Gochang House and Farm

I went to Seohae Expressway from Seoul for about 3 hours.

It was far more than I thought, but there were green grasses, green trees, and sheep including cows.

That's where it's healing just by looking at it.

And I have an experience, so I can make sausage, ice cream and so on.

I think it was a place where the kids would love to make reservations in advance.

There was a restaurant in the farm...

I heard that the green barley fields are famous around here, and I thought I could get a shot of my life in time for the season.

The season of spring is green. Why don't you leave?

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  • 농장이군요.

    건물들을 보니. 체험장으로 만든 곳인가 보네요.. 동물들하고 같이 어울릴 수 있는 기회네요.

    $peterpa . 2 days ago

  • 재미있고 신기한..

    체험이 될거 같아요..

    $moment . 2 days ago

  • 도심을 벗어나 완전 자연에 있는 것 같아요.

    동물들도 많아서 꼬맹이들 데리고 가기에 좋겠어요.

    $sara . 3 days ago

  • 아이들 체험으로

    딱이네요~~~ 근데 좀 멀다는 ㅠㅠ

    $ha3timbsgyge . 3 days ago

  • 농장에 돼지며, 얼룩소에 망아지까지 있네요.

    자연의 푸르름과 동물들의 생명력까지 같이 느끼면 좋겠어요 ^^

    $nilgo . 3 days ago

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    얼마전 안동-대구-포항을 동선으로 지방출장 갈 기회가 생겼읍니다. 보통 출장은 고속버스나 고속철도 등 대중교통을 이용했었는데, 출장길 중간에 안동대학교를 방문해야 하는 일정때문에 승용차를 이용하기로 계획했읍니다. 대구에서 포항으로 이동할때는 대구포항고속도로를 이용해서 이동했읍니다. 평소 출장을 많이 다녀보았지만 대구포항고속도로는 처음 이용해 보았고, 특히 처음 방문한 영천휴게소가 인상깊었는데 휴게소의 내부와 외부가 깔끔했읍니다. 특히 휴게소 옆에 휴게텔이라는 것이 건물이 별도로 있어 방문해 보았읍니다. 운전자들을 위한 일종의 고객쉼터로 건물내부 쉴수있는 공간외에 오락시설(탁구대, 1층)와 회의탁자, 잠잘수 있는 수면실(1층,2층), 샤워도 할수 있는 샤워실(2층)도 구비하고 있었읍니다. 실제로 몇몇분이 수면실에서 주무시고 있었읍니다. 고속도로 운전을 하다보면 졸릴때가 있읍니다. 그럴때 보통 졸음쉼터나 휴게소에서 차량의자를 젖히고 잠시 눈을 붙이곤 했는데, 이런 장소가 휴게소 곳곳에 있다면 두다리를 쭉 뻗고 편히 쉴수 있을거라는 생각이 들었읍니다. [고속도로 휴게소] 출처: 나무위키 고속도로 휴게소는 SA(Service Area)와 PA(Parking Area)로 구분할 수 있으며 SA는 우리가 흔히 알고 있는 이미지의 휴게소이고, PA는 졸음쉼터와 비슷한 개념의 휴게소이다. 고속도로만으로 본다면 SA는 운전중에 먹고쉬고 할 수 있는 (Service) 시설이 갖추어져 있는 공간(Area)인 거고, PA는 운전중에 잠시 쉴 수 만 있는(Parking) 공간(Area)이라고 할 수 있다. 하지만 한국의 PA들은 SA를 세우기 전의 임시적인 경우가 많다. SA를 위해 지정된 공간이지만 교통량이 적어 아직 사업성이 부족하지만 뭔가 쉬는 공간이 필요한 경우 지정되는 경우가 많아 교통량이 늘게 되면 SA로 변신하게 된다. 또한 PA는 사람이 없다 뿐이지 임시 화장실이나 혹은 자판기 같은 것이 설치되는 경우가 많아 완벽한 의미의 PA라고 보기는 어렵다.

