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  • 2 Chinese characters that become blood and gain weight!


    * When angry * 忍一時之忿(in case) ((in case) 免百日之憂(in case of cotton bag): If you put up with a moment's delay, you can avoid a hundred days of anxiety. There are times when people get mad at each other in your life. When anger is swept up by emotions, it is unknowingly violent. In particular, there are times when you say things you can't say to your family or friends, or say things you shouldn't. I regret it late after getting some relief, but it's hard to get rid of the spilled water. In this sense, the Chinese word '免百日之憂' in mind is a great enlightenment. If you put up with the moment of rage, you can avoid the anxiety you can build up for a long time. When you're angry, it's better to count in your mind or avoid a seat for a while. If you throw your anger at your opponent because you're angry, you'll end up hurting yourself. Buddha says, "To hold a grudge is to hold hot coals in your hands to throw at others. It's who you are after all to get burned."

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  • [호주생활속 영어표현]#15.회사가치(들)에 의거한것인가요?


    안녕하세요 시드니에서 냠냠 김치먹는 캥거루 오지쌤입니다. 오늘은 회사에서 조직문화관련 짧은 세미나(Workplace Conflict Resoultion-회사내 갈등해소)를 하다가 위와 같은 문구(THINK)를 보고 눈에 들어오는 표현이 있어 대망의 15번째의 호주생활영어표현으로 고르게 되었습니다. 그럼 메인표현을 한번 볼까요? 메인표현은 바로 ~in line with 명사~입니다. 위에 사진을 보시면 THINK (생각하다)란 영어단어에서 첫알파벳의 1) T는 Is it true? 즉 '진실한가/진짜인가?'란 말이죠. 두번째는 2) H인데 이것은 Is it Helpful? (도움이 되나요?). 세번째는 3) I인데, Is it in line with our values? 이것은 '저희들의 가치들(회사가치(관)등을)과 긴밀하게 연결되어 있나요/가치들에 의거한것인가요?'라는 의미이고 오늘의 메인표현입니다. 네번째는 4) N인데, Is it necessary? 즉 '이것이 필요한것인가요/필수적인가요?란 의미가 되고요. 다섯번째는 5) K인데, Is it Kind? 즉 '친절한/정중한가요?'란 의미가 될수 있겠지요. 다시 3)번 '~in line with + 명사'로 돌아가보면, 이 표현은 with 뒤에나오는 명사(들)과 '긴밀한 관계가 있는' 혹은 '그것에 준하여/의거하여' 또는 '(생각이나 결과 등이)비슷하거나/같은 수준이다'라는 의미가 됩니다. 예문) It must be done in line with the national policy (국가정책에 따라서/의거해서 행하여져야한다) This project is in line with my profession (이 프로젝트는 나의 직업과 일치합니다/밀접한/긴밀하게 연결되어 있습니다) The company's results are in ilne with stok market expectations (회사의 결과(즉 영업이익 등)는 주식시장의 전망들과 비슷합니다/같은 수준입니다). 어떠신가요? '~in line with +명사'는 간단하지만 생각보다 다양하게 쓸수 있는 표현입니다. 잘숙지하셔서 유용하게 쓰시면 좋을듯합니다. 그럼 오늘도 힘찬 하루 되세요 :) A good one ahead, everyone! By Aussiessam in Sydney, Australia P.S. 그리고 제가 하는 호주 & 영어표현 Podcast링크는 아래와 같습니다. 기본적으로 한국어/영어 동시진행입니다. 영어설명 후에 한국말 설명이 있으니깐 끝까지 들어보시면 좋겠습니다. 그럼 많이 구독하고 들어주시면 감사드려요 :) *구글 플레이스토어나 아이튠즈 앱스토어에서 '팟빵'이라는 앱을 받으시고 구독후에 들으시면 더욱 편리합니다. 팟빵: 아이튠즈: #Australia #aussiessam #sydney #THINK #foodforthought #오지쌤 #호주 #시드니 #생각할것

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  • There is no royal road to study!


