This is Greenjuice11 from the pension operator.^^

I have brought the fifth event [Donation 1+1 event]^^

There are many good functions in Publicito...

Among them, the Donation function is one of the great features.^^

I write in ink on a well-published article.

You may be able to express your gratitude by donating.^^

I'd like to briefly explain the Donation method.

Of course, there are a lot of people who use it well, so for those of you who haven't done it yet

Let me explain.

Click on the account to donate ($greenjuice11) and the button below the account is labeled Donate a user in the square box.

If you click the button, you'll see a screen where you can do the Donation as shown in the picture above, enter the volume of the Public, and then click the Donate button.

Click to finish.^^

It's good sense to see if the last one went well.

It's so easy, isn'^^

So from now on, let's talk about the Donation 1+1 event.^^

If you send me a ten-pubble subscription to my account (donation), please send it to me.

This is an event where I send you 20 Publics again by adding 10 Publics to my 10 Public.^^

Event Title:[Donation 1+1 Event]

Event period:April 15 to April 17 (for three days) (only once a day for each party)

Event method:Donation of 10 Publics with my account (greenjuice11) and comment (check out the letters and then I'm back with 20 Public Donations)

Event Products:200,000 Ink+10Pubble Donations

Event Categories:Donation

Experience how to do it through this event, and if you have a really good posting later,

Why don't you try to convey your mind with a donation?^^

Please participate in this event with a lot of interest.^^

Thank you.

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    Hello! With the participation of many people, I sponsored 100,000 won with Hanwha. The total amount is 95,900 won. In fact, it's not easy for an unknown individual to raise and deliver donations like this, but I'm surprised that everyone believes in it and participates in it with a good. To ensure that this is happening continuously, I think it would be nice to have tools developed that can safely and systemically raise and deliver donations. Sponsored details - Sponsored Ink 52,013,250 - PUB 63,734.7830 caused by sponsored ink - The actual PUB I receive is 75%, so 47,801.08725 PUB - Sponsored PUB Donations 8,275 PUB - Total 56,076.08725 - $84.23 [Converted to dollars based on coin market caps dated 4.11] - About 95,900 won for Hanwha. -The details of the sponsorship can be found in the following text.[It's at the bottom] http://www.withgo.or.kr/campaign/campaign_detail.asp?intSeq=829&strArea=A&strGubun=C

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    Hi It would be great if we are able to sponsor the forest fire damage in Kangwon-do with the PUB or INK. 1. Purpose: The first attempt to introduce a system that can sponsor the forest fire damage in Kangwon-do by PUB or crypto currency. 2. Method: 1) If you support PUB or INK in this article, I will sponsor the collected amount to the 'Love field' in PUBLYTO name. http://www.withgo.or.kr/campaign/campaign_detail.asp?strArea=A&intSeq=829 2) When the donation amount is closed, we will convert the corresponding PUB based on the Coin market cap and sponsor it in won. (The sponsored PUB and INK stake on my personal account instead of selling it on the exchange.) 3) If you raise too much money, I will limit you to 300,000 won because I will be burdened. (If you are recruiting more than 300,000 won, you will be returned to the PUB after the last 300,000 won recruiter.) 3. Period: 2019. 4.9 (Tue) ~ 4.10 (Wed) 24:00 The sponsor will go on April 11 (Thu) and write the sponsorship details again. # Kangwon Wildfire Sponsor # Publyto

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    Today is the blood donation date that I made reservation two weeks ago, so I donated blood. It's the 64th time!

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  • Dion's Event_Entertainment Event


    With Mr. Dion's consent, we're currently working on it. "Create PR content" event support. This is what I'm writing to shoot. ■Support content: 1000PUB for content publishers Existing Winner Amount + 1000PUB After the top 20 list, the basic 1000PUB will be the same as the publisher. Don't think it's hard, but it's not a high-quality event, so I recommend that you participate in this event in a comfortable manner.^^ There is no good or bad content quality. It's all precious and I think it's going to be a great help to the development of the Public. Please join us again!! ◈Dion's Event Link https://publyto.com/posts/10675 https://publyto.com/posts/10846