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  • Beautiful sunset


    매우 아름다운 일몰

    $karlute . 2019.04.19 09:58

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    드디어 8박 9일의 일정중 반 이상이 지난 5일차의 도시 비엔나(독일 발음으론 빈)입니다.:D 저는 사실 이 여행을 오기 전에 반 정도는 이미 와봤던 도시라서, 개인적으로 와보지 못했던 두 도시인 부다페스트와 비엔나를 기대했습니다. 그렇지만 비엔나는 제 기대에는 미치지 못했던 도시였던 것 같아요. 너무 기대가 컸던 것일지도 모릅니다. ㅠ_ㅠ 비엔나에 와서도 이곳을 안내해줄 가이드님이 오셨습니다! :) 가이드님 설명하는 스타일이 마치 시장에서 호객행위를 하는 아주머니들과 비슷해서 저랑은 잘 맞지 않았습니다만...(중간중간 비속어가...) 그래도 이 도시에 대해 알고 싶어서 열심히 들었습니다. 비엔나는 다른 유럽 도시들과는 다르게 맨 처음에 봤을 때, 와! 하는 느낌이 들지는 않았습니다. 왜냐면 서울의 도시의 정경과 비슷한 모습이 많았기 때문입니다. 현대식 건축물이 많다는 뜻입니다. 비엔나는 유럽의 맨하튼이라 불리기도 한다는데(경제적인 이유로), 외경만봐도 왜 그런지 알 것 같은 느낌이 듭니다. 그리고 도시 곳곳에 번잡하게 그려져 있는 그래피티를 보면 아, 정말 사람 사는 곳이구나 싶습니다. 저는 개인적으로 도시 아무곳에나 그려놓은 그래피티는 좋아하지 않아서 조금 아쉬웠습니다. (도시 전반의 전경을 해치는 느낌이 들어서..) 저의 이런 첫 인상과는 다르게 비엔나는 세계에서 가장 살기 좋은 도시 1위를 연속 3년정도 차지한 도시라고 합니다. 와아ㅡ! 현지에서 살고 계시는 가이드님의 말씀에 따르면, 교통도 굉장히 좋고 복지가 잘 되어 있는 것 같습니다. 저는 한국... 아니 서울도 교통으로는 타국에 비해 잘 되어 있는 편이라고 생각하는데 한국인이 그렇게 말할 정도면 정말 잘 되어 있는 거겠죠? 아이를 낳기만 해도 일을 하지 않아도 살 수 있을 만큼 지원금이 잘 나오는 편이라고 합니다. (4명정도 였던가요..? 기억이) 가이드님 역시 아이를 낳고 일을 하지 말까 생각도 해봤다고 하셨지만 역시 사람은 일을 해야 한다고 하셨습니다. 하핫. 비엔나에서 관광지로 가는 곳 그 첫 번째는 쇤브룬 궁전입니다. ^▽^)r 저는 진짜 이 여행 내내 5일간 버스안에서 가장 많이 들었던 이름이 '합스부르크'입니다. (인솔자님이 버스 안에서 정말 많은 얘기를 해주셨거든요. 너무 내용이 방대해서 듣는다고 들었는데 머릿속에 남은게 30% 정도밖에 안되는 것 같습니다. 대부분의 분들에겐 자장가가 되었지만요...저희 가족에게도...) 들으면서 내용 이해가 어렵거나 이름이 귀에 쏙쏙 박히지 않았던 것은 제가 쉽게 접해보지 못한 외국 이름이었기 때문이겠지요. 안타깝게도... 제가 문과를 나왔지만 한국인이라면 한국역사를 아는게 중요하지! 란 생각으로 한국사를 선택하고 세계사를 포기했기 때문에... 세계사에 대한 기초 지식이 좀 많이 부족합니다. 그래서 이렇게 가이드님이 나와주셔서 설명해주시면 열심히 들으려고 노력하죠. 합스부르크 가문은 한 국가가 아니라 여러 국가의 통치자같은 존재였던 것 같습니다. 제가 이 패키지여행을 통해 방문했던 모든 국가(독일, 오스트리아, 체코, 헝가리)에 영향을 미쳤던 가문이었기 때문에 항상 갈때마다 그 이름이 나올 수 밖에 없었죠. 