    There is a co-worker who invests freely in his child. His fifth year son, who spent nearly one million won in English kindergarten and hundreds of thousands of won in English academies.A few days ago, I asked him to do a second-grade English listening test, and he was disappointed that three were wrong? Or bragging? I was curious, too. Have you ever been to an English kindergarten or near an English academy? My children~ I asked my second child, who is in fourth grade, to solve the questions of listening comprehension in middle school. The result is... 100 points! My wife was surprised, too! We didn't send an academy, but we wanted to speak English well, so we showed English YouTube animation continuously for one or two hours since we were young. This test proved that my ears are somewhat open as a result of my constant contact with English. I also found out that my parents' educational views were not bad. Looking at parents who sometimes spend hundreds of thousands of won on English academies, they said, 'Are we doing well now?I had some doubts about it. Through this experience, I realized that there is no royal road to study and that it is more important than ever to consistently pursue the educational philosophy of parents. I am going to go on an overseas trip with my children after collecting money for my English academy.~~

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  • [Ganggeumplore] Cute word for Korean paste flower neat peony


    This is a clean version of the abbreviation that you use a lot in the Angum Flower. Press 123 carefully to use it. But it's not natural if you use too much or too little petals. Balance the inside of the inner pin and the side of the pin and pipe. ----------------------------------------------------------- But it is not natural if you make too much or too little petal.

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  • The first Chinese character to become blood and flesh, if you know it.


    1. When drunk "It's really chivalrous to talk less even after drinking."" When you're drunk, you'll talk a lot. People who say what they say and say are the first ones who don't want to get drunk like +. Even if you drink, you should be a great person who can listen to other people. 2. When you look at me and someone else, "If three people go together, there must be my teacher." When I and the other two go together, there must be my teacher. Those who are superior to me can emulate the good things, and those who are inferior to me can also emulate them. If you use your opponent's strengths and weaknesses as a mirror, everyone around you will be my teacher. 3. When coin prices fall "There's joy in the midst of eating heavy rice, drinking water, and then lying down with your arms cut." Happiness does not lie in the rise or fall of coin prices. If you can find joy in a bad rice, have a glass of cold water, and lie down with your arms cut, you are a very happy person. I need a thug that says, 'It's okay, I'll live on Anbinnakdo even if my coin becomes a baker!' 4. When coin prices go up like crazy, "It's the ultimate in good faith," said Ji Ji-hye-ho (中庸之爲德也, 其至矣乎): "It's not too much or too much of a good deed." When coin prices go up like crazy, you'd better sell them at the right spot. The truth that overzealous overambitiousness entails pain is December 2017~ We've had enough. When coin prices go up like crazy, you need heavy utility that doesn't go too far or short.

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  • the last day of the Angum Flower Foundation.


    the opening and closing of the door Color Choices, perfect for what we're See you in the Deep Class #San Studio #Angum Flower Class

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  • #Max#School


    #学校 #maxschool #😎

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  • Angum Flower Runnanculus Piping


    How to pipe Runculus asiaticus (Korean floor cake) Tip: Wilton 123 #flowercake #koreanflowercake #sanstudio

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  • a three-person backpack for disaster, fire, war and backpacking


    Emergency escape from my family of three.Emergency communications, urgent food, and emergency medical kits.Survivable circuit. Outdoor sleeping item.disaster and war preparedness

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  • Shin Jong Yoon Taekwondo


    taekundo .examination.

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  • [Gangum Flower Tteokcake] Pipping for Pioneer


    Hello, I'm San Studio. This is a video clip of how I'm doing on the Angum Flower Tteokcake cake. Where there's a rest of your soul, why don't you learn about the healing Flower Cakes in the San Studio? #Sansstudio #Pipe #Pipe #Finishing #Angum Flower

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  • 그런 아이로 키우고 싶다!


