Beauty and fragrance still linger.

I'm tired of my daily routine.

Welcome with a lovely smile.

with a cup of tea

Roses on the tea table

in a strange stranger

You're standing in front of me.

with a temporary life

a loving figure

I'm no different.

temporary life

I'm going to spend that precious time in my life.

How should I send it?

- Park Kwang-Ho. -

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    • Insadong Ssamzigil


      I've been to Insadong three times, but it's my first time to go up and down It was a little uncomfortable, but she was pretty.🤣😄😎

      $sunss . 2019.05.27 17:04

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    • Magic Circle 2


      魔术 Magic

      $kktan . 2019.05.27 15:47

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    • I am going to give you milk and tomato juice


      Today, I will. Sangju is a day for me. ~^ It's wheatgrass tomato juice. Haha I made it for my age. To my own sake It's a nine-minute coffee delivery fee for you guys in the morning. You did a great job. It's a product. I'm funny when I do. 🧚‍♀️

      $hana . 2019.05.27 14:49

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    • Innovation is something like this?


      #Innovation Can you see the kind of USB memory that the woman in the picture is holding in her right hand? It's e-cigarette. It's about 70 percent market share in the United States, and it's our country last week. It started selling from . I'm not going to talk about cigarettes that are harmful to the human body, but I'm going to talk to you about this e-cigarette. I'm going to talk about innovation. Apple of e-cigarettes. Actually, it's a cigarette, so it has all the functions of it.What's so amazing about this? 1. It's pretty. 2. There's nothing like a button on a regular e-cigarette. 3. Instead, I replaced the button with an impact sensor. Maybe we should use gyro or vibration sensors. I think you have it. . . . . .and it will show you the current state of charge 4. Light it up and it doesn't have this kind of function, but if you inhale it, the cigarette starts working. Of course, there's no smell for traditional cigarettes. You don't have to light it. But there's no tobacco ash or smoke. Furthermore, you don't have to turn on the power just like traditional e-cigarettes. And the charger also works. It's magnetic, it's lightweight. The magnets are strong, so they can be placed on the side. Maybe that's what blockchain innovation is like. The parts that everyone has to do are automatic. Or maybe the blockchain will be popularized because it's easy to do. The above electronic cigarettes that came into Korea are already out of stock. lol Thanks to this, smoking for teenagers has become a little bit of a problem. I don't know if our kids smoke or not. There's no way to know... it's probably going to be a big social problem.

      $awesometeddy . 2019.05.27 14:29

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    • What's the value of Publito?


      #Value It's a morning when Bitcoin and Ios are up in the air. It is even better to cool the hot weather there. Today, I'm going to introduce you to some places that show the value of the site. And that's where we measure the value of the site with self-analysis algorithms and traffic statistics. Sure. It is not a direct measurement by putting a tag on the site like Google or Alexa, so the number of unique visitors varies. However, it's the same for any site, so it's somewhat objective. What about our Publitto? It is worth about 3.27 million won and is expected to have 49 visitors per day and 2450 daily page views. And the estimated advertising revenue from this is five dollars a day. And what is the representative feature of blockchain social services? In fact, I was really surprised. In the meantime, there's been a lot of users. I thought it wasn't what it used to be. It's worth 22 billion... ...and 34998 users a day.And the estimated advertising revenue is $3,340. That's a huge amount, probably because you've been operating for a long time and serving around the world, and you've been increasing the value of your site. The same. Moreover, the top ads have recently started to appear.And in this respect, we're down to the front Unfortunately, Devil was over a million won a few days ago.Now... 30 users per day for a whopping 158,000 won. We optimized the SEO last week, and now it's starting to be exposed, so let's hope it's going to get a little bit more value. Devils were 600 thousand when they were peaks at Alexa RANK, so if you go back to their old levels, they'll be even more valuable. I don't think so. So what about the chain, which is famous for its EOS-based exchange? It's 473,000 won and 128 people are expected to visit Lastly, this is the Koreanos, the sacred place of our EOS It's 316,000 won, 143 people, and it's an amazing result, but it's a lot of users, and it's a lot of telegram rooms. I always thought it would be more expensive because it was full of energy, but it's a surprising result. I've seen a few more places, and in reality, the Etherium camp is still ahead of us in terms of the value of the site itself. It's true, and I think that's how much we're open to the possibility of the future. Actually, it's a self-assessment here, so the actual numbers are different, but that means, as I said above, It applies to everyone, so we can add a little bit more value to it or lower it. I hope it will be the second half of 2019 when the value of EOS and EOS Dapp-based sites is growing. Have a good day, everyone.

      $awesometeddy . 2019.05.27 14:03

      6 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • Hana, make egg fry in the frying pan.


      A few days ago, in the frying pan that I got from God, I've got a 댤. It's the perfect cute size when you want a slice of fries. There are a lot of things that women don't use, even though they keep their kitchenware. God's frying panes should be used exclusively. It's raining Monday instead of buchimgae.

