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  • 최인수씨의 통합기간이 기회?

    Crypto Currency

    많이들 알고 계시겠지만, 현재 PUB토큰의 거래가 가장 활발하게 이루어졌던 거래소인 체인스가 Hoo 그룹에 인수합병 절차를 진행 중에 있습니다. 한때 퍼블리토에서는 최인수씨로 유명했던 그 체인스가 이제는 Hoo.com거래소로 변경되겠네요. 현재 PUB토큰은 체인스, 코인베네, 비트래빗에 상장되어 있는데 지금까지 대부분의 거래는 유저들에게 익숙한 체인스에서 주로 이루어졌습니다. 현재 Hoo.com거래소는 시스템 안정화 작업을 진행 중에 있으며 이 기간 동안에는 PUB토큰의 매수/매도 거래량이 많이 줄어들 것 같습니다. 어쩌면 이때가 퍼블리토에서 PUB토큰의 새로운 유틸리티를 만들어내고 소각정책이나 어뷰징 방지 방안을 수립할 수 있는 좋은 기회일수도 있겠다는 생각이 듭니다. 저번 포스팅에 남겨주신 댓글들을 살펴보니, 셀프보팅이 높은 포스팅이 자동으로 피처드에 올라가게 하는 것에 대해서는 반대하는 의견들도 있었지만 확실히 "토큰 소각"에 대한 니즈는 모든 분들께서 공감하고 계시는 부분인 것 같네요. 단시간에 토큰 이코노미를 송두리째 바꿔버리는 것은 어렵겠지만, 지금의 시기가 퍼블리토팀과 커뮤니티의 활발한 논의가 진행하기 좋은 때가 아닌가 싶습니다.

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  • Pengcash

    Crypto Currency

    Pengchas ( PNC ), A news asset digital cryptocurrenchy from Achenese People,..what PNC token, chek this klik link below;

    $cryptozaphir . 2019.06.17 04:35

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  • New Listing - New Publication

    Crypto Currency

    Hello, I'm Publito. Publish the publication to BitRabbit exchange. Bitrabbit, based in Australia, is the exchange that maintains the top 50 in coin market cap. We are always looking for change, responding to it, and using it as an opportunity. We expect to achieve a higher level of synergy in the future. • Date of listing: 24 May 2019 (Friday), 20:00 (UTC+9) —- Create from PUBLYTO, PUBLYTO was listed on the BitRabbit. BitRabbit, which is headedward in Australia, is constant in the top 50 on CoinMarketCap. •Listing Date: Friday, May 24, 2019, 20:00 (UTC+9) ❖ BitRabbit Channel • Official web site: • WeChat offical account: BitRabbit-exchange • WeCaht customer service: bitrabbit_offical • Twitter: • Facebook: • Telegram: Chinese community: English community: • Suggestions Feedback: ❖ BitRabbit Mobile App Download link: ❖ PUBLYTO Channel • Portal: • Hompage: • Telegram: Korean community: English community: • Youtube: • Twitter: • Medium: • Coreos: ❖ PUBLYTO Mobile App iOS:

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  • BiteBTC Exchange is a Huge Scam 5/5/2019

    Crypto Currency

    #BiteBTC Exchange has been scamming users of their funds by locking them out of their accounts without a real explanation. Users who tried to #withdraw their funds have received messages that they have violated the conditions of the exchange and don't get any money back! This is a message from BiteBTC for a user that got locked up of his account! Hi guys BiteBTC blocked my account today After sending a ticket to support I received this mail ``Dear #Trader, Your account has been temporarily disabled and is currently under compliance review, which entails an examination of recent and past account activity to ensure our users are in compliance with our terms of service. #Deposit Transaction(s): 0xbe9e6e19907561ea1493639ef7a6a589eff7b3b33e7dexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxccc To facilitate our review, please provide the following information: - The source of the funds for the above transaction(s), i.e. how and where they were acquired or purchased - Relevant documentation which indicates proof of ownership of the funds in question Thank you for your cooperation with this matter. Once the above information has been provided and the compliance review has concluded, we will notify you of the results and the status of your account. Petition Page BiteBTC Claim Group Thank you very much for watching! Please subscribe! The video is for entertainment purposes only! This is not financial advice! My website My twitter

    $greatcrypto . 2019.05.05 19:06

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  • Digitex Funding Ok 1+ years!

