I went to a lantern event to celebrate Buddha's birthday.

Your birthday is May 12th (April 8th) of the lunar calendar.

It was a little cold, but there were a lot of people gathered

There was a lantern procession after the event.

As the years go by, the lanterns grow bigger, and look great and colorful. 😍😍

May Buddha's mercy be with you on Nuri.

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  • λΆ€μ²˜λ‹˜μ˜ 마음이 항상 κΉƒλ“€κΈ°λ₯Ό κΈ°λ„ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€.

    λ―Όλ“€λž˜ 씨앗이 λ°”λžŒμ— 날리듯 νŽΈμ˜¨ν•¨μ΄ ν•¨κ»˜ν•˜κΈ°λ₯Ό λΉ•λ‹ˆλ‹€.

    $dbzkxhtm . 2019.05.04

  • μ˜¨λˆ„λ¦¬μ— μžλΉ„κ°€ κ°€λ“ν•˜κΈ°λ₯Ό~~


    $ruby . 2019.04.29

  • μ˜¬ν•΄λ„ μ–΄κΉ€ 없이 그뢄이 μ˜€μ‹œλŠ”κ΅°μš”.


    $siro . 2019.04.29

  • $ha3timbsgyge

    μ²œνƒœμ’…λ§Œ μ°Έμ—¬ν•œ ν–‰μ‚¬λŠ” μ•„λ‹ˆμ—ˆλ˜κ²ƒ κ°™κ΅¬μš”.

    μ‹œμ—μ„œ μ£Όκ΄€ν•œ 행사라 λͺ¨λ“  μ’…νŒŒκ°€ ν•¨κ»˜ ν–ˆλ˜κ²ƒ κ°™μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€.

    μ—°λ“±ν–‰μ§„μ—μ„œλŠ” λŒ€ν‘œμŠ€λ‹˜λ“€κ³Ό μ‹œμž₯λ‹˜μ΄ 선두에 λ‚˜μ•„κ°€μ…¨μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€.

    $eternize . 2019.04.28

  • 석가탄신일도

    곧 λ‹€κ°€μ˜€λ„€μš”

    $oxy . 2019.04.28

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  • μˆ˜μ› μž¬μ¦ˆνŽ˜μŠ€ν‹°λ²Œ 2019 - λ‹€λ…€μ˜΄θ¨˜


    μ•žμ„œ μ†Œκ°œλ“œλ Έλ˜ "μˆ˜μ› 재즈 νŽ˜μŠ€ν‹°λ²Œ 2019" 1일차 곡연에 λ‹€λ…€μ™”μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 1μΌμ°¨μ—μ„œλŠ” "SWμž¬μ¦ˆλΉ…λ°΄λ“œ, 말둜, BMK" 의 곡연이 μ°¨λ‘€λ‘œ μ§„ν–‰λ˜μ—ˆκ³ , 정말 멋진 κ³΅μ—°λ“€μ΄μ—ˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 넓은 곡원광μž₯에 자유둭게 λͺ¨μ—¬μ•‰μ•„μ„œ κ΄€λžŒν•  수 μžˆμ–΄μ„œ 더 μ’‹μ•˜λ„€μš”. λ¬Έμ œλŠ” 날씨가 많이 μΆ”μ›Œμ Έμ„œ 아이듀과 ν•¨κ»˜λ‚˜μ˜¨ 집듀은 아이듀을 꽁꽁 μ‹Έλ©”κ³  κ»΄μ•ˆκ³  λ‚œλ¦¬λ”κ΅°μš”. ^^ μ €λŠ” λ‚˜λ¦„ 늦게 λ„μ°©ν–ˆμ§€λ§Œ μ•žμžλ¦¬λ‘œ 자리λ₯Ό 잘 μž‘μ•˜λ‹€κ³  μƒκ°ν–ˆλŠ”λ° κ·Έ μ•žμ— 지미집 카메라가 λ–‘~ ν•˜λ‹ˆ 자리λ₯Ό μž‘λ”λ‹ˆ 곡연내내 μ•žμ—μ„œ 걸리적 거리고 μ‹œμ•Όλ₯Ό μ™„μ „ λ°©ν•΄ν•˜λ”κ΅°μš”. (손을 μ­‰~ λ‚΄λ°€κ³  슀마트폰으둜 μ˜μƒμ„ 찍어보렀닀가 포기 ;;) λ¬Όλ‘  μŒμ•…κ³΅μ—°μ΄λΌ κ·€ ν˜Έκ°•λ§Œ ν•˜λ©΄ λ˜λŠ”κ²ƒμ΄κ² μ§€λ§Œ λ„ˆ~무 μ•„μ‰¬μ› μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 말둜의 ν™˜μƒμ μΈ 슀캣, BMK의 μ—„μ²­λ‚œ μ„±λŸ‰... μ•„μ£Ό ν›Œλ₯­ν–ˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 였늘 μ΄μ–΄μ§ˆ 2일차 곡연은 "SWμž¬μ¦ˆλΉ…λ°΄λ“œ, ν—ˆλ‹ˆλ°΄λ“œ, μ›…μ‚°λ°΄λ“œ" 의 μˆœμ„œλ‘œ μ§„ν–‰λ©λ‹ˆλ‹€.

    $eternize . 2019.09.19 09:17

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  • μˆ˜μ› μž¬μ¦ˆνŽ˜μŠ€ν‹°λ²Œ 2019


    "μˆ˜μ› μž¬μ¦ˆνŽ˜μŠ€ν‹°λ²Œ 2019" λ₯Ό μ†Œκ°œλ“œλ¦½λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ˜¨κ°€μ‘±μ΄ ν•¨κ»˜ μ¦κΈ°λŠ” μŒμ•…μΆ•μ œ 2019 μˆ˜μ›μž¬μ¦ˆνŽ˜μŠ€ν‹°λ²Œ λŒ€ν•œλ―Όκ΅­ μ΅œκ³ κ²½κ΄€μœΌλ‘œ 꼽힌 'κ΄‘κ΅ν˜Έμˆ˜κ³΅μ›'을 배경으둜 κ΅­λ‚΄μ™Έ μž¬μ¦ˆμ•„ν‹°μŠ€νŠΈλ“€μ΄ λͺ¨μ—¬ νŽΈμ•ˆν•˜κ³  감미둜운 μž¬μ¦ˆμŒμ•…μœΌλ‘œ κΎΈλ―ΈλŠ” μˆ˜μ›μž¬μ¦ˆνŽ˜μŠ€ν‹°λ²Œμ€ μ˜¬ν•΄λ‘œ 6회λ₯Ό λ§žμ΄ν•œλ‹€. μ •ν†΅μž¬μ¦ˆλΆ€ν„° λ‚¨λ…€λ…Έμ†Œ λˆ„κ΅¬λ‚˜ νŽΈμ•ˆν•˜κ²Œ 즐길 수 μžˆλŠ” μž¬μ¦ˆκΉŒμ§€, 무λ₯΄μ΅λŠ” λ‹¨ν’λ§ŒνΌμ΄λ‚˜ 감성도 κΉŠμ–΄μ§„ 가을에 μˆ˜μ›μž¬μ¦ˆνŽ˜μŠ€ν‹°λ²Œκ³Ό ν•¨κ»˜ν•΄ 보자. [ν–‰μ‚¬λ‚΄μš©] * ν”„λ‘œκ·Έλž¨ : 9. 18(수) BMK, 말둜, SWμž¬μ¦ˆλΉ…λ°΄λ“œ, 9. 19(λͺ©) μ›…μ‚°λ°΄λ“œ, ν—ˆλ‹ˆλ°΄λ“œ, SWμž¬μ¦ˆλΉ…λ°΄λ“œ μ‹œμž‘μΌ : 2019.09.18 19:00~21:50 μ’…λ£ŒμΌ : 2019.09.19 18:40~21:50 ν™ˆνŽ˜μ΄μ§€ : https://www.swcf.or.kr μ£Όμ†Œ : 경기도 μˆ˜μ›μ‹œ μ˜ν†΅κ΅¬ κ΄‘κ΅ν˜Έμˆ˜λ‘œ 57 κ΄‘κ΅ν˜Έμˆ˜κ³΅μ› 슀포츠클라이밍μž₯ 주졜 : μˆ˜μ›μ‹œ μ£Όκ΄€ : μˆ˜μ›λ¬Έν™”μž¬λ‹¨, λ‰΄μ‹œμŠ€ 경기남뢀 맀번 ν–‰μ‚¬λ‚˜ μ „μ‹œλ₯Ό λ‹€λ…€μ˜¨ ν›„ μ†Œκ°œλ“œλ Έλ”λ‹ˆ 미쳐 κ°€λ³΄μ§ˆ λͺ»ν•˜μ‹œκ³  μ•„μ‰¬μ›Œ ν•˜λŠ” 뢄듀이 κ³„μ…”μ„œ μ΄λ²ˆμ—” λ¨Όμ € μ†Œκ°œλ“œλ¦½λ‹ˆλ‹€. "μˆ˜μ› μž¬μ¦ˆνŽ˜μŠ€ν‹°λ²Œ 2019" 은 μ§€λ‚œλ²ˆ νƒœν’ 링링을 ν”Όν•΄ 곡연 일정이 λ―Έλ€„μ Έμ„œ 9μ›” 18일 ~ 9μ›” 19일 μ΄ν‹€λ™μ•ˆ μ§„ν–‰ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ €λŠ” λ°”λ‘œ μ§‘μ•žμ΄λΌ 슬슬 가보면 λ˜κΈ΄ν•œλ° ν‰μΌμ΄λ„€μš”. κ·Όλ¬΄ν•˜λ‹€ μž μ‹œ λ‚˜μ™€μ„œ 곡연보고 κ°€μ•Ό ν• κΉŒλ΄μš”. ^^ μˆ˜μ› 인근에 계신 뢄듀은 가을날 재즈의 μ„ μœ¨μ— λΉ μ Έλ³΄μ•„μš”~~~ μ‚¬μ§„μΆœμ²˜ : ν•œκ΅­κ΄€κ΄‘κ³΅μ‚¬, μˆ˜μ›λ¬Έν™”μž¬λ‹¨

