[PUBSTY] Seongsu Blue Bottle!! A frank review of details ranging from wait to price and taste.

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$liwoo . 2019.05.12 19:40
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Whoo, you guys!

I posted it earlier, but it's posting it one after another.LOL

2 posts today! haha

It's a really hot place right now!

I went to the blue boat in Seongsu-dong.

The second overseas expansion following Japan is Seongsu-dong, Korea.

Nestle Korea acquired 68 percent of its shares for nearly 500 billion won.

For those of you who can't watch the video, let me explain the taste.

(I'm not a coffee expert, so just let me know.)

The ice latte taste was very clean and light.

It wasn't my cup of tea because I liked the bitter and dark latte like the polbasset latte.

And it's small and expensive.

Goods are expensive, too.

I bought an eco bag and it was 30,000 won.^^;;

And no Wi-Fi or socket-outlets.

It's James Freeman's idea to spend a few hours watching your cell phone and feel a few minutes enjoying your coffee.

If I'm near my house (provided I don't have a wait), I'll buy it again, but I won't be able to buy it again if I'm having a hard time. Haha

Then, please enjoy the video!

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  • ㅋㅋ줄서서 먹을 맛은 아님 ㅎㅎ

    커피기업으로 고고씽~

    $newbijohn . 6 days ago

  • 와이파이랑 콘센트는..

    앞으로 점점 없어지고 줄어들듯..진정 맛보고 싶습니다.

    $bigman35 . 6 days ago

  • 어버이날 (대댓이안되서 ㅎㅎ)

    부모님 잘 챙겨드리셨다니

    역시 좋아하시죠 ㅋ

    유명 유튜버가 되셔서 더 좋아하실것 같습니다!!ㅎ

    $zepi . 7 days ago

  • 뉴스에

    난 기사를 보기는 했습니다만,

    저는 대체 커피한잔 마시기 위해 저리 줄을 서야 하나? 그렇게 맛있나?

    하는 의구심이 들긴했습니다.

    저는 아무리 맛나도 저리 줄을 서지는 못할듯 합니다. ^^

    $eternize . 8 days ago

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  • [PUBSTY] 해장국에 떡을 말아 먹는다는데요? 뚝섬 국말이 떡.

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  • [PUBSTY] Lakes House

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  • [PUBSTY] Charcoal roast in the market place near Samjeon Station!

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    $zepi . 2019.05.13 11:07

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    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.05.12 11:13

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    Hello, ladies and gentlemen! There's a really good buffet for you this time, so I wrote to introduce you to you yesterday, but it flew both times. It's my third time writing. I must make a copy of this article before I post it.crying It's a Gagarden Kitchen buffet in the Duribuside Hotel near Sinsa Station! In May, you can eat lobster, usually beef and lamb for adults at 50,000 won for dinner and holidays. The official price is 69,000 won, but we're having a Naver discount until May, so make a reservation for Naver! (I also compared Timon and Wimee, but Naver reservations are the cheapest.) Please refer to the video for details. Have a nice weekend.

    $liwoo . 2019.05.12 10:14

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    It's so much too much~ I liked the delicious # lamb skewers. If the real lamb skewers are fresh, it's like this. It was so fresh without the smell of fish! The sauce was too good and delicious! I ate it right before the battery! a menu full of two people as if to prove it was too delicious. ** Eat: lamb skewers, juevaroos, hot noodles + service corn fried. ** 21 Daeheung-ro 30-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul It's not far from Exit 5 of Leedae Station! ** I drank Tsingtao and Seol Won-ju. Haha It was nice. The food was delicious, so I drank too much.Haha I want to go again. I haven't eaten a lot of lamb skewers, but it's the best house in my life! If you have any other lamb skewers, please let me know. If you are in Seoul, you will go on a tour! #Lee Dae #Yi Hwa Women's #Yang Ko Chi #Qing Taoh #Snow Won #Snowwon #Snow Won #Snow Won #Seorangju #Jon TtangGuri

    $levi . 2019.05.11 22:01

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    The boss makes bibimbap taste good!! This weekend, I came over from Ulleungdo. I went to Jeonju to attend the wedding of my colleague. I went to the 11 o'clock wedding, and I didn't really want the buffet, but I and Bepp. I went to Jeonju Bibimbap restaurant where I visited last week. I was in the Central Hall at the time. Ha Sook Young's Gamasot bibimbap has changed its name. But the taste hasn't changed!! Be sure to go eat bibimbap that the boss is mixing for you!! = store information Search for Jeonju Center on Naver. It's closed on Sunday, so please refer to it!