그리고 그 가문의 인물 중에서도 가장 많이 나온 이름은 '마리아 테레지아'였습니다. 합스부르크 가문의 유일무이한 여성 통치자였다고 하는데요, 당시에 여성 통치자란 건 정말 있을 수 없는 일이었겠죠. 그녀는 자신의 남편을 왕으로 앉혀주고(어디 왕이었더라... 너무 나라가 많아서...) 그 외의 권한을 모두 받아 실질적 영향력을 행사했다고 합니다. 당대 아름다운 미모로 유명했다고 하는 그녀는 유능하기까지 했었던 것 같네요. 정치쪽으로 그다지 두각을 드러내지 못한 남편을 대신해 많은 곳에서 정치적 능력을 발휘했다고 합니다. 헝가리에 갔을 때도 사실 헝가리의 왕이었던 그녀와 관련된 얘기를 많이 들었고, 프라하에서도 프라하 성 문 밖을 보면 마리아 테레지아를 상징하는 문양이 새겨져 있는 걸 볼 수 있습니다. (그리고 그 앞에 서있는 근위대와 사진도 찍을 수 있지요..하하하) 오빠에게 '난 세계사를 안 배워서 잘 모르는 사람인걸'이라고 말했더니, 사실 교육과정에서 세계사를 배웠다 하더라도 잘 모를 수 있는 인물이라고 했습니다. 한국 교과과정에선 잘 언급되지 않는 인물인가 봅니다. 정말 비엔나에 오면 마리아 테레지아는 언급하지 않을 수 없는 인물입니다. 이 대표 관광지라고 들어가는 쇤브룬 궁전이 바로 그녀의 여름별장으로 지어진 곳이기 때문입니다. 처음엔 갔을 땐 이게 왕궁이라고..? 너무 작은 거 아니야? 이랬는데 보니까 여름별장이라는군요. (그 땐 왕궁으로 알고 하하하 우리나라는 검소한 민족이랍시고 경복궁을 지었는데 우리가 너무 중국만 봤나? 라는 말을 우스개소리로 하기도 했지요.) 첫 번째 사진이 쇤브룬 궁전인데... 그 이후로 왜 사진이 없느냐 하면... 사진 촬영 금지이기 때문입니다... 비엔나는 관광지에서 사진촬영 금지인 곳이 많더라구요.ㅠ_ㅠ 쇤브룬 궁전에 들어가면 침실이나 접견실, 무도회장같은 것을 볼 수 있고 마리아 테레지아의 가족사진(...은 아니고 초상화)도 볼 수 있습니다. 무려 16명의 자식을 낳은(!!) 마리아 테레지아의 막내딸은 마리아 테레지아를 모르는 사람이라도 알만한 유명한 마리 안토니아(프랑스식 개명 후 이름은 마리 앙투아네트)입니다. 쇤브룬 궁전엔 6살의 모차르트가 와 피아노 연주를 한 적도 있다고 하는데, 그 때 마리 앙투와네트의 아름다움에 반했다, 뭐 이런 얘기도 얼핏 들은 것 같습니다. 제가 그래도 알법한 인물들의 얘기를 들으니 참 신기했습니다. ^ㅇ^) 나폴레옹의 침대도 볼 수 있는데 나폴레옹이 마리아 테레지아의 사위...?같은 존재였나봐요. 보시면 참 작다...라는 말이 절로 나옵니다(...). 근데 제 눈엔 모든 침대가 다 작아보였어요. 각도가 그랬던건지... 하지만 나폴레옹가 누웠다는 침대가 비단 작은 것은 확실합니다! ㅇ<-< 그다음은 벨베데레 궁전을 방문했습니다. 벨베데레 궁전은 예전 돈 많은 귀족이 만든 건물이라고 하는데요... 가이드님이 역시 돈이 최고에요 돈이 라고 하신 것밖에 생각이 안 날 정도로 그 말이 반복 세뇌된 것 같습니다...(ㅠㅠ) 건물의 아름다움은 쇤브룬 궁전보다 더 한 것 같습니다. 그리고 그림 작품이 많이 전시되어 있어요. 가장 유명한 것으로는 구스타프 클림트의 키스와 유디트라고 합니다. 근데 제가 모르는 화가라서.. 심지어 그 작품 어디서 본 적 있을 거라고 했는데 전 본 적 없는 것 같아요... 두 번째 사진으로 올려놓은 나폴레옹 그림은 확실히 어디서 본 적 있는 것 같았지만요. 그리고 그의 제자 에곤 쉴레의 그림들도 꽤 많이 전시되어 있었고 그 외의 그림들도 많았습니다. 준 미술관같은 느낌이었네요. 에곤 쉴레는 좀 더 음울한 느낌을 표출하는 화가였던 것 같습니다. 