    $simjy . 2019.02.28 10:35

    39 thanks . 4,135.3201 PUB

  • Publisho Curation Week 1


    It's been about nine days since we conducted a curation commissioned by Theo. When I started the curation, I wrote about the direction. https://www.publyto.com/posts/10312 I'm going to clean it up again. Since I'm a graduate of engineering school, I've decided on a few categories related to it, and I've chosen two good articles from them to do the curation. The target categories are as follows: * Tech * Science * Economics * Dev * Blockchain It's been about nine days. As you can see in the picture. There's not a lot of comments coming up in that category. So we picked the first three days or so, but then we had to find the writing in another category. I've been looking for a category that doesn't usually contain a lot of text, so I've I'm sure many of you still use the default setting, Amazing. I think the contents of the article are concentrated in a specific area. I will continue to maintain the tone of my stomach. #curations #publicto

    $peterpa . 2019.02.27 01:06

    11 thanks . 579.0002 PUB

  • <Event Participants Presentation> "PUB! Chew Instagram!"


    "PUB! Chew Instagram!!" The event is over. A total of 57 people gave us various opinions. Here's a rough overview: 1. Comment related: UI-UX improvement / Adds a supersymmetric function / Notify a comment (thumb) function to check the comments I wrote. 2. Category related : Add event category / Reconfigure category 3. Wallet related: Exchange must be linked without an Ios account (a wallet) and can be cashed directly into the remittance Hanwha/ Addresses difficulties in connecting Ios wallets 4. Best Writing: Transparency of Best Writes / Added Best Writing Sections (Daily, Weekly, Monthly Best Selections) / More posts exposed on the main page, Need to rearrange for more exposure / Sort Your Own Category 5. About Posting: Choosing best posts by subject (priority posting selection event) / Adding search features / Sorting out and viewing my favorite articles (I post one article) / Self-created tools / Save and preview content / Booking feature / Follower's Posting ability / Additional features 6.Compliance: Need to launch a clean app like Instagram / Take a picture and post it right away 7. Public relations: We need to increase subscribers through sufficient advertising / Promote famous YouTubers, Instagram users / Use the #Publito #Donvers on Instagram to launch a hashtag capture event 8. PUB (compensation) related: PUB payment / 펍 Market opening where co-ins can be used for each introduction of friends / Coin payment to new entrants / Internet shopping malls and partnerships / Section where paid contents (such as expert lectures) can be uploaded / Advertisements such as add-ons can be installed on posting. 9. Curation related: Dedicated curators by category / Bowling function for comments 10. Other functions: Discussion function / Voting function / Subscriber feed function / Global language (automatic translation function) Thank you to the people who gave me a great idea.^^ If you have a good idea, please let us know by posting.I believe the team will fully gather your good opinions.^^ Like the announcement, we'll give you a total of 100,000 PUBs for 57 minutes. It's about 1755 PUB.I'll do it sequentially. Thank you. <Event Participant ID> $levi $moment $gq2dmmbsuge $redaries $setinoby $hee4552 $yoosoha $grory $hana $abc $goodsea5 $hwankyunjung $atom $choyongwoon $sweetyspon $nani $dr.math $richboy $ringo $realprince $koreosno1man $wbmoozom $gazua $grory $chrece $parrhesia $ha3timbsge $ShowMemoney $wookyoungdae $my4555 $godfather $chea $msjpkpk $hansol.lee $yong $binehope $eunsik $raphaeljun $eternize $soi $hercu1e $megas $simjy $nilgo $peterpa $fire $newbijohn $aussysam $zsshz $mystorybook $done $heaven $sismaru $dudu $songsong $peterpa $YONGHYUN a total of 57 people --------------------------------------- Yup! I've done it for you. If you don't get it, or if you have any serious benefits, please leave a comment.~~ I hope it'll be easier to do it. It's too hard. crying

    $turtle . 2019.02.17 18:10

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  • Chew up on <Event>PUB Instagram!!


    Hello! I'm 펍ple $turtle, seeking to live a slow life. Since late last year, I've been working hard on my publicist activities. So I won the Publicito event and received 120,000 pubs as a reward. I think it's thanks to the people who pressed a lot of thank you. So I prepared a small event to reward you for your gratitude.~ Chew up on <Event> PUB Instagram!" Please write down a new idea in the comments to make it more popular than Instagram! Also, write down what Publicito needs to improve! For all those who participate in the comments, I'll give you one-hundredth of a million PUB and give you a Donation! Publito, please give me a lot of ideas to chew on Instagram.~~^^ Event period 2019.02.14 to 02.17 p.m.

