💯 You have to Work at it everyday...


🔥 Hard work, works! You wanna know what successfull people do? They are working really hard! Because you are doing a lot more, doesnt mean that you are getting a lot more done!


🏁 Often we are confusing movement with progress. Dont do that! But when you run at the same place you are not gonna go anywhere. Continue to have Goals and continue to Progress! It's not about how much you have, it's about what you do. You will Not be able to Take it with you. Remember that. Different people, different skills. Be selfish and help others! Why selfish? Because when you Help someone you feel that gratitude! You will feel good! It's all about the Joy. Thats where success is! And be thankful. Be thankful everything you got. Cause you got more than other people. Use your skill. Use it. Help others and be Happy with them!


🌙Good night and Take Care




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        • EOS Smart Contract을 최신으로 바꾸는 법.


          #contract 음..포메팅이 잘 안되네요. 깔끔한 포멧은 여기에서 보실수 있습니다. https://medium.com/@awesometeddy/migration-from-old-version-eos-smart-contract-5145bb24274a (생애 첫 미디엄 글쓰기 입니다...Steem보다 많이 쉽고, 포멧도 깔끔한것 같다는 느낌입니다. 에디터는 정말 최소한의 것만 들어가 있구요.) 좀 놀라운건.같은 글인데, 포멧에 따라서 너무나 달라 보이네요. 퍼블리토에도 독립된 에디터와, 작성한 글을 예쁘게 보여주는 기능이 들어가면 좋겠습니다. There are many EOS smart contracts which are written in accordance with old version CDT(Contract Development Toolkit) as like as mine. And there are some benefit to change old contract to the latest one based on the latest CDT. (Small RAM footprint and so on.) Also in my case, I full lost my development environment. It is true that I still can use old version CDT for cloning old version from github. But CDT itself evolves and also smart contract also enhanced with this tool. I want to share my experience smart contract migration from old to the latest. In here “old” meant April,2018. That is the first time to make EOS smart contract for EOS mainnet in my case. Most important thing is preserving current data on EOS mainnet if you already deploy your contract and run Dapp(Decentralized Application) on the Mainnet. To do this, you carefully check “abi” file and compare new “abi” to old one. Followings are general procedure for converting your contract. There are some changes through new CDT releases. Change all account_name type to name type [[eosio::action]] void issue( name to, asset quantity, string memo ); “to” in issue function, type was account_name, so it is changed to “name” type. 2. If you use account_name type for table key, then change it to xxx.value. struct [[eosio::table]] claim_list { name user; uint64_t primary_key()const { return user.value; } }; user is name type. But it is no longer matched to the previous data type. Matched one is user.value. So if you use “account_name” type as a key, then you should change it. 3. Change ABI generation indicator for table and action. By using struct [[eosio::table]] [[eosio::action]] 4. Change “symbol_name” to “symbol_code” and there usage is different. Before you just put symbol variable to make table, but now you use sym.code().raw() and for initialization of asset, asset temp = asset(0, symbol(symbol_code(“TEST”), 4)); First parameter is account and next one is symbol code with symbol name and accuracy, meant digits under “.” 5. Change eosio_assert to “check”. there is no caution and just replace them with “check” 6. Change “_self” to “get_self()” and if you want to use this second parameter is table, then you use “get_self().value” but..”_self” is still valid. lockuptable( get_self(), get_self().value ); 7. Change now() function to appropriate one. Following is to get seconds from epoch. eosio::current_time_point().sec_since_epoch(); 8. Change EOSIO_ABI to EOSIO_DISPATCH EOSIO_DISPATCH( eosio::token, (open)(close)(retire).... 9. do not use “0” for modification of accounts table. to_acnts.modify( to, 0, [&]( auto& a ) { Above one must be changed to followings. to_acnts.modify( to, same_payer, [&]( auto& a ) { 10. Change this….for string constant. N(“TEST”) → “test”_n That is all!. I think this will be very enough to change old one to new one. and followings are tip for compile. In my case there are issue not to find *hpp file on compile time. In that case you just add following parameter. -I=./ or any other folders what you want for header files. and..one more, now you can generates wasm and abi file concurrently so just type this in shell prompt. eosio-cpp -abigen -o hello.wasm hello.cpp Have a nice journey to EOS Smart Contract development.

