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It's been three days since yesterday.

Hold 2 right of sale~

It's time to lift restrictions from the ceiling on sales prices.


40 million won increase in the same equilibrium

All of this happened the regime of Park Geun-hye.

All restrictions on real estate have been lifted.

Unsold situation in all of the cities of Wiresin in Magok District

Finally, I have a bank account with my husband.

I subscribed for a price increase of KRW 440 million over the 33 pyeong next door.

We won again. This lake is the best.

By the way~

on the grounds that the sale price is high.

There's been another non-contract situation.

It's a good lake.

I don't care about the contract.

There will be three rights to buy a house.

28 33-33

time goes by like that

Report on TV Land Experts' Classes

Reservations for the Yeouido seminar are on the way again.

Real estate is good news. If you own land, you'll get rich again.


Ask for counseling and get in touch.

I'm going there, but I only have 3,000 development sites.

Just like then, I had a summer vacation with my husband.

I'm going to take a vacation with my hands tied to the ground.

We're leaving for the development site.

It's too much of a burden to have an employee with us in Seoul.

a two-way start

The land is worth 30 million won there.

Show me something else.

I didn't get paid for it.

No, I'll take care of it.

I'm gonna show you something else, something that's flat.

I saw a new road next to the development site. It's

He's been nice to me, and after the briefing,

What you're saying at the end~ You're not going to take your land, are you?


Maybe I admitted I wouldn't buy it by phone from Seoul.

I wouldn't have made such a call.

She's a really nice, friendly employee.

I bought the land. At first, I was going to live on 200 pyeong.

If you think about it, if the price of land goes up,

I signed a 400 pyeong contract with the idea of taking out the principal.

I'm coming home from a tour of Mokpo.

Do you sell your wife's apartment?

sell 34 million won by adjusting the price to one another.

Honey, you're helping me live on land again.

If you laugh, you'll buy the right to buy a new apartment.

Maybe my husband's never had any land.

All you see on the ground is a wild ride.

I wish my land was mine.

I can't get past you.

Your husband's wish has been fulfilled because of the Tang Ta-ryung.

Instead, this land is an old-age policy.

I talked to my husband with a grain of salt.

The land is famous.

Actually, I bought her.

Han Dae~ I'm sending you honey pork so far.

✔Haenam Enterprise City 도시 ✔ 나 옵니다 치 시도 면 솔 남 해 기업


Hold two right of sale

Since then, I've been renting my husband's side for 2 years.

Sales team also sold P7000 units from P420

After that, I caught two 36 pyeong of apartment building and went to P4000.

Since last year's announcement of measures, we've stopped all loans.

the condition that the sale price is falling again.

We started moving in at the end of last year.

I'm going to rent one and move in one.

Three new houses in Dongtan 2 New Town in the present day

I'm going to rent two and move in this time.

By the way.

Land price is purchased at APT distribution right p

Real estate regulations~

Sixty percent of the multiple homeowners' transfer tax was so surprised that they were going to roll that money.

We've lost billions of dollars, and we've gone all the way to the boom-bust statistics.

If I had left that money intact,

I'm afraid I've made two to three times as much profit as I've lost.

I think it's a good idea.

Real estate is going up like a stock chart anyway.

That cycle used to be a long one, but it's gone bad these days.

I'd like it to be more specific.

The financial event is due today.

a cursory

The bottom line is, I am a housewife.

He's fearless. He's quick to judge.

I'm not worried, so people say,

He's got more guts than men.

Just listen to whatever's going on and decide right away.

I don't think much.

There's something puberty said.

You may not be afraid, but you are not.

That's a good boy.

I watched economic TV.

Buy land and make profits.

Accident of Villa~ Profitable

How do you believe that? Then I believe in myself.

They'll explain the product.

I'm the judge, and I'm the one who's


a rental operator

Husband to 4 years to dispose of when needed

Owner~8 years~10 new axis to subject to transfer tax exemption

Of course there's a loss in real estate, too.

But like stocks and coins, there's nothing going down.

It'll just take more time.

I don't invest because I have a lot of money.

I'm Gap Investment

He uses a lot of loans.

Don't be so scared of bank loans.

It's more profitable than he is.

She's a housewife.

It's just that the water I play is different.

The average housewife's living in the neighborhood.

Talk to your neighbors, your husband and your children, and your neighbor's sister.

when you do

I drink coffee in real estate.

I went to the mall and drank coffee and listened to the information.

