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  • Broken


    There is not one day that I come to this place and something is broken 😂

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  • Hard work in business


    There is no word of giving up at work, for the success of the grain processing business.

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  • Generating a Mutual Business (Chili Business)


    Where there is a will there is a way, that's the saying that I always remember, because the word can help generate energy in trying Doing business does not always have to be a tie-style, but farming can also be used as a business land Realize the spirit, all of that will be good for the future. Keep the spirit

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  • May you be rich


    Be rich My close brother opened a Chinese restaurant. Three years of marriage as the groom is a cook. It's Moonyeon's shop by working hard. I hope you're going to be a great sleeper. I'm begging you.

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  • Amazon Cloud Seminar1


    #awsummit AWS seminar. I thought my hands were broken when I came home with a prize. I'm the only one who won the backpack and the clothes.

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  • Reading Room Project


    Mokdong Premium Book Library Project #Premium Reading Room #Terrier #Caffeine Terrier #Small Envelope Terrier

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  • brunchcape project


    It's in the April issue of Internienteco. We'll try our best and visit you with a great design and a great space. . . . . . #Intrap #Intel Lab #Introduction Lab #Introduction #Campaign terrier #Gangnam Inther #Patient #Patient #Patient #Patientor #Office Interrier #Terrorist #Electronology #Electronology #Electronology #Electronomy #

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  • a small cafe


    Othellicape Project . . . . . #Intrap #Introduction Lab #Introduction # Academy #Caffeine terrier #Gangnam Inther #Patient #Patient #Patientere #Patientereist #Terrier #Terrier #Therrier #Institute #English Academy #Terian Academy #Terian Academy

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  • Testing


    # Rice #In the summer, #Treatment #Giving #Food #Charity #Product #And so on.

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  • yum-yum


    #eg #sandwich #Egdraab #foodie #bacon #bacon #zone Taste

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  • Introducing #linkseven77 @armia [2019]


    Hallo @dtube in this video I made a video introduction on the new project #linkseven77 initiative from @nathanmars. . sorry all if I still use my native language because I haven't passively spoken English but don't worry in this video I specialize the subtitles. I joined Steemit since April 2017 I got to know Dtube in June 2018, thank you Dtube for welcoming me on this platform. introduce my name is @Armia I dtuber from Indonesia. I joined the @dcomindonesia community there we have active members on the dtube platform including @sudutpandang @good-darma @yuyuart @siatteuk @putu300 @ tfq86 @permatachannel @irfanmufid and there are several other members who can't name one by one. #dtubefamily777 is a new movement to advance steem ... I am very happy to be among the great people here thanks for my brother @nathanmar already made this great movement. #link seven77 a real movement to promote steemit on social media twiter and other social media. this is so great that dtube posts can be watched by many people. thank you Hallo @dtube in this video I made a video introduction on the new project #linkseven77 initiative from @nathanmars. . sorry all if I still use my native language because I haven't passively spoken English but don't worry in this video I specialize the subtitles. I joined Steemit since April 2017 I got to know Dtube in June 2018, thank you Dtube for welcoming me on this platform. introduce my name is @Armia I dtuber from Indonesia. I joined the @dcomindonesia community there we have active members on the dtube platform including @sudutpandang @good-darma @yuyuart @siatteuk @putu300 @ tfq86 @permatachannel @irfanmufid and there are several other members who can't name one by one. #dtubefamily777 is a new movement to advance steem ... I am very happy to be among the great people here thanks for my brother @nathanmar already made this great movement. #link seven77 a real movement to promote steemit on social media twiter and other social media. this is so great that dtube posts can be watched by many people. thank you satu daun lagi semangat menggali potret inspirasi dari kampung kenegeri hanya untuk berprestasi sekolah tinggi-tinggi ujungnya korupsi mending kumandiri saja dari videography.