그 두 명만 놓고 보자면 전 구스타프 클림트가 더 취향이었던 것 같네요. 비엔나의 관광지는 앞서 말씀드렸던 것처럼 까다로운 조건이 많습니다. 우선 백팩금지. (자그마한 앞으로 매는 가방은 괜찮지만 큰 가방은 가지고 들어갈 수 없습니다.) 와, 이 때 정말... 저희 오빠가 노트북을 목숨처럼 생각하는 사람이라 여행 내내 백팩에 노트북을 넣고 다녔는데요 (프로그래머에게 노트북이란 대체...?) 버스에 두고 내리랬더니 그렇다면 차라리 궁전 입장을 안하겠다고 해서 처음에 얼마나 난감했는지 하하....(버스도 가끔 도둑맞는 경우가 있대요.) 뭐 이해가 안되는 건 아니었지만 다행히 잘 타협해서 같이 입장했습니다. 두 번째는 셀카봉 금지. 셀카봉을 휘두르다가 그림이 훼손될 수 있어서 사진촬영이 가능한 벨베데레 궁전도 셀카봉은 금지입니다. 세 번째는 아예 사진촬영 금지. 쇤브룬 궁전... 사진을 촬영할 수 없습니다. 궁금하시면 직접 방문해보시는 수밖에 없어요 ㅠ.ㅠ 벨베데레 궁전 외관을 찍으려고 했는데 너무 커서 가까이서 찍으면 일부밖에 안나오고 멀리서 찍으면 관광객이 다 나오고, 자유시간은 별로 없고, 그래서 찍지 못했습니다. 정원도 나름 예쁜데 너무 넓어서 사진 찍을 각이 안나왔어요... 또 가족사진만 급하게 찍었습니다ㅋ.ㅋ 마지막 사진은 구시가지에 있는 슈테판 대성당입니다. ^~^)/ 원본 사진은 저것보다 더 잘 찍었는데 인스타그램이 멋대로 정사각형으로 잘라버리네요.. (쇤브룬 궁전도 그렇고 ㅠ.ㅠ) 굉장히 크고 멋집니다. 그거 말곤 잘 모르겠습니다. 랜드마크가 눈이 즐거우면 그것으로도 충분하지 않겠습니까 하하하 이 사진을 찍고 나서 사실 커피마시러도 갔습니다. 비엔나하면 역시 비엔나소시지와 비엔나커피! 비엔나 소시지는 먹어봤는데 (우리가 생각하는 그 줄줄이 사탕같은 소세지는 비엔나 소시지 아닌거 알고 계시겠죠.ㅋ.ㅋ) 전 소시지 별로 안 좋아하는데 맛있었습니다. 비엔나 커피는 아인슈패너와 멜랑쥐를 마셔봤습니다. 아인슈패너는 한국에도 있는 것 같아서 드셔보신 분 꽤 있을 것 같은데 제 기억엔 멜랑쥐가 더 맛있던 것 같네요. 아인슈패너에 휘핑크림이 없었던 것 같아요... 휘핑크림과 시럽이 들어간댔는데... 아 이걸 사진을 찍었어야 했는데 그 때 너무 피곤하고 배고파서 같이 시킨 케이크랑 같이 후다닥 먹어버려서 사진 한 장 못 찍었네요. ㅇ<-< 근데 생긴건 그냥.. 커피처럼 생겼어요. 근데 확실히 커피 맛이 좋습니다 :D 그리고 가이드님이 팁을 주면 아주 환히 웃어주는 종업원을 볼 수 있을 거라 했는데 덕분에 잘 봤습니다. 하하하. 예전에 친구들이랑 여행갔을 땐 영수증에 팁이 포함되지 않은 유럽 국가에선 팁을 계산해서 줬던게 생각났습니다. 역시 기분 좋은 미소를 지어주면 역시 기분이 좋네요. 그 문화를 잘 배우는 것 같아 뭔가 뿌듯해집니다. 마지막으론 저녁먹을 때 흑맥주 한 잔! 제가 사실 밥먹는 속도가 느리고 술을 마시면 그만큼 더 시간이 오래걸려서 술을 잘 시켜먹지 않았습니다. (패키지 특성상 다른 사람들의 속도에 맞추어야 하는 느낌이 들잖아요. 제가 느리면 기다려야 되니까.) 한국인은 보통 밥 먹는 속도가 빠른 편이고 저는 그런 한국인 치고는 밥먹는 속도가 느려서... 그렇지만 오스트리아에선 시켰습니다. 제가 잘츠부르크에 갔을 때 마셨던 술이 맛있었던게 기억에 남았기 때문이죠. 역시나 맛있었습니다. ^▽^)/ 이야 맥주 너무 좋아요! 술 한 잔 하고 호텔로 돌아가 잠을 청합니다. 다음날은 체코의 체스키 크룸로프로 갑니다. ^▽^)r 빽 투 체코!

