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  • [Gift Guide Event] This is the closing and publishing presentation details^^

    Gift Guide

    hi^^ This is Greenjuice11 which is a pension operator that can pay for IOS.^^ The [Gift Guide Event] has been terminated First of all, I need to inform you of the results of the event that ended May 3rd, and send you the promised Pubble Prize. I am sorry that I have to share with you now because I am attending the Jeju wedding. A lot of people are interested and participating, so various gifts are shared. I was very helpful in choosing a gift. Thank you for joining us. The ink gift was sent on the same day. And, as a special gift, I'm going to ask you to pay for the 1,500-pubble prize, In addition, Theonim and three other wishes received 3,500 Pubbles. We're going to give a total of 5,000 publishers to all of you who participated in this event.^^ Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated.^^ I'll send you the transmission method by the Donation.^^ $ha3timbsgyge Mr. $hana Mr. $oxy. Mr. $fire Mr. Bigman35. Mr. $sara $newbijohn Mr. $lvi. Mr. $nilgo Nine participants in total 5000 Pubble/9 persons=555.556 We'll give you a 560-pubble. Congratulations. I'll be right back with you for the next event.

    $greenjuice11 . 2019.05.06 07:41

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  • [Gift Guide Event] A ticket to the sauna for my husband.

    Gift Guide

    To my husband, give me a present. I don't have anyone to give me a present. Join us~ I'm going to be next to my house. one's husband's I love sauna and sauna. So~ Sometimes I give you a steaming room ticket. by all means I like to sweat like girls. Especially. When you're feeling well or in bad shape, I always look for a sauna. I go to sauna because it's expensive. so Sometimes, when the sides see this bone, tickets to the jjimjilbang are available. I'll buy you ten tickets each. You have to buy ten copies at a discount. For your information, please I am the absolute envoy. Haha Oh, my gosh Adults love jjimjilbangs. If you're worried about a gift, Give it a present. I like it very much.

    $hana . 2019.05.03 23:11

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  • [Gift Guide Event] HOME?

    Gift Guide

    May is the month of the family and there are so many anniversaries. I don't know if I have to express my mind as a gift on every anniversary (if I don't get anything for my birthday!!), but I think it's because I feel satisfied with what I see, and I can feel the value easily. Of course, I think many people would appreciate the gift rather than the material. I also prepared cash for family gatherings and gifts for Parents' Day. It's not a ritual event, it's a day to let you know that I love and appreciate my parents. That's a long introduction. Thinking about the Gift Guide event, I remembered that I had given you a homie before, so I'll leave you a few words. It happened a long time ago, at the age of 24. At that time, I was attending a vocational academy. There was a close sister I met there, and we got to know each other quickly because we were on a bus together because the direction of the house was similar. As her birthday approached, my best friend at the academy was so sorry to pass by without any presents. But at the time, I didn't want to do anything... obvious. But she has no money because she is a student. So I sometimes thought about it. When she got older, she wanted to farm in the countryside. I bought a cheap homi from a hardware store and wrapped it up very carefully and beautifully. Because Homi only cost 1,000 won. How could the older sister who received the birthday present be angry? Did he double-bath the cheap homie? No. I laughed a lot. I've never received a gift like this in my life. If you think about it now, the gift I wanted to give you was to give you those fun memories.^^ We often look at things and think of memories or memories of them. Gifts in particular help remind you of the joyous feelings you were given the gift. Wouldn't the most basic guide for gifts be our hearts that can convey joy when you think of them?

    $nilgo . 2019.05.03 19:14

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  • [Presenting Children's Day] Feeling good, Macaron for Dangchung!

    Gift Guide

    I've been thinking about my parents' gifts, too! I'm still young. If you give me cash already, I don't think it's going to be able to handle the future price of gifts, which will increase the inflation rate, the efficacy rate, and the age of the future When I'm still young, I'm going to give it to my parents in kind and gifts! I'd like to think about it as a Coin event. I came up with a good gift. ** Even when you're older, everyone loves sweets! ** Of course, we're gonna have to get a plus alpha here. I'm going to give my parents a sweet macaron! It's a famous restaurant near the company. I need to make a reservation in advance, but I think I'll make another reservation today!Haha I wanted to give my parents a bite of what I only ate! Here's your chance! All of you are going to go to the doctor's office.