    Crypto Currency

    Digitex's Adam todd sayis that Digitex has founding for more than 1+ years SmartDec will make an announcement regarding the payments received from Adam Todd (or will just confirm that Adam has paid them) Ivan on Tech gives his opinion about the Spotware and Digitex situation. Referral and Liquidity + more questions answered. Thank you very much for watching! Please subscribe! The video is for entertainment purposes only! This is not financial advice! My website My twitter

    $greatcrypto . 2019.05.04 14:54

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  • 🚀Bitcoin to $20,000🚀? Facebook, Ripple News!

    Crypto Currency

    Bitcoin Jumps 4% to New 2019 High Boosted by $20,000 Trigger Indicator Singapore Central Bank Says It ‘Does Not See Much’ in Ripple’s Cryptocurrency Facebook in Talks to Build Ecosystem for Planned Stablecoin: WSJ Facebook Sets Ugly Precedent by Censoring Alex Jones Thank you very much for watching! Please subscribe! The video is for entertainment purposes only! This is not financial advice! My website My twitter

    $greatcrypto . 2019.05.03 22:34

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  • Buy a Union from BitSonic. What will happen?

    Crypto Currency

    Coins such as Ios move with considerable stability. It's hard to expect huge profits. In that sense, we've been trying to study the less-known coin recently. I recently bought a coin called "Unio" from BitSonic. At first, I tried to buy a lot, but I decided that investing a lot of money into such a coin would be risky. So I bought only about 1.4 million won. The average unit price was 1.7 won. I've been positive about bitsonic since before. This is partly because the hard-to-trade Coin in Korea also provides a market for active trading, and because it provides ample liquidity for bitcoin markets in conjunction with Vaines, but most of all, through such means as "open markets" and IEOs, various coins are paving the way for entry into the market. Of course, investors often lose money because most of the coins listed on the open market plunged after a huge pump, but this is not a big problem in terms of the investor's responsibility to make careful investments considering the risks of the open market anyway. In addition, bitsonic introduced the exchange's coin. Recently, many exchanges in Korea have introduced coinage to try trading mining and so on. In case of trading mining and others, damage may occur because coin prices plunge and plunge, but such exchange coins can be seen as positive in that they return commission revenue to customers. I've invested in the exchange's Coin-Chair, CoCoinshire, in the past. Although the investment did not yield satisfactory returns, I think it's a good experience to get a portion of the transaction fee allocated as a coin every day. In addition, there is a side where investment returns can be obtained if the exchange coin is used well. In my case, I bought one coin on the Big One exchange for a month and then fell almost a hundredth of a percent, but I bought dozens of dollars at the low end of the original one, and now I've made a little profit. Although not much is being allocated to the exchange coin, I would like to think that such an attempt is an indication of the dynamism of the coin market, so I want to see it positively. In any case, BitSonic operates BitSonic Coin Market, Bitcoin Market and Etherium Market as well as BSC Market. It is a market that uses bitsonic coin as its flagship currency. Because BitSonic Co., Ltd. operates the lowest price system on BitSonic's side, there is little liquidity at the moment. There is a huge volume of selling because it initially raised the coin, which was priced at around 100 won, to 2,800 won, but there is little demand to buy the coin. I don't think it's desirable in the long run to raise prices intentionally, but what attitude will I take from the perspective of the BitSonic exchange? I don't think it's advisable to get rid of the lowest price. The "unio" coin I invested in was listed on the BitSoniccoin market. Just before being listed, Uniono, which had bought it for 1.7 won, was in a good mood as it rose to 7 won. There was also pumping after it was listed on the BSC market. The problem, however, is that it is quite burdensome to turn the Union into BitSonic Coin. Because what I want is won, not bitsonic coin. Even if it is changed to bitsonic coin, if it cannot be converted into won, then no matter how much the price of Union goes up, it will be meaningless. Under these circumstances, the numerical price has risen, but in fact, the exchange rate has dropped significantly, causing some regret. If it had been sold at the peak of the won's market, it could have made a considerable profit. Moreover, there are fewer than a few coins listed on the BitSoniccoin market. Switching to another coin is also quite burdensome. Moreover, the union is not listed on other exchanges except BitSonic. In the bitsonic exchange, the company seems to be intentionally restricting the coin being listed on the bitsonic coin market. This is because it was listed on the BSC market after it delisted Union from the won market. It is self-confident that the price of the BSC is not normal. It is hoped that measures to limit liquidity in the market will be lifted quickly, and market functions will return to normal even if Unio's price drops.