          $awesometeddy . 2019.07.04 11:39

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        • 4회 퍼블로또 -종료- (당첨금 조정내용 포함)


          #4회 퍼블로또 7월1일~7월6일 저녁12시까지 4회 퍼블로또를 시작하겠습니다. 많은 분들의 참여와 잉크 후원덕분에 많은 PUB이 쌓였고 첫번째 당첨자가 나왔습니다. 처음 퍼블로또를 생각하고 이리 당첨금이 쌓일줄 몰랐네요 많은 관심 감사드리며 첫번째 당첨자 분께 다시한번 축하의 말씀을 드립니다. ★당첨금 조정★ 잉크를 받아 표시된 PUB의 75%를 받았고 25%는 개인 리워드로 받은 PUB을 채워 지급하였는데 생각보다 많은 잉크가 쌓여 슬슬 25%를 채우는 부담이 발생;;ㅎㅎ 앞으로는 최종 표시된 PUB의 75% (실제 받은 수량) 대로 지급토록 하겠습니다. 이점 양해 부탁드립니다. ■게임 참여 방법 1. 땡스 후 1만잉크이상 투척(당첨금으로 활용) 2. 00~99까지 숫자 입력 3. 잉크 미 투척시 게임참여 무효처리 됩니다 4. 참여예시 : 잉크참여/34(숫자) Ps. 당첨금 올리기 위해 50만잉크 붇겠습니다. 그리고 추첨은 공정히 진행하겠습니다.

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          #2회 퍼블로또 6월17일~6월22일 저녁12시까지 2회 퍼블로또를 시작하겠습니다. 1회차 미당첨으로 인한 누적금 - 누적금액 20184PUB ■게임 참여 방법 1. 땡스 후 1만잉크이상 투척(당첨금으로 활용) 2. 00~99까지 숫자 입력 (기존1~100) 3. 잉크 미 투척시 게임참여 무효처리 됩니다 4. 참여예시 : 잉크참여/34(숫자) Ps. 당첨금 올리기 위해 50만잉크 붇겠습니다. 그리고 추첨은 공정히 진행하겠습니다.

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        • 1회 퍼블로또 -종료-


          #퍼블로또 많은분들이 좋은 이벤트를 많이 열어주십니다. 또 하나의 즐거움을 즐기기위해 퍼블로또를 만들었습니다 ㅎㅎ 룰은 간단합니다 -퍼블로또 룰- 1. 매주 월요일 게시물 등록(제가올림) 2. 1만잉크 땡스 후 참여가능 3. 많은잉크를 부어도 한번만 참여가능 4. 토요일 저녁12시 마감 5. 토요일까지 마감된 게시물의 펍이 당첨금 6. 발표는 일요일, 발표 후 당첨자에게 도네잇 7. 다수 당첨자 나올시 n분의1 8. 당첨자 미 발생시 당첨금 누적 9. 1~100까지 숫자 입력(확률100분의1) ※댓글 예시:잉크 참여/34(숫자) 오늘부터 1회 시작합니다 참여하세요^^ #추가내용 -많은분들이 질문을 주셨는데 최종적으로 땡스 밑에 적힌 PUB의 수량으로 지급이 될 예정입니다 제가 받는것보다 많게 찍히더라도 상관없이 지급될 예정입니다. (추후에 변경될 수 있음) - 추첨방식은 제 마음대로 이거저거 해볼 생각입니다^^ 하지만 공정하게 진행될겁니다 (전 미참여)

          $simjy . 2019.06.12 18:45

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        • Different platforms used for different use cases!