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  • Yeoju Heungcheon Nam Han River during the flower festival


    I thought there would be a lot of people in Yeouido. I went to Yeoju... I'm no better than Seoul here. # Yeoju # Heungcheon-South Han River #Flower Festival

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  • Styled University Dormitories


    이것은 매우 개인적인 건축 양식의 대학 기숙사입니다.

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  • [Tour East European Package] Day 4 (Buddafest)


    Finally, I am visiting Hungary for the first time.:D In addition to Insolja, our guide came to see us. Wow! A pair! Hungary was actually more unfamiliar than the Czech Republic. It means a country that I've never heard of.) According to Insa, who hears in a bus going from the Czech Republic to Hungary, Hungarians are very smart people. Even though per capita income is lower than in Korea, it is said that there is a force to be reckoned with.^^ He said that there are about 10 Nobel Prize winners and that they are a country with a lot of scientific and medical development. One of them is a Hungarian who first discovered vitamin C, who struggled for her daughter who had a scurvy disease, but then lost her and continued to work on it, and found Ascorbic acid, which we call vitamin C, and won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. So one of the most popular specialties here is vitamin C extracted from chili seeds. When I visited the souvenir shop, I tasted it once, but the spicy taste was a very unique vitamin C. But I didn't buy it because I had too much vitamin C in my house. And I bought another flagship product, the Devil's Claws. It's good for arthritis and muscle pain, so there are a lot of people in my house who suffer from muscle pain. Budapest is actually a city where the Budapest and the rest of the world are combined. It was a past that reminded me of Czech Republic Slovakia. Czech Republic and Slovakia are now divided into Czech Republic and Slovakia. Budapest is the opposite. The boulevard is located on the higher side, and the rich are known to like higher places and to live better. Hungary is very difficult to find because 80 percent of the country is flat, just the opposite of Korea. When I went to Budapest, the guide said, "You see the mountain there?" It's the only hill. Budapest gets caught up in colorful buildings at first sight. (I think the city was similar to Melbourne, Australia.) It's compared to Prague, the city that's the most colorful building in Europe. For men, Budapest is often said to be a favorite. If the Czech Republic was a more beautiful city, Budapest was a big, strong city. At first, I climbed the Gelert hill and looked down at the view of the city. Until then, the sun was shining and the snow was swollen, but all of a sudden, it was cloudy. The weather in Europe is really capricious... Korea is also volatile, but I don't think there are many cloudy days... When it's cloudy, it's like the day of the end. I'm so sad.ᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲ In fact, it's not that low, but it's pretty. If it's not raining, I don't think it looks that. And I climbed into the fisherman's fortress and took a picture. After filming, it looks like you came to Everland. Two to seven pictures were taken from the fisherman's fort, and the third one in the middle is a miniature of the fisherman's fort. Can you see that there are seven skewers of the kitten? It is said to symbolize the seven tribes of Hunga. (Er? 6?) You've seen it right. A tourist ripped one off and the tail disappeared in the upper right......) The eighth picture is the picture of the National Assembly building in this country. It's very colorful. We didn't get it from the side, but they said it was symmetrically symmetrical, and it was used by the upper and lower members of the same building. At night, I took a cruise ship and watched the night view. The night view was so beautiful as the building I saw during the day. If I had more time, I would have enjoyed Budapest while watching. What I like a lengthy visit and put a little early, so we can feel before pparitpparita a shame, who had moved. Anyway, let's leave that to Vienna, the capital city of Austria. ^▽^r

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  • A fine day


    좋은 날씨

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  • Home of Detective Conan! Conan Road in Tottori Prefecture: Aoyama Gosho Furusato Pavilion


    Following Matsue Castle on Jonago Travel! Today is the home of Aoyama Gosho, the writer of the famous detective Conan. Introduce Conan Village with Conan Road and Museum. #Named Detective Conan #Totori County # Jonago Okay & Subscriptions are a huge boost to your walking routine:)

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  • the way back


    I found some things I didn't know because it was my first trip with my daughter and me, and three nights and four nights when I was in a rage.It's already gone, but I'm just tired.Your daughter gets up at six in the morning, but she's a light walker.

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  • Autumn of the Museum of Modern Art


    Gwacheon Museum of Contemporary Art last fall

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    酒店东边最靠近的吉隆坡单轨列车站是Medan Tuanku和Chow Kit,秋吉市場(Chow Kit Market)在飯店附近,是馬來人的傳統市場。市場裡會看到牛頭,,~印度人如果來到這裡,看到那畫面,應該會很傷心吧! 。秋吉市場的水果價格很便宜 The closest Kuala Lumpur Monorail to the east of the hotel is Medan Tuanku and Chow Kit. Chow Kit Market, located near the hotel, which is a Malay traditional market. Tau will see the market, ~ If Indians come here, see that picture, it should be very sad now! . The fruit market prices are cheap