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  • Shared electric bicycle #Shared economy


    Kakao said it started its shared electric bicycle service 'KakaoT Bike' on the 6th. I don't know if anyone's ever used it. The KakaoT app is followed by "Taxi," "Black," "Carpool," "Dealer," "Park" and "Navy." Kakao Mobility has expanded its mobile services to include bicycles. Local governments such as Seoul already offer shared bicycle service, and they use electric bicycle. I have a few concerns, and I wonder how it will be resolved in the course of the actual service. 1. The price is more expensive than I thought. Electric bikes say they can, but I don't know how many users they will be. - 1,000 won is the basic fare for 15 minutes and 500 won is added every 5 minutes. 2. In fact, we know that small and medium companies are preparing electric bicycle sharing services. I don't know how the industry will take it for big companies to join forces to expand their services. 3. In China, the problem was that the shared bicycle service was activated, leaving the bike unattended and leaving it unattended, and Kakao has a regional operation team to manage the electric bicycle, but we'll see if it's managed well. The local governments are supporting us, so we should keep an eye on them. 4. Even in Seoul, basic safety gear such as safety helmets are not being observed well. How do you handle electric bikes that are faster? 5. According to the law on bicycle racing, you can't ride a bike in India. But that's not the case. If you ride an electric bicycle in India based on these people's misconceptions, the risk of an accident is likely to be that much greater. I don't know how well the bike lanes are in the area where the pilot service is provided, but it looks like the local district and Kakao will have to do their best. 6. In Seoul, we have also conducted pilot services for electric kickboards through shared services in some areas. We understand that the risk of accidents is not being activated at this time. Shared services... It's a good concept. Both the company and the user are well prepared. I hope we can make a good world of living together through sharing. #Electric bicycle #Shared economy

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  • Photovoltaic electrical installation hands-on experience (pour-on writing)


    *The following is a post from your cafe with the author's permission. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■ Installation location environment - First floor concrete rooftop. City?Same country) ■ Electricity consumption - Approximately 650 kWh (about 150,000 won) - Environment where energy consumption can no longer be reduced due to a number of consumer electronics, instant water heater, CCTV majority management, environmental habits, etc. ■ Photovoltaic installation review instrument - I did it. I did it. I liked it. You did it, too. It only cost me one to twenty thousand won. - 8 years of Nonghyup's loan is in the mailbox when solar shear is bored. (If installed, there is little electricity charge.) ■ Government support? Civilian support? - Government Assistance: The state provides about half of the money to local governments (New and Renewable Energy Center) and to local governments (city and county). - Private support: Install with your own money. * I'm going to give you a dime or a government grant. * I hear you're going to give me money... * Hard reasons for government support: There are many applicants. / lack knowledge of judgment (private, government concept itself) (How much money does it cost in my pocket) ■ Gain new knowledge - The writer himself has already installed a government-backed solar house with a firm judgment (housing) despite the prevailing trend around 2010. * Related data: https://cafe - At that time, households needed more than a certain level of power consumption to receive government support. (i.e. the recommended atmosphere for installing solar energy in homes that consume a lot of electricity.) - High household electricity consumption at the moment reduces the government's support itself (foolish) * Details are mentioned below. ■ Searching for installers - Even in metropolitan areas, education, culture, and administrative power have a very poor environment compared to other metropolitan cities. - There is only one government support company through renewable energy centers. (There are dozens of other metropolitan cities) - I got an answer after asking questions under the guise of an ordinary citizen. 1. Access to government support companies * When is it possible to install? Answer: Get your application from now on, and start next February, sequentially... (Gabriel Coco Chanel) * This and that (government support, city).How much is the installation cost I will pay except for military support? Answer: - About 300 kWh of consumption (before and after 40,000 won in electricity tax) between 2.5 million won and 3 million won - About 650 kWh of consumption (before and after 150,000 won in electricity tax) is about 4 million won. * For households with high electricity consumption, the benefits are small.ᅮ * What materials do you use? Answer : - Photovoltaic panel: self-produced polycrystalline module (which means that you are not confident in putting forward the word _) - Inverter( KEPCO E&C): I don't know next year because I changed it often. * Poor reliability * The meaning of single/multi-decision is mentioned at the bottom 2. Accessing private support companies This cafe has been looking for an installer and expresses some of its knowledge of solar energy (attention). * When is it possible to install? Answer: It is possible at any time (as is right). * What is the installation cost I will pay? (3kw) Answer: - 4.5 million won. * What materials do you use? Answer : - Photovoltaic panel: Hanwha single crystal module - Inverter (Equipment turning into KEPCO Electric): Orientation * Maintaining credibility (writers find it reasonable to compare with their own knowledge) * The meaning of single/multi-decision is mentioned at the bottom However, it is recommended to install 5kw after understanding the environment of the location through phone call from this company. (Installation fee is 8.5 million won) * Have the utmost courtesy before talking to the installer - How many people have been talking on the phone and thousands of times would have said the same thing. - How frustrating was it to deal with those who pretended to know too much and those who were too ignorant? - You may have felt more suspicious of being a swindler than those who thanked you on the phone so far. ■ Closed ron - 5KW installation is suitable for sale on a private basis. - After installing all 3kw / 5kw The monthly loan plus electricity tax is excluded, and the monthly cost savings of about 50,000 won are effective. - Reason : 1 The household consumes a lot of electricity (about 650 kWh) so the difference in government support vs. private support (total capital expense) is minimal. 2. I believe that the main material is better than the government support and therefore the difference amount can be substituted. 3. Why install 5kw? - After the ten-year maturity of the loan, 5kw has very little monthly electricity tax. 3kw continues payment of 4 to 50,000 won per month ■ Basic solar energy information * single crystal - Complex life process, efficiency, price-spending * Polycrystalline - Simple, inefficient (compared to simple decision), and price-sam The above monocrystal / polycrystalline comparison conclusion is numerical and the difference in actual power generation is minimal. (Single-crystal_intermediate diamond space / Multiple-crystal_only fixed patterns) ■ Solar A/S - Five years? Seven years? You're talking about security shit.... * Solar panels - Solar panels are less frequently failed due to the simplicity of the product. - It is difficult for the general public to notice if the power generation efficiency is reduced due to failure of some panels (the concept of parallel/serial is omitted). * Inverter - He has a life expectancy of about seven years. - Life expectancy varies depending on installation environment and operating conditions. - In particular, the temperature inside the inverter in summer is beyond imagination (over 70 degrees) and this heat has an adverse effect on internal components. (Based on the place where the grid is installed) - Inverter installation in direct sunlight areas significantly reduces life expectancy. Inverter life extension case https://cafe * Conclusion - When the solar power installer disappears, the A/S is over. - We can pick a strong company, right? We haven't seen a strong company yet," said a government support company. Common sense says it broke down five years later. Who will come if I ask you to fix it for free? - What do I do, then? Usually, solar panel manufacturers have a warranty period. We usually guarantee about 15 years. If the manufacturer asks for a replacement, replace it immediately. * The customer does not know the problem... As long as the solar power plant doesn't stop, is it normal or abnormal? The inverter has no answer. If not within 1 to 2 years, it will not be replaced. We can keep it longer if we reduce the conditions of failure by deflating the heat by blowing it well in the shade. Review the above inverter life expectancy extension case * Thank you for reading the long words. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Progress and Review on Weagle 1. Changed case - It was supposed to be installed due to the concept of monthly payment, but changed to a lump sum payment. - Reason: What did the installer say? - Just a lump sum of money... [Source] ▶ Home solar energy installation period with monthly electricity tax of 150,000 won....(George's Sharing World - Power & Homecoming -) |Authorization value