    $turtle . 2019.02.14 11:39

    57 thanks . 5,839.7163 PUB

  • Oh, my God. They're "light."


    They become the "light" of the world... It is the story of 12 firemen in Seoul. As it happens today, the "2019 Full Fireman Calendar" came into my hands. It has been produced since 2014 and it is already 6th time this year. It is said to have been produced through the functional finances of 12 full-bodied firefighters (which are selected every year through the Seoul Metropolitan Government's annual competition to select full-fledged firefighters). All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the burn patient... 12 wonderful firefighters who are filling up one sheet from January to December on the calendar. That's cool. That's cool. In the case, a regular application form for burn patients is enclosed along with a calendar. I feel that the world I live in is still warm and comfortable with these people. I hope that the warmth will be maintained for a long time.^^ I think a little bit about why I don't have any talent. #Seoul Metropolitan Fire Department #Full firemen's calendar #Factory donation #Fire support

    $ha3timbsgyge . 2019.01.24 20:31

    39 thanks . 1,823.5393 PUB

  • At some point... mercy!


    Sometimes in life, some moments would come. I have an idea every time I do that. "I'm glad I was born, though." "I'm glad I was born in Korea." "I'm glad my parents made me a normal person." . . . . One day while walking on a cold night road, a little cat was sitting there. I looked closely at the scar on my forehead. And it was skinny. When I saw this scene, I thought that was the moment. So I couldn't ignore it, so I bought tuna cans at a nearby convenience store and fed them. Sometimes there are many people who live harder than me on TV or the Internet. And there's a situation where you can reach out and help. Wouldn't it be nice to give a little help if that's the case?

    $mania1115 . 2019.01.19 10:05

    5 thanks . 270.3340 PUB

  • a daily journal


    2019.01.18. Today we signed a campaign to designate the North Pole as a protected area. Greenpeace's environmental campaign is aimed at helping to overcome global warming. https://www.instagram.com/p/BsxHZDule-UezgnADayK2X-qPvpCqkw16Mc0tk0/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=4b7rulyw2atf

    $turtle . 2019.01.18 16:29

    6 thanks . 510.7656 PUB

  • a daily journal


    2019.01.17. Today, I bought a fine dust mask in a box and sent it to my parents in the country. I had to buy a lot of them and send them to you, but I couldn't send them.~ I'm sending it to you now.~ Fine dust is bad. crying

    $turtle . 2019.01.17 16:10

    7 thanks . 64.8807 PUB

  • a man of arms


    I envy her. These days, I think I live a worse life than a puppy. It's hard to get a job done.

    $jmax . 2019.01.16 22:42

    4 thanks . 176.4081 PUB

  • a daily diary


    2019.01.16 Today, there is a story of an elderly couple taking care of their young grandchildren among cacao-like values, so I made a small donation. And I gave a text message to a child named Haneul who suffers from an incurable disease in the story of Good People. It's a difficult and difficult situation, but I hope they will have a little happiness, too.

    $turtle . 2019.01.16 17:24

    3 thanks . 41.2129 PUB

  • a daily journal


    2019.01.15. Today, we practiced two small donations. I made a donation for a children's shelter like Kakao. And when I was on Instagram, I saw some ads writing letters. I sent a message of support to a child who lives a hard life alone with his mother who is not feeling well due to blindness and traffic accident, saying that 2,000 won will be donated. I think there are more places where you can do good with a little attention. Why was it so hard to leave a line of donation text messages and a line of donation comments even though I chatted with my friends on Kakao Talk all day? I will reflect on my careless life and make a commitment to actively participate in the donation that I can.

    $turtle . 2019.01.15 19:26

    8 thanks . 196.2414 PUB

  • a daily journal


    2019.01.13 I haven't been able to post my diary since I've been on a trip abroad for a few days. ^^ On the day I came back to Korea, I saw a fundraiser at Chiang Mai Airport in Thailand, so I brought in the remaining Thai baht and coins.She's a heart collector. It's good for you, isn't she?

    $turtle . 2019.01.13 16:32

    8 thanks . 1,075.4299 PUB

  • Daily selection log (Day 9)


    2019.01.09. Today is the day to travel to Chiang Mai. We donate a little bit to the victims of Indonesia's earthquake. Someone's traveling to Southeast Asia, but I'm sorry to hear that you're wandering about in the same area due to earthquake damage. ㅜㅜ

    $turtle . 2019.01.09 10:31

    8 thanks . 491.1549 PUB

  • He's handsome to the point of blood!


