I think Jeju Island is strange.

There are definitely cherry blossoms on the ground, but it was hard to find them.

I've been waiting a long time to find her, but she's a long family.

Since it's a highland area, the cherry blossoms are probably a little later than inland.

# Mt. Halla still has cherry blossoms left.

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  • 제주도

    우리집 꼬맹이들 데리고 가고 싶네요.

    $ari . 2019.05.04

  • 한라산 꼭 가보고 싶어요.

    제주도에 가봤어도 한라산은 가보지 못 했어요.

    $eunsik . 2019.05.04

  • 요즘 제주도 사진이 넘 올라오네요..

    앙~~저도 제주도가 넘나 가고픕니다

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.05.03

  • 물속에 비췬풍경 넘 좋네요~~


    $ruby . 2019.05.03

  • 고지대라

    벗꽃이 아직있네요.^^ 저도 자건거 타러 제주도에 가야하는데,

    안 간지 오래되었네요. ㅠ

    $nani . 2019.05.03

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