The Winner of Urban Music Concert








Congratulations on winning the seven minutes above.

Thanks to the support of many of the people who participated in the event, the tiger's energy has risen!!

I'll try harder.^^

If you win, please send me your username and real name by telegram personal mail.

I'm going to use it to share tickets on the spot.

Thank you!

#publicto #tookbook

The coffee man who always entertains us with a lot of events held an event for us!

Please leave a cheering message on the Publicito.

For a brief introduction to Urban Music concerts, see the links below.


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If you don't have an eos account yet, please join us.


"Gazoo in Gangnam with my friend! ”

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Organized by TOOKTOOK, MEET.Welcome to ONE sponsored New Year's Day event, which will start January 31.

TOOKTOOK, Pursuing Mass Adaptation,

EOS-based professional Wallet company MEET.ONE offers 1,000 free accounts to existing holders and friends to help them experience a somewhat unfamiliar and difficult EOS ecosystem for the public.

Please participate actively in EOS so that the ecosystem can grow. TOOKTOOK will continue to run Mass Adaptation Event with you.

the conditions of participation

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- TOOKTOOK Telegram Channel Address:

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How to Create a Free Account


📌 The free account creation code you applied for will be paid from 2/7 due to the Lunar New Year holiday, and those who applied will be paid immediately.


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  • 퍼블리토, 툭툭 응원합니다!


    $zzsshzz . 2019.02.12

  • 오메

    이걸 이제야 봤네요.

    초대할 사람 몇명 있었는데 아쉽네요. -_ㅠ

    $siro . 2019.02.12

  • 오옿

    좋은 정보나눔 ㅋㅋㅋ

    저의 관심과는 달라서 구경만 기웃기웃 ^^

    $gaundaepeace . 2019.02.10

  • 이런 이벤트도 있군요 ^^

    가끔 퍼블리토 텔레그램방에 가보는데 거기에서 뵌 커피맨님이네요 ㅎㅎ

    사라님 따뜻한 댓글과 좋은 정보 주셔서 매번 감사합니다♡

    $solmi45 . 2019.02.10

  • 늘 좋은 정보와 수고하심을 감사드려요


    $ruby . 2019.02.10

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    The PUBSTY Road event, which started on May 7, will close next Friday (May 31). Thank you very much. Thank you for keeping quiet, but because of lack of interim feedback, some people know that the event is over. I think it's forgotten by the other side of my memory, so I'll let you know again.^^ 1 Event Closing Date: May 31, 2019 23:59 2 Event content: 50,000 to 100,000 ink per day to post my own restaurant introduction - Posting less than 4 images: 50,000 ink - Posting 4 or more images: 70,000 Ink - Posting with images: 100,000 Ink 3 reward event: I will pay a reward to you for introducing a restaurant that makes me want to visit. - 1st prize: 5000 PUB - 2nd place: 3,000 PUB - 3rd place: 2000 PUB A total of 49 posts have been uploaded since the event's start date. Thank you for your interest in the Publicity Road event and for introducing your own hidden restaurants. Personally, I'd like to give you a quick reference to the selection criteria for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, regardless of the preference of my favorite food, and I'd like to give you an infinite positive score in the following cases. (1) In case you introduced your own restaurants that are not commonly known on the Internet (2) If you specifically explained how a menu is delicious (3) If you make it yourself (...... I'm) There's only a week left until May is over. Everyone, please do a good job of finishing the month of the month in a lively home, and please lead me to an unknown restaurant! :)

    $done . 2019.05.24 17:12

    15 thanks . 4,926.3916 PUB

  • Personal thoughts and wishes for Publication these days.


    Recently, the Publicity Team seems to be putting a lot of effort into launching a Publicity App into the iOS App Store. Although the app's build was completed in March 2019 or much earlier, it was mentioned that the developers who already had experience in distributing the app are working hard, saying, "It's an all-time evaluation because irregular reason for re-jigging occurs in various types." The schedule for iOS/Android simultaneous app distribution was originally scheduled for late March and early April, but it must be because of the strict screening standards of the app store. While the app's ability to communicate faster through its own notification function, and the UX's improvement in the touch of the app without having to use chrome or Dolphin browsers, I don't know if there will be any dramatic changes from the app launch. So, personally, we're looking forward to the launch of the "Local & Governance Functions based on free hashtags and hashtags." There are a lot of people who are thirsty for self-writing and editor functions, including alerting, superscripting, and comment-boating, but rather, they are desperate to provide a "playplace where users can operate on their own." Recent public appearances have shown a sharp decline in the number of active users. I think it's an intuitive reference point to measure the actual number of active users because it's exposed at the top of the main page. Just a few months ago, the posting that was posted to the feature received more than 100 thank-bots, but more than 40 thank-bots have not been recorded in the feature. (Maybe, the only posting that had more than 50 thank you was for your birthday was in May.) Of course, there are people who are constantly active regardless of what's on the list of features and thank-you-bots, but I'm sure many agree that the sharp decline in token prices and the number of active users is a danger sign that the app is losing its appeal as a fun play space. Perhaps the Publicity Team is preparing to deploy the app first according to the planned schedule and roadmap, derive updates from app usability feedback, improve UI/UX, and then introduce the hashtag community and governance capabilities. And you wouldn't have imagined that Apple's App Store would be so snobbish that it would be a drag on the Publicito team's schedule. So, the Publicist Team, which is waiting for the app store to be reviewed, and the People who are waiting for the release date after the app launch and the app distribution, are waiting for the time to come out, and the atmosphere is much lower than before. I personally sympathize with the idea that "PUBTON, the Telegram Community, needs utilities other than Thanks Power through steak," but at the same time, it's a difficult task to solve in a short period of time. And if it's not something that's completely surprising to the community, then maybe additional utilities should eventually be created by the community, by the community. Recently, another small and medium-sized community has sprung up in the local community, led by the community, and by the community. As a result, users are becoming more active than ever before, and the amount of posts uploaded is very high. Even though the Stimit Foundation didn't produce anything special. Now that I've had this experience, I think it would be good for Publicity to introduce "community and governance functions based on free hashtags and hashtags" as soon as possible. After all, SNS is the most important thing: "Inflow of new users + Economic Rewards Incentives for activities + Engagement and Communication," and users need to create a playground for them to enjoy themselves in a space called Publicity. It will be up to users to make new slides, seesaw, jungle gym etc. on the playground. While we've been running around and growing the Publitto Mountains, if we can create a new amusement park with plug-in support from other platforms, I hope it will become a bustling Publicity World. That's a long story. In a nutshell, I'm just saying, "Let me launch this app, this is an app store."