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  • 馬六甲希爾頓逸林酒店(7)


    힐튼 호텔 멜라 카 毗鄰酒店有Elements Mall購物中心,新的购物中心,没有人,面临着马六甲海峡的壮丽景色,看不到.................,对面的建筑阻擋 Adjacent to the hotel there are Elements Mall, new shopping center,, facing the magnificent view of the Straits of Malacca, no view , across the building bloc

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  • Sit back


    사진 찍기

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  • 2018.12.22. After lunch, I want to have a nice cup of coffee~


    2018.12.22. After lunch, I want to drink some delicious coffee. Order strong milk coffee~ Here is a coffee shop too~ My taste is right~ # Appropriate time cafe

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  • [Southern European Package Travel] Day 3 (Fraha)


    There was Prague on the 2nd, and you might want to know why Prague is here on the 3rd. (ᄋ) In fact, Prague the day before yesterday was really an hour late before entering the hotel. From now on, I will listen to the explanation of Prague in detail and take a tour. The best part is that on this day, the guide came out separately! Of course, the person who was in charge of the team also graduated from the department of history and knew a lot, but the guides are basically very eloquent. There is a big difference between listening to a professor's lecture and listening to the passionate lectures of the instructors in the academy. Assume that we don't have basic knowledge (...) and explain it kindly and pleasantly. If you're in Prague, of course you have to go! The place to see! It is Prague Castle. Europe also has a lot of cathedrals, right? The most visible cathedral in Prague is St. Vittus. The first picture I took was the Vittus Cathedral. In fact, it's too big to hold everything with a cell phone camera. And that was one of the reasons why Prague was the most memorable when I traveled. When I went there with my friends before my family trip, I was so excited that I even made a video call and shared it. I liked the Vatican's St. Peter's Cathedral the best I've ever seen. I liked this place the best on the outside. It's a shame that I can't put many pictures in it. ᅲ.ᅲ It's been around 1,000 years since it was built. It's like it's got as much labor as it'sIt could be a place that's been changed. And this is where Queen Maria Theresa is concerned, and her signature symbol is carved on the back gate and guarded by guards. In front of him, my family scrawled the pictures, so I only have family photos, so there's nothing I can upload. And on top of Starbucks, which is in a very good position near there, the red roof takes a shot at the beautiful view of the city. It is bright and pretty place although it came out grimly because of the sudden cloud.ᅲAᅲ And then we go to Carlegyo, a famous tourist spot. There is a long-held tale of the Carlicia, in which during the 4th century of Vaclav, his wife, Joanna, confessed to Father Nefomutsky about her life, and the king, who thought she had any doubts, asked the priest about the confession, but the priest did not do all the talking. The king asked the last question and said he would kill him if he didn't answer, but the bride didn't open her mouth and threw her under the bridge. At that time, the bride said she wasn't looking in pain, but looked kind with a little smile. With that episode, the bride seems to have grown up. According to my friend who wears the cathedral, an adult has a mark on his head. That statue is the statue of the priest, Nefomutsky in this episode, and the ring of five stars on his head is probably the symbol. And if you look under it, you can see the puppy and the queen are worn out and shining in gold, and if you pray there, your wish will come true. So my mom is making a wish:D (My older sister, but it's hard to upload photos......) But what the guide said was that the wish was fulfilled was the image of the bride... I think my mom is in the wrong place. I found out that Queen Joanna wanted to come back to Prague, but my mom might visit Prague again. ᄒ▽ᄒ The bride's statue also acts like a guardian of the water, and you can easily find her on the local shore. There is a statue symbolizing Carla University near the bridge. Each person sitting in four dimensions represents a law department, a philosophy department, a medical science department, and one -- roughly, that's what it is. It's so funny to see a pigeon on that solemn statue. A shot! It looked exactly like he was staring at a pigeon, so I took it without realizing it. Haha hot! XD And the picture of the car that I put up for you is the old car that I rode on the Old Car. The Old Car Tour is a tour of downtown Prague in that kind of old car. This is the kind of tour that I think is a little bit of a waste of money, and it was pretty fun. It was faster than I thought, and I felt like I was riding a bumper car. '▽' If you go to Prague, it's not a bad tour to try It's faster than I thought, so if you ride it when it's cold, you'll gain weight. It shines on cold days or rainy days. The pictures I put in the back of that car were taken in the car. So there's some kind of frame hanging in the picture. In Prague, spring came, and the pretty colors of the trees bloomed to make the eyes pleasant. I think cherry blossoms started to bloom in Korea. The last picture I took was a shot at a cafe where I visited when I was given my free time. Actually, that's where I came from rather than flowers. I don't know because I didn't watch the TV program, but the lead man told me. But the seats that were televised at the time were said to be on the terrace, but there were no seats there. I don't know if a lot of Koreans are coming or if it's a popular spot... We were so tired at the time that we just wanted to sit down and relax, so we sat in a second floor indoor seat with terraced views. But I can see the scenery outside. I can't stand up until I get up. Huh Hut... What you see in that picture was pretty, but it tasted good. I actually ordered the red one because I wanted to eat the berries, but when I ate it, the lemon was more my cup of tea. XD I thought it would be very sour because it was lemon plus lime, but it was so nice to eat because it was so nice. Maybe it's because I can't eat more sweets than I'm wearing. So we're going to the next area, Budapest, after the Prague tour. ^▽^r Finally, from the Czech Republic to Hungary! (In fact, it's a secret that the lodging was done in Brno, the Czech Republic, near the Hungarian border. What is a hotel for package tours....)

