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  • Mr. Kim's Convenience store; Life of Korean Immigrants in Foreign Eyes


    Rating as I wish: 8.5/10 Recommendation for these people: light and warm family dramas. Han Pit-jul: Dr. Ken (The drama is about Korean and Korean families) It is an embarrassing and interesting experience to see Koreans reflected in foreign dramas. Some of them are typical Asian biases, but some of them are serious. The original work of Mr. Kim's convenience store is a play of the same title. It was a well-received play about a Canadian immigrant family. Based on this play, I produced a sitcom at CBC in Canada. It was doubtful whether the drama featuring minorities would be very popular, but it was unexpectedly well-received. I guess the life of an Asian immigrant looked fresh in their eyes. Since the beginning of this year, the third installment of the season has been on air. "Oh, paper towels are not the low-temperate quality of "Yogi Inne..." but some localization of Korean culture in the drama production process seems unavoidable. Still, I think it's a good picture of a blunt, stubborn but responsible Korean man and a devoted but brazen and broad-minded Korean lady. The cultural gap between emigrants 1 and 1.5 years old and the resulting episode is quite worth watching. In Taji, I feel more emotional because I see Koreans living their lives with their unique diligence. Of course, the Canadian station didn't make this to see Koreans. It's fun to watch even if it doesn't have to be about it. Even if it was Wang's convenience store featuring Chinese Canadians, I would have enjoyed it. It's not a fun thing that makes you giggle in a sitcom's unique belly laughs or puns, but it's a fun piece that's calm and has a lot of fun.

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  • Where to do as you like


    Wanna know the best place to do as you like? Check out the video 👌✌️

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  • Life is a Journey


    Quote of the Day

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  • Hellboy; Dark Hero, who has returned more faithfully to the original.


    Rating as I Want: 7.5/10 Recommendations to these people: hard action, hero. Han Pit-jul: Hellboy (work of the same title by Guillermo del Toro) Hellboy is based on a cartoon of the same name, Hellboy Comics. This director Guillermo del Toro before, comics based on the Hellboy 1, 2, ever made. However, due to its poor box office performance, both the production of the three films and the spin-off series were canceled. Director Guillermo Del Toro is a master of films that are recognized for their work such as "Shape of Water" and popular films such as "Pacific Rim." If you look at the similarities between these films, it's a spectacular visual beauty. The previous Hellboys were praised for their spectacular beauty, but lacked the cruelty and seriousness that were unique to the original. This movie is a reboot of Hellboy. The video is much more elegant to fit the original mood. While I was already remiss, I followed the original world view more thoroughly. While Hellboy, who is not serious and likes to be sarcastic, has a momentary awakening as the king of the devil and the images of the demons summoned from hell are as terrifying as horror movies. I think this was the highlight of the movie. It's a shame that the screenplay and some parts of the cliche don't go along with the cruel, gritty action. I think it would have been much better if it had been made with a scary and dark story suitable for Hellboy, the King of Hell. It is also sad that Helbo's inner conflict should have been more serious and intense. Considering the many things, I've enjoyed it more than I used to be I think the horror of Hellboy and the cruelty of the original movie were better than the previous movies. If this works well, we'll be able to produce a follow-up. Because in the cookie video, he showed the appearance of a fellow amphibian, Av Saab. I hope this movie works out well and we can make a follow-up. I enjoyed this movie because it fits my taste, but there are people who don't like the cruel scenes and people who don't like the unique cleanliness of the hero, so I think there's a clear distinction between the horror and the horror. You'd better take this into consideration and watch.

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  • [Flying Review] Drama Confession tvN


    I've been so busy that I haven't even been able to come in. Let's take a moment to post the Korean alphabet. The movie that I am talking about today is a drama called Confess Each actor is good at acting, and I like the tension and pressure of the fourth part. From part 5, I feel like I'm losing a strong feeling. Until part 4, the main character was self-indulgent and charming, From the fifth part, there's something different about the person. I think so. I think my personality will change as well as being passive. I'm going to have to fill in the fourth part for a long period of time to get permission to air. Since the decision to air the drama, I think it's a typical Korean drama that has written five parts. We're still on the air, so if we can't show you what we've done in the last four episodes... I think I'm going to join the list of representative Yongdu Sami dramas that will be recorded in history.

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  • Hannah; a spy-action drama that is more interesting than the original film.


    Score as I Want: 8/10 Recommended to these people: a spy-action lover. Hanna, Gunslinger. The original film of the same title was released in 2011. This is the story of a girl who was raised as a deadly weapon by her spy-turned-father. The movie could have been childish by looking at the subject, but it was good by the enthusiasm and serious atmosphere of the actors. It's not a big success, but it doesn't really listen to the sound of manga. Searsa Ronan, who plays the main character, was especially great. The subject of a girl who was raised as a murder weapon is quite fascinating. So when I heard that I had made a movie drama in Amazon, I thought I should watch it. A little bit worried about it was that when the movie was made into a drama, there were very few big successful or acclaimed films. The drama Hannah is quite successful in that sense. I also enjoyed the serious atmosphere of the original. The heroine also played the double role of a highly emotional growth girl and a highly trained killer. If you do something wrong when you make a series of An-Park movies for two hours, the story will run out. Hannah overcame this problem by putting in a substory and adapting the original. In the original story, if you were just a strongly trained girl, in the drama, you were adapted to be a girl whose physical abilities were enhanced by genetic manipulation. In addition to the lead role, the actors perform well. The character was shown in three dimensions by vividly showing the character's character, anguish, weakness and desire. As I said earlier, if you do something wrong, it could be a childish ruin. This work has managed to avoid these dangers with actors' passionate and understated screenplay.

