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  • Seafood Galbi Steamed in Mapo


    Finish the class early. It's drizzling. I'm desperate for a drink... with a friend in attendance I'm going to him. And as soon as I met him, he didn't tell me where to go. He's just taking her. abalone alive with its rich appearance I can't help but drink. First thing I eat in my life. Posting. Eliminate pre-eating photos Pubble, I've changed my life. Admit it!

    $dr.math . 2019.04.26 01:24

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  • Enjoying delicious things


    Eating very impressive foods is ready to eat delicious boiled crabs.

    $arsya . 2019.04.26 00:00

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  • a beef dinner


    #Sourmet #Sweet #Sweet #Sweetheart #Dining now!!!Enjoy your meal.

    $setinoby . 2019.04.25 19:19

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  • Tom yum goong


    #tomyumgoong #thai #cook

    $stephen . 2019.04.25 17:16

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  • Taiwan Sammi Restaurant in Gangnam


    # Sammi Restaurant #Daewangyeon fish sushi #Duyang fried fish #Eel fish #Tigeru #Suwah #Suwatun Jumil tewith Cream #Taeng only came #

    $m.j.choi . 2019.04.25 15:30

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  • On rainy days, it's a little salty.


    I can't help but think of the dark jjagle that reminds me of a rainy day~ 30 years old traditional restaurant, Cheonan restaurant!

    $turtle . 2019.04.25 13:56

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  • [Silk-Sil-Bong-Dong]


    It's a local kitten. The name of the store is also a kitten. All in all, it's delicious. Personally, I love the combination of pork belly and lamb song. The chicken skewer is also Maine. If I went with my friend, I couldn't take it because I only ate soju. Actually, one of the most famous things here is draft beer. Freeze the beer glass to a very low temperature. So it's coming out, and the beer bubble is freezing. She's the youngest. She loves it.Haha

    $zepi . 2019.04.25 08:28

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  • I'm sure it's beef desert.


    What would he do, beef? an old-fashioned beef

    $realin . 2019.04.25 00:27

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  • Prepared grilled fish


    Very tasty and delicious grilled fish

    $arsya . 2019.04.24 23:13

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  • Happy wekend



    $surya . 2019.04.24 23:08

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  • Hong Rui-jen!! Shuttle for the team members.


    #Team members, the team leader is different #Hongluizen # Get some work done #Happily #Shoot and #Koin #Play #Moneyvers #Publito

    $newbijohn . 2019.04.24 23:04

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  • Hi, England.


    Hi, England.

    $ca2xe . 2019.04.24 21:19

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  • Tuna kimchi stew


    Stealing rice I got it. What I've made! I memorized the recipe. Put 1/4 slices of chopped kimchi and half of sliced onion in a cooking oiled pan and stir-fry. When onion becomes opaque, pour 1 liter of water, add 1 spoon of chopped garlic, and boil it for 10 minutes. When it boils up, you can boil a large can of tuna down to the condiment, boil it for another five minutes, then add the Korean character of kimchi soup and a bowl of chopped green onion, and if you boil it for another three minutes, the thief will finish.

    $loveseol . 2019.04.24 20:43

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  • Charcoal tastes good when you bake.


    # Pigs taste good when they are baked in #Cham charcoal Pork that I ate at the restaurant in Seonyudo today.the highest ratio of caustic proportions It was really tasty.

    $mistick . 2019.04.24 19:43

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  • Sangdo-dong Taste House --- Sariwon


    Today, we had lunch at Sariwon, a restaurant in Sangdo-dong. Sariwon is a restaurant located in the direction of Soongsildae from Sangdo Station. It is not very popular, but it is a famous house in Sangdo-dong. The main menu is dumpling soup. Sometimes the dumplings and the broth you made yourself are a little addictive. It reminds me. And the hot radish kimchi that comes out together is real art.^^ There are common dumpling soup and mandu jeongol, and a little unusual menu. The dumpling soup with 12 kinds of grains was cooked by popping into the dumplings. We have 12 songs of naengmyeon. This is Sariwon, a hidden restaurant in Sangdo-dong.

    $nani . 2019.04.24 14:36

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  • Does it taste like Seoul's top 3 jokbal Seongsu jokbal?


