I'm going to have to get some fresh onions from the Great Dipper Brewery.


$wonthe . 2019.05.11 11:47
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# Bruey, the Great Cove

the cool weather and wonderful atmosphere of a deepening night.

Maybe he ate a lot of dust. A little sore in the neck is a trap.

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  • Today's Cooking 12 --- Spicy Pork Ribs


    A few days ago, in "I Live Alone," Park Na-rae made spicy back ribs at home. I watched the cooking show and made it. I usually use Coupang rocket frescoes, but the back ribs are completely out of stock. I bought pork chops. Personally, pork chops are better than back ribs. I prefer pork chops because I have more weight. The seasoning is a new recipe for tteokbokki. I've used it for pork Cooking method of cooking 1. Seasoned - red pepper, sugar, oligosaccharide, chicken stock, oyster sauce, pepper, curry, and ponce Add it and age it for at least 1 hour. 2. Pig ribs lose blood and laurel leaves, garlic, and pepper. Put it in and boil. 3. Throw away the boiled water with a bee and boil it with seasoning and carrots. 4. When the carrots are cooked, separate them and cook the pork ribs in soy sauce and kachuo soy sauce. If you like the more spicy flavor, add the Vietnamese chili.

    $nani . 2019.05.21 13:27

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  • Have a good time.


    Today's menu is steamed pork ribs... I thought you might be curious about the pork rib soup coming out of the office. It's already been stuffed with pork ribs just to get a picture of it at the restaurant. Thank you for preparing delicious food today. All of you, please.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.21 12:04

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  • from the front mountain to the top of Mercury


    #Number Bus #Clem order backwards A self-caught pasta and Spanish beer in the clem of the Mercury pond at sunset. Coffee and bread to enjoy on the bus in front of the mountain after sunset.

    $wonthe . 2019.05.21 10:22

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  • Calmly...but not dull.


    Second time of the first half of the engeum flowering season Calmly...but not dull. . . . #sanstudio #Buttercreamflowercake #beancreamflowercake #cakedesign #cakedecor #decoration #special #unipue #willton #sanstudio #coreanflowercake #Silsan Flowercake Class

    $sanstudio . 2019.05.21 08:04

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  • Veskin with Kakao


    Kakao Friends Toy Cup That's really cute. Children love it :) The single caustic ratio is... ㅜㅜ

    $wonsama . 2019.05.20 12:20

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  • Sindang-dong Tteokbokki


    on a rainy day It's been a while since I've eaten it. I wanted to eat it after watching a good restaurant on TV It is delicious! Take a picture of Myeong-dong, take a picture of Gwangjang Market It was raining hard today. I got a present at the Dior store of Lotte Bagua. Hambokan weekend hit #Sindang-dong # Mabokrim Tteokbokki # Tteokbokki # Tteokbokki # Tasty girls

    $linseo . 2019.05.19 23:58

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  • 맛있는녀석들에 나온 마복림 즉떢!


    #마복림떡볶이 #신당동떡볶이

    $dung2 . 2019.05.19 23:20

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  • Today's Cooking 11 --- Red pepper paste sujebi


    Today is gochujang sujebi. These days, natural tuna is cheap. I was going to buy raw fish from Noryangjin and do sashimi, sushi and spicy soup. It's raining, so I changed it to a handmade fee. The key to gochujang sujebi is gochujang, but if you use barley gochujang, Good. I used to use your mother-in-law's ticket gochujang, but these days, It's hard to get, so I find and use the most similar taste of red pepper paste. I have it. Cooking method of cooking 1. Add flour, a little starch powder, cooking oil, water, salt or ponce. Add the dough and age for 30 minutes. 2. Add anchovies, kelp, garlic and potatoes and kimchi (optional) Add barley red pepper paste and season with Korean soy sauce. 3. Add pumpkin and boil until sujebi is cooked. Kimchi is an option, but you don't have to put it in. It's been a gochujang sujebi that sometimes comes to mind when it rains.^^

    $nani . 2019.05.19 22:51

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  • a great oceanic bird


    #The Great Ocean # One corner of Kim Gwangseok-gil in Daebong-dong is called Signature Menu. Daedoskachi Egg - Cheese and beef balls with cheese on top of the ink pastry that looks like a bird's eye. You dip it in tomato sauce. It's the best with beer. The handmade beer is delicious too. I'll go again. #Daebong-dong Taste House # Kim Gwang-seok-gil # handmade beer #daegu#daegubeer#delegupub#Daegu Brewery #Daegu Brewery #

    $hana21 . 2019.05.19 19:24

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  • raw meat


    Bumfish-dong Mac # Raw fish I don't like it, but it's so good after eating it. I put it in a powder like bean powder. It was the best. If I had that kind of fish, I'd be happy to eat it in the future.