    $eternize . 2019.09.16 11:48

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  • κΈ°μ—¬μ›Œβ£οΈ


    🐢🐢 μš°λ¦¬κ·€μš”λ―Έλ“€μ„μœ„ν•΄ κ°œν„°νŒŒν¬λ§Œλ“€μ–΄μ€Œ:) #κ·€μš”λ―Έ#λ‚΄μ‚¬λž‘λ“€#개λ‘₯이듀#😍#λ„ˆλ¬΄κΈ°μš”μ›Œ#γ…œγ…œ#κ΄΄λ‘­νžˆκ³ μ‹Άμ–΄#😬#으잌#γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹#λ‹₯μŠ€ν›ˆνŠΈ#λž‘μ΄λ ˆμ΄#자맀#κ°œμŠ€νƒ€κ·Έλž¨#λ‚΄μƒˆλΌλ“€#πŸ’•#일상#데일리#μ†Œν†΅#μ’‹μ•„μš”#daily#Dachshund

    $ministyle1 . 2019.09.11 17:12

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  • μ˜¬ν•΄λŠ” νŠΉνžˆλ‚˜ λ‹€λ₯Ό 것이닀. - 독립기념관


    제74μ£Όλ…„ κ΄‘λ³΅μ ˆμ„ λ§žμ΄ν•˜μ—¬, 온 가쑱이 뜻이 μΌμΉ˜ν•˜μ—¬ 독립기념관에 λ‹€λ…€μ™”μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 방학에도 λ°”μœ κ΄€κ³„λ‘œ λ†€λŸ¬κ°€μ§€ λͺ»ν•˜κ³  μžˆμ—ˆλŠ”λ° ν•˜λ£¨ 짬을 λ‚΄μ–΄ λ…λ¦½κΈ°λ…κ΄€μœΌλ‘œ. ^^ 마침 무ꢁ화꽃 행사가 μžˆμ–΄ μ—¬λŸ¬ μ²΄ν—˜λ„ ν•˜κ³  μ‚¬μ€ν’ˆλ„ λ°›μœΌλ©΄μ„œ μž…μž₯ν•˜μ˜€λ„€μš”. 기념관 λ°”λ‘œ μ˜†μœΌλ‘œ 815개의 νƒœκ·ΉκΈ°λ„ κ²Œμ–‘λ˜μ–΄ μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ—¬λŸ¬ μ²΄ν—˜κ΄€κ³Ό μ „μ‹œκ΄€μ„ λ‘˜λŸ¬λ³΄λŠ”λ° 아이듀이 μ „ν˜€ 지루해 ν•˜μ§€ μ•Šκ³ , λ₯κΈ°λŠ” ν–ˆμ§€λ§Œ 날씨도 맑고, κ·Έλž˜μ„œ κ·ΈλŸ°μ§€ κ°€μ‘±λ™λ°˜ 방문객듀이 μƒλ‹Ήνžˆ λ§Žλ”κ΅°μš”. μ±…μœΌλ‘œ 보고 λ°°μ› κ² μ§€λ§Œ, μ˜ˆμ „ μΌμ œκ°•μ κΈ°λ•Œ 일본이 μ–΄λ–»κ²Œ κ°•μ œλ‘œ μΉ¨νƒˆν•˜μ˜€μœΌλ©°, 이λ₯Ό 되찾기 μœ„ν•΄ μ–Όλ§ˆλ‚˜ λ§Žμ€ λΆ„λ“€μ˜ 희생이 μžˆμ—ˆλŠ”μ§€, μ €λ₯Ό ν¬ν•¨ν•œ 온 가쑱이 λ‹€μ‹œ ν•œλ²ˆ λ˜μƒˆκΈ°λŠ” 계기가 λœλ“― ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€. νŠΉνžˆλ‚˜ ν˜„μž¬ 일본은 말도 μ•ˆλ˜λŠ” νš‘ν¬μ™€ μ–΅μ§€λ‘œ 온 κ΅­λ―Όλ“€μ˜ λΆ„λ…Έλ₯Ό 사고 μžˆλŠ”λ°μš”. λ‚¨λ…€λ…Έμ†Œ λͺ¨λ‘ 일본 λΆˆλ§€μš΄λ™λ“±μ— μ κ·Ήμ°Έμ—¬ν•˜λŠ” λͺ¨μŠ΅μ„ 보여주고 μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ•„λ§ˆ μ˜¬ν•΄λŠ” νŠΉνžˆλ‚˜ λ‹€λ₯Ό 것 κ°™μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. (참고둜, μ˜¬ν•΄λŠ” 3.1 λ§Œμ„Έμš΄λ™ 100μ£Όλ…„ λ˜λŠ” ν•΄μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€.) " λ…λ¦½μš΄λ™μ— μ°Έμ—¬ν•˜μ§€λŠ” λͺ»ν–ˆμœΌλ‚˜ 일본 λΆˆλ§€μš΄λ™μ—λŠ” 적극 μ°Έμ—¬ν•˜κ² μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 일본인을 λ―Έμ›Œν•˜μ§€ μ•ŠμœΌλ‚˜ 일본의 μ •μΉ˜μΈλ“€κ³Ό 사상은 λ°˜λŒ€ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€. "

    $eternize . 2019.08.12 09:31

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  • κ΅°λŒ€λ¬Έν™”μ˜ λ³€ν™” '더캠프'