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  • Best Free Hosting Services 2019


    Hello there welcome back to the blog and here i will share the information about best and free web hosting of 2019 so if you are looking for free web hosting then stay tuned till end. Many free hosting sites has been stopped because hackers using those sites for phishing purpose. So this is not fair for true users who want to use free hosting. For example many phishers trying to make phishing page of facebook, gmail, paypal and other login page. And then they send those links to victim and victim easily trap and lost their passwords so this is how phishing works and some bad people abusing free hosting by doing phishing activity. This is criminal activity so this is the reason that hosting providers not allow it and ban immediately if they suspect phisher. By the way here i am going to share absolutely free hosting services that you will like to use. Also you can host free domain there. So without any more discussion let’s check the websites that providing free hosting. 1- Free Hosting : – Free hosting provides Free web hosting with all tools and features. It comes with lifetime validity. Along with this they are also providing paid web hosting too. But if you have very small project or you want to learn to your student then this can be best option for you. 2- 5GB Free:- This is also decent free web hosting. 5gb free providing 1 click app install like drupal, joomla , wordpress and more. 3- infinity free : – Infinity free is popular web hosting company that providing unlimited hosting. Completely free website hosting. It’s has unlimited disk space and bandwidth too. So guys you can try free website hosting from above given links. Next time i will also share the information about free domain services so subscribe us and stay tuned.

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  • 🎎A comfortable way home


    ♣ Family is ♣️ I wish you a happy year.~ Take a comfortable trip home! 💗H💗 Tell the person you love. Even the people of Publicity. May love and happiness last forever.^^^

    $hana . 2019.02.01 02:19

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  • Keren Banget. Panen Udang Vannamei.


    Vannamei shrimp cultivation is one of the most profitable businesses, especially with the current selling price.

