tall flowering tulips (whitewoods) - photographs and videos


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I haven't been interested in it, so I haven't seen many flowers and trees lately.

I took this picture because I thought the flowers were pretty.

The leaves look similar to the platanus, so before the rounding of the eggs open, the flattanus can be used.

It makes me think about this kind of flower.

So I searched everywhere. Some people think it's a Platanus flower.~

The results show that they use both tulip or lily.

Personally, I think it looks like a tulip flower, so it looks more like a tulip tree.

Compared to the platanus, the leaves are softer. Plattus leaves are much rougher than tulip trees.

Our relationship began with the tree tree, and we imported it from a country of similar climate and planted it in our country.

It's one of the few trees that grows well.

If you have a tree that looks like a platanus, see if it's soft.

I recommend you to look around the flowers.

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