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  • Singapore Trip to Singapore


    如果世界是所學校,城市是一個個的學生,新加坡一定是那個乖巧又品學兼優的模範生,而且是誰都會喜歡或是仰慕的一類。,規劃與交通的穩定可靠,給予人們有形與無形的,文化,全感。多元種族,宗教和諧共融 If the world is a school and students are studies, Singapore must be the well-made model study and a class that will love or addire.

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  • 2018.12.22. Lunch on this day...


    2018.12.22. Lunch today... At the Bomal Kalguksu restaurant right in front of Pyoseon Beach, it was delicious. Bomal kalguksu, order Sunggeum kalguksu~ #Dangkeole noodles #Surface Beach

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  • [Tottori] 돗토리 사구를 만나다. 여기가 바다인가 사막인가


    [ 자막을 켜주세요^^ ] 요나고여행에서 빠질 수 없는 돗토리현의 사구! 바로 돗토리사구입니다. 여기가 바다인가 사막인가 이색적인 요나고여행지로 추천합니다! #돗토리사구 #돗토리현 #요나고 좋아요 & 구독은 걷는 일상에 큰 힘이 됩니다:)

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  • Beautiful lake


    매우 아름다운 대들보, 조류가 높을 때, 물 위를 걷는 사람들과 같습니다.

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  • [2018 European Eating Stories] Day 9: The South French Sea is beautiful, and Blanc is always right.


    2018 EUROPE 9th On the first night in Nice, France, I ate Korean food in a big way.LOL The schedule to Lyon is a small town, and a train is not going to travel between the hills. I decided to rent a car for four days and drive it myself. Most European countries can drive with Korean driver's license and international driver's license. I mean, some people might think that international driver's license is amazing, but it's just like going to the police station and getting a driver's license. Very easy. As soon as you get your driver's license, photo, and commission, they'll make it for you! But if you're driving, it's only effective if you have a Korean driver's license together.Please take your driver's license with you! In Europe, driving is already the second time since 2017 when driving 600 kilometers from Zagreb, Croatia, to Dvorbunik! The car I borrowed this time is Ford Focus! Europe has more manual than Automotive, so be careful when making reservations! I used to use cheap and easy manual first morning in my country. These days, manual traffic is so good that it's very convenient to drive.~ By the way! I have a one-year license, so I have a new memory every time I go out We rented a car, and we would go to the Ginger Perra and Saint Paul's without a car. Of course, these small cities (especially Saint-Foldbanks) are famous tourist destinations, so there are tour packages in Nice in the form of local packages. A similar schedule of co-workers has taken advantage of the local package, so please refer! A village of rich French people coming to enjoy the rest of their lives, the place where luxurious yachts are anchored is a wonderful place. Maybe that's why the road is winding up, but like the second picture, the view shows up in the middle, and you can stop. I was able to enjoy the scenery and take a ride around the neighborhood. After getting off, walking, enjoying your leisure, we found a café in front of the yacht anchorage where the yacht was anchored. A glass of gelato and ice coffee. After enjoying your leisure, go to Saint-Foldbence Saint-Foldbanks is famous for the village of Chagall. France has many villages that are loved by artists. Arles, Phongtabang, famous for Gauguin's village, etc. Among them, Saint-Foldbanks was loved by artists because the town was small and beautiful. It was so small and small that I could see why I was loved, but the alley was so much. If you have a chance, I recommend you to go there! Zelato and coffee are Italian victories. But pasta is still delicious, and so is beer! The French beer we know a lot is also Blanc made in Cronenberg. It's not usually the taste of the famous German wheat beer or the cool lager. Wittbier Blanc, a wheat beer with a fresh taste of fruit that wins with tenderness. When I first met Blanc with draft beer in Hong Kong, is there such a refreshing and delicious beer? As I recall that memory I wanted to do Dinner that fell into a blanc tonight with pasta. #gelato #caffe #pasta #Bioudre #traller #saint_jean_cap_ferrat #saint_paul_de_vance #Pubu Travel #Travel Diary