    $magicsonjae . 2019.05.11 20:17

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  • [PUBSTY] Baek Jong-won's beloved pork cutlet restaurant

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    My friend told me that there is a restaurant where I want to take him. So I went there with her. It looks a bit rugged, but it's already been introduced in various media, including King Baekjongwon's Samdaecheon. The pork cutlet in the picture is a special pork cutlet. I was wondering if I could eat it all because there were so many sheep, but I finally emptied it out. ᄒᄒᄒᄒ Gyeongyangsik pork cutlet visual, but unique sauce that feels like a sour pizza sauce rather than sweet is said to be characteristic of this house. I can't even tell you that it's a good restaurant, but I'm 100% satisfied with the amount and the taste of this place. If you need to visit, you might want to visit.^^ The House of Donkas in Ghana Address: 608 Seoul Gangnam-gu, Gangnam-gu Also, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the fans who are interested in and participate in the Publicity Road event:)

    $done . 2019.05.11 18:25

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  • {PUBSTY} Korean food buffet~ A new house. Oh, lunch. It's cheap and delicious.^♡

    Tasty Road

    Korean food buffet Yesterday, it was lunch time since we arrived here.^ There is a buffet restaurant in front of the apartment, and after having a nice lunch, I guess it tastes good and I also poked up the video. I ate Korean food buffet with my 5500 son. There's a video. Dongtan Restaurant~ 031. 376 5203 Location~^ Dongtan 2 New Town Booyoung 71 Blanket Street ~

    $hana . 2019.05.11 13:02

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  • [PUBSTY] Bull Charcoal Madang Gommeo!

    Tasty Road

    # Bull charred yard # eel # I'm here to eat gummy eels after work at the company Dongtae jjigae is a service! I recommend it because it is a delicious house!

    $setinoby . 2019.05.10 21:21

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  • [PUBSTY]울릉도 먹킷리스트 1. 독도새우.

    Tasty Road

    울릉도 독도새우 생새우로 까먹기 울릉도에 오시면 먹어야 할 음식들이 산더미입니다~ 독도새우 호랑약소(울릉도칡소) 울릉도흙돼지 따개비칼국수 따개비밥 홍합밥 명이나물김밥 부지깽이나물김밥 오징어불고기 오삼불고기 오징어물회 꽁치물회.. 엄청 많죠? ㅋㅋ 그중에 첫번째로!!! 청와대 만찬에 올라갔던 식재료! 독.도.새.우. 에 대해 허접하지만 짧게 만들어봤습니다.:) 즐관해주세용 :) 그리고 울릉도 놀러와서 꼭 드세요!! 꼭이요~!! =식당정보= 울릉 저동항 인근 "천금회수산" & "한밤중에" 가격대 독도새우 1kg 120,000원 생새우 또는 찜으로 먹을 수 있고. 머리는 바삭하고 고소하게 튀겨드림 :)

    $magicsonjae . 2019.05.10 20:15

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  • [PUBSTY] Itaewon Vietnamese Restaurant "Coming" is recommended.

