The front of the office is covered with azaleas.

The azaleas are everywhere else.

I started smoking late, but now I'm pretty.

To make artistry, I'm going to cook on my stomach.

I've tried it for a pose. Is it worth seeing?

The tax office's on the 7th. It's been a month.

I'm still busy making submissions.

I'm gonna sit here and shiver.

I'm afraid I'll have to get rid of it.

It always works out over time.

This will also pass... the years

That's why it's also.

Too bad medicine? lol

Thank you again for the day.

I'll stop by the temple and burn it in front of the Buddha.

I've given you a bow.

He's headed for the Buddha because he can't get a present for him.

I smoked a 10,000 won bill and put it in a box.

Buddha's Birthday

May all life on earth be happy...

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