          🔥 Do you really want it? ▪️▪️▪️ 💯 How do you this? How do I do that? How? How? How? Never ending... Wanna know the how? Stop asking these questions! You are just delaying the progress. You need to want it! Make steps while asking questions and start getting ahead! ▪️▪️▪️ 🏁 Dont sit back and wait and wait and wait and ask questions again. Want knowledge? How much do you really need to start? You dont want it bad enough if you are still asking questions. You will only achieve it if you want it! Get an idea and start walking. While you walk start figuring out how it works. You will find time in your Life to do it. You Just need to want it! Prepare for failure and learn from it. Stand Up and rise! Work for your peaceful end. GO!!!! ▪️▪️▪️ 🌙Good night and Take Care ▪️▪️▪️ *Werbung/Anzeige* ▪️▪️▪️ #programming #programmer #programmers #developer #coding #coder #computerscience #tech #technology #webdeveloper #css #programmerrepublic #softwareengineer #javascript #webdev #buildtheweb #webdevelopment #compsci #webdesign #worldofprogrammers #frontend #codegoals #thedevlife #programmerslife #coderlife #codinglife #html #jquery #code #codingblog

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        • Different platforms used for different use cases!


          Different platforms used for different use cases!😎 • • • • • • • • • • • follow @insynouttech • • • follow @insynouttech for more tech posts everyday! • • • 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 . . . . . Check out the post on our website. Link in the bio! . • • #programming #programmer #programmers #programminglife #programmerlife #programmerhumor #programmingmemes #programmingisfun #programmingjokes #programminghumor #developer #developers #developerlife #softwaredeveloper #softwareengineer #softwareengineering #softwaredevelopment #coder #coders #coderlife #coding #codinglife #codingisfun #webdevelopment #webdeveloper #webdevelopers #informatik #programmieren #computerscience #processor

          $bravohoo . 2019.05.02 07:28

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        • Console.log()


          Pretty JSON console.log() for your beautiful logs! #code #coder #dev #javascript #programming #development

          $bravohoo . 2019.04.29 19:41

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        • Comparing


          Type Compatibility part 1. Comparing two functions. You can assign one function to the other if each parameter in one function has a corresponding parameter in other function with a compatible type. #javascript #code #coder #dev #typescript #development #vscode

          $bravohoo . 2019.04.29 19:41

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        • Coder


          Enums are compatible with numbers, and numbers are compatible with enums. Enum values from different enum types are considered incompatible. #code #coder #dev #typescript #development #vscode

          $bravohoo . 2019.04.29 19:40

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        • Interfaces for Classes


          For some cases, it is convenient to have Interfaces for Classes. For example when you have different classes that have to implement similar methods or when you are using inversion of control pattern (like inversifyjs) #code #coder #typescript #javascript #dev #developer

          $bravohoo . 2019.04.29 19:40

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        • Css


          Today we are starting CSS posts) First we will start from grid tutorial and grid basics. To define container as a grid you need simply to set: - display: grid; To define column patterns we use 'grid-template-columns' where you can type patterns like '100px 100px 100px' to define 3 columns each 100px width. If your columns are the same you can use a shortcut with 'repeat' function: 'repeat(3, 100px)'. If you want your grid to be responsive user 'fractions', giving one of each column 1 fraction, so they will get 1/3 of the total width (don't use %, because you can't calculate it if you have any gap between columns). So we have: - grid-template-columns: repeat(3, 1fr); To make a gap type: - grid-gap: 10px; So, how about more CSS tutorials? #css #code #developer #coder #dev

          $bravohoo . 2019.04.29 19:39

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        • A Story of Two Blockchain Experienced