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  • lunch time


    Hello, this is Galaxy. That's the third one. "Lunchtime" "點心時間" "Lunch Time" The common name of lunch time zone. Also called lunch time. Most are from noon to 1 p.m. and start at 11 a.m. at the earliest, and end before 2 p.m. Every Wednesday night at 11:10 p.m., I enjoy the Alley Restaurant on SBS. The taste of food, service to guests and kitchen hygiene while operating the restaurant. There are a lot of people who are not ready to open their own restaurants and do business. From childhood to college to work One hour of lunch is a very important time, such as taking a nap, exercising at a fitness center, or self-development. I recently visited a newly opened restaurant in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul with my acquaintances at lunch time. It's a drone and a neat interior. That's enough. It takes more than 30 minutes for simple lunch menu orders to go in and food to come out, half-baked rice, meat made a day earlier, and lukewarm soup. When I finished my meal, I spent about 50 minutes at the restaurant, but I was flattered. If you're planning to open a restaurant, please turn around the alley restaurant program 3 times and open it. If you sympathize with me, I'll sign up and thank you! All right! Then find a home meal or a restaurant and taste it. :) # Restaurant # Tastehouse # Alley restaurant # Breakfast # Baekjongwon # Lunchtime #

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  • Excavation of Tsoil Reservoirs


    Please understand that I am rambling about my life story. Because I thought it would be helpful to write down the details of my life in detail if I wanted to be persuasive. I offered my salary to the company who came down to Daejeon and interviewed, and after a little compromise, I went to the company in Daejeon. I got a transfer. And there, I became the first department head. After all these years, she graduated from college. A home-only environment has been created for my wife, who has always wished for her. I bought a small piece of land in the countryside to prepare for my retirement, and I wanted to build my own house, so I had to work on a lightweight wooden structure. I learned, I learned welding. Everyone could learn for free with state-funded subsidies. From now on, I'm going to tell you how to escape from the mudslide that I'm going to tell my young friends. Have you read all my stories that have been written a little? You must succeed if you believe me and practice it as I say. The odds are 86 percent. Does it sound weird? I want you to listen to what I'm saying from now on. the law of escape from earth-showering. 1. The world is led by unfair and powerful people, whether they like it or not. Power exists even in the home, from small to large. - You would have read that I had spent my 20s skeptical and full of complaints. There was no one who gave me a chance at that time. So I had to fall to the bottom whenever my environment changed and the end point was a taxi driver. No matter how hard we struggle, he who gives me a chance is a man of So the only thing I need to look at is He is a man of strength. 2. Give and Take Have you seen a man of power do us a favor first? - Yes. The one with the power is waiting for us to give them what they want first. And then it's the only way they've got it. Hand out the things to us. We don't hold the knife, so we don't know what the person who holds it wants. You have to know. They give us nothing unless I provide it. If you understand only the above two principles, you'll be able to spend your time complaining and grumbling about what I can't do. If you focus on what I can do and focus on what you can do without obsessing over the consequences, then you're going to be able to get someone out of you. The opportunity will be offered. The world is unfair, but it's full of people who are willing to hand out what I have to those who give me what I want. Don't forget to do it!!!!!

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  • To escape dirt spoon 3


    The first theft I learned made driving my business. In those days, the employees who sat in the office and worked with their computers in front of them became the object of my admiration. I wanted to work that way in the company. But my reality was just a carrier. I was about 33 years old. I went to work at dawn and left work at midnight, but I had to do it silently without an escape. And in the middle of time when there was no transportation, we went to the scene and spent the time helping the inspectors with various difficult chores. I've been on the scene trying to help women, and one day, someone who's older than me, you know, why would a woman be so much older? He asked me if I was doing what I was doing. I was embarrassed, but I told him what I thought I had. I'm learning this job when I'm getting old. I want to be successful. And she told me, "What kind of success would a man make by doing such a trifle?" I've put it down as a bad thing. But I didn't know how to do anything I could, so I just did my best to do it. But one day, the business manager who watched me buy me an Excel book, and if I want to grow up in my company, I need three things, one foreign language ability, one office ability, the other computer skills. First, study Excel so that you can improve your office skills. It was the day I was presented with the first thing I did with my head. And as I learned and mastered office work little by little, I was playing the role of two people. My salary was 1.5 million won at that time. It was when I turned 35 years old," he said, adding, "My average monthly salary was between 1.8 million won and 2 million won when I took a taxi as a reference." It's a small salary, but I did my best. Then one day again, the company decided to close down the Cheongju office due to the company's circumstances. The head office made a decision on the personnel at the Cheongju office at the recommendation of my manager. I went to the Icheon office as a management employee. Things here have come to do a pure managerial job, quite different from before. The people who worked with me were Japanese or English speakers, and I could not speak a foreign language. I got in charge of domestic businesses. For two years like that, I was next in line, and I wish the team leader had scratched me. I was building up my career, taking care of all the work I did. Although I was loyal to the company that I first connected with in such hard times, my monthly salary was still about 2 million won. I talked to the manager, asked him to let me have a meeting with the head of the company, and I said, "I'm sorry. This company asked me directly if I needed to be there. Fortunately, the boss told me a positive story. I expressed my wish to make up for it with money, and the boss agreed to give me a million won bonus. But soon I found out that my new employee was equally rewarded, and that I was no longer competitive in this company. I found out that there was no. And I asked the customer quality officer I was dealing with to talk about my situation and introduce me to the job. Exactly a week later, the quality officer offered me a job and I went to Daejeon for an interview.