    앞자리에 앉은 직장 동료와 이야기를 하다가, 그 집 아이는 학원을 여덟 곳이나 다닌다는 이야기를 들었다. 놀라운 것은 왠만한 초등학생들은 최소 2~3곳, 많게는 10곳 이상 학원을 다니고 있다는 것이다. 아침부터 밤 늦게까지 365일 학원으로 뺑뺑이 도는 아이들.. 그들은 그곳에서 과연 무엇을 배우고, 느끼고, 실천하고 있을까? 우리 집 아이들은 학원을 다니지 않는다. (절대로 돈이 없어서는 아니다ㅠㅠ) 최근 막내가 수영을 배우고 싶다고 해서 수영만 보내고 있다. 학교에 갔다온 아이들은 집에서 책을 보거나, 유튜브 영어 애니메이션을 보며 영어 공부를 한다. 시간이 날 때는 놀이터에서 놀거나, 보드게임을 하고, 아빠와 함께 운동을 하며 보낸다. 학원 갈 돈을 모아 일 년에 한 두번 해외 여행을 다니고, 캠핑이나 등산을 통해 심신을 단련시키려고 노력한다. 주변 지인들은 이 같은 우리들의 육아 방식에 대해 우려를 표한다. 영어, 수학을 따라가지 못하면 나중에 좋은 고등학교, 좋은 대학교에 가기 힘들다고.. 그럼 좋은 직장을 구하기도 어려울테고, 돈도 많이 벌 수 없을 것이며, 편안하고 행복한 삶을 살기 어려울 거라고.. 그러나 나는 그들의 우려에 이렇게 말하고 싶다. 많이 갖는 것보다 어떻게 베푸느냐를 깨우쳐 주고 싶고, 많이 아는 것보다 어떻게 지혜롭게 살아 갈 것이냐를 가르치고 싶다. 무엇을 보느냐보다 어떻게 보고 있느가를 자각할 줄 알며, 무엇을 듣느냐보다 어떻게 들을 것인가를 중요하게 여길 줄 알고, 무엇을 느끼냐보다 어떻게 느끼고 있는가에 집중할 줄 아는..그런 아이로 키우고 싶다고 말이다.

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  • Did you speak Korean in the third grade?


    My daughter, who is in third grade, is very good at what she learned in school. Is this the level of grade 3 in elementary school that you feel interested in? I'm surprised. I'm studying the composition of the literary world in my turn I see. Talking about the difference between a sentence and a sentence. He explained the central sentence and the supporting sentence for example. I don't think this was the level I was in third grade. I thought I had to study 3rd grade textbook to have conversation. When the Korean language is over, you said that you learned it in science class, and you talk about objects and materials. Is the level of elementary school such as these days?

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  • Daily Smartphonephotography #6


    Electronic tools #smartphonephotography

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  • Tagana Masuk Sekolah


    Tagana Masuk Sekolah merupakan salah satu program Kementrian Sosial Republik Indonesia dalam memperkenalkan masalah kebencanaan pada siswa dan guru. Pembekalan materi atau pendidikan mengenai masalah kebencanaan tersebut dilakukan oleh taruna siaga bencana kabupaten bireuen ke puluhan sekolah dasar dan sekolah menengah pertama di Bireuen. Kegiatan ini memberikan materi cara perlindungan menyelamatkan diri disaat bencana terjadi.

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  • We collaborated with Telstra.


    Hello, I'm Ozzy the kangaroo who eats Kimchi in Sydney. Today, after a long time, I visited McCafe and had a glass of Flat White. I saw the same phrase as above that I could enjoy the Internet fast. So we decided on the theme of the 14th episode of "The Expression of English in Australian Life." So let's see what kind of expression we have. It sounds very simple today. The key sentences for today are as follows.: We've tested up with Telstra to give you a fast wi-fi experience in our restoration. (We teamed up with Telstra (the largest telecommunications company in Australia like Korea Telecom) to give you a quick Internet experience at our store.) The key expression here is team up with people or company. The meaning is to do something with the person/company behind you. It means "cooperative/cooperative" or "working in teams." As you can see in the expression Team up, Team up is used like Up here. At times, our company needs to team up with SK Telecom for various projects. SAMSUNG won't team up with Apple at all. Do you want to team up with me? Would you like to team up with me?) What do you think? It's an easy but useful expression. So, today's a great day, and I'll come back with some other good expressions. Have a good day on the rest of Wednesday. :D That's it for today and enjoy the rest of your lovely Wednesday, everyone. By Aussiessam in Sydney, Australia P.S. And the Australia & English Podcast Link that I do is By default, it is Korean/English at the same. There's a Korean explanation after the English explanation, so I hope you listen to Thank you for subscribing a lot and listening:) *Get the app 'Podbbang' from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store and listen to it after you subscribe. Podbread: iTunes: #Sydney #aussiesam #Australia #O오지 Australia #Sidney #Australian Life English Express #Oji쌤English Conversation #Teamupwith #Teamupwith #Teamupwith #Teamwork

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  • Seodaemun Natural History Museum


    Last weekend, I went to an experience program with my No.1 son once a month.Yeoh~ Originally, I was planning to go to Namsangol Hanok Village, but it changed with next month's program in the cold weather. It was a weekend without fine dust. So, I visited Seodaemun Museum of Natural History!!! I've been to kindergarten once, but I think the way he sees and feels is very different. After the tour with fun, I filled my hungry stomach and looked around with me. There was a place where I could make fossils, so I even made it. I chose ammonite fossils because I thought hard about it They say you can use it as an eraser when you boil it in water later. Thanks to my son Ram, who says that I had so much fun today, I have had a very strong day

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  • Terima kasih semuanya..


