Hello, I'm $Ohyea. Today was my last day on a diet! I lost 7kg in total... and my friends who made a diet together decided to eat something delicious with money from a friend who did not succeed, so I ate tuna! It's delicious to eat with other people's money.

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  • Today's Cooking 13 --- Northern Fish Soup


    Today is a good place for relieving hangovers. The characteristic of my Northern Languages is that they are boiled for a long time, and the radish tastes sweet and the color is very different. Cook like beef leg bones. 1. Add radish, garlic, kelp, drummer, dried shrimp, sesame oil, liquid milk, and soy sauce (pones). Stir-fry for a moment. 2. Add water, cover with thistle, and simmer over medium heat until the radish is fully cooked. 3. When the color is sprinkled, look at the liver and put the eggs in to finish. 4. Sprinkle pepper, sesame salt, and sesame oil according to your preference. You can use shrimp milk instead of dried shrimp, but it has a mixed taste, so I want to use dried shrimp. Use it. It's been a Northern Fish soup.

    $nani . 2019.05.27 13:59

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  • Costco instant food


    I was on my way to Costco to buy some beer around Saturday evening. By orders from my wife that I don't want to eat dinner, I sent you a picture of the instant food that Costco sells. the pick of a wife Lotticelli Chicken - 6,490 won Sushi set 24p - 12,490 won You ate a lot with a kid for less than 20,000 won.

    $sweetyspoon . 2019.05.27 13:32

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  • Chicken feet last night


    after a late lesson Come on in. My chicken feet are so tight. I guess the house I've always asked for is a day off. so Order to another house I'm attracted to the spicy taste today. Order a set of spicy flavors!!! Soju used to be like the first time. There's still something I bought When I order delivery food, I'll have dewdrops with me The first one was still in the fridge. It's a set menu. I don't have any steamed eggs. I've been searching for an empty bag. I'm looking for some steamed eggs. I don't see the order sheet. Eggs. Somehow it was a little cheaper. I took a bite, but it's very spicy. It's not good and spicy. It's a hassle to make rice balls. I'm just rubbing it together. in one's mouth with rice balls and pickled radish. It takes away a little bit of tingling. while eating I was wondering why you were eating this. Yesterday, chicken feet failed.

    $dr.math . 2019.05.27 11:25

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  • a wonderful house of scenery


    I went to Paju Aeryongwon Dumak during the weekend. I've been there since I was a kid. It's hard to make a reservation because it's so word-of-mouth. It tastes good, but the scenery I eat next to the reservoir is spectacular! # Aryongwon Dumak # Chicken pot stew # Taste restaurant # Dinner with family

    $kogguk . 2019.05.27 10:42

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  • Vegetable, bean sprouts


    It's a meat pie, but I missed the bean sprouts I used to eat when I was young, so I made them. If you use thick bean sprouts for steaming purposes, the taste of the bean sprouts would be more crisp, but it was difficult to get steamed bean sprouts, so I used the bean sprouts on the market. Some of them were taken away for bean sprouts. But the bean sprouts were a bit sad, but it was still delicious. The recipe is like a regular Japchae, but when it's seasoned, it's good with a bit of red pepper powder. It's good with a sharp taste or a side dish! If you shred the pickled radish and add some paprika, it will be similar to bibimdangmyeon, which you eat at Busan International Market. I can't taste the memories my mom gave me, but I enjoyed the meal.^^ If you have a salty vegetable in your house, just add bean sprouts and make it sharp. It's very special. Vegetable vegetables and bean sprouts. Calendars are attractive! #publyto#publyto#publito#sara#sara#saura #vegetable vegetables

    $sara . 2019.05.26 23:11

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  • Sunday is my dad's dish.


    As expected, snow opens fast on Sunday. Even if I want to sleep all day, I can't do that on Sunday. So is today. When I wake up in the morning, there is nothing to do... ...and I am hungry because I am busy. When I opened the refrigerator to make something for the first time in a long time, I noticed shrimp.This morning, I'm cooking I tried to copy Baek Jong Won's recipe. defrosted shrimp and ground with pepper and refined rice wine. In the meantime, it would be good to see the combination of soy sauce 1 vinegar 1 red pepper 1 sugar 1 ketchup 2 right? Stir-fry garlic in an oiled pan. Drop shrimp when garlic is cooked!! Drop marinade when lightly browned!! When it boils, add a little butter. It smells so good! Live! Put it on a plate and sprinkle with parsley powder. Lastly, let's cheer up our shoulders and sing loudly for a meal! First, second, and wife are delicious, so you eat well.^^ Pubbles, make it, too.

    $minwoo . 2019.05.26 22:28

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  • Dongchon Recreation Area Cafe Inspirationdi


    #Inspired It's a new open space. It is a beautiful cafe with a lot of space including listening to music and seeing scenery on three floors.