I also talk to the sales team a lot.

I exchange information with the people there.


I'll be with the sales teams in the Seoul metropolitan area.

My face is sold.

That's how much you're going around.

Just be careful.

I'll never go to real estate in town.

Say hello~

I've had a hard time investing in the neighborhood.

The women's gossip is no joke.

Since then, I've been near my house and I don't want any investment rules.

It's been a long story.

A little bit of real estate is possible.

Just the basics.

Real estate is profitable in the opposite way of government policy.

It's a good investment right now.

You can choose what you want.


If the government changes, the regulations will be lifted.

Every government has a real estate policy.

That will be all.


Where I'm talking,

Seoul and the metropolitan area. You can choose well.


I'm a housewife.

My income is

Better than my husband.

It's better than working women.

There's no annual salary.

Only when it's sold. It's a profit.

I was able to make small investments.

It's bigger now.

Home prices rose last year.

Some of you don'

Some of you don't understand.


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  • 대댓글

    감사합니다. ^^

    $hana . 2019.04.26

  • 미션2단계 달성 퍼블상금(40퍼블) 도네이션 해 드렸습니다^^

    이벤트 참여 감사드립니다^^

    $greenjuice11 . 2019.04.25

  • [소외된 카테고리 활성화 이벤트]2만잉크 드리고 갑니다^^

    알찬 정보 감사합니다^^

    $greenjuice11 . 2019.04.24

  • 큰손이셨네요.

    수강료내고 들어야 하는 알째배기 강좌군요..

    $bigman35 . 2019.04.24

  • 좀 이모님께 배워야 하는데ㅎ

    저도 한때 경제 티비도 애청해가며

    생방송 전화상담까지도 해가며

    부동산에 열중했었는데요ㅎ

    $dr.math . 2019.04.24

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    $starway . 2019.04.27 10:52

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  • You use a savings bank for interest rates?

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    The day before yesterday, I told you about a bank association site where you can collect and compare the bank's interest rates. I'm sure many of you recognize the savings bank because the bank's interest rate. So I collected it, where I could check the interest rates of savings banks. There's a bank, so there's some kind of association, right? It is the Central Bank of Korea. Savings banks can also receive depositor protection, so they can be used a lot. The downside is that there's not much nearby, there's a slight difference in interest rates for each savings bank, and there's a little bit of worry about the consolidation that took place a few years ago. In the past, the savings banks' financial status, such as the BIS ratio, was compiled by the savings banks, but now you can find and view information, but it's not clearly organized. You can see the details at the Central Bank of Korea, but I don't have that much expertise.I only want to see information about BIS ratio. You can then inquire at the Korea Deposit Insurance Corp. page. No matter how healthy and high interest rates are, it's a bit inconvenient to visit if you're not in our neighborhood, but it's also good to find a good place in your neighborhood. If you use it within the depositor's protection limit, you'll be fine. And if I tell you about the consolidation that took place a few years ago, when the company went out of business, another company took over its assets.At this point, we were unable to find money for a few months during the handover. Keep that in mind. PS. In fact, I was going to introduce Cloudfunding and P2P financing. Mr. $moment introduced you briefly. You may want to refer to the bottom of the article.

    $peterpa . 2019.04.25 11:44

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  • End and Mission Results Announcement of [Exclusive Category Activation Event]^^

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    At first, I worried a lot while preparing for this event.... It's a category that's never been posted. Can I get you to post a message? By the way, more people participated, and the 1st stage of the mission was accomplished.^^ I feel great. I thought I'd like to get to the 10th level of my mission, but anyway, I think 14 articles have been registered and activated.^^ The activation event is over, but please continue your attention.^^ To those who participated in the event, I sent you the ink right away. Now that we've achieved the first phase of our mission, we're going to ask everyone who's at the event. I'll give you the prize money. I feel a little bit sad... We're on our way to Mission Two, so we'll send it to you as a prize money for achieving Mission Two.^^ This is the Public Family who will receive the Public Prize. $setinoby $dr.math $hana. $ha3timbsgyge. $peterpa. $chea. $magicsonjae Mr. $oxy. Please take part in the next event with a lot of interest.^^ Thank you. #publicto #Iosable pension

    $greenjuice11 . 2019.04.25 08:00

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  • ?Don? 곗 회 ? 비 돈?