    μ–΄μ œ 올린 κΈ€μ˜ λŒ“κΈ€μ— λ³΄λ‹ˆ 아직 바뀐 κ΅°λŒ€ 문화에 λŒ€ν•΄ μ΅œκ·Όμ— μ ‘ν•œ λ‚˜λ³΄λ‹€ λ’€μ²˜μ§€μ‹ (?) 뢄듀이 λ§Žμ€ κ΄€κ³„λ‘œ 성격이 λ‹€μ†Œ λ‹¨μˆœν•˜λ‹€λ³΄λ‹ˆ 우쭐~ν™λ³΄ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€.^^ λ”μΊ ν”„μ—μ„œ μ•„λ“€ 생년월일과 ν›ˆλ ¨μ„ κ°„ κ΅°λŒ€μ™€ μž…μ˜ν•œ λ‚ μ§œλ₯Ό μž…λ ₯ν•˜κ³  μ‘°νšŒν•˜μ—¬ λ“±λ‘ν•˜λ©΄ μ€€λΉ„ 끝. μž…μ˜ν›„ 일주일후 메일을 μ“Έμˆ˜μžˆκ³  λΆ€λŒ€μ—μ„œ μž…μ˜μƒν™œμ— λŒ€ν•΄ κ΅°μ—μ„œ 사진도 μ˜¬λ €μ€λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ•„λ“€ 친ꡬ 말에 μ˜ν•˜λ©΄ μ „μ—λŠ” 메일을 전달해 μ£ΌλŠ” 숫자λ₯Ό μ œν•œν–ˆλ‹€λŠ”λ° μš”μ¦˜μ€ 메일을 μ˜€λŠ”λŒ€λ‘œ 좜λ ₯을 ν•΄μ„œ μ£ΌκΈ°λ•Œλ¬Έμ— 많이 써도 관계가 μ—†λ‹€λ”κ΅°μš”. κ·Έλž˜μ„œ ν˜Ήμ‹œλ‚˜ 그것도 경쟁이 λ˜λŠ”κ±΄ μ•„λ‹Œκ°€ν•΄μ„œ μ™Έλ‘œμšΈκΉŒ κ±±μ •λ˜μ–΄ μ—΄μ‹¬νžˆ μ“΄λ‹€λŠ”..^^ ν›ˆλ ¨ν•˜λŠ” λͺ¨μŠ΅λ“€ 올린 사진에 눈이 빠져라 λ‚¨νŽΈκ³Ό 아듀을 μ°Ύμ•„ λ΄€λŠ”λ° μΆœμ—°μ„ μ•ˆν•΄μ„œ μ„œμš΄ν•΄ ν•˜λŠ” μ€‘μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€.^^ μ°Έ, 그리고 κ·Έ 메일을 λͺ¨μ•„μ„œ μ±…μœΌλ‘œ λ§Œλ“€μˆ˜λ„ μžˆλ‹€λ„€μš”.^^ 저도 μ‹ μ²­ν•΄μ•Ό κ² μ–΄μš”.^^ λ‹ΉλΆ„κ°„ κ΅°λŒ€ μ–˜κΈ°λ₯Ό μ’€ 올릴 것 κ°™λ„€μš”.^^ ν† μš”μΌ,κ±°μ‹€μ—μ„œ λ”©κ΅΄λ‹€ μ–΄μ œ 저녁에 올린 글에 μž‰ν¬λ₯Ό 많이 μ£Όμ…”μ„œ λ‹€μ†Œ 격앙이?^^ 주말 ν–‰λ³΅ν•œ 일 ν’λ…„λ˜μ‹œκΈΈ..^^

    $starway . 2019.07.27 08:31

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  • know traditional Korean clothes ν•œκ΅­μ˜ 전톡 μ˜μƒμ„ μ•Œμ•„λΌ.


    Hanbok (South Korea) or Chosŏn-ot (North Korea) is a traditional dress for Korean people. Hanbok generally has bright colors, with simple lines and no pockets. Even though it literally means "Korean clothes", hanbok at this time refers to "Joseon Dynasty style clothing" which is usually used formally or semi-formal in celebrations or traditional festivals.

    $habibieolive . 2019.07.26 12:55

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  • 7회 νΌλΈ”λ‘œλ˜ -μ’…λ£Œ-


    #7회 νΌλΈ”λ‘œλ˜ 7μ›”22일~7μ›”27일 저녁12μ‹œκΉŒμ§€ 7회 νΌλΈ”λ‘œλ˜λ₯Ό μ‹œμž‘ν•˜κ² μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ§€λ‚œμ£Ό λ―Έλ‹Ήμ²¨μœΌλ‘œ λ‹Ήμ²¨κΈˆ λˆ„μ  β€»λˆ„μ  κΈˆμ•‘ : 18085PUB β– κ²Œμž„ μ°Έμ—¬ 방법 1. λ•‘μŠ€ ν›„ 1λ§Œμž‰ν¬μ΄μƒ νˆ¬μ²™(λ‹Ήμ²¨κΈˆμœΌλ‘œ ν™œμš©) 2. 00~99κΉŒμ§€ 숫자 μž…λ ₯ 3. μž‰ν¬ λ―Έ νˆ¬μ²™μ‹œ κ²Œμž„μ°Έμ—¬ 무효처리 λ©λ‹ˆλ‹€ 4. μ°Έμ—¬μ˜ˆμ‹œ : μž‰ν¬μ°Έμ—¬/34(숫자) Ps. λ‹Ήμ²¨κΈˆ 올리기 μœ„ν•΄ 50λ§Œμž‰ν¬ λΆ‡κ² μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 그리고 좔첨은 κ³΅μ •νžˆ μ§„ν–‰ν•˜κ² μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€.

    $simjy . 2019.07.22 14:12

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  • 우주 졜고의 ν”Όμ„œμ§€! λ„μ„œκ΄€!


    날씨가 λ”μ›Œμ‘ŒμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. μž₯마철인데 λΉ„λŠ” μ•ˆμ˜€κ³  폭염이 κ·Ήμ„±μ΄λ„€μš”! λ”μšΈ 땐 μ‹œμ›ν•œ 곳을 μ°Ύμ•„ λ– λŒκΈ° 마련인데 μ–΄λ””λ₯Ό κ°€λ©΄ λˆμ„ μ“°κ²Œ λ˜λŠ” 것 κ²‰μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. λˆλ„ μ•ˆλ“€κ³ , μ‹œμ›ν•˜κ³  μΎŒμ ν•˜λ©°, 아이듀과 μžμ‹ μ˜ μ„±μž₯에도 큰 도움이 λ˜λŠ”~ 우주 졜고의 ν”Όμ„œμ§€ λ„μ„œκ΄€! 집 κ·Όμ²˜μ— μ΄λ ‡κ²Œ μΎŒμ ν•˜κ³  μ‹œμ›ν•œ ν”Όμ„œμ§€κ°€ μžˆλ‹€λŠ”κ²Œ μ–Όλ§ˆλ‚˜ 큰 좕볡인지 λͺ¨λ₯΄κ² μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€^^ 올 여름 우주 졜고의 ν”Όμ„œμ§€ λ„μ„œκ΄€μ—μ„œ λ³΄λ‚΄μ‹œλ©΄ μ–΄λ–¨λŸ°μ§€μš”? 😁

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  • 2019 μ•ˆλ™κ΅­μ œνƒˆμΆ€νŽ˜μŠ€ν‹°λ²Œ