          Let me introduce you to Dimitar Dzureenov, CEO of InfiniteXLab and a pounder of EOS Bulgaria, who has blockchain development experience on both Eodrium and Ios platforms, in his medium. Dimitar Dzhureenov runs InfiniteXLabs, a blockchain technology development and consulting firm, and has had about a year and a half of experience in the blockchain industry since the summer of 2017, and compares the two platforms cheerfully based on his own experience of experiencing the two networks. #1. Smart Shack [Ethereum] Smart apps in Etherium are written in Solidity. Developed by the Etherium Development Team, this programming language uses phrases very similar to JavaScript. Therefore, for JavaScript developers, Solicitis can be quickly understood. Unfortunately, I find it hard to say the good thing about it. Currently, the Solicitis language continues to be developed, and many important functions are missing. This complicates the core development process. From my experience, it was difficult to develop smart apps in Ederium. [Ios (EOS)] On the other hand, the smart phone in EOS is written in C++. As a developer, I prefer that language is already established. C++ already has over 30 years of history, forming a huge community of developers, and it's easy to find a lot of information on the Internet. It is much easier to create smart apps in EOS than to create smart ones in E.D. With many of the features available on C++, you can quickly and easily create high-quality smart apps. Many developers misunderstand that memory management or allocation should be concerned, but it is not. C++ makes it easier to create more complex and massive applications. This is a really important part of the development process. #2. Protocol Etherium was the first blockchain to introduce smart apps to the world. This was a historical and essential step forward for mass response of blockchain after bitcoin. But being the first isn't always the best. Etherium and Ios do not want to compare the two protocols from a developer's perspective because they use different consensus algorithms. I think it's more appropriate to address the features that the development process provides. Along with the EOSIO protocol, Block One has a really cool set of features: accounts and permissions. These features are very useful to use as the basic building blocks for creating and implementing more complex logic, from corporate-level authorization models to smart apps, security, and updates. #3. Development tools [Ethereum] Developers without development tools can do nothing. Developers all want to work in a fast and easy-to-develop environment. Fortunately, there are a lot of great tools to help you develop the Etherium, from starting a local blockchain node with JavaScript to testing smart apps. One of the most famous things in Etherium is the truffle. If you haven't heard of the truffle yet, you must check it out. [Ios (EOS)] Just a few months ago, Ios didn't have the cool tools that Etherium developers had. Starting a local EOS node was not an easy task, and there was no option to test the unit with JavaScript on the smart apps on the EOS. But as the developer community grows so fast, amazing tools continue to be available. Soon Etherium will have to compete with Ios' growth. This is how our development framework, the Troupe of Iderium, was born. (You can test the EOS Smart Shock with JavaScript.) I have a year and a half experience in developing blockchain in Iderium and I am well aware of the many challenges that developers face. After about a year of development at EOS, I realized that I was facing serious competition. If you need to use the same application in Idleness and Ios, it's much easier and faster. We need to keep this in mind.

          $done . 2019.04.19 13:01

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        • Using the static variable in Javascript for the Scatter.


          I had a problem with scatter recently. If you reset the meter again, you get an error, and you find nsjames' github. There was a restriction that we had to reset it only once. So, I'm telling you to use the code below only once. ScatterJS.scatter.connect ("Dabble").then(connected = } I think the static variable is a good idea to handle this. Static variable is usually used in C language, etc. static int sValue = 0; This is what I declare. If you declare it, the above variable will have memory in the heap, and you will only have one time throughout the program. It will be initialized to zero. Subsequently, sValue+ will save the increased value in sValue. Javascript can do this. staticTest.scatterConnected = false; The U.S. military said it would not be easy to find a way to If(staticTest.scatterConnected==false) staticTest.scatterConnected = true; } This allows scatterConnected to be used as a static variable. So, until we get out of that page, It works as static, and because of the nature of javascript, if you leave that page, everyone disappears. It's very useful when you need it. I think it's been a long time since I left a message to share with Dev.

          $awesometeddy . 2019.04.08 15:07

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        • Connect to ScatterDesktop!


          안녕하세요 펍플 여러분, 드디어 스캐터 데스크탑 버전을 사용하실 수 있게 되었습니다. 이제 퍼블리토와 이오스 계정을 더욱 편리하고 안전하게 연결할 수 있습니다. 1. 스캐터 데스크탑 login.가급적 최신 버전을 사용해 주세요(Version 10.1.2, 3월 22일 기준). 2. https://publyto.com/settings 이동 3. 화면 우측 하단에 있는 'ADD ACCOUNT' 버튼 클릭! 4. 스캐터 팝업창에서 연결하려는 이오스 계정을 확인 후 파란 login 버튼 클릭! 5. 스캐터 팝업창에서 파란 Allow 버튼 클릭! 6. 'ADD ACCOUNT' 버튼 자리에 표시되는 이오스 계정명 확인 후 클릭! 7. 페이지 상단에 'Are you sure of your EOS Account?' 팝업 메세지의 확인 버튼 클릭! 8. 연결된 이오스 계정에 PUB 보유량이 Wallet(https://publyto.com/wallet)에 정상적으로 표시되는지 확인! 9. 성공하셨군요~ 수고하셨습니다! 감사합니다. --- Hello Pubple! That's so sick! PUBLYTO is equipped with ScatterDesktop. Now it's easier to connect your PUBLYTO and EOS accounts. Step1 - Login to Scatter desktop. The latest version is recommended. (Version 10.1.2, as of March 22). Step2 - Go to https://publyto.com/settings. Step3 - Click the 'ADD ACCOUNT' button on the bottom right of the screen. Step4 - Select the EOS account you want to connect via the Scatter pop-up window. Click on the blue `Login` button. Step5 - Click the blue `Allow` button in the Scatter popup window. Step6 - Please check the EOS account name displayed in the 'ADD ACCOUNT' button. Step7 - Click 'OK' at the top of the page, 'Are you sure of your EOS Account?' Step8 - Please check your wallet (https://publyto.com/wallet) to make sure your PUB balance is clearly displayed. Step9 - You have succeeded. Thanks!