    $done . 2019.05.20 20:00

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  • [Announcing winners] Look who it is!


    친애하는 펍플 여러분, 혹시 이 이벤트 기억하고 계시나요?

 상금(인센티브) 획득을 위해서는 반드시 충족해야 하는 전제 조건들이 있습니다.
 • 전송 경험 미션 달성 
• 스테이킹 미션 달성
 • 텔래그램 한국어 채널과 영어 채널 둘 다 가입 유지

 여러분은 이 모든 것을 다 해낸 PUBple을 보고 계십니다. 

 이 PUBple들은 다재다능합니다. 우리들을 자랑스럽게 만들어 준 이름들이 여기 있습니다. 

여러분의 성원에 다시 한번 감사드립니다!

• 자격을 충족한 유저에 대한 상금은 인당 850 PUB 입니다. 
• 상금은 모든 미션에 대한 조건들이 충족된 경우여야만 가능합니다.
 • 상금은 당첨자에게 순차적으로 도네이션 됩니다. • 전송 미션을 완수한 상위 유저 10명에 대한 보너스는 별도로 지급될 예정입니다. Dear PUBple: Do you happen to remember this? To qualify for prizes(Incentives), It has certain prerequisites that must be met.
 • Transferring Experience mission accomplished.

 • Keeping Staking mission accomplished. 
• Staying in Telegram chat KR and EN.

 You’re looking at the PUBple who’s really done it all
. Thumbs up!
 These PUBple are a jack of all trades. There’s a lot of names which we are proud. Thank you again for your support!

•The Prize for mission accomplishment is 850 PUB per person. 

•This works only if all mission meets specified conditions.
•The Prize will be donated to his or her PUBLYTO account sequentially.
 •The Top 10 users’ bonus for transferring mission will be donated separately.

    $publyto . 2019.05.13 22:03

    23 thanks . 61,709.9813 PUB

  • [NUMBER]Collecting numbers


    What hobbies do you have? business trip travel everyday, etc. I've taken a small number of pictures. I don't think it was a big deal. It's fun to pile up one by one. I remember that moment.

    $n4plan . 2019.05.12 21:48

    24 thanks . 10,295.1904 PUB

  • Creative, Coconut Climber


    how to climb coconut tree

    $fattah . 2019.05.07 19:50

    2 thanks . 24.8404 PUB

  • my child loves playing with animals


    영일이네 프리미엄 토스트 가오픈이라 출동^^ 집근처라 자주 사먹을듯..내입맛에 딱 미르입맛에도 딱인지 잘받아먹네 ㅎㅎ 글구 미르는 파티가 안무섭나봥..너보다 크당 진짜 테그42 대박나서 김회장 되길 ...

