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  • The book that I love the most


    When I thought about what I usually read and loved the most, I came up with the most. Home party:Local restaurant guide!!! The home party brochure, which tells me about the hidden restaurants in my town, is 100 times more valuable than the Michelin guide to me. Whenever I think I'm tired of cooking on Sunday, I'm going to flip through the pages of my Chinese restaurant. Today, I'm going to choose from home next time, and I'm going to have fun ordering. Sometimes when I think of late night snacks, I have the best toothache. Chicken restaurants have too many chains, so I prefer fast delivery places. Don't make it too difficult to read and write. ^^ Books can be guidelines for some, useful information, comforting minds, and a stepping stone to escape from reality for a while and meet with the new world. I live by thinking that I am always a good friend. I haven't seen each other for a while, but I think the friends who have kept me on the bookshelf will welcome me back after a long time. Hah!

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  • [Theodore Book Review Event] Who moved my cheese?


    Who moved my cheese? "Spence Johnson, Writer" It is an old work. Two mice and two children in the maze. It is a fairy tale about a journey to find cheese. The mice find the missing cheese right away, Children do not accept the fact that they are missing. A fairytale containing a lesson(?) on the missing cheese(?) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a factual review I wasn't confident, so I couldn't even face the challenge. Today, I met a friend of Pubble. Why don't you read a book? Yeah, I'm not confident. Everyone else is watching. Sasang Then, my aunt said that you should be comfortable with her. That's why I've never had the courage to use it before. If you don't have enough writing, understand. I can't help it. I'm getting older.

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  • [Theodore Book Review Event]Part 3:^^


    Thanks to Theo, I borrowed a book from this poem writer Wu.^^ The writer planted lettuce and some vegetables in the garden beside the house, and they were growing well.^^ This book seems to be a bit sensitive, so I am careful... First of all, I would like to express my deepest sympathy to those killed in the sinking of the Cheonan warship and to the families of the victims.... Title:Ask for innocence : 태: Kang Tae-ho (not written because he published a book after collecting opinions from various experts) Content: The Cheonan, which left Pyeongtaek Port on March 16, 2010, was 10 days later on March 26, 2010. Baengnyeong Island sank off the southwest coast. The Ministry of National Defense announced the time of the accident at 21:22 after several reversals. Fifty-eight of the 104 crew members of the Cheonan were rescued, but 46 were never returned as family goods.ᅮ On March 30, the sad news of the death of a diver, Han Joo-ho, who was searching for survivors in waters off Baengnyeong Island. On April 2, the Keumyang 98, a fishing boat that participated in the search for the hull, sank near Daecheong Island on its way back to the fishing zone. I had to hear the sad news. On April 3, the families of the missing people requested a halt to the search operation for fear of repeated loss of life, and it was switched to the ship change operation On April 15, the Cheonan warship was taken into custody 20 days after sinking. The Cheonan warship was raised on April 29th, 29 days after the sinking On May 15, a private pair was taken by a fishing boat into a torpedo propulsion system off Baengnyeong Island. On May 20, a joint team of investigators officially announced that the sinking of the Cheonan was caused by a North Korean torpedo attack. The investigation team revealed the torpedo wreckage marked number one as conclusive evidence, but critical questions arose As a result of the official announcement, the mood of peace between South and North Korea, which has been building up with great efforts, has moved back to the past in a moment. It has become a Cold War system. It is too much to be sorry thing If it was a torpedo sinking, there would have been a torpedo movement in radar at the time, but there was no movement at all. And when the torpedo blew up, the water column would have to rise tens of meters to the summit, but none of the soldiers saw it. Crucially, the number one in ink on the torpedo's surface couldn't have been left with the heat at the time of the explosion. It's as clear as it's written on purpose. Without identifying all these questions, the truth has not been revealed. The sad 46 souls are asleep in the sea forever. I also can't conclude that something is true. What's important is that, whether it's the government or the defense ministry, we need to overhaul the system so that it doesn't happen again. It's that we have to... 19 years later, I feel like I'm getting sad again.ᅮ.ᅮ Once again, I offer my deepest sympathy to the victims and their families...ᅮ.ᅮ #publyto #is able to pay for it

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  • Book & PUB will continue in May.


    * Don't use INK in this article if you've received a steak from me. Thank you for your interest in and participation in the ongoing review event. We extended it to the fourth week, but it's not a new one, so you might not know it. We'll keep you posted in May while we're writing a new one. * Read a book and post a review on the Books and PUB Donations * 100 ~ 1,000 PUB Donations for each post * Subjective criteria rather than 1/N, may differ in the number of donations * April 22 to April 28 (29 days in batches) * April 29 to May 5 (Wrap Donation on May 6) The amount of doughnuts to be done in a week is 10,000 PUB. It's possible because you sponsored INK in the previous event article. * May 6 to May 12 (Batch-up Donation on May 13) * May 13 to May 19 (Batch-up Donation on May 20) * May 20 to May 26 (Batch-up Donation on May 27) * May 27 to June 2 (Batch Donation on June 3) During this period, we'll still have 10,000 PUB crucifixions a week. Proceed only with personal quantity. The reward you receive in INK for sponsoring this article will be used in a format that supports other users' events. #publicto #pixabay

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  • Hannah Arendt, three escapes.


    Can you say it's appropriate for Hannah Arendt's entry? He tried to catch the thought, the character, and the two rabbits, but he just realized that it was a rabbit that he couldn't catch easily.

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  • [Reader] Cryptographic Money Vibble, Park Dae-ho (K-Men)


    Hello, I'm $ohyea. I'm trying to read one book a day this week! I've read 3 books so far. I read 'Bibble, K-Men' today. In fact, I read books about blockchain and cryptocurrency personally and regret a lot, so I read I read this book with fun! It is just my level. I thought he was targeting beginners who knew a little bit about encryption. It was targeted exactly. This book provides a brief introduction to basic blockchain and bitcoin, etherium and art, as well as technical aspects of how to invest in the cryptocurrency market. I've seen this a lot in other investment books, but... I think it's good to understand because it's easy to explain. I think this book will help me invest a lot in the future if I understand it roughly and study it in internet or other stock chart related books. Especially for me, the chart is completely basic. I don't understand at all, so I think I've read a lot of psychology-related investment books lately. But I think you should learn some day. You should try hard at this opportunity! As far as I'm concerned, I have to go back to the military training center soon. I think it is a good idea to memorize this book or moon. Haha I'll wrap up with a brief quote from my personal favorite! "Check the overall flow → collect information → select investment items ◈ Check the overall flow Bitcoin market price, premium, and market capitalization check → Check the overall fall and fall of the coin, check the pumping coin, exclude the rising coin (excluding the former coin) and prepare to buy a low point. 〇 Information collection Check for coins close to short-term rebound, keeping an eye on the coin before good luck through the information collection route. ∘ Selection of investment items "Coyne, who is already an overbuy, doesn't buy the coin except for the coin before the good news. Find the coin to draw the Divergence and make a short deal after buying it." It's 2017 and it may be different from now, but... The market will change, so I think it may come to work again and I should learn first! REFERENCE: Cryptographic Money Vibble, Park Dae-ho (Kman), p84-85.