    #μ•ˆλ™κ΅­μ œνƒˆμΆ€νŽ˜μŠ€ν‹°λ²ŒπŸ‘Ή #μ§€μ—­μΆ•μ œ 2019λ…„ 9μ›” 27일뢀터 10μ›” 6μΌκΉŒμ§€ μ•ˆλ™νƒˆμΆ€κ³΅μ› μΌλŒ€μ—μ„œ '2019 μ•ˆλ™κ΅­μ œνƒˆμΆ€νŽ˜μŠ€ν‹°λ²Œ'이 κ°œμ΅œλ©λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ˜¬ν•΄ μΆ•μ œμ˜ μ£Όμ œλŠ” 'μ—¬μ„±μ˜ νƒˆ, νƒˆμ†μ˜ μ—¬μ„±' μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€. - μ•ˆλ™κ΅­μ²΄νƒˆμΆ€μ€ λͺ…싀곡이 λŒ€ν•œλ―Όκ΅­μ„ λŒ€ν‘œν•˜λŠ” μ§€μ—­μΆ•μ œλ‘œ μžλ¦¬λ§€κΉ€ ν–ˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. λ”μœ„κ°€ ν•œν’€ 꺾이고 날이 μ„ μ„ ν•΄μ§ˆ 무렡 아이듀과 ν•¨κ»˜ ꡬ경해도 쒋은 μΆ•μ œμž…λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ—¬λŸ¬λΆ„λ“€μ˜ λ§Žμ€ 관심과 μ°Έμ—¬ λΆ€νƒλ“œλ¦½λ‹ˆλ‹€. β€» μ•ˆλ™κ΅­μ œνƒˆμΆ€νŽ˜μŠ€ν‹°λ²Œμ€ 800λ…„ 역사λ₯Ό 가진 μ§€μ—­μ˜ ν•˜νšŒλ³„μ‹ κ΅Ώνƒˆλ†€μ΄λ₯Ό λͺ¨νƒœλ‘œ 지역성, μΆ•μ œμ„±, νŠΉμ΄μ„±, 변별성을 가진 μΆ•μ œλ‘œ 1997λ…„ μΆœλ°œν–ˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ•ˆλ™κ΅­μ œνƒˆμΆ€νŽ˜μŠ€ν‹°λ²Œμ˜ μš°μˆ˜μ„±μ€ 2013λ…„ 3μ›” ν•œκ΅­κ΄€κ΄‘κ³΅μ‚¬μ—μ„œ λ°œκ°„λœ [지역관광 ν™œμ„±ν™”λ₯Ό μœ„ν•œ μΆ•μ œν™œμš© μ‹ κ·œ 정책사업 발꡴] λ³΄κ³ μ„œ 섀문을 톡해 μ „κ΅­ 758개의 μΆ•μ œ κ°€μš΄λ° ν•œκ΅­μ„ λŒ€ν‘œν•˜λŠ” μΆ•μ œλ‘œ μ„ μ •λ˜μ—ˆμœΌλ©°, μ§€κΈˆ μ „κ΅­ μΆ•μ œ 쀑 λ¬Έν™”κ΄€κ΄‘μ²΄μœ‘λΆ€κ°€ μΈμ •ν•˜λŠ” λŒ€ν•œλ―Όκ΅­ κΈ€λ‘œλ²Œ μœ‘μ„±μΆ•μ œλ‘œ μ„ μ •λ˜μ–΄ μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 맀년 κ΅­λ‚΄ μΆ•μ œ ν‰κ°€μ—μ„œ 1등을 κ³„μ†ν•˜λŠ” λ°”λžŒμ— 더 이상 μˆ˜μƒμ„ ν•˜μ§€ λͺ»ν•œλ‹€κ³  ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€. - μ–‘λ°˜μ˜ κ³ μž₯ μ•ˆλ™μœΌλ‘œ λ†€λŸ¬μ˜€μ„Έμš”~ μΆ•μ œ 뿐 μ•„λ‹ˆλΌ 먹을거리도 많고 μ‚°μ’‹κ³  물쒋은 κ³ μ„μ΄λžλ‹ˆλ‹€. μ•ˆλ™μ˜ λ§ˆμŠ€μ½”νŠΈ μ–‘λ°˜μ΄μ™€ ν•¨κ»˜ μ•ˆλ™κ΅­μ œνƒˆμΆ€νŽ˜μŠ€ν‹°λ²Œ ν•¨κ»˜ μ¦κ²¨μš”~β™‘

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  • 3회 νΌλΈ”λ‘œλ˜ -μ’…λ£Œ-


    #3회 νΌλΈ”λ‘œλ˜ 6μ›”24일~6μ›”29일 저녁12μ‹œκΉŒμ§€ 3회 νΌλΈ”λ‘œλ˜λ₯Ό μ‹œμž‘ν•˜κ² μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 1,2회차 λ―Έλ‹Ήμ²¨μœΌλ‘œ μΈν•œ λˆ„μ κΈˆ - λˆ„μ κΈˆμ•‘ 59080PUB β– κ²Œμž„ μ°Έμ—¬ 방법 1. λ•‘μŠ€ ν›„ 1λ§Œμž‰ν¬μ΄μƒ νˆ¬μ²™(λ‹Ήμ²¨κΈˆμœΌλ‘œ ν™œμš©) 2. 00~99κΉŒμ§€ 숫자 μž…λ ₯ 3. μž‰ν¬ λ―Έ νˆ¬μ²™μ‹œ κ²Œμž„μ°Έμ—¬ 무효처리 λ©λ‹ˆλ‹€ 4. μ°Έμ—¬μ˜ˆμ‹œ : μž‰ν¬μ°Έμ—¬/34(숫자) Ps. λ‹Ήμ²¨κΈˆ 올리기 μœ„ν•΄ 50λ§Œμž‰ν¬ λΆ‡κ² μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 그리고 좔첨은 κ³΅μ •νžˆ μ§„ν–‰ν•˜κ² μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€.

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  • happy with culture.


    wherever we go, wherever we stop by custom is something that gives us a special color.

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  • The Double Compensation Was Paid and...


    μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš” νΌλΈ”λ¦¬ν† μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€. 21일 μž₯애보상(λ”λΈ”λ¦¬μ›Œλ“œ)의 지급 κ³Όμ •μ—μ„œ 일뢀 이용자 λΆ„λ“€μ˜ 컨텐츠 보상을 μ‘°μ •ν•˜κ±°λ‚˜ μ‚­μ œν•˜μ˜€μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. νΌλΈ”λ¦¬ν† μ˜ μ΅œμƒμœ„ κ·œμ •μ€ μƒμ‹μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€. μƒμ‹μ—μ„œ λ²—μ–΄λ‚œ ν™œλ™νŒ¨ν„΄μ΄ 반볡적으둜 λͺ©κ²©λ˜κ±°λ‚˜ λ™μΌν•œ μ‹ κ³ κ°€ 3회 이상 μ ‘μˆ˜λ˜λ©΄ μ‹œμŠ€ν…œ μ •μ±…κ³ΌλŠ” λ¬΄κ΄€ν•œ λ³„λ„μ˜ 쑰치λ₯Ό μ·¨ν•  수 μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 약관에도 λͺ…μ‹œλœ 것 처럼 κ·œμ •μ΄ 없어도 κ·œλ²”μ€ μ‘΄μž¬ν•˜λ©° κ·œλ²”μ˜ 골격은 μƒμ‹μœΌλ‘œ 이루어져 μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. μˆ˜κ°œμ›”μ— 걸쳐 λΆˆκ±°μ§„ κ³΅λ‘ μž„μ—λ„ λΆˆκ΅¬ν•˜κ³  퍼블리토 νŒ€μ€ λ‹Ήμ‚¬μžλ“€μ˜ 자각과 λ³€ν™”λ₯Ό κΈ°λŒ€ν•˜λ©° κ΄€μš©μ  μž…μž₯을 μ·¨ν•΄ μ™”μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. νΌλΈ”λ¦¬ν† λŠ” μ•„λ§ˆμ‘΄μ²˜λŸΌ λ‹€μ–‘ν•œ 이야기 λ‚˜λ¬΄μ™€ μžλ³Έμ΄λΌλŠ” 강쀄기가 μ—°κ²°λ˜λ©° 슀슀둜 κ· ν˜•μ„ λ§žμΆ”λ©° μ§„ν™”ν•˜λŠ” μƒνƒœκ³„μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€. κ·ΈλŸ¬λ‚˜ λΆ€μ˜ 힘이 νŽΈμ€‘λ˜κ±°λ‚˜ λ…μ‹λ˜κ³  μ²­λ°±ν•œ μ‚¬μš©μžλ“€μ€ 무λ ₯ν•˜λ©°, 이런 μƒκ·Ήμ„±μœΌλ‘œ μƒνƒœκ³„μ— λΆˆκ· ν˜•μ΄ 초래되고 κ²°κ΅­ μ ˆλŒ€ λ‹€μˆ˜κ°€ λ³΄μ‘΄ν•˜κΈ° μœ„ν•΄ λ…Έλ ₯ν•˜κ³  μžˆλŠ” νΌλΈ”λ¦¬ν† μ˜ ν•΅μ‹¬κ°€μΉ˜κ°€ μˆœμ‹κ°„μ— μ‹œλ“€μ–΄λ²„λ¦΄ μˆ˜λ„ μžˆλ‹€λŠ” μœ„κΈ°κ°μ„ λŠλΌκΈ°μ— 이λ₯΄λ €μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 퍼블리토 νŒ€μ€ ν–₯후에도 λ‹€μŒκ³Ό 같은 ν™œλ™ νŒ¨ν„΄μ— λŒ€ν•΄ 사전 톡보 없이 제재λ₯Ό κ°€ν•  λ°©μΉ¨μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€. 계정을 μ¦‰μ‹œ 동결, μ‚­μ œν•  μˆ˜λ„ μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ•„λž˜ λͺ…μ‹œλ˜μ§€ μ•Šμ€ 비상식 ν–‰μœ„/ν–‰νƒœμ— λŒ€ν•΄μ„œλ„ λ™μΌν•œ 쑰치λ₯Ό μ·¨ν•  수 μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 이와 κ΄€λ ¨λœ λͺ¨λ“  μ±…μž„μ€ λ‹Ήμ‚¬μž λ³ΈμΈμ—κ²Œ 있으며 퍼블리토 νŒ€μ€ μ–΄λ– ν•œ μ±…μž„λ„ 지지 μ•ŠμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 1. ν¬λ‘œμŠ€λ³΄νŒ… 1) νŠΉμ • 계정간에 INKλ₯Ό 반볡, μ§‘μ€‘μ μœΌλ‘œ λͺ°μ•„μ£ΌλŠ” ν–‰μœ„ *셀봇 우회용 닀계정 포함 2) λΉ„ν™œμ„±(1κ°œμ›” 이상 κ²Œμ‹œν™œλ™μ΄ μ—†λŠ”) κ³„μ •μ˜ κ²Œμ‹œλ¬Όμ— INKλ₯Ό 반볡, μ§‘μ€‘μ μœΌλ‘œ μ‚¬μš©ν•˜λŠ” ν–‰μœ„ 3) 일뢀 μ‚¬μš©μž λ˜λŠ” μ§‘λ‹¨κ°„μ˜ λ‹΄ν•©μ„± μˆœν™˜λ³΄νŒ… ν–‰μœ„ *μˆœν™˜λ³΄νŒ…: κ²Œμ‹œλ¬Όμ˜ ν’ˆμ§ˆ, 인기도, 신선도, λ“±λ‘μ‹œμ κ³Ό λ¬΄κ΄€ν•˜κ²Œ λ°˜λ³΅λ˜λŠ” νŠΉμ •μ‚¬μš©μž(집단)κ°„μ˜ μƒν˜Έ μƒλ‚©ν˜• λ³΄νŒ… ν–‰μœ„ 2. μ…€ν”„λ³΄νŒ… 1) λΉ„ν™œμ„±(1κ°œμ›” 이상 κ²Œμ‹œν™œλ™μ΄ μ—†λŠ”) κ³„μ •μ˜ κ²Œμ‹œλ¬Όμ— INKλ₯Ό 반볡, μ§‘μ€‘μ μœΌλ‘œ μ‚¬μš©ν•˜λŠ” ν–‰μœ„ 2) μž¬μƒλœ INKλ₯Ό μžμ‹ μ˜ κ²Œμ‹œλ¬Ό λ˜λŠ” 계정에 반볡, μ§‘μ€‘μ μœΌλ‘œ μ‚¬μš©ν•˜λŠ” ν–‰μœ„ 3) ν‰νŒ μœ μ§€λ₯Ό μœ„ν•΄ νŒŒμƒκ³„μ •μ„ λ§Œλ“€μ–΄ 본계정에 INKλ₯Ό λͺ°μ•„μ£ΌλŠ” ν–‰μœ„ λˆ„κ΅°κ°€λŠ” μœ„ 방침이 있던 μ—†λ˜ ν‰μ†Œμ™€ λ‹€λ₯Όκ²Œ 없을 것이고, λ°˜λŒ€λ‘œ 또 λˆ„κ΅°κ°€λŠ” λͺ¨λ“ κ²Œ ν†΅μ œλœ κ²ƒμ²˜λŸΌ ν•  수 μžˆλŠ” 것이 μ—†λ‹€κ³  느껴질 κ²ƒμž…λ‹ˆλ‹€. 1,2번 ν–‰μœ„κ°€ μƒνƒœκ³„λ₯Ό μ„ μˆœν™˜μ‹œν‚€λŠ” μš΄λ™μ—λ„ˆμ§€λ‘œ μ „ν™˜λ˜λ„λ‘ ν•˜λŠ” μž₯렀책에 λŒ€ν•΄μ„œλ„ λ…Όμ˜κ°€ 이루어지고 μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€λ§Œ, μ •μ±…κ³Ό κΈ°μˆ μ€ μœ μΈμ±…μΌ 뿐 μΈμ‹μ˜ λ³€ν™”κ°€ μš°μ„ μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€. μΈ΅κ°„μ†ŒμŒ, λ‹΄λ°°μ—°κΈ° λ“± κ³΅λ™μ£Όνƒμ˜ 예λ₯Ό λ“€μ–΄λ³΄κ² μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. λ§Žμ€ λ²•κ·œμ™€ μ‘°μ •μ œλ„κ°€ 발효되고 μžˆλŠ” 와쀑에도 쉽사리 ν•΄κ²°λ˜μ§€ μ•ŠλŠ” 것은 생각보닀 λ§Žμ€ μ‚¬λžŒλ“€μ΄ 본인이 속해 μžˆλŠ” ν™˜κ²½μ— μ–΄μšΈλ¦¬μ§€ μ•ŠλŠ” 인식을 가지고 있기 λ•Œλ¬Έμž…λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ•ˆνƒ€κΉκ²Œλ„ μžμ‹ μ˜ κΆŒλ¦¬λ‚¨μš©μ„ μΈμ •ν•˜μ§€ μ•Šκ±°λ‚˜ μžκ°ν•˜μ§€ λͺ»ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€. 직접 당해보지 μ•Šμ•„μ„œ κ·Έ κ³ ν†΅μ˜ 정도λ₯Ό μ΄ν•΄ν•˜μ§€ λͺ»ν•˜λŠ” κ²½μš°κ°€ νƒœλ°˜μ΄κ³ , λ‚΄μ§‘μ—μ„œ λ‚΄κ°€ λ›°λŠ”λ°(ν”ΌλŠ”λ°), λ‹ˆλ“€μ΄ λ―Όκ°ν•œκ±°μ§€, μ‹«μœΌλ©΄ λ‹ˆκ°€ λ‚˜κ°€λ˜κ°€, μ‹¬μ§€μ–΄λŠ” 더 μ†ŒμŒμ„ λ‚΄λ©°(λ‹΄λ°°λ₯Ό ν”Όλ©°) κ΄΄λ‘­νžˆλŠ” μ‹μ˜ ν–‰νƒœκ°€ μ§€κΈˆλ„ λ§Œμ—°ν•΄μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 야밀에 TV λ³Όλ₯¨μ΄ λ„ˆλ¬΄μ»€μ„œ μž μ„ λͺ»μž”λ‹€λŠ” μ΄μ›ƒμ£Όλ―Όμ˜ 민원을 λŒ€μ‹  μ „ν•΄ μ€€ μ•„νŒŒνŠΈ κ΄€λ¦¬μ†Œ μ§μ›μ—κ²Œ μ—­ μ»΄ν”Œλ ˆμΈμ„ ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€. β€œμ•„νŒŒνŠΈμ— TV용 케이블 μ•ˆν…Œλ‚˜ μ„€λΉ„κΉŒμ§€ λ‹€ λ§Œλ“€μ–΄ 놓고선 TVλ₯Ό 보지 λ§λΌλ‹ˆ, 그것도 λ‚΄ μ§‘μ—μ„œ!” TVλ₯Ό 보지 λ§λΌλŠ” 것이 아닐텐데 λ§μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ†ŒμŒμ΄ μΉ¨νˆ¬ν•œ 곳은 λ‚΄ 집이 아닐텐데 