    Tasty Road

    It's a Vietnamese restaurant in Itaewon, Cooing. That's a good Vietnamese restaurant. It's similar to Vietnam. Since it's Korea, it's natural to be clean.^^ It's open 24 hours a day, so you can eat it anytime. 👍🏻👍🏻 I've been eating a lot of menus. I recommend the original squash, cold noodles, Nem, fried squid:9 Fried squid is perfect for beer. After you eat, finish with a coconut smoothie for dessert. Exit 2 of Itaewon Station on line 6 and go straight for about 2 minutes. You'll see a fresh, mint-colored restaurant on the first floor :)

    $pooka . 2019.05.10 14:06

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  • [PUBSTY] JM Coffee in Gijang

    Tasty Road

    #JM Coffee #Gijang The weather is so nice these days. The hot summer is coming soon, so now it's perfect for the outing! I think it is. Let me introduce you to the cafe that I visited after lunch last weekend. "JM Coffee" It is quite a famous cafe on Gijang Beach. There are a few large cafes here. I think it's all a great place. JM coffee is a little more expensive than star coffee. Of course, it's a price that I fully understand because it includes a lot of price. First of all, the view of the sea is really great here. It's a scary place to stay with the sea when a typhoon comes. The most important flavor of coffee in the cafe. When I'm evaluating the coffee taste of the cafe, I always eat aah. It's a little bland here. If you like the taste of steamed, I'll have espresso, of espresso. If you're looking for a steamed baby, you might not like it. I personally like the soft, weak taste of coffee. It was perfect for my taste in coffee. Since it's big, there are lots of bread besides coffee. I don't even remember the name of the bread, but as you can see in the picture, it looks pretty and tastes great. I just came back from dinner, and I'm eating this much bread again.^^ I couldn't take a picture of the ocean view because it was full of seats on the beach. I've been waiting a long time, but I can't get to the beach. There seems to be a reason why coffee is so expensive. I don't think I can get up once I sit down. If you are traveling to Haeundae, please visit this cafe. It would be great if you could come here on weekdays and enjoy coffee and sea scenery in a quiet way. It's Friday today! I hope you have a great time.

    $marines . 2019.05.10 09:02

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  • [PUBSTY] I'd like to introduce you to the Garden in the courtyard.^^

    Tasty Road

    I'd like to introduce you to the Garden in the courtyard, which is located inside the stone cape.^^ At first, I just walked past it. Until you park your car in the parking lot and go inside, there's only one place like this. I never imagined it. The store owner designed it himself and collected it and displayed it. I'm very devoted. It tastes great, but the decorations around it are really cool.^^ After you finish your meal, you can go upstairs and drink coffee infinitely. There were various menus, but I can't remember the price... The gejangsik that I ate is slightly expensive for one person: 25,000 won.ᅮ.ᅮ https://cafe.naver.com/greenjuice11 #publyto #is able to pay for it

    $greenjuice11 . 2019.05.09 22:26

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  • [PUBSTY] 길거리 _ ~ 수 ~ 국 [ 잔 ] 집 맛

    Tasty Road

    #Minjee #Dangguksu #On my way home, I stopped by the cart and ate the noodles for the first time. She gave me a lot with the story of "You must be hungry, but you eat a lot." This is a picture after eating more than 10 chopsticks because I was really hungry. It was a bit salty, but it was delicious.

    $setinoby . 2019.05.09 22:23

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  • (Pubstyle) The rain star is Chuncheon (Pankyo Abinupran)

    Tasty Road

    There are some restaurants in Pangyo Avenue. It's a chicken galbi restaurant located on the second floor! You must have been to Chuncheon when you were in school! Like the chicken galbi that we ate at that time, this place gives us memories and taste. First of all, there are many chickens in chicken ribs! If you order chicken ribs, it's often unclear whether it's chicken or vegetable ribs. This place is chicken ribs. I think you'll feel it! You can cook it completely and eat it while heating it up! The self-corner has vegetables and a salad! He said he'd better come with his friends because his son's delicious. I raised her, and I heard her say, "Don't you have your parents' birthday?"