    Hello, ladies! :) Seoul's top 3 Jokbal! City Hall Ohyang Jokbal Yangjae Yeongdong Foot holy water foot This is the latter part of my trip to Seongsu. I liked it! But it's a bit salty. It's a place where there's a lot of atmosphere. I went there before the 12 o'clock opening, so no one was there. I ate without waiting because I said I could come in. I hope you enjoy it.🤩😆

    $liwoo . 2019.04.24 13:19

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  • In Pangyo Yang Fiscal Meat Restaurant


    Long time no see? This is where I visited with my friend. I tried to eat squid sashimi, but... There are no squid in the squid crab. That's why I went in and out. I forgot to take a picture before I ate it. Personally, I prefer an iron plate to a charcoal fire. Charcoal fires are hard to control and the juices disappear to the floor?L It's just my style. I'm relieved of my stress by singing and singing.L #Pangyo # Beef #Yang Fiscal Meat Restaurant #Publito #A meal

    $dudu . 2019.04.23 22:12

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  • Gwanghwamun Salon


    I've been to this place because it's a different place than other places. The models were just posing, so... It's a coffee shop. I should've taken a picture of him. He's reserved. I didn't get a shot. I've had coffee and a whipped cream cake. Coffee doesn't taste bad. Starch cream cake has a delicate, silky strawberry flavor!

    $interbirds . 2019.04.23 14:04

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  • [Ulung Taste House] Toast Shop in Ulleung Island! : 791 Toast


    - Ulleung Island also has a slightly sophisticated toasts. Sinsang Taste House!!) 791 Toast!! Why is it 791? The phone number of Ulleung Island is 791. The Ulleung Island number is "054791-XXXX." The owner of the store named Sense :) - There are no franchise coffee shops in Ulleungdo yet, and there are not many cafes. I haven't been to all the cafes yet, There were not many houses where I thought coffee was very much. 791 Toast is not a coffee shop, so professional barista is not a house where coffee is served. I took the Ilycapsule coffee and dropped it on the coffee machine. You've given me a consistent, delicious. Coffee is much more delicious than anywhere else!! - You drink Nespresso's coffee at home. Sometimes when I get a hang of it, come here and have a drink? - #daily #foodstagram #Daily #Matstagram #Extagram #Foodtherapy - # Giving and eating my money #Taste house #UlLONG restaurant #My favorite restaurant #791Trust #Hamchezst #Lilly coffee

    $magicsonjae . 2019.04.23 12:43

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  • Honey garlic & jangaji.


    This time, it's not Arry. I made onion jangaji because the sun onion came out. I also made honey garlic and red pepper paste. Wash garlic, steam it, dry it, and marinate it with honey. It's very simple. It's good to eat a lot of garlic, but it's hard to eat. This way, the garlic flavor disappears and it's good to eat. I'm going to feed Arya. I still have something I made last year. If I eat it all first, I can eat the one I made this time. I also cut cheongyang red pepper into onion jangaji and put it in with it. And I like spicy food, so Cheongyang red pepper is another bowl of jangaji. Except that you smell soy sauce at home when you boil soy sauce, and you cry when you chop onions and cut them, it's not hard to do I'll be able to eat well for a while.

    $ari . 2019.04.23 01:29

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  • Favorite Hot Dog


    #Hotdog There are many hot dog chains these days. My favorite hot dog!! That's why I like it. But I like that hot dog the best. When I stop by the convenience store, I often buy it, but there is one left!! Oh, yeah.

    $simjy . 2019.04.22 20:55

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  • a cotton kitchen


    I've been to Pami Station, the express terminal, and it looks like I've only got a collection of restaurants. I went to the second floor and chose noodles. I think it's unique, so I'm leaving a review. The taste is similar to kalguksu in Myeong-dong, but there is no comparison between fullness and robustness. The price is not cheap, but I think I paid that price. My overall rating is, if you have a chance, you should go there.^^

    $gazua . 2019.04.22 18:29

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  • discover an unexpected scone


    Usually, mammoth coffee has a lot of takeouts. I used it often because it gives me a lot of cheap prices... There was a big store this time, so I went in and... Wow, I've seen the quality of the huge scones. I made a purchase right away. The Scon bread itself is not too sweet or sweet. Sweet sweetness makes me happy. I like him very much. What's an inverter in a scone? This is a revolution, folks. It's the taste that you should eat two of them. This store is located halfway from Seodaemun Station to Gwanghwamun. (Closeritis in the Rolling pin) If you see it through, You know that, right? #Mammerd Coffee #Cheesecake #Anverscon #Scon Taste House #How dead #Publito #Donberns

    $newbijohn . 2019.04.22 16:47

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  • Sisyphic hotple sijibon


    #Cgbon Seeji Hotple Sisyphon, who thought it was a small cafe in the neighborhood and was surprised by its size and interior, was still a Sisyphic hot-air. Up to the second floor, where you can lie down for luxurious indoor seats, outdoor seats next to the fountain, and couples! I thought it would be really nice for couples to go to eat bread and drinks instead of coffee.