    $levi . 2019.05.03 17:33

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  • [Gift Guide Event] I'd like to get you one for your Alcohol Life!

    Gift Guide

    There are always many gifts in the heavy price range... This time, lightly... For the alcoholic fathers! How about <Alcohol Guntlet> for Parents' Day?lol If you pop your finger, you'll get half the alcohol around you! I'll give you a piece of soju. It would be nice to have a cheap price. Hapnid

    $newbijohn . 2019.05.03 14:49

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  • [Gift Guide Event] Has anyone ever received a birthday present like this?🤣🤣

    Gift Guide

    An anecdote came to my mind after reading the article that said that the gift was possible. This is a present and letter from my son, who is now in his first year in middle school, for my birthday when he was six. It's a gift that I took with me in the picture. Do you know what it is? It's the cockroach medicine!😭😭 At that time, foreign workers came into the house right above us in groups... After a while, a cockroach spread to the apartment and went crazy.ㅜㅜ Even the people who do the quarantine have their heads cut off. We need to quarantine them, but they're all going to work during the day, and if they're not there, they won't open the door, so they can't do it. I'm surprised and jumpy when it comes to bugs. My house, which is just down there, was a mess, too. Around that time, my birthday came, and after a quick meal outside, I went to the mart to shop. I'm going to buy some ingredients, and the kid and his dad are going to buy me a birthday present. A long time later... The father sneaked up next to me and... The kid strongly suggested that we do this as a birthday present I was forced to choose it, so don't be disappointed.LOL I protested strongly but quietly, but when I heard why he chose me, I was immediately moved.😂 Dad: Son~ Let's pick a different birthday present for Mom.There are a lot of pretty things, but cockroaches are a little bit of a birthday present." Son: My mom is so scared and tired of cockroaches these days! What she needs most now is this one that can defeat all the cockroaches! Then I thought it was so cute to hide it in a cart because I was afraid I'd notice it.Hahaha When I got home, I hid in a corner and wrote letters on colored paper. Will I be a level-up if I get rid of bugs?Hahaha Yes, is it important that gifts are expensive and pretty? It's a good gift to the recipient. It was a little lesson from a little boy. A gift of heart, usually watching him or giving him something he needs most, Wouldn't that be the best gift?^^

    $sara . 2019.05.03 00:31

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  • [Gift Guide Event] A child's wise consumption life #2, new is not the only thing.

    Gift Guide

    Would you like to throw the preconceived notion that gifts should be new for children's wise consumption? I'm going to share my experience with Green Juice 11's event on my back. In the previous post, we shared a place where children lived for three years as children, and what works is my experience that children are up to grade four in elementary school. Later, as children's attention goes up to more expensive products, they feel the gap as their spending units grow. A year ago, my second child got into a dispute about a bicycle handed over by his brother, who was a good rider, and finally he confessed his true feelings. While explaining the recent bicycle trend for about half an hour, he lists the pros and cons of each of the three types of bicycles and concludes that his choice is "??sa xxx" and "new bike before riding." At the end of the day, I thought it might be a little expensive with a blurry voice, but I found a nearby store and found out, wow! Twenty years ago, I was surprised that it was about a quarter of my first salary. What was even more surprising was that he had already visited each of the three nearby stores several times to do market research and even figured out the trade secrets you were offering him. DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have been working on a first-round agreement with our child for a few days because we thought it was more than 10 years old and it made sense to be a bicycle handed down by our brother. One agreement, explain the reason why they should buy it within a week, and present the amount that parents can accept first, and approve it after checking the market price?do. The two agreements, the Internet "?? Middle and High Countries," are accessed to find the same model and similar models, and the top three are divided by the amount and model year. Agreement Three, if not in accordance with the higher contract, the child will be further expanded and the parent will reconsider the amount. For the next three weeks, he went through a process of finding a second-hand market and checking it together, and he was shocked that the bikes he was riding were basic, and there were things that were more than a million won. It turns out that the bikes that kids ride in the park look unusual, and that's how much money they get, and that's how much money they get. I saw a new world in children who even wore bicycle shoes. Here children are elementary school students. But still, the idea of price being too high for value has become more solid and many phone calls and price necks haven't worked well for us. And on that very early day, when the kid was so annoyed that he said, "Don't ride a bike," a message came in. I received a reply saying that I would sell it in the message I left in advance. Of course, we have to check the quality by looking at it in person. Eventually, the child will buy a six-month-old used bicycle for a third of the new price. A grateful man was riding his son's bike when he was in high school, and when he went to Taji University, he gave it away cheaply, and he told me to take it quickly before he came back every two months. Make a reservation over the phone, drive for about 30 minutes, check it out, and get a free helmet and bicycle rack you gave me as a gift. All the way, the son, whose mouth is caught, rides in the park with excitement as soon as he comes. I'm a little nervous about riding it because it's a big bike, but I was afraid my dad would recognize it and return it, so I was riding it with my short legs, so I dropped my seat, but it's still big. I decided to ride with my dad for the time being, but now after a year, I'm pretty tall, so I'm working hard and riding well. When I rent a book at the library, I sometimes ride this bike with a backpack, and the more I see it, the more I think I bought it well. I can't help but laugh at the fact that I keep my dad in check. A week ago, the first used cell phone that I inherited from my mother was eight years old, cracked in crystal and no batteries were sold anymore. I'm looking for a purchase with my son again.For your information, we're giving you our old folder phone and buying you a smartphone in second grade. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable because I feel like I'm pushing parents to buy me a new one, but I thank the kids for accepting it and I'm writing with the hope that "wise consumption" that we've been working on can help them in their smart future lives. For those of you who have other tips on their smart spending lives, please introduce them. Second hand bicycle