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  • I have lied to You


    DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL TO EARN MONEY WITH YOUR POSTS, COMMENTS AND LIKES: https://partiko.app/referral/sergiomendes There is no other way to talk with You about this. I can't believe I have lied to You. This is embarrassing.

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  • American Vandal; a poignant allegory of prejudice and witch hunts.


    Rating as My Owner: 8.5/10 Recommended to these people: someone who likes work about social phenomena to think about, someone who likes reasoning. Making a Murder Someone painted dozens of school teachers' cars. Who do people think is the culprit? Is he the same Asian exchange student? Should we be an active student council? Or was he a troublemaker who was famous for his cross-strait pranks? You've probably experienced this once in your life. When something happens, there's something that everyone points to as the culprit or the cause. It was easy to conclude that the child in question did this. If he doesn't have an alibi, if he's seen a troubled kid at the crime scene, and if he's had a history of similar scribbling on the blackboard before, he's actually got bored. But the absence of an alibi can't be proof of guilt, the witness can be mistaken or lie, and the act of destroying a playful graffiti and dozens of cars is quite different. But it doesn't work for people who make decisions in their hearts. American vandals are just as likely to be wrong with human judgment as well. It shows how vulnerable humans are to prejudice. Each one is short for about 30 minutes and follows the pike-shape format. The concept is that two students from the high school broadcasting department where the incident took place will dig into the truth of the incident. The way in which each episode raises questions and digs into the motives of a new suspect seems to be seeing a mystery story. I have a great sense of immersion. American Vandal has aired two seasons so far. We deal with separate cases in different schools. Both seasons are attractive. Season 1 has been a bitter fable about human prejudice and witch hunts, season 2 deals with bigger social issues such as social media, personal isolation and inequality. Personally, I enjoyed watching season one more. It's the best way to solve what's actually going to happen in the form of a mystery novel.

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  • Double Target ; The Deteriorated Version of a novel and a movie


    my own rating; 5/10 Recommendation to these people: millimeter mania A Double Target, Anonymous. The double target is a title that was posted in Korea and the original title is Shooter. The original is Steven Hunter's novel Point Of Impact. It's a famous millimeter novel. The novel was made into a movie in 2007 starring Mark Wahlberg. As the movie was made, the sense of urgency in the original movie was reduced. Maybe it's the inevitable fate of a movie that has to value visual pleasure. Although the movie was worth watching in its own way, the general assessment is that it did not bring the original movie to life. Mid double target is based on a film that has already failed to revive the beauty of the original film. So I cast the main character of the drama as someone who looks like Mark Wahlberg as much as possible. It's a pity that the plot is carried out by accident and is too much, even though the story is stretched because the movie is made into a drama that lasts less than two hours. There are countless scenes of improbability and no compelling characters in the character, so I can't feel it. It's like watching a Korean soap opera. It's too much to say that the main character accused of trying to assassinate the president easily escapes from prison, and that a sergeant, who is not a great spy, runs around alone, finds out all the U.S. and Russian intelligence agencies and entrepreneurs who conspire to get away with it, and that they're interced and manipulated to solve the case. The main character solves the problem with repeated reckless and unintelligible behavior. It looks like God loves the main character too much. In addition, from season 2, we have been running separate stories regardless of the original novel and the contents of the movie. We've already aired three seasons, and we're scheduled to do season four. If the season continues, it means you get ratings. I've watched a lot of English-American dramas in my own right, especially millimeter and action dramas that I'm proud of. With more realistic and realistic milli-dramas being cancelled one after another, you don't know how it's coming up with a later season after season. In conclusion, despite the fact that the double target is a poor piece in many ways, the subsequent season is a strange and unknowable piece.

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  • A flower blooming at the Seodaemun Prison


    ㅇ I went to Seodaemun Prison to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea. ㅇ When I first arrived at the entrance, I was like, "The old building were preserved very well." I felt like I was visiting a film studio. ㅇ When I entered the entrance to the building and started reading the pictures and writings on the wall, I entered the basement thinking, "Oh, this is what happened." "They've suffered a lot." ㅇ Not long after I entered the basement, I found myself repeating, "Well..." and "um.....this is...." ㅇ And then we went to the building where the independence fighters were in. Entering the entrance to the building, I was once surprised by the cold weather. It was clearly a fieldy, sunny day, but the temperature in the prison was cold enough. ㅇ The independence fighters who spent the winter in a place like this without nourishing themselves and fought for their country with their lives in pain are great. I felt sad and sad. ㅇ After all the viewing, I was out of the building and around the building, and I found a flower on the street. ㅇ When I saw the only blooming spring flowers at Seodaemun Prison, I came to think of it as "a flower with the will of independence fighters," and I felt a sense of frustration at the moment. ㅇ If you have not been to the Seodaemun Prison! I highly recommend you to visit it at least once.