    Akhirnya saya wisuda

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  • Kahoot


    Games and Educational for student. Let's to join get your games...and happy for all

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  • how to care for rabbits ?


    Unique rabbit creatures. His features are slang, funny and sometimes lead to compassion making many people easily provoked to have them. The problem is then if you can't take care, you will only have rabbits in a matter of a few days, or at least 2-3 weeks the rabbit survives. Why? This problem needs to be answered briefly as a guideline for beginners. In this text, there will be no detailed explanation because the problem of rabbits cannot be explained in this short text. Hope this paper can make us think more seriously and be careful so that the rabbits and we do not lose because of death. Rabbits, at all ages are funny. But the peak of cuteness is usually at the age of 17-35 days. That is why many people are interested in directly buying the chicks. Roadside pet shops and warungs at tourist sites sell this. If we ask the seller whether they can stand the life or not the answer is alive. Even if we ask them whether the strong rabbit is taken away using a vehicle, the answer is strong. Even with confidence they said they were taken away for days, from Java to Makassar, Palembang and even Aceh. Those who don't know the ins and outs of rabbits are usually easy to believe. Then desperate to buy that instant too. How do we respond to this? The period of breastfeeding is only between 1-42 days. But if it is less than two months separated from the parent, or say immediately split suddenly under the age of 60 days (2 months) the possibility of stress rabbits is very large. In essence, the period of gathering rabbits with their parents takes 60 days with a sudden pattern of separation. This one factor alone will make the rabbit suffer. On average the cute rabbits on the roadside are only between 25-35 days old. This is terrible. Baskets don't care about the instinctive side of living things. They have the heart to buy from farmers in the villages, and ironically small farmers also don't forbid it because they need money. It is money that makes them bear heart, even with that often they feel happy because then the buyers whose rabbits die are expected to buy again. This is no secret among young rabbit sellers. Rabbits are taken from farmers in the average village at a low price, which is Rp. 10,000, some are priced at Rp. 15,000 (depending on the type). Then take it to the side of the road. On one or two days the rabbit did not look sick. But on the third day, stress is usually hit because they don't get ASI (Mother's Milk) anymore. They only eat grass and pellets. To feed grass is not a problem. But when children under 50 days enter a pet store and only supply pellets, without balance of grass accompanied by loss of breast milk, the weak digestion usually has a problem. Rabbit digestion is different from the digestion of other animals. Rabbits only rely on the large intestine to digest, without the help of the stomach. If you eat a lot of solid age at a young age, especially pellets, it is often a source of problems. Diarrhea will hit soon. So don't be surprised if on the fourth to seventh day rabbits are usually dead. In roadside stalls, they usually don't die because it's only 2-4 days. But if you have arrived at a pet store (an average of 5-10 days), rabbit mortality reaches 40-50 percent. Then the rest usually dies at the hands of the buyer after 3-4 days at home. Death is due to the problem of separation from mother and feed, usually accompanied by collapse due to long trips. The long journey for the rabbits was very tormenting In addition to sudden stress conditions separated from the mother, other factors such as jostling, overeating pellets, lack of drinking accompanied by stressful events from the travel environment and changing new situations make stress affect the feed pattern. Under these conditions, stress rationality can be accepted as a cause of death. But curing stress alone is not enough to make the rabbit survive because basically rabbits under the age of 60 days are still vulnerable to death. How can the rabbit not die? The answer is not to buy children under 60 days. But problems will arise here. Because the prospective caretakers often believe that rabbits are 2 months old as the seller said. This is the trouble. Actually the rabbits are not yet 2 months old, even looking for 1.5 months is very rare. The average stays under the age of 35 days. Like the nature of most traders in Indonesia, they lie. Not just about age, sellers, including pets, also lie about types, and other explanations about food. They are actually sellers not breeders. They do not know anything about rabbits except just mention types and prices. Even the matter of food can only answer, feed grass, vegetables, pelet and not given drinking water. This is a very fatal explanation, of course. Pellets for rabbits should not be arbitrary. Drinking water is also very important for rabbits because rabbits are part of living things that need drinking water at any time. Kankung and cabbage vegetable suggestions are very misleading. Water spinach and cabbage are not good rabbit feed because in addition to causing unpleasant odors to dirt, the crude fiber content is too high, especially for puppy rabbits. Where do we buy rabbits? It's best to go directly to the farm that includes the rabbit's birth date and see some things that are likely to believe the rabbit has passed the age