    $wonthe . 2019.04.22 14:34

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  • Food #1


    지짜 시킨거 다 너무 맛났음ㅠㅠㅠ💖 분위기도 좋고..최고최고🥰

    $ca2xe . 2019.04.21 22:50

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  • Beer Alcohol Needs #5, Transform beer containers


    We need a container to hold and drink beer, and the oak barrels that the Celts used to ferment the beer have been either still in place or turned into stainless tanks until recently. This time, let's take a look at the change in beer containers. Most of the colors of Korean beer bottles are brown and the green bottle is the beer "terra," which has recently gone to the other side of the globe due to fine dust. There are so many kinds of beer and there are so many different colors in the same kind of brewery that if you were as transparent as a glass of beer, you would be able to see the inside of it from the time to The reason is that beer is a fermented beverage, so when you meet the sun, you react with the ingredients produced by hops, and smell bad. Black is the most effective color of the malt itself because it is brown, and the next green color. Even these seemingly trivial colors contain the wisdom of many trials and errors of the past. The entry of beer into the process was invented in 1892 in the U.S. by the inventor Painter, who suffered from a severe stomachache due to a cork that was used and not completely. Since then, bottled beer becomes more popular as it becomes easier to store and move. Also, in 1963, when the current full-tap canned beer container was invented in the U.S. by Fraz, and while doing this, the military uses the idea to supply beer to the battlefield when bottled beer supplied to soldiers was broken by bullets and shrapnel during World War II. Again, the truth is that inventions work well. The pictures are the first terra from a chicken galbi restaurant near my house, the bottle cap of Pixabei, and the bottle of beer.

    $bigman35 . 2019.04.21 21:57

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  • Lunch at Lotteria, the morbid.


    On Sunday morning, we head to Suwon Station.We went to the morgue and ended up eating lunch in Lotteria. I would've been home alone if I hadn't. I just happened to have to change into a bottleneck.And I got carried by the train... I am busy because things happen every weekend... This week, I haven't even had a break. Have a comfortable evening for the rest of the weekend.

    $my4555 . 2019.04.21 20:17

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  • 마카롱 먹고 맴맴


    #마카롱 미쳐 몰랐지 이걸 먹고나서 어떻게될지 하나만 먹었어야했는데 두개를 먹고나서...

    $wonthe . 2019.04.21 15:58

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  • Kashiogapi


    I've got some blood in my mouth. As the weather warms up, you should go to the mall. It's good to have sprouts. Slightly blanch the sprouts with pork. It's a long time since I've eaten it. #Gacio-Gapi

    $drui . 2019.04.21 13:59

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  • Hadoli restaurant


    This restaurant visited during a business trip to Andong. I don't know much about restaurants in Andong, so I asked the person who would like to eat with me to recommend a restaurant, and he recommended "Hotori Restaurant." Hodori restaurant is a freshwater fish restaurant that sells beef, catfish, and so on. I ordered 1.5kg of beef wine because 4 people have to eat, but there were 4 beef legumes. Once the vegetables are cooked, you can eat them first. Then, you can take a piece of beef with a ladle. Cut it in half and eat it in a bowl. The huge bullfish looked delicious, especially because it was a creature, so I really enjoyed it. If you are going to Andong, it would be nice to visit. [Mountang] Source: Tree Wiki It is a stew dish in Korea. It is a dish that is made of various kinds of fish, such as red pepper paste, red pepper powder, radish, top mushrooms, and various vegetables and tofu. His name is Tang, but he uses jjebi as an extra ingredient. He also asks for ramen noodles if there is only soup left. It has a spicy and stimulating taste, so it has a name for itself. The reason why various vegetables and spicy and provocative spices are added is, of course, to catch fish's fish. There is also a recipe called Jiri, which is boiled without spices such as chili peppers, and in the case of geography, it is more difficult to make delicious fish with less fishy taste. However, people who enjoy gourmet fish species often prefer fresh soup because they can taste the unique taste of fish.

    $moment . 2019.04.21 06:11

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