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  • REX's EOS Mainnet is ready for launch!


    Everyone is ready to launch their long-awaited EOS Mainnet! EOS Authority, which is in charge of Code Review and Reliability testing at REX, announced that all tests had ended about three hours ago and formally proposed a proposal to deploy REX on the EOS Mainnet. It's been about three weeks since the stable REX version for the last test was released on March 29, 2019. Only the EOS Mainnet now has approval for the final launch. # What is the next procedure? The REX deployment requires the approval of at least 15 BPs out of 21 active block processors, as is the case with all system changes on the EOS. Here are three steps for the final deployment of REX on the EOS Mainnet: 1 First step: Proposal for creating an eosio.rex account 2 Second step: Proposal to update eosio.token Explicit 3rd step: REX Smart Compound Load Up The proposal for the first and second phase is currently officially proposed. As of now, we're writing the posting, the first one is for nine BPs, the second one is for two BPs, and the current trend is that it's going to be approved very quickly. # REX is coming! The launch of REX's EOS Mainnet is really close. Of course, in order to make the incentives that token holders who have staked EOS native tokens and voted for governance through REX a sustainable model in the long term, they need to agree to include in the REX pool, and to discuss whether to take advantage of some of the inflation. But I think it's time for the community to take a really long wait, and now with REX, to lay the foundation for governance, a truly warm environment that we've been waiting for so long.

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  • Bitcoin


    It's always used in real life.

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  • The Addiction of EOS-based Games


    It's been about three weeks since the ITAM Games opened on March 28. Although it's not a good environment for users without an Ios mainnet account to enjoy the game, the Spukiz link puzzle, which is one of the most representative games of the ithumb store, is already gaining huge popularity with more than 74,000 transactions taking place. - Corresponding link: https://itammarket/ko Clearly, the quality of the game, which is no match for traditional mobile games, is also playing a role, and the event of handing out 1,000 EOSs to players who have reached the 1,500th stage in a month, may be keeping many gamers up and running their puzzles. (Because I had many hectic business trips, I was enjoying the game on the train, so I'm already running over 800 stories and heading for 1,500 stories.) The second launching game, Onion Knights, is less popular than the Sphukiz link puzzle, whether it was because of a system malfunction that caused the service to be suspended for a while or because the event hasn't started yet. But personally, I'm really enjoying the onion Knights, which need its own strategy rather than the huge amount of nogada, headaches, and in-app purchases. Soon enough, there will be a whole variety of games on the iTunes Store, including Dark Town, Dungeon Princess, Innocent Shipin and Blue Done. Already, with Spookies dominating the Ios Knights lightly and boasting of its immense addiction, when several games are released... Oh, I don't think there's a battery left. crying In the near future, the word "Ios Game Men" may emerge, not "Mobile Game Men." Especially, if you can make and get something by playing games as well as the pleasure of playing games, I think that addiction will double.

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  • Open the 툭툭Coffee Online Store where you can taste fresh and good beans!


    EOSMINET-based creative communication platform 툭툭 (TOOKTOOK) opened online store following number 1 and 2 offline bookstore. - TOOKTOOK COFFEEE Online Store: https://coffee.tooktook.io/ The other day, the company posted a postscript to the purchase of West Apee (EOS Cafe) beans in Publicito. The fresh beans you roost yourself with are personally not very sensitive to the taste of coffee, and you can clearly feel the difference between a class of beans, which is good for "coughs." If you like handdrips, or if you're looking for fresh coffee beans, you should buy them once and try them. In the meantime, I could only go and buy it myself, but now I'm glad I can order it online and get it at home! Thanks to the coffee, the beans I bought at Costco or a commercial cafe have already been discarded. I've been waiting for the online store to open, but I have to go buy it right away)

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  • Introducing the new version of the Dabble


    This is a modified version of the video for the introduction of the devil. It's been a while since Devl was upgraded. I've been busy, so I decided to upgrade the video today.^^ The addition of the steaming and comments feature makes it too convenient. I deleted the unnecessary parts of the previous video, so the overall length of the video has decreased a little. Please comment in the comments if there is anything else that hasn't been added.

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  • EOS in Philippines (pt 3of3)


    DISH 2019 is the second community-led blockchain hackathon in the Philippines run by BlockDevs Asia (https://www.blockdevs.asia/). The startup challenge is focused on developing relevant and sustainable platforms using blockchain technology. The 50K Peso winner today was an EOS project, ProsperEOS.