of 2 months. The characteristics of 2 month old rabbits are usually not breastfeeding even though they are still integrated with the mother. We can check the parent by looking at the nipple. If the milk nipples are covered with fur, no trace of breastfeeding occurs at night, usually the rabbit is ready to separate. If that doesn't work, we can look for other ways by looking at the attitude of the farmer. Does he have a good view of the rabbit's problem? How far is the love - love and cleanliness of the cage? We can empirically look at the cage, including seeing the order / recording of the marriage calendar and the birth of each female parent. in the end we need reliable references from good breeders and carers who truly love rabbits. It must be admitted that our society is still very primordial in looking at pets. They often treat arbitrarily with pets. It's rather difficult to find it. But among pet lovers who are a little classy we usually just witness it. They educated young people and have a spirit of scientific care are usually worthy of trust. But indeed sometimes the price is a little expensive. This is because they are very dependent on a lot of breeding needs, ranging from care, vitamins and others. but actually, prices 2-4 times more expensive than roadside rabbit prices are not a problem. Because if we buy puppies at a pet store or roadside often more people die. Whereas by buying rabbits well maintained the death rate can be minimal, even living all. As a result, cheap and expensive are relative. As cheap as anything if it eventually dies, everything is also expensive. The rabbit suffered, we also lost. As expensive as living and healthy rabbits will make us happy, happiness cannot be exchanged for money. Tips for safe rabbit travel. Once we are sure that the rabbit that we bought is already teenager, which is more than 60 days, we can take it away. However, we must pay attention to the following points. The distance with land vehicles over 200 km with swaying roads and hot weather must stop at least 2 times. A 4-hour trip will make stuffy rabbits, especially if the transport cage is only a box or a very narrow plastic basket. Rabbits are easily hit by stress. Make sure the transport cage is free and the air circulation is comfortable in the car. Don't carry too much rabbit and jostle. Provide drinking water supported by vitamins. Do not trust rabbits if given drinking water to die. All living things need drinking water. That is the seller's strategy so the rabbit dies and you buy it again. Bottles or drinking places must be available and rabbits can access drinking and food. Let alone rabbits, humans who are less drinkable and hungry on the go can stress and vomit. Luckily humans can vomit because then digestion is not attacked. Unfortunately rabbits cannot vomit and because of that can cause digestion to be disrupted. If the rabbit does not drink during the road vehicle because it is difficult to access, then at rest we can offer drinking water. Open the entire car door to provide air circulation during an hour's rest. feed rabbits aged 2 months during the trip do not need to use pellets because pellets or concentrates are food that is difficult to digest digestion. In a day, you can eat enough fiber, which is ordinary grass accompanied by pellets, or other vegetables. Even when you get home, don't give pellets for a while. While the grass and vegetables first. This is safer for digestion. Only after 2 or 3 days at home can we start by giving solid feed (pellets, tofu dregs or rice bran / bran). Corn bran is not necessary because there are too many carbohydrates. Vitamins A, B12, and vitamin C are very necessary during the travel times to a week in our homes. Changing weather due to displacement also greatly affects stress. Rabbits that we buy from the mountains with temperatures between 19-24 degrees Celsius then move to temperatures between 25-32 degrees Celsius will obviously be disturbed. Make sure we can make it comfortable with you stabilize the temperature inside the house. Place our rabbit in an area that is not hot and always at a temperature that is equal to the previous temperature. Buying more than 3 months old rabbits is likely to be safer. It is better. mother pregnant risk of stress and miscarriage. The treatment of pregnant mothers is minimal as is the treatment of 60 day old rabbits. if the maximum effort above still makes our rabbits sick, with symptoms of weakness, shrinking appetite, slimy brown diarrhea or blue or green, the main cause remains stress which then engulfs digestion. Understand the case of mucoid enteropathy (ME). more clear about the symptoms of ME are usually characterized by, 1) Stomach which in the intestine inflates with fluid and gas content. 2) The caecum is dry but inside it contains gas. 3) Stomach appears distended with the anus that secretes mucus. This mucus usually blocks digestion so that within 5 days the rabbit will die. drugs that are necessary in this case are animal antibiotics (ruminants) which are specifically for rabbits. Type of antibiotic enrofloxacin, metronidazole, or trimethoprim. For the dosage, it must be considered accurately and we should not overdo or give the medicine. Injections or oral for all three types have been safe. But it's even safer with injections. Garlic liquid can help with digestive problems. The method is crushed or blended into juice. Give drink by injection (without needles). Lay down the rabbit and enter the ingredients. Supply together with carrot juice and grass mixture. Pellets are not needed for stable digestion.