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  • incurable revolutionary necrosis [book event]


    My father is very interested in his health. The reason is that I exercise, brush my teeth hard, and I am loyal to self-care, My grandmother died of cancer early at the age of 30. "Be a parent and live until your child is 40.I'm taking care of my own health with a creed. Last year, I suffered from dysplasia for more than two months. That's the book my father recommended around the time. I just got sick, so I worked hard to do what it says in the book, and I got a lot of help in getting well. And no matter how deep the disease is if you stick to the basics. Because our bodies have the power to heal themselves. I realized that I could do it with hope. When you're done reading, it's so good that you feel like you're "revolutionary!" So this book is recommended for healthy people. I recommend it to those who suffer from severe atopic dermatitis, cancer and incurable diseases of their species. If there's a patient around you, you can grind the juice out of this book. If you stop eating food (which is explained in books such as processed foods, fried foods, etc.) in this book, you will recover quickly. And if you're really in a hurry, I went to the Natural Dental Research Institute in this book, and I fasted for about three weeks, and I recovered. I'd like you to try it. I've been getting dizzy because of the diastolic disease. I've been asking you to go in here. It's sad to live three weeks apart from my two children. He's been working on the contents of the book in the lane. Well, I hope you all stay healthy.♡

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  • Can I rewrite it?


    I feel like Charles Buchowski. He's a little more gentle than Buchowski, who expresses what he thinks is right in writing. I read about a third. It is said that the writing is not being written, but this person's energy is not at all exhausted. By the way, a Swedish writer named Theodore Calipides. Somehow he said it was a little awkward. He was Greek. ⠀⠀⠀ #Can you rewrite #Theodore caliphatees #Acros # Bookstagram #book

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  • When you want to develop your brain's imagination and creativity...


    The author, Bernard Werber, defines the results of his research and curiosity towards the world as fragmentary in his notebook. It's a source of a lot of creativity. It's made up of a short paragraph, so I think reading anywhere at any time can help stimulate my dull brain. a laboratory The Science Journal only tells us about successful scientific experiments. But you'll also have to tell them about the failed experiment. Without information, the same experiment is repeated repeatedly by other scholars who do not know that the experiment has failed. the self-restraint of fleas Put some fleas in an empty fishbowl. The rhyme of the fishbowl is high enough for the fleas to leap over. Then, put up a glass plate to stop the fishbowl's The fleas bounce up and hit the glass plate. Then, adjust the takeoff so that it goes up to the bottom of the glass plate because it hurts because of the constant collision. After an hour or so, not a single flea will hit the glass plate. Everyone jumps to the height of the ceiling. Then even if the glass plate is removed, the fleas continue to bounce to a limited height as if the fishbowl was still blocked. among <reverse solicitations When the child disrupts the room, the parents ask the child to tidy up the room. But children are bored not to listen. If, on the contrary, parents take out more toys and clothes and throw them everywhere, making the room more chaotic, the worse child will say this. "Dad, stop it. I can't stand it anymore. We need to clean up." Pulling in the opposite direction sometimes appears to be more effective than pulling in the right direction. Because it causes a sensation of consciousness. Even in the history of mankind, paradoxical pleas have been used constantly, consciously and unconsciously.

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  • Entrance to the Homeless: Urban-type hunter-gatherer life starting in Zero


    I picked up this book because there was a corner where I went to a book festival with my child and sold used books. It's a third of the regular price, so I brought it with me at a rather high price for used books sold there. But when I first met this book, I couldn't get it out of my hands. How on earth do you claim to survive in the city without a penny? The writer is a person who majored in architecture, and while studying architecture, we wondered why people bought buildings that were built and priced at their own discretion. It didn't make any sense to buy a lifetime of labor for nothing. So what we found was homeless people living in Tokyo building boxes in rivers and parks. I've explained how you can pick up trash from the boundaries of illegality and legality and get food for your daily use, get energy from discarded car batteries and solar panels, or build a house that fits your body size with a couple of paper boxes and make it winter without a heating device. It's a homeless architecture that an architect found while interviewing a homeless person. There were many unnecessary contents compared to the thickness of the book, so I felt like a self-help book, but I think it would be nice to read a book like this in case of war, riot, or natural disasters. $EastDaegu, I read a book and my wife does it. He said he wanted to change jobs. Was that homeless?'

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  • (Bookview event) Are you introverted?


