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  • #电影


    #电影 #mall #shopping

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  • #Max#Happy holiday #China


    #Tiny Square # Night view #Happy holidays

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  • #Max#在中国


    #在中国 #下雨☔️ #好日👌

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  • #Max#Road


    #cherry blossom #Max Road #_ #_ #😎☝️

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  • #Max#Hotel


    #酒店🏨 #Maxhotel #haha #😎

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  • #Campus


    #Bom #Campus #University

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  • Race cherry blossoms


    I got rhinitis from my weekend trip to Gyeongju. I feel it every year, but if I go to Gyeongju during the cherry blossom season, it is rainy, windy or cold. Still, there is a place where you can stop by and see. Next to Bomun National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Education Center, there is a well-formed foster cherry tree called Julchotchot. There is something different here with the cherry blossoms of Bulguksa. I go to see the flowers every year and they are still in full bloom. By the way, she's pretty... It's sad that a weekday break is getting tired;

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  • Near the lake


    #constrution out of #sunset

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  • Tradition of Drinking Coffee in Aceh (Indonesia)


    Acehnese society cannot be separated from coffee. For this reason, I will find many coffee shops in various parts of the country nicknamed the Veranda of Mecca. Both day and night, various layers of society in Aceh fill coffee shops to relax drinking coffee. Not limited to young to old, male and female, poor and rich, all mingling without boundaries. You could say, coffee is like a breath for Acehnese people who are difficult to separate from their daily lives since the days of the Aceh sultanate. The tradition of drinking coffee has evolved from generation to generation as the development of Aceh as one of the world-class coffee producers. Since the Dutch colonial era until now, there are at least two coffee production centers in Aceh, namely Ulee Kareng and Gayo. Ulee Kareng coffee, which is a type of Robusta coffee, is produced from Ulee Kareng District (Banda Aceh). Meanwhile, Gayo coffee, which is a type of Arabica Coffee on the world market, includes premium coffee classes. These two types of coffee are what make Aceh famous as one of the best coffee producers in the country which dominates 40% of the domestic market. Especially for Ulee Kareng Coffee, it can be said that almost all coffee shops in Aceh serve coffee produced in this area. The processing of coffee powder in these coffee shops holds its own uniqueness. Coffee powder is not only brewed with hot but cooked water, so the aroma and flavor of the coffee that comes out is really strong. The cooked coffee then undergoes several filtration processes using a cone shaped filter. In these coffee shops, coffee is generally offered in three variations, namely black coffee, milk coffee and sanger. Black coffee and milk coffee have often been encountered in other parts of Indonesia, but Sanger is a unique and original concoction of Aceh. At first glance, it looks like coffee is like milk coffee. But what is typical of Sanger is the composition of milk and sugar which are not dominant, making the coffee's fragrance and flavor more pronounced. This mixture of filter coffee, condensed milk and sugar is then shaken until foamy. Even though times have changed, the culture of drinking coffee in the midst of Acehnese is maintained. This tradition continues to decline to their current generation. What makes it different, at this time the convenience and facilities offered by managers determine whether or not a coffee shop is crowded in Banda Aceh. Now, a comfortable layout and free internet hotspot (wifi) facilities generally attract more young people to stay at the coffee shop for a long time.

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  • Seoul life 😱🤣to workplace..


    #seoullife #subway #rushhour #tired #onthewayworkplace

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  • spring



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  • Chung? OO Chung? Am I a reptile?


    Last week, I was so happy to go to the lower house of the oldest child's daycare center, but I think there's a mountain bump on my forehead. The daycare center teacher says they're sorry to warn each other that the kids were playing tricks on each other, but... I told you I couldn't get angry in front of you, and we ran into each other, so I came back home. As you may know, my daughter is growing up a little differently from other kids. My 6-year-old daughter now speaks 24 months of language and lags far behind children of other age groups with different judgment and social skills. But it's late, but I can tell you what I think. When I got home, I sat my daughter down, and I started talking. "You must have been very sick, Yuna." Yeah! Did you cry with your hair on?' Yeah! Did you talk to each other while you were messing with your friend?' I came out with shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yuna was very sick! I cried a lot!' Did she say anything to you when we were still here?' Yeah! There's a confusion. I'm sure the daycare center said they were playing tricks on each other, but my daughter said no. The next day, I went to the eldest child's daycare center with a feeling of anger and suspicion. I explained the situation of the women's car and I looked at the CCTV. The director, including you, hesitated, looked at her head and showed her a CCTV. What my daughter said was true. It was true that our child, who was a heartbroken child, was pure and late, but still speaking, more than anyone else. My daughter came to the bathroom for no reason and she beat her. I was angry, irritated, and I wanted to squeeze him, but I called him to a place where he was patient. 'What Yuna understands is a little different from you, and she has to say the same thing many times. Can OO help you a lot? Can you take care of me a lot? "Yes..." That's what I told you. I'm angry at the fact that young girls are already using physical violence because of their differences, frustration, and one-sided notification that they're both wrongs at the daycare center. Of course, it's not just my personality, but I got home after explaining the situation to the daycare center and to the parents of the children. I know some of you are going to ask me if my dad is being kicked out of this, but I think I've done enough. It's not as true as the common O-worms that are everywhere, but... No? Am I a papa, too? Anyway, it is spring day that I have a lot of thoughts. Today, I also cheer for all parents with children who have mental illness!!

