What about boyfriends, husbands, and father' gifts? How about this?


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It's been a long time since I posted a storm.

I've had type B flu and haven't been to work for three days and have been quarantined. Black...

Not only men but also women will have a lot of worries when choosing boyfriends, husbands and father's gifts.

I think the most comfortable product is the electric razor.

If you're not a person with a thick beard and slimmer skin, I'm sure you'll be satisfied with 10 to 9.

Last month, I used the new 600 Series from Philips, and it included a variety of features that were included in the 900 high-end lineup.

So I recommend it. I wash it automatically, and I also do alcohol and so on.

It's an all-in-one electric razor.

I used to use brown products, but Phillips fits me better!

I think it cost about 200,000 won for the lowest price!

# Man's gift # workplace gift # husband's gift #Philips electric razor

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  • Geoje City Public Relations Office


    # Introducing Geoje City to every corner of Namsan Mountain with VR Public relations officer. My husband, who works until Saturday, said he'd try a VR experience and a motorcycle, so I did it for him.😊😉

    $sunss . 2019.05.23 17:13

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  • [Event Information] If you answer the card news quiz, you'll get the Stavucks Coffee Giffycon.


    By midnight today, on the Facebook page of Hoovery Korea, If you put a quiz answer on the card news, you can get a Starbucks coffee gifty cone. To participate 1. Members of Huovi Korea 2. Facebook Follow, post good. 3. You have to leave a quiz answer and a UID in the comments. https://www.facebook.com/huobikorea/posts/897070300487450?__xts__[0]=68.ARAdxeibscY5YlLLRoWpdmFz-M0FHlK-jmBu96mC37ov3divrttAV5ZVBoWQYZcpBi2QPNJbRY4QvdjWmSpjPXQTJNU7WItBifpx3f5jfePsdS4uSKbja3r-y3BVX-lC8rX_O7_ZZZbhzRHAu-DtDep-WuxJrCtzr7nSJo7p1ZtsK-lXTy0-emXK8IoiK9epQVhvsjX0TNb2ntGkUdymGd1TvnJX1cbJZ62gZ_jsMoPx9YzWs0Al9Ql-zJk0XKOOsU9St1McNF012BXHYXI7rkxC_MckqsOWQARwhYZWEnu0AXT3Y2FWx9EO1xMK732F1YD9qhBtWpPC87fgk&-R Make sure to participate in the event.

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    What's really important to us? A lot of things to live on. Even one person is more likely than the others. to go together with each other It's a companion of the mind. as hard as it is as happy as one pleases Get my heart out. Tell me the truth. A comrade who can take your heart out and share it, A fellow worker who can share that kind of mind. These are the days I miss so much. For those who are as dear as the oasis in the desert We may be on our way to life again today. In the desert of modern humans, Open your mind. A neighbor as beautiful as an oasis. I wish I could meet my friends and lovers. No, more than that. Who am I first? like an oasis What a good friend, a good neighbor What a beautiful lover! cool, clear, soft-hearted I want to live my life. - Choi Bok-hyun, "Wheel of the Heart" -

    $happyday . 2019.05.23 14:02

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  • thought-bearing flower


    look at a flower I am interested in the shape of the flowers. for something I think it looks like a pocket. Oh! I think you're trying to put your thoughts in. reach one's mind with the thoughts of the passers-by one by one. It's a story-telling flower. to think of He looks plausible, too. thought-bearing flower

    $victory . 2019.05.23 14:01

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  • Luxury in the high-performance laptop world, Dell XPS series!


    DELL XPS 4K latest model, traditionally known as a luxury laptop. It has a perfect display for graphics professionals. It's not an SRGB, but an adobe RGB. It's a wide range of color representation that meets 100% of the standard. Haha And you can touch it! Of course, it's the best for development. ^^ Ah, the price is a bit bad, but I guarantee high satisfaction! #dellxps #notbook

    $keyboard . 2019.05.23 13:51

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    $dr.math . 2019.05.23 13:05

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    $sismaru . 2019.05.23 12:38

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    $ringo . 2019.05.23 11:34