    When I was young, I had an oratorical academy all over the place and sometimes I followed a friend who attended an academy. It was a place where people memorized something written in hand and announced it loudly, not in A4 but in about 10 pages of 200-character manuscripts. Like a formula, every child always says at the end, "This speaker ~ I insistent. Or I shout with all my strength." It was kind of a novelty to end with and a little bit of fear to me, who often responded with an ant voice when I read in my class. First of all, why do I say my thoughts in such a loud? The idea is mine, do you need to speak in front of others? I thought, "I have two close friends, so my mother has not been able to overcome the fear of "my child is falling behind?" and my opinion has been ignored even by my own powerful rejection. I don't remember much later, but what kind of contest did you go to and the angel at home?There was a plaque on which It was only later that I realized that my mother seemed to accept that her child's ability to organize and present her words convincingly is essential for the future if he or she has to play politics later. I was expecting too much because I felt so comfortable, I was a timid child who watched Sherlock Holmes' detective story in a local bookstore and enjoyed my own reasoning, and a strong backrest that supported my elementary school days. Growing up, I didn't have many friends, but I always had four or five friends, and I was more good at ironing out friendships than new ones. I'm sure my personality, or my personality, is introverted, but the extroverts haven't dried up at all, and sometimes I'm brave enough to recall?There were times when I was at work, not far from the basic framework, and there were no major complaints, but there was still a sense of impatience that the organization was always missing something. What if everyone was surprised at the way they pushed me when they saw my child grow up? It is said that children grow up from the back of their parents. Instead of learning social command, fame, power and economic power, they grow up watching their everyday attitudes: their father's life habits, their words, their attitudes and their marital relationships. What if the child suddenly became more outgoing? Among the vague wishes, I came across the book by chance. It was Susan Kane's "Quite, the power to lead the world quietly in a noisy world." The book also lists many other achievements made by introverted people such as Gandhi, Che Guevara, Warren Buffett, Darwin and Bill Gates. In the middle of reading this book, the consolation I felt was greater than any adult's words and religious or philosophical teachings, but the final thought at the last minute was a little different. This book may be a natural result of comfort to the timid, but it ended up with a feeling that it was more important not to be just introverted, not to be ashamed of being introverted, not to be ashamed of being extroverted, not to be sure how to balance them and which parts of each case should be weighed more. "Look around. Half the employees are actually introverted." I can recall the private information of a company. How important is it to maintain a sense of equilibrium among members in a society that demands more and more positivity and requires endless promotion of self-improvement, and in an organization that wants performance and benefits, including its own sense of equilibrium? So if the ideas and research of introverts give them the same chance to shine cherishedly, The fate of highly reactive introverted children is more affected by their surroundings. Perhaps more so than the average child. This is a new theory that David Dobos called "The orchid theory." According to the report, some children are like dandelions and can grow well in any environment. However, some children, including those who are highly reactive, are similar to orchids. It easily wanes but can grow strong and wonderful when the right conditions are met." The careful attention and learning that creates the right conditions for growth for the person would be more important if they were in the position of a leader who leads someone (although it would also include a leader who is a parent). Lastly, I am sure that smooth chatting skills are an important social function and remain a part of my homework all the time. I train often, but the results are not very good. If you can afford it, I'd like you to take the 2012 TEDTalks... ..

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  • become a paid member of Medium


    As of yesterday, I became a paid member of Medium by paying for a year's membership. I've been using the medium for free without thinking about it, and yesterday I read another Publisher article and I got a message saying, "We've exceeded the number of free content per month." It's only now dawned on me that every month there was a limited number of content available to free members in the medium. I'm reading really good quality articles, and I don't hesitate to pay a year's membership fee because many of Kryptosin's projects are using Medium as their official blog. I don't see many Korean publishers in the medium yet. (For Korean users, medium is still a very unfamiliar platform.) Nevertheless, I think the power to make payments without hesitation is "many good articles full of good insights and good contents." If you're a reader of many articles, you'll agree to a certain amount of revenue being sown to publishers who are working hard on good content, and the membership fee for that doesn't seem to be a waste. Still, Korea is a country that does not support stripe, which is a medium-sized partner program payment system. So if you're not a Korean resident abroad, you can't sign up for the "Medium Partner Program," a program run by Medium for the profit-sharing of good writers. Neighboring Japan already supports the payment of Star Life, but we hope to include Korea someday. If we start to include our country, we expect many good writers to move to the medium platform. Then, do you have any special privileges for medium paid members? In fact, there's nothing more than a service to listen to what you're reading, or a feature that's so compelling that you can create your own series of mobile versions. In addition to that, if you clap the good posts of other publishers, you can send them a reword like Stimit, but I'm not sure how it works. Anyway, since I became a member of the membership, which has no limit on the number of content accessible per month, I should try to find and read more articles hard:)

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  • What do you do with the troublesome company?


    The weekend is coming back. Let's get organized in time for a new week to start. This weekend, I was mincing because I didn't want to do anything, but I read a book. (Actually, it was read during the week...) There are many books in the bookcase of that kind of class, as there are many books in the bookcase which are related to old companies. The book to be introduced today is "The Servant Leadership" by James C. Hunter. Since the book was published in the early 2000s, it was printed up to the second edition and sold more than 20 books, it is thought that there are many people who know it. Now I read such a famous book. We often see people who show leadership through self-sacrifice while living in a company and often cite the term "servant leadership," but we start checking the contents. In the case of the writer, when he has to work in density in a short period of time and observe quality and delivery time at the same time, the final result was that he had to endure and hold on, but everything was on the desk. I don't think it's the "survant leadership" that creates this environment simply. The right leadership we know would be a good idea to create and properly manage an environment where subordinates can make as many mistakes as possible, but the business environment like the jungle isn't always the case. In that respect, the book describes leadership as this. "Administration is not a term that means something you do for others. You manage inventory lists and checkbooks or other means. You can even manage yourself. But you can't manage other personalities. Things are managed, but people are led." "leadership:a technique that exerts influence on people so that they can focus on goals set for common good." (P44-45 in text) It's neat. It's man's care, man's lead! Reid's influence on people! There is another neat expression, which I quote. "But evolution is not possible without actually changing ourselves. Those who deserve to lead others are those who have a brave spirit to question themselves and try to change. George Bernard Shaw said, A wise man adapts himself to the world, but a foolish man insists that the world adjusts to him. So evolution depends on how stupid people do it.' (p79 in the text). The book consists of people from different professions gathering in monasteries and talking to each other, and sometimes cliche-looking expressions may be boring, but they have their own healthy expressions. Among them, the center of "servant leadership" is solved by eight factors (patience, kindness, humility, respect, altruism, forgiveness, respect, dedication) compared to love. It may seem a little unrealistic, but if you're thinking about leadership, it's worth reading. The end of the weekend! May you have a nice new week...… realprince

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  • One more time, a little more.


    One more little practice of changing relationships, one more time, a little bit more. I was going to read it at lunch time, but it took me a lot of time. It's a small book, but it's a short story about how little action can make a difference, so you can read it without pressure. Part 1. Just one more time. Part 2. A line of short letter than a hundred words. Part 3. Right now is the time to be happy at home. It is composed of 3 parts and is filled with 10 parts per part. If you think once more, a little bit more and act on things that are common in your life, Don't you think you'll be able to get rich and relaxed? I think about it. [Puzzle pp. 184] 'The loud sound of a child's A family picnic at a company. Family waiting talent show started in the afternoon, and the first prize winner was a digital camera. Kim's family, with their daughter's wonderful rhythm, will receive the first prize, and the head of the school asks the child, who is on stage to receive the award. The boss, whose shy voice was so small that he couldn't hear well, asked if he could speak a little louder, and the child said small nonetheless. The frustrated president starts to listen to the story, and after a while, he stiffens his tongue and smiles brightly. What the boss said to his wife about why... "If you can't hear me, I'll just have to keep my head down." Russia's Munho Tolstoy says truth is easier to find in the little sounds of a child than an educated scholar. Open your mind and listen to the little sound of your child. When you get older, the forgotten truth can come to your heart. If you have a chance, listen to the sound of small leaves. The loud sound of nature comes to my mind. I felt that listening to small sounds at work or at home was not as easy as I thought. The word that there was a loud sound at such a small noise penetrated deep into the air. Do you miss anything for a while? I recount the preciousness of a small thing.