λ§μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€. νƒœλ„ λ³΄λ‹€λŠ” 쑰금 더 κΉŠμ€ 곳에 μžˆλŠ” μ˜μ‹κ³Ό μΈμ‹μ˜ 문제이고 이것이 κ°œμ„ λ˜μ§€ μ•ŠλŠ” ν•œ λ²•κ·œμ •μ€ 무λ ₯ν•  뿐 μœ—μ§‘μ€ κ²‰μœΌλ‘œλŠ” 더 λ»”λ»”ν•œ μ²™ 눈치보고 μ•„λž«μ§‘μ€ μ–΄μ°Œν•  수 μ—†λŠ” λΆ„λ…Έλ‘œ κ³ ν†΅λ°›μœΌλ©° ν”Όμ°¨μ˜ μ‚Άμ˜ μ§ˆμ€ λ–¨μ–΄μ§ˆ 수 밖에 μ—†μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 상생해야 μžμƒν•˜κ³  후생할 수 μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ„œλ‘œμ—κ²Œ ν•„μš”ν•œ 것은 곡감과 배렀의 상식, κ·Έ λΏμž…λ‹ˆλ‹€. ν˜Ήμ—¬λ‚˜ μ΄λŸ¬ν•œ μ‘°μΉ˜λ‚˜ μ‚¬μš©μž λ¬Έν™”κ°€ μ΄ν•΄λ˜μ§€ μ•Šκ³ , 생각을 λ°”κΏ€ μš©μ˜κ°€ μ—†λŠ” 뢄은 μ–΄μšΈλ¦¬μ§€ μ•ŠλŠ” κ³³μ—μ„œ 고톡받지 λ§ˆμ‹œκ³  더 λ‚˜μ€ 곳으둜 λ– λ‚˜μ‹€ 것을 μ •μ€‘νžˆ κΆŒκ³ λ“œλ¦½λ‹ˆλ‹€. λ‹€μ‹œ λ§μ”€λ“œλ¦¬μ§€λ§Œ 계정 μ˜κ΅¬λ™κ²°, μ‚­μ œ λ“±μ˜ μ²˜λΆ„μ€ 일체의 사전톡보 없이 μ΄λ£¨μ–΄μ§‘λ‹ˆλ‹€. 곡지 ν›„ μ§€κΈˆ 이 μˆœκ°„μ—λ„ μ‘°μš©ν•œ κ³³μ—μ„œ μƒˆλ‘œμš΄ λ°©μ•ˆμ„ μ‹œλ„ν•˜λŠ” 뢄듀이 μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. λΆ€λ„λŸ¬μ›€μ„ μ•Œλ©΄ λ©ˆμΆ”μ‹œκ³ , 그렇지 μ•Šλ‹€λ©΄ λͺ¨λ“  μ±…μž„μ„ κ°μˆ˜ν•˜μ„Έμš”. μ˜κ΅¬λ™κ²° 및 μ‚­μ œλœ 계정에 λ‚¨μ•„μžˆλŠ” 토큰은 μˆ˜λŸ‰κ³Ό 상관없이 λͺ¨λ‘ μ†Œκ°ν•  μ˜ˆμ •μ΄λ‹ˆ 방침을 μ€€μˆ˜ν•  μžμ‹ μ΄ μ—†λŠ” 뢄듀은 미리미리 μ–ΈμŠ€ν…Œμ΄ν¬, μ²˜λΆ„ν•˜μ‹œκ³  κΉ”λ”νžˆ 퇴μž₯ν•˜μ‹œκΈ° λ°”λžλ‹ˆλ‹€. 퍼블리토 νŒ€μ€ 보닀 더 평화둭고 λΉ„μ˜₯ν•œ μƒνƒœκ³„ 쑰성을 μœ„ν•΄ ν•  수 μžˆλŠ” 것이 무엇인지 μ‰Ό 없이 κ³ λ―Όν•΄ λ‚˜μ•„κ°€κ² μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. κ°€μ§œκ°€ νŒμΉ˜λŠ” μ„Έμƒμ—μ„œ μ§„μ§œμ˜ νž˜μ„ μ§„μ§œλ“€κ³Ό ν•¨κ»˜ 증λͺ…ν•΄λ³΄μ΄κ² μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. κ°μ‚¬ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€. PUBLYTO νŒ€ β€”- Hello PUBple, On June 21, double compensation was paid. In this process, we adjusted or deleted content compensation from some users. If an activity pattern that is out of common sense is repeatedly seen, or if more than three identical reports are received, a separate action is available that is independent of the system policy. As stated in the Terms and Conditions, norms exist, and norms consist of common sense. Despite months of public debate, Our team has taken an idiomatic stance, expecting the parties to respond. PUBLYTO is an ecosystem that evolves by balancing itself with various story trees and streams of capital, like the Amazon. But it has come to a sense of crisis that the power of wealth is lopsided, monopolized and innocent users are powerless, and that this hyperpolarity will cause an imbalance in the ecosystem, and that the core value of PUBLYTO, which the absolute majority is trying to preserve, could quickly fade away. Our team will continue to impose sanctions without prior notice on the following patterns of activity: You can also freeze and delete accounts immediately. The same action may be taken for non-emergency actions/behavior not specified below. The person is responsible for all of this and the PUBLYTO team is not responsible. 1. Cross Voting 1) Repeated and concentrated execution of INK between specific accounts 2) Repeating INK and focusing on postings in inactive accounts (no posting activity for more than one month) 3) Some users or groups engage in collusive voting 2. Self Voting 1) Repeated and concentrated use of INK on posts in inactive accounts (without posting activity for more than one month) 2) Repeated and concentrated use of replayed INK in their posts or accounts While the first and second acts are also being discussed on incentives to transform the ecosystem into kinetic energy, policy and technology are incentives, and awareness change comes first. Let me give you some examples of apartment buildings, such as noise between floors and smoking. While many laws and controls are in effect, they don't easily solve the problem because more people have a perception that doesn't suit their environment. Unfortunately, he doesn't acknowledge or realize his abuse of rights. Most people don't understand the extent of the pain because they don't get it themselves. It must be co-prosperity to survive and thrive. All they need is a common sense of empathy and consideration. However, if you still don't understand these measures or user cultures, and you're not willing to change your mind, I highly recommend you leave without suffering in the wrong place. The PUBLYTO team will continue to think about what it can do to create a more peaceful and fertile ecosystem. Thanks, PUBLYTO TEAM

