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  • Things you can throw out the window.


    In high-rise apartment buildings, people often get hurt by throwing things out of the window and falling on passers-by or car lights In my apartment, a pot of hot noodles was thrown out of the veranda. Luckily, no one was hurt. It could be a kid's joke, or a couple fight or something. This is really dangerous. One apartment is said to have a notice for <Things You Can Throw Out of the Window>. 1. More than 1,000 won bills (can be chewed) - Don't buy coins because they are dangerous to safety. 2. Securities including cashier's check 3. All kinds of precious metals (don't jumble) This is a photo posted on an online community. Of course, it feels like Paul~ But it's fun and I brought it. If you have an apartment where you throw a bundle of bills or precious metals, you'll have to stay in a tent. ^^ Throw away any of the above. Oh, a big gold bar could be dangerous. If you give me a sign that I'm throwing this away, I'll go up to collect it myself. Photographs: Online Community

    $eternize . 2019.04.18 08:34

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  • Creative thinking创造性思维


    创造性思维,,창의적 사고

    $kktan . 2019.04.16 15:44

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  • [Baby Pang-fang] LEGO's world. Four. Dudong


    It's a little hot during the day.My body is in my 40s and my heart is still in my 20s. #kr #kr-newbie #share2steem #lego

    $babypangpang . 2019.04.16 01:16

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  • Asking the Internet to ROAST ME

    Funny This is Your opportunity to make fun of me and tell me all You've ever wanted but have been afraid. And in the end You can say it was all part of the roast/joke 😂 no hard feelings To participate all You have to do is to upload one video roasting me. You can tell jokes, music, poems. Whatever way You feel comfortable expressing Yourself and roast the crap out of me. DON'T FORGET TO TAG ME @sergiomendes and USE THE HASHTAG #roastsergiomendes ON YOUR POST. Let's just have some fun with it. I won't be upset, mad, sad, hurt with anything you can possible say about me... So feel free to give it a go.

    $sergiomendes . 2019.04.16 00:02

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  • Sacrifice Unicorns

    Funny I had 2 drinks and a couple of shots and I am so hangover. I really can't handle alcohol like before.

    $sergiomendes . 2019.04.15 04:14

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  • acrylic hamster house


    He's playing well in a big, high hamster house. Someone brought a guy who abandoned it in the separate storage area, and he's trying to play with us because he can't find it because of the small house. This is a big house that he bought for 150,000 won. Let me take a picture. I didn't know the video was uploaded on Instagram.

    $ssamkisa . 2019.04.15 01:55

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  • I fell for nothing.


    When I came to the pub after lunch, what? An angel staked me 1700 pounds. We've already packed 850 airdrop events in the morning, but we've got 1,700 more. Somehow. Somehow. It was a total disaster. I thought for a moment that someone might have accidentally sent it wrong, I don't know, I've had 1,700 of these precious kettles in the world, but once I've beaten them, they've been staked like bullets. I mean, 1700 was twice the number of 850, so I was a little bit of a dick. Sure enough, when I came back from dinner, it was another event. This event is an event where 1,700 pieces will be sent on a first-come-first-served basis. I'm going to send you to the first place. As you press the transfer like a bullet, all the 펍tokans are already staked, and the 펍tokken to be transferred is zero. I like it for free, I'm going to miss the event prize.

    $goodsea5 . 2019.04.13 21:01

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  • Dosfalmas sunset


    Palawan dosfalmas on a family trip Three months ago... I want to go again.

    $yaaburi . 2019.04.13 19:23

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  • a falling spring


    I will be with my son in Chungju Dam for a while.

    $starway . 2019.04.13 15:32

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  • Do you want me to relax now?


    Did you have a lot of snow in the sight of spring flowers for a week? Then why don't you relax your body? I am Uiwang who went there last week. There are many things to see around Wangsong Lake! First, put on the lake and take a lap around the rail bike to relax.... Well... These days, I have a very comfortable lake train because of my lack of muscle strength. Let's take a leisurely stroll around and enjoy the lake. Move to Scarlet! Let's get on the zip line. I'll build up my nerve, get some wind, melt it in the surrounding landscape... Take a break, climb the train, lie down in a nearby park, and take a foot stamp at the bird ecology museum! How do you like them? Does your body itch? Please relax and have a good weekend!

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.04.13 12:02

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  • [Baby Pang-fang] Lego is the best!!