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  • Digitex Dates to be Announced By SmartDec

    Crypto Currency

    Digitex's Ceo Adam Todd suffered a disastrous kick out of the conference room on a live interview! SmartDec the Devs team dealing with the Digitex Futures Exchange will give info regarding dates/progress in about one month time. Digitex SmartDec At SmartDec we analyze applications in high and low level languages. We develop software. We provide smart contract security auditing Thank you very much for watching! Please subscribe! The video is for entertainment purposes only! This is not financial advice! My website My twitter

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  • Monetize Your YouTube Channel with PUBLYTO

    Crypto Currency

    PUBLYTO is the easiest way to monetize your Youtube and Instagram Content with Cryptocurrency! PUBLYTO beta service will allow users to create an account by signing in google or Instagram. Soon we will add social sign-in features like Facebook, Envicase, and Steemit. PUBLYTO Thank you verry much for watching! Please subscribe and hit the like button! My website Twitter

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  • BiteBTC Exchange is a Scam

    Crypto Currency

    BiteBTC exchange is a SCAM, Please join and sign the petition to ask CoinMarketCap to delist BiteBTC Exchange. Help us clean the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space from Scammers. LINK to Petition page LINK to BiteBTC Community Complain Telegram Group My twitter

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  • Monetize your videos with Dtube

    Crypto Currency

    If you just started a youtube channel , you know it will take a while until you reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 watched hours of your videos befor you can start monetizing your videos . Register with and connect your account with Dtube Dapp and start earning cryptocurrency Steem and Steem Dollars straight away . Join Dtube on Discord Steemit Dtube Thank you very much fot watching. Please Subscribe!

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  • Digitex's Ceo Adam choses SmartDec Devs

    Crypto Currency

    Digitex chooses SmartDec to develop the Futures Exchange Since 2017, SmartDec has been one of the most proactive security teams in blockchain industry. 180+ Сompleted projects $1.0B+ Secured by SmartDec audits 20+ Up-and-running products audited by SmartDec CEO Adam Todd Addresses Launch Delay and Shares the Next Steps for Development... This is not financial advice! The video is for entertainment purposes only! Thank you veru much for watching! Keep safe! Please subscribe and hit the like button!

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  • Spotware Hits Back at Digitex!!!

    Crypto Currency

    Why Digitex Failed — Spotware Reveals ''As for deadlines, we never agreed on anything. We delivered the Beta MVP to the client on the 2nd of April 2019'' ''Is it Possible to Build a Futures Exchange Platform in 2 Months? It is not possible.'' There is a new AMA with Adam Todd about chosing a new team of developers. No release date given! Thank you very much for watching! Please Subscribe and hit the like button

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  • x moviebloc

    Crypto Currency

    게이트아이오 x 무비블록

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  • Digitex Token price Crash $0.01

    Crypto Currency

    Digitex Futures exchange Not Launching 30th April 2019

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  • [Coin] Short, bold, cryptographic understanding! GIFTO PERSON (GTO)

