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  • Coffee beans... are as delicious as you know!


    A lot of coffee that I've been drinking casually. It's probably already been digested and sprayed everywhere. One day when I was studying Ios and collecting won!! 툭툭 Won-doo is the event response, as he is only considered one of the top names in the Naming Contest. Me: Is this finely ground and burned like a mix? Wife: ? I'll change it, drink it. I: I really don't know. Wife: Let's go buy a balloon. Me: Yeah. So my house bought coffee utensils that day and began to eat them at home. You know, like a funnel, you put some beans, you spilled... The dripping coffee in the whole house was softer and tastier than I thought. Haha At night with my wife, I drank coffee and enjoyed the atmosphere. And then the CEO said that he was planning a free coffee drink so I ran away. To the CEO who spent a quiet holiday in the meat, the origin of the coffee and the information that he had not known. And I came home pleasantly after drinking precious coffee and tea that I couldn't taste easily and getting a discount on the fried beans. Oh! Do you want me to keep a secret that I gave you a small pot as a gift?"Khath, Texas" When I got home, I started to get coffee as you told me. It wasn't the coffee I drank casually, but I knew it and studied and drank it, and it felt like something else. Since we opened the coffee mall, I hope our pubs will have a lot of good coffee, too. Have a happy day today and hope to be a person who always smells good. With your gift. I'll give you the smell of coffee all over the house! Khahahahah! I'm the guy who eats coffee!

    $nihonman . 2019.04.17 17:33

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  • Thumb limited edition new Summerever Concord Tumblr


    #Summer-Eber-Code#Tumblr I think it's a languid afternoon. Have you had a cup of coffee? Yesterday, a new Tumblr came out as a limited edition in Thumb. I ran right away and got it. The name is a bit long. Summer-Ever Concord Tumblr The tumbles in the house were a little small, This time I got it, it's the size of a Benti, so I can take it out to my heart's content. In summer, I think it would be nice to fill it with ice and drink it with cool drinks. Pink pink seems to be a refreshing tumbler. I hope you get over your lazy afternoon sleep and enjoy the rest of your time.^^;;

    $marines . 2019.04.17 14:09

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  • Looking for sponsors

    Brands Do You guys think That Costa coffee should sponsor me? Or anyone out there have offers and want to become a Sponsor? I'll be accepting offers... Drop them on the comments 😉

    $sergiomendes . 2019.04.12 09:57

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  • Gentlmonster Mullin01 Sunglass Hot!!


    #GentleMonster #Mullen01 #Publyto It was a large forest fire that made the word Arbor Day indifferent. I think it was hard to extinguish Haeundae which I live in for a few days because of the forest fire. Thank you again for the efforts of the firefighters. Now spring is over and the summer is creeping up. So I set a hot item in the summer. Gentlmonster Mullin01 Sun-Goo~ As Yu In Na wore it on TV, it is gaining huge popularity. The price is in the middle of the 200,000 won range. I didn't know Korean brands were so popular. I bought a popular version a few years ago. I didn't use it often because it was too heavy. I think this guy, Merlin, came out really lightly. Now, I will make sure to wear this one when I go out to the beach and give peace and freedom to my eyes. Ladies and gentlemen! Summer is coming. I hope you get hot items one by one and enjoy the summer.^^;;

    $marines . 2019.04.06 09:44

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  • a change of trend


    #Phila#Fila Good morning, Saturday morning.^^ It's been raining. It's been wet. Let's hope the cherry blossoms are okay! These days, I'm going to introduce you to some hot sneakers. It's not true through my daughter. It's a hottem that goes well with a uniform skirt. Fila Phil? Wheela? How should I read it? When I was in middle and high school, there was a time when the roundie, which was written widely written as FILA. I don't think sneakers were very popular at the time. If you look at the sneakers in the picture above, they're a little bumpy, but the brand name is pretty on the whole white. I think it makes me look tall because the sole is thick. Until recently, Adidas's short story called Stansmith was really hot. I've worn it for a long time. One pair of sneakers also feels that the trend is changing frequently. There are too many compensated SNS too. Let's hope Publicito will be a hotbed of them!