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    10 amazing effects of bananas The banana in the picture is a banana in my house. I'm eating it when I get black spots on purpose. It tastes best and works best. Let's find out more about the effects of bananas. ^^ 1 Natural Depression Treatment Serotonin is a hormone that helps you relax your mind and get a good night's sleep. Bananas are rich in tryptophan, which stimulates serotonin production. 2 bone health Magnesium is a mineral that plays a role in our body, producing energy and strengthening our bones by engaging in calcium metabolism. If we don't have enough magnesium, calcium isn't being used properly by our bodies. 3 Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease It helps prevent arteriosclerosis by controlling bad cholesterol levels as it is rich in fiber. 4 Best energy supplement before exercise Bananas contain three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose - to provide ready-to-use energy. A study in the U.S. proved that two bananas provide enough energy to do strenuous exercise for 90 minutes. 5 Prevention of anemia Iron contained in bananas is an inorganic substance that produces hemoglobin in the blood that carries oxygen. Lack of iron can reduce hemoglobin and lead to anemia. 6 Diet Banana diets once became a huge sensation in Japan. Bananas are good to use when on a diet because they give you a sense of fullness for a long time and help you do your bowel movements smoothly. 7 Blood pressure stabilization Banana-rich potassium excrete sodium and expands blood vessels. According to the Journal of the American Heart Association, a steady intake of bananas can reduce the risk of stroke by 20 percent. 8 Stress Control The potassium and vitamin B components of bananas stabilize the body and help the fragile metabolism of the Bellence operate normally under stress. 9 Enhancement of digestive function Bananas are rich in two types of pectin and resistant starch, which improves digestion. Resistive starch, in particular, is a food for beneficial bacteria in the intestine, improving the intestinal environment to improve digestion. It also thickens the protective mucous membrane of the stomach to prevent digestive disorders such as stomach ulcers. Bananas make beautiful skin. Vitamins and minerals are very good for the skin. Bananas can be used like a mask, but also provide nutrients from the inside of the skin. Antioxidants in bananas reduce cell damage and repair tissue to prevent premature formation of wrinkles. Try to use bananas! Sources https://band.us/band/67180064/post/34274

    $ruby . 2019.05.23 10:26

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    The Rose Festival at Jungnyangcheon Stream in Seoul KBS broadcasting station. Kim Young-chul, I'm shooting a neighborhood. at the Seoul Rose Festival site This is a picture.

    $hana . 2019.05.23 10:21

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    Closing to an end soon, Sports Complex ᄒᄒ

    $gu2tsojygige . 2019.05.23 07:48

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  • I drink a cup of coffee looking down at my husband's way to work💕


    My husband is crying. relaxed as one looks to work Americano Coffee The Pubbles, too Good morning, coffee. Because of me I was at 8:10 a.m. Haha I leave home at 6:50. commuting ^ I invest 3 hours and 40 minutes. I'm so sorry. Old old man. I take the subway for free. I'm sure you'll get a little bit. I don't know how much I'm going to get to and from work One day. It's hard. I'm afraid I'm going to quit. I just hope you get used to it. I'm leaving work 50 minutes early because I'm far from home. Because of this class, other employees are coming home. It's doing They've got it all.

    $hana . 2019.05.23 07:18

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  • Have a great day🌹🍂🤗


    Cuteness overloaded Morning feeling sleepy 😅🤗🤗🤗🍂

    $ramascorpio . 2019.05.23 07:06

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  • The precious heart that I had


    It's not like we're bored with something. I think it's because he's not satisfied. It's a very precious thing that I had for the first Because it's easy to forget the feelings. Why did I end up buying this stuff? Why did I meet this man? Why did I make such a vow? One by one, I' You know, the first good feelings. It's not hard to find. You change your mind. It can't always be the same. It's like a musical instrument. Even if you play your thoughts on the present day of the change, If you neglect the string instrument itself, I can't play good music. We're always dreaming of change, but we're just going to have a little bit of a change. It's about apathy, selfishness, selfishness. Sometimes you play the unsympathetic chord. The wise say, "The most precious thing is that we always have to be together. It's close without knowing." Happiness is never driven by someone. I don't think we're getting it. Now open your eyes and look around. Old Cell Phones Always Used a familiar ballpoint pen sleeping families And my friends who remember me. The person you loved and the person you're in love First, try to feel precious. First, you need to refresh your mind and look around. You're precious. They are. Don't be upset that it isn't. That heart that we thought of dearly. That heart they've had for a moment. The mind that scratched the ballpoint pen on the paper. The first time I've ever touched a cell phone. I'll tell you when I had that heart. capable of finding oneself with a faint smile We give ourselves a nice image of ourselves. - Everything from pencil to pencil.

    $happyday . 2019.05.23 06:25

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  • 🍂🍂


    Sunset 🍂🍂

    $ramascorpio . 2019.05.23 03:14

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  • The beauty of the sunset


    The atmosphere of the sea is colored with sunset.

    $arsya . 2019.05.23 02:52

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  • I am Han Seok Bong today.