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  • What kind of friend are you?


    # Friend What kind of friend are you?

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  • List of books read in Q1 of this year


    I decided to read a book from this year and bought it so far. I'm currently reading the future scenario book of Korea for the next five years. It makes me think a lot. It means that the financial crisis will start in Korea from the end of 2019. They say it's likely to be a prolonged slump. But there's an opportunity in a crisis, so if you prepare for it, it could be a good opportunity. I don't know if there's going to be a financial crisis, but I think it's a big opportunity for people who know the signs and think about how to respond. I hope that the economic situation of Korea will be checked and that the number of people who suffer will be minimized. # Five years from now # Future of Korea #Future of Korea # Financial crisis # Choi Yoon-sik

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  • [book펍 #3 Are all the welfare good?


    Why is poverty my share of decisions made by the state? Bernie Sanders put the word "democratic socialism" on the political lexicon and stimulated many young Americans. They argue that "democratic socialism" is a well-off Northern European social and economic system that the U.S. should accept. The Danish prime minister said as the allegations grew: "I know some Americans call the Northern European economic system a form of socialism. So I want to clarify one thing. Denmark is never a socialist planned economy. It's a market economy." In fact, northern European countries are well-off and have a high standard of living, with a universal medical system and a vast social safety net. In fact, it is a "social democracy" system in which the government aims to promote public welfare through heavy taxation and increased spending within the capitalist economic framework. Also, the prosperity of the Nordic country was already enjoying economic prosperity in the mid-20th century, when it implemented low tax rates and small welfare, not by the introduction of welfare systems. They, too, have seen their welfare dependencies grow noticeably due to excessive tax rates and welfare, with large governments blocking economic growth. Over the past decades, Nordic countries have slowly been reforming their markets by reducing the size of welfare and lowering taxes. The author also introduces the five faces of socialism and analyzes the core ideas of socialism. Activism: The nation as a whole regards the passage of the bill as entertainment. Usually, bills are recklessly proposed, such as tax increases to cover the nation's finances, hiring more government officials to regulate the scope of regulations and punishing them for violations of the law. This is caused by bureaucrats intervening in the free market economy and suffocating it. "Snowless Naradon" Fantasy: The government's finances come from taxes, forgetting about it and spending a lot of money on things that are not productive. Liability transfer bottle: It is often the case that welfare benefits are recognized as a natural right and pass on problems that have come to individuals to social problems. Socialism flourishes when people don't feel responsible. Pretend to know you're sick: The government knows everything and ignores people's diversity and deprives them of the opportunity to display individual creativity. 'Jealot OCD': A case in point is the separation of the rich and the working class, and socialists use timing and hostility toward the wealthy as fuel to build a redistribution system of wealth. The author cites the lack of incentives, the control of market prices and the non-recognition of private property rights as reasons for the failure of the socialist system. They will do creative and productive work through individual capital accumulation, their products in the market will be assessed as units of price, and their private property rights will be maintained and managed with responsibility. The improvement in people's quality of life does not come from the government's inefficient welfare system, but from the productivity of free markets.