    #Lego love #Today is good #Publito Gazua #lego #publicto

    $babypangpang . 2019.04.13 01:03

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  • #Incheon Bridge # Extreme jobs


    Watching the movie "The Extreme Job," I saw an alley in the used bookstore on the Incheon Bridge near my neighborhood. When I was in school, I lost my textbook or visited it once in my middle and high school days. I've been in dramas and movies a lot lately, and I'm glad to see you again.~ I thought I was going home after dinner last night, so I told my wife I'd stop by and take a picture. After talking, I dropped off at the filming location and took three pictures from the angle I've seen most in the movie. It was a stationery shop in the movie, but yesterday I went back to the signboard of the past and I didn't take it. ^^) I was taking pictures and looking around, and the bookstore on "The Crab" was less than 50 meters away. For those of you who don't know, let me introduce you a little bit about the location. Pae-ri is Dowon Station on Line 1.It is located in the middle of Dongincheon Station. #Incheon Bridge # Extreme jobs

    $msjpkpk . 2019.04.12 03:36

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  • It's the second round of Legos with my son.


    Isn't it hard to make a son? My dad's having a hard That's all I've got on Stimet. I'm sure Publicito is comfortable. It's not like a beginner like me posting dust. Please communicate a lot.^^ #After my son, #Lago's high quality #NumbagdaᅲᅲLego

    $babypangpang . 2019.04.12 00:04

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  • Oh, again, sports changeThis is the first lego.


    I fell into the mini-block that I posted on the bottom... And then I realized that I'd be proud of myself. Lego, which has a long history of "lego" high quality My son said, "All quality is a joke.LOL" He said, "Hey, you're not kidding me either."Kuck" #lego

    $babypangpang . 2019.04.12 00:01

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  • Change the sport. ^^ This time, it's miniblock.^^


    My son likes to make things like this and that. I don't think my sense of beauty is a big deal. I think I have a knack for my hands. Miniblock assembly actually takes a lot of time. I'm GG...Haha #miniblock

    $babypangpang . 2019.04.11 23:55

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  • Talking Porn

    Funny!/v/sergiomendes/0ryinv7z You can't be out there promoting the decentralised world and then targeting and censoring other creators that do a type of content that is different than yours just because You don't think it is right or feel uncomfortable about it. The adult industry and porn have existed forever and a lot of people do a living of it. So it is not up to You to judge anyone or penalise them just because You don't want to be part of it.  And also... Be careful because glass ceilings are very fragile and a lot of You might have them 😉

    $sergiomendes . 2019.04.11 23:52

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  • What should I call this, a bicycle carriage?"


    At last, I'm going to go from flat to three-dimensional.Dudong My son says, "Jangnan. " #3DPen

    $babypangpang . 2019.04.11 23:49

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  • 3D pen Third Raccoon


    I think it's the best.Haha #3dpen #raccoon

    $babypangpang . 2019.04.11 23:47

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  • 3D pen Second work Turtle


    Can't you put it up all at once? Turtle tortoise #turtle #3dpen

    $babypangpang . 2019.04.11 23:44

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  • It's our first post as a member.


    Hello, I'm @babypangapng. I've been posting on Steamt for a while... The lack of R.C. is black. I'm going to post it to Publicto from now on. I look forward to your kind cooperation.^^ GunDam made by my son-in-law. #gundam #kr

    $babypangpang . 2019.04.11 23:36

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  • A companion dog? A mate? Worrying


    Since a few days ago, there has been a lot of talk about the dog named Manul and his tomb. This is my first time since I thought I wouldn't raise it since I sent it away four years ago. I'm going to see it this week. There are more people in Publicito who love each other.Suddenly, I think of a picture that I took in Insadong. #Wood cat#Insa dong#Seoul

    $bigman35 . 2019.04.11 07:54

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  • Oh my god...My God


    天哪 god

    $kktan . 2019.04.09 15:14

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  • Cut...It's cute.


    Cute, huh?

    $kktan . 2019.04.09 15:08

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  • Go to Seoul Zoo.


    Seoul Zoo I went to the Seoul Zoo in Gwacheon with my wife and a 4-year-old boy. I went there almost a year after last summer and felt that my child had grown up a lot. Now you really deserve to take her with you. I think there's a real educational effect now. After I got back, I saw monkeys, tigers, crocodiles. I kept asking them to go again from the next day. I was so excited. I think I should go to Everland on the weekend when the weather is nice.

    $msjpkpk . 2019.04.08 06:18

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  • It's dangerous.


    Is it drowsy or drunk? Or a beginner?

    $gu3tanrtgqge . 2019.04.08 01:01

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  • Cut dog cute puppy


    a cute puppy

    $kktan . 2019.04.06 17:19

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    $kktan . 2019.04.02 19:08

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  • Snow camera


    Amazing Snow Camera lol

    $sopoonggazua . 2019.04.02 13:13

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