    Blood donation is love. ♡ Today is the day I'm going to donate blood. 100 times soon!♡ # Blooddonation

    $minam . 2019.01.09 06:48

    10 thanks . 579.4466 PUB

  • Daily selection log (Day 8)


    Daily selection log (Day 8) 2019.01.08. Today, I sent my children and my wife to the library and cleaned them up alone.^^ Is this for your wife? No, I did what I was supposed to do as a husband. Hah! Anyway, you did something good for yourself, comforting yourself.

    $turtle . 2019.01.08 17:44

    13 thanks . 402.9537 PUB

  • Daily Selection Diary (Day 7)


    Daily Selection Diary (Day 7) 2019.01.07. Today, I donated karma coin which I received while writing my first diary for a week to karma app.~~ I am going to donate all the rewards that I will receive on the Karma app.^^ For your information, karmaofkorea, the Ios account, is operated by the Korean community in Karma. The karmacos donated here are being donated to various organizations.~~ If you've done a good thing, don't hesitate to post it on the karma app.~~ I think there's a lot of comments coming from Africa right now. Please let the world know that there are many good people in Korea, too.^^

    $turtle . 2019.01.07 18:57

    3 thanks . 51.1428 PUB

  • #ip #ip Hotel #Village Modularerator #


    #ip #Village Modulator #ip Hotel

    $yuninsu5555 . 2019.01.06 16:22

    1 thanks . 124.1988 PUB

  • Save the animals


    당신이 비싼 개를 사는 동안, 가족을 만나기 위해 하루를 우는 개들이 많이 있다. Fetching from KARMA App account : savedanimals

    $zizols . 2019.01.06 14:04

    5 thanks . 855.0767 PUB

  • Daily selection log (Day 6)


    Daily selection log (Day 6) 2019.1.6. ** Free your wife ** I've decided to do good to my family today.^^ I took a week off to my wife who had a hard time taking care of her children and came to the Cheongyang Chilgapsan Ice Festival with her children. In winter, I don't go out much, but I think it's better to do a lot of moving activities when it's cold. There are more things to see and enjoy than I thought at the Chilgapsan Ice Fountain Festival. I am enjoying snow sledding, riding ice sleds that I rode a lot when I was young, and watching exhibits made of ice.~~ Hope you have a nice weekend.

    $turtle . 2019.01.06 13:18

    8 thanks . 247.1650 PUB

  • #Block Tree250 Challenge Supporters 250PUB Support - In Progress


    250PUB will be provided to the 25 supporters who will join the #Block Tree 250 Challenge. The #Block Tree 250 Challenge is a campaign to reduce the use of disposable cups and is a sustainable campaign that contributes greatly to the social environment with just a small act of practice in everyday life. Block tree is a single virtual tree with 250 blocks. 250 stands for 250 paper cups made at the expense of a single tree in its heyday of 15 to 20. Each time you join the #Block Tree 250 Challenge, a block is created. #Block Tree250 Challenge participants' campaign to create a block tree together to protect trees and protect the Earth. How to participate in #Block Tree 250 Challenge Supporters will participate in their daily lives with Tumblr on Instagram with #Block Tree 250 Challenge hashtag. Please leave Instagram@id in the comments. The daily lives shared in the #block tree 250 Challenge hashtag are shared in block.tree publicisto, and the token obtained by the activity is a virtuous circle that is donated once again, and it is a campaign that has two characteristics: environmental movement and donation. #How to Participate in Block Tree 250 Challenge] The #Block Tree 250 Challenge is a campaign that participates in a variety of daily lives with Tumblr with #Block Tree 250 Challenge Hashtag only shared. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Share your daily life with Tumblr, such as exercise, travel, and daily life with #Block Tree 250 Challenge Hashtag. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Block tree is a single virtual tree with 250 blocks. 250 stands for 250 paper cups made at the expense of a single tree in its heyday of 15 to 20. Each time you join the #Block Tree 250 Challenge, a block is created. #Block Tree250 Challenge participants' campaign to create a block tree together to protect trees and protect the Earth. How many block trees will we have in the 20 years that we're growing up to be just 250 paper cups in 20 years? At a time when coffee consumption per person is over 400 cups per year, one person can practice one block tree that could take more than a year, and if many of you join the #Block Tree 250 Challenge, you can make more block trees in a short period of time. Let's make many block tree friends to protect the trees and protect the Earth. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #Block Tree 250 Challenge Participation Benefits] Each block tree 250 cycles in which one block tree is completed will receive a token commensurate with the value of about one cup of coffee through a draw, and the number of participants participating in the #Block Tree 250 Challenge will also be given to the top ranked participants each month. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #Block Tree 250 Challenge Contribution Activity] # Blockchain tokens obtained from the activities of the participants in the Block Tree 250 Challenge and tokens from sponsors are used as follows in the name of all participants in the #Block Tree 250 Challenge. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ -#Block Tree 250 Challenge Participant Benefits - Contributions to environmental groups - Investment in environmental enterprises, etc. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It's transparently open with blockchain.