    $hana21 . 2019.05.19 19:22

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  • Avocado Sandwich


    # Avocado bagel Sandwich Grilled avocados are salted and crushed. Bagels are buttered and lightly browned. Avocado, cheese, tomato layer, and it's done! I'm wondering if I'll eat one whole or the other half. #Homecooking#bagelsandwich

    $hana21 . 2019.05.19 19:20

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  • On rainy or cloudy days,


    a rainy or cloudy day I put the leftover squid in the cold room in the kimchi pancake. Let's put aside the regret that we didn't get the par.

    $soi . 2019.05.19 17:37

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  • at a restaurant in Tongyeong


    30,000 won per person. I prefer to have a table on the day the ship comes in. A drink at Tongyeong with a friend. The story is more precious than the picture, so I took just this much. Ah, Tongyeong is a very long and difficult road in Daegu.

    $eastdaegu . 2019.05.19 13:04

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  • Garak Market's Octopus Street


    #Today's lunch #minari #nakji #salad #salad #sweet vinegar to make sauce with a pinch of honey and sugar #bunches and salt #melt to cool #The octopus is served on a plate #and served with octopus and pour sauce, then it's over! # It's spicy and delicious~

    $yeonsk . 2019.05.18 22:06

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  • Pikichild Dining-Daegu Taste House


    #Pickichild Dining an Italian restaurant two bounces before entering 1. Stake proper baking and mashpotato basilpesto combination were good. 2. Bologne-Zepasta's raw noodles made me soft, but I think it's a rustic taste, or I just prefer the ready-made spaghetti noodles (I personally don't like tomato sauce so much, maybe it's..) 3.Saeu Chobipasta Delicious, soy sauce is moderate and shrimp is baked up is delicious. 4. I was looking forward to the Truffle Resort Zell. Too bad the truffle didn't seep in as much as you expected. The chicken is delicious.ᅮ

    $hana21 . 2019.05.18 21:13

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  • Beer Altoxin Job #9, Birth of Groot's Substitute Hop


    The birth of beer means the settlement of an agricultural society because it means that there were surplus malt to eat.In the first Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations, beer was also said to be a chewy liquid food, and a piece of bread and two liters of beer were the daily wages of Egyptian pyramid construction workers. The sugar-sweetened beer that was turned into a drink was a groulet mixed with herbs and spices such as rosemary, ginger, parsley, walnut fever, western top grass and sunbirds, and the bitter and salty taste are essential to the brew. However, the authority to levy taxes on the use of grooves is allowed at the price of their support, as it required the support of seven pre-emptive post-Soviet (three of them priests) to become emperor from the Holy Roman Empire or earlier. Therefore, many breweries wanted to escape from the shadow of such grooves, as they had to pay taxes to make beer because they had exclusive rights to use it in Yeongju and church. Afterwards, when they sold the green monopoly to emerging merchants, Grotto becomes a headache for the poultry farmers, and because of the high taxes, it can lead to beer-making and smuggling in ordinary households, which eventually leads to the emergence of a new groot: "Hop" as the first person to use it for beer is the head of the monastery. Although the hops did not have a better bitterness than the traditional grooves, the anti-bacterial force and the tax on the grub that was responsible for the degeneration are the biggest causes of the successful debauchery of the hops. In other words, hops not only improved beer taste but also controlled the growth of microorganisms and other bacteria to prevent fermented beer from spoiling and allow the protein of malt to be deposited well so that it can be sold to a farther place. There is a theory that the sweet taste of malt has been used as a food ingredient in many ways since the Roman era, but was first used in Bremen about 1,000 years ago or 1,270 years ago in the Ice on the Rhine. Anyway, by the 15th century, Groot was no longer in use in almost all of Europe except England, and only hops were used. Looking at the beer tasting book, the word "hoppy" and "hoppy" are often found, but it doesn't necessarily mean it is delicious. Also, the slang means a drug addict, so it would be just a cheap expression. Thank you for the picture in Pixar Bay. E

    $bigman35 . 2019.05.18 17:22

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  • [Kimpo Taste House] Aramson Kalguksu - Red Bean Noodles


    I went to Aramson Kalguksu, a famous restaurant in Gimpo. Red bean noodles are here. It's sweet and savory.

    $hochang . 2019.05.18 17:11

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  • Today's Cooking 10 --- Shrimp Fried Rice


    Today is fried shrimp. This is also a common menu. I'll post it with my own recipe. You can buy shrimp as the biggest shrimp at Costco. Or regular small shrimp or cocktail shrimp. cooking method 1. After thawing the shrimp, season it with salt and pepper. 2. Add cabbage, red pepper, onions, garlic, butter, and olive oil and stir-fry. 3. Add a little ponce, gatsuo soy sauce, chicken stock, and oyster sauce and stir. 4. When the vegetables are cooked a little, add shrimp and stir-fry them after you stir-fry them. 5. Add rice and stir-fry. If the seasoning is not right, season with salt. This has been fried shrimp.

    $nani . 2019.05.18 14:05

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  • a side dish for children


    It's an easy side dish for children. I like it when I have something like this.

