's Association to bring together the opinions of the people, where it will be asked to fire Russian military instructors and financial advisors who have been harassing Cho. Attacked had been dug up in Japanese collaborator Lee Wan-yong's position will also be reduced and then gradually and pro-Japanese group has attacked a Japanese power, you get the power again. At this time, Lee Wan-yong is not in charge of the main position of Jo Jung-jo, but he is going down to Jeollabukgwan Temple in Jeollabuk-do and re-governing the Jeolla region as he was in the picture. Lee Wan-yong, who has been waiting for time, has a chance to That's the 1904 Russo-Japanese War. As you know, Japan won a big victory over Russia. And in November of that year, Lee Wan-yong will appear again in November under a government gazette called the Imperial Household Agency. Since then many people know. be a dazzling byeonsireul as a pro-Japanese group Then in November 1905, as we all know, 17, forced a Japan-Korea Treaty of 1905. Gojong of the role of opportunism to sell your country and dethrone the last round of a king.I'll be. Lee Wan-yong is such a bad guy. Not only did he sell his country, but he also thoroughly took care of his own interests and pursued his own mastery. a textbook figure of opportunism Extreme conservatives - the sympathizers of America, Independent, Independent Association - pro-Japanese group, to drastically change their colors - a figure head I want you to think about whether we're human beings who lose their values and their philosophies in life and are moving according to the circumstances. And in future history, I think it must be done in order to get rid of those who have shown opportunistic traits to the fullest. (---The reason why we learn history is to avoid repeating past mistakes in the future.---) (--Welcome to the wrong content tackle anytime--) #publicto #pub

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