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  • Learn about disasters.


    Learn about disasters. Dozens of people are getting basic training on disasters. Earthquakes, floods, and fire disasters will be a curriculum.

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  • #Baking class Making bread with aunt~


    #Baking class I also had baking class with my aunt last weekend. This topic is to create a cinnamon roll. The ingredients are hoddukmix, cinnamon powder. As a result, the bread was ruined and shared by adults, and re-cooked it. The class itself was a great time for the child to feel and taste various senses.

    $msjpkpk . 2019.03.20 17:25

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  • studying English


    As I jumped into Krypto, I found myself studying English. I think it's more difficult because of your age. ᅲ

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  • [Application of English in Australian Life]13. We also provide housing and housing loans!


    Hello, I'm Ozzy the kangaroo who eats Kimchi in Sydney. Today I took a bus to Sydney's Central Business District (CBD) for a seminar on the maintenance of my license. While waiting for a bus at the bus stop, the advertisement phrase came right into my eyes. Let's take a look at the expressions today. 1) We do houses and home loans. The key expression here is do + something. The meaning is 'do something' followed by 'doing something/doing something/doing something/doing something'. We do homes and home loans. It's a simple expression, but it doesn't come out of your mouth or in writing. It's simpler than I thought. Do + something, and then you put 'well' on the back. This cafe does coffee well. We do nudes well. He does accounting and finance. That company does marketing and TV commercials. 2) It just makes sense. Originally, make sense means 'reasonable/understandable/meaningful', where it makes sense/understands/understands the idiom. I've used a delicious adverb "just" to add the meaning of "preciselyIt just makes sense. It doesn't make sense. He doesn't make any sense. His theory perfectly makes sense. Let's do this today, and then we'll come back with other useful expressions. Then, have a good evening on the rest of Tuesday! Please enjoy the rest of your loveday night, everyone. By Aussiessam in Sydney, Australia P.S. And the Australia & English Podcast Link that I do is By default, it is Korean/English at the same. There's a Korean explanation after the English explanation, so I hope you listen to Thank you for subscribing a lot and listening:) *Get the app 'Podbbang' from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store and listen to it after you subscribe. Podbread: iTunes: #realstate #Sydney #aussisim #Australia #O오지 Australia #Sidney #Australian Life English Express #Oji쌤English Conversation

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  • Acceptance of Disaster Midshipman Candidates.


    Acceptance of Disaster Midshipman Candidates. The Bireuen District Disaster Preparedness Cadet accepts new cadets in 2019. A total of 105 registrants participated in the recruitment, 35 of whom later graduated will join the district disaster preparedness cadre as volunteers who will help the community affected by the disaster.

    $echoatmaja1 . 2019.03.10 20:47

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  • Please keep the door closed at all the time.