          $publyto . 2019.03.23 11:40

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        • Check out our new updates!


          퍼블리토 웹사이트의 새버전을 배포했습니다. 검색엔진 최적화(SEO)를 위한 선행 작업을 시행했습니다. 웹사이트 프레임워크를 변경하는 대공사 과정을 거쳤습니다. 눈에 보이진 않지만 크게 개선된 사항들만 추려서 공유드립니다. 1. 포탈사이트 검색 최적화 각 게시물이 구글, 네이버, 빙, 야후 등의 포탈사이트에서 검색되고 랭킹도 점차 최적화 되어갈 수 있는 기반이 마련되었습니다. *추가 설명 각 게시물의 검색 확률과 랭킹은 노출량, 검색량 등 주요 변수에 따라 차이가 생길 수 있습니다. 사이트맵, 사이트봇, 백링크 등 최적화를 위한 추가 작업이 남아있습니다. 포털을 통해 일 1,000건 이상 꾸준한 검색량, 방문량이 기록되면 메이저 기업처럼 멋스러운 사이트 링크 박스도 형성될 수 있습니다.(네이버 브랜드검색처럼 돈을 주고 하는 방법도 있으나 근본적인 SEO 취지와는 거리가 있습니다.) 그리고, 인지도가 높은 타 웹사이트에 여러분의 게시물 URL이 링크(*백링크)되면 해당 게시물의 검색랭킹은 물론 웹사이트의 평판도 상승되어 누이좋고 매부좋고가 됩니다. 적극적인 활용! 부탁드립니다. *백링크? 타 웹사이트에 게시된 나의 웹사이트 링크. 보통 타 웹사이트에 내 콘텐츠를 언급(링크)할 때 또는 출처를 링크할 때 주로 사용합니다. 백링크가 많을수록 평판이 상승됩니다. 단, 인지도가 높은 웹사이트에서 받은 백링크 하나가 그렇지 않은 곳의 백링크, 천링크보다 효과적입니다. 2. 로딩 속도 개선 PUBLYTO 메인페이지와 게시물 상세페이지(특히 이미지와 영상)의 로딩 속도가 대폭 향상되었습니다. 3. URL 링크 프리뷰 URL을 붙여넣으면 게시물을 포함한 웹페이지 컨텐츠의 프리뷰가 나타납니다. 4. 기타 - Thanks 클릭과 동시에 상세페이지와 여러 썸네일들에 횟수가 동시에 카운트 되도록 동시성을 개선했습니다. - 프레임워크 변경과 마이그레이션으로 유발된 크고작은 버그들을 픽스했습니다. 버그제보, 개선요청은 ask@publyto.io 로 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다! We have updated the new version of PUBLYTO website. We took fundamental technical steps for Search Engine Optimization. We will share only the most important improvements. 1. Search Engine Optimization Your posts are optimized to search on portal sites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. The ranks are also gradually optimized. * Additional explanation The search probability and ranking of each post may differ depending on major variables such as impressions and search volume. Additional work remains to optimize your sitemap, site bots, back links, and more. 2. Improved performance The loading performance of PUBLYTO main and detail page has been greatly improved. 3. Link previews If you paste the URL, you'll see a preview of the web page content. 4. Other Fixed bugs caused by framework changes and migration. Please submit various bugs and requests to [ask@publyto.io] PUBLYTO网站更新升级啦! 其中最重要的进展包括: 1.搜索引擎优化 您的帖子已经过优化,可以在门户网站上搜索,例如Google,Bing,Yahoo。搜索排名也将逐步优化。 *其他说明:每个帖子的搜索概率和排名可能会因主要变量(如展示次数和搜索量)而有所不同。其他工作工作:优化您的站点地图,站点机器人,反向链接等。 2.页面展示改进 PUBLYTO主页面和详细页面的加载性能得到了极大的提升。 3.链接预览 如果您粘贴网址,则可看到网页内容的预览。 4.其他 修复了框架更改和迁移导致的错误。 如果发现任何问题,可直接向ask@publyto.io提交各种错误和请求。 电报群:https://t.me/publyto

