[London] At a glance! Let me tell you all the major attractions.

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$tourkmh . 2019.04.24 08:25
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Today, I made a video of my trip to London.

The beautiful atmosphere of London during the Christmas season!

Travel inquiries are always welcome:)

▼See main place at once

00:10 Regency St.

00:22 Tower Bridge Tower Bridge

00:27 Covent Garden

01:01 National Gallery View National Gallery

01:18 Trafalgar Square

01:37 Don't Books Daunt Books

01:49 Sky Garden Sky Garden

01:55 Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

02:26 Harrods at Herod Department Store

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    • TOKYO SKY TREE, Tokyo


      When I was on a trip to Tokyo, I caught a lodging in Ueno. I think I got a good place for the first Airbnb. Because Skytree was located right in the alley! I haven't been there before, but it's a great background.

      $kimkokill . 2019.05.27 09:54

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    • Welcome to Japan


      Welcome to japanese

      $echoatmaja1 . 2019.05.27 05:37

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    • [Memories of a Scene] At Montmartre Hill...


      It's been a long time since I wrote in a pub. I had a bit of a rough schedule for about two weeks. Although I did my best (really?), I'm a little bit embarrassed by the poor results, but it's been a long time since I've been taking a rest. I'm going to rummage through the travel photo album again to commemorate my return. After visiting Versailles Palace, I try to climb Montmartre. As soon as you get off at the subway station, you are already surprised by the crowds. There are so many people. If you go up the hill past the crowd, you will see the famous Sacramente Cathedral. If you get close, you will find the famous black brothers. (If you try to block the way and try to force the sale of things and pass by without paying attention, you let it pass.) After that, you can climb Montmartre Hill and look at the cathedral, but you can look back and see the city of Paris better. (I'll upload a picture of the cathedral.) The Montmartre hill is filled with shops selling various souvenirs, where numerous artists can be seen painting portraits nearby. If you fall into the back alley, you can find nice cafes or houses, and you get the urge to walk down the alley every day to the point where it's so romantic. This is why you should visit famous places even though there are many people. During my trip to Paris, I felt as if I could walk and walk, but I couldn't stop. I feel like I'm going to be able to write a book every day. ^^). Writing after a long time feels like a new feeling. Hi. Long time no see. Pubble. Yep. realprince

      $realprince . 2019.05.25 22:43

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    • On February Snowy Day, Pine Tree Forest in Seoul. Walk when you're depressed.


      It suddenly got hot. This is the snowy landscape we filmed last winter. They say that walking helps reduce depression. Walking around and watching, I share a precious view. I hope it will help the creator, the viewer, and everyone. Kevin MacLeod's Cryptic Sorrow - Atlantean Twilight is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license(https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100276 Artist: http://incompetech.com/

      $blackdog . 2019.05.24 09:46

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    • Yongsan Garrison has a prison for Japanese soldiers. Yongsan Garrison in Seoul. Walk when you're depressed.


      My acquaintance works for the U.S. Army. Thanks to you, I've been looking inside the Yongsan unit. There's a place he took me to say "special." That's where the Japanese used to use it as a prison. I think it's worth the historical site. I hope it will be preserved after the relocation of the U.S. military to Pyeongtaek.

      $blackdog . 2019.05.24 09:45

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    • Naksan Park is good during the day, too.


      Naksan Park is said to have been completed in phases in 2002 and 2008 after demolishing civic apartments and old houses. Phase 3 (Naksan summit - Hyehwa gate) has yet to take place. Anyway, Daehangno is near here and people visit here because of its good night view. The day I visited here was April 3, 2019, on weekdays, but there were quite a lot of tourists. I'll have time to come over next night. Enjoy it! Oh, I was looking for something fun without a YouTube copyright, and I picked 'Jolly Old St Nicholas' (E's Jammy James) after editing it, and it's Christmas. I think the Christmas song that I listen to in April is not ^^

      $blackdog . 2019.05.24 09:44

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    • A smile of reflection / Dorisa (Haepyeong-myeon, Gumi-si, North Gyeongsang Province) / Walk when you are depressed


      People don't know about Dorisa. This is a temple in Haepyeong-myeon, Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do. It is known as the first Garam of the Silla Dynasty. There are signs of a new building here and there, but you can feel a smile of reflection. The smile of the bronze statue at the entrance to the staircase leading up to the palace of the Buddha is particularly impressive. The video was shot with the Galaxy S9+.