    Hello, I'm Ozzy the kangaroo who eats Kimchi in Sydney. Today, I brought my house's precious (?) to the Children's Centre (or American spelling) and rice cake in front of the door. I brought it to you from today's everyday English expression. It's simple, and it's useful. Oh, the second picture is the expression "Welcome" in various languages. Because Australia is also a country where multiracial immigrants can understand it. (Of course, the majority are still descendants of British immigrants) There are more languages spoken in Comunati than I thought.) Let's look at the expressions. 1) Please keep the gate closed at all times. It's a form of keep + things/people + adjectives, which means ~ things/people stay adjective. Keep the gate closed. At all times means 'always'. I always use at all times instead of always behind the sentence to make it look smoother and native English. Example) Please keep it simple. That is, keep it simple/suitable) Please Keep the door open Open is a verb, but it is also an adjective that is open. Please keep it cold Please keep him safe. Please keep the gate shut.The past/completion type is shut-shut. Again, it seems like a grammar class in middle and high school. The reason why there's a Childcare center at all times is because it's a place for kids to play, so we want to reduce the risk of outsiders getting in and out by mistake. 2) Pull to open. That's right, pull it open. Pull literally means "pull." Open means open. To open means to open. Pull to open means pull to open, or pull to open...It's a statement that started with verbs:) On the other hand, push to open. So you can push it open. e.g. Pull to close. That is, pull and close) Please push to close. So push and close) Let's do this today, and then we'll come back with other useful expressions. Then have a good day on the next Thursday! Please enjoy the rest of your lovey Thursday, everyone. By Aussiessam in Sydney, Australia P.S. And the Australia & English Podcast Link that I do is By default, it is Korean/English at the same. There's a Korean explanation after the English explanation, so I hope you listen to Thank you for subscribing a lot and listening:) *Get the app 'Podbbang' from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store and listen to it after you subscribe. Podbread: iTunes: #Waranaragoodstart #Australia #Keepptedoorclosedataltim #O쌤 #Australia #Sydney #Australian #Sidney #Australian Life English Expression #Oji쌤English Conversation

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  • It is good to be with us.I got it!


    Hello, I'm Ozzy the kangaroo who eats Kimchi in Sydney. Today, as I was walking by the bus stop yesterday, I saw the phrase of an energy company (AGL) advertisement and piqued up as the 11th subject of the Australian Life English Express. It's not that difficult to say in simple expressions, but it's useful. Let's look at the expressions. 1) We're here to help. We are here to verb.This means that you are here to do the verb part in the back. He is here to help us do this project. 2) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. In short, it's 24/7. Example) Our security guards are here to protect you 24/7. Wow, I think it's a great guy to have these security guys on it. I have to protect myself.Aah!!! 3)It pays to be with AGL (AGL)/Education) It's the main expression of today.It pays to verb. In other words, it means that the verb is helpful/benefit/pay (compensation, etc.). You can use the expression "It is helpful to verb," but if you use it on the top, the feeling is conveyed strongly at once and becomes more native English expression. It pays to send money on advertising. Do you all understand the above expressions? So today we're going to do a Wrap up, and then we're going to come back with some useful expressions. :) Have a good day on the rest of Sunday afternoon:) Enjoy the rest of your love Sunday, everyone! By Aussiessam in Sydney, Australia P.S. And the Australia & English Podcast Link that I do is By default, it is Korean/English at the same. There's a Korean explanation after the English explanation, so I hope you listen to Thank you for subscribing a lot and listening:) *Get the app 'Podbbang' from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store and listen to it after you subscribe. Podbread: iTunes: #aussiesam #Australia #Sydney #Australia #Sydney #Australian Life English Expression #Oji쌤English Conversation #itpays #

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  • a hidden attraction in Sangju, North Gyeongsang Province. National Nakdong River Biological Resources Center