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  • EOS in Dubai (pt 2of3)


    Earlier this week Gautam Anand and JingHan “Pansy” Wang from TECHCHOIX (www.techchoix.com) presented "EnerLifi: Bringing Electricity and Internet to the Rural Areas" (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nMU3ulLT4Ts) at the Future Blockchain Summit 2019 in Dubai. To learn more about EnerLifi or TECHCOIX reach out to Pansy at Jinghan.wang@techchoix.com

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  • EOS in Philippines (pt 1of3)


    Today in Makati, I had a really good time catching up with Gautam Anand and JingHan “Pansy” Wang from TECHCHOIX (www.techchoix.com), a Software Development & Technology Advisory Company based in Singapore. Some followers of EOSIO may recognize Gautam as a founder of letsbuildeos (https://www.letsbuildeos.com/). The globetrotting duo were in town for the FinTech Forum (https://fintechforum.ph/) and the DISH 2019 Blockchain Hackathon (https://dish2019.com/).

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  • Transit API Now Supports MEET.ONE


    This marks the fifth plugin including Scatter, Ledger, Lynx, and TokenPocket. More mobile and desktop solutions in the pipeline over the next few months.

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  • Why are you curious about ITAM STORE?


    March 2018. The waiting ITAM Store Beta has opened. You know there's an event going on after the opening, right? If you don't know, try it now! There are also daily events. I knew it today. ᅮ-) My main game here is Spookiz. It's a good game for quality and mind-set. The profit model of the game is selling items that help you break the game more easily. We've seen how much you've made from the advantages of blockchain. It looks like it's under 100 EOS for a week or more than a week. It's not much now, but I think I can make a lot of money from now on!! A similar game is called Candy Crush. There are more than 100 million users around the world. Only 30 percent of them said they paid. But it's worth more than 2 trillion won!! The game "Candy Crush" is a game where you can go to the end without having to purchase items like "Spookiz." But what makes a lot of money is the ability to make money. A typical example is the ability to compare scores with acquaintances. It's said that this feature alone has generated a huge amount of revenue. The reason I'm curious about ITAM STORE is not, "How much can I earn with this game?" I think the core of this company is "STORE." It's about dreaming of a DAPP STORE with a game. This company's item and experimental spirit are amazing. But on the other hand, there's something I'm worried about. The concept of STORE cannot be installed on an iPhone because it is blocked by an operating policy. The key is how to get through this difficulty. Android can be installed, but if it doesn't get installed immediately and a warning message is not available, it makes the end user reluctant to install it. I think we can get through this problem somehow. Believe me, I don't doubt it! If this problem is solved, there is a bigger problem. I think it's a reality where we have to fight against Samsung and Kakao. What if Samsung is putting its wallet in the Galaxy S10 and setting up a DAPA ecosystem? What if Kakao is building a DAPP ecosystem in Kakao after Clayton's launch? I think these two companies are creating an ecosystem of DAPA. If this happens, why don't we just install what people can simply use on their Galaxy phones or Kakao Talk? Of course, if you create a game-specific STORE, you might change your mind. We don't have competitors yet. I'm so curious about how this is going to go. I love ITAM STORE QUALITY. This is even better for EOS. ^^ We'll look forward to it and wait for some good news!! Let's cheer for you!

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  • Let's find out about the future REX.