      $blackdog . 2019.05.24 09:43

      1 thanks . 140.4149 PUB

    • Yun Dong-ju Walk Through the Hill of Poet Inwangsan Mountain Dulle-gil When You Feel Down


      We started from Seocheon Stream and walked along Inwangsan Dulegil. If you go to Buam-dong, you will see 'Yoon Dong-ju Poet's Hill'. There's a dispute. You can see the castle. You can also find traces of the people who have passed through this neighborhood. It's a good way to walk even in summer because there are many trees.

      $blackdog . 2019.05.24 09:43

      2 thanks . 433.6088 PUB

    • a walk through the Cheongna Dune


      Cheongnaundeok is also called the Montmartre of Daegu. Travel to modern times! Alley tour! I think the name is good. Cheongnaundeok is exotic because of its antique buildings and missionary graves. It was hot. It was a good way to take a walk.

      $blackdog . 2019.05.24 09:42

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    • May is the season of roses / Jungnangcheon Seoul Rose Festival / Walk when you are depressed


      We toured the 2019 Seoul Rose Festival in Jungnangcheon, Seoul. The roses have withered a lot because of the hot weather. But the smell of roses is still there. I think it'll be a good night to take a walk.

      $blackdog . 2019.05.24 09:19

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    • If you go to the Shinjuku arcade in Tokyo,


      There's an interesting world going on. Life is entertainment. Amm! #taitostation #tokyo #sinjuku #newjuku #newjuku #victure of dolls #Japan #girl high school student

      $kimkokill . 2019.05.23 14:26

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    • 2018.12.26. 549 days. Yoonjae~!! Last December, in Jeju island...


      2018.12.26. 549 days. Yoonjae~!! ^^ Last December in Jeju island... The place I visited the day before I returned home. The spectacular sight of dried tangerine shells in a vast expanse of ranches...Haha The wind blew a lot because it was right next to the beach Yunjae walked around with excitement on this day too~ #Shincheon Ranch #Jeju

      $jeonghabin . 2019.05.23 12:32

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    • 패키지여행예약! 주의해야할 5가지를 알려드립니다


      오늘을 걷는 남자. 여행작가 워크투데이 입니다. 오늘은 패키지여행을 준비하는 여행자분들을 위해서 패키지여행상품 예약 시 주의해야할 5가지를 준비해보았습니다. 직접 여행업에서 근무하면서 겪은 경험을 바탕으로 고객에게 가장 필요한 정보를 담으려고 노력했습니다. 여행을 준비하시는 분들께 도움이 되길 바라며, 궁금증은 언제나 댓글로 남겨주세요^^

      $tourkmh . 2019.05.22 21:08

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    • 일본여행 (Japan Travel)


      2박 3일 급 일본 여행 다카마쓰라는 소도시 여행을 갔는데 사람들도 친절하고 너무 힐링이 되는 여행이였네요 일본 여행갈때 도쿄나 오사카 같은 대도시도 좋지만 소도시 여행도 추천드립니다^^

      $sinboys . 2019.05.22 18:13

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      징그러...🥴 #스크램블교차로

      $ddun2 . 2019.05.22 15:10

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    • 2018.12.26. 549 days. Yoonjae~!! Last December...


      2018.12.26. 549 days. Yoonjae~!! ^^ Last December in Jeju island... The place I visited the day before I returned home. The spectacular sight of dried tangerine shells in a vast expanse of ranches...Haha The wind blew a lot because it was right next to the beach Yunjae walked around with excitement on this day too~ #Shincheon Ranch #Jeju

      $jeonghabin . 2019.05.22 12:53

      2 thanks . 289.7418 PUB

    • Barcelona uniform. Hi.