    $marines . 2019.03.30 09:43

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  • #Sneakers #bought #Actually # prettier Buy a few days ago


    #Sneakers #Actually #Beautiful #A few days ago #bought #publyto#Sarky and soft

    $stephen . 2019.03.25 13:58

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  • Bringing writing editor & PUBLYTO identity


    Today is March 25th, so it's a 3 months mark today from the beginning of PUBLYTO OPEN BETA. We can say it's long or short that as we've been using PUBLYTO platform and reading Larry Sanger's "Decentralization of Social Media", Expectations about potential of PUBLYTO that is taking the path of "win-win rather than competition"are increasing day by day. Creators or influencers who have put efforts to have many followers and reputation for a long time in the existing platform like YouTube, Instagram, Medium, Brunch, and Naver etc. may do not want to leave where it's like their nest that contains all the history and contents they created unless they have shocking reason or other opportunity outside. You probably aware of that it requires huge amount of time and effort to move all the contents to other platform, and to make new followers in the new field is even harder as you experienced. Those who have made huge success in their SNS maybe considered about the theme of contents and diversification of channels, but not about changing the platform. Thus when social networking platform started to have the control power, the gap between first and second place influencer is exponential. In fact, powerful influencers in each social networking platform seems like an early adopter seeking new things, but when they have power to control and influence, they make decisions like a very heavy, conservative enterprise, because of this economic and structural characteristic. In this situation, popular influencer in Instagram and YouTube, PUBLYTO maybe very attractive channel. For instance, they can plug in their YouTube live contents to PUBLYTO, then in PUBLYTO, talk about behind-the-scenes stories that the viewer couldn't see from the live broadcast. Or since you can only type so many words in Instagram, you can use PUBLYTO as "a space where you can carry additional stories that you haven't finished." Like the examples above, since we still have more users who communicate with texts rather than images and videos, I hope PUBLYTO will soon bring editing function which can increase the visibility of blog contents. (I personally active as bloggers, I hope PUBLYTO will support the markdown at least.) However, we need to consider if bringing editing function in would be helpful for platform development of PUBLYTO because if PUBLTYO offers own writing function, many of you, including me, might not use Instagram or YouTube. Currently, even if it's inconvenient, every Pubple uploads photos to Instagram or uploads videos to YouTube and adds text as they plug them into a PUBLYTO. Thanks to this, I'm not sure about the YouTube users but for Instagram users, they are getting into PUBLYTO more. It's obvious marketing strategy that If you see a lot of posts on Instagram called #publyto, Instagram users naturally to be interested in the hashtag. I think that's where the connection and co-prosperity values that the PUBLYTO is pursuing. What if PUBLYTO owns its editing function? You can omit the uploading Instagram process. You can straightly go to PUBLYTO and write it down. It's so much easier for people like me who do not prefer uploading images on instagram. I'm sure there are more people like me. Then, there's a concern again that PUBLYTO can be considered as independent social networking platform. When I read the writing from Ryan, CEO of PUBLYTO, regard to its own editing function, I noticed that team PUBLYTO is definitely aware of the necessity of bringing in editing function, yet they are very careful to access to the point that will affect their brand identity. So, firstly re-editing of plugged in contents is added and then they still consider about the second option which is bringing in its own editing function. I'm one of those who really want an editing function in PUBLYTO, but I also understand and think it's ideal that the team should care about every new step whether it's right for their identity. What do you think Purples?

    $done . 2019.03.25 01:58

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  • converse


    신발 정리하라는 아내의 소리에~~ 어, 컨버스가 꽤 많네!! 정말 부담없이 편하게 신을 수 있는 운동화 브랜드. 유행이 수 없이 변하는 와중에 100년이 넘게 브랜드가 잘 유지 된 것이 신기롭다. 나이키가 모회사인 것이 흥미롭네~~

    $n4plan . 2019.02.21 00:05

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  • Study in Thigh


    #Thumb #Ahh # strawberry yogurt It was quite chilly in Busan today, too. In the afternoon, I studied in Skung after a long time. I've been taking some lectures on YouTube. I was so happy to study quietly. Besides, I eat sweet strawberry yogurt and ice Americano. I feel as if I'm healing. I'm going to the cafe to study.^^

    $marines . 2019.02.16 19:55

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  • Selling without marking the growers of famous companies


    Today Let's have a cup of brown tea. I did as I see it on the sinkboard I think I've been here for a long time. Coffee I drink it every day. Today Let's have a nice drink. do. by the way Green tea has no growers. I don't understand. Where did you usually grow it? be not on the mark It's just a domestic product. This doesn't make any sense. Far from it, all the farm products. Green tea is famous.~Boseong Green Tea Field In the famous maiker, there is a place to grow. There's a problem with not being marked. I see~ It's not even a small business. Next time, I'll read it in detail. I need to buy it. It's my mistake.~♡ ~♡

    $hana . 2019.01.28 14:42

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  • This is my home cafe.