    I am Han Seok Bong today. I thought I was old enough to share the rice cake last time. We have nothing to eat. So I did it again this time. My class loves rice cake. Especially. I love to bake and dip it in honey. If you go to Seoul Grand Park, you can still grill rice cakes and sell them. These days, I often play the role of Han Seok-bong. Haha It's delicious. Saengraetteok Rice cake soup with beef leg bone broth. Ramen~Tteok Bake it up. When I'm busy~Electronic Land Rice cake and rice cake are excellent. Fried rice cake Seokbong is a rice cake vendor. I share. Grass Han-ho was born into a poor noble family in 1543. He said he liked to write and read books since he was young, but his family was poor, making it difficult for him to go to the West Bank. He could not even buy food and paper to practice writing, so he could even practice writing by dipping water on pots or stones. However, despite her difficult living, her mother supported Han-ho and forced him to go on a public career. As for Han-ho's poor childhood and his mother's excellent teaching, the following myth is told. As a child, Han-ho left his home and studied under a teacher in Songak. His mother helped his son study by making and selling rice cakes. Then one day, Han-ho secretly returned home because he was worried about his single mother. "Why did you come back?" answered Han-ho, "I study a lot, so I have nothing more to learn." My mother then said, "Let's put out the fire and compare our skills by cutting rice cakes and writing." When I turned on the light, my mother picked all the rice cakes in size and thickness, and the letters written by Han-ho were different in size and shape. Han-ho, who got a big lesson from his mother, is said to have gone back and studied harder. to go to image Gallery According to the legend, Han-ho's mother put out the fire and compared the skill of rice cake cutting and writing to give his son enlightenment. This shows that Han-ho became the best calligrapher in Joseon, and that he had the support and teachings of his mother. Han-ho, who was on his way to the government, became a lion's coffin (an official who writes documents or diplomatic documents on wages) and wrote all the country's major documents. He also made his name in excellent handwriting while following envoys to and from the country. It is said that King Seonjo always hung letters written by Han Ho on the wall and appreciated them, and that he took them from Hanho Lee Yeo-song, a renowned general who came to help Joseon during the Japanese invasion of Korea and the oil disaster.

    $hana . 2019.05.23 01:04

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  • Have a good night.


    Mini-port fan He's also changed into a lot of colors. Thank you for your hard Good night~

    $ruby . 2019.05.22 23:01

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  • It's the best for a fancy garden, a flower tree, and a workshop.


    Last Friday at work, I had a workshop at a place called Hwag tree. It's a pretty good place. If you search for "Beautiful Garden Flower Tree," you'll find it. It's located in Mokcheon-eup, Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do, and it's nice to do a lot of outdoor convention activities. The waterfall in the garden, which shows the above picture, was quite large and colorful for an artificial one. The flowers and trees around you are quite well organized. I'm not very good at expressing myself, but if I do a workshop like this, I'll be able to have a more casual conversation.

    $eunsik . 2019.05.22 22:55

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  • Nespresso-compatible capsules from E-mart


    #Nespresso-capsule #kimbo-capsule #skub-capsule # E-mart, jackpot! Selling the scoot capsules... I'll get Kimbo capsules for 2,000 won at the Al Ddeul Corner! A few days ago, I went to E-Mart to buy milk powder for my second child. I don't usually live, but I've always been on the Al Ddeul Connor course. Oh, my God. There's a Nespresso-compatible capsule, a Tam and Tam and Kimbo-compliant capsule. Kimbo-compatible capsules were posted a few years ago at Nesso Cafe. I bought it on the Internet, so I didn't worry about it. That's half the price of the Internet's lowest. The detective's not verified, and the price's a little higher, so pass... I looked around the mart more, and I found a Sob-compatible capsule section. Capsules now in place, though more than 700 won per unit is slightly more expensive than Nespresso crystals. When you're done eating, you'll have to try and pick one of your favorite capsules. It was fun shopping.

    $msjpkpk . 2019.05.22 22:54

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  • 하트


    우연히 찾은 하트

    $nirvana . 2019.05.22 21:55

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  • Heal with the sound of cool water.


    There was a video missing from the post I posted earlier. I wish I could modify this, but I'm a little sad Mulebang, listen to the water and feel cool.^^

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.05.22 21:36

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  • 물레방아 도는 사내정원


    잊고 지내던 공간입니다. 옥외정원이 있는 곳은 본관이고 제가 근무하는 곳은 별관이라.. 한동안 잊고 지냈었네요.. 오랫만에 찾은 정원은 물레방아 돌아가며, 물소리로 시원함을 선물해 주었습니다. 점심시간.... 잠시간 이었지만 잘 가꾸어진 정원에서 힐링을 할 수 있었습니다. 아마도 자주 찾게 될거 같아요^^

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.05.22 21:08

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