Dawn Mountain + Walk

I'm feeling red these days :) Now I'm sleeping.

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      • Longboard dancing video taken at the angle of the goddess Longboard


        Hello, I'm Longboat Levy. It's not a goddess. It's a video taken from the angle of the goddess! The person who filmed the video on the long board took a picture from the bottom. My legs are so long! It's too salty to watch other people's videos. If you put black in the middle, it looks like it's rich. This editing is ruined, so I just put a one-take on the back. Let's try it one by one and grow our own! Video examiners, gold hands or silver granddaughters! Let me know if you have any tips. Thank you for coming and subscribing to my YouTube channel!😅😅

        $levi . 2019.05.21 10:02

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      • Beautiful dragonfly


        There is another (Star Wars reference). I think I should call my addiction to photographing the Halloween pennant (Celithemis eponina) 1001 Ways to Photograph a Dragonfly Species. 😱 This one was photographed against white sugar sand at Hypoluxo Scrub Natural Area.

        $hyun . 2019.05.18 18:12

        1 thanks . 26.4715 PUB

      • memories of the moon


        Ricordando la primavera di Tokyo, prima che Maggembre prendesse il sopravvento!

        $hyun . 2019.05.18 08:55

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      • Pet Beauty


        Sometimes birds need much attention from humans, Therefore maintaining birds is one of the good deeds that few people do. Never escape to share goodness, even if it's only with birds. The one bird is very beautiful in color, And also the singing is very ringing.For this one bird is also commonly mentioned by the name Love Bird.

        $boyelleq . 2019.05.18 06:18

        3 thanks . 34.7750 PUB

      • rose


        This is a rose on the wall of a house. You're pretty in bloom.

        $poiu . 2019.05.17 13:56

        11 thanks . 691.0099 PUB

      • after the heralds of spring


        On your way to work in the morning, other flowers are in full bloom, following the signs of spring: cherry blossoms, gnats, and azaleas. The aroma of acacia is full of flowers, so I'd like to pick them up and suck them up, but I gave them up because I thought they were covered with all kinds of harmful dust.

        $eternize . 2019.05.16 11:15

        12 thanks . 1,742.2938 PUB

      • My love looks like a red rose.


        I thought a few flowers must have bloomed, but I noticed that a lot of roses are pretty over the fence. It is said to be hot in the afternoon, but the red light shines even more red in the morning sun. Not long ago, I used to say it was cold at night. Now it's natural to wear short sleeves and say it's hot. It's already been half way past May, and is it the season of roses now? ====== "My Love's Like a Red Rose." For a long time, roses have been a symbol of beauty, elegance, and romantic love. Roses also represent deception and danger. The splendid, bold act of offering red roses for a loved one has a long history. Legend has it that the red rose was born when Eve kissed the white rose blooming in the Garden of Eden. However, other legends say that red roses were caused by the blood of Cupid, the god of love between the opposite sex, being sprayed on white roses during the ancient Roman era of Rome. There are more legends than that: Harpocrates, the god of silence, coincidentally witnessed the scene of Venus, the goddess of love, making love. Cupid, the son of Venus, supported the bribe to Hapocrates in return for silence. Cupid's bribe was the first rose to be delivered to the world. Because of this background, the rose was considered a symbol of silence in Rome. [Naver's Knowledge Encyclopedia]

        $fire . 2019.05.16 09:47

        14 thanks . 953.9571 PUB

      • Flowers are always identified with beauty


        Indeed, in every garden, the spearhead of the beauty of the park is the existence of flowers. Indeed, every flower has its own distinctiveness in its beauty, which is essentially from every side of the view At flowers, beauty and beauty are always there

        $boyelleq . 2019.05.16 07:42

        6 thanks . 397.2338 PUB

      • The beauty of the beach atmosphere


        The atmosphere of the beach, the ocean is choppy

        $arsya . 2019.05.16 04:37

        1 thanks . 152.2335 PUB

      • ❤️


        아름다운 우리나라. 아름다운 대한민국.🇰🇷💕🏵 . . . #감성쟁이으니 #경주 #봄 #겹벚꽃 #자화상

        $youngrahea . 2019.05.15 02:56

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      • 🌹🌹🌻🌻


        날씨는 추워죽겠는데, 꽃은 너무 예쁘다🌹

        $youngrahea . 2019.05.13 08:46

        1 thanks . 80.1323 PUB

      • You're late.