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  • a cold altruist


    [한 줄 에센스] "어떤 방식을 택하든 바로 오늘이 더 나은 세상을 만들기 위한 여정의 첫발을 내딛는 날이라고 생각하자. 우리 한 사람 한 사람은 지대한 영향을 끼칠 수 있는 잠재력을 지니고 있다." [리뷰] 효율, 이타주의. 조금은 생소할 수도 있는 이 두 단어를 조합해서 "효율적 이타주의"에 대한 정의와 이를 위해 알아야 할 것들을 설명해준다. 일단 한 가지 알아둬야 할 사항이 있다. 도움을 주고자 하는 대상이 다수일 경우에 한해 수긍이 가는 내용이라는 부분이다. 가령 1:1 결연을 맺고 도움을 주는 방식에 대입하기에는 애매한 부분도 있다. 조금 과장해보면 기부를 함에 있어서 마치 투자자가 투자 대상을 찾는 것에 비교될 정도로 철저하게 검증을 하며 효율을 추구하는 방법을 설명하고 있다. 남을 돕는다는 부분에 있어서 감정에만 이끌려 기부를 하기보다 더 체계적이고 효율적으로 기부를 해야하는 이유를 설명하는데 그 중에서 눈길을 끄는 내용이 있었다. "도덕적 허가 효과는 사람들이 실제로 착한 일을 하는 것보다 착해 보이는 것. 착한 행동을 했다고 인식하는 것을 더 중요하게 여긴다는 점을 보여준다. 에너지 절약 전구를 구입하는 행위로 '내 몫을 했다'고 생각하면 조금 뒤에 잔돈 몇 푼을 훔쳐도 '나는 좋은 사람'이라는 자기 인식이 흔들리지 않는다." 내가 생각하기에 좋은 일 몇 번 했다고 해서 그게 앞으로 하게 될 지도 모를 나쁜 일에 대한 면죄부가 될 수는 없다. 혹시라도 "난 지금껏 지켜야 할 것들을 지키며 살아왔으니 한두 번 쯤은 지키지 않아도 괜찮아."와 같은 생각을 하게 될 때면 꼭 떠올려야 할 내용이다. 아주 가끔 재난이 발생했을 때 소액을 기부하거나, 연말에 거리를 지나다니면서 구세군을 그냥 지나치고 싶지 않을 때 지갑을 여는 정도였다. 가능한 빨리 소액이라도 체계적인 기부를 실천하고 있는 나를 발견할 수 있기를 기대해본다. [기록] ✓ 많은 사람들이 세상을 더 나은 곳으로 만들고 싶어 한다. 이 책을 읽는 당신도 마찬가지일 것이다. 하지만 트레버 필드의 사례가 보여주듯 좋은 의도가 나쁜 결과를 낳는 일이 종종 벌어지기도 한다. 다른 사람을 최대한 효율적으로 돕는 확실한 방법은 무엇인지, 선의가 오히려 해악을 끼치는 부작용없이 최대한의 긍정적인 효과를 거두려면 어떻게 해야 하는지 제대로 알지 못한 탓이다. 이 책은 이 질문에 대한 답을 찾는다. 따뜻한 가슴에 차가운 머리를 결합시켜야, 다시 말해 이타적 행위에 데이터와 이성을 적용할 때라야 비로소 선한 의도가 좋은 결과를 낳을 수 있다. ✓ 우리는 남을 도우려 할 때 신중하게 생각하지 않고 무턱대고 행동으로 옮기곤 한다. 숫자와 이성을 들이대면 선행의 본질이 흐려진다고 생각하기 때문이다. 그 탓에 세상에 큰 변화를 일으킬 수 있는 기회도 놓치고 만다. ✓ 적절한 피드백이 없는 상태에서는 당신의 이타적인 행위가 실제로 남한테 득이 되는지 실이 되는지 명확하게 알기 어렵다. ✓ 효율적 이타주의는 '내가 가진 능력으로 세상을 얼마나 바꿀 수 있을까?'를 자문하고 증거와 신중한 추론으로 그 해답을 찾아 나가는 것이다. ✓ 이타주의가 희생을 뜻한다고 생각하는 사람들이 많은데 내 생각은 다르다. 남을 도우면서 안락한 삶을 누리는 것도 이타주의다. ✓ 중요한 건 효율적 이타주의가 '그만저만한' 선행을 하는 데 그치는 것이 아니라 힘닿는 한 최대한의 효과를 가두려고 노력한다는 점이다. #comment 책을 한 권 사러 서점에 간 김에 도서관에서 대여할 책 리스트를 작성해왔다. 딱히 다른 사람을 돕고 있지 않음에도 읽어보고 싶은 생각이 든 책이다. ✓ 우리는 이 세상의 갖가지 문제에 질려 더러 이렇게 중얼거린다. "내가 나서서 도와 봤자 양동이에 물 한 방울 더 보태는 격이지 뭐가 달라지겠어"라고 말이다. 하지만 이는 결코 사실이 아니다. 문제는 물 한 방울의 크기지 양동이의 크기가 아니다. 마음만 먹으면 우리는 매우 커다란 물 한 방울을 만들어 낼 수 있다. 같은 비용으로 우리가 누리는 편익보다 100배나 더 많은 편익을 남에게 제공할 수 있다. 우리가 세상의 모든 문제를 해결할 수는 없다. 그렇다 해도 우리가 수천 명의 삶을 바꿀 수 있다는 사실은 변하지 않는다. ✓ 더 살기 좋은 세상을 만들기 위한 '가장 효율적인' 방법은 무엇인가? 즉각 해결해야 할 문제는 무엇이고 나중으로 미뤄도 되는 문제는 무엇인가? 한 가지 행위에 더 큰 가치를 두기란 심리적으로도 현실적으로도 쉽지 않다. 그렇다고 불가능한 건 아니다. 이처럼 다양한 이타적 행위를 비교하려면 '얼마나 많은 사람들에게, 얼마나 큰 혜택이 돌아가는가'를 자문해야 한다. 이것이 바로 효율적 이타주의의 첫 번째 핵심 질문이다. #comment 이 책은 부분적 인용에 대해 comment를 다는 것이 꽤 망설여지는 느낌이다. 이타주의란 단어는 어색하게 느껴졌지만 거기에 효율이란 단어가 같이 들어간 것이 이 책에 대한 호기심을 자극하고 있다. ✓ 평균 수준의 효과만 내는 프로그램에 자금을 댈 게 아니라 최고의 성과를 내는 프로그램을 골라 거기에 자금을 투입해야 막대한 효과를 거둘 수 있다는 말이다. ✓ 남을 도우려 할 때 돈을 '잘' 쓰는 것과 '가장 잘' 쓰는 것의 차이는 어마어마하다. 그렇기 때문에 '이 사업을 시행하는 게 돈을 잘 쓰는 일일까?'라고 묻는 데 그칠 게 아니라 '이 사업을 시행하는 게 돈을 가장 잘 쓰는 일일까?'를 물어야 한다. ✓ 미미한 변화가 아니라 가장 큰 변화를 만들어 낸다는 확신이 드는 기부처를 택해야 한다. ✓ 기부는 화염에 휩싸인 건물을 부수고 들어가는 것처럼 눈부신 액션은 없어도 생명을 구한다는 점은 동일하다. 가장 효율적인 단체에 기부하는 것만으로도 수십 명의 목숨을 구할 수 있다니, 그만큼 대단한 일이 어디 있을까? #comment 기부를 할 때도 많은 부분을 꼼꼼하게 점검한 후에 실행해야 하는 걸 상당히 강조하고 있다. ✓ 대다수 사람들이 자연재해에 대응하는 방식을 보면 우리가 남을 도울 때 감정에 휘둘리며 기존 문제보다 새로운 사건에 더 큰 관심을 보인다는 사실을 알 수 있다. ✓ 우리는 성과를 가늠할 때 다른 방식으로 문제에 접근했다면 어떤 결과를 낳았을지 별로 생각해 보지 않는 경향이 있는데, 그래선 안 된다. 중요한 건 '누가' 그 일을 해냈느냐가 아니라 그 일이 '효과'가 있었는지 여부다. 얼마나 효과가 있는지 가늠하는 건 당신의 행위로 인한 결과와, 당신이 아니었더라도 어차피 일어날 결과의 차이에 달려 있다. ✓ 당신의 행위 덕분에 얻은 직접적인 혜택이 선행 여부를 결정하는 게 아니다. 그보다는 행위로 인해 빚어진 결과가 선행 여부를 결정한다. ✓ 기부를 위한 돈벌이는 남을 돕는 데 매우 효율적인 방법이다. 선진국의 평범한 노동자가 전 세계적으로 볼 때 상위 몇 퍼센트에 해당한다는 사실과 상대적으로 적은 비용으로 전 세계 극빈층에 큰 도움을 주는 단체들이 있다는 점을 십분 활용하는 길이기 때문이다. #comment 일리있는 주장이라고 생각되긴 해도 감정적으로는 썩 내키지 않는 부분도 있다. 기본적으로 효율에만 포커스가 맞춰져 있어서 그런 것 같다. ✓ 남을 도울 때도 마찬가지다. 성공 가능성과 성공의 가치를 '모두' 따져 봐야 한다. 즉, 성공이 보장돼 있지만 영향력은 미미한 일보다 가능성은 낮지만 성공하기만 하면 보상이 막대한 일을 우선시해야 할 때가 있다는 말이다. '한 사람의 노력으로는 세상을 변화시킬 수 없다'고 흔히 착각하는 이유도 이 때문이다. ✓ 어떤 행위의 잠재력을 평가할 때 '그런 일은 절대 일어날 리가 없다'는 이유로 묵살해서는 안 된다. 지금은 상식이 된 대다수의 윤리적 관념들도 과거에는 매우 급진적인 것으로 간주되었다. ✓ 최악의 결과가 빚어질 위험이 간과되고 있다면 이러한 결과를 방지하는 데 힘을 보태는 것은 특히나 효율적인 이타적 행위다. #comment 효율이란 단어 대신 다른 단어를 택했더라면 위화감이 훨씬 덜 했을 것 같은데 아쉬운 부분이다. 아래 5가지 요소를 참고하면 효율적인 기부처를 가려낼 수 있다. 1. 이 단체는 어떤 일을 하는가? 2. 사업의 비용효율성이 높은가? 3. 사업의 실효성이 객관적으로 검증되었는가? 4. 사업이 제대로 실행되고 있는가? 5. 이 단체는 추가 자금이 필요한가? #comment 좋은 일을 할 때도 확인, 검증을 꼼꼼하게 할 수 있게끔 방법을 알려준다. ✓ 기부를 하면 당신의 돈을 가장 효율적인 사업에만 집중시킬 수 있다. '최선'의 활동과 '그럭저럭 좋은' 활동의 결과가 다르다는 점만 봐도 효율적인 기부가 얼마나 큰 영향을 미치는지 알 수 있다. ✓ 윤리적 소비 물결이 오히려 해로울 수도 있다고 생각할 만한 까닭이 있다. 바로 심리학자들이 말하는 '도덕적 허가' 효과 때문이다. 이는 착한 일을 한 번 하고 나면 이후에 선행을 덜 실천하는 것으로 보상받으려 하는 경향을 말한다. ✓ 도덕적 허가 효과는 사람들이 실제로 착한 일을 하는 것보다 착해 보이는 것. 착한 행동을 했다고 인식하는 것을 더 중요하게 여긴다는 점을 보여준다. 에너지 절약 전구를 구입하는 행위로 '내 몫을 했다'고 생각하면 조금 뒤에 잔돈 몇 푼을 훔쳐도 '나는 좋은 사람'이라는 자기 인식이 흔들리지 않는다. ✓ 도덕적 허가 효과는 결심을 비틀 수 있다. 다른 사람이 효율적인 선행을 할 수 있도록 이끌었다 하더라도 그들이 향후 남을 돕는 횟수를 줄이는 방식으로 이타적 행위에 대한 보상을 받으려고 한다면 의미가 없다. 작은 선행에서 출발해 이를 발판 삼아 앞으로 더 효율적인 선행을 실천할 수 있도록 틀을 마련해야 도덕적 허가 효과를 방지할 수 있다. ✓ 비효율적인 이타적 행동이 문제가 되는 건 이 때문이다. 착한 일을 했다는 생각에 취하면 이후에 효율적인 이타적 행동을 할 여지가 줄어들 수 있다. 가령 다른 사람에게 공정무역 제품을 구입하라고 권했더니 그보다 효율적인 선행에는 정작 시간과 돈을 덜 쓰게 만드는 결과로 이어진다면 공정무역 제품 구매를 장려하는 일 자체가 해로울 수 있다. #comment '도덕적 허가 효과'에 대한 설명은 꽤나 흥미로운 부분이다. ✓ 계획이 아예 없는 것보다야 형편없는 계획이라도 있는 게 낫지만 그것도 계획을 기꺼이 수정할 의향이 있을 때나 통하는 얘기다. ✓ 우리 각자에게는 수십, 수백 명의 생명을 구할 수 있는 힘이, 수천 명의 삶을 크게 개선시킬 힘이 있다. ✓ 어떤 방식을 택하든 바로 오늘이 더 나은 세상을 만들기 위한 여정의 첫발을 내딛는 날이라고 생각하자. 우리 한 사람 한 사람은 지대한 영향을 끼칠 수 있는 잠재력을 지니고 있다. #comment 나를 위한 노력이 나를 포함, 타인에게도 긍정적인 영향을 줄 수 있다면 이타주의라는 단어를 갖다 붙일 것도 없이 '효율적인 개인주의'란 표현을 쓸 수 있을 것 같다는 생각을 해본다. 부록 요약 착한 일을 하기 전에 물어야 할 4가지 질문 1. 어떻게 하면 최대한의 선을 행할 수 있을까? - 얼마나 많은 사람들에게, 얼마나 큰 혜택이 제공되는가? - 이것이 가장 효율적인 방법인가? - 방치되고 있는 분야는 없는가? - 그렇게 하지 않았다면 어떻게 됐을까? - 성공 가능성은 어느 정도이고, 성공했을 때의 효과는 어느 정도인가? 2. 어떤 단체에 기부해야 할까? 위에 정리된 내용 있음 3. 어떤 진로를 선택해야 할까? - 이 일이 내 적성에 맞는가? - 이 일을 하면서 얼마나 영향을 미칠 수 있는가? - 이 일이 내 영향력을 키우는 데 얼마나 보탬이 되는가? 4. 어떤 명분에 집중해야 할까? - 규모 - 방치 정도 - 해결 용이성 - 적성 #publyto