    $hyun . 2019.05.02 10:49

    5 thanks . 153.0089 PUB

  • Publyto's Competitive Market Wants to Build Living and Breathing Governance


    0) I write. There have been recent incidents that have caused problems, such as self-voting of meaningless posts by some users using Publicto and stealing accounts. Also, the continued price drop of the PUB token has prompted some users to leave the platform. It's a little late, but I'd like to write down some opinions. Of course, this is not a proposal to solve this problem, but I write to give an opinion on what is a must-think issue. Of course, this is not the final stage the Publyto team is planning, and I don't think it's any closer. The introduction of advertising revenue and the introduction of governance have not really begun, and if properly designed, we expect that much of the current problems will be solved naturally. However, the opinions of not only developers but also our users' communities will be important in the design of these systems. So, I want to make a topic to think about in the community. 1) Competition in the content market: Differentiate the profits of content and curating I diagnose all this as "a lack of competition in the good content market." Currently, consuming good content is open to everyone, and you can choose whether to spray INK on it or not. Even if you don't have to spray INK on good contents, and if you put a lot of INK on poor contents, there's no harm from being a curator. In other words, the ink-spraying behavior of market participants should be entirely dependent on altruistic behavior that considers the public good of the community, and there is no risk of ink-spraying behavior on poor content. You can get a curating benefit by applying ink on any article, and self-voting, second, has no incentive for the PUB stacking whale to spend enough time to put ink on good writing. This is because the stack of PUB stacking decimal holders and bulk holders differs in the amount of INK, but the time given is the same. (While it has nothing to do with the gist of this article, I personally hope to increase the INK accumulation time and reward cycle.) The quality of the content, not the quality of which the curator receives the specified curating compensation for the amount of INK sprayed on it, should not result in a single reward or a large reward. It is necessary to evaluate the quality of content in a way that is chosen naturally by markets such as advertising revenue rather than uniform methods that receive a lot of INK. Of course, I think it is impossible to create an objective way of assessing which content is empathetic, conformable to the public interest, and impress many people. Everyone's opinion is different, so there is no guarantee that content that gets a lot of INK or that it gets a lot of good content. In addition to advertising revenue, creative and innovative ways may emerge for content to be selected for the market in blockchain-based SNS dApps. This is what our community needs to think about. 2) Application other than curating: business using PUB token, investment activation Consider adding utility functions other than curating the use of large amounts of PUB tokens. Not all publyto users bought PUB tokens for the purpose of producing or curating content. Man is an economic beneficiary, and cannot be prevented by not using it for pure curating purposes, and there is nothing to be gained by selling it as greedy. Placing a limit on the maximum amount of INK in a token, weakening the INK influence on one account, and imposing sanctions on self-voting itself are not seen as desirable solutions. It may be a temporary stopgap, or a method vulnerable to Sybil attack. Restricting the maximum amount of tokens or INK is an exploitative act that does not respect private property rights, which ultimately only increases the downward pressure on token prices. The possibilities are endless, but the PUB token should be used to create a user that will have a positive impact on the publyto ecosystem and at the same time (by increasing the number of PUB tokens by leaps and bounds). That is, based on the PUB, we can think of free markets such as advertising and data businesses that will meet the needs of users. Of course, it would be better to think about what type of business the community can do on a publyto basis. (You may think of it as a publicto platform-based dApp, but you don't necessarily call it "dApp" because you don't want to restrict the type of business.) If the market is opened for a person with business skills within the community to do business within the publyto ecosystem, naturally the demand for PUB tokens will increase, which is expected to be a chain reaction that will attract new publyto users. Since initial demand for PUB tokens will be much needed to start a Publicto-based business, I think a token loan/staging power rental market will also be needed to facilitate token financing. If loan/lending markets and governance systems exist at the same time, the PUB token bulk holder believes that it will make a reasonable choice of using the loan market rather than spraying INK on poor content, even at the risk of being reimbursed by the ombudsman of community governance. If interest income in the rental market is greater than spreading INK on poor content, it would be much more reasonable and less risky to rent a token. 3) Introduction of Governance: Creating a Fair Market and Ensuring Public Interest In fact, although we share the need to introduce governance, we do not think that it should be used as a tool to judge the quality of content. Personally, the government of the country needs its function, but the least it does, the more desirable it is to leave economic activity to market autonomy. Whether or not content is judged by quality should not be the role of ombudsman, but the basic principle should be to leave users' autonomous judgment and market demand to them. Nevertheless, there are areas where minimum functionality is required but governance is introduced. It is the creation of a content market that guarantees fair competition and the guarantee of public interest across the publyto platform. While we will create a written agreement, such as the community's constitution, to build governance, we should aim to ensure the above two areas. What is an unfair market? Unauthorized theft of other people's content will be a prime example. The revenue from content should not be reimbursed immediately upon the reporting of simple users, but should be fully reviewed and re-enacted by a third party (i.e., an ombudsman) that has been reported with sufficient evidence. (So I think INK accumulation time and reward cycle should be increased sufficiently.) What is the case of harming the public interest of Publiclyto? A case in point would be the case where publicto users and market participants would harm the entire user of the service for the benefit of the individual. There are spamming posts (adults, illegal videos) that are unrelated to the topic and supporting INK for spamming. Naturally, the ombudsman should take sufficient time to examine whether he violates public interest and make a ruling based on the constitutional/user rules agreed by the community, not on the ombudsman's arbitrary judgment. In other words, ombudsman is not directly assessing the quality of content, but is only in charge of determining and executing whether or not the community has violated predetermined standards. 4) Conclusions and summaries To summarize the above article, it is as follows. a. A competitive system should be introduced in which the wrong curating can result in not a penny of PUB tokens and, in some cases, huge profits from curating to good content. Depending on the activity, "quality carrots" may be obtained or not received at all, rather than giving "bad carrots" to all users. b. Publyto-based business and investment revitalization will increase the demand for PUB tokens, creating a chain reaction that attracts new users. It serves as a "party" to attract outsiders. c. The introduction of fundamental governance is required prior to the revenue activity by using the platform. That's because the role should be minimal as possible, but ensure a fair market and public interest. It serves as a "catch" for negative use by users. Reading the whole article, we did not provide accurate solutions and guidelines, but wrote down what basically needed to be kept to solve problems facing the community. In large summary, the competitive system of content, the market and investment activation, and the introduction of governance.

    $eaglekeeneye . 2019.05.01 11:28

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    *Telegram* English - Korean - *Medium* *Twitter* *Youtube* *Instagram* *Koreos* 퍼블리토의 다양한 이벤트, 빠른 소식을 만나실 수 있습니다! You can meet various events and fast news from PUBLYTO!

    $sara . 2019.05.01 00:18

    26 thanks . 4,467.1801 PUB

  • #The time of the perfect day


    Saturday New Year #Go Seoul #Special meeting # Good people # Delicious coffee # Awesome restaurant # To all of you... #

    $maxmax . 2019.04.29 11:04

    2 thanks . 589.6863 PUB

  • #curator April Closing & Starting May


    The curators who have been staked out by me will continue until April. As a result, I will inform you about the curator activities that will continue in May. Curator activities may have individual differences, but require significant physical and mental exhaustion. I would like to thank those who share this burden. * Maintaining ✓ If a person who is currently working as a curator leaves a comment as "maintenance" on the comment list, it will continue to be active in May. It will not be unpacked. ✓ In this case, the quantity remains at 200,000 PUB. * Exit ✓ If you leave a comment with "Exit" on the comment list, it will be unpacked at 00:00 on May 1. ✓ If there is no comment during April, so is the case. ✓ If you leave an end comment in the middle of the activity before the end of May, perform an unpack check immediately. * Recommendation You can recommend $id for the comment title. What's different from the previous one is that you decide whether to stay or not through subjective judgment when the recommendation is received, not for the purpose of counting. ✓ From now on, you can recommend it at any time during May. ✓ If recommended by another user, check that you are finally "accepted" when the steak is determined. ✓ Recommendations may determine the amount of stockings available depending on the situation. * If INK is used in your article, unstay the corresponding quantity. * Do not use INK for my writing during the curator activity (including this article) #publicto #pixabe #curator