    Crypto Currency

    Hello, I'm @Ohyea. Today's short, bold subject is GTO. ◈GIFTO is a gift-like digital virtual currency that focuses on one-person creators and broadcasts, and can be exchanged between users and creators. → For example, it's like an African TV star balloon. The interesting thing is that you can not just send Giffto Coin as a gift, but also a pizza for BJ who plays the game, and a game item for BJ who plays the game. Giffto aims to exchange gifts on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and more, as well as the company that operates using the GIFTO protocol. Gambito is one of the Dapps for Tron, which was recently hot on Mainnet. Advantage: I already have a streaming service that is comparable to Korea's African TV. ◈ At the time of the ICO, it received attention to the extent that it was finished within a minute. Justin Sun of Tron is an adviser. Disadvantages: ◈ Competitions with existing streaming services that already have vested interests, such as Twitch, African TV, YouTube, etc. Basic Information: 〇 Amount of issue: 1 billion Key words: star balloon, streaming, tron

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  • Claim and Staking💵

    Crypto Currency

    Claim and Staking Pub Everyday☺

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    Crypto Currency

    코넌 콘콘데이 파티

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  • [Coin] Short, bold, cryptographic understanding! Light coin side (LTC)

    Crypto Currency

    Hello, this is $ohyea. Today, the subject of understanding short and bold encryption is light coin. ◆ Lightcoin's characteristic is that it is a coin that complements bitcoin. → Compared with bitcoin, bitcoin was supplemented in terms of payment speed, liquidity, fairness and technology. Another characteristic of lightcoins is that they seek to coexist with bitcoin. →It is not intended to replace bitcoin by using light coin differently from bitcoin, but rather to coexist with bitcoin. e.g. Bitcoin is used for the trade of expensive goods, automobiles, buildings, etc. and for small transactions such as the cost of refueling of lightcoins and food. ◆ Often, if bitcoin is gold, it is likened to silver. Advantage: ◆ Management's Active Communication: Former Google employee Carrie Lee actively uses Twitter and various media to communicate about LTC's progress and future plans. ◆ Being symbiotic with Bitcoin: I think it's a good strategy. Disadvantages: ◆ Creativity: It's not a very important story, but personally, I don't think it's a very new and innovative project compared to Steam, Ios, Storm and so on. Basic Information: Issue: 56,552,588/84,000 Key words: Bitcoin, complement, symbiotic

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    Crypto Currency


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  • The decision to close the much talked-about, much-troubled Coinest Exchange

    Crypto Currency

    Coinest, once called the Tron Exchange, Quantum Exchange and Neo Exchange, has been closed about two years after its CEO and executives failed to overcome the crisis caused by the conviction of embezzlement and fraud. It has already been a year since CEO KimOO and executives were arrested by the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors' Office on charges of embezzlement and fraud. Coinest was found guilty of siphoning off about 33.6 billion won in customer deposits into a personal account for the first time in the nation's cryptocurrency exchange history, and because of its bottom-up customer confidence, the closure of the exchange must have been expected because it has been virtually dead for the past year. According to the Cognest's end-of-service notice, "The change and movement of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries measured at this point in time reached the thought that the coinest philosophy and passion alone could not respond, so far, so we decided to terminate the service," but in fact, there would have been no clients who had their valuable assets placed on the exchange where executives stood up and touched by the customer reserve. Coinest said it will only support cryptocurrency and won withdrawals until 17:00 p.m. on June 30, 2019 before the end of the service. If you have any cryptocurrency or coins in your bank, please don't forget to retrieve the remaining. The CEO and executive of Coinest were fined 4 billion won and 3 billion won, respectively, and another trial is still under way on charges of taking hundreds of millions of won worth of cryptocurrency in exchange for providing convenience in the process of listing cryptocurrency. It is said that it is estimated to have earned more than 45 billion won from false transactions, and it is heartbreaking to see that such blamelessness is punished and that the damage is ultimately passed on to other employees and customers.

