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  • @Woman in-house rice cook, neat Han Jeong-sik


    Recently opened Chando Maine is also a nice, clean restaurant. She said it is a rice table made from the produce of Yeoju. She also said that the teahouse next to the restaurant will be opened. #Woman_Women

    $annie . 2019.05.25 10:38

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  • Volac fishing


    I wanted to hold on to Volac a lot, but the cooler wasn't full. But after a while, I had a lot of bites and enjoyed fishing. It's curled up and put it in the refrigerator. ^^ #Samcheonpo #Volak #Fishing

    $redaries . 2019.04.26 20:28

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  • Wando Fever Fishing~


    As the weather is getting warmer, fine dust is getting worse. The hot-air fishing I went to around this time of year. I remember running all night from Seoul to Wando and making my appearance around dawn. Fishing boats used to ride on owls, jjuku, and galchi fishing boats. The fever was a bit strange, and I didn't know much about it, so I hesitated to go. These guys are coming up in a row. I think I'm up. This guy's got about five of them on his way up. Hahaha It wasn't a thrilling touch, but it made me feel like I was in a row.^^ I heard that the hot bulbulbock is the same as the bipyvolac. Somehow, the colors are different, but they have similar feelings. Maybe that's why I caught a few oaks. As expected, I felt a touch of hands that was different from the heat!~ Now that the weather is getting warmer, I really want to go fishing on a ship to the sea. Fishing is a lot of money. I will collect cash hard and go fishing a few times this year!

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.04.22 17:17

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  • Cucumber Caggins Fishing~


    It's kind of creepy to say spring weather. Around last fall? I went to Youngmok Harbor and fishing... I often go fishing on a boat, but it feels different from fishing on a hook. I didn't feel like I had a bite. I often put the fishing pole in and I had to take it away, so I didn't have much time to rest... But unlike when they're fishing, they're decorated every time they're burrow. I felt good.~ I caught about 150 of them this day. If you're good at it, there's no problem with 200 to 300 of them. Especially, the cacophiles that come up from time to time are different from the jjuku. The number of days that a caged bird falls while it comes up... I'm not... I'm not Pro. If you're lucky, you'll catch him or you'll fall... Anyway, I think I'll go fishing a few times this year. I'm already waiting.

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.04.15 11:44

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  • They ate Australian Newcastle octopus and brim. ᅲ


    out of provisions We're going fishing for survival trip. I ate octopus in the water. They have become great meals. Thanks oto gues

    $jmax . 2019.04.08 20:58

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  • I teach fishing at home.


    My son is still young, so it's dangerous to go out like this season. I'm enjoying my eyes at home.^^

    $hyeoks . 2019.03.14 15:00

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  • 사천 삼천포에서 잡은 5짜 감성돔


    삼천포 감성돔 사진입니다. 5짜에요 퍼블리토 테스트로 한번 올려봅니다.

    $hyeoks . 2019.03.14 14:24

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  • South Sea Sensibility Dome Fishing


    We finally caught Yeongdeung Iron Sensitivity Dome. It's really hard to catch Yeongdeung Iron Emotional Dome. ㅜㅜ As soon as I caught him, I went to Daegu. Spicy and hot soup with acquaintances. 냠냠; As it is winter, the raw fish is very sweet and delicious. The size of a real emotional dome is 45 centimeters. What is "Yeongdeungchul" in sea fishing? Excerpts of "First-time Sea Fishing" The second month of the lunar month is called Yeongdeungcheol or Yeongdeungdal. In the Gregorian calendar, fishing usually falls around March, during which time, it is specifically referred to as 'Yeongdeung Emotional Dome.' The word Yeongdeungchul originated from the legend of Yeongdeung Halmi, which is the god of the wind who controls fishing and farming. Yeongdeung Halmi came down on the first day of the second lunar month every year and was considered to rise on the 20th. During her stay on the ground, the wind was strong, so she prayed for peace by floating the purified water or raising the Yeongdeung Festival. This period is the lowest water temperature and the most windy of the year. Emotional domes, which stayed in the far sea throughout the winter, are just about to start moving to their own homes after being warm for scattering, and because of the low water temperature, the twigs won't move, improving the screening of seagulls. Of course, even large-scale players are not very active, so their lips are tricky, and once they're hooked, they're likely to be a big fish, which is a time to excite professional players. It is also called 'Yeongdeung Sari' in February of the lunar calendar. This is when the difference between the tides is greatest, along with "Baekjung sari (July 15th)."

    $redaries . 2019.03.05 11:10

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  • fish fishing


    You caught the fish with the fishing rod. We only got five.

    $parrhesia . 2019.01.29 14:05

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  • 2019 Road


    Second fishing in 2019... Oh, no, no, no. ㅜㅜ Youngdeung Halmae, a sentimental dome...

    $redaries . 2019.01.27 22:16

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  • Do you know about breakwater?


    I often drive to the beach. I have an idea that I always listen to while watching the breakwater. How did you make something so big? How did he move it? How much does it weigh and how much is the price? I always thought about it, but I decided to find out this time. It was built to protect the harbor inside from outside waves. Most of them look similar in Korea, but in foreign countries, There are various tetrapods. It weighs from 5 to 100 tons, but on average it weighs 50 to 70 tons. The price is about 3 million won on average. There is also a saying that 20 tons is 600,000 won. In Korea, most tetrapods are round. It's very dangerous to fish up here. In Japan, I heard that they are considerate of fishermen by using three shapes or angular tetrapods. Fishing on breakwater is not recommended because it is not safe and dangerous.

    $mania1115 . 2019.01.27 14:44

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  • Fry the fish you caught yourself.