    $teo . 2019.04.28 19:39

    27 thanks . 9,431.8493 PUB

  • Proposal of Token Compensation Policy Using Collective Intelligence


    The question of how blockchain-based SNS allocates the percentage of rewards for activity and content uploads and for queuing seems to result in "more rewards for the authors' efforts to focus on content uploads" or "more rewards for the investment risks of investors who have invested heavily in their own funds." In every investment market, there has always been a debate about self-boating or cross-boating since Stimet, because I can end up in Kryptosin, where the volatility of P (value of assets = P X Q) is very high, by increasing the amount of capital I have invested on the basis of Q. In this article, I would like to leave out the issue of the compensation ratio for author compensation vs. curating compensation, and I would like to suggest a personal opinion that I have considered how limited author compensation can be allocated more efficiently and effectively. Before the full-fledged proposal, I would like to say that this kind of compensation policy also needs to be supplemented further because it could cause another problem, such as "small boat fixing" and "Abeoring using an automatic boatbot," as foreign friends are doing in the Karma ecosystem. If you have a better idea, it would be nice if you could suggest a more efficient proposal or a supplement.^^ What I'd like to propose is a token reward policy that leverages collective intelligence in the community. In Stimit, but in the end, users selected by so-called "whale" token holders who hold huge tokens, or those token holders, are most likely to self-boost themselves, and the whale is the most profitable and the relative deprivation of other users. Because a small number of whales have a much more powerful boat power than hundreds or thousands of plankton, content that many users sympathize with is often quietly buried. So, "The more active users get the boat, the more rewards they get," is the starting point for this idea. For example, consider the following situations: Today, only four people -- A, B, C and D -- uploaded posts, and they received thank-you notes: - A: 2,000,000 INK (received from 10 people) - B : 10,000 INK (received from two waffles including self-boating) - C : 600,000 INK (received from 30 people) - D : 7,400,000 INK (received from 8 people) In this situation, let's say we have 40,000 PUBTOKEN REWORDs assigned to today's Posting REWords. The PUB tokens received from A to D are as follows when complying with the current standard (not quite sure about the exact current compensation calculation formula). - A : 40,000 x (2,000/20,000,000) = 4,000 PUB - B : 40,000 x (100,000/20,000,000) = 20,000 PUB - C : 40,000 x (600,000/20,000,000) = 1,200 PUB - D : 40,000 x (7400,000/20,000,000) = 14,800 PUB ※ Here, 20,000,000 is the sum of INK received from A to D. However, if you apply a nominal Community Collective Intelligence Index to determine compensation, you can: Let's assume that the reward quantity is 40,000 as shown above. CCII denominator = (22,000,000 x 10) + (10,000 x 2) + (600,000 x 30) + (740,000 x 8) = 117,200,000 CCII Index by User - A : (22,000,000 x 10) / 117,200,000 = 17.06% - B : (100,000 x 2) / 117,200,000 = 17.06% - C : (600,000 x 30) / 117,200,000 = 15.36% - D : (7400,000 x 8) / 117,200,000 = 50.52% Therefore, the reward from A to D is - A : 40,000 x 17.06% = 6,824 PUB - B : 40,000 x 17.06% = 6,824 PUB - C : 40,000 x 15.36% = 6,144 PUB - D : 40,000 x 50.52% = 20,288 PUB In the end, the amount of dungtsink itself was small, but the A, C and D, which received more thanks from more people, received more compensation than before, and the quantity of dungsink was higher, but B, who received thanks from a few whales, got less than before. However, this method of calculating method has a fatal drawback that can cause problems such as unintended community collusion among countries that speak a particular language, adoring by creating multi-accounts and utilizing boatbots, and small boat fixing. If you have a better idea to solve these problems, I would like you to come up with more ideas. :)

    $done . 2019.04.24 21:33

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  • the story of a small town


    Once upon a time there was a village full of fertile rice paddies and fields, where everyone lived well in abundance and peace. Located in a sunny place, the village boasted fertile land, warm sunshine, moderate temperatures, and weather that were so good for crops to grow, but most of all, it was full of abundant varieties that no other village could see, as each member grew their own know-how with much affection on the crops. Then one day, a man who has been to a faraway neighborhood said, "I've learned a new method of cultivation that I've never seen before from a neighboring village, and it's a great technology," and he suggested that we apply this new technology to make our village a more affluent one. The first thing Mr. Park started with was to spend a lot of money to buy rice paddies and fields for his neighbors. I didn't have enough money, but I was convinced that it was a really good technology and a technology that would lead my village to become more affluent, so I could borrow a penny or two from my friends around me and have such a large piece of land. The day of the first harvest is just around the corner. Clearly, the crops that Mr. Kong learned from the techniques that he grew did not require much people's hands, but they were of better quality and better yield. Mr. Kong's crops, which are good taste and cheaper, have become very popular with the villagers, so Mr. Park has become a celebrity who has made our town a more affluent town, and he continues to expand his land with the money he earns. The representative specialty and pride of our village is cabbage. Uncle Dong, who has the widest cabbage patch in our village, is the best gold medalist and asset-maker. In fact, he was born into one of the richest families in Daeson Village and liked to hold occasional feasts and to give out delicious food to his neighbors. However, I was worried that there was no effective way to deal with the disease after two years of famine. Mr. Dong saw the cabbages growing in his field grow well without any problems, and he wondered what the new technology he had learned. Dong's uncle takes over the fields next door with the money he has been saving so hard. In fact, I was convinced that it would work really well because I saw a great harvest of Mr. Kong's this time So, the specialty of our village, cabbage, has tripled in production compared to last year, and while it is cheap, the taste is so good that the people in the remote neighborhood have come and bought it, too, and Gong and Dong are sitting on the money cushion. The two men, eager to expand their businesses, continued to expand their businesses with the goal of making our town one of the most famous "bachu villages" in the country. Our village was crowded with many customers from outside, and Mr. Che, the fruit merchant, became very rich. When I think about that time, it seemed like our village would be full of rich and happy things. About two years later, the crisis came to our village, where cabbage harvests seemed to make us happy. In fact, many of the rice fields in our village have been changed into fields, and the production of rice has started to fall sharply due to lack of arable land, and some birds have had to buy and eat rice from the next village, and the neighboring village has raised the price of rice by saying that there is not enough for the villagers. To make matters worse, the quality of cabbages produced this year has been poor for two years in a row, and Gong and Dong recorded huge deficits. I tried to sell the cabbage with a big cut in the price of it, but it was also not easy. In the end, growing crops in our village, where the balance of crops has been falling and productivity has been falling dramatically, has become too difficult, and last month, Uncle Jung, a tea farmer, moved to the southern village. And this month, Shin, who was the only man in town who was farming alone, is moving to his hometown. And today is the day my family moved to Gangwon-do. Our village, which was a very ungrateful place, Where did it go wrong?