    EOS REX refers to a market where you can purchase REX tokens using EOS to lease resources for CPU and NET. Buying REX itself is leasing your CPU and NET resources. There are many reasons why REX is coming out, but it's typically shown below. - To increase the weight of the vote and revitalize the EOS ecosystem. - To enable the ecosystem by renting out EOS staked by the inflow of REXs to the producer at an affordable price. I think we should be actively involved in REX because of this good intention. The benefit of participating in the REX is that you can get a rental income. I don't think there's a reason why I shouldn't give you interest.^^ There's something you need to refer to before doing REX. - In order to participate in the REX, you need to be careful about hacking because your personal wallet requires an EOS. Don't store private keys in e-mail, in the iCloud, on your computer. It is also a good way to separate the active key from the owner key. - Participating in the REX eliminates my resources because it leases my resources. If you play games, you must leave a small amount of EOS. - If you participate in the REX, you will not be able to resell it for at least 4 days, so please take note of the benefits before you participate. So let's look at what we can do with REX. 01. Purchase REX using EOS REX can be purchased using the "LEND" menu. To purchase REX, EOS owners can transfer EOS to their REX Fund account and purchase REX tokens. Or, you can purchase REX right away using EOS Staking. The EOS used to purchase REXs is stored in TOTAL EOS POOL, and you can say that you just saved it in a bank. For non-staged EOS, REX can be purchased after voting authority is delegated. The resources that are staked can be purchased directly from REX. 02. Borrowing CPU / NET The "BORROW" menu allows you to borrow CPU and NET resources. If you borrow resources, you can use them for 30 days. EOS paid to borrow resources is stored in TOTAL EOS POOL. It also includes features that can be automatically extended when the service period expires. The cost of borrowing resources is determined by Bancor Algorithm. 03. EOS Sales and Revenue REXs purchased from "No. 01" above can be sold and returned to E I think there's something I'm curious about after learning about REX. I know the same thing, so I'll write down some questions. 01. Will there be no harm in participating in the REX? The bottom line is that REX is a no-loss structure. EOS and REX are basically 1:1. So if you gave me an EOS and got me a REX 10, We give you REX 10 and get EOS 1. 02. So, how is this guy made? RAM fee and premium name auction, The fees for renting a CPU or NET are stacked, and I can get a profit when I sell REX. 03. When selling REX, how is this guy supposed to be? Below is the percentage of your REX purchases in 1 EOS for REX. Day 1 / 1 EOS = 3895.7295 REX Day 2 / 1 EOS = 3895.7276 REX Day 3 / 1 EOS = 3895.7118 REX Day 4 / 1 EOS = 3895.7078 REX Day 5 / 1 EOS = 3895.6467 REX The lower you come down, the fewer you go, the more you participate in the REX, the more you go. So the more EOS comes in, the less REX I get. When I sell, I think I'll get more REXs based on the ratio. So I think it's more profitable to buy first when you open the REX. I'm not asking you to participate unconditionally, so think carefully and join!! Please comment any time if there is something wrong or if you want to add more. Have a good day today.^^

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  • EOS and MonerYS, hard-forkcoins of Monero


    A hard-forked MonerEOS snapshot of Ios and Monero will be taken on April 6, 2019 at 05:00 (Korea time). Although there is not much known about MonerEOS, it is a secure, anonymous token based on the CryptoNote protocol and will be born with a hard fork in Ios and Monero, specifically: [Token Info] - Taker: XME (MonerEOS) - Total issue: 84,200,000 - Snapshot schedule: April 6, 2019 05:00 - Hard forks ratio: 20 to 1 (one XMEToken per 20 EOS) Based on the known information, I think it's going to be much different from Monero in function, but I wonder what differentiating points he's making. MonerEOS is called a token that is non-programmable and only functions as a currency (currency) without any feature. After the snapshot, we'll share as soon as it's known. :)

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  • Ios Blasterds Open! 2,500 EOSEvent!


    Today (April 4th, Thursday) the first game, "EOS Blasterz," which was co-produced by Haru Entertainment and Iosys, was officially. During the beta period that lasted about three weeks, it was only available on Android, but now it is also available on iOS and the web:) - Access and download address: https://jellyjuice.io/ko/games/eos-blasterz/ In celebration of the Ios Blaster's official opening, a whopping 2,500 EOS will be offered as an event for many users to enjoy the Ios Blasterds without a break throughout April. Have you been reluctant to participate in the game because you've been a bad hand? Yes, I did. I've never been able to win a prize, paying only for my precious EOSs. ᅲᅲᅲ For game control poopson like me, Weekly Mode will prepare an event so that you can get a reward if you finish within 1,000th place, so you can practice in advance. I'm going to try to win a prize this time. ᄒᄒᄒᄒ :)

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  • Instead of e-mail, now dMail?


    There may be a day when you use the term "Demail" instead of e-mail or e-mail. Instead of the traditional Internet, the mail is a system that uses blockchain networks to send and receive mail in a de-centralized manner between users, and a development team is currently testing a new EOS mainnet-based e-mail system called dmail. Once when e-mail was first released, a foreign talk show host uses a ridiculous address called "xxx@xxx.com? Is there anyone who uses that ridiculous address?" one time I laughed and sarcastically. There was a time when email systems, which are now indispensable for individuals and businesses, were treated like shit. Now, mailing technology is a step forward. It's using blockchain technology in a de-centralized way that no one can censor and control. In today's traditional Internet world, email service providers are censoring my email messages, data, etc., or unilaterally blocking my account access. After all, all users cannot be free from a centralized service provider, even though the content contained in the email is strictly personal. The email service currently under development is based on the EOS Mainnet, which helps users who have an IOS account to freely send and receive mail. A 12-digit Ios account will soon be my email address, and MAILTOK will be used to sign the email. Records of sending and receiving e-mails are recorded transparently on the Ios blockchain, but only the sender and recipient can be identified. By sending and receiving mail with MAILTOK, all users can also be free from spam that usually pops up my e-mail locker. Because if you want to send spam to a lot of users, you need to buy a lot of MAILTOKEN. By contrast, users who routinely want to send and receive mail as needed are not expected to have to purchase MAILTOK. Because MAILTOKEN is going to be airdropped ᄒᄒᄒ) Can de-centralized mail system mail be a replacement for existing e-mail? We don't have an exact announcement about the launch schedule yet, but we'll have to try it once the initial version is released.^^

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  • Iosnitz X-Oceanization Colabo Event!