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        • DApp vs App


          현재 트위터나 미디엄 등 블록체인 관련 채널에서 진행되는 설문조사 결과들을 보고 있자면, 2019년은 확실히 디앱(DApp)들이 현존하고 있는 중앙화된 시스템에서 앱(App)들과 본격적인 경쟁을 시작하는 원년이 될 것 같습니다. 사실 지금까지도 이더리움 진영을 필두로 하여 "어떤 합의 알고리즘이 보다 탈중앙화 되어 있는가?"라는 화두를 가지고 플랫폼들의 이념적인 논쟁이 지속되고는 있지만, 크립토씬 투자자들이나 토큰 홀더들을 포함하여 관망만 하고 있는 기존 시장의 잠재적 투자자들까지 모두의 시선은 이제 "블록체인 네트워크 위에서 작동하며 많은 사람들이 불편함 없이 일상생활에서 사용할 수 있는 킬러 댑(DApp)이 나올 것인가?"에 관한 것으로 집중이 되고 있습니다. 그리고, 2018년말 부터 DPoS진영, 대표적으로는 이오스 메인넷을 기반으로 출현하기 시작한 겜블링과 게임 댑들은 순식간에 엄청난 트랜잭션량을 발생시키며 네트워크를 장악하기 시작했고, 블록체인 생태계의 발전 및 실현 가능성을 증명해주고 있습니다. 물론 확률 싸움을 기반으로 한 도박은 블록체인 생태계에 장기적인 관점에서 악영향을 끼칠 수 있다는 우려의 목소리들, 기존 게임에 비해 수십년 전으로 회귀한 것만 같은 퀄리티를 보여주는 게임이 과연 많은 사용자들에게 선택받을 수 있을 것이냐는 불만의 목소리들이 높은 것도 사실이지만, 이오스 메인넷을 기반으로 한 ITAM Games를 비롯하여 현재의 퀄리티를 훨씬 웃도는 게임들이 2019년 하반기에 크립토씬에 데뷔할 예정이니만큼 앞으로의 블록체인 기반 게임 퀄리티가 얼마나 발전할 지에 대해서는 약간의 여유를 두고 지켜보는 것도 좋을 것 같습니다. 얼마 전 트위터와 미디엄에서 진행했던 설문조사 결과들을 살펴보면 현재 크립토씬 커뮤니티가 2019년에 가장 기대하고 있는 댑(DApp)은 바로 "SNS"인 것으로 나타났습니다. "자신의 일상, 생각, 말, 글 모든 것들이 콘텐츠화 되고 이를 통해 지속적이고 유의미한 수익을 얻음으로써 "크리에이터"라는 직업을 가질 수 있는 "1인 미디어 시대"가 열렸고, 이런 거대한 흐름 속에서 기존에는 "죄악 또는 낭비"로 치부했던 SNS에 무궁무진한 가능성이 생겼다는 점이 그 기원이 되지 않나 싶습니다. 그리고 페이스북, 트위터, 네이버, 인스타그램 등 해당 서비스를 운영하는 주체 및 해당 업체의 주주들이 사용자들의 기여에 따른 가치를 독식하는 기존의 경제구조를 완전히 탈바꿈하고자 하는 무브먼트가 블록체인과 밀접히 맞닿아 있는 것도 큰 원동력 중 하나일 것입니다. 기존의 화폐나 지불, 송금 방식을 대체하는 전자 방식의 암호"화폐 시스템", 탈중앙화된 상품 시장, 클라우드 서비스, 브라우징 등은 아직도 넘어야 할 산들이 많고, 굳이 블록체인이 필요하지 않음에도 불구하고 기존 경제 시스템의 문제를 꼬집으며 등장했던 다양한 프로젝트들은 기존 시스템과 경쟁할 필요도 없이 크립토씬에서 사라져 가겠지만 "SNS" 댑(DApp)들은 백만 대군이 넘는 무수한 병력을 가지고 있는 거대 앱(App)들과의 본격적인 경쟁을 시작할 때가 온 것 같습니다. "댑(DApp)은 앱(App)과 이런 것들이 다르다"보다는.. "댑(DApp)은 앱(App)과 다른게 없다" 그리고 +@가 바로 토크나이징 경제이다. 이렇게 경쟁해야만 댑들이 살아남을 수 있는 시기가 우리의 생각보다 빠르게 다가오고 있는 것은 아닌지 모르겠습니다. 여러분들은 어떻게 생각하시나요? 블록체인 기반 SNS 댑(DApp)들이 앱들과의 경쟁에서 승리하기 위해서는 무엇이 가장 필요하다고 생각하시나요?