    I'll catch it myself and make it even more delicious. You let the little ones go. "Mommy or Daddy, come here."lol

    $mania1115 . 2019.01.27 11:39

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  • Recommend a fishing spot on Ganghwa Road for the Winter Ice Festival!!


    I went to ice fishing on weekend. I had a big dream of the moon, but... In the media, there is a fish festival or a trout festival. You know, there's so many cases that you're wasting. On the one hand, there was a lot of worry. I ended up going to two fishing places in a day. I've been going through honey jam in one place. It's a fishing spot in Ganghwa Island. I won't mention where I can't catch a single one because it can be seen differently. In the second fishing area, I went to ice fishing from 3 to 6 p.m. There are 2 people and about 40 of them!!! In the first fishing area, from 11:00 to 1:00 there was no bite to eat. Of course, it wasn't even a time zone, but the kids were playing so hard. All the glaciers were running away... The second fishing stop is the Hwangcheong fishing ground. The first fishing area was similar in size and size, but it was very deep. And the thing that I like the most is that the fishing crew is going to have a lot of people who can't catch the fish. They do a fishing inspection for me. jars position adjustment, how to fish, bait advice, etc. So that there's no one at the festival. They looked so good. And the first people around me. He's been snatching me ever since the staff touched me. With the small consideration of these fishing grounds, you can enjoy the festival easily. It was a very good experience. The entrance fee is 5,000 won, and if you take 20 bingers, you can fry them for 5,000 won. Make sure to go there this winter.~~

    $mania1115 . 2019.01.27 11:02

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  • 2019 Fishing Starts


    It's recommended by locals in the South Sea, but it's only beautiful and has no life. I climbed the cliff hard. ᅮᅮ Fishing starts in 2019 with a bang. It's Yeongdeung-cheol's watch. Let's get him...

    $redaries . 2019.01.26 17:09

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  • fish fishing


    I'm here to catch a fish. The whole family has been sitting on the ice for three hours at a hefty admission fee, but the icefish only ghostly visits the fishing grounds of another house. I don't know if I'm fishing or if I'm fishing my time, but I don't feel bad looking through an ice hole while talking about a hot cup of tea or a snack. EastDaegu. There is no ice fish, and the body is frozen.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.01.21 13:43

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  • Paju Songo Festival


    I went to Paju Songo Festival with my friends. It felt like there would be more people than fish, but it was fun. The entrance fee and the purchase cost were expensive, but the children liked it so much that they went over with it. The fish that we caught made a circuit with a sphere, and we caught it with the fancion we caught nearby, and we got iron bars and iron bars.

    $sismaru . 2019.01.21 10:11

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  • Salt pot stew


    Salt pot stew made from octopus caught during camping fishing in Jeju Island this summer. If we're fishing, we'll get this much, right?

    $redaries . 2019.01.19 21:51

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  • Azaña!


    Ganghwado Island in Incheon is a fishing ground. It's 30,000 won per seat. It's big. The size of the carp is too big.

    $mania1115 . 2019.01.17 16:42

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  • December 31, 2018 The sound of the eating broadcast was made with good people.


    #Gangseo Suhyup # Family gathering #Farming #Eatstagram #Food eating show #Uck-bang #

    $designartist . 2019.01.14 12:14

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  • a new water camp


    The new capital, 10 minutes from Samcheonpo, has a breakwater, a mud rock accessible on foot, can be loaded onto a boat and brought in, and can meet fish species such as emotional domes, bowling alleys, and Gapsingers. The camping site is still free of charge.

    $redaries . 2019.01.13 15:12

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  • at the Hongcheon River Festival


    Ginseng trout from Hongcheon River Sauce Festival...

    $yay . 2019.01.12 22:33

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  • Busan Dadaepo Molwoondae, Dadaepo, Busan, Korea


    Near Gimhae Plain in Busan, Dadaepo is located. It is not as well known as Haeundae or Gwangalli or Songjeong. With the extension of subway line No. 1, the number of people has increased. The Mollundae near the Dadaepo Beach is a good place to fish, and the scenery is just as good. In the late afternoon, it is also good to look at the lagoon that is turning to the sea horizon.

    $carpe21 . 2019.01.12 10:18

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  • It's been a year since I made a fishbowl.


    It's still growing well. #Waterstagram #Fullfish #Water life

    $funkrider . 2019.01.09 21:18

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  • # Ashley # Seafood Course #Water half-


    # Ashley # Seafood Course #Water half-

    $yuninsu5555 . 2019.01.03 12:22

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  • trout fishing


    the season of trout fishing

    $drui . 2019.01.02 10:31

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  • fishermen on any bridge in Taean


    I came fishing on a bridge in Taean with my father, and they were so dark that I couldn't even see them. I don't know if it's because I haven't caught anything yet.You'll see if you see it, right? #The wind is #0 # Any leg #Taean

    $csi.park . 2018.12.31 00:20

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  • Do you know Doche?


    It is fish that come out in winter, usually eat with altang, but it is really ugly... I wonder how it tastes. #Jon-flavored #Doch-al-tang #Dot-dot

    $csi.park . 2018.12.30 14:35

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  • Namhae Island


    It's a manga field. ㅜㅜ

    $redaries . 2018.12.30 12:11

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  • I'm fishing now.


    Namhae Island

    $redaries . 2018.12.30 11:40

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  • Fishing on Ganghwa Island.


    Last fall, I spent one night at a place called Sun Dancipation during my trip to Ganghwa Island. The view was great right in front of the beach, and it was a great place to quietly fish under the pension. It's a good place to go fishing in the fall.^^ Three of them threw Lille in an hour, and it was about 30 minutes. I've got one of the big ones.^^

    $turtle . 2018.12.30 00:23

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