    Today (April 3) at 10 p.m., Iosnitz will hold a collaboration event with EOS Nation, BP candidate for EOS Mainnet. As you can see in the picture, the event is the Armour Item Airdrop with the logo of the Ios Nation. (I don't know what performance is, but it's a limited edition!) - Temporary: April 3, 2019 (number of days) 22:00 (based on Korean time) - Location: https://event.eosknights.io - How to Join: After you connect to the link above, enter the name of the 12-digit Ios account you are enjoying Iosnitz and click the "Get" button! Please check for updates in advance as an error may occur if your Iosnits app is not updated. If you're already a go-reb and wear good items, it might be just a collection. I hope we have limited edition item airdrops through these collaboration events:)

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  • EOSIO-based Predictive Market Platform PredIQt


    EOSMINET-based : Encyclopedia of Everything for All" has uploaded a post introducing the EOSIO-based predictive market platform "PredIQt." I don't know if you remember, but at the end of last year, the Everpedia team announced that they were developing new apps to expand the IQ ecosystem. The long-term vision of the E.B.D. development team is to build and expand the so-called IQ network by allowing the ecosystem that can utilize IQTOK to be used in various applications beyond the encyclopedia called "Ebripidia." The fact that there are more apps available to use IQTOKEN is that there will be more utilities for IQTOKK, which in turn will increase the value of IQTOK. The apps that were originally announced by the Ebridia team that were being developed include the Prediction Market, Oracle Service, the On-chain Storage, and the Specialized Q&A Service, which is the first of them. Predict protocol, from the name to predict that PredIQt, or IQToken, is a pre-diction market service built on EOSIO software. If you've ever used an etherium-based syndicate or a Urger, all users can participate in predicting what's going to happen in the future, such as the price of stocks, cryptocurrency, and sports results. Oracle services and pre-dict platforms will soon be linked to the actual results of the reward to the participants, and participants who accurately predict the future based on data from the real world compiled by Oracle (e.g., baseball results, Premier League winning teams, etc.) can receive rewards in IQTogank, and users' predictions will soon be broadly degraded into a global knowledge database. In fact, even if there is no such app used by many users, the predictive market adapt is also used by users in Iderium networks (though those of you who are using the app know that it does not work in a real-time, on-demand, on-demand, on-on-demand). The predictive market, which makes it easier and easier to participate like a game, is highly likely to develop in the future, and even more, the EOSMainet-based, on-demand, can play a major role in the value increase of IQToken. So, when can we actually start using PredIQt? Since we are preparing for a huge presentation for the EOSIO community on June 1, 2019, Frieddict will also start the MVP on time. I'm looking forward to how we can expand our IQ ecosystem in Ethiopia:)

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  • Simple to send all token in everyday life? Tipping!


    Even though Bitcoin has been born for 10 years, Idol for 4 years and Ios for 1 year, all kryptose sets and cryptocurrency are still considered to be "extremely difficult" for the public. For many people who are familiar with services that typically manage my information, respond to server hacking, and keep my assets, "managing private keys with random numbers that can't be easily memorized by human heads" is too difficult, and it may be too natural for me to misenter somewhere and possibly become hacked. That's why so many people have their own kryptosets on the exchange rather than their personal wallets. With many hacking incidents around you, I can't help but feel that the simple "token transmission" is too difficult because I'm afraid of being leaked to a hacker while typing a private key into my wallet, or that the wallet address I've entered might be a phishing site. So there are a lot of people who are waiting for applications that can manage their private keys more comfortably, but can use their accounts safely and simply. Because of this situation, the prevailing view is that Kryptoasset will be able to truly mass address our daily lives only when there are applications that are really simple to use without knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrency. Services that reflect the needs of many of these users are now being released one by one in the Ios ecosystem. That's what I'd like to introduce today. A service called Tipit or Tipit is a multi-platform bot service that simplifies the transmission of EOS-based tokens. This innovative bot makes it really easy and easy for users to transfer and trade Ios-based digital tokens. The reason why it's called a multi-platform bot service is that users can simply trade in a variety of tokens by executing simple commands to the robot on social platforms that have the largest number of users in the world, such as Dircord, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, and SMS. The tip-tit, which is currently being run on a trial basis on the discode and is currently being developed to enable service on the Telegram or Twitter, supports a variety of Ios Mainnet-based tokens, including EOSTOK, including PUB, IQ, KARMA, BEAN, BOID, PIXEOS and ZOS. In fact, the tip culture is not developed in Korea, so it may only be used to send tokens among those who actually know them, but this kind of tip culture has developed by providing useful information overseas, sharing good content, and thanking users who helped them online. I think this kind of tip culture has emerged first. Just like sending money to Kakao Bank or Kakao Pay to a friend of Kakao, I think the day when we exchange EOS or PUBTOK via telegram, Twitter or SMS is no longer a distant future. And one by one, we're looking to have more convenient and secure applications, so that Kryptoasset and EOS can be deeper into our daily lives. :)