    This is my home cafe. I've shown you in a video clip, but I don't think I've shown you the whole picture like this. I started to take advantage of the extra time after quitting smoking, but I started to end it by myself. I've started my coffee. So this little home cafe was made. I'm just going to explain the home cafe. 1. Listering: Bocavoca Rostergi It's not in the picture, but the roaster's infrared roaster, Bokaboka. Use it. Up to 500g at a time. This roaster. We used several before we used them, and they were the most satisfying. It's a roaster. 2. Esofresso Semi-Automatic Machine: Bechula Julia Julia of Bechula, the origin of EXO's machine. It was expensive in Korea, so I bought it directly from Italy five years ago. Use a commercial port filter to feel a little bit like a business at home. I can feel it. 3. Drip Machine: Mocha Master hand drip, but my wife is not good, so I bought it. It's a dedicated machine. Keep your coffee at a moderate temperature and add a dot drip. Implement. 4. EXO Grinder: Mascop This is EXO's exclusive Grinder Mascop with Julia. It's a great price-to-performance product. 5. Drip Grinder: Breville It is a BREVILLE product which is famous for coffee machine and kitchen appliances. You can grind all kinds of coffee, but I'm not a fan of it. I'm using it as a drip. 6 Temperature-controlled Coffee Port : Jennifer Room I used to adjust the temperature of my coffee manually, but one day I saw a home shopping. I bought it on impulse. It's a very high cost of plastic surgery. So far, I've introduced my home cafe. If you have any questions about each machine, please ask them in comments and we will answer them.

    $nani . 2019.01.28 11:50

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  • The North Koreans... shivering


    I thought you were from North Korea.

    $gregory . 2019.01.19 23:57

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  • Seongsimdang in Daejeon


    #Free Soborro #Daejeon #Sungsimdang #Sungsimdang #Sweet Bakery hi~ Did you escape from the fine dust today? On this day, I went on a business trip from Busan to Daejeon. The sky is so blue~ The light is so bad!! I need to take a quick neck shower with pork belly!! As many of you know in Daejeon, there is a famous bakery. "Sungsimdang" is a fried sausage. I get it every time I go on a business trip in Daejeon. I used to buy a lot at the train station. Today, I visited Sungsimdang's main store. I went there on weekday afternoon. I was surprised! There's a lot of people out there. I've never seen a bakery so crowded on weekdays. The smell of the sovo looked so delicious. The store also had a very pleasant interior to see if there was any sign of time. I bought a half-and-half set of fried and leek sorbo today. The price is 10,900 won. I think it's really nice to have these stores in Daejeon with local attractions, attractions, and restaurants. I hope you enjoy the rest of Tuesday evening.^^;;

    $marines . 2019.01.15 17:58

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  • The kids love it.


    # Topping # Yo-Flele #Jang health

    $drui . 2019.01.10 21:17

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  • Eo Sungcho Shampoo


    #Full hair #Fair health #Dupee health # Eomseongcho #Green tea extract #Self-seup # Shampoo

    $drui . 2019.01.08 10:15

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  • New York.Bluebottle coffee


    I heard about the arrival of Blue Boat in Korea at Publicito. The Blue Boat in New York last summer. It was both popular and luxurious. I remember it was a little more expensive than Starbucks.

    $gotit . 2019.01.04 17:49

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  • Coffee Smith in Haeundae Centum Science Park


    This is Coffee Smith from Centum City Science Park, Haeundae, on Kang Daniel's birthday. I heard Daniel is a Busan man. I envy you how much you love them. They're going to break up and live their lives. I wish you well in the future. I remember the coffee smith latte taste was good. It's not very cold in Busan, but I feel a little cold these days. Let's stay healthy and cheer up. Happy New Year.^^;;

    $marines . 2019.01.04 11:28

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  • Apple Airpod Bluetooth earphones


    #Blutus phone #Apple #Airpod #Apple #Airpot It's too loose for my ears. The design is really emotional, maybe because it is.^^

    $marines . 2019.01.02 21:47

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  • Hanam Starfield Bin Brothers


    coffee brand of industrial mood A feeling similar to the American coffee brand Intelligensia. New Year's coffee starts with Bean Brothers.

    $bohwoo . 2019.01.02 09:20

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  • #Starbugs #Iconic cyborg#Mug #New Year's gift#starbucks


    #Mug #New Year's gift #Starbugs #Iconic cyborg

    $marines . 2019.01.01 13:37

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  • Bin Brothers Bean Brothers Hanam


    Bin Brothers in a place where they don't exist. The modern atmosphere is well preserved. Situated on the southern end of Paldang Bridge. To go east of Seoul Cars on the bridge catch my eye. It's April 16, so it's already been a while. In the early days of the opening, when there were not many people, the family would go with them. I remember taking a picture of my daughter writing something.

    $bohwoo . 2018.12.31 00:23

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