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  • An event full of agony from the person in charge

    Crypto Currency

    From today on, Shinchun literature on the( exchange began "suddenly." Looking at the image of the event filled with the agony of Hanbitco employees, I was thinking that if you give them a little bit of a gag with a feeling of fullness, you'll be able to escape the stress and pressure. So I'm going to take part in the event with the maximum amount I can do. ᄒᄒᄒᄒ :) Many of your friends have such brilliant and brilliant ideas, so be sure to join us! <Hanbitco Sinchun Literary Arts> (1) Public offering schedule: 16 April to 28 April 2019. (2) Public offering: Short poem or N event with materials related to coin or cryptocurrency (3) Criteria for screening: Anyone who can make employees laugh or sympathize with them (4) Prize money - Gold Prize (5 people): 100,000 won in Shinsegae gift certificates. - Silver Prize (8 people): 80,000 won for Shinsegae gift certificates. - Statue (10 people): Chicken Maru 30,000 won. - Participation Award (100 people): Kakao Talk Emoticon (5) Engagement link: Hanbitco employees who prepared a Shinsegae gift certificate that would help us live our lives without paying attention to Airdrup. Cheer up! Cheer up!

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  • Adopting Bitcoin (BTC), Britain's largest travel management company

    Crypto Currency

    Corporate Traveller, Britain's largest travel management company, has adopted Bitcoin (BTC) for payment. Corporate Traveler, a professional small business travel company, worked with BitPay, a global blockchain payment provider, to provide customers with the opportunity to pay for their business trips using Bitcoin. BitPay makes it easy for Corporate Traveler's customers to make payments using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. This payment will be deposited into a corporate traveler's bank account within two working days. According to the travel management company, BitPay deducts 1% to make the transaction perfect, while the customer pays the bill in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, so there is no risk or price change. BitPay is a block chain payer with distant tentacles. October 2018 says the company handles $1 billion worth of B2B customers and merchants worldwide. Andy Hegley, the British Director of Corporate Traveler, who spoke about the development: : "Bitcoin is not currently the way to pay alcohol among travel management companies, so we are pleased to announce this partnership and expedite decryption payments." The reason why we need to start accepting Bitcoin is because customers are increasingly demanding to book their business trips using cryptocurrents. "We are pleased that Corporate Traveler provides customers with the ability to pay in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash," said Sony Singh, chief commercial officer at BitPay. Blockchain payments provide a strong example for users of travel, and now customers can use Bitcoin for company travel reservations. We've seen significant growth from airlines and travel agencies using the large block chain market. " Several companies have begun to feel the need to adopt Bitcoin. Today we announced that Bitcoin Superstore has come up with a way for Cryptocurgency enthusiasts to purchase products using passwords from more than 200,000 online stores, including Alibaba, eBay, Amazon and other prominent stores around the world. There is no doubt about the cryptographic space in which digital asset holders can easily purchase products online using their favorite digital currency.

    $adilazeem . 2019.04.16 17:17

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  • Can Bitcoin replace gold?

    Crypto Currency

    "Will Bitcoin replace gold as the first representative digital assetment and a means of value storage?" This question is a long-standing question that has been controversial in Kryptoman and the press for more than a decade since the day Satoshi Nakamoto created the Genesis Block of Bitcoin. Bitcoin, which has imprinted the concept of blockchain, the word coin, and the word Cryptocurrency on many people, has held its throne in the Krypto Asset market for a long time, 10 years in spite of numerous disputes, oppression, and doubts. Some people question how Bitcoin can become electronic currency in a world where transmission fees are several thousand won or several thousand won and only one touch or click can be paid instantly, but this is because we see bitcoin as "virtual currency" or "electronic money" because of the word "cryptocarcity." In fact, bitcoin is a "decentralized monetary system" and a "digital asset" rather than a currency or currency used for exchange purposes. Yesterday, a Twitter user named Sebastian Meunier said, "Bitcoin is a very successful product. But Bitcoin will never reach mass language response from the mainstream forever. Because only a few want untraceable P2P digital asset transactions," Blumer, CEO of Block One, said: "Bitcoin is a better value-storage tool than anything ever, and it will beat gold and replace that position in the competition for economic and digital functions. The untraceable P2P digital cash is just a feature of protecting sovereignty, not a consumer need." Ten years is a long time for us, who are investing in bitcoin and kryptoasset, but perhaps bitcoin is still in its infancy in human currency history. Which side do other people share more of their opinions? Can Bitcoin be a great digital value storage alternative to replace gold?