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  • To escape soil spoon 2


    I got my luggage at Incheon International Airport, handed it to me to the provinces, and I got a job as a middleman. People sold cars at a premium price, pocketed more than 30 percent of freight charges, and gave us freight charges. After a month of building up and delaying the freight charge, which was supposed to be paid only for oil every day, I had to pay for it. I checked out my self-inflicted paper to my brother who introduced me to me. And when the innocent brother saw the ad in the newspaper, He confessed that he found out. I'm going to talk to the head of the broker to get this done, and I'm going to get this done, and I'm going to get this done, and I'm going to In the meantime, he asked for the refund of the delayed freight rate and deposit, and received it with difficulty for about 15 days. And in order to reduce the damage, I need to consult with the warden about the vehicle I took over, and then hand it over to someone who's going to be another victim. You shouldn't do that. I'm dragging a one-ton cargo truck into my home town of Chongju. I came down. And I went to the freight terminal there every day to look for my one-party luggage that came out that day. I have a family, and my daughter is now in elementary school, and no matter how pathetic I am, no matter how much I'm getting into this ridiculous job scam, I was so afraid of the responsibility of being the head... I went to work at the freight terminal because there was no way to do that, but there wasn't much work.And then one day, there's a way to get a job that's fixed. I met a business and it was the PCB company that started what I was doing so far. The company was in Bucheon, and it checked the products of a PCB manufacturer in Cheongju and then returned them. It was a rescue, but I brought it to the car and received it again when the inspection was completed. I got up at 6 a.m. and went to pick up the goods, went up to Bucheon, put the goods down, and waited there at about 10 p.m. If the product is tested, you can load it and deliver it, and it's done without a break from Monday to Saturday for nine months. This was repeated over and over again. And in the meantime, I was able to take a break during the day, and sometimes I don't have to, but I don't know what to do with the company. He used to find out for himself what he needed. My sincerity and active work attitude gave me a chance... The likely delivery date has been eliminated due to business conditions. I was once again confronted with a desperate situation. And I gave my situation to the manager of the company. I wonder if the company that I've heard about has seen my reputation well. He offered to hire me as an employee. I was ordered to a business office in Cheongju and started work as a transportation engineer. The next chapter will be full-fledged...Please read it to the end.

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  • How to escape dirt spoon 1


    The story is based on an experience based on a story about my 50 years of life. I'm literally from a dustman. My father is too young to go back and he is so poor that he doesn't know his face because he doesn't have one of those common photos left. My mother has raised five children as a pariah, and I, the youngest, is the only highly educated person in my family who finished high school. I always saw and interpreted things and the world with a perverse, skeptic nature. After graduating from high school, I went to the army, and my choice was driving. However, it has always been a matter of months before I quit this job. My complaints are always low pay, excessive interference. I've had a strong physical rejection of this, and I've had a lot of places to get a job again, even if I quit this job. I didn't want to work until I hurt my pride. And then the question of the unknowing nature that we've been struggling with for so many days is, you know, a constant injustice to live a life of the underworld. He led me to the seminary, and seven years passed while I was on vacation and studying again. In the meantime, I had a family, and a pretty daughter was given as an ass. He took a leave of absence when his tuition fell, and even while attending school, he added to his living expenses by working part-time or working hard. Then one day after the first semester of the fourth grade, my mother was diagnosed with diabetes complications and had to have kidney dialysis. As I mentioned earlier, my family is so poor that my older brother and sisters who are up there can't afford to take care of their mother. I'm sorry, and I had to take responsibility for my mother because of the housekeeper that only my family had. Because of this, she dropped out of school and took her to the hospital three times a week for her kidney dialysis. We moved to Cheongju when we were living in Seoul. We spent 2 years and 4 months until my mother died. I worked as a taxi driver. Perhaps these days were the hardest, most difficult, unfair and miserable of my life. After my mother's return, I quit my taxi job and went to the seminary to get along with my three-year-old brother. I got to do the lip service that I recommended. I was staying at Incheon airport and taking my luggage and handing it over to the local area. This was like job fraud, as I'll tell you in detail in the back. I don't think I'll read it if it's too long. If you're in a similar position to me, be sure to read it through to the end of my series.