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  • 베터 콜 사울(Better Call Saul) ; 사울 굿맨의 거부할 수 없는 매력


    내 맘대로 평점 8.5/10 이런 분들에게 추천함 : 브레이킹배드의 씬스틸러 사울굿맨을 아시는 분들 한핏줄 작품 : 브레이킹배드(브레이킹배드의 스핀오프입니다.) 이 드라마는 오락성과 작품성에서 큰 족적을 남긴 브레이킹배드의 스핀오프입니다. 브레이킹배드를 보신분은 강렬한 인상을 남긴 두 씬스틸러를 기억하실겁니다. 사울로 불리던 뻔뻔스러운 변호사와 마이크라고 불리던 늙었지만 무자비한 해결사입니다. 이 두사람의 이야기를 다룬 드라마가 "베터 콜 사울"입니다. 지금까지는 브레이킹베드의 씬스틸러들이 주인공 월터 화이트를 만나기 전까지의 이야기를 다루고 있습니다. 스핀오프를 브레이킹배드보다 먼저 소개하는 이유는 워낙에 브레이킹배드가 유명하기 때문입니다. 작품성과 오락성이 뛰어난 이 작품은 별다른 소개가 필요 없을지도 모르겠습니다. 하지만 씬스틸러들에 대해서는 궁금한게 많죠. 지미 맥길(사울)은 완전히 뻔뻔하고 기회주의적인 변호사입니다. 이른바 말빨이 대단하고 기회를 잡는 능력이 탁월합니다. 세상의 도덕기준을 엄밀하게 따르는 사람도 아닙니다. 생생하고 입체적인 인물입니다. 이 사람을 주인공으로 스핀오프를 만든다고 했을 때부터 기대가 컸습니다. 그리고 제 생각에 "베터 콜 사울"은 기대를 어기지 않은 작품입니다. 지미 맥길은 뛰어난 매력과 언변, 그리고 노력으로 주류 사회에 들어가길 원합니다. 하지만 형으로 상징되는 기존 주류 변호사들은 그를 무시하고 백안시하죠. 지미 맥길은 여기에 좌절하지 않고 자신만의 방법으로 세상을 개쳑해 나갑니다. 지미 맥길은 절대 선한사람이 아닙니다. 기회주의적이고 거짓말도 잘합니다. 하지만 아픈 형과 주변사람을 돌보고 자신만의 도덕기준을 어기지는 않습니다. 그리고 자신을 냉대하고 무시하는 세상에서 살아남기 위해 분투합니다. 드라마를 보며 이 사람을 나쁜사람이라고 말할 수 없을겁니다. 해결사 마이크도 마찬가지입니다. 베터 콜 사울을 보면 마이크가 어쩌다 저 나이에 힘에 붙이는 해결사가 되었는지.... 어쩌다 저리 무심하고 냉혹한 인물이 되었는지 이해할 수 있습니다. 꽤 탄탄하고 재미있게 만들어 졌습니다. 브레이킹 배드를 보신 분들에게 스핀오프를 보는 즐거움을 줄 뿐 아니라, 브레이킹 배드를 보지 않은 분들도 무리 없이 작품에 몰두 할 수 있습니다.

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  • Dr. Frisner KBS2


    This is a drama that started airing this week. This drama is based on Japanese comic books. First of all, I will give you 4.5 out of 5 points. Fast deployment speed, cool character composition. A representative cliché of medical drama, devoted by a good doctor toInde This drama teaches you that you can ruin your life by doing it like that from the first episode, and you have to be even worse to beat the bad guys. It is a drama that brings out the deep sadism of viewers and makes them want to see revenge and the process very high. Of course, the first part of Nielsen Korea's ratings began with an 8.4 percent viewership rating and recorded 14.1 percent the next day, so it would be fair to say that there were few people leaving the country. Namgoongmin's hilarious and wicked acting, which is famous for being good at acting, seems to be one of the best. Since I haven't seen the original comic book, I don't know how it's going to be going forward, but I think there will be a cool drama that's been a long time. I mean, if you're off the mark, you know, you know, the producer in charge is a little... I know how you wanted to create a gloomy and secretive atmosphere in Part I... The interior of the prison, the screen is a mess. The exaggerated interior and props that seem to ignore the current viewers who are familiar with tvN and Netflix, which are saving reality as much as possible, are annoying. I think it's true that the real producers of real exhaust have all moved to tvN, Netflix, and OCN. Without the interference of producers, advertisers and advertisers, I think it will be a good drama.

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  • 마인드헌터(Mind Hunter) ; 프로파일러의 시작을 다룬 논픽션 드라마