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    (It's not an event entry.) I read Theo's book, "You've been following PUB!" event posting, and I've counted how many blockchain-related books I've been reading and how much I've bought. If you're not a developer, in fact, if you read a book about blockchain, you'll find complicated terms, and you'll often have headaches that run into unfamiliar concepts, so you'll find that the books you've been reading have been compiled in some way in Typora, but when they start piling up, they seem to be a solid asset. How many blockchain-related books are there on the market, including bitcoin? There are about 1,000 books in Naver Book that come out with the keyword "blockchain," and there are about 300 books in the fourth industrial revolution, except for the "buy bitcoin if you want to make money" books. Among the books on the market, I read them. I borrowed from the library and read 51 volumes 51. I opened the bookstore for a while and thought it was worth watching, so I bought 38 books and 89 books altogether. I think it would be nice to buy 11 more books as soon as possible and fill in 100 books at the rate of 51:49. Hahaha I think I'm used to blockchain technology, which was so unfamiliar because of my hard work, but the more I really study, the more I give up on it. For those of you who might be wondering, I'd like to personally recommend some of the books in the picture. - Beginners: blockchain, easy-to-know blockchain - Beginner: Cryptographic currency without alien language, impact of blockchain - Intermediate: Blockchain revolution, bitcoin phenomenon blockchain 2.0, future unregulated, truss machine. In fact, besides me, there are a lot of good books like "The Money Revolution," "After the Secret Money," and "Unresolved Problems of Blockchain." If you're thinking of buying a relevant book, I'd like to give you a tip. Not many of the books that contain the word "investment," or "a book with a sum of 10 million won, a billion won," are nutritious. (Of course, I can read it without any pressure.)