    $done . 2019.04.24 20:36

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  • How to use the PUBLYTO.


    Hi! Welcome to the PUBLYTO!😊 We have prepared for those who are not familiar with using PUBLYTO. Check out the Google Docs below. Do you have any more questions?🤔🤔 If so, please leave a comment! I will add it to your question. Thank you!:) 안녕하세요! 퍼블리토에 오신 것을 환영합니다.😊 아직 퍼블리토를 사용하는데 익숙하지 않은 분들을 위해 준비했습니다. 아래 구글 문서를 확인하세요. 더 궁금하신 게 있으신가요?🤔🤔 그럼 댓글로 남겨 주세요! 남겨주신 사항을 토대로 추가해나가겠습니다. 감사합니다.

    $sara . 2019.04.22 13:43

    33 thanks . 6,483.1584 PUB

  • Check this out


    "부지런한 퍼플은 PUB을 가져갑니다." "The early pubple catches the PUB." ⭐️ . . For those who participated in the event . . #publyto#mission#Community#Airdrop#hurryup

    $publyto . 2019.04.13 17:58

    21 thanks . 192,170.0890 PUB

  • Mission for Community Airdrop qualifier!


    안녕하세요! 펍플여러분! "Community Airdrop" 이벤트의 미션을 완료하신 분들께 에어드랍이 완료되었습니다. (첫 이벤트에 요건 충족하신 분들) 여기에 깜짝 미션이 숨어 있습니다!! 퍼블리토는 EOS계정이나 스캐터가 없어도 'wallet' 메뉴에서 PUB 전송이 가능합니다! 특히, 새로운 퍼블리토 유저분들이 토큰 전송 기능을 체험해 보실 수 있도록 미션을 준비했습니다. 총 3회차(850*3)로 PUB이 여러분의 지갑에 충전된 것을 확인하셨을 겁니다. 이벤트 수량(850PUB)을 제외하고 남은 수량을 두 가지 방법으로 보내주세요. *미션 수행기한은 현 시각부터 16일(PST기준)까지입니다. 한국시간으로 17일 오후 5시까지* 기한내 미션 수행자 중 선착순으로 10분 보너스 추가!! 1~2위: 500PUB 3~5위: 300PUB 6~10위: 200PUB 1. 850PUB을 publytoremit으로 Transfer (이오스 계정에 전송하는 체험) 2. 850PUB을 $publyto으로 Transfer (퍼블리토 $id에 전송하는 체험) *MEMO에는 'Community Airdrop Mission'을 적어주세요. 이제 퍼블리토 'wallet' 체험을 하러 떠나볼까요?~ ----------- Hi! For those who have completed the mission of "Community Airdrop" Air drop is completed. (Those who fulfilled the requirements for the first event) The surprise mission is hidden here !! The publyto do not need an EOS account or a Scatter. You can send PUB from 'wallet' menu! In particular, we have prepared a mission so that new publyto can experience the token transfer function. You have confirmed that the PUB has been charged to your wallet three times in total (850 * 3). Please send the remaining quantity in two ways except for the quantity of events (850PUB). * The duration of the mission is 16 days (PST). It is 5 pm on the 17th in Korea time. * Ten first-come-first-served members have a completed mission bonus. 1~2place: 500PUB 3-5place: 300PUB 6~10place: 200PUB 1. Transfer 850PUB to publytoremit (Experience transferring to EOS account) 2. Transfer 850PUB to $ publyto (Experience transferring to publyto $ id) * Please write 'Community Airdrop Mission' at MEMO. Now let's go to experience~ #mission#publyto #community#airdrop#pubple

    $publyto . 2019.04.13 17:38

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  • [Longboard Free Lecture Guide] Let's invite Mr. Chaplain!


    Longboard's on now! Many people are already applying for classes, so let them know! 1. Location: Waterfront under the fountain in Ttuk Textile Zone (you'll let me know if you can find out more) 2. Age: Recommended for elementary school students and above! Elementary school~ We have a separate underage class! Those of you who have kids are so tough. 3. Time: Free: Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m. (children') 4-6 o'clock adult class If you want to ride with your child, take 2 to 4:00 together! 4. Cost: Free! Longboard rental! Instead, make sure to wear flat shoes ( tennis shoes, convertible shoes, board shoes) without heels! It's a little dangerous! You can bring your own water and a mask. Hah! 5. What should I do? Kakaotalk ID: custom board Please search for and inquire! The owner of the shop associated with our crew will receive it! ------- I hope you have a lot of interest! Young people say not anymore, but interested people! And if you have kids and want to do something amazing on the weekend! I look forward to asking a lot of questions and participation! If you come to take a lesson, I can see it, too!