      $ruby . 2019.05.27 13:38

      5 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • Burunchi Restaurant the 쉑


      I am famous for brunch of local recognition party in Saipan. It was also famous for health food, but it was very delicious. Please visit Saipan whenever you go.~~~

      $gaschoi . 2019.05.27 13:24

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    • the heart of a tree


      Trees have a heart like humans. Trees know how people feel. Why can't a man understand the heart of a tree? Let's help each other and make Geumsugangsan a good country.^^

      $soi . 2019.05.27 13:20

      2 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • They haven't eaten in a while, but they're lucky.^^


      2 weeks ago, the guilds were worried because they didn't eat cat food well. Thankfully, three of them seem to be eating well today.^^ That's good. Pregnant cats hid the babies elsewhere, so we can't find them now. To be exact, I'm not looking.... I've decided to keep her safe and wait until she brings her home. That's what I decided because I had to do so. I'll let you know later on why.... It's been a long time since I've heard about these guys.^^ #publyto #is able to pay for it

      $greenjuice11 . 2019.05.27 12:51

      5 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • Parents' hearts!


      I was on the phone with my aunt this weekend when I found out about my father's surgery! Ha ha! You two checked in and went into surgery today because you were worried about your children! They're busy, they're It's called a simple hernia operation. You came down in the morning after your vacation! By the way I know your parents' feelings, but... My stomach is burning!

      $chea . 2019.05.27 11:21

      11 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • White Shadows (Yoon Dong-ju)


      in the thickening of the road All day long, if you just listen, The moving footsteps of the ground sword, so that you can hear footsteps. I was intelligent. Now you're foolish enough to realize everything. in the depths of one's mind I don't care if I suffer. One, two, if you send them back to the nursery, in the dark of the street A white shadow that disappears without sound, white shadows The white shadows, whether you love them or not. I'll send everything back. in the back of one's neck When I come back to my room, it's as wet as a bee. like a deep squash Let's open the grass all day long.

      $gu2teobumoon . 2019.05.27 11:09

      4 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • an unprepared life


      I don't know which decision is right. It is impossible to review. Because there can be no comparison in life. We experience everything directly. For the first time, experience without preparation. It's like an actor who appears on stage without practice. But the first demonstration for life is about to take place. What value can life be if it is already life itself? Life is always like a sketch on this basis. Sketch isn't right either. Sketch is always a draft of something, It's the preparation of a painting. Our sketches of life are sketches of nothing. Because it's a draft without a picture. - Milan Kundera, during 'the lightness of an intolerable being' -

      $happyday . 2019.05.27 10:38

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    • Amsa-dong Prehistoric Site on the UNESCO World Heritage List


      Did you all have a good weekend? It's been drizzling since Monday morning. I like rain in a small way, but... The reason why rain is so good these days is because it cleans up fine dust. I'm reading a book about history with a kid. We started from the Paleolithic Age and now we have the Neolithic Age in depth? I read it carefully. I think it's better to see what you see in the book in person. I visited the Amsa-dong Prehistoric Site yesterday. The weather was hot, so there weren't as many visitors as I thought. Pre-experience classes, historical exhibits, including Ummjip, a representative form of residence during the Neolithic Age, There's a lot of spaces, like hunting and fishing.~ Not from the book about the comb-pattern pottery that appeared on the national history test. I saw it in person, and it felt new. The little boy looked at the real comb-pattern pottery and it was amazing. It was a good time to review what I read in the book. This week, I am planning to study about the Bronze Age and visit relevant historical sites around the weekend! And if I study a little from the Three Kingdoms to the Chosun Dynasty, I am going to try to take the Korean history qualification test with a little boy.^^ Ah! This is Amsa-dong Prehistoric Site for UNESCO World Heritage. We're also working on a national signature campaign. I explained it to the boy, and he even signed it!Hah! I've voted for it, and I think about 3,500 people are signing it right now. Internet signature is also available. If you are interested, please refer to the link below.^^

      $raphaeljjun . 2019.05.27 10:35

      6 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • deep mountain macaron


      Have you ever eaten macaron in the deep mountains? deep mountain macaron Who eats? Ruby in the mountains Let's eat macaron. Suddenly, I think of a song called "The Rabbit in the Deep Mountains." Macaron looks more delicious if you share it with a hare! I ate it more delicious because it was in the mountains of my friend's handmade macaron.

      $ruby . 2019.05.27 10:31

      8 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • Hello, everyone.