      . I bought it from Nukamp's intuition. Neymar's uniform. I'm going to take the marker off the electric billboard. a failure in resuscitation Goodbye

      $tourkmh . 2019.05.22 02:59

      3 thanks . 386.3226 PUB

    • a two-day trip to San Francisco instead of a dream.


      Let me tell you about the dream I had last night. My dream was as long as 1 night and 2 days. It's more like a future world than a San Francisco lagi, but I've done a good job of healing indirect travel. hehe You made two days!

      $kimkokill . 2019.05.21 13:29

      7 thanks . 481.5737 PUB

    • Gazami Fishing


      At the port of Ayazin in Sokcho with my son. I did experience fishing. My son and I caught the first and the last of the 22 men on the ship. I ate a delicious Gaza mash with a total of nine.

      $yay . 2019.05.21 11:59

      5 thanks . 713.7057 PUB

    • On a warm spring day in Jeju. Walk with Camelia Hill.


      [Beeps up, raise your voice] Today is the man who walks. This is Walk Today, the travel writer. Jeju's popular tourist spot to match in the warm spring. I went to CAMELLIA HILL. in the cool breeze, with the sound of birds Take a healing time in nature. ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ Good & Subscription is a big help to me.

      $tourkmh . 2019.05.21 09:39

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    • 2018.12.25~548. Yoonjae~!! Dinner on Christmas Day is out.


      548th. Yoonjae~! Christmas dinner is out. Maybe you were hungry. Yunjae. I opened the ribs for the first time. Last meal with my uncle who has been with me so far~ Thank you so much.ᄒᄒ) # Tear off Yoon Jag-bull

      $jeonghabin . 2019.05.20 12:35

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    • 추운나라로의 여행2 - 테트리스의 추억


      #러시아 #모스크바 #성바실리대성당 #테트리스 #새로운시도 실시간 여행ing 시리즈 그 두번째 이야기입니다. 여기는 모스크바입니다. 헬싱키에서 바로 비행기를 갈아타고 모스크바로 넘어왔어요. 모스크바의 날씨는 그렇게 나쁘지 않은데, 하늘이 좀 뿌옇다고 할까요. (여기도 미세먼지?) 그래서 예쁜 사진이 잘 안나오더라고요. 그래서 퍼플님들께 어떻게 이곳을 소개할까 하다가 새로운 시도를 해보기로 했습니다. 영상제작을 살짝 해보았습니다. 이미지와 적절한 브금(BGM)을 섞어서요. ^^ 모스크바하면 떠오르는 곳, 바로 이곳입니다. 성바실리 대성당. 익숙하시죠? 뉴스에서 모스크바 특파원이 나올때면 항상 배경이 되는 곳이고, 연식이 좀 되는 분들이라면 ^^;; 바로 게임 '테트리스'의 상징이라는것 기억하실거에요. 어릴적에는 이 건축물이 성인줄 알았는데 성당이었네요. ㅎㅎ 그리고 영상 배경음악인 테트리스 음악은 러시아 민요라고 합니다. 내일은 볼쇼이 극장에서 발레한편 보고, 다음 여정지인 상트페테르부르크로 넘어갈예정입니다. 시리즈 계속 올리도록 할게요.^^ PS> simjy님께서 테트리스가 러시아 게임이냐고 물으셔서 저도 궁금해서 찾아봤는데, 러시아의 알프레드라는 박사가 개발한게 맞다고 합니다 ^^. 재밌게도 라이선스를 등록하지 않아 돈을 많이 벌진 못했다고 하고, 지금 라이선스가 공중에 붕 떠있고 러시아 국가에서 관리하고 있는 것 같은 느낌이네요.

      $kanghyouck . 2019.05.20 11:06

      23 thanks . 3,886.2509 PUB

    • a spring flower outing


      #Spring Flower #Taehwagang Local Garden Looking at the colorful spring flowers, I'm so excited about it's okay.