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  • How to use Steemgigs Dapp as a freelancer

    Crypto Currency

    This is a short tutorial about the Freelance Dapp Steemgigs built on the Steem Blockchain. Tutorial of how to use the platform and advertise your services. Steemgigs Discord channel Steemgigs Website Steemgigs CEO @surpassinggoogle real name Terry Thank you very much for watching and if you need any help i will gladly be there for you!

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  • The PUB reward has more than doubled.^^

    Crypto Currency

    Those who post frequently may have noticed that the reward for 펍 has doubled over the past few days. I knew the amount of 펍 coin, which translates to the ink you received, was variable, but recently more than doubled the amount of 펍 is coming in as compensation. Although the value of the coin is falling a lot now due to the Ios price, I think it is another opportunity to be compensated more than twice as much as ink, assuming that the value of the coin will increase in the future. Since not only the size but also the curation compensation is more than double as usual, I think it will be a good profit in the future if I keep my savings and keep working hard.~~ The crisis, which was so frightening to look back, was often a golden opportunity. It may be a scary and difficult situation, but if you continue to work hard, you will be able to stand up to yourself in the future! (That's what I believe and I'm collecting hard.^^)

    $turtle . 2019.04.14 12:28

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  • Crypto Flash News! Bitcoin Bull....?

    Crypto Currency

    Tom Lee’s Bitcoin Misery Index Hits Highest Value Since 2016 in Possible Bull Signal France Passes Bill to Allow Insurance Providers to Invest in Crypto and Tokens Japan’s Biggest Bank Confirms Launch of Digital Currency ‘Coin’ in 2019 USDT-TRON About to Arrive at the TRON Network What Russia’s ‘Digital Iron Curtain’ Means for Bitcoin Users My Website My Twitter Steemit Please subscribe and help me grow the channel. Thank you very much!

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  • [Founders] Why are the curators' rewards different?

    Crypto Currency

    When we were curators with the same amount of ink, we found that there was a huge difference in the quantity of compensation we received each time. So I thought about why. The day I was so grateful for a lot of ink on a posting, there was less curator compensation. A good day for sharing the right amount of ink for a large number of posts was a lot of curator compensation. So I'm going to thank a lot of posts from now on. Haha If you know more about this compensation structure, please explain it in the comments.

    $hooney . 2019.04.13 11:40

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  • [Coin] Short, bold, cryptographic understanding! Link coin side (LN)

    Crypto Currency

    Hello, this is $ohyea. Today's topic of understanding short and bold cryptocurrency is Linkcoin. ◈ Linkcoin is a virtual currency issued by Line, a subsidiary of Naver. ◈ Link-coin is platform virtualization currency, and by forming their own token-conomi within Link-Coin, all transactions made therein use of the link. 〇 User compensation concept: how links are paid using a specific service in the line. ◈ ICO is not in place, and I will maintain a value of about $5." →However, the promise was broken less than a day after the link coin began to unravel in Bitbox. ◈ Basically, line subsidiaries that serve Dapp in link-chain will participate as nodes, and other third-party participation will be considered later. Advantage: There are Dapps that started with ◈ link coins and many Dapps are going to be released soon. → 4CAST: Future Prediction System Using Group Intelligence (What?) → Wizzball: Q&A Platform (Naver-like..?) → Other product reviews, food reviews, and local reviews are scheduled to be released. Naver, Line, is a business that is already promoted by a successful company. Disadvantages: The development team is not known. I've been told that I'm patting the $5 value, but I don't really trust it because I haven't been able to keep it for a day. ◈ Node is centralized in that it consists only of companies within Linkchain. I can't hear anything... "Mr. Being alive?" Basic Information: 〇 Total issue volume: 1 billion Key words: Naver, Line, Platform, Tokenomi Reference: http://blog

    $ohyea . 2019.04.12 21:05

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