    내 맘대로 평점 : 8/10 이런 분들에게 추천함 : 현실적인 수사물을 좋아하는 분 한핏줄 작품 : 크리미널 마인드(프로파일러의 활약을 다룬다는 점에서..) 이 작품을 설명하기 제일 좋은 단어는 "데이빗 핀처"입니다. 에일리언3, 세븐, 시간은 거꾸로 간다. 를 연출한 감독입니다. 하우스 오브 카드를 연출한 감독이기도 합니다. 이 작품들의 공통점은 상업적으로 성공했을 뿐만 아니라 실험적이고 도전적인 작품이었다는 점입니다. 데이빗 핀처감독이 작정하고 만든 미드가 마인드헌터입니다. 이 드라마는 실제 최초의 프로파일러로 알려진 사람이 쓴 논픽션을 각색했습니다. 실제 유명한 실존 연쇄살인범들도 작품에 나와 현실성을 더합니다. 아직 과학수사라는 것이 생소하고, 수사가 지역 수사기관의 감에 의존하던 1970년도에 범죄자의 행동패턴을 이해해 범죄를 해결하려는 시도를 했던 선각자들의 활약을 다룹니다. 프로파일러의 활약을 다룬 드라마중 제일 잘 알려진 작품은 아마도 크리미널 마인드일겁니다. 이 작품은 시즌마다 커다란 복선을 갖는 줄거리가 있고, 각 에피소드가 독립적인 사건을 다루는 전형적인 미국식 수사물이죠. 사실상 CSI 시리즈의 변형이라고 볼 수 있겠습니다. 과학수사대가 프로파일러로 바뀌었을 뿐이지요. 이런 드라마에서는 생생한 등장인물의 캐릭터와 개연성보다는 빠른 진행과 오락성을 중요하게 여기기 마련입니다. 프로파일러를 소재로 하고 제목에도 똑같이 "마인드"라는 단어가 들어가긴 해도 마인드헌터는 크리미널 마인드 같은 변형 수사물과 완전히 다른 진행과 연출을 보여줍니다. 마인드헌터는 어려운 사건을 해결해 가는 박진감을 보여주는 것이 아니라 범죄자의 욕구와 행동패턴을 이해하는 것에 집착하는 FBI수사관의 인물묘사에 집중합니다. 때문에 관료조직의 비효율과 주변의 몰이해 같이 주인공이 겪는 문제도 깊게 다룹니다. 이런 점이 빠른 템포의 수사물에 익숙한 분들에게는 조금 지루하게 느껴질지도 모르겠습니다. 하지만 데이빗 핀처감독이 연출했다는것 만으로도 한번 볼만 하다고 생각합니다. 시즌 2도 방송예정입니다. 다음 시즌부터는 주인공의 본격적인 활약이 나올것이라고 기대해 봅니다.

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  • [Flying Review] Psychometree's that guy.


    It is always difficult to review dramas that are still on air. It's because we often see how viewers react to the flow of the story and modify the content. Anyway, I watched the first movie yesterday, played the second one, and then I turned it off just a few minutes later. I'm going to give you a little bit of a... Spicy rice separately... I couldn't get into the play because the stories didn't have any connection to each character and they tended to play Also, the beginning starts with a thriller, but then the second half turns into a high-tin drama, so... The main character, Ian, failed to pick the role. You can't say you're bad at acting, but at least you've hired an actor who doesn't fit in with that role. I think this will be an example of the harmful effects of the so-called "Kesting" under pressure from the agency (JYP). The King of the Inspection Station... I'm sorry to hear that... Looks like you're mixing Kwon Sang-woo and Lee Jong-seok. I'm a little sorry for the actor, but he's bothered to focus on the play. But it doesn't smoke. I have to admit that. I remember what JYP said to a female participant who used to use Yoon Mi-rae's singing style during an audition show. "I'm good, but I don't know why I should listen to you." Of course, there is a difference in the price of an actor's body, so the cost of his or her voice is high, but the difference in his appearance is that he or she is not remembered. In order to overcome that limitation, I think devices for acting and polarizing need to be enormous. The actress' performance was good, and she was the most dramatic actress, but... As soon as the second episode began, the character collapsed. There's no setting... I think it's the writer's fault. There was a urge to make the main character three-dimensional, but it didn't seem to have enough understanding of humans. And it's typical of you to be uncomfortable with... It's a high school character that reminds me of cute teeth. A boy student... is he nice? Of course, humans are diverse, but from a universal point of view, a male high school student is a problem child, and the odds of being good at school are... So far, I've been reading statistics, but at least I haven't seen them in my personal experience. Yeoju is a high school student who studies well, but I can't see her studying. It's as if they don't know that they're good at studying because they're smart, or that they're good at studying because they're tired. Because of bullying, a woman who is busy transferring to school speaks to her teacher in a way that is unreasonable. That's more of a character that's more like being bullied than being bullied. The drama CG was good... It reminds me that JYP must have poured a lot of money into it. Considering the CG team's efforts, we'll give you one out of five stars.

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  • [날림 리뷰] 트랩 OCN


    본격 한국판 시즌제 드라마라고 할까요? 7부작으로 깔끔하고 속도감 있는 전개는 좋았으나 후반으로 갈수록 설명 위주의 상황 전개가 남발되어 마치 시즌제의 시즌 1으로 보이는게 아니라 16부작을 기획했다가 조기종영 되어버리는 느낌이 들었습니다. 이대로라면 시즌 2도 물건너 갈 수도 있겠다는 생각이 들더군요. 뒷심이 부족한걸 제외한다면... 사실 이걸 제외할 수는 없겠지만... 나름 재미지게 봤네요. 별 5개 중에 3.5개 드립니다.

    $gregory . 2019.03.20 18:15

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  • Kominsky Method; a work that mysteriously fits Korean sentiments.