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    This is my account. It's been a long time since we got married. Are you more than others? There are various high school, university and so on at the country home gathering. I don't feel bad when I get this kind of money, but I like it when I get it. Well, technically, it could be a dues, not a dime. The dues are mostly used as a security guard. And when you get hurt, you get a bonus. At first, it was twice as much as it is now, but now that everyone is getting married and their children are big, they've lost a lot of money because they've lost a lot less. The remaining sashimi is probably going on a family trip. Sometimes it's even more reassuring to have a meeting like this out of the money.

    $oxy . 2019.04.24 18:37

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  • [Event Participation] What is the best investment so far in Korea?

    Personal Finance

    Thanks to Mr. Green Jus, we're writing about personal finance. Thank you. I have already been in the company for 10 years. I paid back my student loans, paid for my parents' business, re-entered my brother's college, I'm married. Instead of the money I have left in my hands, I keep a negative account. (Of course, while traveling, investing in coins, I got a headache......ᄒᄒ) After I got married, I can barely save 10 million won a year in the capacity of a regular worker.... So... so... Best financial investment... is looking at the housing sale! I live in Sejong City considering the location and characteristics of the company. Of course, I live in jeonse now. The rent is very low, but the price of the house is expensive.) It's also hard to extend the lease. And Sejong is tied up in a overheated speculation zone, and there is a cap on the price of new apartments. If you buy a house, you can make a certain amount of money. So, with the housing subscription that I've been putting in since 2010. And with the weapon of newlyweds! I am trying hard to get an apartment sale.Haha But... why are all the sales going to be delayed this year crying Sejong City... when are you going to sell it in 2019? May is already coming... Do you all have housing plans? #Daily #Sejong #House subscription #Newlywed Special Service Challenge!

    $magicsonjae . 2019.04.24 12:41

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  • Haha, this is all happening!

    Personal Finance

    I've been in the coin market for a little less than two years, and I've used several exchanges. Gatham, who started the deal! The ripples! My investment (but not much) is dissecting! I've dialed a lot of mail and phone calls, but I haven't. So I started using Hitbtc, Bittrex, Binary, etc. In case of Hitbtc, send mail at the earliest for one month or two. Sometimes I get an e-mail saying that the problem was solved. Bittrex sent an e-mail for nearly seven to eight months due to authentication problems, but it didn't work out and eventually made his passport again, and Binnans, too, spent more than a week in e-mail ....! In the tyranny of one-sided exchanges... I think a lot of investors have been hurt! It is more difficult for me to speak short English, Then Umbit opened a new Umbit in Korea. Again, questions, server down... There's no apology or resolution. The Kovit Exchange was created by sending the coin that was received at Mickup to the exchange. Last weekend, I asked for money to clean up the coins, but it failed! Damn it, gochujang, look for it. I think we're starting to have a boring fight again. I go to work on Monday morning, send an email, check my company mail, and check my mail again. Wow! I got a reply mail. I tried to send the mail online, but I couldn't check it, so I sent the mail again! I wonder if it's been three minutes! The call from the Cobbits is... Call me from the customer center...! Troubleshooting! It's natural in some ways, but for an investor who has never been treated like a customer, it's a refreshing shock! The world is changing! Ha ha! I decided to leave the coin that I was going to withdraw.

    $chea . 2019.04.24 07:24

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  • If you're curious about the bank's interest rate,

    Personal Finance

    To participate in the event by Publicito Green Juice. A lot of people are going to use the bank. And you'll probably use it for a number of reasons, and then the banks' interest rates are slightly different. If you look at the Korea Federation of Banks website, you can check the deposit/loan rates of banks in the first financial sector. Of course, because banks have preferential rates, it's actually more accurate to get counseling from each bank. ----------- You've heard about the first, the second and the third. I'd like to summarize this as an appendix. * First financial sector Financial institutions subject to the Banking Law refer to banks that we see around us. They include commercial banks, local banks and special banks. * Secondary financial sector They usually talk about the financial sector except banks. Savings banks, which give rather high interest rates, belong to the secondary banking sector. The secondary banking sector is not subject to the Banking Law. These include mutual savings banks, credit card companies, Saemaul Depository, Shinhyup, Lease and unit Nonghyup. * Third-party financial sector The third financial sector refers to belonging to the so-called private sector. They are typical lenders. Lenders are subject to the loan business law.