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  • Ship Flight Rate(Traveling)


    Ahead of flight preparation at the ship's airport flight

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  • WuHan University


    중국 우한 대학교, 캠퍼스는 매우 아름답습니다.

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  • [Matsue] [Matsue] The core of the Jonago trip! Cherry blossoms 꽃 met at Matsue Castle


    a man walking today I'm a travel writer, Walk Today. The hot yoga trip I went to last week! We're gonna need an hour's drive from Jonago. This is Matsue Castle in Shimane Prefecture:) When the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, I could see local people coming out to Matsue Castle. I don't see much yet because it's a small town in Yonago and Matsu. That's why I could feel more Japanese full of locals. #Matsue Castle #Jonago Travel Japan Okay & Subscriptions are a huge boost to your walking routine:)

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  • Danyang Landscape Market


    #Danyang Landscape Market One of the most important things about my trip is food. So if you travel somewhere, you can visit a traditional market. Located in downtown Danyang, it looked more like a market full of food than a traditional market. I looked around all the time and found that the main food with garlic was made up of Based on the length of the line of people, It looks like garlic dumplings, garlic rice cake and garlic chicken steel. We wrapped garlic dumplings and garlic rice cake ribs.And I bought my favorite buckwheat pancake and buckwheat pancake in the stalls. It didn't taste great, but... The healthy taste, the texture and the unfeeling smell were very attractive.

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  • Chungju Dam downstream


    I can't go inside the dam.lol To see cherry blossoms in the lower reaches of the river.

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  • [Tour of East European Package] Day 2 (4) (Fraha Nightscape)


    I really don't know how much you're watching in a day. (́ᄆ) It's the taste of the package that you're going to see around the city for one day. My sister was almost exhausted at this time, and she couldn't see much. It's a bit sad. Prague night view is very pretty. I didn't get to watch it well because I wasn't feeling well and tired. I wanted you to take a good look at Europe. Anyway! I arrived in Prague, a city I remembered as the most beautiful when I traveled to Europe. It was already a night when I arrived, and it was supposed to be a night view at this time of the day and then go around Prague again the next day. It was hard to say when I first visited here, but it was still a beautiful city. It is also one of the most visited cities by Koreans, so peddlers often speak some Korean.:) It also shows you the astronomical clock, one of the most representative landmarks in Prague. There's always a puppet moving around at the right time, and there's a little performance, and when the skeleton that symbolizes death strikes the bell, the three dolls around it shake their heads. That means I'm not going to die today, but that day, the doll didn't shake her head. Do we all just accept death? And there are two windows on the top, and 12 apostles pass by, and as I said before, I saw that it's because it's atheism. About 10 minutes before the hour mark, a lot of tourists are flocking to this astronomical clock. Is it really worth waiting to see? If you do it, it's really empty. But I went to a tourist destination and I didn't want to see it again, so I'll see it. What you see over the bridge over the river is Prague Castle. The night view of the peuraaseong will be moved to a visible position and let me take pictures. You look so pretty with your eyes, but there's a limit to what you can do with your cell phone camera. Of course the best lens is human eye?! The last picture is the Apple Museum. This picture was taken by my brother... (Programmer's taste... I don't like Apple that much. It is a museum dedicated to Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs has never visited Prague in his life. But I guess there's a Czech who likes it enough to build a museum in Prague. After finishing the Prague nightlife tour, I go back to the hotel and go back to sleep. (u_u)z

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  • [Seoul] The best spot for cherry blossoms. Walking on the Cherry Blossom Festival of Seokchon Lake in Jamsil


    a man walking today I'm a travel writer, Walk Today. After the civil defense training. whirling couples I have a video of Seokchon Lake. The cherry blossoms are about to fall off. I think this weekend is the most beautiful time before the cherry blossoms fall! Why don't you all go to Jamsil Seokchon Lake? ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ Subscribe: Please turn on the subscription button at the bottom right of the video. ★ ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇

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  • At Kimnyeong Beach...


    At Kimnyeong Beach...

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