    $block.tree . 2019.01.05 20:30

    16 thanks . 358.6952 PUB

  • Help Children Suffering from Hunger!


    Daily Selection Diary (Day 5) 2019.1.5. Many children on Earth are suffering from hunger. Is there anything else that's as painful as hunger in one life? Our little attention can reduce the pain of more children than we thought. Today, we will practice making small donations in UNICEF Kia Help section. The contents below are from Kakao-like value. Adults and children will be excited when the new year comes. Even on New Year's Day, when everyone is happy, many children can't eat a meal and suffer from malnutrition. About 3 million children under the age of 5 are losing their precious lives due to malnutrition each year because they can't find food. If you don't eat for a long time, your stomach will shrink and your digestive system will weaken. Your eyelids swell up, your stomach swells up, your body's protein escapes, and your immune system weakens. Children suffering from chronic malnutrition cannot eat properly even if they have something to eat because their digestive organs are weakened. So, what should we do to save these children? UNICEF is delivering a nutritional treatment called Plumpinut to starving children. Plumpinut is an instant formula that tastes like peanut butter and can be eaten directly by children without a separate cooking process. Even children with smaller stomachs can quickly find their normal weight and overcome malnutrition by eating one bag of plankton three times a day. 92 grams per bag, light and portable, allows children to eat right away from anywhere in the world, under any circumstances. Isn't Plumpinut the best gift for children?> - It's like cacao. - It's like cacao. Donation Sharing Address https://together.kakao.com/fundraisings/60481

    $turtle . 2019.01.05 16:02

    5 thanks . 625.3163 PUB

  • Small Sharing Result in Stimit and Publicity


    Yesterday, we had a small PUB sharing session for those who still don't have an IOS account or who haven't connected to an IOS account at Steymet and Publicito. We started to give you a small amount of fun. Thank you so much for your interest and support. In particular, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the public who joined us in sharing and to those who expressed their intention to participate in sharing with us anonymously. Thanks to this, I had the hope that it would be a great thing to promote the culture of Publicity by periodically continuing the sharing that I was going to do as a surprise event.^^ I will use the PUBTOK that I received from the previous posting to share to other new users, even considering the feelings of everyone who wetted the ink on my previous posting. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.^^ Sharing hasn't ended yet, so if you don't have an Ios account, or if you haven't yet connected your Ios account to the Publicity, please leave a comment on my previous post at(https://publyto.com/posts/3533) or this post! We're sharing 100PUB! For those of you who have been given a small share, I hope you will join us in making the Publicity a space full of good content.^^

    $done . 2019.01.05 15:42

    11 thanks . 4,837.0946 PUB

  • Wangari Maathai and the person who planted the tree (Sunday 4th, Sunday)


    ** Wangari Maathai and the one who planted the tree ** 2019.01.04 Daily Diary (+4 days) A few days ago, I saw the story of Wangari Maathai during a public posting. She is an environmental activist who led tree planting campaigns across Kenya and Africa, planting more than 30 million trees. In recognition of her contributions to the environmental movement, she became the first black woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Watching her efforts to save the desert-grown meadow from reckless logging, she came up with a book called "The Man Who Planted the Tree." The main character of this book, Elzér Bupi, also lives his entire life dedicated to tree planting, like Matai. Bupi, who lost his son and wife and began planting trees, devoted his life to raising barren wasteland. And after 30 years, the barren wasteland turns into fertile land and forests where people and animals come. I reflected on my life, recalling the story of Matai and Bupier. Am I doing the least to protect the precious forest? The answer was no! And when I looked at my house, I was literally using disposable cups. So today's daily selection is to reduce the use of disposable products. First of all, I have recovered all the disposable cups at home. I told my wife not to buy disposable cups in the future. They told them about the importance of trees and told them to refrain from using disposable cups. We should not use disposable cups, as well as wooden chopsticks and plastic bags, if possible. Shouldn't I take the initiative to pass on the precious Earth to my descendants?