    $soi . 2019.05.18 10:31

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  • a class from Calgary, Canada


    1st hour of the first class of Angum Flower Rice Cake a class from Calgary, Canada You must be in a hurry because you still have a little baby. Please stay calm and concentrate on your class and finish the Yamsun's Flowercake. Let's get started! Let's have a good time. . . . . #San Studio #Engeum Flower #Engeum Flower #Engeum Flower Rice Cake

    $sanstudio . 2019.05.18 10:24

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  • Spicy lamb skewers instead of chi-m


    Don't you want to just send it? As soon as I get home from work, the children are shouting "Free!Free!" After a simple dinner, I will go near my house. It's full, right? I had a meal, but I ate all that... Maybe it's the power of the clear water. lol You've done a good job with the kids. The crunchy host has a texture and a soft mix of lamb skewers. 캬 ~ ~ ~ After a week of hard work... no, for my family. I think that's enough. Did you guys enjoy your stay?

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.05.18 07:43

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  • I'm making chives taste good. Sweet Tips!


    It's been a while since he picked it up. There's a withering chives. He's made a leek.^^ 1. Prepare chives and onions, potatoes, pumpkins, and peppers by shredding them. (If you don't have any other vegetables, you can put in a lot more chungyang red pepper than ganmeal powder.^^) 2. Add frying powder and pancake powder at 1:2 ratio, add a little pepper and salt, and mix with water 1:1. 3. Mix 1 and 2 in a bowl and place them on a hot pen. Put bread crumbs on top and turn them over later. (The fire must be medium-high. Too strong it burns and weakens the crispness.) 4. If you cut soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, and water into 1:1:0.5 ratio and dip them in onions and cheongyang peppers, it's better than eating at a restaurant.^^

    $gu3tanrtgqge . 2019.05.18 01:52

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  • 스페인 타파스 만들기! 판 콘 토마테 l How to make Pan Con Tomate


    오늘을 걷는 남자. 여행작가 워크투데이 입니다. 여행에서 먹은 음식을 만드는 다섯번째 시간! 주인공은 바로 스페인 타파스 중에서도 현지인이 좋아하는 타파스인 '판 콘 토마테' 를 소개합니다. 판 콘 토마테 (Pan con tomate)는 타파스 종류 중 하나입니다. 스페인어로 “토마토를 곁들인 빵(bread with tomato)” 이라는 의미를 가지고 있어요. 오늘도 투박하고 어설픈 남자요리지만 재밌게 봐주세요:)

    $tourkmh . 2019.05.17 22:57

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  • Late night restaurant stool. What about watercigarettes?


    #Southeast Asia or Hawaii #Water cigarette what? There are both nicotine and non-smokers. It is said to have a variety of flavors, including strawberry and grape.

    $wonthe . 2019.05.17 21:26

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  • Opposition-dong Taste House --- Andante


    This is Andante, a restaurant in opposition-dong. The famous menu is a steak with Pane. I've had two of them, but they're not as good as I thought. It's not good. It was just plain taste. Rather, salad and baguettes served as a service. This is passable. It's a storage-type restaurant, so the ceiling's high. It feels cool. I sometimes go to the opposition party these days, and it is famous that the restaurant is famous There are still a few more. I will introduce another restaurant next time.

    $nani . 2019.05.17 16:36

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  • Today's Black Bean Noodles


    I went to a Chinese restaurant because I wanted jjajangmyeon after a while. I wanted to eat soy sauce, but I had to order regular jajangmyeon because there was no soy sauce. It's not made. It's like soy bean paste. I usually ordered it, but I was satisfied with the quantity and taste. - Seoul Square Luxing, Zajangmyeon 7,000 won

    $sweetyspoon . 2019.05.17 15:37

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  • Very delicious🤤😍.


    #감성타코#홍대 시험 하나 끝내고 밥무러 😂

    $youngrahea . 2019.05.16 07:10

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  • Enjoying the Background


    # Membrane Since it was food that I didn't enjoy much, it became food that I enjoyed after tasting it a few times in self-reflection. #Makchang is love.

    $realin . 2019.05.15 19:44

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  • Today's Cooking 9 --- Curry Gochujang


    Today is curry red pepper paste. It's not a dish. I think it'll be good to mix with rice or seasonings of rice cake. It's a recipe introduced in the new "Jeong-seon" that we're looking at these days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apjJDVZBMWY&t=584s Cooking method of cooking 1. Saute onions with chili oil (I used Vietnamese chili and cooking oil instead of chili oil). 2. Add beef and garlic and stir-fry until the beef is cooked. 3. Add water and add Japanese spicy curry when it boils. 4. Add red pepper paste and sugar pepper and stir-fry for 2 minutes. It's the first seasoning I've ever made, but it tastes like red pepper paste in a triangular gimbap. Sometimes when I don't have any appetite, I think it'd be nice to mix it with rice.^^

    $nani . 2019.05.15 16:25

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  • Delicious Of Food (For Eating)


    Every food has its own distinctive taste, not all foods have the same taste. Sometimes the tongue can feel where the food is delicious and vice versa which is not delicious, usually the two flavors can be known when it has been tasted

    $boyelleq . 2019.05.15 15:59

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