    $bigman35 . 2019.05.02 12:20

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  • This year's Parents' Day gift plan

    Gift Guide

    My family is more inclined to eat in a restaurant than to eat in a restaurant. I prefer to eat slowly at home, even if it's a little bit cumbersome. Last year, I ate at home with my younger brother and his family rather than at a restaurant. I'm not eating because I'm doing something great. I bought and ate plenty of fried chicken and raw meat. But this treatment of my mother was going on for a long time. You're going to have a partial denture, and then you're going to have a pain. Then, you changed your dentures and became comfortable. You ate a lot of food well. I just heard it from my sister. My mother said it. Sometimes I think of the food that you didn't eat well. If we don't have enough time, or if we don't eat delicious food in front of our eyes because we don't have enough time. I often think of the food, so maybe it's a natural story. On Parents' Day this year, I plan to prepare and eat the food that I prepared last year at home. I hope you enjoy your meal. I'll have to prepare some envelopes for 50,000 won, too, right?^^ I didn't want to take a picture of my mother's dentures, so I downloaded them from Pixar Bay.Turn it off.

    $fire . 2019.05.02 10:56

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  • [Gift Guide Event] Mind your letter

    Gift Guide

    The present I will give to my parents on this Parents' Day is a letter full of heart and money. I don't know if my mind will be able to communicate well because I don't have any writing skills, but I think I have a lot of letters and money to share. And it's a meal for the whole family. I'm going to have Children's Day, and they're going to give my grandkids some pocket money, so I'm going to be more than that. I think you're a little disappointed when your money's gone.

    $oxy . 2019.05.02 08:00

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  • [Gift Guide Event]Having a good anti-cancer effect~Noni Gift~🎁

    Gift Guide

    Anti-cancer effect good noi present It happened last year. My oldest brother died three years ago. That's why. At first, it starts with the first step of the first thing He's starting to get sick. He died in the end. After that, Olke sister Again. have mouth cancer a surgery that cuts a chicken out of 2/1. Even now, my sister can't eat anything. It's because the tongue doesn't function again. I'm going to die. All ingredients must be cut like gospels. It's edible and it's delicious. I can't feel it. I went abroad with such an older sister like that. My nephew goes to visit my aunt and mother on that trip. so on one's journey Noni Tour Course Now I hear you're the best at oral cancer. The moment I hear that. I think you should eat this. It's not a joke. 730,000 won to 2 cases It's expensive, but I need my sister. I bought it as a gift. I'm not as bright as a pro-government mother. It's a big girl. I am~ Both parents are dead. So these days, I'm giving it to adults. I don't need a present. Be nice to your parents. My parents don't want me to give them presents. the way one's children live happily ever after. Again. I just want you to come to me often. It's not money and gifts. I like it when I can see you often. That is a great effect. And once they're gone, It's just regret and regret. Why don't you go see him often? Those thoughts are heartbreaking. Especially. Parents' Day is so sad. The whole world is as full of parents' day as it is today. From TV, every story is a month of family. I saw my parents. And every year, I think it's a good idea to look back. Why didn't he go there so often? So~^ I'm crying. Everything I just want to be nice to you. He's trying to make it that way. Gift Event ~^ We talked about the stars. To me. It's a very heartbreaking gift. I'm supposed to eat it as a healthy To eat because it is sick I love you. Don't get sick. My sister-in-law loves you.