    I live in Sangju, North Gyeongsang Province. Most people will think of dried persimmons and also raise Korean beef. Some people think of the beach sometimes. I thought college students at the bus stop were a place of resident beach. I've been living for 10 years and I've seen it once.^^) Sangju has long been the center of Gyeongsang-do. It takes two hours to get anywhere in the country in two hours.This is why Gyeongsang-do was named after the front letters of Gyeongju and Sang-ju. But the store is getting smaller and smaller. Somehow the population has fallen to less than 100,000, and the number of young children continues to decline. So, I'm trying to change Sangju these days. The Nakdong River Development~ The four rivers project (although other regions are said to be not the case), the Nakdong River has been expanded and the water has become abundant and developed as a tourist destination. This and that are happening. The most famous place is the Nakdong River Biotech Center. Sangju is famous for not promoting. I've lived in Sangju for over 10 years, and I don't know what's going on. The same goes for the Bioscience Center. I'm not promoting it at all. The facilities are very good. Various animals are displayed well and playground cafe restaurant is also well organized. Thanks to the Nakdong River right next to me, the scenery is great.The admission fee is 2,000 won for non-residents, right? If you come to the family unit on a fine day, you can play all day. As you can see in the picture, there's a program of education organized by time, so you can enjoy watching, playing, and taking breaks. So it's always crowded on weekends. If you're worried about something, you might want to visit the Nakdong River Bioscience Center.^^ For your information, children in Sangju do not want to go to one of the places where they do not want to Since the facilities are good, elementary school students from daycare center, kindergarten, and elementary school come more than once a year. I come with my family on the weekends.^^ I've been through my kids today, and my wife hasn't booked mine.I'm writing a publito while eating tangerines in the lobby on the first floor. Kyungbanger is coming. "You can't eat here.^^" ᄒᄒ Food is only available in the outdoor playground of cafe restaurants at the Biological Resources Center.^^

    $minwoo . 2019.03.02 13:32

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  • Avoid contact with water!


    Hello, I'm Ozzy the kangaroo who eats Kimchi in Sydney. Today is on the notice board from Pond in the Centennial Park in Sydney, where I visited recently. It's a very simple phrase, so it'll be over in no time:) Let's take a look at the expressions! 1) If you look at the picture above, it says "CAUTION."It literally means be careful. 2) Blue-Green Algae may be present in the pond. Blue-Green Algae is a kind of bird that grows inside a pond, and it has toxins, which can cause skin problems, flu infections, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing problems, and so on, which can be fatal to children and their pets. Especially, if you play in the summer and watch it, you should avoid it. Blue-Green Algae May be present~ means to appear here. Which means that there could be a southern bird fluke. May means "may" (not necessarily show up). In the pond means 'in the pond'. Crocodes may be present in the water here. 3) Contact with water should be avoided/i.e., water should be avoided. Contact with~ means contact with water. Avoid means 'avoid/void' in the verb, which can be interpreted as '피해.' Comments about money should be avoided. 4) Please note (note/attention) Note means 'main/caution' in verbs. Please note our new office address. 5) To Protect the Environment, dogs must be on a row with 10 metres of the pond. To protect the environment. It's called negative verb To + circular verb. On leash means a dog's back is hanging from a string. Within 10 metres of the pond. Weithin is right there.It means 'within'. You should not smoke with 4 metres from entry or exit. Now, do you understand the above expressions? Well, let's stop today, and I'll come back with some useful expressions next time. :) Enjoy the rest of the day, everyone. By Aussiessam in Sydney, Australia P.S. And the Australia & English Podcast Link that I do is By default, it is Korean/English at the same. There's a Korean explanation after the English explanation, so I hope you listen to Thank you for subscribing a lot and listening:) *Get the app 'Podbbang' from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store and listen to it after you subscribe. Podbread: iTunes: #centennial parksysydney #aussiesam #caution #Australia #Sydney #O오지 #Australia #Sydney #Australia #Bluegreengalgage #Australia #Bluegreen algae #Australian English expression English Conversation with Ozzy

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  • Free education in the socialist country - there was nothing free in the world.


    On this trip, the Cuban guide was a native of Cuba. That's why I've heard about life in Cuba, and I've heard a lot about institutions in the socialist country. One of the most notable stories about free education was the story of free education. In Cuba, it provides free education to colleges and universities and provides full government-funded free education, including school materials and living expenses. If you listen to it all the way up here, you'll feel terrible, right? In Korea, where there is a lot of talk about half-price tuition and education welfare, I think it's a shame. But there's a basic bone behind the system. Going to college is a personal choice and if you want to go on a field trip, you should go to a rural collective farm and farm for three years before you go to school.It's more. "My friend who was a guide was a graduate of Seoul National University's psychology department. He was admitted after three years of potato farming before going to college." (The hottest job group in Cuba is said to be in the tourism service industry. In Cuba, tourism is a semiconductor industry in Korea.) In socialist countries, free education is a price for compulsory labor, not a credit. I am not against welfare, but I am against welfare on the premise that it is not mandatory. I can't help but think that what the welfareists have learned from the socialist country is the result of their country and not the whole. I'm glad if I've learned less, but if I had hidden it would be hard to trust Korean welfareists.

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