          $done . 2019.02.14 13:46

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        • What you want from Purble...No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


          It's not even in Purble's white paper, and it's not necessarily something he should do, but I'm just going to come up with an idea and suggest it. And I think that almost all of the SNS articles that exist now, including the Public, are subject to the question by the provider (the writer). This isn't necessarily a bad idea, but I got an idea after watching &done's recent sharing event. https://publyto.com/posts/8107 Wouldn't it be necessary to correct the asymmetry of the subject selection if the Publicity is a system where it can make a public offering, with producers (writers) and consumers (curators)? I feel like I'm That is, if the selection of the subject has been decided by the producer, wouldn't it be nice if the pubic had a window for the manufacturer to produce the text of the subject that the consumer wants to impose? I think it's too much to ask for something to write... 1. There's a window in the Publicito that puts the keywords (words only) of what you want to read. 2. You can create five windows a day. 3. Place the top 50 keywords accumulated in the last week at the bottom of the main page of the Public. (I think it would be better to have a sense of aesthetics in the form of word cloud big data.ᄒ) 4. Writers look at the keywords to see what the curators want. 5. Writing on a topic with a lot of needs is more likely to get a lot more thank you, so I write on the subject with great care. 6. Many curators read them and check their own questions and content, and feel satisfied and grateful. 7. You will switch to a new topic by adding keywords from another time. 8. Publishto has become a hot spot for fresh postings on topics that many people are interested in recently, increasing the number of incoming consumers. 9. This consumer of letters begins to turn into a writer in the long run. I don't know what you're talking about. Until now, Heshteg has been common, and it's been said, "People who write are interested in places like this. I'm just saying, "People who read are interested in this and that lately. I think we can create something. I don't think there's much difference, but I think the difference between knowing and writing about consumer needs is clear for the And even when future ads come to the public, we'll be able to imagine that they'll grow into valuable Sns that can be targeted because they know what a lot of so-called eye-catching needs are, not part of what they're ----- I'll also sign up for an eagle and share it with you as soon as I' Haha

          $gregory . 2019.01.29 21:17

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        • Little update on Publicito!