    $hana . 2019.05.02 04:51

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  • Gifts are always good^^

    Gift Guide

    Just think about the gift. It's better to give, it's better to receive. I think it's a gift. the thrill of choosing a gift Expectations of receiving gifts. That's good. What was good when I got a present Not every time but once in a while a good flower gift is added to it with a sensible hand letter, only the icing on the cake. Limited edition. I think there are a lot of cosmetics. This item is often not always available for purchase as a child's gift 보 Quickboard Replace the older child with a two wheel. The small child is replaced by a brake The kids loved it so much.

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.05.01 14:01

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  • [Gift Guide Events] Go ahead.^^

    Gift Guide

    It's May, the queen of the season. It's a busy month with holidays and events.^^ Today is Labor Day, Children's Day, Children's Day, Suss Day, etc. It's nice to have a lot of holidays, but it's also a month when your wallet is getting very thin.^^ What kind of gift should we give our children this year? Should I give my parents cash, send them a trip, or get them a present? What kind of gift should I give to my respected teacher? It's been a very long month. So I prepared this event. Do you know any good gift ideas, experience of gift giving, or content of receiving a good gift? It's an event that you can upload and share information with each other.^^ Event title:[Gift Guide Event] Event period:May 1st (number) to May 3rd (Friday) for three days Event content: We are going to post good gift ideas so that we can share them with each other so that we can choose the right gift for me without worrying about it.^^ Event Gifts:20,000 Ink (once a day) Event category:Gift Guide Only the registered articles in the category will be accepted^^ Special Event Gift: The remaining 1,500 Pubbles that Theo supported last time will be distributed as 1/N to all participants.^^ Many people who have done many gifts or know about it have participated in this event. I hope it will be helpful for those who are worried about it as a gift.^^ Please take a lot of interest and participate in this event. Thank you. #publyto #is able to pay for it

    $greenjuice11 . 2019.05.01 10:59

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  • Fat-caron handmade macaron!

    Gift Guide

    #Tung Karong #Sujekarong #Hi again #Share2stem

    $tworld . 2019.04.16 14:49

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  • bast ghoda gadi and hours

    Gift Guide

    mere dosto apke liye bohat badt

    $mohsinshaikh . 2019.03.30 14:56

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  • my n c c foto

    Gift Guide

    my friends most walcom my n n c foto hi

    $mohsinshaikh . 2019.02.26 19:21

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  • a day later chocolate present

    Gift Guide

    It's been a day, but I still have a Valentine's gift. There's snow in places. It's Sulay is the day.~~~.

    $soi . 2019.02.15 11:23

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  • Fouby Korea Tteokguk

    Gift Guide

    The Fouby Korea New Year's Day event, We arrived by courier. I arrived after the New Year's Day. When I opened the box, it was rice cake soup. It's a little late, but it's a smiley prize. I didn't give you a coin. It was fun. #Fuobi Korea #Snowledge Event # Rice cake soup

    $drui . 2019.02.08 17:26

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  • Daughter's Coming-of-Age Day

    Gift Guide

    This is my daughter's birthday present last year. When I come of age, they give me roses and kisses. I can't give you a kiss. It's a bundle of money. I have to prepare again this year. I'd love to have the same event, but is there anything different? # Coming of age # Don't bloom # Gift

    $peterpa . 2019.01.18 12:42

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  • Presenting Coffee Bean Gift

    Gift Guide

    If you buy coffee beans for more than 10,000 won, regardless of drinks or MD products, you will get a grip and a stand for your phone. We've been doing this since yesterday, but there are many stores that are already out of stock! Is it popular because the design is pretty and practical?

    $m.j.choi . 2019.01.09 15:52

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