    $wonthe . 2019.05.26 12:08

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  • When you want the John-Matten Toast?! Egg-DRAP


    I love toast. I like Egdraab the most. I ordered bacon this time, and it tastes like... Ha........ I like his softness. The more I eat, the more sweet sauce and cheese I love coming in. It's all just good eggdrops. I want to go eat again.

    $newbijohn . 2019.05.26 10:24

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  • #10, World Beer Consumption & Lager's heyday


    Beginning in Sumer, beer is now the world's fourth most consumed drink after water, tea and coffee. Which country drinks the most beer in the world with bored peanuts? The country of beer is commonly known as Germany, but this may be because Lager, which was born in the Bavarian region around the 15th century, has been followed by the success of Filsner, which means Lager of Checo Plzen province, and now accounts for more than 90 percent of the beer in the world. In the previous episode, the beer "lager" produced a mild and refreshing taste of beer using the haptic effect of fermenting at low temperatures, which coincidentally originated in a monastery. A monk made beer that had easily gone bad in summer and kept it in a cold cave, and the effect was good, which later led to digging and making and storing underground space. That's why the name Lager comes out in the word "Lagern," which means "storage, save." I haven't been to the Czech Republic personally, but in Germany, if I go to a restaurant above the mid-level, I think it has at least dozens of house beers besides beer sold on the market, and the taste is so unique and good. Once when I went to a restaurant in the basement of the Ausburg City Hall, when I was asked if there was a beer that tasted like white wine, I said yes, and I remember having a nice beer. Back to the question, the No. 1 beer consumption figure is the Czech Republic, which, as expected, has never given up a throne in 23 years, drinking 142.6 liters per person a year. Except for special resorts such as Second-ranked Seychelles (Madagascar) and Fifth-ranked Namibia (the former German colony of Africa), Austria who drank 104.8 liters and Germany who drank 104.7 liters ranked second and third. However, Britain, the country of ale, is not in the top ten, and Ireland is in seventh place instead. For reference, Belarus is ranked first in overall consumption of beer and wine, which is the country east of Poland, with the exception of Andorra, the ninth-ranked Czech Republic and the 11th-ranked Portugal, all of which sold the most among countries belonging to the former Soviet Union, including Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Serbia. South Korea came next in 17th place, followed by Germany in 23rd. Do you remember Park Joong-hoon's Lalla~ Lalla~ Lalla~ He danced a little bit on a small stage? Eat chicken with children and today with Budweiser.

    $bigman35 . 2019.05.25 22:03

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  • Snacks that we often encounter


    two types of snacks that we often encounter in several coffee outlets,one corn popcorn and another one chips sprinkled with chili ... for very affordable prices besides the taste and quality are also guaranteed ...

    $gilang . 2019.05.25 16:33

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  • A simple home pizza with tortilla dough.


    Sometimes this is a very different kind of simplification. It's a pizza that uses extra tortilla. #Pizzas #Jipbap #plate #pizza #homecook

    $kimkokill . 2019.05.25 12:02

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  • a daily grind of nutritious chicken breasts


    I've been in the gym for over three years. More than three days a week. He's so thin that he started off as an exterminator. Now you're addicted. I weighed more than 10 kilos. Now I'm human. I change my chicken breasts every morning to supplement my nutrition. Exercise must be diligent, too! And handmade cucumber pickles with direct coating. # Chicken breast # Brasilnut # In ginseng # blueberry # paprika # broccoli # Banana

    $kogguk . 2019.05.24 16:03

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  • Superior Café Heima


    #Heima #Heima cafe The newly opened cafe Heyma in Palgongsan Wide space, fine landscaping and interior design, delicious bakeries and specialty coffee (Berks roasterly beans) It's not enough to have a luxury interior at once.

    $wonthe . 2019.05.24 14:24

    14 thanks . 3,534.1314 PUB

  • Bibimbap, our traditional food


    Did you enjoy it? Today's lunch menu is Korean traditional food Bibimbap! Add all kinds of vegetables. It's colorful, cool, and delicious, right? One bibimbap doesn't need a cup, so there's no menu like this.~ I like the food contained in brass bowl, brass spoon etc. I think it's because of the brass bowl. Have a good time, everyone.

    $raphaeljjun . 2019.05.24 13:43

    11 thanks . 2,376.0670 PUB

  • Rice cupcakes 🎂🎂🎂


    Beancreamflower Basic 3rd Rice cupcakes 🎂🎂🎂 앙금플라워 기초반 세번째시간 나도 솔찌키 좀 강인하다 생각하는데 더 강인이시다🥶 캘거리에서 뭐라도 해내실듯한 예감! 린쌤 응원합니다♡ . . #sanstudio #buttercreamflowercake #beancreamflowercake #cakedesign #cakedecor

    $sanstudio . 2019.05.24 13:03

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  • in a positive light that the taste of meat is beautiful.


    This is Yangyeonhwa located in Bongmyeong-dong, Seongyu. Like the best meat restaurants around here, this place is where Korean workers cut and roast meat that comes out of the first batch, and then refill the side dishes. It's a little noisy, but I feel like I'm being treated. Why is samgyeopsal so delicious? I failed to control my weight again today.