        The front of the office is covered with azaleas. The azaleas are everywhere else. I started smoking late, but now I'm pretty. To make artistry, I'm going to cook on my stomach. I've tried it for a pose. Is it worth seeing? The tax office's on the 7th. It's been a month. I'm still busy making submissions. I'm gonna sit here and shiver. I'm afraid I'll have to get rid of it. It always works out over time. This will also pass... the years That's why it's also. Too bad medicine? lol Thank you again for the day. I'll stop by the temple and burn it in front of the Buddha. I've given you a bow. He's headed for the Buddha because he can't get a present for him. I smoked a 10,000 won bill and put it in a box. Buddha's Birthday May all life on earth be happy...

        $starway . 2019.05.12 19:59

        9 thanks . 1,066.7428 PUB

      • There are no shoes to handle my feet in Korea.


        There are no shoes to handle my feet in Korea.Last summer, I went to Gooam-dong, and I went through the sales section and bought some shoes.It's hot and the Yo-Yo's color is pretty.I have to go to pink shoes today. . . # Church # I know # I like surrounding # #The pain of death and death #

        $sanstudio . 2019.05.12 11:37

        7 thanks . 1,230.7744 PUB

      • Alokdalok


        # All-Rock #Food Truck Blue sky, green grass, colorful food truck.

        $realin . 2019.05.12 10:32

        10 thanks . 1,714.3466 PUB

      • tall flowering tulips (whitewoods) - photographs and videos


        I haven't been interested in it, so I haven't seen many flowers and trees lately. I took this picture because I thought the flowers were pretty. The leaves look similar to the platanus, so before the rounding of the eggs open, the flattanus can be used. It makes me think about this kind of flower. So I searched everywhere. Some people think it's a Platanus flower.~ The results show that they use both tulip or lily. Personally, I think it looks like a tulip flower, so it looks more like a tulip tree. Compared to the platanus, the leaves are softer. Plattus leaves are much rougher than tulip trees. Our relationship began with the tree tree, and we imported it from a country of similar climate and planted it in our country. It's one of the few trees that grows well. If you have a tree that looks like a platanus, see if it's soft. I recommend you to look around the flowers.

        $fire . 2019.05.12 10:30

        16 thanks . 1,545.1828 PUB

      • Thank you :)


        😢 I don't know if it's because I'm immune or why. I have a lot of facial problems and stress these days. My brother who works with me wrote a description on the pack like that and took care of her, so I feel sorry for her. . . Thank you very much. #Face your face #Trouble #Please calm down # # Ong-mang # #Daily #Daily #Daily #Selfie#Selfie#Selfie#Selfie#Selca# Thank you :)

        $ministyle1 . 2019.05.12 01:44

        4 thanks . 642.2328 PUB

      • Parents day


        It's Parents' Day present. The flowers were taken from work yesterday evening. Your daughter sent the rice cake by courier today. You arrived late. When I ate it, I forgot to take a picture because it was delicious.lol I took a picture of it saying, "Oh, my God!" It's Parents' Day, and I'm going to visit my parents in the O.C. I'm sleepy. I'm sleepy. Now...z z z.

        $starway . 2019.05.09 19:26

        17 thanks . 1,854.5060 PUB

      • ❤️


        이제 좀 편안하고 걱정 없는 삶을 살고싶다☺️

        $youngrahea . 2019.05.09 05:47

        2 thanks . 454.8022 PUB

      • Each corner


        Each corner of this place is a dream. 📷 : @bahaaelbitar . . . . africanlife#africanlifestyle#gabon#beauty#beautiful#photography#nice#picoftheday#travel#travelphotography#beautifuldestinations#holidays#summer#summervibes#landscape#landscapephotography#nature#naturephotography#river#lifestyle#peace#peaceful

        $bravohoo . 2019.05.09 03:04

        2 thanks . 51.1111 PUB

      • Beautiful Art


        Beautiful Art by @andy.okay ✨To celebrate reaching 30K followers, @andy.okay (awesome graphic art artist that helps raise awareness with his work) has decided to do a print giveaway and on top of that, partner with @givebacktonature and plant one tree for every new follower he gets during that contest. Head over to his Instagram @andy.okay , follow this great artist, tag yourself and your friends in his last post and you’ll automatically be entered in his giveaway and on top of that, one tree will be planted in areas ravaged by deforestation ♥️🌳♥️How cool is that!!!!! 🤗 —/—- #givebacktonature #giveaway #planetearth #bekind #planttrees #tree #nature #contest #win #giveback

        $bravohoo . 2019.05.09 03:04

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      • my leaves may come and go


        I am like a tree, my leaves may come and go, but my roots will stay the same. Travel far but don't forget where your roots are! Share with somebody that's wearing red today! #wunderdaily 📷 Wonderful nature shot by @hayate555 Follow @wunderthirst for more cool tree pictures

        $bravohoo . 2019.05.09 03:04

        1 thanks . 53.0928 PUB

      • The beauty of the natural atmosphere


        The excitement of the natural atmosphere tinged with birds singing.