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  • customs and culture are part of life.


    What would it be like to have not only color vision but culture vision, the ability to see the multiple worlds of others.

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  • μ‹œμ„ κ°•νƒˆ


    😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯 #νΌμ‹œν”½λžœλ“œ#λ§ˆλ¦°μŠ€ν…Œμ΄μ§€

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  • 만리포 ν•΄μˆ˜μš•μž₯


    #만리포 ν•΄μˆ˜μš•μž₯ 12λ…„μ „ νƒœμ•ˆ κΈ°λ¦„μœ μΆœ 사건이 μΌμ–΄λ‚˜κ³  μ΅œλŒ€ ν”Όν•΄λ₯Ό μž…μ—ˆλ˜ 만리포 ν•΄μˆ˜μš•μž₯μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€. κ·ΈλŸ¬λ‚˜ μ „κ΅­μ—μ„œ 100만λͺ… μ΄μƒμ˜ μžμ›λ΄‰μ‚¬λ‘œ 인해 μ„Έκ³„μ μœΌλ‘œ μ „λ‘€μ—†λŠ” 볡ꡬλ ₯을 μΌκΆˆλ‚Έ νƒœμ•ˆ λ°”λ‹€μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ§€κΈˆμ€ λ„λ‘œλ„ 잘뚫렀 이쁜 λ°”λ‹€κ°€ λ³΄μ΄λŠ” μΉ΄νŽ˜λ‚˜ 식당이 생기고 μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€.Β  λ†€μ΄κΈ°κ΅¬λŠ” μ˜€λž˜λ˜μ—ˆμ§€λ§Œ ν˜Όμžμ„œλ„ 바이킹을 νƒˆ μˆ˜λ„ μžˆκ³ μš”;;γ…Žγ…ŽΒ  아이듀이 λ†€μˆ˜ μžˆλŠ” 놀이기ꡬ와 근처 천리포 수λͺ©μ›λ„ 있고 λ°”λ‹€κ°€ λ³΄μ΄λŠ” 이쁜 μΉ΄νŽ˜κΉŒμ§€.. μ„œμ‚° 근처라 μžμ£Όκ°€λŠ”λ° μ’‹μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€^^ λ†€λŸ¬λ“€ μ˜€μ„Έμš” μ–΄ν”Œλ‘œλŠ” λ§ˆμ§€λ§‰ λ°”μ΄ν‚Ήμ˜μƒλ§Œ λ‚˜μ˜€λ„€μš” λ‹€λ₯Έμ‚¬μ§„κ³Ό μ˜μƒμ€ μ›Ήμ‚¬μ΄νŠΈλ‘œ λ³΄μ‹œλ©΄ λ‚˜μ˜΅λ‹ˆλ‹€^^

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  • νžλ§μ΄λž€..



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  • λ°œμŒμ— μœ μ˜ν•˜μ„Έμš”


    ^^ 날씨도 μ’‹κ³  꽃도 μ˜ˆλ»μ„œ μ°μ–΄λ³΄μ•˜μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. λ°œμŒμ— μœ μ˜ν•˜μ„Έμš”. 자칫 큰 싸움이 λ²Œμ–΄μ§ˆ 수 μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€.

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  • μŠ€νŠΈλ ˆμΈμ§€ ν”„λ£»(Strange Fruit) 곡연


    집 근처 μ‹ κ·œ μž…μ£Ό μ•„νŒŒνŠΈμ˜ κ±°λŒ€ν•œ(?) 상가 κ΄‘μž₯μ—μ„œ <μŠ€νŠΈλ ˆμΈμ§€ ν”„λ£»> 곡연이 μžˆμ—ˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ—­μ‹œλ‚˜ λ§ˆμ§€λ§‰λ‚  λ§ˆμ§€λ§‰ 곡연을 κ΄€λžŒν•˜λŸ¬ κ°”λŠ”λ°, 미리뢀터 μ‚¬λžŒλ“€μ΄ μ–΄λ¨Έμ–΄λ§ˆ ν•˜μ—¬ 상가 3μΈ΅μ—μ„œ λ‚΄λ €λ‹€ λ΄μ•Όλ§Œ ν–ˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. <μŠ€νŠΈλ ˆμΈμ§€ ν”„λ£»(Strange Fruit)>은 μ‹œλ“œλ‹ˆ μ˜¬λ¦Όν”½, 런던과 리였 νŒ¨λŸ΄λ¦Όν”½, μ„Έκ³„μˆ˜μ˜μ„ μˆ˜κΆŒλŒ€νšŒ, μ†ŒμΉ˜λ™κ³„μ˜¬λ¦Όν”½ λ“± 세계 각ꡭ의 μ—‘μŠ€ν¬ λ“±μ§€μ—μ„œ κ³΅μ—°ν•˜λ©° μ „ μ„Έκ³„μ μœΌλ‘œ μ‚¬λž‘μ„ λ°›κ³  μžˆλŠ” 호주의 λŒ€ν‘œμ μΈ μ•Όμ™Έκ·Ή 단체라고 ν•˜λ„€μš”. 높은 μž₯λŒ€ μœ„μ—μ„œ 흔듀흔듀 곡연을 νŽΌμΉ˜λŠ”λ°, λ³΄λŠ” λ‚΄λ‚΄ μš°μ™€~ ν•˜κΈ°λ„ ν•˜κ³ , μ•„μ°”ν•˜κΈ°λ„ ν–ˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. λ©€μ°μ΄μ„œ 폰으둜 찍은 사진과 μ˜μƒμ΄λΌ ν™”μ§ˆμ΄ λ³„λ‘œμ§€λ§Œ ν•œλ²ˆ 감상해 λ³΄μ„Έμš”.

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  • μ°¨μ΄λ‚˜ νŒŒμ›Œ


    쀑ꡭ κ²Œμž„μ˜ κ΄‘κ³ λͺ¨λΈλ‘œ μ„œ μžˆλŠ” μ €λΆ„ μ–΄λ””μ„œ 많이 λ³Έκ²ƒκ°™μ•„μ„œ μžμ„Ένžˆ λ³΄λ‹ˆ μ†Œλ…€μ‹œλŒ€ μœ€μ•„?! 우리의 μ†Œλ…€μ‹œλŒ€κ°€ μ€‘κ΅­μ—μ„œλ„ μ‚¬λž‘λ°›λ‚˜λ΄μš”~

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  • 'λ‚˜' 그리고 '우리'