    Score as I wish: 8.5/10 Recommended for these people: someone who likes gentle and humane dramas. One Pit-line: Lucky Louie (Kominsky Mesode, like Comedian Comedian Comedian comedians' daily lives, is about actors' daily lives) Cominsky Mesode is a comedy about the friendship between an actor and a manager who spends his last years of his life. This work is strangely compatible with the sentiments of Korea. We're used to saying that makes us cry and laugh. For Korea's representative sitcoms like high kicks, there were often sad and tearful episodes. This kind of production is familiar in Korea. When you think about it, even works like "Chunhyangjeon" are funny when you cry. "Wowhead~ ~ Ghostly Dragon" describes the saddest and most pathetic scene of Chunhyang's struggle to keep her chastity. When a blacksmith appeared, he described officials who mistook the table for a hat and turned it upside down, which is the best slapstick comedy scene. As such, I think we've always thought that even if a piece contains various emotions, the consistency of the work is not compromised. This is a bit strange in the United States, or in the West. It's the American (or Western) way of saying that comedy should be funny, thriller should be thrilling, horror should be scary. In this regard, the zombie historical drama "Kingdom" has also been praised by Western viewers as fresh and entertaining, but I have heard the foreign YouTuber's claim that the scene of a joke between the prince and the escort service reduces the tension of the work. The genre of Kominsky Mesode is comedy. But apart from the puns and funny developments, the setting of the work is depressing and heartbreaking. The main character, Kominsky, is an actor and his manager, Norman, has won wealth and fame, but he has lost his wife to cancer. The play's development is fast and light, but sometimes there is a heavy and heartbreaking scene. For example, when you see a dress that you couldn't find in the laundry that you visited after your wife's future ceremony, you get emotional and sobbed. The producer is Chuck Laurie, who is the master producer of the Big Bang Theory. It's also worth noting that the same person has created this different atmosphere.

    $pubnewbie . 2019.03.17 20:09

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  • Love, Death & Robots; a remarkable SF shortline


    Rating as My Owner: 8/10 Recommended to these people: If you like cyberpunk and sf water, you won't regret it. Han Pit-line: Animatrix (The Crucible, The Director is an omnibus SF piece composed of different episodes) This is an omnibus production of 18 cyberfunk or SF works. Each work has a different drawing style, style, mood, and worldview. One thing in common is that it's 19 gold. Be careful when watching in public places. Overall, the quality of the work is high. I happened to watch the first episode, "Invincible Sonny," and I had to run 18 episodes. I have a great sense of immersion. There's a work that looks like a cinematic dance in the game, a work that's light, and a very experimental one. Some of the works were unique in world view and atmosphere, so I wanted to make them into feature works or mid-series. Personally, I enjoyed watching "The Rider" and "Jima Blue" episodes. It reminds me of an old work called Animatrix. Animatrix was like an extension of the Matrix worldview. The world view is shared, but each episode had a different picture, mood, and theme. This is the most interesting short story I've ever seen since this one.

    $pubnewbie . 2019.03.16 22:38

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  • # Thank you for the drama


    #jtbc drama #Kim Hye-ja #Eyes # Hyoja PR Hall #Nam Joo-hyuk #Chanel grandmother "Forget what you want, Don't forget your kindness." Yesterday, in the Monday-Tbc drama series "Snowpiercer." This is the line of someone who is about 15 years old. In the drama, Jun-ha (Nam Joo-hyuk) is a member of the group. A commercial organization (also known as the Enemy Information Center) is not just about making money, but really about it. He is a cold-hearted young man who takes care of his elders. Abandoned by his son, whom he had taken care of with all his heart, and turned the motel on the moon. Mrs. Chanel, who lives alone, has lost her son's home. Go to the end of the hydrogen gate and leave a will to Jun-ha. He broke up with the world. a public relations officer insurance policy in which the beneficiary is designated on a par with the heir until the suicide note is found. while being investigated by the police as a suspect for Grandmothers and grandfathers at the PR center, holding signs asking for Jun-ha to be released. I'm begging you to believe Jun-ha's innocence in front of the police station. One of them was an old lady's line at the police. At the moment, without knowing anything, that remark seemed to keep getting stuck in my heart. I've been watching this drama for fun without thinking about it. Suddenly, we saw our lives through drama. It cannot be said or done easily. In the course of my life, I have suffered numerous grudges and blessings. But it's always just that I'm always angry. for one's own sake I guess I couldn't help it. It's just that your mind and your actions are different. I couldn't be free because it was my own job. Through the drama, has there been any grace that I've forgotten? You'll think about it. Instead of living with injustice, forget the gratitude you have received without knowing it. I try to think again that I can't.

    $yeonwu . 2019.03.12 14:33

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  • #France #Sitcom


    Recently, I watched a sitcom called Franz again. Season 1 to Season 10. I remember having a hard time with this sitcom in the early 2000s. I know you all do, but it's always hard when you're young. A period of considerable concern and frustration between the walls of your hopes and reality that you want to do and want to be... When I first met Franz, it was already season eight. As the Internet became more popular, the mid-air craze became more popular and shared through eDonkey. So, I've downloaded it from season 1 and burned it on CD, and I remember watching it as I was giggling. Who is Franz's real character these days? You analyzed the data under the theme of . The most lines, the characters whose names are mentioned... After analyzing all the scripts, Ross has the most lines, the most names are mentioned, and so on. By that standard, Franz's main character is Ross. Back in 1994 when season one started, I think you're so young when you see them at that time. I've been driving 10 seasons, and I've seen the years go by so fast. I think their acting is too natural. That's my personal assessment of six Franzs. 1. Ross - A slightly offbeat character that always points out the correct word, pronunciation. - Ross screaming to get off the plane in Rachel's phone recording in the final episode of the season 10. 2. Rachel. - Born as a rich daughter and grown up ungrateful in the world, a character who lives in the real world while meeting with the rest of his friends. - The scene of cutting my father's credit card with scissors in season 1. 3. Chandler - Chandler, who likes to play horses, and dances strangely. - In season 10, when twins were born, only one person was ordered. 4. Monica - Ross's brother, neat king of marijuana, good at dancing... "I Know." - It's so touching to ask Chandler to marry me. 5. 피비 - A strange hippie female character, a woman who owns a loving and eccentric logic. - The song Smelly Cat is the most memorable... 6. Joey - Actors and playboys, owners of a great appetite. - I remember the line "Joy don't share food!" - and eating cheesecake that fell on the floor with Rachel. It was about 20 years ago when I was a singer. If you haven't seen it before, I'd recommend it. Sitcoms were quite popular in Korea at that time. A sitcom called the Men's Set Girls' Generation was quite similar in format to Franz.