        $arsya . 2019.05.05 02:34

        0 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

      • I just remember a drop of tears, and I remember his face for a pack of cigarettes.


        I'm enjoying my free time alone at home on a leisurely Saturday afternoon. I've been looking at YouTube music and stuff. A song that is familiar to my ears is very touching. You'll see the sound with the screen... The comment I wrote two years ago made me feel more moved by the song.~~^^) "I've had a son and a daughter for four years, and every time I listen to this song, I think of it the most. I just remember a drop of tears, and I remember his face for a pack of cigarettes.How are you doing?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzRDembjBqY ((() I'd like to suggest that you add some categories to the publication, and remove them...... Please add one category of memories.~~~^^*)))

        $fire . 2019.05.04 14:57

        14 thanks . 1,395.4161 PUB

      • Men Haircut DIY *FAIL*


        https://steemit.com/dtube/@sergiomendes/up5avp8w By now you probably know that I do my hair by myself and this time it didn't turn out as I planned. It was kind of a fail. Well.. I'll fix it another day eheheh

        $sergiomendes . 2019.05.04 06:58

        5 thanks . 1,008.0190 PUB

      • Mt. Halla still has cherry blossoms left.


        I think Jeju Island is strange. There are definitely cherry blossoms on the ground, but it was hard to find them. I've been waiting a long time to find her, but she's a long family. Since it's a highland area, the cherry blossoms are probably a little later than inland. # Mt. Halla still has cherry blossoms left.

        $peterpa . 2019.05.03 18:59

        13 thanks . 1,530.4687 PUB

      • Morning publyto


        주말마다 서울숲 나들이.. 오늘도 날씨 좋아 서울숲으로 go go 튤립도 예쁘게 피었고 사진도 엄청 찍어났네 ㅋ

        $hyun . 2019.05.02 10:44

        2 thanks . 15.8656 PUB

      • Plants


        Plant, plant, quite, and handles non-stop... every cycle, every season, every series of interventions, the community explodes of vitality, the root gets deeper, carrying more green, the fruit more sweet. . . #agroforestry #agroflorestaregenerativa #agriculturasintropica #permaculture #cerrado #agroforestry #regenerativeagriculture #syntropicfarming #nature #tropics #tropicallife #green

        $bravohoo . 2019.05.02 07:40

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      • job still and walks


        (...) is of the following routes uncertain and does not meet any rule that is not his own; only he don't got no job still and walks to the domains of nature, of God's will and the God-me-free.

        $bravohoo . 2019.05.02 07:40

        1 thanks . 229.3288 PUB

      • welcome to the ranks


        Dear friends! Today we welcome to the ranks of Honorary Authors (Member) of our club 🌅@Sunsets.Russia🌅 . Author: . . 🌟🏆@fotoet🏆🌟 . . 🌟@fotoet🌟, we invite You to add information about membership in our club to your profile . 👏👏👏🏆🏆🏆🌹🌹🌹 . All publications of this author : #SunRus_fotoet . Remember, to become an honorary member of the @Sunsets.Russia, you must dial 7 publications in our gallery . 🌅🌅🌅 . Stavropol Krai . 🌅🌅🌅 . For possible publication of Your sunsets add our tags: #SunsetsRussia @Sunsets.Russia . Don't forget to visit the gallery and see the other wonderful images! Tag friends in the comments, let them see the beauty of the Russian sunsets . 🌅🌅🌅 . #Stavropol #peonies #mountains #nature #landscape #sun #Stavropolskiy #sun #sunset #nature #landscape #sun #sunset #flower #flowers #flowers #spring #spring

        $bravohoo . 2019.05.02 07:39

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      • Silence photo


        #silence #photo #picture #картинки #фото #сохраненки #сохры #красиво #мило #красота #вау #природа #пейзаж #небо #sky #landscape #nature

        $bravohoo . 2019.05.02 07:38

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