    $peterpa . 2019.04.23 18:09

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  • School Banking Group

    Personal Finance

    Elementary school parents all know the school bankbook. Nonghyup is not the main bank, but the School Bank Kang Trading Bank is the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NAC).It's the only bank account that made it difficult. First of all, put a certain amount of extra money in it. All expenses related to post-school education are settled through a single bankbook. I love busy, double-income moms.... But there's a problem. I didn't care too much, so I had to get a short-term text message a few days ago. I think I've put it in for the first half of the year. Thinking about it, my daughter is taking too much after school in the new semester. I think we should change it by transferring a certain amount every month. There's a little sadness in the neck money at a time.

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.04.23 17:34

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  • Power 2nd round of subscription savings – Sungkonghoere

    Personal Finance

    Power 2nd round of subscription savings – Sungkonghoere Second Earnings from my son's account in Cheongyang Yesterday~ 1st, post-APT sale. Second ~Positive rights held Then~ again this time Mom's bankbook 28 Pyung-shin APT-attached Ryoyal layer under contract At this time, some low and low-lying areas were unsold. So ~ I went to pick up some unsold ones again. I don't like the rest of the generation. So again. I'll call the president on the first sale of the right. I don't like the unsold. I'd like to have a P500 or less. I've been looking for him. I'll connect you to the sales office if you don't want to Five hundred thousand dollars for the president of the sales team. Then I'll give you a nice one. The sales team's expensive, so make sure you don't. I came down to 400 with a little. But it's expensive. I don't buy it. Sir, I'm telling you, there's nothing to eat because the people on the sales team aren't there. I guess they share that too. Then we won't be able to touch the sales team. I'm buying my fee for a phone call of 200,000 won That's why I've been selling off my son's The contract for the sale of 33 pyeong was issued right away. ^^ The right to buy a house cannot be changed directly to its name. There is a difference between the three-year and one-year sales rights in June, After that, I'll bring my name. I'm gonna pay you a P420 and I'm gonna come back with your name. By the way, the lake is the highest paid purchase. the 15th/11th floor of the whole mountain view of the house Please note that resale of gift certificates is expensive for illegal. a risk-taking I trust people too well. You've never lived in doubt. It's pure. They say that it's a good thing people don't get together. And the decision is fast and accurate. Personality and behavior are more important than men. I have a big stomach.^ And ~ I'm getting a phone call again soon. Ma'am, you have an APT. Give it a good name. I'm thinking about it again. Don't sell it. My husband won't be able to sell this time. If you marry your son, you'll have kids on the third floor. Don't sell me. This is because of the noise between floors and the TV murders. Now I have to worry about it again. Is he the owner of the troubleshooter? Note ^ My son is a puppy to me. Puppy Shinan 25 pyeong 3 pyeong. Geumgang 33 pyeong 11 pyeong Where do you want to live? What my son says, I'm on the third floor. I'm going to the Geumgang River. And when I get married, I'm lonely because I'm alone. I have at least two more, and if you allow me to do so, one more. I want a total of three. I need four rooms. I'm going to go to 33 pyeong of Geumgang. 25 pyeong of Seoul is big. I know 33 pyeong. You're 33 square feet. I'm on my son's side again. No, it's easy to move out of a marriage. And when kids grow up, they have to move, but they make money and move. Let's just give him 33 pyeong, and he'll take care of it. 90% of our lives are money. Every family fights for money. So don't move. The kids live there till the end, and they're going to have to deal with their old age. Let's get married first. You don't need to save money if you don't move. That's how you convince him. 2nd Statement of Sale Decision P4000 Receives & Sells What's left now is... The same complex~Mom 28 pyeong. Son 33 pyeong. We have the right to buy a new apartment. The period of sale of new apartments varies from region to region. After registration of 61236 at that time, It's been eight years since the Seoul Tangchum. We pay the transfer tax in full. My right to buy new apartments continues. See you tomorrow. Taxes are accurate and clear.

    $hana . 2019.04.23 12:33

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  • You're rich as well.