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  • Primer 14 Demo Day


    #14 primer #startup #purple trip All the business models seem to have come out of the world, but you always get a new vibe in your heart as you see entrepreneurs looking for another opportunity and creating new ones. Plus, the primer demo day's charm is that you can meet PT, which is prepared and restrained by Kwon Do-kyun, the leader of the payment industry. The 15th primer demo day, which is scheduled for June 20, 19, is already giving me a jolt.

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  • Dongsan-dong Best Printing Shop in Hometown City


    A friend of mine who is really a craftsmanship. Mr. Cho's office. Working with pixels in a single breath, He's a proud friend of his own.

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  • I don't like fine dust.


    #When will I be freed from the mist? 😷😷😷

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  • Let's make my own pipe line out of Publicito!


    Many of the classes and books on re-technology tell me to create my own 'pipeline.' And in fact, most of the rich have their own pipe lines. What is a pipe line? Read the following story. In 1801, there lived a young man named Pablo and Bruno in a small town in Italy. Every time they meet, they say they'll be the richest man in town. Then one day, the two young men will be in charge of filling the water tank in the square. Bruno works hard all day long to fill the water tank with water in the bucket. But Pablo thinks it's inefficient to carry water from the river all day long. And then we start to think about ways to get water out of here more easily. And Pablo only carries water in a bucket for a few hours a day, and he starts installing pipelines the rest of the time and the weekend. Pablo, who has consistently installed the pipeline, finally completes it, and gets even more revenue than Bruno, who carries water all day. Because the water flowed through the already installed pipeline 24 hours a day, he was able to make a lot of money while he was eating or sleeping.> As you can see in the above story, 'pipe lines' are how to generate sustained surplus income by staying still. The word "building owners" on the stock market these days is probably due to the continued surplus income of building owners. Of course, it's the gold medalists who inherited a lot of wealth from their parents, and it's easier to make a pipe line in a capitalist society than a piece of cake. Even if they leave 10 billion won at the bank, they can spend the rest of their lives playing and eating. But we're not as easy as we think to make this constant surplus. It's because we don't have Jong-jal-money! But the world is changing a lot. The time has come for a dirtman like me, who doesn't have "jonggyeongdon," to make his own "pipe line." By spending a certain amount of time, you can generate enough of your basic income + surplus income. Because there's the Internet. We've been creating 'pipe lines' through profitable blogs like YouTube and T-Story. But it's true that profits from Google ads are very small in return for the time I've given them. That's because Google, a centralized dinosaur company, takes most of the proceeds. But as the days of blockchain have come, there's a way to get enough compensation for my work. So it's about time that I was able to create my own pipe line. I think that's right at the center of it. In the case of SNS, blockchain like Publicito, compensation is given for each post I make. And these rewards increase steadily even when I'm eating, sleeping, and doing other things. In addition, if the value of the PUB coin that I have obtained rises sharply (it is still extremely early in life, it is very likely that the value will rise.) The return benefits can be beyond imagination. If you want to be rich, you need to build your own 'pipe' Keep creating your own story on the Publicito and get the rewards. Publicito will be a new opportunity and lucky chance to build my own 'pipe line'!! Are you ready?

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  • 20180111_215155.mp4


    2018년 1월, 토론토 출장 미국의 스포츠 문화를 새삼 다시 한번 느꼈다. 매우 빡빡한 일정에, 추웠던 토론토 였지만, NBA 관전은 좋은 추억으로 남아있다. 르브론제임스는 정말 ㅎㄷㄷ

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  • Sky


    I used to like to look at the sky.

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