    $turtle . 2019.01.04 18:57

    5 thanks . 320.0621 PUB

  • We're going to share a small amount for people who can't connect to their accounts.


    Nearly 800 new users have been using the publishing company since its open beta launch on December 25. Even if we don't have an IOS account, we're growing fast because of the accessibility of YouTube and Instagram accounts that we've been using. But what's disappointing is that only about 314 of the nearly 800 people who have Ios accounts are connected. Since yesterday, the content/cushion compensation process in Publicito has made it possible for those who don't have an Ios account or who haven't yet connected to it to another person's content to refill ink, but many of you still feel sorry for not being able to connect to your Ios account. In fact, while the fun of publishing is being rewarded through the content I've created, it's no less than the pleasure of giving "Thank You" to other people's good content. So I haven't been able to connect to the IOS account yet, so I'm going to do a little sharing for those of you who feel sorry and sorry for not being ink wetted. If you haven't connected your IOS account yet, we'll do 100PUBTOK on the first 20 minutes of your posting. (You can easily check whether you have connected your Eos account or not. Please comment only if you haven'^^) 100 ink is very small, but I hope you can enjoy the little fun of inking other neighbors' posts.^^

    $done . 2019.01.04 01:17

    64 thanks . 6,866.4545 PUB

  • Daily selection diary (Day 3)


    A good fell a day Day-to-day selection 2019.01.03 (+3 days) I had a hectic day today because I had a lot of meetings since morning. The company picked up the trash that fell in the hallway because there was nothing special to do. And I made a small donation for children suffering from disabilities in Kakao-like value.^^ These days, it's very convenient to donate. With Kakao Pay, the payment will be finished in less than 10 seconds.~ It's a small amount of money, but I hope you get a little help for a sick kid.~~ Hope you all have a happy day.

    $turtle . 2019.01.03 17:04

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  • Do good, Earn KARMA!


    Looking at the Donation category, $turtle has set his New Year's goal for 2019 and is writing a daily leading journal,(https://publyto.com/posts/3062) Write down some of the thoughts that came to mind when you read the post. By any chance, what do you think is true good deeds? Is it true that good deeds are unknowingly good deeds? Personally, I think the preconceived notion that good deeds are beautiful only if you don't know them. In the case of politicians, entertainers, and others whose popularity is wealthier, we often do "intended good deeds" in consideration of the opposite side of good deeds, such as volunteer work and donations, but our good deeds in general have no misconceptions that can be seen as such "meaningful good deeds." So, as Mr. $turtle said in the posting, maybe it's a real starting point for good deeds to be made available to others, rather than trying to conceal their good deeds. And you know, for those of you who are interested in the Ios ecosystem, there's a social networking site called Karma, which is a reward for doing good. Just like Facebook or Instagram, you can simply upload photos or videos through your mobile phone app, which is a little different from sharing your daily routine, in that you "share your good deeds with others." In addition, as an eos blockchain-based deapp, you can upload other people's or their good deeds and receive rewards from KARMATOK. There are a lot of people who have been doing various good deeds such as volunteer work and donation on their Instagram. I hope all of you who are doing this great social contribution will receive more rewards through plug-ins in the Publicito and through sharing in the Karma app. We hope that the Donation category will be the most active category in Publicity. :) And here's what I used to write about Karma. If you've heard about Karma for the first time, please check out and install the Karma app and try it out:) https://steemit.com/coinkorea/@donekim/-do-good-earn-karma--1542378634502 In addition, Karma's Korean community has donated 3 million KarMA TOKKs, which were raised voluntarily, to the Salvation Army's Seoul Welfare Center, and has been active in promoting the local community through active communication with Karma's. If you're interested in it, you're not interested in KARMA Korea Telegram.Participate in me/karmakoreoptic) and participate in various prior activities^^

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