    Personal Finance

    Thanks to you, I have a chance to post a new category.^^ Thank you so much for the opportunity. It's a children's bankbook I'm very proud of. I've been following this bank account for six years, no matter what I've been through, I' I think it's a little too much. The first bank account was reissued due to the fact that it ran out of cotton. It's been a lot brighter and fresher in Thomas' bank account.^^ As soon as my oldest child was born, I opened a fund account and made it free. It's a celebration of the stone feast, and I've saved a lot of pocket money. I was so distracted that I had to pay the sales balance.ㅜㅜ I was going to make you a new one because it's not as much, but... You all know that, right? It's as easy as you think. The second year after I was born, I re-booked my bank account. We don't set aside a certain amount every month. When children have their allowance, they are free to save. The main source of income is the holiday. In the meantime, the eldest child has gotten together. Second is expected to increase once you enter elementary school. lol It's a very strong bank account that sometimes uses it like a weapon when you don't trust your mom.~~ Even though they couldn't make a second generation of chaebol. It's a small desire to instill the sense of economics.^^

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.04.22 22:00

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  • Power 1st round of subscription savings ~ Sungkonghoere

    Personal Finance

    Power 1st round of subscription savings ~ Sungkonghoere Up to three times the strength of the blue savings continues. It's been five years since now. When I was a son. Where do you live when you get married? 1 Pangye Station This is where Public friend lives. 3 Dongtan 2 You've got eyes on the old man. Dongtan 2 That's when it starts. I keep writing my subscription. After the first and second round of Dongtan sales, Three-way time distribution Construction~ Daewoo's Shinan Hoban EG Team's Five Simultaneous Distribution Select 25 pyeong~Select Daewoo Hoban's application for a contract is going to win two. The whole lake is good. Modern. Daewoo is a large construction company and the layout of a design structure complex I don't like it. Hoban~ I like all the layout of the structural design complex. an application by way of lake Right away~ Another 2 million won to subscribe to the subscription account. Time goes by and by. This time it's better than the last seat. You're going to win again. I'm thinking about it now. It's on the third floor. There are so many but I have a contract on the third floor. Mal language I'm sorry to have written an account, but I don't want to sign another one. Let's go to the pub and see the atmosphere. Boss~3dong 302 How much will it cost to throw this right now? We'll give you 400 to 500 now. To my husband. Honey, I need to sign a p400-500 contract right now. Always~10% of the value of the instrument. So, 25 pyeong. That's enough. Then one day, call the real estate and sell your wife's right to buy a new apartment. Haha Feeling good Son Han-tae. Sell it as Premium. I don't sell it. Why sell it? lol What your husband says, sell it. Who's going to buy it for you? Then I'll sell it at 5000. Husband, if you were me, I would buy a p5000. No~ Then I'll sell 3,000, so... No, I'll sell it when I give it to you. If you were me, would you give me 3,000? I will always pay the money if I ask. I don't judge my son. I'll pick you up. My mom won't take even 10 won. I do. I sell it then. Haha So I saw the first profit from my son's subscription. P2500 is the first success story. It's my ability to make a subscription account. There are always people who save. I don't need an apartment. Some people don't. And every time I say, I'm not asking you to sell it. Save it. Interest is high. This is my recommendation. Tomorrow, we're going to go on a two-day trip. Haha

    $hana . 2019.04.22 13:48

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  • splitting bankbook

    Personal Finance

    My month It's about sharing spending plans and bank accounts. at each bank account We've divided them up for different purposes. I live alone, so I don't have any money to pay for. I'm putting in some pills. If you put in the deposit 50 times a month again, It's due. Shall I buy an Ios? And insurance. 2 cancer insurance, real insurance, pension insurance And other insurance. I'm preparing for all kinds of bad situations. I had a separate travel account. Are you not going to travel now? My mom's got a little pocket money. My mom gets a lot of money from her older brothers. just by and by. This is my monthly spending of 400 basis points. (My income changes from time to time.) Mr. Green juice, I have an event to post.

    $dr.math . 2019.04.22 12:39

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  • bituniverse wallet

    Personal Finance

    #bituniverse 안녕하세요 👋 크립토 지갑에 대해서 후기를 남겨 보고자 해요. 저는 보통 코인마켓캡에서 시총이나 순위를 파악했는데 이제 이지갑에서 확인을 할수가 있어서 매우 효율적으로 사용할 수가 있네요.최신 기사도 확인 가능하며 ico정보 및 실시간 유입량 , 최근 🐋 고래들의 활동내역, 자금동향, 각 거래소 유입량 까지 확인 가능해요. 전체 자금의 흐름을 파악할때 유용할듯 합니다. 이오스 댑들의 지갑들도 이런기능이 있었음 하네요^^~! 읽어주셔서 감사합니다. 您好,我想留下关于加密钱包的评论。 我通常钱币市场并了解市值排名,目前的上限是在可以yijigap检查itneyo可以非常有效地使用。最新的文章也可以检查和ICO信息和活动,实时流量的筹资趋势,最近🐋鲸,每 您可以查看交换金额。 理解整个基金的流动将是有用的。 EOS dApps 的钱包也有这个功能^^〜! 谢谢你的阅读 Hello, I'd like to leave a comment about the Crypto Wallet. I have been able to check on the market or cap in the coin market cap, and now I can check it on the wallet, so I can use it very efficiently. I can check the latest articles and I know the information and real time inflow, the activity history of the recent whales, You can check the amount of the exchange. It would be useful to understand the flow of the entire fund. The wallets of the EOS dApps also had this feature ^^ ~! Thanks for reading.