      Uncle Sam Good job~ Looking down from above, there are eight people. just in case Prepare 12 cups of coffee. I am ^ I like Americano. On average, all men like mixed coffee. So... Mix~8 four cups of Americano Ready and ready Coffee delivery is coming. I'll see you guys later. I'll have you appear again. Back then. (goodwill log) Are you coming over? Have a cup of warm coffee. I'm going to do it. You've been in AS since morning. Let's be nice to you. Haha I don't know if my cuteness works. Let's get going. For our apartment. Fighting~

      $hana . 2019.05.27 10:18

      6 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • danjudan Busan headquarters


      "You're standing in line for a taste of Bubble Milk. I thought this was a FOMO too. Order Brown Sugar Bubble Milk (50% choice), Brown Sugar Bubble Red Bean Milk (no sugar regulation) and wait. Bubble Milk finally came out... 50% sugar is basic. It is really good. It also adds a lot of bubbles.

      $koreosno1man . 2019.05.27 09:32

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    • On a rainy day...


      On a rainy day... Without thinking... There are times when I want to watch the rain in a big coffee shop. Today's the day... But the world of reality is cool. I have to spend Monday full of Mondays. Pubbles, it's a tough Monday, but... Cheer up!!! Mani Dasuk on the big table is so dainty that he cut it.

      $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.05.27 08:16

      10 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • Ubbit


      You've been sleeping and you're making money. Keep it rising.

      $gu2teobumoon . 2019.05.27 08:01

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    • Outside the window on a rainy day, I drank a nice bowl of air.


      Looking out of the window on a rainy day. Let's start with a cup of coffee. That's a weird feeling I think the air is better. The rain and wind are coming home. That's great. The windows open wide from dawn and try to breathe air. Yang Soo Kyung~ It reminds me of a song Love is like tears in its brightness. I don't know why you're here tonight. I feel like he's coming to my side. You're gone. I don't regret it now. It's just like the rainwater of the years. But when I think of you, This heart is going to hurt. Every man is forgotten by the time he goes on. Love is like rainwater outside the window. It's just like the rainwater of the years. But when I think of you, This heart is going to hurt. Every man is forgotten by the time he goes on. Love is like rainwater outside the window. But when I think of you, This heart is going to hurt. Every man is forgotten by the time he goes on. Love is like rainwater outside the window. Love is like rainwater outside the window. Love is like rainwater outside the window.

      $hana . 2019.05.27 07:33

      6 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • Sabang beautiful view


      당신은 스노클링을 좋아합니까 ??

      $munawar . 2019.05.27 06:48

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    • Over 50,000 hearts! Thank you.


      It's been 6 months since we started the publito. We've already surpassed 50,000 hearts. For the first time since Cyworld. I'm doing it for fun on SNS By the time we get started, do we get 50 grand a year? I did, but with the help of the members, I've already achieved members. We'll continue to enjoy our performance as a guest.

      $msjpkpk . 2019.05.27 05:42

      9 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • ❤️


      5월 말 교보문고, 반디앤루니스, 영풍문고 pc서적에서 예지를 찾아볼 수 있습니다! ☺️ ' ' ' ' '

      $youngrahea . 2019.05.27 05:24

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    • ..


      아우 씨 ... 비온 댜 ☔ (̩̩̩̩̩̩ ˘̩ƪ) ' ' ' ' Pulse

      $youngrahea . 2019.05.27 02:42

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    • Food Distribution for Orphans


      Break Fasting Activities with Orphans and sponsoring them into a blessing in our lives.

      $echoatmaja1 . 2019.05.27 01:36

      1 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • so sweet


      talk with mom

      $adilazeem . 2019.05.27 01:33

      1 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • Welcome to Tokyo


      Japanese Story

      $echoatmaja1 . 2019.05.26 23:15

      1 thanks . 1.9048 PUB

    • pear flower fairy and tadpole


      be as brilliant as ever be full of mild freshness A stone pear flower is like a fairy, bathing in bright clear water. I wonder if it's? I don't know if I can be any more innocent. With the stone-bellied goodies. Tadpoles swimming in the water are lovely.

      $ruby . 2019.05.26 22:09

      11 thanks . 1,002.4944 PUB

    • We're in town, Beard


      I feel like the weekend has passed in the blink of an eye. Today's last day is taking a walk in the neighborhood. It's so nice to take a walk these days. It's a cool evening. It's windy. I had dinner early, so I took a cognitive walk. I just wanted to grab a light beer because I didn't want to go home. Children's food is amazing. I completely emptied the bowl of pork cutlet and salad when I ate it. The boss said that the children are good at eating vegetables, so he only served a generous salad. I think it's the only advantage of the local store. This exceptionally crowded neighborhood is with children everywhere. For your information, the name of the store is really "our neighborhood empty."

      $oxy . 2019.05.26 21:50

      16 thanks . 994.8834 PUB

    • They're very immature.


      Last night. After dinner, we went for a walk in the lake. My family members and sisters in their 60s enjoy it. I like it as if I am immature. Haha There's also a house next door. I don't know if you're going to be able to do this with your brother-in-law. Haha

      $hana . 2019.05.26 21:27

      12 thanks . 1,465.3581 PUB

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