      $realin . 2019.05.20 00:18

      10 thanks . 890.7756 PUB

    • I am going to take the KTX train at Seoul Station.


      Today is the man who walks. This is Walk Today, the travel writer. Today, new content! Emotional stimulation ★ ASMR ★ To convey the feeling of going on a trip or a train home. I recorded the moment from Seoul Station to KTX boarding. From now on, please love the ASMR in your travel and everyday life. Good & Subscription is a big help to me.

      $tourkmh . 2019.05.19 22:56

      4 thanks . 566.7710 PUB

    • Travel in Japan.


      Japan is one of the countries in the Asian continent that has extraordinary beauty, Mount Fuji is one of the most enchanting natural charms in Japan.

      $echoatmaja1 . 2019.05.19 22:08

      1 thanks . 0.0000 PUB

    • Damyang Meta Garosu-gil - Some Photos


      It stopped raining yesterday afternoon, so I went to Damyang without a destination. I visited Damyang Meta Garosu-gil. It was my first time to park and look around, even though I've been around a lot. A long time ago, before it was developed, if you drive here, you'll find metashequire trees on either side of the narrow road with only the central line. It was a wonderful drive that felt like it was going through a cave. Now it's decorated like a park, and it's called Meta Provence, and it's European-style with pensions, restaurants and cafes. It wasn't a nice day, but quite a few people came to see me. The long Garosu-gil was charged 2,000 won, so I passed it and looked around Provence for anything. I think it's worth visiting from time to time.

      $fire . 2019.05.19 11:24

      21 thanks . 1,529.5918 PUB

    • Six Advantages of Traveling Alone


      as a child I like to travel. I've been all alone. I went on a trip alone. I like to be alone. 2004 There's an article I posted on Cyworld@. I did. I still don't think I'm You always wear a backpack on your own. Want to leave ́ 떠나고 It's true that I'm a little bit scared right now. I used to live in Bali, Indonesia. Even when I came to Korea, If you go back to Korea, you won't be able to come back. He said he expected it. Oh, I want to leave again.

      $dr.math . 2019.05.19 00:13

      15 thanks . 867.9574 PUB

    • 2018.12.25~548. Yoonjae~!! Visit Biyangdo on Christmas Day.


      2018.12.25~548. Yoonjae~!! ^^ Visit Biyangdo on Christmas Day. Yunjae on the way to and from the ship. Mt. Halla in Jeju island from Biyangdo is hidden by clouds... It was windy once. lol #Employment chart

      $jeonghabin . 2019.05.17 12:48

      4 thanks . 60.0726 PUB

    • a camping trip


      I went camping with my wife. I'm watching a movie on the beam in the tent. I felt like the wind was blowing the tent away. And finally, we're going to have to pull out It's closed with a happy ending But it was fun.

      $kogguk . 2019.05.16 15:19

      11 thanks . 2,354.5009 PUB

    • Travel to Cold Country 1 - Beginning of Journey


      #The Beginning of the Journey #Northern Europe #Russia #Moscow #Sant Petersburg #Estonia #Latvia #Finland #Helsinky #Steokholm At this point in time of summer, we begin our journey to the cold country. In fact, the weather in Northern Europe is less than 18 degrees. (It's not that cold.) I used to start my journey with a passport and a picture of a plane ticket, but this time I started a little bit differently. The airline that took me to Northern Europe this time is Finnair, Finland's flag, and it's the first contributor to our country's rapid access to Northern Europe. Until then, I had to transfer to a country in Western Europe. And even when we go to Europe from our country, it takes only eight hours to go to Finland because it is the shortest way to go up to the North Pole. I personally love Finnair's CI. It's neat compared to the white background, so the wings of the plane are very pretty, just like the picture I posted. So I pressed the shutter, and I took a picture that I really liked. And the journey to Finland includes both day and night, so you can take pictures from day to day, from night to night, and from day to night. I'll continue to upload the Northern Europe travel series in the middle of the trip.

      $kanghyouck . 2019.05.16 11:01

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