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  • a pine tree that protects the village.


    There is a tall pine tree at the entrance of a village. (A village in Jisan-dong, Gwangjang-gu, Gwangju) Perhaps it is believed that they are protected by being the guardian of the village. Not long ago, I wrote a distinction between pine and pine trees, and it became related to pine trees. In the lives of our people and our long history, I think pine trees can't be cut off. Sometimes, if you watch classical dramas, you have been with us as a folk remedy. He became the guardian of a village and was treated as a symbol of longevity. In addition, pine trees were often seen in ancient times as a symbol of incision, loyalty, and talent. Yoon Sun Do - Ou The flowers bloom when it's hot and cold and the leaves when it's Sol, you don't know how to blink. Anora with the straight lines of the Gucheon Stream the Holy Sammun - the Dansiman What is this body going to be when it's dead? I was looking for a Naknakjangsong at Jeilbong Peak of Bongnae Mountain. I'll have a good night's hearing.

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  • #walking of #lake #palgakjeong near #workplace


    #walking around #workplace #lake and #palgakjeong

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  • Bandung is story


    Dan Bandung bagiku bukan cuma masalah Geografis, Lebih Jauh dari itu melibatkan perasaan yang bersamaku ketika sunyi .. p~b

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  • Bag. cat.


    Why does a cat breed a bag? Why are you coming in there? 😍😍

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  • #Special#day #Special#time #birthday🥳 #동네순찰


    #Special #day #Special #time #birthday🥳 #동네순찰

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  • #我的生日 #birthday#Eve #치즈케익#🥳 #thank so much #大家#谢谢🙏


    #我的生日 #birthday #Eve #치즈케익 #🥳 #thank so much #大家 #谢谢🙏

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  • #Movie #Money#don #Veature nail #The weather is really good #🔥😎


    #Movie #Money #Top #Don #Veature nail #The weather is real # Good #

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  • #korea#local#city #market#oldhouse


    #korea #local #market #oldhouse #city

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  • #seoultrip #namdeamoon #gate


    #namdeamoon #seoultrip #gate

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  • #seoul#hotplace #palace


    #seoul #palace #hotplace Gwanghwamun google adress : Latitude: 37.57663 Longitude: 126.97657

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  • Fortune of today


    I don't know if any of you have any luck today. I'm sure some of you are checking out in the morning paper. Nugyu? But I'm not sure that's what I'm going to do Here's a tip for today's fortune.L It's a tip. I'm old and I'm good at know-how. When you go to work in the morning. You drive home and you walk out the front door of the apartment, That's 80 percent of the luck. It's blocked from side to side, left or right. You have to wait for it to run. The fortunes of the day are literally Whatever you do, you don't have to wait or get over it. I went on the other side of the road. What? an ordinary roadway What if he's going in the right and left direction? I'm lucky that day. lol Believe it or not, it's a great idea to have a star The end of the philosophy course!^^ Next time~

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  • Good-bye. Good-bye.


    "I would rather defend my country's glory than live a hundred years. Good night, good night."

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  • February 21st and February 28th


    Some people got up with them. If we go on like this, we will really lose our country to Japan. Since Japan is squeezing our Joseon Dynasty with money, let's gather the fortune that we won't even use in every corner of our house. Let's pay back Joseon's debts with it." Their moves have sparked various anti-Japanese movements. Decades later, this time, some high school students got up with them. "If I'm going to see the candidate's speech, would it make sense to force him to go to school on Sunday to stop it? How long are you going to shut your eyes to the tyranny of the dictatorship?" Their actions led to the April 19 Democratic Revolution under 3.15 Masan. The government bond compensation movement started 110 years ago in Daegu on February 21 and the democratization movement started 60 years ago in Daegu on February 28. After two historic dates, various events were held in downtown Daegu from 2.21. to 2.28. Now I know that. I hope you can participate in some cultural events next year. $EastDaegu During the event, free use of e-world tickets is half price for Daegu citizens. I wonder if I can make it before 28 days.

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  • Hanbok


    It's the first time I've ever thought that Hanbok.