    $levi . 2019.04.13 11:49

    18 thanks . 3,006.3444 PUB

  • Infinite Possibility of Custom Hashtag


    The other day, it was mentioned in the Publicisto Telegram Room that "the current category system will be replaced by a free custom hashtag." Now, if you're going to call up Instagram or YouTube video from Publicito, write down a title, choose one of the categories that's created in the system, and then write the body of the posting, "Castum hashtag" is a way that users can freely write the desired expression where they want. For those who are already using Instagram, it's a very familiar feature. After the #mark, the uploaded content is automatically categorized and searched according to words that users freely have written. Of course, the downside is that you can't collect posts by category, which is set by a single click, but personally, the "Castum hashtag" would be an incredibly powerful update in terms of the enhanced "search" function. (Currently, if you haven't printed a bookmark of what you've read in advance, it's very difficult to search within the publishing platform if you don't remember the user ID of that posting.) In addition, according to the publicist team's prediction, this custom hashtag will perform functions of "classification," "search" as well as "community" unlike traditional social media. That means there's a "collipop" in the Publicito platform. The Publicisto team is planning a token-inomi that will give the community advertising rights, apply BMs to ensure profitability, and link some of its revenue to PUBTOK's deflation. In addition, there is a long-term vision to develop each community's operations into a de-centralized autonomous community (DAC) where members of the community members. The launch of the Public mobile app, the introduction of the writing editor, and the function of the Daesung letter are certainly updates that many users are waiting for, but personally, we are looking forward to the introduction of the Custom hashtag. When a specific user is hosting the event on their own, paste a hashtag "#PUBEVENT" or "#DONEEVENT"! It's because when you make a proposal like this, you can just bring together the content that's coming up with that hashtag and create a kind of "congratulatory space" for each individual who's familiar with or interested in a topic that they're interested in a lot of. While most people are still busy communicating and wetting each other's ink so that the INK can't dry up, individuals who are having difficulty curating due to personal reasons may be able to delegate their PUBT to "operators leading the hashtag consumption to their own interests" or "communities that guarantee a fixed return on a certain kind of queuing." If you're going to lead a community that deals with a particular topic within Publicito, or if you're going to advertise your business to a lot of users, you're going to be able to come up with a kind of BM like "INK Funding and Curating Service." Part of the main page will be used as a "space where the fees paid by communities for main page exposure are incinerated." Just as Turtle wrote the title "Posting from the Future"( I think the day that my posting will be selected on Peachtart's main page will come when it becomes a kind of Lotto ᄒᄒᄒᄒ We look forward to getting the Custom Hashtag update as soon as possible, and we look forward to launching a Publicity Metropolis full of consumables covering a wide range of topics. :)

    $done . 2019.04.08 17:52

    27 thanks . 1,675.0546 PUB

  • Yamche Park


    This is a car that I often see when I go to work in the morning. I know it's a lot of parking, but why do you park in India like that?You look like you. He's standing in that car blocking the sidewalk. I can barely pass one person, but in front of the elementary school...There's a public parking lot down there...Not a day or two.From now on, I hope you will refrain from...;;

    $bluenimf . 2019.04.08 07:10

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  • How about this one?


    I'm putting on a new posting screen on the Publication start screen. To keep as many acquaintances as possible.Haha I'm sorry that you couldn't give me a lot of ink, but... I've been posting since I joined Steamit. I'd like to visit as many people as possible. (The reason for accepting TEO's event is to share ink with new subscribers.) It's not that hard to see a new posting. You can access the address below using your favorite. ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- I hope many of you will welcome not only your existing followers but also new subscribers.^^

    $silverknight . 2019.04.05 13:00

    33 thanks . 2,202.2310 PUB

  • Honeytip for PUBLYTO ^_^


    Here's a honeytip that becomes a famous Pubple.^^ Of course, Publicito Asay is what I'm saying. I don't know if it's credible, but try to cheat. First of all, I'll tell you what I've been feeling. The number of ink received varies significantly, even though the posting has been consistently posted. Why? Maybe it's because they're very good analysts, or because they post good information that everyone can relate to. Of course there are some reasons for that, but I don't think that's all of it is. I don't think we can all be great content creators. On the contrary, I think most of them write small daily stories and write down their thoughts. But even similar stories have different reactions. Where does that come from? The answer is obvious. Communication. I think it's the most important thing in the community ecosystem to communicate with each other rather than to act unilaterally. You can often see people who keep posting and don't even look at other people's posts. Most of the people in Publicito are giving ink to many of them for good. In my case, it's so small that I don't visit again if you don't come to me or visit me again. The human mind is so simple. It's good to post a good article. First, give someone else's comments and ink. ^^ When communication starts, the Publyto becomes 10 times more fun. This is a honeytip that becomes famous pubple. In fact, it's Ha So-yeon, who's upset about people who don't come to me.Haha

    $nilgo . 2019.04.04 00:39

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  • ➕ new indicators


    커뮤니티는 어울림으로 진화합니다. 우리네 인생도 그렇죠. 새장보다 숲 속에 있는 새가 더 높이 날 수 있습니다. Social media evolves with the power of 'together'. Maybe our life is the same. Birds in the woods can fly much higher than cages. #publyto #together #now #you #pubple

    $publyto . 2019.04.02 18:33

    31 thanks . 13,069.0250 PUB

  • 포스팅의 주인은 누구인가?