    $koreosno1man . 2019.05.24 08:40

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  • Spicy people's feet


    Spicy food that you find under stress...ㅜㅜ #Fire family foot

    $bluenimf . 2019.05.23 23:13

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  • Easy-to-use pork belly


    # Easy to use # Large losses and pork belly pork belly Easy to bake, easy to eat, That's why I like pork belly. 77 billion won. Thank you. ps. Posting for the first time to post a Publico Aplo ᄒ

    $realin . 2019.05.23 19:43

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  • Pyeongyang naengmyeon restaurant: Neungdo @Seoppangyo


    Neung-do, located in Unjung-dong of Seopangyo Bridge Pyeongyang naengmyeon is delicious. The wait is getting longer in the summer, but there's plenty of room inside and the table is spinning fast. Don't panic. #Scholine_Pankyo

    $annie . 2019.05.22 15:30

    11 thanks . 642.6020 PUB

  • a Western-style restaurant


    The boss's pride that there's no discount or service even if you post it on Instagram.

    $nalm . 2019.05.22 14:24

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  • @Top of @Top of @Top of @Top of Yepuk-Son-Du-Doo


    Mmm, mushrooms smell good. Hummer taste good. #Excellent Gomtang #Sulang_Dokgok

    $annie . 2019.05.22 13:58

    6 thanks . 495.6837 PUB

  • Beer leaves its mark, too.


    The tiger dies, leaves the leather behind, and leaves traces of sharing the requirements. #Maxon #Long time #Suggestion #Suggestions #

    $ownerpark . 2019.05.22 13:00

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  • home-eating gondrebap


    This is gondrebap that my mother-in-law did at home. This is gondre from Jeongseon, Gangwon-do. Haha They're worried about getting tough, but I enjoyed it so much. The rice just came out of the rice cooker looks nice and smells good. Mix it with seasoned soy sauce and pat it up! Gangwon-do is famous for its vegetables, so there are various kinds of vegetables dried or frozen in the house.

    $oxy . 2019.05.21 16:42

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  • Today's Cooking 12 --- Spicy Pork Ribs


    A few days ago, in "I Live Alone," Park Na-rae made spicy back ribs at home. I watched the cooking show and made it. I usually use Coupang rocket frescoes, but the back ribs are completely out of stock. I bought pork chops. Personally, pork chops are better than back ribs. I prefer pork chops because I have more weight. The seasoning is a new recipe for tteokbokki. I've used it for pork Cooking method of cooking 1. Seasoned - red pepper, sugar, oligosaccharide, chicken stock, oyster sauce, pepper, curry, and ponce Add it and age it for at least 1 hour. 2. Pig ribs lose blood and laurel leaves, garlic, and pepper. Put it in and boil. 3. Throw away the boiled water with a bee and boil it with seasoning and carrots. 4. When the carrots are cooked, separate them and cook the pork ribs in soy sauce and kachuo soy sauce. If you like the more spicy flavor, add the Vietnamese chili.

    $nani . 2019.05.21 13:27

    12 thanks . 896.1350 PUB

  • Have a good time.


    Today's menu is steamed pork ribs... I thought you might be curious about the pork rib soup coming out of the office. It's already been stuffed with pork ribs just to get a picture of it at the restaurant. Thank you for preparing delicious food today. All of you, please.

    $my4555 . 2019.05.21 12:04

    6 thanks . 262.5553 PUB

  • from the front mountain to the top of Mercury


    #Number Bus #Clem order backwards A self-caught pasta and Spanish beer in the clem of the Mercury pond at sunset. Coffee and bread to enjoy on the bus in front of the mountain after sunset.

    $wonthe . 2019.05.21 10:22

    14 thanks . 2,495.9096 PUB

  • Calmly...but not dull.


    Second time of the first half of the engeum flowering season Calmly...but not dull. . . . #sanstudio #Buttercreamflowercake #beancreamflowercake #cakedesign #cakedecor #decoration #special #unipue #willton #sanstudio #coreanflowercake #Silsan Flowercake Class

    $sanstudio . 2019.05.21 08:04

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  • Veskin with Kakao


    Kakao Friends Toy Cup That's really cute. Children love it :) The single caustic ratio is... ㅜㅜ

    $wonsama . 2019.05.20 12:20

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  • Sindang-dong Tteokbokki


    on a rainy day It's been a while since I've eaten it. I wanted to eat it after watching a good restaurant on TV It is delicious! Take a picture of Myeong-dong, take a picture of Gwangjang Market It was raining hard today. I got a present at the Dior store of Lotte Bagua. Hambokan weekend hit #Sindang-dong # Mabokrim Tteokbokki # Tteokbokki # Tteokbokki # Tasty girls

    $linseo . 2019.05.19 23:58

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  • 맛있는녀석들에 나온 마복림 즉떢!


    #마복림떡볶이 #신당동떡볶이

    $dung2 . 2019.05.19 23:20

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