    $done . 2019.04.19 15:10

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  • [Teon's Book Review Event]I want to participate in the second round.^^


    Thanks to Mr. Theon last week, I became very close to this writer.^^ Thank you. But I think I made a mistake. From the writer's point of view, even one more book should be sold. I borrowed a book without any thought... As I was reading the book, I was so sorry that I put the cash between the books and returned it quietly.^^ The author said that the book, "Min Tong-seon," will be translated into Japanese and reprinted. While I was reading the book, there was a typo, so I asked you to tell me about the typography and refer to the next print.^^ This time, I borrowed the book you kept, not the one you wrote.^^ I'll give you a quick review. Title:Letters from Districts Ji-Eum:Dasan Jeong Yak-yong Translator: Mrs. Park Content: Jeong Yak-yong, a prolific author of "The People's Testament," was stripped of his government post by corrupt officials. This book is a translation of many letters sent to my two sons after 18 years of exile as a felon. The letter that begins with "Buchinora to Two Sons" "We are a tribe of men." "If the Closed do not read and do not behave properly, how can they act like a man?" "You can't hold a government post because you're a scum, but you can't be an adult, or you can't be a writer."' "A poem that does not remind you of the wrong politics is not a poem." "Personal recognition is only after it is practiced in action and work to find its true meaning." I can see that the exile site has worked hard on the proper growth and education of the sons. It's a little bit difficult, but I think it's good to see people who live with their conscience. It seems to me that as a father, it's a book that tells us what education and how to give affection to our children.^^ Thank you, Mr. Theo, for giving me a chance to read a good book.^^ #publicto #Iosable pension

    $greenjuice11 . 2019.04.19 09:09

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  • the modern version of snowwork


    螢雪之功(Snowpiercer): Read a book, relying on fireflies and eyes. There was a boy named Cha Yun of the Qin Dynasty. He studied hard from childhood, but his family was poor and didn't even have the oil to use to light the lamp. The boy wanted to read a book at night, so at the end of his mind, he made a thin silk purse like a bug can and put dozens of Bandi in it and read it in light of the light from it. After such hard work, he became a high-level official of the central government called Sangseo-rang. In the same period, a boy named Son Gang studied hard from an early age without going out with a group of evil people, but he couldn't afford to buy oil to light a lamp because his family was poor. At the end of his mind, the boy stretched himself out to the window in spite of the cold winter day and read the book, relying on the reflected moonlight in the snow. As a result, he became the minister of government in charge of cracking down on government officials called the "fish godfather." -Source:Never- These days, reading a book with a clip on in the dark is fun. If you lie on your bed at night and rely on a small reading lamp, you can concentrate well and read books in the middle of calmness. We are practicing modern construction with cheap and small clip reading.^^

    $turtle . 2019.04.18 20:49

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  • I'm on the prowl.


    #Puzzle_Ha Sang Wook Today is a really big day. I'm on the prowl. [Excerpts] ^^ Today is my birthday. I didn't get any congratulations from my family. The day of birth is not necessarily a day to be celebrated, Should I say that I'm a little bit? to the closest people I guess it's a pity that I'm not being congratulated. Thank you for your birthday message, Ms. Thank you. I don't know if you're going to be a publicist, I'm going to stay and thank you.

    $yeonwu . 2019.04.18 16:57

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  • encounter philosophy in everyday life


    meet philosophy in everyday life - a meditative letter to a friend Every morning, a letter was written to make friends read at their desks before they started work, giving them love, justice, service and gratitude in their daily lives. to exist First yard - Mature Man Second yard - what kind of person am I to you? The third yard - only if you can speak with joy is hope. It is composed of 365 letters. It is easy to read a letter. [Fulls] Third Madang - Hope can only be said with joy. If you're worried, it's a question of how much unnecessary greed is It is a reflection of whether too much greed is increasing anxiety by the word hope. Because hope does not come from waiting for luck, but from confidence that you can do it. Only then can you say hope with joy. I was thankful that I had time to look back on myself after reading this book, and a little bit of generosity came to thank me for being small. If you can live with philosophy in life as the author says, wouldn't that life be a truly happy life? think of

    $oxy . 2019.04.17 23:08

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  • The recipe for your daughter [book event]


    written by Kong Ji-young I thought I bought the recipe for my daughter a while ago. It's been three years already. When I was having a hard time raising my husband and children, I wish someone would comfort me.' I bought this book thinking this way. Author Gong Ji-young actually gave her daughter advice as a senior in life. It's a simple and delicious recipe. "This is what my mom wants to say. You're precious. Never stop caring and caring for yourself." Emphasize on your daughter. I like all the recipes and content, but let me introduce you some of them. 3rd recipe: Love yourself, how do you do it? - An relieved steak that eats a day when it cuts off its pride. 18th Recipe: How to beat a hard time without dying or going crazy. - "Home wallowing" day while eating garaetteok. Twenty-one Recipe: You are the most beautiful today. - Soybean sprouts and soya bean sprouts that make the spring fragrant. Twenty-third recipe: a painful regret that didn't love more - Hot lettuce that gave birth to you and ate in Hong Kong. Twenty-sixth Recipe: The price you didn't want to know me. - Sometimes when you want someone to be here, it's fresh kimbap. There's a back. I was comforted and helped whenever I had a hard time with this book. I felt that my sister and mother supported me and encouraged me. So when my daughter grows up, I want to recommend this book.^-^ Then, all of you, have a good dinner and have a good time.♡