    계정 주인이 포스팅을 올렸다. 다른이가 그 포스팅에 보팅을 했다. 다른이가 그 포스팅에 댓글을 달았다. 다른이의 행동으로 인해 첫 화면에 표시되었다. 더욱 많은 사람들이 그 글에 보팅과 댓글을 달았다. 이 때 이 포스팅의 주인은 누구인가? 물론 본문 텍스트의 수정 권한은 저자에게 있다. 원안이 변경되지 않는 범위에서 매끄럽게 수정하는것은 별 문제가 되지 않는다. 그런데 포스팅을 삭제 해 버린다면? ********************************** 포스팅을 하고 난 후... 그 포스팅의 주인은 계속 저자인가? 저자는 보팅 및 댓글이 붙어있는 포스팅의 삭제 권한이 있는가? ********************************* 스팀은 보팅/댓글을 받은 글은 삭제할 수 없습니다. 아무것도 받기 전에는 삭제 가능 하고요... 수정도 가능하나 과거 변경 이력 모두 추적 가능 합니다. 퍼블은 현재 땡스 계시물의 삭제가 가능 합니다. 저자의 권한은 어느정도가 적절한지 한번 생각 해 보게 됩니다.

    $silverknight . 2019.04.02 12:19

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  • Community Airdrop for Pubple!


    PUBLYTO(퍼블리토) 커뮤니티 에어드랍 이벤트 PUBLYTO에서 Community Airdrop을 준비했습니다. 오픈베타서비스 활성화를 위해 힘써주신 펍플 여러분의 노고에 감사하는 마음과, 더불어 새롭게 승선하게 될 뉴비 분들을 모두 함께 환영하고 응원하자는 취지로 기획되었습니다. [개요] • 주제: PUBLYTO Community Airdrop • 기간 : 2019년 4월 1일(월) - 2019년 4월 8일(월) 24:00 • 에어드랍 일자: 4월 12일(금) • 수량 : 인당 850 PUB • 전체지급규모(한도): 1,000,000 PUB *선착순 • 자격 : PUBLYTO의 ENG/KOR 텔레그램(( , 및 가입자 • 신청방식: 본 공지 게시물(의 댓글로 신청 [상세절차] # 국내/외 퍼블리토 텔레그램( , 에 가입인사 # 본 공지게시물(의 댓글 제목에 본인의 텔레그램 ID 기재 # 본 공지게시물(의 댓글 본문에 이벤트 기간 중 올린 본인의 게시물 URL 기재 예시) - 댓글제목: KOR @publyto / ENG @publyto - 댓글본문: [인센티브] 도네이션 받은 850 PUB을 전량 정기예치(Staking)하고 4월 12일부터 5월 12일까지 1개월간 유지하면 850 PUB 추가지급 [유의사항] • Airdrop은 의 donate 기능을 통해 순차적으로 에어드랍합니다. • 텔레그램은 국내/외(ENG/KOR) 커뮤니티에 모두 가입해야 합니다. • publyto.com의 대표계정 하나만 인정합니다. 복수계정은 스크리닝 봇으로 걸러내어 대상에서 제외합니다. • 게시물은 이벤트 기간 내에 등록된 것이어야 합니다. • 게시물 중 타인의 이미지 또는 저작물을 사용하시는 경우 반드시 출처를 남겨주세요. • 인센티브는 5월 12일자 Staking 잔고를 기준으로 평가하여 지급합니다. • 이벤트의 모든 해석권은 퍼블리토에 있습니다. [Tips] • 가입방법: • 포스팅방법: --- PUBLYTO Community Airdrop Event PUBLYTO starts Community Airdrop for Pubple. We have prepared for you 'Pubple' who has helped to stabilize open beta service for several months. We also want to welcome and support newbie all together. [Summary] • What: PUBLYTO Community Airdrop • Start: APR 1st, 3:00 pm KST (UTC +09: 00) • End: APR 8th, 24:00 pm KST (UTC +09: 00) • Airdrop Date: April 12 • Quantity: 850 PUB per person • Maximum quantity: 1,000,000 PUB * First-come-first-served basis. • Qualification: PUBLYTO ENG/KOR telegram and member • How to apply: Please fill in the comments on this post ( [Details] # Say hello to all PUBLYTO telegram communities (, # Leave your telegram ID in the subject line of this post's ( comment. # Leave only one post URL in the body of the comment on this post ( e.g.) - Title on comment: KOR @publyto / ENG @publyto - Body on comment: [Incentivizing program] Additional donation of 850 PUB. Please keep all donated 850 PUB for 1 month from April 12th to May 12th. [Notice] • Airdrop will be sent sequentially using the donate feature of • Telegram should join both ENG and KOR communities. • Only one representative account on will be accepted. Multiple accounts are filtered out by our screening bot. • The post must be posted within the event period. • Please leave a source of images or works of others. • The incentive is based on the May 12 staking balance. • All interpretation rights of the event are on PUBLYTO, the organizer. [Tips] • How to join • How to post : #publyto #pubple #airdrop #pub

    $publyto . 2019.04.01 15:08

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  • Direction of Activities Based on Theo's April Curation Support


    I won Theo's curation support event again. I'd like to thank all the people who recommended me. During the last month's presentation, I was worried and had a hard time because it didn't go as planned. So I thought about whether I should do it or not. But I love your recommendation and publicisto, so I decided to go ahead. Last month, we assigned categories and curated them, but there weren't many articles in those categories. I don't know when it's going to be, but I don't think we need to activate the old category because the category function is going to disappear in the future. So, for now, we're going to do this in the following way. 1. Support for curators who have won the event together - As long as the conditions for the restriction are limited by self-inkating.. Not much, but I'll be more careful than others. - I don't know if there are any restrictions on self-inkating for those who have been designated in addition to the 8 minutes that you won the event. Fortunately, everyone is on my subscription list. ^^ 2. I think I can give more ink to people on my subscription list than before. 3. I'll check the latest comments every time I log on and curate to those who aren't on my subscription list. - I will also pay special attention to alienated people. We're going to proceed with the curations on the above terms, but I don't think we're going to be able to make interim reports based on the statistics as we've done before. Please keep an eye on me from now on. Once again, I'd like to thank Theo and many others. #Publito Theo won the curation support event

    $peterpa . 2019.04.01 14:39

    11 thanks . 245.4126 PUB

  • Theo's final settlement of the #Persleyto curation.