    μš°λ¦¬λŠ” 보톡 '우리'λΌλŠ” 말을 많이 μ‚¬μš©ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€. (이런 벌써 μš°λ¦¬λΌλŠ” 말을 μΌλ„€μš”. ^^) μš°λ¦¬λ‚˜λΌ, μš°λ¦¬μ§‘, μš°λ¦¬νšŒμ‚¬ λ“±λ“± 심지어 μ˜μ–΄λ‘œ μ§μ—­ν•˜λ©΄ 큰일날 우리 λ‚¨νŽΈ, 우리 μ•„λ‚΄ λΌλŠ” 말도 μΌμƒμ μœΌλ‘œ μ‚¬μš©ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ˜ˆμ „μ— TV λ°©μ†‘μ—μ„œ ν•œ 외ꡭ인이 ν•œκ΅­μ—μ„œ κ°€μž₯ 쒋은건 '우리'λΌλŠ” 말이닀 라고 ν•œμ μ΄ μžˆμ—ˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ™Έκ΅­μ˜ κ²½μš°λŠ” 'λ‚˜' λΌλŠ” 말을 주둜 μ‚¬μš©ν•˜μ£ . my country, my house, my company κ°œμΈμ„ μ€‘μ‹œν•˜λŠ” μ™Έκ΅­μ—μ„œ μš°λ¦¬λΌλŠ” ν•˜λ‚˜μ˜ μ§‘λ‹¨μœΌλ‘œ λ‚˜λ₯Ό λ¬Άμ–΄μ£ΌλŠ” 것이 무언가 μ†Œμ†κ°κ³Ό μ•ˆμ •κ°μ„ 주지 μ•Šμ•˜μ„κΉŒ 생각이 λ“­λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ˜€λž˜μ „ ν•œ 심리학 μ—°κ΅¬μ—μ„œ 'λ‚˜' λΌλŠ” ν‘œν˜„μ„ 쓰도둝 ν•œ 집단과 '우리' λΌλŠ” ν‘œν˜„μ„ μ‚¬μš©ν•˜λ„λ‘ ν•œ μ§‘λ‹¨μ—μ„œ 각자 μžμ‹ μ΄ μ–΄λ–€ μ‚¬λžŒμΈμ§€λ₯Ό 쓰도둝 ν•œ μ‹€ν—˜μ„ ν•œμ μ΄ μžˆλŠ”λ°μš”. 이 μ‹€ν—˜μ—μ„œ 'λ‚˜'λ₯Ό μ‚¬μš©ν•œ μ§‘λ‹¨μ—μ„œλŠ” "λ‚˜λŠ” ν™œλ™μ μ΄λ‹€." 와 같은 응닡을, '우리'λ₯Ό μ‚¬μš©ν•œ μ§‘λ‹¨μ—μ„œλŠ” "λ‚˜λŠ” 2남 2λ…€ 쀑 λ‘˜μ§Έμ΄λ‹€." 와 같은 응닡을 ν–ˆλ‹€κ³  ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€. λ˜ν•œ 'λ‚˜'λ₯Ό μ‚¬μš©ν•˜λŠ” 집단은 "개인의 μžμœ κ°€ κ°€μž₯ μ€‘μš”ν•œ κ°€μΉ˜"라고 λŒ€λ‹΅μ„ ν•˜κ³ , '우리'λ₯Ό μ‚¬μš©ν•˜λŠ” 집단은 "μ‚¬νšŒκ΅¬μ„±μ› κ°„μ˜ μ‘°ν™”κ°€ κ°€μž₯ μ€‘μš”ν•œ κ°€μΉ˜"라고 λŒ€λ‹΅ν–ˆλ‹€κ³  ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ΄λŠ” 단지 언어적 μŠ΅κ΄€μ˜ 차이만이 μ•„λ‹ˆλΌ, 이λ₯Ό μ§€μ†μ μœΌλ‘œ μ‚¬μš©ν•˜λ―€λ‘œμ¨, 생각과 λ°›μ•„λ“€μ΄λŠ” κ°œλ… 자체, κ°€μΉ˜κ΄€μ˜ 차이λ₯Ό λ§Œλ“€μ–΄λ‚Έλ‹€κ³  λ΄μ•Όκ² μ§€μš”. κ°œμΈμ£Όμ˜λŠ” 무언가 바라고 μ„±μ·¨ν•˜λŠ” μ„±ν–₯이 κ°•ν•˜κ³ , μ§‘λ‹¨μ£Όμ˜λŠ” μ‘°ν™”μ†μ—μ„œ 무언가 쒋지 μ•Šμ€ 일이 λ°œμƒν•˜λŠ” 것을 λ°©μ§€ν•˜λŠ” μ„±ν–₯이 κ°•ν•˜λ‹€κ³  ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€. μš”μ¦˜μ—” 개인의 행볡을 μΆ”κ΅¬ν•˜λŠ” 일듀이 λ§Žμ•„μ§€κ³  μžˆλŠ”λ° 이 μ—­μ‹œ μ§‘λ‹¨μ£Όμ˜μ—μ„œ 개인주의둜의 λ³€ν™”λ˜λŠ” ν˜„μƒμ΄λ©°, '우리' λ³΄λ‹€λŠ” 'λ‚˜' κ°€ μ€‘μš”μ‹œ 되고 μžˆλ‹€λŠ” 반증이 μ•„λ‹κΉŒμš”. λ¬Όλ‘  '개인이기주의', 'μ§‘λ‹¨μ΄κΈ°μ£Όμ˜' λŠ” μ§€μ–‘ν•˜κ³ , 경계해야 ν•  μ‚¬ν•­μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€λ§Œ, 'λ‚˜'λ₯Ό μ€‘μš”μ‹œ ν•˜μ—¬ 슀슀둜의 자쑴감과 행볡을 λ†’μ—¬μ£Όκ³ , '우리'λΌλŠ” μ†Œμ† μ•ˆμ—μ„œ μ‘°ν™”λ₯Ό 이루어 행볡과 μ•ˆμ •μ„ ν•¨κ»˜ 좔ꡬ할 수 μžˆλ‹€λ©΄ 그보닀 더 쒋은 μ‚¬νšŒκ°€ 없을것 κ°™μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. -- 6μ›” 4일 μ•„μΉ¨ 문득 λ“  생각

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  • #Remember


    #Remember #Left #Max_Bridge

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  • #Doll


    #The bear #Doll #Wow twice as well #_ #_ # Cute

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  • # What are you thinking?


    # Friends #The picture you sent me #Thinking #Egypt

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  • PUBLYTO iOS μ•± 정식 μΆœμ‹œ - App Launch


    μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš” νΌλΈ”λ¦¬ν† μž…λ‹ˆλ‹€. PUBLYTO iOS 앱을 μΆœμ‹œν–ˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. λͺ¨λ“  νŽν”Œ μ—¬λŸ¬λΆ„κ»˜ μΆ•ν•˜μ˜ 인사λ₯Ό μ „ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ•±μŠ€ν† μ–΄μ—μ„œ 'PUBLYTO'λ₯Ό κ²€μƒ‰ν•˜μ‹œκ±°λ‚˜ μ•„λž˜ 링크λ₯Ό ν†΅ν•΄μ„œλ„ 퍼블리토 앱을 λ‹€μš΄λ‘œλ“œ λ°›μœΌμ‹€ 수 μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. *μƒˆλ‘œμš΄ 앱이 μ•±μŠ€ν† μ–΄μ— κ²€μƒ‰κ²°κ³Όλ‘œ ν‘œμ‹œ λ˜κΈ°κΉŒμ§€λŠ” λ‹€μ†Œ μ‹œκ°„μ΄ μ†Œμš”λ  수 μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ•±μŠ€ν† μ–΄ 링크: http://appstore.com/publyto μ•ˆλ“œλ‘œμ΄λ“œ 앱이 λ™μ‹œμ— κ΅¬μΆ•λ˜μ—ˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ•ˆμ „ν•œ 배포λ₯Ό μœ„ν•΄ 마무리 점검을 μ§„ν–‰ν•˜κ³  μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ€€λΉ„κ°€ μ™„λ£Œλ˜λŠ”λŒ€λ‘œ κ³΅μ§€ν•˜κ² μŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. μ• μ •μœΌλ‘œ PUBLYTOλ₯Ό μ‘μ›ν•˜κ³  격렀해 μ£Όμ‹  μ—¬λŸ¬λΆ„κ»˜ κΉŠμ€ μ‘΄κ²½κ³Ό κ°μ‚¬μ˜ 말씀을 λ“œλ¦½λ‹ˆλ‹€. κ°μ‚¬ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€. PUBLYTO νŒ€ β€”β€”β€” Greetings from PUBLYTO, PUBLYTO iOS app will come out on May 21st, 2019 Try entering a search term like β€˜PUBLYTO’ on the App Store. PUBLYTO app is downloadable via the link below. *It may take some time for new app to be searched directly in the App Store. The App Store link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/publyto/id1453831902?mt=8 Android version were built at the same time. We are currently undergoing maintenance for safe operation. We’ll notify you as soon as things are set. Please accept our thanks and appreciation for your cheers and support with great affection. Enjoy together:) Thanks, PUBLYTO Team

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  • Intuitive, not baseball. Singing. Ali, Kim Kyung-ho.


    #CBS Love Concert #Jeonju Dome #Alley, #Sonya, #Kim Kyung-ho, #Bicycle bullet windscreen #Sand art # Performance Going to see a performance. A culture that requires time and space to enjoy. An act that cannot enhance the ear unless it is deliberately chosen. With a song of memories, I can resolve my current complaints in a way that can be forgotten for a moment. "I am proud to have upgraded my quality of life to the next level," she said. Regardless of the cost, class, location, who you were with, a periodic need As a person, I can broaden my vision and mind through cultural life.

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  • #Party ball


    #Billards #ε‘¨ζœ« #ζœ‹ε‹

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  • #3*3Cube


    #Cube #Completion # Differences between childhood and # #Speed #πŸ˜ŽπŸ“²πŸ€³

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  • Let's have fun.


    Let's have fun. This is Baekje Cultural Park. There was a one-track performance. Jultagi is a proud cultural heritage listed in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Property No. 58.^^ He has a lot of skill behind him, but he's got a lot of battery power #publicto # Baekje Cultural Park # Line walking # Intangible Cultural Property

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  • a back-stabbing view of Sansa.


    The Buddha's Birthday event is near. on one's way He entered the path of sansa. I followed the curb. I feel blessed for some reason How many hands have you had to work with? Is it on that side of the other way around? How many religious wishes did they have together? Let's say hi to Buddha. I met him on the way out. A cat that looks like Kiliman. I'm hurt. I stood there and looked at her. Oh, you know, look at her and look at her. He's gone with the other guy. Kiliman, did you go?

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  • Musical Hero - Actor Yang Joon-mo


    #An Jung-geun #Musical hero # Actor Yang Joon-mo # Curtain call #

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