    $infinitywar . 2019.03.08 12:11

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  • Happy Valley; a high-profile investigation by the divorced lady's police.


    Score as I wish: 8.5/10 Recommendation to these people: a criminal, investigative person One Pit-line: Marcella (that the female police officer is Young to solve the case) Happy Valley is a very unique crime-investigation. The main character of the police is the protagonist, who has a keen insight and reasoning power, no matter what his character. Usually, he's a detective and a middle-aged man appears as the main character. And they try to create a gloomy atmosphere or show exaggerated seriousness. In short, it's a bit too much. There's no such over-seriousness in Happy Valley. Katherine, the main character in Happy Valley, plays police in a small town in Lancashire. I am raising my grandson alone because of his sad past. That's why I quit being a detective and I'm working as a country police officer with flexible working hours. The main character, Catherine, doesn't solve a case with great ability. In a way, you get caught up in a case. Although it plays a crucial role in solving a case, it feels like the main character is naturally solved in front of the main character rather than solving it. There's a whole set of things that are going on in a small town in the U.K. that are But really, it's a very vivid character that makes this drama a joke. The main character, Catherine, is suffering from the trauma of the past. I often see a rapist who loves his grandson but drove his daughter to commit suicide. Because of this sad past, I divorced my husband and felt uncomfortable with the rest of my children. Despite the misfortunes that make life a mess, the main character of this drama is a good man. I'm also taking care of my sister, who is overcoming drug addiction. Not only is he determined and capable, he is also a police officer who listens to other people. He is respected and loved for his gentle nature like his mother. A person who sees the good side of a human being in spite of everything that has happened to him. I've never seen such a unique and vivid protagonist in any investigative drama I've seen. She's a middle-aged, fat lady, not a detective, but a cop. Besides, someone who is sincere, capable, but doesn't have a good intuition is the main character of the investigation. But the more I see it, the more I can't get away from it. It's a work that's been waiting for three seasons after watching all two of the seasons in a flash.

    $pubnewbie . 2019.03.05 10:11

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  • the creation of a new species


    a rating of 8/10 as I wish Recommended to these people: someone who likes Cyberfunk-style works. A Pit-line Works: Cognition Dynamics, Blade Runner Bladrunner is a Hollywood movie that clearly shows the potential of the cyber-punk genre. The story of Cyborg, who was looking for a creator to survive, was so epochal at the time that it inspired many of the cyberpunk works that follow. One of the most representative works is Gonggak Gi-dae. It means that in a world where the body and forebrain are generalized, artificial intelligence life appears. The story of Cyborg and Artificial Intelligence's acquisition of character, and virtual reality, which is indistinguishable from reality, is a bit of a cliche these days. The content of Westworld itself is not very much. But there is a unique attraction of Westworld. This work has a different atmosphere from the typical SF work. In general, these works use a lot of CGs to show the advanced technology and show the brilliant future and the advanced technology in many places. But Westworld is very restrained from showing things in CG. The process of the content is very calm. He doesn't show much of the advanced future in CG, and he's a quiet, calm science fiction... It must be a unique piece of work. It seems that he intentionally chose this way of doing things and shooting. The cyborg, which is treated like an accessory to the amusement park of the rich, takes the character and transforms into an advanced human being in a way that describes the inner world of the characters. In this respect, the progress may seem a bit frustrating. If you take into account a little slow progress, the video is very beautiful in Westworld. It's understated, but CG is excellent. There are plenty of small things like rice cakes and flip-flops. So far, two seasons have been aired and three seasons will be aired.

    $pubnewbie . 2019.02.28 17:55

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  • Bodyguard; political intrigue involving veterans


    Score as I wish; 8/10 Recommended for these people: someone who likes the genre of political thriller. a double-target (in that the retiree nearly fell victim to a political conspiracy) The main character of the war veteran and police officer in Afghanistan accidentally stops the bombing. Thanks to this credit, I will protect Julia, the interior minister and the next prime minister nominee. In fact, the interior minister, the hawk, was a very different person from the main character in political views. Because it's a job, you're forced to guard the interior minister and inadvertently get into a power struggle between the police, the intelligence agency, and the current prime minister and the interior minister. It's a plot that's common in terms of roughness. The screenplay and progression of this common plot are excellent. This work was produced by the BBC, but Netflix is right for distribution outside of the UK. There were 17 million viewers in England at the end of the movie. It's the highest tally since the British drama's viewer count. It's a great record considering that TV viewing time has been reduced and the number of broadcasters has increased. In addition, she won Best Picture and Best Actor awards at the 76th Golden Globe Awards. That's how much fun and work is guaranteed. The big success of the drama also seems to contribute to the fact that it now deals with major political issues in Britain. Terrorism, the corruption of immigrants who create terror fears, of intelligence agencies and politicians who want to collect personal information extensively to prevent it... It seems to be a topic that is not immediately closed to our reality, but it has drawn great attention to the politically and socially unstable Britons.

