It's Parents' Day present.

The flowers were taken from work yesterday evening.

Your daughter sent the rice cake by courier today.

You arrived late.

When I ate it, I forgot to take a picture because it was

I took a picture of it saying, "Oh, my God!"

It's Parents' Day, and I'm going to visit my parents in the O.C.

I'm sleepy. I'm sleepy.

Now...z z z.

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  • 꽃도 예쁘고...

    떡이 너무 맛있어 보이느데요

    $ari . 2019.05.11

  • 정말 맛있겠네요^^

    가운데 앙금 플라워는 못먹겠네요...너무 예뻐서요~~~

    $greenjuice11 . 2019.05.11

  • 떡이 꽃 떡이네요. 멋있어요.

    어버이날 선물 떡으로 정성스럽게 만든 것이군요. 센스가 있어요. 축하드려요.

    $eunsik . 2019.05.10

  • 우와.

    요즘은 떡이 정말 이쁘게 나오네요. ^^

    $realprince . 2019.05.09

  • 떡가운데 있는 저 꽃도

    먹는거에요? 앙금플라워 같은건가..먹기 아까울 정도로 이쁜 떡입니다. 아이들한테 고마워서 행복하고 떡이 맛있어서 더 행복하셨겠어요^^

    $sara . 2019.05.09

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