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  • [Source] Bounce XRP & EOS Hacking...?


    Hello, this is $ohyea. Today, I'm going around the Internet drinking a cup of coffee. As I read it, I found out that Bithumb was hacked and I share it. Debbie Wan, a former managing director of blockchain-specialized venture capital Danhwa Capital (DHVC) and co-founder of blockchain startup Primitive, recently tweeted, "RLaHMvsPnPbiNQSjAg853 billion won (approx. In a related development, Slowmist, a blockchain security company, claimed that the owner of the address "rBKRigtR2N3dQH9cvWpJ44sTtkHiLcx1," which appears to be a hacker, had been hacking for about 50 minutes since 10:46 p.m. on Monday. "Bithumb, Korea's cryptocurrency exchange, was hacked around 10:16 p.m. on the 29th," said PeckShield, a blockchain security company. "A total of 3,132,672 EOSs (approximately 14.5 billion won) were transferred on 16 occasions." "Bossom changed the key immediately after the discovery," Peckshield said. "The attack was probably due to the theft of the official private key. "The hackers carried out the attacks 662,600 on the EXMO exchange, 263,605 on the Hooverie, 182,300 on Chagely, 96,270 on KuCoin, 38,725 on CoinSwitch," Peckshield said. According to WhaleEx, there has been a debate within the EOS community over whether BP should be involved or who is responsible for the hacking incident. In a related development, EOS founder Dan Larimer said, "If the exchange had stopped the withdrawals, this would not have happened. The exchange should take responsibility," it said. Earlier, Dan Larimer had expressed the opinion that BP should be directly involved, but he was met with opposition from members of the community, a solution that went against decentralization." The story of hacking seems to be constant. I recently heard that someone you know was hacked and you changed the master key right away. The exchange's been hacked. The damage is also enormous. I'm always nervous when I hear this. I don't know how to keep the coin. I've heard about personal wallets being hacked, and the exchange seems to be the same. How is the best way to keep it? Resources: https://kr.coinness.com/news/257186 https://kr.coinness.com/news/257118 https://kr.coinness.com/news/257214 #publyto

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  • You're making tokens while you're playing games? ITAM Store Beta Open!


    ITAM Games, a blockchain platform for transparent gaming ecosystem, opened ITAM Store Beta on March 28 (trees). So far, blockchain-based games have been criticized for being less quality than traditional games, but from now on, the right blockchain games that we've only imagined will appear one by one in the ITAM Store. If traditional game users were supposed to do what they call "Ern to Play" to enjoy the game, blockchain-based game users would gradually shift to the "Play to Earn" structure, where they would be rewarded for the time, effort and achievements they spent to achieve higher levels and obtain rare items. "Blockchain-based games are just the level of games played in the early '90s." "I'm making games out of restraint, but I don't know why I'm doing it because it's so much less quality than conventional games." If you're thinking about this, you might want to enjoy the ITAM Store. [Download Method] - https://itam.store/connection - Touch the download icon at the top and install APK ※ Currently, only Android is supported for ITAM Store. [Game Play Method] - Launch the ITAM Store app and register your Ios account - Download and play the game from within the ITAM Store app! Now, the game you can play through the Ithum store, There are 1 spookies link puzzle and 2 onion rings, but more than 50 games will be on board one by one The genre of games that dream of applying blockchain in the iTum Games is sports game that is released every year, RPG game that is most suitable for blockchain application, and action & casual mobile game. We may soon meet some of the games that are very familiar to us with. There's also an event going on for gamers at the moment, so enjoy it. :) Of course, it's a trap that you have to play a game to die.ᄒᄒᄒᄒ (Who organized the event!!)

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  • [소식] 댄 라리머, 6월 행사 발표 내용 “자신 있다” ..?