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  • Jeonju Hanok Village


    Honey tired of double-income and child rearing and children's I took a vacation and ran for a while. If I leave home, I will be in trouble, but today is fun.

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  • Hangukjangsa, located in Hyeonchungwon


    I'm sure many of you know about Seoul's Hyeonchungwon. There's a temple in the innermost part of the Memorial Garden. I'm the head of the Hoguk branch. Actually, the Ho Guk Branch Office was ahead of Hyun Chung Won. Hyun Chung-won gave up some of the sites as he settled down. In the meantime, Hoguk Market is located in the precincts of Hyeonchungwon. There are low mountains (?) surrounding the Memorial Garden, which is used as a walking trail for people in neighboring villages, and there are people coming from afar. There are many Dulegil-gil in Seoul, and Dongjak-chunghyo-gil, which was designated by Dongjak-gu, also passes. So, many people come and go, and many hikers come on holidays. I also offer lunch at the temple. Unlike anywhere else, I don't get paid. Of course, there are a lot of people who do it separately. This is the place where we gave our kids a white prayer. ^^ ----- Below is Ho Guk Jijiang Temple which was introduced by the Buddhist newspaper. The Seoul National Cemetery is a national cemetery dedicated to patriots and patriots who sacrificed their lives for the country. Some 170,000 souls are asleep at six graves, including the National Cemetery, the Patriotic Cemetery, the National Cemetery, the Military and Military Cemetery, the Police Cemetery and the Foreign Cemetery. Every year around Memorial Day, many people as well as bereaved families pay tribute to Hyeonchungwon, paying tribute to the martyrdom of martyrdom and patriotic martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their country. After passing through the main gate of Hyeonchungwon, follow the circular road to the right, and you will see Ho Gukjang Temple's memorial stone at the top of the cemetery. Hogukjangsa Temple even laid out a large temple land for the government to create a Memorial Garden in the 1950s, and is a Hoguk Do-ryang who prays for the lives of the patriots through a daily condolence deposit. In addition, it is an experienced prayer house with a sense of luxury even though it is a temple in downtown Seoul, and it is also a resting place for citizens who are constantly visiting because it has a famous mineral spring. Hogukjangsa Temple is a 1,000-year-old temple that originated from Galgungsa Temple, which was founded by Doseon State Temple at the end of the Silla Dynasty. It has been reported that Doseonguksa built a cave and called it Gagungsa because it was a place where the auspicious energy spread out when he came to the Han River while he was doing an act of brutality to the north. Afterwards, the temple was destroyed by King Gongmin of the Goryeo Dynasty, where a Buddhist monk named it as a cremated rock. King Seonjo of the Joseon Dynasty enshrined the tomb of his grandmother, Changbin An, near the temple, renamed it as a cremator and designated it as a Jopo temple, and issued a four-back each year. By offering 360,000 pyeong (1,190,000 square meters) of land for the temple as the site of the Memorial Garden shortly after the Korean War, the 430,000 pyeong National Cemetery (currently Seoul National Cemetery) was created. In 1983, the only religious facility in Hyeonchungwon was renamed "Hogukjangsa" in order to pray for the ultimate fall of the patriots by the then governor, Rev. Hyesung (current Cheongdammunhoe sentence). Hogukjangsa Temple is famous for being one of the most famous places in the history of the ancient kingdom, as it is located at the mouth of the phoenix among the phoenix-shaped figures that the phoenix holds. Former President Rhee Syng-man stopped by the Hoguk branch and is considered one of the best places to say, "If there were no temples here, I would like to be buried." In addition, it is also known that Lee Hang-bok and Haneum Lee Duk-hyung, who were famous as prime ministers during the mid-Joseon period, studied while staying as boys. As a result, many anecdotes have been told that they have either graduated or passed various exams in the past by praying or studying at Hoguk branch offices. In the 1960s, not only produced two to three people who passed the bar exam every year, but also in the essay book <The Way Even If You Were Born Again>, there was an anecdote of a banker who studied at the Hoguk branch and passed the bar exam. The relationship between Ho Guk-ji and Hyun Chung-won is bound to be strong, as Hyun Chung-won was created by the launch of a large temple site. Since establishing a sisterhood relationship with Seoul National Cemetery in May 2014, Hogukjang Temple has conducted volunteer work twice a year by wiping tombstones and replacing harmony at the tomb of the Korean War veteran Muyeon High School. Since last year, the restaurant has been serving the hearty noodles for free on Memorial Day, the most popular day of the year. It also encourages military officers in Hyeonchungwon, including the Harmful Excavation Detention Group, by offering rice cakes and fruits. #Hankook Branch #Hyundai Chungwon

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  • #fuzziness


    fuzziness in the dark

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  • a public telephone


    Do you remember when I was on the phone with a coin? I think it was even more precious to talk to someone.

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