    $chea . 2019.05.09 07:16

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  • [PUBSTY] Fresh raw fish restaurant infinitely refill! "Sunrise raw fish market"

    Tasty Road

    *Thank you for opening the event $done!* This is the place where I and my son, who is a self-proclaimed gourmet and glutton, visit when they are desperate for raw fish. I was born on the beach, so I get sick of eating raw fish, but I don't have to do that here. "Sunrise Raw Fish Market" located in Dong-gu, Daegu For 22,000 won per person, the raw fish and side dishes shown in the picture are all served in unlimited refills. (Adolescents are the same as adults, elementary school students are 11,000 won, and preschoolers are 5,000 won.) A side dish from a high-end Japanese restaurant may not be comparable to a meal, but it is enough to eat before the sashimi is served. Godong sushi, squid fried, chrysanthemum, mulhoe, leeks, albab, Udon, sushi, mackerel...and so on You can also have unlimited refills, so you can ask for more. Waterhoe and egg rice are delicious, so there are a lot of people who only ask for it. And it's an infinite refill of raw fish, but it's not easy to fill your stomach with something else, is it?😆 First of all, they bring us sashimi soon after the food was served. The amount is enormous. Can you see that it's not a small plate, but it's pressed? The restaurant serves four to five kinds of raw fish in season. (almost natively included in the glossary) In spring, there are times when there are three legs, and in fall, there are some kinds of fish. The store is quite spacious and there are always many customers, so the rotation rate is good and the meeting is fresh. Actually, I'm full with just one plate, but I'm curious to order a second plate.lol Second, bring it to a small plate, but it's more than just a small tea bowl. Here's my tip! Eat only half of the second dish and order spicy soup. Of course, it's included in 22,000 won, so there's no extra charge. (I order fried rice.) Spicy soup is also served in a large ttukbaegi. Drop the rest of the sashimi there! If you eat it lightly, like a shabb, you'll be all over the place. The amount you usually eat is small, so some people have rice cake for unlimited refills. You don't have to choose infinite refill here. You can choose raw fish in kilograms. I didn't get the picture taken yet. There's a quote on the menu that day, so order the right amount. All the food is separately priced, so you can order only what you want to eat. For example, give me a kilo of Cantonese, albab, and waterhoe. You can eat it! The side dishes are cheaper at 1-2,000 won per unit. There's a lot of tables inside and they've just been remodeled so it's neat. If you're lucky and you're sitting in a cubicle, it's a good idea to talk and eat, even if there's a lot of people.ten thousand We don't have a separate room. Infinite refills are available for 3 hours, so we have plenty of time. There's an outside parking lot across the street and a parking lot on either side of the road in front of the store. You don't have to worry too much about parking, but sometimes you have to wait on the weekends. If you have a chance to come to Daegu, please check it outings.^^ I have an address attached to the last picture. sunrise raw fish #Infinite refill #Donggu #Banya moon #Date with son #Date#Publyto#sara

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  • {PUBSTY} ₩ 원 ~ 2000 짜 먹는다 의 작별 장 면 한 복 { } 🍝🍜.

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    I am happy for 2,000 won. I often go to this place often the parting of the mountains after the birth I'm going to eat jjajangmyeon. Black Bean Noodles ₩2000x2] One serving of sweet and sour pork ₩5000 I eat a total of 9,000 won. Today, I eat jajangmyeon. Always this far. If it's 9000 won in total, I'll have a full stomach. Menu~^ There's a 10,000 won happiness. This time~^ I haven't had much time to eat. Just~ Let's eat jjajangmyeon. 2 jajangmyeon and 4000 won for meal Coffee 2 cups to white coffee 3000 a total of 7,000 won I had a meal and a coffee. I don't think I can come here anymore. If you're moving, you're going to move. Haha The menu is on the back screen. Wangjaengmyeon ~ 031 394 8880 Let's stop at Sanbon Station, Subway Line 4 2nd floor of Saemaeul Geumgo High School in front of Sejong Complex Wangjaengmyeon

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  • [PUBSTY] Killing Story

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    Have you ever tried it before? I only spend my life at home with patients. And sometimes when I'm hungry, I'm at home. I buy it. I like green beans. You're almost going to eat only mung bean porridge. Mungdu rice I like all kinds of mung bean pancakes. Nearby, there's a bamboo house called "Kill Story." It's nice and comfortable. But I only pack. If you order one, you'll split it into two. There's a lot of it, so I'll split it up twice! A place where you go when you have no appetite and want to kill a story of porridge There are many different kinds of porridge. a story of porridge 971-1 Toegye-dong, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do

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