    안녕하세요 $ohyea 입니다. 오늘은 오랜만에 코인니스에 접속해서 뭐 새로운 소식있나 둘러보다가 이오스에 관련해 흥미로운 내용이있어서 포스팅해봅니다! “댄 라리머 EOS 창시자가 텔레그램을 통해 오는 6월 1일 워싱턴에서 진행될 예정인 행사에 대한 자신감을 드러냈다. 한 이용자가 댄 라리머에게 "6월 행사에서 발표될 내용에 대해 자신이 있느냐?"라고 물었으며, 그는 이에 "수백 명이 들어갈 수 있는 공간을 마련하고 있다. 그만큼 자신이 크다"라고 답했다. 또 다른 이용자는 해당 행사의 인터넷 라이브 방송 여부를 물었고, 댄 라리머는 "모든 온라인 이용자들에게 실시간으로 공개될 것"이라고 답했다. 앞서 오는 6월이 EOS에 있어 최고의 한달이 될 것이라고 예고한 바 있다.” 이오스 메인넷도 6월이었던것같은데… 올해 6월에도 뭐하나 터지나봅니다…? ㅎㅎ 이오스 홀더로써 무슨 소식인지 참궁금한데요. 댄이 저렇게 까지 자신감있어하는걸보니 기대가되긴하네요 ㅎㅎ. #publyto #blog #steemit Resource: https://kr.coinness.com/news/255302

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  • [EOSX] 거의 모든 EOS 포크체인 지갑 및 검색 지원합니다.


    안녕하세요. silverknight입니다. EOS 포크체인 텔레그램 방에 있다보면 토큰 체크를 어떻게 하냐고 물어보는 질문을 봅니다. 지금 EOS 포크체인은 Worbli, Telos, BOS, MEET,ONE 등이 있고요. 각 체인에서 만든 Wallet 앱을 사용하는 방법도 있지만, 툴 여러개 사용하면 관리하고 기억 할 사항이 많아집니다. 여러 체인이 있어서 잘 모르겠을 때 가장 간단히 해결하는 방법은 여러 툴 중 EOSX (https://www.eosx.io/)를 사용하는것 입니다. EOSX는 EOSflare나 EOSPark, Bloks 같은 Explorer 중 하나 입니다. 말로 길게 설명하는 것 보다 사진 몇 장 보시는게 이해가 더 빨리 되실꺼에요. ------------------------------------------- 물론 다른 툴도 체인 선택이 가능 합니다. Bloks 는 아래 사진처럼 선택 가능해요. (사진2) ------------------------------------------- 그리고 EOSX는 아래 사진과 같이 선택 가능 합니다. 많아요.... (사진3) 또 EOSX의 지갑 기능은 아래 사진과 같습니다. 전송, 권한변경 등 기본은 다 됩니다. (사진4) ------------------------------------------- Telos로 바꾸면 (사진5) 이렇게 Telos의 토큰을 보여 줍니다. (사진6) Scatter로 Wallet에 로그인하며,전송이나 키 변경등은 다른 툴과 비슷해서 어렵지 않습니다. (사진7) ------------------------------------------- 현재는 EOSX가 체인을 제일 많이 지원 해 줍니다. 하지만 블록체인 관련은 발전 속도가 빠르므로 곧 모두 지원 해 주겠죠. 너무 하나만 쓰지 마시고, 다른 툴들도 가끔 확인 해 보시는것도 좋을 것 같습니다.ㅎㅎ

    $silverknight . 2019.03.28 13:02

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  • #Ios #Gaz #


    Ios is running again without going down. If the price exceeds 4,800 won on March 28 and exceeds 5,000 won, we expect it to go from 5,600 won to 5,800 won in the short term.~^^ It's personal. There's a chance he won't get hit.^^;; ) Johnver wins. @.@

    $rance . 2019.03.28 08:33

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  • Open the Journal of KOREOS!


    Hello, I'm Dion. Korios (KOREOS), a leading EOS community in Korea.My separate channel has been opened in IO). From now on, you will be able to conveniently assemble my EOS-related posts by category in the Corios Journal. Seri, we'll be back with good content and posts. Please give us a lot of attention and support. Thank you. - [CREAMer] Creamer Journal: https://koreos.io/CREAMer - [DevinLee] Journal of frost: https://koreos.io/devinlee - [dONE] Dion Journal: https://koreos.io/dONe

    $done . 2019.03.27 16:19

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  • How to change the Ios key