    $solmi45 . 2019.04.17 19:22

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  • a gap in the number


    The title is weird? Is it a hwatu? What is it? What? I guess I've got the book. It's been three months since I started reading it again, and I've been reading it when I have time. Today, I will introduce my book again. Today I chose a book that I can read relatively lightly. The important thing is that you should try to be good at anything because you think small things are important. The book to be introduced today is "The Joyful Butterfly Effect," a work by Linda Kaplan Taler and Robin Cobal. The subtitle says 'nine reasons why you have to risk your life on trivial things.' You'll see what's roughly central. This book deals with the surprising consequences of a small word, a small action. I'm sure we've heard a lot of cases where what we thought was nothing would lead to a big accident, or where the consequences of careful and careful work on principle would come back to great success. This is full of such cases. But I don't know why it's so hard for us to practice this coming "one difference." By the time we pass the word "h-h-h-h-h-ah. It means nothing. In my case, I sometimes have arguments in my office because of such small differences, and most people say, 'Why should I do this when the customer hasn't asked for this much?I hear a lot of people say, 'Don't you mind if the customer gets angry then?' There are many reasons, of course, but if you turn things around like professional ethics and capitalism, you may never know the world in which these little differences are made. (Not at all, I don't know much.) Here are some examples of what I remember in the book. "People usually think that the person who has to change is the other person, not the person who has to change. But we can't change others. All we can control is our actions." (P29 from the text) Oh. I like it so much though it's a short sentence. It's simple and powerful. It feels pointless to be feeling it. "If the carpet on the floor looks worn out when you enter the dentist's office, you may be wondering if dental equipment is the latest equipment. In the business world, customer perception is of paramount importance. How customers perceive your company plays a crucial role in success. One mistake, one unfriendly employee, one unpleasant experience will make the customer feel negatively, which can cause you great damage." (p155 from the text) There may be anecdotes that I have experienced once in my first year in society. If you've had a lot of experience like that, it wouldn't be easy for you to survive in the company.) You may have developed muscles in your mind and found out that small differences can give you a lot of strength. What is the small difference you think? PS Today's pictures are taken from pixbay. realprince

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  • jameschoo SAMPLE003



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  • Google Adsense Book


    #Google Adsense It's been a while since I visited Kyobo. It was Monday afternoon, but there were so many people that there were no seats. I think it's because it's so nice to read books. I picked up a book and sat in the corner. Like the title of the book, the cover was all over my eyes. It's also an area I've always been interested in. Here's what the book is about. Other than Naver Blog, post some unusual subject posts on the T-story, get certified by Google AdSense and start advertising. The subject of the blog is better if Google likes it. Keep posting. Never click on the ad in your article. Be sure to get your first dollar. Trust Google and work hard because it won't be ruined. It was about this. It's a book that's easy for beginners to explain about their case. To be honest, after reading this book, I felt... Ah, it will be hard for me to do this... Recently, I started posting Google ads on Steam's website. From that point on, I found out that I wasn't going to join Steamt. Is that why I put an ad on my posting? I decided it would be hard. Also, I felt that I had to be very diligent and knowledgeable in order to get a profit from advertising. It's very strong of you to have this tendency! Today is Tuesday already. Have fun or have a day. Reading is very helpful when you have a spare time.^^

    $marines . 2019.04.16 08:28

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  • children's fairy tales


    Pig book It's a fairy tale book that I read as a child's primary assignment a few days ago. What kind of fairy tale book? The assignment is to read the book and discuss it with your parents. The title is Pig Book. It's simple. Mr. Figgins, who works for a very important company, and his two sons at a very important school.Tired of doing nothing at home, my mom leaves home with a note saying, "You're a pig!" Left behind, they're becoming real pigs, and their homes areWhen my mom comes back, she makes mistakes and shares housework to find happiness. Actually, the important thing here is that my mother is a working mother. After reading the book, I'm going to talk to my child about one thing or that. It was a great opportunity to think about what to do for the happiness of the family. A little consideration for each other makes a big difference! PS. I heard it's a must-read for a double-income dad.

    $oxy . 2019.04.16 02:05

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  • 식스틴나인(69)


    일전에 소개해드렸던 완득이가 성장 소설, 청소년 소설이라고 한다면 식스틴나인은 청춘 소설이라고 할 수 있습니다. 개인적으로는 무라카미 류의 소설 중 가장 좋아하는 소설이기도 하는데요. 무라카미 류의 자전적인 소설이라고 하는 식스틴나인은 1969년, 고등학생 시절을 보냈던 주인공 '겐'의 이야기 입니다. 겐은 학교와 사회라는 제도에 대한 반발과 기성세대에는 반항하는 결코 모범적인 학생이라 할 수는 없지만, 그렇다고 불량학생도 아닙니다. 오히려 게으르고 허풍만 가득찬 친구지요. 오로지 여자에게 잘 보이기 위한 생각만 하고 친구들 앞에선 괜히 쎈 척만 합니다. 거짓말에는 이미 도가 텄고 이때문에 친구들 사이에서는 영웅으로 비춰지기도 합니다. 겐은 자신이 좋아하는 여자를 위해서 학교에 바리케이트를 펼쳐 봉쇄합니다. 일종의 혁명을 일으킨 것인데, 이것이 순전히 여자에게 잘 보이기 위함이란 것을 겐의 친구들은 몰랐겠죠. 좋아하는 여자에게 멋있어 보이기 위해 보통사람이라면 상상할 수 없는 짓을 일으킨 무모함과 담대함이 1969년, 정말 유쾌하게 청춘을 보내고 있는 무라카미 류를 떠올리게 합니다. 좌충우돌 사건들로 청춘시절을 전력질주하는 겐의 1969년도의 시절은 무척 유쾌하고 즐겁기만 합니다. 소설의 말미에는 작가는 이렇게 말합니다. 즐겁게 살지 않는 것은 죄라고요. 청춘은 인생의 푸른 봄을 이야기 합니다. 우리의 봄날은 끝난걸까요? 아닙니다. 청춘은 분명 시절을 이야기하는 것이지만 나이를 뜻하지 않습니다. 우리의 맘이 푸른 봄과 같다면 언제나 청춘이지 않을까요 ^^

    $nilgo . 2019.04.15 22:01

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  • 싫은사람과 잘지내는법


    #펌글_하상욱 격한공감 이보다 더 좋은방법이 있다면 한말씀씩 부탁드립니다 ^^*

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