          Those of you who have eyeshadowing have already noticed, but Publicito has a small update that reflects some of the suggestions that have been made by many. I would like to say thank you to the Publicito Development Team for listening to feedback from the community and conducting quick updates, which I described as small updates. The update of Publicito is as follows: 1. Click on the "Download" button and add the "Manual Ink" function! (First picture) - You don't have to go bouncing bars and secret parties on mobile anymore. - You can touch (click) the ink numeric area to enter it. It is said that the UI will be opened in the future. 2. Improved my bookmarks list (second picture) - Previously, the entire story of subscribed펍lets was printed at once, but now only the 펍ple list appears. - This eliminates bookmark infinite loading. - In the future, there will be a feed area where you can only gather stories of the young people you've been reading, and the logic will be revamped. 3. Improve My stories list (third picture) - Traditionally, the length was printed differently depending on the length of the text entered in each story, but now appears in batches of the same size. - Get a good look at your story list on a webpage or mobile. 4. Other Updates - Normalize profile URL: You can now access it only by knowing the other party's account (URL: https://publyto.com/$ account name) - Improving arrow icons that work as a left-hand swipe of plug-in content with multiple images (video) uploaded - Unifying Publicity Access Addresses (Improve the phenomenon of connecting to existing) addresses) I think the updates will reflect what many people are asking for in common. Please wait a little longer to see how the various suggestions will be reflected in the Publicito, including the output of comments by posting, alarm function for new comments and comments, improvement of title window when inputting comments, the ability to check the boat list other than TOP10. :D

          $done . 2019.01.09 02:06

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        • Visualization of pan tilt system based on ros


          I am implementing hardware-interface using ros. Currently, JointStateController is implemented. So, when real camera moves, rviz show same behaivor on a pan tilt model.

          $jacobyu . 2019.01.08 14:26

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        • Where are you going to go to the chicken pizza publito?


          Where are you going to go, Publicito? Publisho Towards Integrated SNS Portal It's easy to get a membership. But that's it. If you sell chicken and pizza, you'll lose your professionalism, but if you sell both of them, wouldn't it be better? Should be to work, such as Instagram to 1. write. Everyone uses Instagram, but I hope you can do photos, videos and real-time broadcasts without any link. 2. Purchase I have to join the chain. It's hard to get additional purchases only when you find out that you can buy the product only from the chain with your ID card. I wish I could buy it by credit card, account transfer, or mobile phone. 3. Selling Although we haven't received any compensation yet, if we want to sell the product after receiving the reward, we have to change the 펍 to 펍 to 스로, change the 이 to 오 to 스, and then to 이 to 오, 한화, 팔아, 옮겨, 있네요, , 오, 출, 이, 거래, 원화, 로. I think the won will be listed in time, but I hope we can easily withdraw money after selling and withdraw from our accounts in Publicito. 4.Ink Charging I hope you can see the ink charge as a gauge bar and make it easier to see. Expected charging time, etc. The explanation and predictability of when it will be charged now seem to be insufficient. It's buffered in 24 hours on the page. I don't think you've seen the basic explanation. 5.Steaking and Unstaging The first steak is full of ink. After that, the ink can only grow and slowly chock up. If you do it again, you can expect it to be filled at once. Otherwise, you need to be informed about it. It's better to bring in an extra amount of steak at once. Unstay also needs to guide you through countdown and unsteak changes. 6.Mamuri I hope all of the wallet linkage, purchase, sales, bankbooking, and unstay will be as easy as membership. I mean, I'd like to see if we could get the deal and the withdrawals out of Publicito. It's easy to sign up, and the rest of us have a lot of difficulties. I'm looking forward to a public offering that easily integrates everything in one shot. Also, please make a communication playground where everyone can play even though it is beta period now.^^ #publyto

          $publytoo . 2019.01.02 22:24

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        • After lubricating Real Force 103UKB


          This is a 10-year-old real force 103UKB post lubrication video. Lubrication is a blend ratio of Cryptox 103 + 107, 4.5:5.5.

          $galahan . 2018.12.28 21:56

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        • Real Force 103UKB Lubricant


          This is a 10-year-old Tagon before lubricating Real Force 103UKB. We'll try to see if you're receiving and registering normally.

          $galahan . 2018.12.28 21:55

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        • hello.sh create and run with vim


          Create Shell scripts with vim - Brew install nvim - vim hello.sh - Editing mode i. - Save: shift + z + z - Mode change: esc or ctrl + c - sh hello.sh - Declare and use variables = without spaces - Erase esc x - Undo esc u

          $kyeongrok . 2018.12.28 15:27

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        • [ROS] manual control pan-tilt motors


          I connected pan-tilt motor controller (firmware) and ROS. It is visualziation and controlled in rviz. I manually controled motors using slidar bar.

          $jacobyu . 2018.12.28 14:11

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