    The scary thing about hacking continues to happen. I was scared to watch others get hacked. So I changed the OWNER key in case I don't know. Changing the key is not as difficult as you might think. And I heard you change the owner's key, not the active key. (Actually, the method of changing the active key is the same.) I hope many people keep their keys safe. And please don't save it to your e-mail or your iPhone cloud.^^; A lot of people are hacked in this way. For your information, use a scanner. Assume that an existing account is registered with the scanner. Please take a look at the picture.^^ 0. Log in to the scanner. 1. Click on "Add Keys". 2. Click on "Create Key". 3. Click on "Key." 4. Click on the "Copy" button. (If you click "Reval" to the right of the Copy button, you can see the private key, but you don't need to see it now.) 5. Click on the "Back" button once and then enter the name "Key Name". (e.g. "Account name - Owner's key") Name it and click "Back" again to go into the main. 6. Click the account you want to change. 7. Click "Change Permissions". Enter the scanner password when prompted. 8. Please select the account that I want to change. 9. Please insert the key that you copied from "No. 4". (This is where you change the owner's key. If you change the active key, you can change the part that says Active below.) 10. Click "Change Permissions." 11. Click "Allow" to approve when the approval window appears. All key changes are complete. If you want to check the private key of the owner key that you changed, Enter your new account (the account you named in 5) Click "Export" as shown in 12. If you have any questions, please leave a message.^^ Take care of your assets and be rich!!

    $interbirds . 2019.03.27 12:21

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  • 친구초대하고 1000 SENSE token 받자! (twitter 계정 필요)


    새벽에 Sense.chat으로부터 메일이 날라왔더군요. 1000 sense token을 얻을 수 있는 친구초대이벤트를 한다고! 이 이벤트는 친구를 초대해야 하는건 아니고, 참가만 하게 되면 랜덤추첨을 통해 지급한다고합니다 :) 다만 트위터 계정이 필요해서 계정이 없으신 분들은 새로 만들거나.. 귀찮으신분들은 뒤로가기를 누르시겠군요..ㅠㅠ(이번기회에 한번 만들어보세요!! 제 계정은 @fivernova318 입니다 맞팔로우합시다 ㅎㅎㅎ) 방법은 간단합니다. 1. 우선 sense chat이 깔아야 합니다. 이미 센스를 받으신 분들은 다음 스텝을 진행하시면 됩니다. (센스챗에서 계정을 공짜로 만들어주니 계정이 없으신 분들이나 또 하나 만들고 싶으신 분들은 센스를 통해 만드시는 것도 좋을 것 같습니다. 핸드폰 번호만 있다면 무료로 계정을 만들 수 있으니 이리 좋을수가요!! 자세한 내용은 킬리만님의 영상 링크를 첨부합니다. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ve5Y-OIi2HQ&feature=youtu.be) 2. 센스를 다운받고 계정을 생성하거나 import를 하셨다면, profile (내정보) 탭에 가서 아래부분에 "share my link"를 클릭합니다. 3. 복사된 링크를 본인의 트위터 계정에 #SharingIsCaring과 @SenseToken 태그를 같이 트윗합니다. 4. Sense.Chat계정의 이벤트 트윗을 리트윗합니다. (https://twitter.com/SenseToken/status/1110279750545739777) 간단하죠?! 아마 센스계정이 있으신 분들과 트윗계정이 있으신 분들은 5분도 걸리지 않고 이벤트에 참여하실 수 있으실 겁니다. (트위터나 sense chat 친구추가 모두 환영합니다^^) 랜덤추첨이니 모두 참여해서 1000 sense token을 받아봅시다^^ #sensechat #inviteevent #1000sense

    $hansol.lee . 2019.03.26 09:58

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  • Block One is eating dog food?


    Reading comments from Dan Larimer and Brendan Blummer, the phrase "eating our own dog" is often used. In a comment just left by Blummer, "We are taking a different approach than the Tron or other projects. I'm sure it will eventually lead to more diverse interactions of the entire ecosystem. We are creating our own technology," he said, and at the end, he said, "eating our own dog food." What do you mean when you're talking about something very serious and suddenly we're eating our own dog food? In fact, the phrase "Eating out of dogwood" derives from Paul Maritz, a former Microsoft engineer and vice president of the Platform Strategy Development Group, in 1988 when he emailed employees entitled "Eating our own Dog Food" and forced them to use more of their products. (There is also a theory that the management of a pet food manufacturer named Mars has had their own dog food.) In the end, this means that Block One employees are working to improve quality and UI/UX from a user's perspective while routinely using new products and services that Block One offers. In June 2019, the first anniversary of the launch of the Ios Mainnet, Block One will be the official version of the product, not the Alpha or the Beta version, but the UI/UX improvements. There are a lot of people who are worried about how to do it if it's not a big deal, but I think there's a good reason to talk with such confidence.^^