    $setinoby . 2019.04.22 12:06

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  • I'm going to post a start message for my event.^^

    Personal Finance

    I prepared many things for them when they were born, but the most meaningful gift was to me. It's your bank account. The bank account has been saved every time the children receive their allowance.^^ Now we're managing our bank accounts, but the kids are graduating from college. When I start my social life, I'm going to hand it over. I have another gift for the kids. That's a subscription account. When my oldest child entered elementary school, he signed up as a gift. The children don't know about this subscription account yet.^^ When I get married when I grow up, I will give it to you as a gift. It's not a big sum, but it's automatically transferred at 100,000 won per month. I hope it will help you to build a house when you get married.^^ #p#Ios acceptable pension

    $greenjuice11 . 2019.04.22 10:06

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  • [Exclusive Category Activation Event]

    Personal Finance

    hi^^ Ios Paymentable pension operator Coinis11 is contributing a small amount of power to popularizing Publicity.^^ Monday starting the week may be hard and heavy, but it's a fun start. I'm here with the 6th event. As the title says, [Enable Exclusive Category Event] Of the total 64 categories in Publicito, there are the most articles on the list. Compared to the approximately 5,900 writings of the Amazonian languages, The Personal Finance Cartego, unfortunately, doesn't have a single message on it.ᅮ So I prepared to activate the Personal Finance Corner.^^ In a way, everyone in this room is proud to be doing personal finance. I want this category to be more active.^^ Event Title:Enable Exclusive Category Event Event Period:April 22 to 24 (3 days) How to Join the Event: Nothing about Personal Finance^^ (Remarkation, centralization, personalization, family, friends, and location are all possible.^^) Event Products:200,000 Ink (payment once per day per account) Event Corner:Only entries registered in Personal Finance are accepted Please take a lot of interest and participation in the Personal Finance Cartier Activation Event.^^ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Is this the end of the event or...? She's normal. She's not funny. Pass~ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I can't There's another event in the event.^^ [Mission Clear Event] Depending on the amount of posting that is coming up during the event, I'll send you a public prize to all the members of the public who are participating.^^ Mission1:Send 10Pubbles to all participants if a total of 10+ posts are posted. Mission2:If a total of 20 or more entries are posted, all participants will be sent 20 copies. Mission3:If a total of 30 or more entries are posted, all participants will be sent 30 copies. Mission4:If a total of 40 or more entries are posted, all participants will be sent 40 copies. Mission5:If a total of 50 or more entries are posted, all participants will be sent 50 copies. Mission6:If a total of more than 60 posts are posted, all participants will be sent 60 copies. Mission7:If a total of more than 70 posts are posted, all participants will be sent 70 copies. Mission8:If a total of more than 80 posts are posted, all participants will be sent 80 copies. Mission9:If a total of more than 90 articles are posted, all participants will be sent 90 copies. Mission10:If a total of more than 100 posts are posted, all participants will be sent 100 copies. Note:Mission Publicity Prize money will be paid at the end of the event with the final achievement of the mission prize money (not the sum payment). (E.g. 85 posts will be sent to all participants with 80 copies.I'll do the transfer method with a donation.) I hope many of you will join us and achieve our last mission of 10 and get 100 copies and ink for everyone.^^ Then the Personal Finance Corner will be activated naturally.^^ At the end of this event, we're going to move on to other marginalized corners.^^ Please take a lot of interest and participation. It's a small force to make the public more popular, but I'll try to end it. Thank you. #publicto #Iosable pension

    $greenjuice11 . 2019.04.22 08:33

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  • After Krypto Mickup!

    Personal Finance

    #D.VIP #Mitup #D.STREET D.I've been to STREET Krypto Mickup. I've had a great meal. I've seen a lot of solid and promising projects. ^^

    $setinoby . 2019.04.20 01:32

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