    $pubnewbie . 2019.02.26 11:17

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  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; a masterpiece faithful to the sitcom formula


    Score as I Want: 8/10 Recommended for these people; a casual American sitcom. Friends, Big Bang Theory A sitcom is an acronym for a situational comedy. As it is called, sitcoms pursue cheerful, light smiles. In Korea, of course, you will remember a sitcom called Friends that introduced American sitcom all over the world. It's fun to watch now. In fact, I've had a lot of success in sitcoms since my Friends. I remember Big Bang Theory and Two Brock Girl. Many of the pieces disappeared as the follow-up season went down the drain. Not only in the U.S. but also in Korea, the genre of sitcom has disappeared. I don't know when I'll be able to see Mrs. Sunpung San and High Kick again. The Netflix original unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (name is too long--;;) is a good thing in this regard. He's the master of the dying genre of sitcom. The characters have increased in diversity with the flow of the times. When you think of Friends, there are no blacks, no Asians, no sexual minorities, not even the main characters. The heroine of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" was rescued after 15 years of living in an underground bunker after being duped by a cult of pseudo fanatics. Titus Andromadon, the hero's best friend, is a fat black man and homosexual. The owner of the house, Lillian, is a bit of a Jewish. Jacqueline Borges is a top-class married woman who cheated on her and led a snob life, but she's actually cheating on being an Indian. All of the main characters are minorities and there are no normal people. If you look at the characters, you might feel that they're too obsessed with political correctness, but there's not much of it. It's just a fun sitcom. I think the variety of characters reflects the trend of the times. First of all, the main character appears to be a completely bright and innocent. It's a little overkill, so the first two episodes can feel a little shriveled up, but they're becoming more and more into the unique charm of the work. It's been on the air since 2015 and has been on the air for four seasons. I'm sure there will be a follow-up season. It's all unique and attentive to the last part.

    $pubnewbie . 2019.02.24 15:53

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  • Top of the Lake; the ugly truth of the missing girl.


    Score as I wish: 8.5/10 Recommended for these people: someone looking for high-quality suspense. Han Pit-line: The Killing, Broadchurch (both of which involve minors reveal a number of ugly truths) It is a common development that minors disappear and a sympathetic detective (usually a female detective) follows behind the scenes as she overcomes the coldness and distrust around her. The above two works, "The Killing" and "The Broadchurch," also reveal the ugly secrets of a closed community while pursuing crimes against minors. The above two works were also recognized for their fun and workmanship. To find out what's unique about the Tower of the Lake, it's a magnificent natural environment that New Zealand towns show. The vast lakes, stark mountains and deep primordial forests contrast with the closeness and helplessness shown by the background town. It also has excellent depiction of the emotions of the characters and highlights the three dimensionality of the characters. The missing girl role is a tough, yet perfect performance by an immature and immature character. The role of Tui Michum's father clearly shows a broken human being who behaves violently and rudely because of human flaws. The heroine is known to project her wound on Tui Michum. You can feel the emotions of all your characters vividly. The drama co-produced by the BBC and Sundance Channel has won so many awards, including the Amy Award and Golden Globe Award. Compared to its outstanding workmanship, it is disappointing that it is rarely known in Korea.

    $pubnewbie . 2019.02.23 10:54

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  • Sopranos; a masterpiece of drama history.


    Score as My Owned: 9/10 Recommendation to these people: someone who likes crime. A piece of work; a godfather only in terms of playing the main character of the mafia boss.) "The greatest masterpiece of contemporary pop culture," "The greatest achievement in TV history" and "The greatest work of American pop culture in the last 25 years." This is the critic's rave reviews of the soprano. The award is more impressive. It has aired six seasons, won 21 Emmy Awards for 111 nominations, and won 23 nominations for Golden Globe Awards for three awards. The Writers Guild of America was named one of the best screenplay dramas of all time in 2013. It's not just a critically acclaimed movie, but it's always ranked 2-3rd in the best-ever Mead by a viewer. It's not an old work, it's a classic drama. I personally forgot to eat and stayed up all night. I think it's the first time I've ever seen a piece like this before "24 o' This work has also earned the reputation of HBO. Although it is now well known as a wire service that produces famous movies such as "Game of Thrones" and "Breaking Bad," it did not have such a reputation until the show aired. In that sense, it's a work that saved. The drama is about Tony Sopranos, the boss of the Mafia in New Jersey, and the people around him. While "The Godfather" is a hard-boiled painting of the cruel and cold side of the mafia world, soprano is a painting of the mafia's everyday life. The mafia's routine can't be normal. But I don't think it's always an unorthodox and solemn atmosphere. As such, the soprano focuses on character conflict, not mafia. From Tony Sopranos' family feud to his annoying routine and messy problems, he's a great screenplay. Thanks to excellent screenplay and excellent acting skills, I feel like I'm watching the Mafia members' daily lives from the sidelines. This kind of veracity and realism has attracted more than 10 million viewers in the U.S. alone.

    $pubnewbie . 2019.02.21 10:01

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  • Umbrella Academy; weird and funny...


