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  • Why a knowledge worker fails at work #2


    I want to finish after #1 why a knowledge worker fails at work. the crisis of the third class Those who experience the most difficult growing pains when they enter the field as managers are often elite students who have been recognized as team aces by themselves. At first glance, I don't understand. Why? Does he have to be easy on the front-runner to be an executive? To the best of my knowledge, they must be servants who excel in self-management and scheduling, such as a well-contained blade. However, what they miss is that they think other people also manage and immerse themselves. Yes, the average team member often goes by hand, is anxious to leave one alone, loses the schedule and receives complaints from customers, and if you teach them one, they don't know ten. Therefore, in terms of delegation, it is natural for the team members to treat themselves with the expectation that they will do the same as they do in the current job, and even if things are difficult, they will go through like themselves and eventually achieve the feat of winning the job. Once you break this illusion and have a deeper understanding of the average person, the point of care changes. The genius of "speak like a gatteok but understand like a piece of cake" is now impossible under universal standards and finds that it requires additional education and nurturing, which is to say, continuous attention and control. Quickly awakening this is the key to growth. If the entire team is an honor student, there will be no better choice, but there is a slight difference in the gap and tendency, so customized approaches are necessary. Instead, one needs a commitment and tenacity to "anyone can be an honor student" in his mind. As mentioned in "What Makes You," as Peter Drucker says, "Trust But Check," you will need wisdom to choose the wisdom to complement and the timing of appropriate advice.

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  • Why a knowledge worker fails at work #1


    "The most common cause of a knowledge worker's failure is the lack of ability or will to transform themselves as required by a new position." – Peter Drucker – In the case of an organization, the promotion takes place when time passes and the task is in full swing, but there is no major change from the perspective of the work done, and to which level the scope of the work is expanded to more detailed parts of the work that was in place and the degree of delegation from the boss is increased. However, if the task of managing people becomes more important, the portion of the current business decreases and a new task called reporting is waiting for me. 1, pupae that can't break out of the existing framework I'm suddenly forced to go on a schedule that I don't set, such as paperwork for more than 40 team members, checking for work, calling executives, meeting team leaders, weekly headquarters, etc., and I'm called in to the executives' frequent calls at a time when I can't understand what happened yesterday and what I'm supposed to do today. If you look at it, it's bound to break due to parts you don't know. From the start of work to lunch, the speed goes from the beginning of the morning to the beginning of the morning to the end of the day, and although he is now the team leader, he must become the youngest member of the team and run like a new recruit. It feels like the former head of the team suddenly fell to the head of the inferior team after being told that he was good at his job, rather than making a big difference in the flow of the previous team leader. Yoon Do-hyun's song "I Am a Butterfly" is a perfect fit. "I can't see myself, I can't see the front, I can't see the front, I'm a tiny caterpillar, I've burst out of the flesh, once again, I've got a scarful puppets, a cold winter approaching, maybe it's tough." Two, I'm the one? The complaints I've learned from my bosses, including the team leader, are now completely forgotten, and when I've spent a day in suspense thanking myself for not breaking up again today, I'm like a regular tour show, like a regular tour. Once approaching a desk, colleagues who used to calm down their complex heads through conversations often express their wish not to come. After a year like this, my black hair comes up from the top of my head, and my charming boyhood, calm and low, turns into the same sharp voice my mother was clapping and shouting as she was a child, and an end-to-end cry like "Young-mi" in Korean curling. Then, by chance, the team members in the bathroom wake up from the delusion that I am still a member of the team, because they didn't like the boss who was so deeply involved in their work. Yes, I'm a team leader and I'm trying to be cool and I'm like, "We're old, we're old," and I finally realize that I'm in my 30s and 40s and I'm a man in my 40s who thought I was still young. It's too painful to overcome. He's going to sayin'. It's too long. I'll split it up into two. #Butterfly #pixabay #pupa

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  • #Great Publicity#Good to Great


    Jim Collins' book on the secret of building a great company is written below. "He who makes a great company in any field understands that the ultimate driver of growth is neither the market, nor the technology, nor the competition, nor the commodity. There's one thing above everything else.It is the ability to secure and hold on to the right people." The very book, "GOOD TO GREAT," which was published in 2001 and swept an era with bestsellers around the world. This is what was mentioned in the book, which gave directions to becoming a great company beyond a good one. It is a well-known book that has been the basis of theories on many subsequent corporate organizations, including bus theory and hedgehog theory. "If it's successful, is it necessary to be great? asked the promising young entrepreneur. "Greats aren't more painful than staying in a normal state. We can live a much more efficient and affluent life by suffering less and doing less. If it's not harder, it's better, and the process is really fun, why don't we go for something great and great? In order to become a great place, not just a good place based on SNS, contents, technology development, and promotion are also important. One thing that exists above everything else is that it should be filled with the right and passionate people, and it might take internal and external cooperation to hold them together. In this regard, many of your recent efforts seem even more meaningful, so I hope these efforts will be a big fire and shine forever, just as a spark that caused the small Bush Piers to devour a large mountain forest.

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  • #The echo of the heart #Noohooha


    #Noohoohoohoohoohoohoohsi # Hearts

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