    $done . 2019.03.25 23:53

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  • Use your Ios account more securely


    Private key leakage accidents continue to occur day after day at various Krypto scenes. So today I'm going to talk about how to use the Active key and Owner separately to better manage the assets that are stored in your account by enhancing the security of your Ios account. In fact, Ios Mainnet provides more security by classifying your account's rights as Active Permission and Owner Permission, but it is not being utilized by many of you who find it difficult to manage and change key pairs for each authority. In particular, recent hacking cases are limited to the following cases: 1 Private key is kept in email, kakaotalk, mobile phone memo, cloud, etc. When a private key is leaked due to account hacking 2 If you enter your own private key on the scamsite 3 Approving phishing transactions on scamsite Even if the above situation occurs, it is difficult to prevent damage by separating the active key from the owner key. Even if you feel uncomfortable, I recommend you to follow the instructions as much as possible. - Posting link: https://eosys.page.link/changeowner

    $done . 2019.03.25 23:04

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  • Power up


    Go power up karma to the moon

    $ilhampratama . 2019.03.24 16:29

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  • Find out about the REX Open!


    I don't think there's much time left for the REX Open. To use it, I think it's okay to look it up in advance. I'll try it out and upload it together Currently, REX is only available on the jungle net (test net), so it may change when you open it on the main net. And there's not much explanation, so please understand that.^^;; I wrote down the description number on the picture. If you look at it together and explain it, it might be easier to understand. 01. Please connect to the site and click "Scatter" in the upper right corner to log in. https://eosrex.io 02. When you log in, there are four main menus. LEND, UNLED, BORROW, MANAGE I'll explain the menu briefly. LEND - Purchasing REX UNLEND - SELLING THE REX BORROW - Borrowing CPU or NET MANAGE - You can automatically renew the resources you borrowed from "BORROW" or deposit undeposited EOS. 03. To purchase REX, EOS must be in deposit. (This is the part where you deposit something that is not staked on the wallet.) Click on "DEPOSIT" on the left or enter "ManAGE - Fund". Enter "FUND" and add the desired amount of iodine to the "EOS TO DEPOSIT" section and click "DEPOSIT TO FUND." 04. Once the scanner has been opened and approved, it will change the number of deposits in the left side "EOS IN YOUR FUND". 05. Go to the "LEND" menu and click on "SELECT EOS PAYMENT" to find the menu: Use EOS IN YOU FUND - I'll use the Iose I've deposited. Use EOS STAKED TO NET - I am going to use an io staked in NET resource. Use EOS STAKED TO CPU - Iose staked in CPU resource. Click "Use EOS IN YOU FUND". 06. Insert the desired Ios number into "EOS TO LEND" or click on the "ALL" button and click on "BUY REX LEND EOS". 07. 06 and you will see the left side "REX IN YOUR FUND" changed. Your purchase is complete. That's it. ^^ It's too easy, isn't it? So I've attached some additional explanations. 08. To re-sell REX, go to UNLEND and do the same. However, I don't think we can sell it right away. I think it'll take about four days. I think I'll have to test this part after four days. 09. "BORROW," as I said above, is the part where you borrow resources. You can think of it as something like Chin-Tai. If you borrow a CPU with 1 Ω, you can see the change on the right side. (You must write the account name that you delegate to when you apply. ) 10. "MANAGE - Borrowed" has a period of resources I borrow. It seems to include the ability to re-extend at the end of the period. It's a very poor explanation, but I've raised it to share it. Don't feel so hard when the REX comes out, but be sure to take advantage of yourself.^^

    $interbirds . 2019.03.20 22:01

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  • PlayerOne User


    EOS-based game record assetization platform player (PlayerOne) dApp. In addition to EOS-based games, the usual mobile games are rewarded. I was very interested in it personally, so I took part in a pre-sales event. The player team decided to stop the token sale and got a refund. I've been using Player One's wallet since it was first released. We've collected an average of 30 tokens a day, and we've collected about 950 so far. I used to pay about 3 won per token when it was pre-sale, so it's worth about 3,000 won now. Hah! I enjoy playing casual games for about an hour because my commute is about 4 hours. I think it's good to play games and get compensation. Take a snapshot at 9:00 a.m. on March 12. Airdrops will be performed at 1:1 with the number of EOSs in the wallet at the time of the snapshot starting at 9 a.m. on March 19. I have a schedule to be listed on the chain exchange on March 21. The more you tip, the more touch, the more reward you get. I think the key to EOS mass adaption is a game. I'm happy to see more and more valuable good apps coming out.

    $sweetyspoon . 2019.03.19 12:19

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