    Score as I wish: 8.5/10 Recommendation to these people: someone who is attracted to a unique and bizarre work. Han Pit-jul: Watchman (that he is a unique and strange hero) Among the movies released in 2009, there is a movie called Watchman. He's a hero, like DC or Marvel series, but both the storytelling and the characters in the movie were completely different from the typical hero's progress. It wasn't very popular, but it impressed many people. In short, it wasn't a masterpiece or a masterpiece. What I felt about the Umbrella Academy is that it's similar to the Watchmen. Although it is a hero based on comic works, the story and character are very unique. I feel like I've seen a monster in a long time. But it's so fun. Introducing the characters in detail can be a spoiler. Simply put, the main characters are neither superheroes like Superman nor anti-heroes like Batman. A man who craves recognition from his stepfather, a arrogant time traveler, a ghost, a popular actress, but an unhappy divorcee, a vigilante who forgets her purpose and goes after the villain, a drug addict who lives a self-destructive life, and an ordinary woman who feels inferior among superpowers. They were actually raised by robot stepmothers and chimpanzees since they were young. Chimpanzee butler is the smartest character in the movie. The story is about the six heroes who seem to be overwhelmed by their own problems working together to save the world. I can see that the movie is very good and the screenplay is very attentive. It's not a rough idea. We are determined to create an independent worldview and continue the following season. Both artistry and entertainment are often flawless. Season 1 is on air, but it seems certain that a follow-up season will be produced.

    $pubnewbie . 2019.02.17 13:08

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  • Victoria; the love and growth story of the queen who led the British prime.


    Score as I Want: 8/10 Recommended to these people: someone who likes the times. Han Pit-line: The Crown (that it deals with the life story of the Queen of England) Queen Victoria led the British frontiers. The Victorian Age still stands for a glorious time when the power of the British nation was everywhere. In a way, she might have been the queen who was in the opposite position to watch the Commonwealth disintegrate and Britain's power weaken. Queen Victoria, who lived a long life, worked with several prime ministers and had several children, had to overcome her mother and mother's inner circle to manipulate her daughter. Because she was a young woman, she also had to earn the respect of the cabinet and parliament, which did not have enough respect. I understand the hard and lonely situation of the queen, who was not respected enough by her surroundings and had to see her as a political woman. This work focuses on this early point. So far, two seasons have been aired. The first season is about a young girl becoming a proud queen and winning love, and the second season is about thinking about her role in a rapidly changing society. In fact, Queen Victoria wasn't just an external honor. It is also a time when social unrest has intensified due to the side effects of changes in social structure caused by industrialization. It's not a epic drama to deal with historical facts. Because it focuses more on the life of the queen than on historical facts. The rapidly changing society and history of the time only come from the background that affects the character of Queen Victoria. That's why I don't get distracted or bored with my work. It's an era that everyone can enjoy.

    $pubnewbie . 2019.02.15 13:57

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  • The Punisher; action is certain.


    Score as I wish ; 8/10 Recommended for these people: Anyone who wants a hot action. Han Pit-line: Rambo (that a veteran with anger in his heart is the main character) It belongs to Marvel Cinematic Universe. He's one of the characters in Marvel who acts solely on his own strength and intelligence without supernatural powers. It's not without a character without superpowers on Marvel Universe. We have Black Widow and Hawkeye. Furnisher is unique among these characters. This character has a great deal of anger in his mind. The way to attack an enemy is also very cruel and deadly, and does not care about its own body. There are countless gunshot wounds that have been seriously beaten in the work. It's not typical of a hero in this respect. Maybe he's a self-destructive person who can vent his anger and frustration on the villain. These questions are repeated in the work. It's fun just looking at the work. The scale and quality of the action are great. Action is cruel, so you have to take this into account. The storyline has saved us a lot of probability. The characters of the supporting actors are all persuasive and stable. Personally, I think the Netflix original Marvel Cinematic Universe is the second most interesting work after "Daredevil."

    $pubnewbie . 2019.02.12 16:19

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  • SKY Castle, Society of Dead Poets


    The talk of the town is over. I haven't seen all the dramas, but I've heard so much here and there, I think I've seen them many times. In fact, just by looking at the title, it's not hard to guess. "If you can't come out, you think you can act like a man? Only results prove your worth. I'll get you through, so be quiet, be still, be dead. Even if you tear a book because you don't want to study, you have to open a new book again. I'm just saying, you can get to the top of the first grade." At this point, the lines are more like soap operas. I recall the dead poet's society. It's been about 30 years since it was shown, and I saw it on TV about five years ago. There are teachers who are unlikely to be seen at the educational site of the Republic of The teacher emphasizes not to cling to the entrance exam, but to Carpe Diem. Seize the day. The scene of going to the desk and teaching is still vivid in my memory, "to remind me that I always have to look at something from a different perspective." It is also important to be recognized by others. But you have to believe in the uniqueness of your beliefs. From now on, take your own path. Choose your own direction and method. Walk your own path, whether you are proud of it or stupid." A teacher who used to be a "foolish" class far from the entrance exam ended up being kicked out of the classroom by the principal's. On the day the teacher leaves, the students go up to the desk and see the teacher off in respect of the teacher. The Dead Poets Society is still a masterpiece after 30 years, and perhaps because, ironically, our educational reality is too similar to Sky Castle. "The day after tomorrow, I've created a guy who doesn't know how to live. "Isn't the top 0.1 percent of Sky Castle, whose mother cries..." a shadow life that she's never walked her way?

    $goodsea5 . 2019.02.11 18:47

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