    I finished the curation that Theo applied for last night. I told you that I preferred certain categories of writing during the first time, but I think it was too much. I think it was hard to find another category because there weren't many postings in the category that I chose. It's an accurate analysis, as you'd expect from the Publicito team, I'm sure the writings in my chosen category were not the preferred category, or I've often posted them without specifying the exact category. The Publicito team is planning to remove the category from now on and switch to Trying to curate a particular category has become a bit pointless. I think I've met a lot of new people through this curation. ) I put it on the list of song subscribers. ^^ I would like to thank Theodore for his last settlement. We will continue to communicate with many people through ink and comments. Thank you. #Perslito #Currection

    $peterpa . 2019.03.29 03:17

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  • Specialist curator, I'd like to suggest one more time.


    Every user chooses one of the professional curators and creators. A professional curator recently proposed a proposal for a compensation rate of 66.7% for curating. Some people seem to misunderstand, but this system doesn't benefit whales. We're trying to find a way to help all of the ecosystems by curbing the whale's excessive selfishness of The professional curator system is likely to increase the rewards of creators. As you all know, the current compensation ratio is: Creator: Curator = 75: 25%. Some people think there's a 25% rate of compensation for curating. However, there are many users who think that the rate of compensation for curating is I don't think this rate is reasonable either. Whales that are not satisfied with this rate are self-boting. The problem is that some whale cell phones go too far. The visible self-bot ratio may not be all. When you create a sub-account and 'share the ink' with each other, it looks like the ink rate you give to others is increasing. The current self-bot ratio does not reflect this. Some people say, "The whale should give up its greed." That's right. However, there may be a difference in degree, but all users are doing SNS in hopes of compensation. You have to admit this. This doesn't mean that users should admit their excessive selfishness. We're trying to find a way to be systemically beneficial to everyone. There's also concern that professional curators can spray ink and reward anywhere without reading. However, a whale curator who has invested a lot of money seems more likely to ink while searching for valuable articles, even to increase the value of his own token. Rather, under the current system, the practice of sharing ink only with those who are close to them is justified. A professional curator can't receive ink, so she doesn't have to do any collusive ink sharing. There is a constant supply of 펍 tokens to the market today. The supply routes vary, but the problem is that they seem to be less in demand than in supply. The professional curator system is expected to meet some of these needs. Investors who are attracted to professional curators can be new to the public. I'm sure some of the original creative publishers choose professional curators. The self-bot ratio of users who choose their creators without registering as professional curators is limited to 20%. All users then have to choose a professional curator, go to the creator's way of limiting the cellbot rate to 20%, or choose between them. If a professional curator deviates from his or her activities, such as creating a creative subaccount, he or she will also be able to consider taking all the compensation back. A professional curator system can be a realistic alternative that everyone can 'win'.

    $goodsea5 . 2019.03.28 22:17

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  • a group of journalists


    In the past, newspapers and broadcasters monopolized the media. That's why it's always noisy in every administration, and I don't think it's there now. But now, with the development of various media, the channel seems to be diversifying. (Trump also spits on Twitter.) When I saw a Publicito for a few months, I think it's a great way for a progressive journalist to get his ideas out of the power of capital and write articles. (Conservative media could follow later.) Now, if there's a politician on YouTube, then the focus is on writing, then the Publicito, who has a strong point in writing, is to think that it's going to be the right medium for journalists. I'm looking forward to a new social networking site rather than being tied to any existing media. P.S. please hurry up.~^^

    $choiyongwoon . 2019.03.27 16:43

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  • Secrets of Publicity Subscriptions List


    It's not a big secret, but I'm writing because I want to tell you about the subscription list. When I first started Publicito, I started to subscribe to the person I knew in Devil and the person I knew in Steam. And the people who gave me the ink in my article also worked hard to add it to the subscription list. Whenever I had time, I went to the subscription list and read in order, and I was giving a little bit of ink. And then one day, I felt a little strange. Even though I'm looking at the list of subscribers, sometimes I read a recent article because I have a strange ID even though I'm subscribing. We also visit the subscriber list from top to bottom, and the last part of the list is a strange change. And then I found out that the list of subscribers in the last part was gone. So when you subscribe to an additional new 펍ple, the last 펍ple on the subscription list disappears. So when I inquired because I thought there was a bug, I got the following reply. "As you said, the current subscription list is limited to 100 and not all subscribers appear. We are going to proceed with the related modifications. We'll make the update and post a notice as soon as possible." I can only see 100 subscription lists. I think I subscribed too hard. How many others are registered on the subscription list? I used my subscription list to visit other people, but I'm sorry that there are some people who are inadvertently missing. I'm going to wait and see, but I'm going to have to figure out what to do in the meantime. #Publito #Publyto

    $peterpa . 2019.03.27 02:09

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  • We recommend curators!!!


    For those who received staking from me, it will be unstaked at 00:00 on Friday, March 29. I would like to make a new proposal accordingly. This is a selection of curators based on community recommendations. 1. If you write $id on "The Title of the Letter," it's automatically recommended (you can recommend yourself, if you write it as comments, it's not counted) - $publyto (O) - publyto (X) - $publyto1, $publyto2 (X) 2. You can recommend up to 8 (each is 8 others). If you go over 8 times, you can only accept the last 8 times. 3. Top 8 Most Recommended People 4. Recommendation Closing: March 28 (Tour) 23:59 5. Announcement of Results: March 29 (Friday) 5:00 p.m. * The winners will be asked to accept the results in comments. * If you use self INK during the activity, you will perform unstake by the quantity. 6. Staking: April 1st (Month) 00:00 200,000 PUB stake 7. Activity Closing: April 30 (number) 23:59 #pixabay #publyto

    $teo . 2019.03.25 22:53

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